AP Spanish Summer Work 2011 - Mrs. McCarthy by dandanhuanghuang


									Sra. McCarthy                                  Forest Park High School

                      AP Spanish Language
                               Summer work

        Just as athletes work to stay in shape off-season and musicians practice
on their instruments continually, you need to keep your language skills up even
in the summer. This is especially important in view of the fact that you have
chosen to be a part of our AP Spanish Language class in September. In order to
arrive ready to be the best you can be, please complete the following activities
during the summer. They will really help you.

Activity #1

       Listen to 30 minutes of Spanish news via TV or Internet during any 4
weeks of the summer. On paper, log the date, time, source of the news and
write a brief summary (75-100 words—articles and conjunctions don’t count!) in
Spanish of each broadcast. These will be collected the first week of school for
extra homework credit. You only need to write about 4 broadcasts, but they
should come from different weeks to optimize the variety of stories you hear.
Of course, you are encouraged to watch or listen to even more news just
to improve your listening skills.

Activity #2

      Verb tenses are essential to increasing your communication ability in both
speaking and writing. To keep them fresh in your mind, go on-line and do
some practice. The sites below are good and you may find others on your
own. We will have several grammar quizzes the first few weeks of school

Activity #3

       Look for opportunities to speak Spanish. If you don’t have relatives in your own
home that can give you this opportunity, seek out Spanish speakers in the community,
perhaps in stores, supermarkets, churches, hospitals, offices, restaurants, airports.
Don’t be shy! You might even be able to help someone who has very little English-
speaking ability.

Activity #4

       Listen to Latin music—old or new! Here are a few sources but
            there are lots of others you can find:

Go to this site to hear some children’s songs—

Go to Billboard’s site to see the latest top Latin pop songs—

You can listen to lots of radio stations in Spain live on this site—

Bring a song to class to share when we see each other in Sept.

                ¡Diviértete este verano!

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