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									                                Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

                                        After Rehabilitation Value Estimation

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                                        Refer to Instructions (Page 2) for completing this form.
                                                                                                   Column            Column
                                                                                                      A                 B
1. Square feet of dwelling AFTER rehabilitation                                                       0
2. Local cost per square feet of new construction                                           $                -
3. Estimated cost new (1A x 2A = 3B)                                                                             $             -
4. Age of structure                                                                                  0
5. Estimated after rehabilitation economic life                                                      0
6. Life span of structure (4A + 5A = 6A)                                                             0
7. Age/Life method of depreciation (4A / 6A = 7A)                                                  #DIV/0!
8. Total cost of rehabilitation repairs                                                                          $             -
9. Curable depreciable (3B - 8B = 9A)                                                       $                -
10. Incurable depreciable (7A x 9A = 10B)                                                                            #DIV/0!
11. Depreciable value = (3B - 10B = 11B)                                                                             #DIV/0!
12. Site improvements:
      a. Driveways                                                                          $                -
      b. Landscaping                                                                        $                -
      c. Other                                                                              $                -
13. Estimated site value (land)                                                                                  $             -
14. Estimated value after rehabilitation (11B + 12a,b and c + 13B = 14B)                                             #DIV/0!

*Single Family FHA 203(b) Mortgage Limit                          $                  -                x 95% =    $             -
*The Single Family Mortgage Limits for your location can be found in Appendix A-28 of the OCC Policies & Procedures Manual
Does estimated value after rehab exceed 95% of the Single Family Mortgage Limit?                                     Yes       No

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Form 11.16 - After Rehab Value Estimation                                                                                  Page 1 of 3
CDBG Disaster Recovery Program
   Line                                     Instructions for Prepartion of Form 11.16
  Number                                      After Rehabilitation Value Estimation

      1       Determine the square footage of the dwelling excluding garages, porches and any area that is
              not heated and/or cooled. Enter in Column A.

      2       Estimate the per-square-foot cost of new construction of similar dwellings in your area.
              Include attached garages, porches and patios. Exclude site cost (land or lot cost), site
              improvement costs (sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, etc.) and utility hook-up fees.
              Enter in Column A.

      3       Multiply Line 1 by Line 2. Enter in Column B.

      4       Estimage the age of existing structure. Tax appraisal district records usually include the
              property's age. Enter in Column A.

      5       Estimate the remaining after-rehabilitation economic life expectancy of the structure.
              Economic life is defined as the time period during which a house may be profitably utilized.
              This may range from 15 to 50 years depending on the original quality of construction and the
              quality and extent of the rehabilitation. Enter in Column A.

      6       Add Line 4 and Line 5. Enter in Column A.

      7       Divide the age (Line 4) by the lifespan (Line 6). Enter this percentage in Column A.

      8       Enter the total rehabilitation cost in Column B.

      9       Line 3 minus Line 8. Enter in Column A.

     10       Multiply Line 9 times Line 7. Enter in Column B.

     11       Line 3 minus Line 10. Enter in Column B.

     12       a thru c: Estimate the cost of these items and enter in respective boxes, Column A.

     13       Estimate the value of the site (land or lot). The tax appraisal district value for the land can be
              used. Enter in Column B.

     14       Line 11 + Lines 12a,b, and c + Line 13. Enter in Column B.

Form 11.16 - After Rehab Value Estimation                                                                    Page 2 of 3
CDBG Disaster Recovery Program
Form 11.16 - After Rehab Value Estimation   Page 3 of 3
CDBG Disaster Recovery Program

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