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									                                                                                                                                TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN

                                                                             CRYSTAL TEX™ 627M
                                                                                                            Fill Number 522654

                   CRYSTAL TEX 627M is a specialty high sta-                                                                     CRYSTAL TEX 627M has a relatively high pH
                   bility dextrin refined from tapioca starch.                                                                   providing reduced risk for sugar inversion.

                   Physical Properties:                                                                                          Applications:

                          Color                                   Yellow                                                         CRYSTAL TEX 627M can be used in a wide
                          Form                                    Fine powder                                                    range of coating and film-forming applica-
                          Moisture                                6% max.                                                        tions. Key application areas include confec-
                          pH                                      3.0 - 4.0                                                      tionery, bakery, cereals & snacks as well as
                                                                                                                                 flavor encapsulation.
                   Features and Benefits:
                                                                                                                                         Panned confectionery: Adhesion and
                   CRYSTAL TEX 627M has excellent hydrat-                                                                                barrier properties between centers and
                   ability and is suitable in systems where im-                                                                          the sugar coat. Improved elasticity in the
                   mediate water binding is required, i.e., gum-                                                                         sugar coat itself. In the final polish
                   ming and dusting applications. The excellent                                                                          CRYSTAL TEX 627M can be used to pro-
                   film-forming properties, coupled with low vis-                                                                        duce a smooth, non-hygroscopic surface
                   cosity, make CRYSTAL TEX 627M ideal for                                                                               with excellent gloss.
                   applications where good surface wettability is
                   important. In spray-drying, it can be used at                                                                         High solids baked fillings: Provides a
                   high solids to decrease spray-drying costs.                                                                           very smooth and creamy mouthfeel as
                                                                                                                                         well as excellent meltdown behavior.
                   CRYSTAL TEX 627M has excellent solubility
                   and provides smooth mouthfeel, clean melt-                                                                            Bakery/snack glazes: Produces trans-
                   down and no sandiness even in high brix                                                                               parent films with excellent gloss and ap-
                   (high solids) fillings. The excellent solution                                                                        pealing surface color.
                   stability of CRYSTAL TEX 627M allows for
                   increases in the process operating window                                                                             Spray-dried flavor and fragrance en-
                   due to lower vulnerability to performance fluc-                                                                       capsulation: Carrier that can enable
                   tuations over time. In a liquid system,                                                                               spray-drying at high solids.
                   CRYSTAL TEX 627M provides excellent sta-
                   bility and transparency over time to increase                                                                 Label Declaration:
                   shelf life. When completely functionalized,
                   CRYSTAL TEX 627M provides a transparent,                                                                              Tapioca Dextrin
                   yellow/brown solution which will yield non-
                   hygroscopic, transparent surface films with
                   excellent shine/gloss.

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