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2008 Acknowledgement of Receipt (DOC) by WinstonVenable


									                                                                          Attachment I

                 Acknowledgement of Application Receipt
 To Be Completed by Applicant:

 Provide Applicant name and address in the box. This form will be mailed to the
 Applicant acknowledging receipt of the application and the receipt or non-receipt of the
 application fee at the time of application submission:

 Organization Name:
 Contact: Name
 City, State, Zip:

 Application Fee: $30.00

 Check Amount: $

 Check #:

   Applicant is a nonprofit providing expanded services as stated in the Resolution
 supplied under Tab 5. Application fee is waived.

 To Be Completed by the Department:

 □      An application and application fee was received by the Department and will be

 □      The application and/or application fee was not received by the Department by the
        deadline identified in the notification letter sent by the Department and will not be

   TDHCA Staff                Application Received              HOME Application Number:
First Initial and
Last Name                  DATE: __________________

                        TIME: ___________________

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