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									Delivering success

                     February 2012
     Who We Are

    • Established in 2008, operating from the UK. Listed on AIM

    • Pharmaceutical delivery systems company licensing
      innovative technology for the reformulation of approved OTC
      and prescription drugs

    • World leading experts in taste masking of acidic / anionic


                 • We focus on improving the compliance or the clinical
                   profile of a drug to add value to the patient and
                   provide better health outcomes

                 • We develop new bio-equivalent forms of an existing
                   API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and license
                   this to partners for the reformulation and
                   development of new products

                 • We collaborate with world class scientists in their
                   respective fields

                 • We work to create value for our partners who are
                   located throughout the world

       Business Model

    - We develop and license novel delivery systems and technologies to
      reformulate existing APIs

    - We establish Intellectual Property (IP) in-house as well as in-license
      IP from university partners including Oxford University, University of
      Queensland and the London School of Pharmacy

    - We develop proof of concept of an application for a particular API and
      establish IP based on know-how and patents

    - We then license this IP to partners to allow them to formulate and
      commercialise new products in their markets

       Technology Platforms

    - We have 4 complementary technology platforms for
      enhanced re-formulation

    - OxpZero™ for superior taste masking of acidic / anionic APIs

    - OxpChew™ Solid state suspensions for improved dissolution of APIs

    - OxpTarget™ for controlled delivery of Statins to the colon

    - OxpLiquid™ Improved Liquid suspensions for insoluble APIs

       OxpZero™ Taste Masking

    - Total masking of taste and irritation for acidic / anionic APIs

    - Not a coating or micro encapsulation process

    - Novel salt system where the API is surrounded in a layered structure
      which protects the API
                                                                               Chewable Tablets
                                                                             100um salt particle size

    - Salt is insoluble in the mouth but readily
      dissolves in the acidic environment of the
      stomach releasing the API in the anionic
      form without affecting its release profile

    OxpChew™ Solid state suspension

                     • ‘Soft Chews’ where an insoluble active ingredient is
                       suspended in a semi-solid matrix
                         • provides for rapid dissolution profiles
                         • Superior organoleptic mouth feel

                     • Using matrices comprising sugar and non-sugar

                     • Marketing a calcium chew where calcium carbonate
                       particles are uniformly dispersed over the matrix to
                       remove grittiness and improve mouth feel

                     • Tests demonstrated significant improvements in
                       dissolution profile compared to other
                       calcium products
       OxpTarget™ Colonic Delivery

    - Our proprietary colonic drug delivery technology was developed to
      overcome the limitations of current commercial colonic delivery systems

    - Operates on a dual trigger mechanism, combining bacterial and PH
      triggers for release, giving rise to compelling pharmacological benefits

          Precise, tuneable drug delivery
          Overcomes high intra- and inter- human variability in pH and transit
            time that can cause other systems to fail in delivering drugs to the
          Therapeutic effect at significantly reduced doses
          Better safety profile

       OxpLiquid™ Suspension System

    - Designed to overcome a number of formulation challenges:

    - OxpLiquid™ does not require surfactants or stabilising ingredients

    - OxpLiquid™ has excellent suspendability and can effectively wet and disperse
    hydrophobic ingredients

    - Base formulation can be manufactured via a one step mixing process which is
    simple and cost effective

    - Ideal for delivery of medicines to children and elderly
         -Viscosity can be easily varied for dysphagia sufferers

       Management Team

    • David Norwood, Non-Executive Chairman
      – Founder of IP Group Plc, (£370m mkt cap) which specialises in the
        development of intellectual property based businesses. Long track
        record of creating and advising several leading UK technology
    • Nigel Theobald, Chief Executive Officer
      – A background in business and product development in the OTC
        consumer healthcare market. Formerly, Category Manager for OTC
        Medicines and Head of Healthcare Brand Development for Boots
        (now Boots Alliance Plc)
    • Marcelo Bravo, Chief Technology Officer
      – Founder of Oxford Pharmascience and an entrepreneur with a
        background in chemistry and chemical engineering and experience
        with blue-chip companies. Marcelo spent 16 years in R&D with
        Procter & Gamble
       Recent Success

     • Licensed first delivery format (OxpChew) to Aché in
      • Leading Brazilian Pharma company with sales of £800m
     • Lead product for new women’s health brand
     • Orders to OXP worth £400k in first six months
          •Aché sales target £3.2m in first year
     • Launch of OxpZero™ for taste masking of anionic

     Projects                    2012       2013      2014   2015   2016   2017
     OxpZero Ibuprofen 1

     OxpZero Ibuprofen 2

     OxpChew calcium

     OxpTarget “Safer” Statins

     OxpZero NSAIDs

     OxpZero Other APIs

     Development              Regulatory  In Market
     Commercial Engagement from “Development” stage


     Platform    API             Product        Potential   Market
                                                Partner     Size £bn
     OxpZero     Ibuprofen       Granules       Global      £2.7
                                 Suspension     Global
                                 Soft gel       USA

                 Naproxen        Suspension     Global      £0.3
                 Diclofenac      Suspension     Global      £1.1

                 Cephalosporin   Chewable       Local India £6.2
     OxpTarget   Statins         Safer Statin   Global      £36



     • 577m shares issued
     • Market Cap £8.9m
     • Share Price 1.55p
          Shareholders > 3%            Shares       %
          Ora (Guernsey) Ltd       191,904,725   33.26
          David Norwood             97,514,300   16.90
          Marcelo Bravo             65,000,000   11.26
          Robert Quested            37,871,472    6.56
          Close Asset Management    30,950,000    5.36
          Polar Capital             28,000,000    4.85

       Outlook .....

     • Significant growth in OxpChew business in Brazil

     • Licensing agreement for OxpChew with major Pharmaceutical

     • Commercial agreements for OxpZero with leading speciality non
       tablet manufacturers

     • Licensing agreement for OxpZero with major Pharmaceutical

     • Co-development agreement for OxpTarget “Safer Statins”


     Summary Financials: P&L

                                                                    Six months to 30 June   Six months to 30     Year to 31
                                                                            2011                June 2010      December 2010

                                                                       (Unaudited)          (Unaudited)          (Audited)
                                                                           £’000                £’000              £’000

      Revenues                                                               20                    81              123
      Cost of sales                                                         (16)                  (46)             (88)
      Gross Profit                                                           4                     35               35

      Administrative expenses                                               (505)                (294)             (638)
      Cost of AIM listing                                                     -                  (230)             (227)
      Total administration costs                                            (505)                (524)             (865)
      Operating loss                                                        (501)                (489)             (830)
      Finance income                                                          -                    1                 -
      Loss before tax                                                       (501)                (488)             (830)
      Taxation                                                                -                    -                18

      Loss after tax attributable to equity holders of the parent           (501)                (488)             (812)
      Loss per share
      Basic on loss for the period (pence)                                 (0.11)                (0.12)            (0.18)

      Diluted on loss for the period (pence)                               (0.11)                (0.12)            (0.18)

Summary Financials: Balance Sheet
                                     30 June 2011   30 June 2010   31 December 2010
                                      (Unaudited)    (Unaudited)           (Audited)
                                            £’000          £’000              £’000
     Non-current assets
     Intangible assets                        74             59                  80

     Property, plant and equipment             5              3                   5
                                              79             62                  85
     Current assets
     Inventories                             102             34                 104

     Trade and other receivables              49            129                  72

     Cash and cash equivalents               456          1,257                 896
                                             607          1,420               1,072
     Total Assets                            686          1,482               1,157
     Current liabilities
     Trade and other payables                (77)           (69)                (62)
     Current tax liabilities                 (11)              -                   -
                                             (88)           (69)                (62)
     Net Assets                              598          1,413               1,095
     Share capital                           464            464                 464
     Share premium                         1,037          1,037               1,037
     Merger reserve                          714            714                 714

     Share based payment reserve               32            22                   28
     Revenue deficit reserve              (1,649)         (824)              (1,148)
17   Total Equity                             598         1,413                1,095
Patent Portfolio
 Patent              Title                      Scope                       Stage                      Status

 GB 2430344B         Confectionery Compositions Solid State Suspensions     Granted in UK,             Owned by OXP
 EP 1977652                                                                 Pending in Europe

 PCT/GB2010/050674   Chewable Oral Delivery     Chewable Tablets            PCT                        Owned by OXP

 PCT/GB2010/050673   Delivery Systems           Liquid Suspensions          PCT                        Owned by OXP

 WO2002047729        Drug Delivery System       Application of LDH          Granted in UK, France,     License signed
                                                materials to                Germany,
                                                drug delivery               Pending in USA

 PCT/AU05/01948      Preparation of Suspensions Manufacture of LDH          Granted in Australia,      Lock out signed giving
                                                materials                   pending in                 exclusivity to license
                                                                            China, India, Europe, USA,
                                                                            Canada, Japan
 WO2007 122374A2     Colonic Drug Delivery      Drug delivery system for    PCT                        Option to license signed
                     formulation                proximal
                                                large intestine and colon

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     Contact Details

                    CIE, Begbroke Science Park
                       Sandy Lane, Yarnton
                     Oxfordshire, OX5 1PF, UK
                       T: + 44 1865 854 874
                       F: + 44 1865 854 875

                           Weston House
                  Bradgate Park View, Chellaston
                     Derbyshire, DE73 5UJ, UK
                       T: + 44 1332 690 061



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