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									                                                                    Dare Boling,Coordinator, Non-Conventional Programs
                   MILWAUKEE PUBLIC SCHOOLS                                                     6620 West Capitol Drive
                                                                                            Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216
                                                                                                 PHONE: 414: 438-3413
                     DEPARTMENT OF SPECIAL SERVICES                                                 FAX 414: 438-3543

                             Wondering about a referral for services under IDEA?
                             Call Milwaukee Child Find at 475-8593 or 438-3530
January 24, 2008

      For Immediate Attention – Please promptly complete and return the form found on the back

To:   Milwaukee Non-public Schools
Re:   Affirmation of Consultation under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
From: Dare Boling, Coordinator, MPS Non-Conventional Programs

On the back of this letter you will find a very brief IDEA “Affirmation of Consultation” form for Milwaukee
non-public schools. For the past few years, MPS has regularly consulted with non-public schools on topics
mandated under the most recent reauthorization of IDEA. Meeting notices, agendas, and meeting minutes
are available at this web site:


This year, consultation under IDEA is scheduled for February 7, 2008. For your convenience we will be
holding the IDEA consultation in conjunction with the consultation required under the Elementary and
Secondary Education Act (ESEA). We encourage you to participate in this consultation to learn about
resources available to non-public school students under IDEA and to participate in the decision making
progress. The consultation will take place at MPS Central Services Auditorium at 5225 W. Vliet between
8:00 AM and noon on the date noted above.

More information about IDEA may be found at the non-public school web site designed to share information
about non-public school participation under IDEA and ESEA. The site is at:


Non-public schools may also use an email listserv to get and seek information about IDEA in Milwaukee.
To join the listserv, send an email request to Ed Valent at Finally, I may be
contacted directly for information about IDEA for students attending Milwaukee non-public schools by
calling 438-3413 or 438-3631.

Access to information and consultation participation under IDEA also is extended to parents and guardians of
students in non-public schools. We hope that you will encourage interested parents to attend the IDEA
consultations and to contact me to address any questions that they might have about the resources available
under IDEA.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires MPS to account for the responses of every
Milwaukee school or to document our attempts to get a response to the IDEA Affirmation of Consultation
document. Please sign and return the document on the back of this letter with the enclosed postage paid
envelope as soon as possible to help us complete this process.

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