A single project that can be many pages long by koseogluonline


									1.   Boot up – start up a computer

2.   Login – to start the computer under your name and password

3.   Click (mouse) – to push once on the left side of the mouse.

4.   Right click (mouse) – the side of the mouse used for special functions

5.   Double click – Used to open programs. Quick clicks

6.   Desktop – the first screen when logged on with the programs

7.   Icon – A picture that represents a program a tool or a short cut.

8.   Program – An application that performs some useful task

9.   Launch – To start a program usually by double clicking the program icon

10. Open - To start a program or a new document.

11. Documents – A single project that can be many pages long

12. Scroll – To move up or down or right or left on a document

13. Close – To put away a document or exit a program

14. Shut down – To close all windows and turn off the computer

15. Logout – To leave the network as the person logged in to the computer

16. Select – To put the mouse on some object and drag across it to highlight it (you need to select it to

     effect it)

17. Drag – To hold the mouse left click button down while you move the mouse

18. Cursor – the blinking “I-beam” or arrow that shows where the mouse is pointing

19. Reboot – To start the computer again especially to fix it when it freezes

20. Ctrl-Alt-Delete – the three keys that are held down to clear up most freezes or hang-ups

21. Hung up – When the computer does not work or respond to input from the keyboard or mouse

22. Frozen – When the computer will not respond to any input from the keyboard or mouse.

23. Network – The system of all the computers hooked together

24. “H” drive – Each person’s special place to save work which is located on the network

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