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Younger Looking Eyes in 14 Days - 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Eyeslasticity For Vibrant Young Eyes

You can tell a lot from a person's eyes. Their age. Their health. Sleeping patterns or if they're
stressed. The eyes really are the window to the soul. And a lot of souls are worn down.

Hey, life happens. Babies are born that demand attention (at all hours of the day and night). Jobs
take their toll. Finances, relationships, the list goes on. We age in the process, and not in kind

Aged eyes are old eyes. That's not bad, it's just what eyes do. We see it in expression lines, dark
circles and puffiness. Some people look like they've been around block a few times, and haven't
slept in years!

The good news is that aging eyes are within your control. You can't stop time, but you can stop
what it does to your body, and see the world with vibrant young eyes.

Eyelasticity Age-Defying Eye Therapy is a revolutionary skin-care formula that fights eye-aging
and those tell-tale signs of life experience that betray one's age. With the latest in medical
research, Eyelasticity is specifically formulated with active ingredients that are clinically proven to:

reduce the appearance of crow's feet and laugh lines
help to eliminate dark circles and under-eye puffiness
reduce puffiness and bagginess
fight wrinkles
stimulate collagen and elastin production
moisturize and soften the eyes

Eye-aging occurs for a number of reasons. Fatigue, allergies, lack of sleep and some medications
can contribute to dark circles and under-eye bagginess. But more often than not, it's hereditary
and comes with age.

As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen and elastin. These two proteins are vital to
healthy, vibrant skin. Without them, skin becomes thin and loses its elasticity. Then wrinkles
appear in vulnerable places.

To make matters worse, skin around the eyes is exceptionally delicate. At 0.5 mm, it's the
thinnest skin of the body (typically 2 mm). Our blood vessels dilate as we get older and produce a
blue tint. Eventually it's visible through the skin, in the form of dark circles. The thinner the skin,
the darker the circles.
And wrinkles form. Skin separates without sufficient collagen for rigidity among the dermal
tissues. But there's less elastin, so skin tears but doesn't repair like it once did.

Eyelasticity Age Defying Eye Therapy is clinically proven to reduce eye wrinkles, dark circles and
puffiness around the eyes. In recent clinical trials, Eyelasticity reduced puffiness in 95% of
volunteers, with 70% reporting results in just 14 days. Depth of wrinkles was reduced on average
by 20%, dark eye circles improved by 35%, with puffiness and bagging reduced by 32%, and
collagen I production (the body's most common form of collagen) increased by an astounding

Eyelasticity is strategically formulated, with an ideal concentration of ingredients to stimulate
elastin and collagen production, reduce bagginess, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes.
Safe, effective, convenient and affordable, simply put, it's the best way to reduce eye-aging and
enjoy the young, expressive eyes that tell the world you'll always be young at heart. Let others
look old and tired. With Eyelasticity Age Defying Eye Therapy, your eyes will always be smiling!

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Younger Looking Eyes in 14 Days - 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Description: treatment to visibly reduce wrinkles around the eyes and get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles.