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									Biochip Array Technology

   Randox Laboratories Ltd
          Aim of Biochip Array
•   Achieve high throughput
•   Enable complete patient profiling
•   Ensure rapid and accurate diagnosis
•   To be efficient, accurate and cost effective
The Biochip
      • Solid-state device
      • Discrete test regions
      • Allows multiple
        assays to be
      • Utilises basic ELISA
Discreet Testing Regions
Non-activated Surface
Activated Surface
                      Panels Available
                         • Cytokine Array I, IV, V*
                       • Adhesion Molecule Array
                           • Tumour PSA Array
                      • Drugs of Abuse Array I, II
                              • Cardiac Array
                              • Fertility Array
                           • Free Thyroid Array
                           • Total Thyroid Array
                        • Growth Promoter Array*
                          • Anti-Microbial Array*
                      • Ranplex CRC DNA Array*
                             • Cerebral Array*
* Investigator only
                       Operator Input
  Instructions entry
Sample/reagent loading                         Incubator
                          addition station
   Carrier loading

      Operator steps
                                             Wash station
      Analyser steps

  Biowaste disposal       Imaging station    Signal station
     Investigator Kit Components
•   6 biochip carriers
•   9 levels of multi-analyte calibrators
•   Assay diluent
•   Multi-analyte conjugate
•   Wash buffer concentrate
•   Signal reagent
•   Calibrator concentration update data
    Investigator Systems Package
•   Imaging Module (CCD Camera)
•   Full PC with Printer
•   Dedicated Software
•   Thermo-Shaker
•   Barcode Scanner
•   6 Carrier Holder
             Automated Steps
Instructions entered
  Samples loaded                                   Incubator
                       addition station
 Reagents loaded

                                Sandwich Assays
                                                  Wash station
   Operator steps
   Analyser steps

Biowaste disposal      Imaging station            Signal station
    Features of Biochip Array
• Simultaneous, multi-analyte screening
• Reduced sample volume:
  – 7μl to 60μl required for drugs of abuse
• Reduction in QC material: multi-analyte
  controls, cost savings
• Snapshot of results: no issues with
  stability, more accurate diagnosis
    Features of Biochip Array
• On board QC facilities
  – Levey Jennings
  – Multipoint Rules
• Multi-format search options:
  – Panel, user, date, sample code
• Technical expertise and excellent support
     Features of Biochip Array
• Calibrators – 9 level, 4 parameter curve fit,
  update CD in kit
• Control serum available
• Retrospective and reflex testing
• Evidence: lab only invoiced for reported
  tests – costs decrease as more tests are
    Features of Biochip Array
• Straightforward protocol: saves time and
  reduces errors
• Full traceability through manufacture
• No hidden costs: full system supplied
• Reduction in storage space and
  associated costs
     Advantages of Evidence
• Software
  – user interface operator friendly and flexible –
    Windows XP, colour coding
  – dedicated report format for each panel
  – profiles can be created and stored
  – selection of tests from panel
  – Selection of search options: panel, user, date, sample
  – Enhanced trouble shooting Error Codes
• leading the way in Protein Biochip Array Technology
  and its use in diagnostic medicine!

Biochip Array technology:
         The next step forward in
          Immunoassay testing!

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