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                                            The University of Queensland Students' Newspaper
  Vol. XVII. - No. 17                                     "Friday, July 15, 1949                                      i.'-riiML-t'L-u ai U.i-'.Lt., BiiatianG, for
                                                                                                                       li'nns-nri.^yion by pn.-it a * n periodical.

The Australian Way
t Concerning the Australian Way                                                  2.            Hurrah For the Press
               (By J, R, HANSCOMB, Even. Sc. I.)
     With reference to "The Australian Way,'* an article which                                   (By "THEO MURDOCH")
appeared in "Semper" of July 7, T should like to cffer a few                        That chap Ted D'Urso wrote a long article ("The Australian
criticisms, and in some measure attempt to correct the writer's                 Way," question mark) and said nasty things about the Press,
views on what I consider—contrary to his or any other's                         Tst, Tst.
opinion—is God's own country.                                                    He said, "Ours is an age of catch-       For there would be—
                                                                               cries," and then threw us a few to         . (1) No criticism of the Govern-
   My recollectijon on reading the place he fits in the barrel of life. It     catch—you know; "Press barons,"            ment.
article was a mixture of admiration is sending small people down and           "amoral capitalism stomping brutally           (2) No safeguard for anonymity.
and disgust. My admiration on the S'i'cat people up." The man who has          about," and so on.                             (S) No "other" paper to buy.
one hand was directed towards the got to the top, and what is more im-           "Each morning and afternoon                 And since when were the "non-
composition and choice of words of portant has stayed there, is not the        thousands of Australians consume           capitalists" or the Government, the
the article; my disgust on the other man unfitted for the position. The        just those articles of thought which       only peddlers of undistorted truth?
hand towards the matter of the unfit may be held up by others for              the Press barons think it necessary                ZING, BOOM TA-RARREL
article, and toward.^ the frame of a short while, but eventually they          to provide." (Heavy type, too.)               What is he worried about World
mind cf the writer, who, dwelling fall until they find their true place           Here are the fallacies:—                War III. for? I thought that Bert
in Australia, could have produced in life.                                                                                Evatt had everytliing in hand. If he
such a fallacious and misconcepted         Thus life is a struggle all the way      (1) Not all Australian electors can   can't stop it, rest assured, Ted, that
idea of Australian democracy.           and ~no-one is benefited by a person    read.                                     you can't. "Ted will get nothing for
   From the moment we commence casting enviou^i glances at the other                (2) Not all of them vead "those       his elforts, but he will probably get
the article, we are introduced to the fellow because he has progressed a        articles." (Hence the pink page and       a new decoration—a gilded halo—or
idea of capitalism—that evil (le.stroy- little further than he. That man has the Friday supplement.)                      something.
ing force which lia.s proved the ruin got there, in most cases, by hard             (3) The "thousands" Uon't' want           Didn't Ted read what "Kim" wrote
of tfiis fair country of ours. The work and constant devotion to his to read what Ted wants them to                       a few weeks ago in "Si Vis Piacem
writer paints a lurid picture of a labour. While the majority have think,, anyway.                                        . . . . " ? A very good article indeed.
few grasping, avaricious persons, rested by the way, he has "striven                (4) They can still buy "The Daily          "Po/wer is the relation of a given
stamping down "with ma'led heel" onward in the night" and reached                Worker," "The Partisan" (when It         person to other individuals, in which
the multitude of common people the goal of success. Are we then is printed), the "Guardian" (if it Is                     the more this person expresses his
fighting against terrific odds to main- justified in casting slurs upon that printed), or they can subscribe to           opinions, predictions and justifica-
tain their existence. This idea occu- man because he has had the fore- the "Times" or the "Manchester                     tions of the collective action that is
pies three columns of OUT student sight, courage and endurance to gain Guardian"—and they can't do that                   performed, the less is his participa-
newspaper, the word "capitalism" is tiie fruits of life? Is it not just« In Russia.                                       tion in that action."
mentioned no less than twelve t"mes, that a person should be rewarded L We know the Press isn't perfect.                       Of course, it works both ways.
excluding, of course, the countless according to nis iaoour-:
                                               3jng Lo his labour?             ^".*^ »* ^f^^t .were free to, buy some-
                                                                               i ^, ,     ,           ,       ,.               Ted doesn't like it the way it is
indirect references such as "poten-                                                                                       at present and fails to realise that
                                           This is the spirit of free enter-p^mg else to read; and the on\y               with a Government monopoly, the
tates of wealth," "captains of indus- prise, the just and natural course of»^^^^^^^^^^'ve that Ted or anyone else
 try," and "wealthy gentlemen"; all life. It is the spirit which exists in can suggest—some form anyone     of Govern-     Press, Judge and Jury would all be
fine phrases, I have no doubt, but this great country of ours and we ment monopoly—would leave us                          one.
abstracted, most probably, from must fight, and fight hard m order much worse off than we are now.                             Pardon me, if I remain anonymous.
 those clarions of propaganda the to hold it. The few in our midst
 "New Times" or the "Moscow News." would have us replace our way of
   It is evident then that the writer life for a system of bureaucratic
 has not grasped the true meaning controls, like Socialism or Commun- back to the task, and give in order                 climate is ideal and our living con-
 of life, whether it be enjoyed under ism. The individual under such a to reap. The trouble is that most                  ditions are far above those of Asiatic
 Socialistic, Communistic, or Demo- system ceases to exist, all is done of us are too lazy, too inactive to               races. We have no excuse for fail-
 cratic government. As Ralph Par- for the benefit of the state. The exert ourselves the requisite amount                  ing to climb the ladder. Yet we
 lette expresses it in' his "University man with aptitude, ability and enter- to gain benefit. Instead we tend to         have only to look around the hotels
                                                                                             on               have suc-
 of Hard Knocks," we are "all apples prise can climb so high and no higher, cast slursWe the few whocapitalists,          and amusement areas to see the
                                                                                 ceeded.         call them
 in the Barrel of Life." If we put in other words he is allowed to exploitists, and ridicule them right                   great waste and extravagance in-
 into a barrel "big apples, little smell the flower but not to pluck and left, in the vain hope that we                   dulged in by "the working people"
 apples, freckled apples, speckled it. His life is one long list of con- may reduce them to our level. This               —"the very backbone of the nation,"
 apples, green apples, dried apples" trols, he must vote for a single gov- tendency of human nature, we usu-              as I think the writer of the article
 and finally "rotten apples," and we ernmental party and he must at all ally pass over as our own foolish-                expressed it. Drunkenness and vice
 then shake the barrel, what happens ? times be in complete agreement with ness and childishness knowing too              are mere prevalent among the so-
 Why, of course, the small apples the bureaucrats who by mass hypnot- well that we are not injuring the                   called working classes than ever it
 fall to the bottom along with the ism have gained power. His power successful man; we are but deluding                   was or will be among the so-called
 other inferior apples and the good of free choice has been deprived him. ourselves and preventing our climb              capitalists—the real leaders of our
 ones rise to the top. Humans are           Free enterprise is the natural wd,y up the ladder of life.                    society.
 the apples in the barrel and "the of producing the leaders in our com-                                                      The ignorant will always be at the
 same law that shakes the little ones munities. Every Australian has an              Let us take a look at the ladder     base of the ladder. It is they who
 down and the big ones up in that equal opportunity of attaining success erf life and see what conclusions we             will always be susceptible to masis
 barrel is shaking every person to the in life if he is willii^ to bend his can draw. At the base of the ladder           hypnotism. It is they who will listen
                                                                                 is a vast multitude of people, quarel-   to the great fanatical schemes for
                                                                                 ling and arguing among themselves,       alieving their lot; when, - if they
                                                                                 looking up at the tall ladder but not    would but pull the wool away from
                    U.Q.U. TUBERCULOSIS TESTS                                    daring to risk the climb. Some           their eyes, they would see that the
                                                                                 brave soula are to be seen climbing       c£)mmunist or the socialist is out to
             Mantoux injections will be available to ALL                         upwards, sometimes slipping, buf al-      "feather his own nest" at their ex-
                                                                                 ways returning to their task. We          pense. The worker has been told
             students at St. Lucia from 2.0 p.m. — 4.30 p.m.                     notice, too, that near the top the        that he is the only provider in the
                                                                                 ladder has many rungs—^for the most       community imd he is drugged into
                           TUESDAY, 19th JULY                                    part empty—with only one or two           belieS^ng that. aU people possessed
                                                                                  climbers. These are the people who       of the fruits of life are the drones
                           Meet in the vestibule                                 are achieving success—a success           of socifety. He fails to realise that
                                                                                 earned only by effort and untiring        whereas he ceases work on Friday
        ^ They will be read by Dr. .Duhig at 1.0 p.m. on                          endurance.                               night and spends Saturday at the
                                                                                     All Australians have the opportun-    races, the "envied rich man, the
                            Thursday, 21st July. ,                                                                         drone," has earlier in life spent
                                                                                  ity for education and advancement.
                                                                                  Our country is perh«pe the best          Saturday and Sunday endeavouring
               For information ring J» M. Morris, J 2563                         gifted in the world as regards agrt-*     lo better himself.
                                                                                  cultural and mineral resources. Our              (Continued: on page 2)
Page Two                                           SEMPER               FLOREAT                                          Friday, July 15, 1949

                                                                                                                  Have You
^attpa* (Sjlonat

                                                                            Ag,enda                              Tuberculosis?
                                                                          MADE UP TO TUESDAY, 12th                  FREE TESTS AVAILABLE
                                                                                 JULY, 1949. ,
                                                                                                                      On a VOLUNTARY BASIS, Man-
                                                                                             for                  toux tests are now being performed
                              Editor: JOHN O'DUFPY
                                                                        University ofi Queensland Union on University students.
   Su)j-Edilor.s: JltJURAY WIM.I.VMS, BRI.'VN THOMASON. ALAN WALKER.    Council Meeting to be held in the For this privilege we have to thank
 Staff: T15D d'UlJ.^0. PERC nURTON, ORAlIAM WINDRTJJI, JOHN BMMETT,     Dining Room, George Street, on the foresightedness of Dr. Duhig,
 MALCOLflr HAiM. JOH.S HALL, DAN CUNNINGHAM, J. S H A N A H A N . J,    Tuesday, 19th July, 1949. at I.IQ p.m. who forms the organisational main-
       KKLl.Y. JUNK SY.MHS, JILL LIDGAIU?, MAUGAUKT HISLOP,                1. Apologies.                          stay and is devoting a deal of his
                          Sporting Editor. T. McENIERY                                                            valuable time to the enterprise. The
                       Business Mnnagcr: FRED SCHUBERT
                                                                           2. Ratification of New Appoint- fact that Dr. Duhig considers the
                                                                        ments to Council—7.15.                    test most necessary should dispel
Vol, XVII.            THURSDAY, JULY 13, 1949                  No. 17      3. Confirmation of Minutes. Min- any doubts as to its significance.
                                                                        utes of the previous meeting" held            It must be emphasised that a
                                                                        14th June. 1949.                          tuberculous infection is much more
                                                                           4. Business arising out of the Min- prevalent than is generally realised,

      Let's Co-Operate                                                  utes—7.45.
                                                                           5. Correspondence,
                                                                                                                  and tliat any person is likely to eon-
                                                                                                                  tract the disease, irrespective of his
                                                                           (a) Convenor, W,S.R, Resignation, apparent physical status. One point
                                                                           (b) Mr. N, E. S, Jackson, resigna- must be cleared; a subject may be-
      During the past few weeks there has been much activity                     tion from C.A,C.                  come infected, suffer no appreciable
amongst the members of the Committee for Student Health.                   (c) Caterer, George St., re Prices. inconvenience, and completely recover
                                                                           (d) Queensland Trustees Limited, in a matter of weeks. Fortunately,
Few, if any, of the general body of students know of the work              (e) National Union, re Council it is in only a very small proportion
this committee has been doing. The first fruits of their labours                 Members.                          of infected people that the disease
are beginning to appear, and it is to be hoped that they receive            (f) National Union, re Council develops to a recognisable degree.
from everyone the co-operation which they deserve.                               Members.                          To demonstr'ate the Incidence of the
                                                                            (g) National Union, re Travel and condition, it may be added that the
      Union Council has been very interested for several years                   Exchange,                         majority of healthy persons over
in the idea of student health. In the past these ideas have                 (h) National Union, re Affiliation fifty years of age show signs of a
                                                                                 Fee.                              previous infection from which they
been shelved as nobody was prepared to co-operate with the                  (i) Commonwealtli        Office   of have completely recovered.
student body in the administration of such a scheme. The                          Education, re "Current Af-
                                                                                                                       Ten students of Medicine IV, certi-
Senate would not provide for such a scheme and so after the                       fairs,"
                                                                            (J) Registrar, re Academic Dress. fied as competent by .Dr. Duhig are
 initial successes of the southern Universities, the students               (k) Kappa Sigma Kappa Fratern- pci'forming the tests. The routine,
decided to manage a health scheme themselves.                                     ity.                             to bo briefly outlined, involves no
                                                                            (1) Brisbane City Council, re Re- inconvenience or expense to the
      Last year the Dental students began an intra-faculty exam-                  duction in Fares,                student and no after-effects can be
ination and the iinding of two cases of active tuberculosis in              (m) Q.A.T.B, re Miss Australia,        experienced, A small quantity of
one faculty stimulated the general student interest, A com-                 (n) Mr, L, N, Thomas, re Union liuid is injected into the skin of the
                                                                                  Fees.                            forearm and, on interpretation two
 mittee was set up and it has functioned ever since.                        (o) Guild of Undergraduates, W.A., days later, the subject is labelled
      Finding it impossible to obtain sufficient medical staiT to                 re Matter of the Labour Club Mantoux — ve. or -\- ve.
 undertake the project, a group of Medical students volunteered                   versus the Guild of Under-
                                                                                  graduates—8.15,                      Due to a misprint in last week's
 to be trained in the carrying out of these tests. These are not            6. Finance.                            "Semper," some clarifioilion is neces-
 difficult and it is to be hoped that every confidence will be               (a) Financial Statement.              sary. A negative reaction means
 placed in th& ability of these students to carry out the tests              (b) General—8,30.                      that the subject has never been in-
                                                                            7. Reports,                             fected, A positive reaction shows
 required. The interpretation of the test results will be done               (a) Commem, Ball and Dinner.           that at some time in the past the
 by Dr. Duhig. This work Is done voluntarily and both the                    (b> President. N.U.A.U.S., Report tuberculosis organism has attacked
 students and doctor have devoted much time to ensure that                        on the New Zealand Tour,          tlie                        the
                                                                             (c) Student Director of Orienta- tion body, and, of course, in a infec-
                                                                                                                           is still smouldering       very
  the scheme will cover all students.                                              tion. 1948.
      At present the scheme is very limited. Whilst a tubercu-               8. Reception of Notices of Motion, small proportion of these Mantoux
                                                                          • 9. Election of Officers.                -j- ve. subjects.
 losis survey is very important, a (General health scheme is                 (a) 'Convenor of W,S.R.                    As each student is injected, he or
 the ideal. This exists in many of the English and American                  (b) Student Director of Orienta- she will be given a card which can
  Universities. A paid staff is present in these Universities to                   tion.                            be completed and presented to Dr. .
                                                                             (c) C.A.C. Representative—9.00.        Duhig as he interprets the test two
  deal solely with the students' health problems. _ The scheme
 is not a generalised one in these cases, and individual, students           (d) Representative to Universities' days later. All that will be recorded
                                                                                   Commission Conference in is the student's reaction, — ve, or
  can bring their personal health problems to a competent doctor                   Sydney in Second Vacation.       + ve., and the cards will be kept by
  who can advise them regarding the treatment required, and                                                         Dr, Duhig for the statistics they
                                                                             10. Motions of which Notices has afford, A student who shows a
  suggest the doctors to be consulted.                                   already been given.                        positive reaction will be informed of
       If in the future this desirable state of affairs is to be             "That the University of Queens- such by the examining doctor, and
  attained then these small beginnings must be successful. To            land Union Council approach the it then behoves the individual to con-
  help achieve this the co-operation of all students is required.        Senate to ask the Government to re- suit his or her practitioner for a
                                                                         sume the forty-two (42) acres of land clinical examination. There need be
  Students should report to. the committee's workers at the times        at St. Lucia (less six (6) acres for no cause for confusion, however,
  advertised so that a comprehensive report on ALL students              Emmanuel College) for the expan- since the possibility of the presence
  can be prepared. If this state of affairs can be achieved per-         sion of the University."                   of active tuberculosis is slight, and
  haps sufficient evidence can be produced to convince higher                                                       in any case the disease can be cured
                                                                                     Moved: Copeman/O'Loughlin. if detected in the early stages.
  powers that a permanent student health centre is a necessity               11. Matters for consideration of the
                                                                                                                        It was hoped that free X-raya
  in any University,                                                     Combined Advisory Committee.
                                                                             12. General Business—10.00        would be available to students, but
       SO MUCH depends on yourselves.                                                                                Dr. Uhd, of the Brisbane General
                                                                                               -:o:-                Hospital, apologises for his inability
                                                                                                                     to cope with the enormous task
                                                                                                                     v/hich would be presented.
             BOOKS                                   BOOKS               Inter-CoUe^e and                   Testing is important. Further-
    W. RAMSAY (Surgical) Pty. Ltd,                                          Inter-Faculty                more, it has the qualities of being
                                                                                                         free and convenient, since we will
             1st FLOOR, 30 ALBERT STREET, BRISBANE
                           Telephone - B 3430                                  Regatta                   come to you at George Street or St.
        SUPPLIERS OF TEXTBOOKS TO UNIVERSITIES OP                                                           We solicit your co-operation.
        ADELAIDE HOEART, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, PERTH.                       BRIDGE REACH (NORTH QUAY)                    WYLIE D. GIBBONS,
    Students* Accounts Opened. Delivery Free within Brisbane Area,                                                           Medicine IV.
                       Tou are invited to inspect                        WEDNESDAY, JULY 20th, 2.30 p.m.
    JUST ARRIVED —                                                        Novice Pairs ;|^ mile     2.30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                 — :o:-
        CONYBEARE, "MEDICINE" - CECIL, "MEDICINB" -                       Inter-College Pours (2nd                 THE AUSTRALIAN WAY
        BAILEY, "CLINICAL SURGERY" - DUNCAN, "META-                         Crews)              '   2.45
        BOLISM" - WRIGHT, "PHYSIOLOGY" - HALE WHITE,                      Inter-College Pours (let
        "MATERIA MEDICA."                                                                                          (Continued from page 1)
                                                                            Crews) 1 mile           3.00      • All persons who attempt to Instil
                                                                          Ladies Pairs 300 yds,     3.20    Communistic ideas into tho mhnds of
                                                                          Inter-Paculty Pours               their fellow workers are traitors to
                                                                             i mile                 3.40    the country. They do the country
     STUDENTS' OPTICAL BENEFIT                                            Challenge Pairs ;[ mile   4.00
                                                                         'Presentation of Trophies 4.10
                                                                                                            no good whatsoever, they only in-
                                                                                                            crease the burden of the poor un-
              SPECTACLE FRAMES 20/-       —   ADVICE FREE                                                   fortunates who are too lazy to climb
                                                                            Entries and seat money (2/6 per
                Price Concessions Day and Evenhtg Students.                 competitor) must be handed to   the ladder of life. My adv!ce to the
                           YOUR OPTOMETRIST                                 W. RODGERS Bng. IV. - Phone     writer of tills article Is that he put
                      GRAHAM McLACHLAN                                            M6792, THIS WEEK          his foot firmly on the rang of the
      2nd FLOOR, STRAND BLDG.» Onr. QUEEN and ALBERT STO.                                                   ladder and start climbing.
                             Phone - B2443                                Afternoon tea will be avidlablo at There is plenty of room at ttie top
                                                                                tho O'Connor Boathoase      of tho ladder.                      ; ,
                                                                                                           h •'.-••   yli-

  •••^ ^ 7, M y 15, 1949"            •-   ''                    SETMPER                FLOREAT

    What's Wrong                                                                      A Trip     A Reply to
                                                                                                 "Labor's Letter"
        With Secondary School                                                         to England                                 "What a pity that Labor's plunge
                                                                                                                              down the slippery plank of Socialism
                                                                                                                              can only end by landing the country
             Education?                                                                                                       in poverty and regimentation," This
                                                                                                                              remark v/as objected to by the Hon.
                       SOCIOLOGY NEGLECTED                                               During the lunch hour on Monday, Sec, of the St, Luciy Labor Club.
                                                                                      Professor Jones spol^e on his visit to (Whether writing for himself or by,
     E. S. MEYERS, Acting Honorary Professor, Social and                              England tc attend the Conference of order of his club, one is not told.)
                                                                                      the Universities of the British Em-
                       Tropical Medicine                                              pire whicli took place at Oxford al-              HOW SPECIOUS!
   "We read in the newspapers year after year in their annual                         most a year ago. He and Professor He says it is not a "plunge," it is
                                                                                      Ringrose were Queensland repre- implementing a well-considered prin-
reports that headmasters and lieadmistresses arc much concerned                       sentatives and together they spent cipue. What principle? Does he re-
with the shortcomings in our educational system.'' This remark                        some three months abroad.               fer to the plank in "Liibor's" policy
was made to me recently by a member of the Senate of the                                                                      —"Socialisation of industry, distribu-
                                                                                         After a rough trop over in thi; tion and exchange"?
University who went on to say how diil^icult it appeared to be                        "Stratheden," the two professors This plank was inserted by Com-
to bring about long overdue rei'oim.                                                  settled in London for a fortnight, munists (in 1922), and they have
                                                                                      during which period they found time been fooling "Labor's" long-haired
  There are probably quite a numijer     excohcnc puhUcation, There is need           to visit places of historic interest- back-room boys ever since.
of reasons for the present discontent    for a more adv'anced book to meet            especially Westminster Abbey,
with education, but many think that      tho requirements of those attending                                                     Contrary to what the St. Lucia
not the least important is the failure   secondary schooLs.                              Some three hundred delegates at- "Labor" Club Hon. Sec, would have
of those responsible foi- the various                                                 tended the conference, which took the you believe, this totalitarian prin-
phases of education ,to work together       It is unfortunate that the majority       form of discuissions and debates upon ciple has nothing to do, either v/ith
tor the betterment of all.               of chilUrt'n leave school at the age         such questions as "Exchange of the founders of Labour, or with the
  As has been said, "It is surprising    of fourteen, and between that age                                                             spirit of
                                                                                      teachers and students" and "Pos- original to both. the founders. It is
                                          and eighteen (that is, during very          sibility of opening now Universities    foreign
to find no effective collaboration       impressionable and critical years)
between secondary sehoois and Uni-                                                    in Crown Colonies," Professor Jones Communists are able to create
versities—no autliorative body en-       they receive no formal education in          v.'as a boarder in the historic Christ- shortages in coal, steel and other
                                          lUia ai\cl otiier important sociological    church College with its own magni- commodities because they have bluff-
dowed with the responsibility of         subjects.                                                                            ed and threatened Labour politicians
planning an agreed scheme of prep-                                                    ficent Cathedral.
                                                                                                                              into playing their game.
aration for the learned professions."       Great Britain here, too, has set a
                                         good example. In the February issue             Professor Jcnes and Professor           The human         degradation and
       LACK OF CO-OPERATION               of tno Australian Journal of Science, also visited the Universities misery suffered during the depres-
    At various times during the UHU, it is stated that thirty-four              of Cambridge, Birmingham, Edin- sion of the Thirties left hatred and
 t\^•cnt.y years one has heard members coiiegLvs arc being- estabhshed in the         burgh, London and Glasgow. Prof. mistrust in its walie. The Commun-
 of the four sections of the connnunlty London area for ail boys and girls            Jones was particularly interested in ists have used this well, to play
with statutory responsibility for edu- who Live under eighteen years of age           the scientific side and was able to "Labor" against Liberal and at the
 cation (those holding office as minis- unci are not attending school. For            inspect various chemistry and physics same time bring industry nearer to a
 ters and directors of education and iorty-lour wcelis in each year each              buildings and laboratories. However, standstill, and human degradation
 those in the service of the University, boy and girl attends a college on a          he found few worthwhile hints for and misery a little closer, for their
 the secondary schools and the primary ,one-c!ay-a-v\'ec!v basis, and must take       the building, of laboratories at St. mal-doing.
                                                                                      Lucia because overseas they interest       Hasn't "Labor" been in power long
 schools) express opinions showing compulsory courses including Social                 themselves with equipment, which enough to have ensured the oroduc-
 that ah is not well m their spheres Studies, Physical Education and                                                                             needs? Obviously,
                                                                                      allows abundant research, rather tion Australia firmly in Communist
 of work.                                 English,                                                                            "Labor" is so
    In spite of this there has never        Evidence that we must improve              than buildings.                        hands, national expenditure and tax-
 been (though this is subject to cor- and be up and doing is seen in a                                                        ation so high, and production so dis-
rection) a round table conference of speech by Mr. H. G. Watkin, Princi-                 They paid a brief visit to the Con- astrously low, that it is high time
 the representatives of all the people pal of the State High School, who              tinent and visited Switzerland and "Labor" was removed.
 concerned for the purpose of remedy- said on the School Speech Day in the            France. During the few days spent Capitalism has done much harm
ing known defects,                        City Hall last year, "No student            in extravagant Paris, they visited in the past. Government finance
                                          should leave school without instruc-
    fcsome ten years or so ago the tion in citizenship, public affairs                the Louvre and the Palace at Ver- provisions, industrial awards, com-
New Education Fellowship attempted and social obligations."                           sailles,                                pensation and pensions are safeguards
 something of this sort, but on this                                                                                          that will help prevent such harm ever
                                            As one who has been responsible              In England they visited the Lakes recurring.
occasion the University represent-                                                    District     and     Stratford-on-Avon,
 atives attended as observers only.      for teaching medical and dental stu-
                                                                                      where, in the beautiful memorial                 THE EVIL INTENT.
    J.S. Mill has spoken of education dents for quite a long time I have              theatre, they witnessed the produc- But the human degradation and
                                                                 find that
as the culture which each generation been dismayed to destined to young
                                         men and women                       enter    tion of "Othello."                      misery that must follow socialisation
purposely gives to those who are the professions have so little know-                                                         will be equalled only in Russia, where
 it« .succe«sor.s. I'ne history of Soci- lodge of appreciation of History,               During cold September these two such socialisation exists.
ology reveals that primitive people Psychology and Sociology. Teachers                Queensland delegates boarded the
 in their methods of training- the in New South Wales have described                                                             The Socialists m the "Labor" move-
                                                                                      flying boat and returned to their ment who inserted the socialisation
young were in many respects more these subjects as "the core of educa-                warmer home State,                      plank, aim at the Abolition of Par-
 ehicient than we are in this year of tion," and think they are necessary                                                     liamentary Government. Make no
grace, 1949. It would appear that lor education for citizenship, and so                  This* then was the essence of the mistake of this.
in our pedagogy we have not laid should be compulsory for all stu-                    interesting talk which Professor
sufficient stress on the importance dents.                                                                                       As Colin Clark warned, industrial
                                                                                      Jones gave. He delivered it in a conscription is looming. Complete
 of training the eye, the ear, the Sixth Form students m secondary                    happy way and his short digressions political slavery will soon follow, •
hand, owing to over-concentration on schools, in the days before Queens-              were often amusing.
 memory training,                        land had a University, were better                                                       THE WAY FROM SERFDOM.
                                         informed than are students of the               The talk was arranged by the
           BRITISH EXAMPLE               same grade to-day, 'ihe eurnculu.m                                                      Since the origmal spirit of the
                                                                                      Science Students' Association, who founders of the real Labor movement
                                                           a much wider range
    We should do well to follow the then included education proceeded of
                                         subjects, and                           at   must be congratulated on their move has yet to be reawakened, only re-
of educational reconsti-uction in Great a more even pace than to-day,                 to allow students to hear such an moval of the present "Labor" regime
Britain. As the British Board of                                                      excellent speaker disc\iss an ever- can save Australia from totalitarian
 Education pamplct on Educational           IVIv. Keith Rayner, one of Aus-           interesting, and enviable, subject.     rule,
Reconstruction (1943) puts it, "The ti'alia's representatives at the Youth                                           M.G.H,                          TRAVELLER.
Government's purpose in putting Forum in London, is schooling to have
                                         said, "Secondary
forward the reform is to secure for longer in Britain than Queensland, , ,    lasts
children a happier childhood and a I feel there are definite advantages
 better start in life; to ensure a full in this system in that there is a             state of equilibrium can be reached      should be improved. Furthermore,
measure of education and opportun- longer period for each bay and girl                in a gregarious society short of com-    education should continue in orderly
ity for young people, and to provide to develop a stable outlook on life              plete homogeniety,"                      manner up to eighteen years of age
means for all of developing the entering the more turbulent spheres                     It is not suggested, of course, that   (not necessarily full-time education'
various talents with which they are of business or University."                       there should not be diversity of         for those leaving school at 16 which
•endowed, and so enriching the in-                                                    education, but as the White Paper        should be the minimum leaving age).
                                                    SOCIAL STUDIES.                   quoted earlier puts it, "Diversity
heritance of the country whose citi-                                                  should not impair the Social Unity                  THE ANSWER.
zens they are."                             Study of the so-called Social             which will closely knit society."          The "change of he.'irt" refers to
    The history of Medicine shows how Sciences, particularly if continued up          As the White Paper also states, "AH      the idea of a training for citizenship.
important is Education in achieving, to the age of eigliteen for all young            should have equal opportunity."          Such aim should attempt to give to all
a sound mind in a sound body. Social people (whether they leave school                  This lack of opportunity in the past   young people' training necessary for
Medicine looks to Education for help earlier than that toage, or whether              and to-day (particidarly in the case     them to take their places as citizens
                                                continue on
in teaching people the importance of they be an importantthe University)              of bright youths who see others less     with some idea of the world in which
Hygiene, using that word in its for better health. Also there making
                                         will                      factor             well endowed with brains, but with       they live. Such training should give
                                                                           will be    greater financial resources, going on    them:—
widest sense, for Social Medicine has additional community gain if these
as its aim the maintenance and pre- subjects .are studied in an orderly               to get the benefit of higher education      (1) Some understanding of the
servation of health,                     fashion, from the age of about eleven        that they cannot afford) has led to             nature of the physical uni-
                                         onwards, to eighteen, for time will be       embitterment with, in many cases,               verse.
             A BEGINNING                 saved to give the opportunity for the        unfortunate results to the com-             (2) Understandinir of the nature
    As a matter of fact, a very com- study of other subjects, choice of               munity.                                         of man and society.
mendable start has heeh made here which should be determined by the                     Much has been heard of shortage          (3) An appreciation of the "cul-
with Health Education by the Queens- aptitude and desires of the individual.          of accommodation, need for better               ture heritage of the race"—
land .Health Education Council who An equally important result is the
                                                                                      payment of teachers, and lack of                under whieh are included (as
                                                                                      equipment, but (important as these              in this quotation from an An-
have prepared a book on this subject fact that all citizens to be will have           matters are) what is necessary as               nual Report of the Rockefeller
for the use of teachers. This hand- a training in subjects in which all               well is a' change of attitude and a             Foundation), '%/mgmge and
baak Is Intended to lay the foundation will have a common interest. This              change of heart towards education.              Literature, the Arts, Phil-
of the teaching of Health and Hy- makes for stability in the community.                 As; this article has attempted to             osophy, Education and Be-
fifiene in primary schools, and is an As Wilfred Trotter has put it, "No              show, the methods of education                  liffion."
                                                                                                                                            . . . . . : •   • : . . . - .   •:;M:J(&--'*

      Page iFour                                              SEMPER                 fLOR£At                                            - .feday, July 15, 1949

                                                                                    What's to be Done? HERSTON GRAMOPHONE
      Art And t h e Opera                                                                  A BLUEPRINT FOR
     Brisbane people have just had an opportunity of witnessing                              CO-OPERATION
 performances of grand opera, and a few thoughts on the                                The problem of the White Aus-
 opera would not be out of place at this time                                       tralia policy's reaction on the col-
     Opera is a combination of two of     sive beauty, lending to them an at-       oured peoples who constitute Aus-
  the greatest of the arts—music and      mosphere of grandeur which is unob-       tralia's neighbours is a rather im-
  literature, it achieves a link be-      tainable in orduiary literary works,'     portant one for students, since they
 tween these two arts which no other      Thus the comparatively simple story       may well graduate into a hemis-
 work of art has succeeded in achiev-     when associated with music becomes        phere of racial strife.
 To every opera there is a story,         something great—it becomes the'              This consideration is one of the
 simple for the most part, dealing with   finest medium for the artistic repre-     reasons which has prompted the                At the Medical School, due to
  human passion, human joys and sor-      sentation of human passion—litera-        national unions of students in Aus-        different terms and timetables, lunch-
 rows, successes and failures.            ture alone could not express these        tralia and New Zealand to sponsor          hour entertainments are often diffi-
     This story is echoed by the music    passions so beautifully nor with such                                                cult; this article is to present our
                                          grandeur, while their expression by       a scheme for scholarships to our
 c,f tho opera which gives it colour                                                Universities for students from these       plans for the rest of the year. These
  and atmosphere, and stimulates the      music alone would lack intimacy and                                                  will be advertised separately at the
                                          would tend to be a little too vague.      areas. Briefly, the plan so far agreed
  imagination lo a greater appreciation                                             on contains the following points:—         appropriate times.
 of its depths and complexities, which       Let us trace briefly the relation of                                                 Next Tuesday, 19th July, Mr, John
                                          story and music in "Madame Butter-          Scholarships to be granted to
 are somew^hat obscured in the simple                                                     students purely on their ability.    Farnsworth Hall will speak in the
 lilerai-y form. Thus in opera the        fly." The first scene in whict this                                                  Main Theatre. He is a most inter-
 arts of music and literature combine     relation can be appreciated is the           Students from South-east Asia and
                                          love scene between "Butterfly" and              Pacific countries eligible.          esting and brilliant speaker, and his
 with the art of scenery painting and                                                                                          address should be both entertaining
 to a certain extent witii the arts of    Finkerton. We know from the story           Scholarships to cover travel to
                                          that "Butterfly" has fallen in love             Australia or New Zealand and         and enlightening. We hope to at-
 dramatic acting and ballet to pro-       with Pinkerton, and can readily in-                                                  tract other eminent speakers here
 duce the greatest success which has                                                      return; board and residence;
                                          terpret the passion of love expressed           tuition fees for the whole period    during the year.
 yet rewarded the efforts of man in       in the music. Without the story it                                                      Recitals are now held in the Main
 the field of artistic achievement.                                                       of their course, books and liv-
                                          would be difficult for one who has              ing allowance.                       Theatre again, as it is felt that this
     In most of our operas the story is   no intimate knowledge of music to            Responsibility for care of these        theatre is so much better acoustic-
 based on the passion of love. There      interpret this meaning. The story,                                                   ally than the small one in Victoria
 may be several reasons for this—love     however, provides a path for our                students in Australia to be
                                                                                          vested in the National Union of      Park, We hope soon to be able to
 is a passion which most people           imaginations to follow, and so the                                                   have programmes on the lawn, and
 understand and would be interested       music assumes a more definite mean-            Australian University Students,
                                                                                       If possible, the first batch of stud-   would like a Gilbert and Sullivan
 in, and its infinite tenderness can be   ing. The story tells us of Pinker-                                                   opera, such as "The Gondoliers" or
 portrayed to the greatest advantage      ton's return to America and the           ents will arrive in AustraHan Uni-         "The Yeomen of the Guard," to play
 in music. These love stories, of         music assumes a note of mournful          versities at the commencement of
 course, give rise, in various in-        yearning, which expresses, as only        1951, If and when a student reaches        there. Would anyone willing to lend,
 dividuals, to feelings of happiness,     music can the feelings of one who is      our country as a scholar under this        or play, these, please approach us.
 jealousy, hatred and despair, all of     waiting for her lover.         Finally,   scheme, he will have earned his edu-          This year, too, we intend to insti-
 which can be portrayed in music.         "Butterfly" learns of Pinkerton's         cation. First of all, he must bo re-       tute a Barometric Bolero, wherein
     All through literature there are     faithlessness—the music assnmes a         commended by a selection panel of          votes are cast, at one penny per
 love stories, some of which ascend to    sadder and a deeper notes until           people in his own country which will       vote (proceeds to W,S.R.) for vari-
 great artistic heights—take for ex-      finally during and preceding "Butter-     be composed of representatives of          ous works, and at the end, those
 ample the love story of Jane Eyre—       fly's" suicide it echoes the depths of    Universities of that country, the          compositions which have the most
 few stories could be more touching       human despair.                                                                       votes are played at a special recital.
                                                                                    Students' Union, and the represent-
 than this—it is a great success in the      In opera, then, we have a story in     atives of the Australian and New           So be in this when you see the pro-
 literary portrayal of human passion,     literature combined with a story in       Zealand Governments there, A hst           gress sheet displayed on a notice
 compared with which the simple           music. If its composition is placed       of names will be submitted to N.U,         board.
 story of an opera, such as "Madame       in the hands of a master musician         A.U.S. and the New Zealand Univer-            We invite, moreover, people with
 Butterfly," which as a literary          who has imagination and creative          sity Students' Association, who will       suitable records, to present pro-
 masterpiece, is most unimpressive.       ability, opera can be truly great. In-                                               grammes themselves. This is not
 Add the music to the story of            deed, I would venture to say that         allocate these students to Univer-
 Madame Butterfly, however, and the                                                 sities in the two countries. If suffi-     only excellent experience for those
                                          the operas of Wagner, Vercir, Puccini     cient funds and facilities are avail-      who present the programmes, but also
 result is entirely different. The        and the other great writers of opera
 music echoes the passion expressed       rank among the finest works of art        able, all to the good. If these are        a great pleasure to those who hear
 in the story—it takes the bare words     ever produced by man.                     limited, then a further selection of       them. This year, through inavail-
 and adds to them its infinite expres-                                              students will take place.                  ability of suitable records, we have
                                                              J. A. EMMETT,                                                    not had a Jazz recital; we would
                                                                                       After completion of his or her          welcome anyone who has records
                                                                                    course, the student will be expected       and is willing to give a presentatiofn
                                                                                    to return to his country to utilise        to do so.
            Modern Economy                                                          for the benefit of his fellow-country-
                                                                                    men the knowledge gained at Aus-
                                                                                    tralasian Universities.
                                                                                                                                  Our programmes are as varied as
                                                                                                                               possible, and we try to suit all tastes,
                                                                                                                               so do come along to the Main
      We should, long ago, have put a stop to this crazy spiral                        This scheme has been termed a           Theatre during the lunch-hour re-
 of rising costs and rising wages. The headlong rush along a                        Blueprint for Co-operation. It is a        citals when they are advertised.
 corkscrew path never succeeded before, and there is no reason                      plan in outline and there are im-          There are usually two per week, on
                                                                                    portant points to be finalised. Fin-       IXiesdays and Thursdays, but the
 to suppose that it will succeed this time.                                         ance, as usual, is the crux of the
                                                                                    problem. Therefore, the N.U.A.U.S,         days are varied to suit other enter-
   Two ways of beginning the down-        the same thing. It is as stupid as                                                   tainments which are on during the
ward trend suggest themselves; the        sales tax, and in exactly the same        has adopted the scheme:
popular way would be to cut prices;       way the people pay, not merely the           An approach to the Government for       week.
the other way is to cut wages. Con-       increased cost, but, in addition,               substantial financial guarantees.                                   B.T.E.
sider the first method of attack. At      several people's profits on it. Thus,        The completion of a subscription                          -;o;-
once we remember that reducing, or        if J. Smith is making garden forks              list from private sources.
even preventing the rise of prices,       and, because of a rise m wages, the          Will it succeed? It is an am-
                                                                                                                                    RADICAL REVIEW
requires the co-operation of the          cost of production goes up by one         bitious but worthwhile scheme. If
people. We think of such things as        shilling per garden fork, then when       it succeeds it will be a noted ad-            The coal strike has at least shown
baths, cigarettes, timber, fibrolite,     J. Smith trots off to buy one he                                                     the Federal "Labour" Government in
homes, nylons, motor cars, some           finds that he must pay an extra two       vance in student organisation and          a light that will reveal it to many
stationery, matches, petrol, tyres,       shiUings. A ten per cent, rise in his     responsibility. It's up to us to make      trades unionists as a protector of the
roofing iron, meat, sugar, tea, and       wages must mean a considerably            it succeed.                                interests of industrial employers. The
innumerable things—in fact, almost        larger rise in his costs. There is no                                                freezing of union funds, the gaoling
everything except lottery tickets. In     escapuig this conclusion.                                                            of union leaders, the encouragement
all of these there exists, or has ex-        Of course it will be tough for a       THANKS, MR.'VAN UNDE                       of '"scab" labom'~all strangely tem-
isted, a black market. There is no        time when we reduce the numerical                                                    rniscent of the antics of the Govern-
need to labour the point: it is clear     value of incomes, but prices will soon       A fine exhibition of glassblowing       ment of that "Labour" stalwart (?)
that we cannot cut prices.                fall enough to compensate, and more       was provided by Mr. van Linde on           Ramsay McDonald. Of course, the
   Now the alternative. After you         than compensate for the reduction.        Monday last. The display was spon-         name of this gentleman is held in
recover from the shock you find that       • It is possible that there exists a     sired by the Science Students Asso-        high esteem in Labour circles . . . .
reducing wages has much to recom-         conspiracy amongst employers to in-       ciation, and well over a hundred stu-         It's an odds-on bet that the con-
mend it. When wages rise, the cost        crease wages, and so reduce the           dents were present to enjoy an hour's      sumption of headache powders the
of production rises. The producer         workers to penury. They would, of         •entertainment. As well as having          the Finance Mmisters' Conference in
does not tighten his belt, and say,,      course, pretend that the exact oppo-      the opportunity to view the excellent      London will reach an all-time high.
"Have ihis one on me." No, he             site was theh: intention.                 craftsmanship of Mr. van Linde, stu-       How these gentlemen propose to re-
promptly raises the prices of his            Where are the union leaders with       dents were delighted with his minia-       concile the sterling viewpoint of "no
goods so that his percentage is the       the moral fibre ,to tell their members    ture elephant making—an accom-             trade, no dollars" with the American
same as before. Then the whole-           the truth, and order them to demand       plishment which we were assured,           axiom "no dollars, no trade," is a
saler buys them, and collect his usual    that they be given Jess pay?              had not been gained during working         dark and        apparently    insoluble
percentage on the increased cost.                               A. R. HALY,         hours! Members of the Press were           mystery, and is likely to remain so.
After which the retailer does exactly:                               Science 11.    present, and the photographer pro-         On second thoughts, however, since
                                                                                    vided some amusement, particularly         many patient cures for' headaches
                                                                                    for Mr. van Linde> He can be as-           come from dollar countries, the head-
                                                                                    sured that the demonstration was           splittmg agonies will probably have
                         BEMEMBERT                                                  heartily appreciated by all.               to be endured as just another of the
                                                                                                     3. C. JOHNSON,            products of the contradictions of
                ^GRADUATES MONSTER REUNION                                                                  Science HI.        capitalism. Judging by the head-
                      SiEE ST. L,U,C'IA !                i                                                                     lines, the western countries must
                                                                                                                               suffer either a war or a depression.
                 FRIDAY, AUGUST 5th, at 8.0 p.m.                                                 SORRY!                        It is an indictment of the pseudo-
                                                                                                                               socialism of the British, variety that
            One Act /Play, Films, Supper, Bancing, etc.                               We failed to acknowledge the             the country is faced with' the same
         Sponsored by Graduates Association and Staff Wives                         photographs of O.U.R. ini action,          dreadful alternatives as it has faced •
                            Association                                             which) appeared last week, to "The         at recurrent periods in the hundrdes
                                                                                    Telf^praph," who very 'khidly made         of years of tiie hey-days of capitalf
U                                                                                   them available to us.                      ism.
l^riday, July 15, 1M&                                             SEMPEk                FLOREAT                                                              Page'Pive

Oil Search in Australia                                                               Ihe Winter's Tale                              What a CoiiiinuniSt
     On Friday, under the •. auspices of the Engineers Under-                                                                          Editor said
graduates' Society, Engineers and Applied Scientists were                                In the beginning all was peaceful,
                                                                                                                                  Last Thursday, in the G,P, Hall,
                                                                                      and there was good fellowship among
privileged to hear Dr. Wade; of the Shell Queensland Develop-                         all men, so it went on and on. Then      under the auspices of the Radical .
ment Company, speak on aspects of the search for oil in                               the Big Chi(e)f said,'"Let there be      Club, Pete Thomas, communist, and
                                                                                      light," and there was light; and he      "Guardian" associate editor, attacked
Queensland.                                                                           said "Let there be power," and there     elements in our midst who, wishing
                                                                                      was power; and the Big Chi(e)f           to put the clock back, were conduct-
    Dr. Wade emphasised that this^ nical skill of the geologist and geo-              smiled benevolently. But all was not     ing a vicious campaign of lies'and
problem was a technical one, and physicist are required to probe the                  to go on thus, and soon the peaceful     slander against the communists and
could be carried out properly only by deep structures of the earth, not the           life was good-fellowship were no         progressives generally. In thuir at-
trained men with ample financial "practical man" with his forked'                     more, for there did happen a mom-        tacks on the communists, these re-
backing. We, the technically train- stick.                                            entous occurrence.                       actionaries were using the same tac-
ed, should denounce the cult of the We were told how, once a field is
"practical man" for the hocus pocus found, its development is also an art, There was one who lived in the tics as employed by tlie fascists in
and charlatanism that it is, if we requiring technical skill, financial community, and he worked very hard, Germany, itaiy and Japan. Mr,
desire progress.                          backing, and great patience, if it is to though he did not work very long, Thoniaa said ihat tho histrumcnts
    The myth that major oil complanies yield any proportion of its available and he got very dirty, for he played ci jeacLio:i were the newspapers, the
have retarded oil development in oil.              Gushers are a sign of poor second fiddle for Old King Coale. and laclio, Vnu .-.av/, v:u'.-.oas churchmen,
Australia was exploded by Dr. Wade, technique, and the engineer respon- his name was Jack Mina. Now Jack ci:U iK:pp'.it:j of biy ;>a."jincs3.
He pointed ont that, until it was sible Would certainly be fired. For did not like to play second fiddle for                       In strikes and disputes with the
altered in 1939, the law prevented oil must be coaxed from the rock, and Old King 'Coale, and get dirty and Arbitration Court, communr.sts had
overseas companies participating in all the forces latent in the well are work very hard, even though he did been singled out tor attaclc. Lance
oil search here. And, while 'in 1933, needed to push tlie oil to the surface, not work long. So Jack Mina grew Sharkey (communist) had iiceu
the total capital behind oil search was and not to be wasted in a spectacular angry with Old King Coale, and he prosecuted under the Crimes Act- an
 £80,000, since the laws were altered, display.                                     asked for more money, and he asked
over £3,000,000 have been spent by            This talk was most interesting,       that he should work even less long, Act which tlic Labour party v.'as
overseas companies.                                                                                       hard and did get pledged to repeal. In the present
                                          especially now when an alternative for he did work Old King CoaJe did striko, the firai man lo bu jaiied was
    It was pointed out that you search fuel to coal is most desired. All pre- not   very dirty. But
for oil fields, not for oil; the actual sent appreciated the broad survey of Old want to give didto Jack Mina, and Mr. King (communist). Bcit'^rc the
                                                                                          King Coale        also grow angry; Royal Commission
 appearance of oil is no indication of the industry, and the insights into and                                                                                invo;jtlgating
                                                                                                                    in to the
 the presence of payable oil deposits, some of its inherent problems given other; neither would givethe matter communism in Victoria,-Ek Dum' in
 and in fact large deposits are rarely in a most enjoyable manner,                           and they referred                  his evidence said tliat he and HoU-
 found near seepages. Here the tech-                                                to the Big Chi(e)f. Now the Big way had together hatched out the
                                                                           D,C,S. Chi(e)f would have nothing to do
                                                                                                                                plan                      Commis.'sion.
                                                                                    with the matter, for it was, he said, Dum, for a itoyal be noted, wasEk
                                                                                                                                         it was to                          a
                                                                                    a matter for the council of the wise writer for the "Bullotin," a paper
                                                                                    men who were known as the
                                                                                    "Arbitru." But Jack Mina insisted which was so fuscist-iiiio that it once
                                                                                    that the Big Chi(e)f grant his re- brought forth tlic praise of the Nazi
The Radicals and Labor                                                              quests, but the Big Chi(e)f was Von Sivust,
                                                                                    adamant, and said that he must go to           Ccfcnding the Communist party,
                                                                                    the council of the "Arbitru." But Mr. I'homas vigorously denied the
    AMAZING REVELATIONS OF                of Labour," "Cathohc organisations," Jack Mina was impatient, and the
       FASCISM IN OUR SflDST              and "leftist bourgeois parties."          "Arbitru" were old and could not chargetothat acommunists were The
                                                                                                                                tated        by       foreign power.
                                              (2) "Former security officials, gen- "act fast, and so Jack Mina decided he
    At a time when such terms as          darmes, leadership personnel of the would no longer play second fiddle Communist party was financed en-
                                                                                                                                tirely by Australians, as witnessed
 "Communist" and "Fascist" are used police, and prison personnel^ also to Old King Coale until the Big by the recent ilOO.OOO fighting fund
indiscriminately for purposes of abuse    ordinary policemen and prison em- Chi(e)f granted his requests.
                                                                                                                                subscribed by Australian workers.
or for want of valid, logical argu- ployees, concerning whom com-
ment, it is gratifying to note that promising material is available."                   So Jack Mina said "let tiie power Reaction says that communists are
 the Radical Club at least has enabled        (3) "Former large landlords, manu- stop," and there was no power; and the people who cause .strikes. A
                                                                                    he said, "let the light stop," and the
 us to judge what exactly they mean facturers and State employees in light stopped, and the Big Chi(e)f studj' of history would sho\\' that
by a Fascist by associating that word     Lithuania,"                                                                           the workers needed no one to tell
with a certain group of people—to
                                                                                                  for               could
                                              (4) Former officers of the armies was angry, therethe peoplepower. not them when to strike. l\Iany of the
                                                                                     work, for          was no             So
wit, the pre-war Latvian ruling of Poland, Lithuania and White tte people were unhappy, and the most bitter stniggles between work-
 clique. For last week's Radical Re- Guards, concerning whom comprom- great factories shut up, and the night ers and bosses took place towards
 view, after asserting the fact "that ising data are available."                     schools shut up, even the baccarat the end of the last century, long be-
 Latvia before the war was Fascist,"          (5) "Criminal elements continuing schools shut up, and the Big Chi(e)f fore tho communist party was foimd-
 went on to say that "the only ones to engage in penal activities,"                  was very, very angry. Now there t'd n Au-stralia (1921).
 who have suffered in Latvia since             (6) "Prostitutes,"                    were some who said that the Big
 the war arc the ones who formerly             (7) "Persons arrived from Ger- Chi(e)f must, punish Jack Mina and                    Communist.^; strnvn for peace and
 composed the ruling clique of a many, or suspected of connections make him work again; but still tiie better conditions for the people in
 nationalistic state."                     with foreign intelligence services." Big Chi(e)f was adamant, and in- Australia. Communists did not seek
                                                                                     sisted that the matter be referred to
    Since the ruling clique of a Fascist These include "Persons having rela- the council of wise men, known as the t,> use violence to attain their ends;
 state could not be anything but tives in Germany, employees of for- "Arbitru," and Old King Coale and violence would come, if it came, from
 Fascists, it follows that the logical eign legations, permanent represent- Jack Mina also were determined; and the ruhng classes—as past experi-
 implication of the above statement atives of foreign firms, and counter so the matter grew serious, for it ence shows.
 is that "all those who have suffered agenta of Germany, Italy, Japan, was winter and there was no power                            Mr, Thomas then outlined the
 in Latvia since the war" are Fas- England, France, America, Scandin- and no light. And so the matter went careers of a fev/ leader.'; of reaction
 cists. In other words, we have only avian countries, Vatical and former on, and on, and even now it goes on, in Australia. Behind those men
 to discover who have suffered in Lat- employees of Lithuanian legations and tiie Big Chi(e)f increases in age (Menzies, Fadden, HoUway) stood
 via since the war in order to under- abroad,                                        every day, and they watch to see if the Wall Street of AustraUa—Colhns'
 stand what a Fascist is.                      (S) "members of families of the his age makes him infirm; and Jack House. Mr. Menzies, of Brisbane
                                                                                               hungry, for he
    The suffering borne by this section persons indicated in the iirst, second, Mina isfood, for the Bighas no money Line fame, stated (Hansard, 1940)
 of the Latvian community, mentioned       third, and fourth sections, who had to buy                            Chi(e)f froze that he admired Hitler's system—a
 both in last week's Radical Review        lived \vith them or had been main- it all up, and he cannot touch it, and system which must not be destroytid.
                                                                                     his children cry. and they implore
 and in the article by a Latvian stud- tained by them at the t'tne of their him, "Please play second fiddle to Kent Hughes, No, 2 man in the
  ent which it attacked was, of course, arrest," including "families of coun- Old King Coale again, Dear Daddy"; Hollway Government, once wrote a
  deportation. To be more' precise, the try's traitors (deserting abroad)."          and the people are hungry, too, and series of articles, "Why I am a
  removal of these undesirable ele-            (9) "Former Polish refugees,"         cold, for they also have no money to E^seist."
  ments took place in June, 1941, and         It is. indeed enlightening to learn buy food, for they cannot work, for
                                                                                                                                    Capitalists were croatins yet-
  (although the Radical Review omit- what the Radical Club means when there is no power and no light. Soon another depression. To shift' the,
  ted to state this); not only the Lat- it speaks of Fascists, It is equally the people must starve, for the Big burden on to the shoulders of •the-
  vian "long repressed working popu- gratifying to discover how much Chi(e)f does not grow infirm, but is workers, they were attacking; -the.
  lation" taut also those of Estonia and truth there is in the opinion held by like a rock; and Jack Mina still re- communists and other progressives.
  Lithuania were freed by these de- many members of that body that our fuses to go to the council of the Capitalism wants fascism to cbhtrol'
  portations from Fascist domination. capitalistic society is moving to- "Arbitru."no So it is the end; and the people.
                                                                                     there is        good-fellowship
 And eye-witness reports assure us wards Fascism, for in effect a con- men, for Jack Mina will no among                 longer
  the elements deported from' each of      siderable section of our community                                                       Bans, slapder and violence' could
  these republics were similar, so that,   falls into one or another of the nine play second fiddle to Old King Coale; not stop the people who, led by com-
                                                                                     and there is no peace, nor is there
  although we have no official account sections- enumerated above, and is any light, nor any power, and the munists, strove for socialism, peace
  of deportations from Latvia, we can therefore Fascist.                             end grows very near, and my hand
                                                                                                                                  and a better way of life for all.
  discover what groups wore deported          Little wonder is it then that, as the grows weaker as I write, for I am
  from all the three Baltic States by Radicals Review has claimed m^ pre- cold and hungry; but the Big Chi(e)f
  Secret Reports of Deportation cap- vious weeks; evidences of Fascism, is still firm. Jack Mina is still firm,
  tured by the Lithuanian Under- such as tho Royal Commission on and the council' of wise men known
  ground,                                  Communifiti activities, are: to be seen as the "Arbitru," grows older, and
     These arc quoted In Appendix A
  of a. publication ofi the Lithuanian.
                                           in Australfa,        Plainly, the only slower, and still waits; this is truly
                                            remedy-for the situation is to purge the end.
                                                                                                                                          DENTAL SUPPLY
  American-Information Centre entitled these vicious Fascist elementsj and
  "An, Appeal- to Fellow Americans on deport to the wilds of Central Aus-
                                                                                                                        C.W,               COY, PTY, LTD.
                                                                                                                                           City Bldgs., Edward St.
                                                                    of non*Commun-
  Behalf- of the Baltic States" (pp. tralia air membersUnion leaders and                                                                        (opp. RothwcH's)
                                            isti parties; Trade
  22-2.8). They hiclude ai- list, of the members of the chambers' of Com-
  elementsi deported in- nine; sections as merce, all police, security officers titutfes, employees of foreign lega-                 LEADING SUPPLIERS OF
  folloviw:-^                                                                         tions,- and other Inhabitants having
                                            and! prison^ personnel, air puBllc ser- contacts with sinister foreign inter-               DENTAL STUDENTS'
     (li)i '•Aictivc members of- counter- vants, air large liandlords: and manu- ests. Then indeed would the "long-
  revoliiittenary- parties/' These inr WturerSf all fdrmer. Atrmy officers, repressed working population" be                                 REQUIREMENTS
                                                                                                                                     Ai)vtice< (;h'«n"frcdy on purehase n t '
  eluded* ••l«adershl£^ peraoanel of: metr vw.. - - - c - - - - belngT: accompanied
, chants an<l.industrlaU8t;afiaociatlons, •'(the foregohig .-Vr^^^nj^-i/^nAc "freed"!
  "former leadership of the Chamber, j by their famllleB), all criminals, pros-                            LOUIS GREEN.

                                                                                             .able to appreciate it and is therefore spirit is manifestly absurd. What-

   CBmrornEtmo/{                                                   s          ^h-
                                                                                              in the same position as myself.         ever your views are on war and
                                                                                                 (3) I made no attempt to deride peace, certainly there is only one sec-
                                                                                              "classical" music. If Mr. Smith will tion who could possibly argue in this
                                                                                              note, I included Beethoven" in my manner, and that is the upholders of
                                                                                             list of likes—and so' I need say no the doctrine that to prepare for peace
                                                                                              more on this point.                     means preparing for war. If we
               OF RATS !                                                                         (4) If Mr. Smith has a suspicion may take as an assumption that
                                                   IS WAR INEVITABLE? that I do not know much about peace is the common goal of all. then
                                                                                              "classical" music, then I hsCVe an surely the notice that "The simula-
    Sir,—I am a quiet and modest                   Sir,—In "Samper" 7/7/49, you equal suspicion that he knows less tion of war-time conditions was quite
eater, being ever careful to chew; featured a guest editorial written by about jazz music, To the melodies successful" (re "Semper" July 7th,
with my mouth closed, to swallow all - Brigadier A, B. Steele, 0,B.E. While of Chopin and Liszt and to the en- p. 1), is hardly a manifestation of the
crumbs before speakmg, and to meti- i j i^^^^^ ^^^hing but the highest regard thusiastic music of de Falla I can way to go about attaining it. Peace
                                                                                                                                      is not merely the absence of war but
'Sf^^'^'nnfZnUv i r S S I In"^ vvas ^^' this gentleman's skill in his pro- listen intelligently and I love their a state of mind existing with each
""^^^^ f ?i wH^.^?nd » / ;„/?nHl/H • fession Ind for the goodness or his music, but I also love Jonny Hodgers,
righteously disconcerted and, indeed,, ^.,.^^rxQv,o T consired that either hisFred Slack and the hill-billy boys— person,.and the method by which
Violently alarmed to ouserve a large i in^nuons, i consireu that eitner nis thank Heaven,                                             the individual may be placed in that
and pompous rat staring at me from ^ «"tlook is tragically pessimistic or                                                             mental state is not by putlng notions
the rafters of tlie refectory,                \ "^^ choice of words deplorably mapt.             (5) In your second last paragraph, of war in his head and weapons in his
    May i, perhaps immodestly, state; 'ihe gaiiant Brigadier states, in Mr. Smitn, surely I am wrong in hand, but by teaching him tolerance
that 1 am no coward. One must be; the course of his article, " the world my interpretation of it. You do not and a sense of non-separateness from
made of stern stuff to brave the pene- | has become quite unbalanced in its honestly think schoolboys would be others of his kind. "This is not done
traiing stare of the ardent and un- political and economic feuds, and the better off spending their afternoons by learning to kill at long distances
deceived reformer, or to harden to weak will be crushed enevitably, by listening to Bach than out in the with mortars, nor short distances
 the glazed gaze of the usual student, the strong,"                                          fields playing a healthy game of with bayonets (according to the pic-
                                                                                                                                              in "Semper"), but
But cne coiu. calculating survey of aj , <v>i«b- T «.« ii.onfir.^ <« o<3e„r«^T,cr football ? Surely not!—Yours, etc., tures intellectual change by athe men-
                                                                                                                                      sive                       in
rat. peering nto the deepest recesses . ^ ,^.^,T.                 ^o .'^'^'!,^ m assuming                    KEITH MORRISON,          tal state of every person.
of ^ y mina as he assessed his share'f^'°"] this that Brigadier Steele re-
of my morsel, was more than I could ^'^^^'^ another war as enevitable. It                          LABOUR'S LONELY                        Pride,' anger, hatred, fear—these
endure, I fled, screaming!                    i ^« ^ "^^^^ that so many people in                                                     are some of the things which are
    This terrifying incursion on our posiuons to influence considerably the                                                            necessary for men to make war on
 rights of torpor must be stopped im- • opinions of a large number of young Sh',—On behalf of the St, Lucia one another—just that fear which
 mcOiataly. Such horrifying shocks people should hold such opinions, labor Club, I desire to state that another contributor in the same
 may easily prove fatal to the lotus much less give to them public utter- my club has no affiliation with any issue of "Semper" (p, 4) lauds as the
 eater,                                       j ancc.                                        other organisation at St, LLucia.         basis of military virtues, and which
     Iii.s rodent may be easily recog'-j The fact is , of course, that another                   Recently it vi'as suggested to me is strengthened at every new con-
 niSEd, ior ils corpulent figure was \ war is not inevitable. There is nothing lisat the Labor Club liad merged with flict. ", . . if, to put it simply, a
 swathed in a glorious fur coat. It i in the nature of war, or in the nature mc i-laUicul C'hib, my informant man's fear of his comrades' censures
 gave ine impression of a wealthy | of man, to make it so, despite ail f'.)}parentiy being under the impress- is greater than his fear of the enemy,
 souihern tourist, probably from. arguments about ''human niture." iui that Irio source of his information then he will remain wholly in the
  ioorak. It neither wore a badge nor j ^j,,^,^ ^^ ^^^^ numbers of people was authorative.                                             firing line and advance unhesitat-
 p.-irripri n hripf rn.sp. and Tf.« kf»pn eye
 carried a brief case, and its: keen PVP !              .  i. .         • •       ... . f        I have evory I'cspect for the Radi- ingly to the attack. This is what
 and agiie prancings along the pur- agreeing that war is inevitable, we cal Club and its enthusiastic officers regimental tradition does to the men
 lins revealed it as foreign to student have a tendency for them to want to and members but I feel I must make in the regiment, and with each suc-
 circles.                                        get it over and done with as soon                                                     ceeding war fresh laurels are added
     This matter must not be,left to the as possible, and the actual danger it clear that there is no truth in the to it."                         But Homer, the ethics of
                                                                                              rumour that we have been absorbed whose characters never passed be-,
  tedious deliberations and needless of \.ar is greatly increased,
 delays of Union Council meetings. I               I will be accused, by those who by, or arc in any way innuencea uy, yond the most rudimentary barbar-
 suggest the President act with the support the Brogadier's view an that body.—Yours etc.,                                             ism expressed the sarae sentiment
 same speed and resolute determina- wovid affairs, of being unrealistic in                                        K. & .KENNY, nearly four thousand years ago, when
  tion that the displayed towards you, my outloolt, X believe it is more                                Sec. St, Lucia Labor Club, Hector, in farewelling Andromache,
  sir, in recent weeks, and that he realistic to want peace than to regard                                                             says, ". , . but I should blush to face
  take legal action against this rat on war as "inevitable." Without peace,                            Q.U.R. FIGURES                  the man and long-rob'd dames of
  the grounds of trespass.—Yours, etc., all c<ur desires for the advance of                                                            Troy. If. like a coward I should
                                                                                                 Sir.—The oak from the acorn grew, shun the _ fight" (vi). Progress?
          NASCETUR RIDICULUS MUS, culture, of living standards, of happi- In all the Q.U.R. columns, nowhere]"Courage" mculcatcd by such tenor
     P.S.—If a final appeal to the High ness, all our wishes for a long and                                                            miy make a military hero but it does
  Court fails, we could resort to an in- complete life for pur children are so did we see the "figures."
  genous device originally ussd by the many illusions, I am convinced that                       How many students have joined iot make a pacifist hero—it did not
                                                                                                                                       make Edith Cavell or Mahatma
  ancient Chinsee, and now often used it is realistic to value these things the Q.U.R.? How many are eligible Gandhi.
  by the proletariat and by butlers. I highly, and to work for their attain- to join? How many of each of these The love of warfare is not innate
  believe it is called a rat trap.               ment.                                        two categories (day students) are in
                                                                                               each Faculty, What about a graph in man, it is not a eugenic selector, it
                                    N.R.M.          It is only slightly less dangerous showing proportions joined: Eligibles, is not the only way of solving social
                                                 to regard peace as inevitable than to for raising Inter-Faculty competitive disputes, it is not a "school of vir-
                      -:o:                       so regard war. Most people have spirit.                                               tues," and it is not an evitable force
                                                 ideas about peace, "but ideas are of            "Every member get a member," in human progress.
          SLOW PROGRESS                          no value except as they result in what? (With acknowledgments to War may be traced to many causes,
                                                 actions. We should give our fullest the R.A.C.Q.)                                     the chief of which may be summar-
     Sir,—Bring more distinguished support to all organisations which                            Publish the names of the Q.U.R, ized under the heading of economic,
  overseas visitors, such as the Indian work for world peace, especially to {members by Faculties, so that non-^ but yet it must be remembered even
 scientists and economists to St. Lucia. U.N.O,, which despite faults, remains members will Imow them. Publish by those who realise this, that for
  We'll impress them: we'll show them the best bet for a continuation of the graph once or twice a term                                 economic wars to be fought, there
  what we do for education. We know peace that the warld has known. If                           Just a few questions and sugges- must be men to fight them, and if
 the line to lake: in China the boy                          our military preparedness tions from an                                    each individual in each country could
 who.makes the loudest noise in class it fails, allus little, for there will be                                            URGER.       be brought to realise that only the
 is the best pupil; out here the bloke will avail                                                                                       total inadequacy of war' to solve
 who builds the biggest buildings no victors after World War IIX.— THANKSrPROPTjONES social .problems, but also its tremend-
  (sandstone and terrazzo buildings) is Yours etc,                                                                                      ous force as a degenerator of the
 the best educator. What's more,                                    OWEN F, EDGE                                                        civilization of the world, then these
 we'll -provide a local dignitary as                                              . Arts II.      Sir,—It was with pleasure that one armies would not be available. How
 guide-escort: noble sir! Could It be                                                          hundred students listened to a lunch is this realisation to be brought
 that when you told those Indians                                                              hour address given by Professor about? Certainly not as the writer of
  (and they were politely deferential) ENCORE FOR HO MUSIC Jones on his recent trip to England, ("Semper" July 7th) points out,
 of the fifty years foresight in. the                                                            Insted of being v,.-;:iGd by theories "War . . . calls for leaders of the
 plan of our edifice you were merely                Sir,—^I must apologise for once and chemical formulae we found highest mental calibre, and it is
 trying to compensate for the evi- again soihng the pages of our news- ourselves co-travellers with him and natural that we should look to the
 dence of slow progress that met their paper with a useless debate; but I Professor Ringrose on a most in- Universities of Australia for men.
 view? Were you trying to give as- must, for an injustice has been done. teresting excursion, sharing in their possessing the requisite ability to-
 surance that those unlovely excres- Mr. R. Smith has made me the cham- pleasures and humourous misfortunes. guide their fellowmen in war . . . is-
 cences of galvanized iron and rubble pion of Frankie Sinatra as opposed                                                                this brain     the student a mechani-
                                                                                                 His mode of address made his dis- cal gear-boofof self-centred Robot, or-
 heaps were really not permanent? to classical musicians. Either he did
 Never mind, you made a statement of not read my article "Ho Music" cor- course a pleasure to listen to,-^nd his is it a live resilient organism aware;
 futurist planning more comprehen- rectly or he does not understand the dry humour had us ehuckhng con-: 0 fand responsive to the threat by/
 sive than their murmured appraisal modern music terms. If I remember tinually.                                                         world politics to our existence?" Im
 indicated,                   ^                  rightly I did not even use the word             Indeed it was a pleasant lunch the Universities of Australia must be
    Do you know what that statement "swing," but used "Jazz" (i,e,, music hour. May there be more of them. sought not men to guide their fellows
 implied apart from an aspiration for played by small bands with the stress                                              INTRIGUED. in war, but there .to guide them in
 mention in Baedelcer (Australian on ;ndividual interpretation—such as                                                                  peace; men who are indeed alive to
  edition)? Nothing other than that Louis Armstrong's group plays). To                              SUCHTING ON THE                     the world situation to-day and in the
 evolutionary development will pro- save space I will answer Mr, Smith                                                                  future, aware of the dangerous forces
 ceed along degenei'ative lines, Fifty Jjy numbers. ,                                                      REGIMENT                     which even now redouble their efforts
 years hence man (student, anyhow)                                                                                                      to throw this world into another
  will have discarded ihe last vestiges             (1) The term "intellectual snobs"            Sir,—", . , our Regiment shows chaotic conflict,
 of his escretary system, and the effi- refers to those people who, with every sign of becoming a very strong                              This
 cient conditioning agent of this great long brushed hair, wallow in aestheti- factor hi the development of that dents," is indeed success or failmre of
                                                                                                                                                  and the
                                                                                                                                                           a "challenge to stu-
 change will be those.' cosy little lava- cism and believe themselves to be community spirit, the present lack of
 tories you "plannedf for your stu- the sole possessors of a soul. Per- which we all feel so strongly. What- the University though in will provide
                                                                                                                                        the answer,"
                                                                                                                                                                     hardly the
 dents. Maybe pyelo-nephritis is the haps they are, but they are out of ever your views on war and peace, manner the original words suggest.
 first step along the. road? . Cunning toucli with reality and Spike Jones militarism or pacifism, we feel that With the author of one of "Semper's"
 fellow! It wouldn't fcave occurred to can bring them back to earth.                           you will a ^ e e with us in this re- numerous articles on militarism, the
 most of \xs to make.the man fit the                (2) Has Mr. Smith ever heard spect. . , ." May 2, Mr. Editor, record present writer, in regard to students
 building—^we would have made the                                                              my complete disagreement with these of
 buildmg fit the man, God's gift to "Honkey Tonk Train Blues" and not words,'among the first in "Semper," for this University, ". theyhopes that
                                                                                                                                              Australia's sake
                                                                                                                                                                . .
                                                                                                                                                                       come to
 Nysenko, that's you.                            said "incomprehensible jangle." If for July 7th.
                                                 he I:aa said it then his point that                                                    realise and to team their responsi-
    Have I made myself clear? No?                                                                To justify the endeavour to develop bilities"—and not for Australia's sake
 Well then, if you want more infor- "awing," as he calls it, is easy to a strongly . militaristic strain of only., but for the whole world's, in its
 mation one of these frigi'd mornings, distcn to is lost, If he has not said thought in this Uniyersity by specious growing.struggle against nationali^
 you may get it. ."jir, from. Yours, etc., it vhen he has obviously followed arguments ' concerning"its . Salutory and violence.—^Yours, etc..
                            ^ IN THE Q. mod:5rn music closely enough to be effects in'fostering a comrhunity                                        WALLIS A. StiCHTING. .;
Fndaiy, July 15, 1949                                       SEMPER                      FLOREAT                                                           Page Seven

•"There was an old'.woman,who lived
       in a shoe;
                                                                                             CLUB NOTICES
She had so many children because she                                                        SCIENTISTS !                              DEFINITELY ON!
       didn't know what to do."
    Mr. Pigott, headmaster of the                                                            DON'T FORGET                                     THE
Brisbane Grammar School, used this                                                            THE DANCE                                HOCKEY DANCE
to illustrate his point that birth con-                                           being held in "Vic, Park Refectory          Thanks to the strike, you'll bo able
trol in some cases is not only desir-                                                                on                       to dance, hold hands, etc., by candle
 able, but necessary. He was speak-                                                    THURSDAY, 4th AUGUST,                         ligh': (cr ;;or.icJiing; •
 ing in an S.CM. public address in the                                                              for                                         at
 series "A Student Looks at Mar--                                                   SCIENTISTS and PARTNERS.                    VICTORIA PARK IlEPECTORY '
 riage," The use of contraceptives, he LUNCH.HOUR RECITAL                                                                                       on
 said, is legitimate in attaining the               18th JULY, 1949.                       TICKETS - . FREE                    SATURDAY, JULY 16th, S p m.
 ideal of a family at optimum inter-                                                 will be available Next Week.
 vals.                                                    Artists:
     Apart from being the design of         Helen McKinnon—contralto and
                                            Evelyn Cowell—soprano, with
                                                                                                                                         IT'S COMING !
 nature, the raishig of a family has a
 stabilising effect on. the parents;        Katherine Hodda at the piano.                     URGENT !
 there is, further, a national duty to                                                                                               ENGINEERS' BALL
 increase our population—the old cry                 PROGRAMME:                    The lack of response to appeals
  of "Populate or perish" is still as per- Care Selve—Handel.                                                                     CLOUDLAND, 25th JULY
  tinent as ever.       The problem of      Habanera from "Carmen" -Bizet.      for billets for visiting women hockey         Tickets from -
  quality of offspring was raised; men- I Love Thee—Greig.                      players in second vacation from 13th              Miss Tinlc (Union Ofnce).-
  tal defectives tend to breed faster       Dedication—Schumann,                to 20th August is causing the                     Stan Ross (Kings)
  than others, while the intellectual At Night—Rachmaninoff,                    Women's Hockey Club great con-                    Ned Bourne (Johns)
  parents, aiming to provide their chil- Four songs from tho "Tempest."         cern. So far accommodation has                    Bob James (Emmanuel)
  dren with "a good start in life," are Come Unto These Yellow Sands,           been promised for only twenty play-               Rod Cole (Union Hostel)
  liable to shun having a large family,     Full Fathom Five My Father Lies, cra and fifty more are required. It                  Graham Windrum and Hugh
      Mr, Pigott warned against giving       Where the Bee Sucks.                is only a few weeks off now and the
                                                                                 po}.ition is getting desperate. It will            Urquhart (Med. School)
  children too little or too much re-                                                                                             AI. Seawright (Vet.)
  ligon; religion must be put in the O, Bid Your Faithful Ariel F l y - be a blot on our reputation for                           Arch. Black (George St.)
  way of children, but not rammed                    Thomas Linley.              hospitality if we cannot provide this
  down their throats. It is important                         • ' . ) .   - -   •accommodation. All offers will be
                                                                                                                                  Wally Brown, Brian Thomason
  not to kill all joy on Sunday, and not                                         very gratefully received by M. Par-                 (St. Lucia)
   to malte it a thoroughly dull and dis- NOTICE TO STUDENTS ker and P, Roberts at eorge Street;                                  Dugal Cameron (Dent,)
  mal day.                                                                       H, I'rotter and K, Edge at Herston;                 _          :o:-
      It was emphasised that if children VACANCIES FOR EXTERNAL    CADETS-       and H, Laws and B, Delpratt at St.
                                                                                                                                                 TO LET
   are taught unselfishness within the DEPARTMENT OF                             Lucia, or any hockey players. If
   family, they will be well fitted for                 AFFAIRS.                 you don't know any of the above
   life in the modern world; if all chil- „. , ,             , . J ., .     J.- and would like to help, ring Hilary                      Mrs. H, FRASER,
   dren were taught thus, much of the Students are advised that particu- ^^^^^er at U 7343, or Barbara Dol-                      Robinson Road (off Sandgate Road),
   sectional interest that is ruining the lars and application forms for the         .. \ T.OIQ W.. O,.« i«niH«o-*^^                       Geebung N.6.
   world would be overcome.                above Cadetships (closing on Ist.P^^tt at J4218. We aie looking for-
                                           Aug-ust) are obtainable at the Re-1 ward to hearing from you.                           One bedroom, fully furnished, with
                                           cords Section.                                                                        use of conveniences, such as kitchen,
                      :o:-                             C. PAGE HANIFY,                                                           laundry, eac, Sunitable for married
                                                                     Registrar.                                                  couple, with no children £ 1 per
       I DON'T LIKE VODKA                                  __:o:                           BOXING CLUB                           week.
                                                        RALLY ! ! !                                                                Please communite with the Union
                                                                                         Training Times -                        Office,
    Being a poem inspired by a                                                               Week-days from 4.30 (Friday
 righteous indignation due to an                On SATURDAY. 23rd JULY, the                      6 p.m.)
 article in "Semper," denouncing the
 Australian way of life, and advocat-
                                              Evening and External Students' As-             Sunday mornings.                     SCHOOL ORIENTATION
                                              sociation are holding another Rally        Place -
 ing commtmism.                     .; -.     at Victoria Park Refectory.                                                           As a part of the General Orienta-
                 Chorus:                                                                     Perc. Jamieson's Gym.—Stop 14,
                                                Come and dance by lantern light,                 Balmoral Line—or at St.         tion Programme, students are ar-
    I like the good old bombo;                or candle light.                                                                   ranged to visit schools in and around
    But this, I swear by Godka:                       Supper!     Orchestra!                     Lucia (see W. Lenane, Arts
    I aye shall hog our Aussie g r o g -                                                          IL).                           Brisbane and outside Brisbane dur-
    I will not drink Red vodka!                                                               Be There !     Start Now !         ing the second vacation.
                                                           It's FREE                                                                Their purpose is to hiform the
                                                                  so                                     -;o:                    schools what the University has to
  Hov(^ can our former glories not                       BE THERE!                                                               offer regarding:—
  With national pride surround me;                          -:o:-                                                                    (1) Courses,
  "When Nelson's Blood flows in my
                                                 MEN DAY STUDENTS                        SPECIAL UNION NOTICE                        (2) Financial Assistance,
       veins                                                                                                                         (3) Sport.
  And dead marines lie round me?                       ONLY                                Omitted from the Agenda for the           (4) Colleges, etc, .
             Repeat Chorus.                                                              Union Council Meeting on Tuesday,         ; Volunteers are required to visit
                                                Please note that sports fee refunds      19th July, is the following:—            their old schools, and information Re-
  How can a foreign politic                   may be applied for from Monday,              Election of Officers,                  garding the subjects mentioned wiil
  Displace all we inherit?                    18th July, 1949, No refunds will be          (c) Representative to Universities'    be supplied by the Union,
  And can these foreign principles                                                       Commission Conference in Sydney in          Those interested call at the Union
  Replace Australian spirit?                  made after September 30th 1949,
                                                           Sgd. V. M, Hancock,           Second Vacation.                         Office and give your names,
             Repeat Chorus,                                                                              G. BENNESS,                               G. T, BENNESS,
                                                                Hon. Sec, U.Q.S.U.
                                                                                                            Hon. Sec. U.Q.U.           Acting Director of Orientation.
  The vodka-ddctrihe instilled in dills                           -:o:-
  Can't beat the stuff distilled in stills.        MUSICAL SOCIETY                                        to:-
  So let us toast and meantime praise
  Unbeatable Australian ways.                        BROADCAST                               EIGHTS CANCELLED
             Repeat Chorus.                                                                                                         The W^omen's Hockey Club raffle
                                                Be listening at 8,15 p.m., Tuesday,      The Boxing Championships                 of a tennis racquet has been won by
                                              July 19th, 4QB, when the choir will scheduled for Monday night, 18th                ticket No. B22, held by Mr, M. G.
                                              give a recital of modern choral works. July, have been cancelled owing              Delpratt, Percy St., Warwick,
                                                Programme:—                            to lighthig restriction, and the                          R. D, DICKINSON,
             CARAMBA 1                          Wild Cherry Blossom—Kopylov            impc5slbility of staging them                                         Convenor.
                                                Cradle Song—Ireland                    elsewhere.                                                  :o;
             You should come                    Non Nobis Domlne—Quilter               However, the entry forms will be                         NOTICE
          .. St. Lucia way                      Pull Fathom Five—Wood               left on the notice boards until Mon-
             There to see                               DON'T MISS IT!              day, when a draw will be made, and
             Th' great display.                                                     these fights will be run off at the           HERSTON GRAMOPHONE
                                                                                    contenders' convenience—either of
           Red Tape Strength                  WHAT WAS THE EVENT an afternoon or a Sunday morning at                                    SOCIETY
           Strain and Bust.                                                         the gymnasium.
           Tails w'ag dog
                                                           OF 1947?                    These will serve as elimination                  presents an address by
                                                  ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE FETE           contests for selection for Inter-Var-            JOHN FARNSWORTH HALL
           Rule they must.
                                                             of course I            sity, although the champion will be           at 1,10 p.m, in the Main Theatre
                                                                                    open to challenge for one week after             NEXT TUESDAY, 39th JULY
           Park those ports.
           Don those gowns.                          ITS ON AGAIN                   winning the title. Possible con-
           What! No lockers?                                                        tenders who are unable to place their
           Arts man frowns.                   SATURDAY, 23rd JULY - 2.30 p.m. names on the boards should contact
                                                 Opera, Stalls (not stairs). Field J. 0. Harris (J 2563 or Dent. Coll.)
             Si. Si, Si. ^^ ,                 Games, Cunning Competitions, and immediately.
                                                                                       This cancellation of the tourna-
             Back way. Thee!                              Happy Hunting!            ment has ruined a good night's en-
           • Bow the head                                         o:                tertainment; for this year Queens-
             Bend the knee                                                          land has many contenders in the
             Si. Si, Si.                                                            lighter divisions, but as usual has few
             You should come                                                         in the heavier classes, and so the                      For Higli-Class
             St. Lucia way.                                                          interesthig "clashes" will now be              PRINTING, BOOKBINDING                      AND
             But you must do                                                         witnessed by a few "gym urgers"
                                                                                     instead of the usual keen evening                     STATIONERY, &c.
          • J u s t what they say.                                                   students. However, the team will be                      'Phone or aiOe t
                                                                                     considerably weakened by the ab-               MORCOMS PTY. LTD.
          "Carambartsa,                                                              sence of last year's captain, Don
               Kee 0 Kee.                                                            VoUer, and Lionel Ricketts, who will           IOT UCICHHAMBT ST, » t 4 l UtONaC ST, K M I t M N C
                   Caramba. .                  Movin? Scene from the Opera to be not be able to, defend their titles this                    PHQNt B 3 3 3 9 TWO UMU

                        BUIIJBSRWAYO.                 performed at the Fete.         year.-         *
-': Page^Eight              : .   . :• ••^   ' / •              ^ • S^ETMPETR?- F L O R : E ^ T                                                       : • -   <:••   r..;.:.-::^:-^:..:Yi'.^-Hi

                                                                                                                                                                        •   •   •   •••'   - . ' V J

                                                              More co-operation is sought from Sports Clubs
                                                          for copy. This has been neglected to date and with
                                                          Varsity teams well in the fore m several codes it is
                                                                                                                                          TENNIS TOURNAMENT
                                                          to be hoped that as the Finals are approaching, accounts                          The" concludmg rounds of the
                                                          o£ the various features will be supplied.                                      tournament provided some very in-
                                                                                                                                         tresting: tennis at St, Lucia on Sun-
                                                                                                                                            John Kable, in the Men's Singles .
                                                                                                  <(D)»                                  semi-final staged a minor upset by
                                                                BASEBALL                            B" SENIOR HOCKEY                     defeating Charlie Moore in straight
                                                                                                                                         sets, 7-5, 6-1. In the first keienly
                                                                  A GRADE                        Result;—Valley 3 v. University 0        contested set, Kable's deep low,drives ' •
                                                                                                                                         and use of over-spin were the de-
                                              University registered an easy 15-9                   We took the field on Saturday         cisive' factors. John went to the lead
                                           win over James Campbell. AI Tripp                    with every hope of success, and very     early in the second set by breaking
                                           pitched the whole game, which made                   confidently mixed it with Valley, The    Charlie's first service and in the last
                                           \ big difference to the result. The                  play swung up and down the field         game crashed down two aces to clinph
                                            iclding showed some improvement                     and neither side could score, though     the match.
                                           with Merv. Corder playing a brilliant                Valley looked more likely to than           The other men's semi-final was a
                                           jame at third base. Bob Carey had                    we did. Half-time came and still the     marathon, Glen Shiel eventually
                                           :o catch as Rod Page is on holidays,                 defence on each side was vistorious.     winning from John Casey in three
                                           jnd he did quite a good job. Noel                       After half-time University almost     sets, 8-6, 2-6, 6-2. On the back line
                                           Hoyiing, playing his last game before                scored immediately, but the foot-        the players were evenly matched, ^
                                            C3'.ving for Melbourne, gave a great                balling backs saved Valley. After        and Glen, sensing this, came to the '
         "SFaiFER" CONGRATULATES:          display at left field. Joe Croft was                 ten minutes further play Valley found    net at every opportunity. Although-
        Mai Quatermass who was select-     his solid self at right field.                       a gap in the defence and scored—^we      John passed him several times with
        ed for the State XV. in his first     The batting against pitcher George                didn't (or couldn't) do likewise al-     well directed forehand drives down
        game after a fractured ankle.                                                           though we tried hard enough. Then        the line and an occasional sharply-
                                           vjooma was reasonably good although                                                           angled cross-court. Glen's accurate
        Our congratulations are also ex-   oocrge did not pitch at full speed                   we were rattled when a minor lapse       volleying and overhead combined
        tended to Duncan Robertson,          cmc of the time. Some very good                    on the part of a full-back-was quick-    with his strong service enabled him
        Viv ^lanccck, and John Patane      bunts were layed down to advance                     ly seized upon by a Valley forward       to run out the winner.
                  who also made the team.  runners, v/ith Corder, Archer and                    who gave Rellaway no chance. Al-            In the doubles semi-finals Glen
   i'i<ii.j ^'.aJ<^ A S . ^ ' C wT:rv«*<
                                           Carey the most prominent, Wep                        though beaten 2-0, we held our own        and Col. Cormie lost to John Kable
                                           Harris and Bob Carey obtained three                  with Valley and were just not fav-       and Brian Halligan in straight sets.
   INTER-COLLEGE ROWING baggers.                                                                oured by luck, especially with respect   Glen and John dominated the play.
                                              There is still room for improved                  to rebounds. A few criticisms—Car-        Halligan played as well as he hais
         This event, one of the most popu- all-round displays although '. 'New                  ney and Garland would do much            ever played, but Col. was badly out
   lar in the Intcr-CoUege sporting year, Farm Park is no paradise for in-                      better if they kept position and did     Of touch. Charlie Moore and Jack
   promises to be a very close contest. fielders.                                               aot take the ball off each other so      Turton after an unexpected win over
   Originally eights had been proposed,                                                         much. Tho halves would also help         Graham MacDonald and John Roe,
   but.lack of boats prevented this, and                                                        a little if they hit harder.             were easily defeated by John Casey
   each college will now be fielding two                  B GRADE                                  Perhaps a few pointers will be         and Paul Spiro, who consequently
   fours.                                                                                                                                i^aoved on to the finals.
                                                                                                picked up if players go to see the          The major upset of tlie day oc-
        Icing's, with a well-trained and Varsity won in a high scoring match                     Interstate games.
   experienced crew, .are favoured for (27-22) against Dodgers. The feature                                                               curred in the mixed quarter-finals
   the first's race. They were unlucky of the match was Prank O'DriscolI's                                                               when seasoned combination^ John
   to lose their original. bow, but the home run with bases loa.ded and                              RESERVE HOCKEY                      Kable and Judy Foote were surpris-
   new man has fitted in well. The pre- Varsity trailing by four runs. Peter                                                              ingly beaten by newcomers, Charlie
   sent title holders, John's, are again Gastecn did a good job ao catcher                         The reserve team played one of its     Moore and Diana Gall. Charlie and
   well in the picture with four heavy instead of Noel Harris who hurt his                      best games this season to draw one-      Diana played soundly and confidently
                                                                                                all with Y.M.C.A.                         throughout the match. John, how-
   and experienced men and will throw knee. Once cgain however the suc-                                                                  ever, had some unaccountable lapses,
   cut a strong challenge. Emmanuel, cess was due mainly to our all-round                          For the first 20 minutes our halves    aid with Charlie serving and driving
   with two even crews, have strong batting strengLh. Noel Tunny played                         and backs combined in excellent          powerfully, and Diana playing surely,
   claims on the aggregate points.                                                              fashion to stop the majority of the      last year's finalists went .down, 5-7, "
                                           a fine game at right field where he                  ried-triangles' forward moves.
         In the seconds race Emmanuel took a .number of excellent catches.                                                               4-6. In the semi-final, however,- .
                                                                                                   Our forwards "got the ball there"     John Casey and Greta Schultz out-
   appear to be favourites, but John's Varsity fielded in this match an en-                     time after time, but failed to score.
   and King's, although lackini? in ^ - tirely different infield to that used                                                            steadied Charlie and Diana,, winning
                                                                                                Again the failures were due to lack       7-5, 6-4. In the other section John
   pcrience, have had plenty of train, last week. The win was very credit-                      of co-ordination, and late centres
   ing and should provide strong com^ able aa Dodgers are fourth in the                                                                  Roe and Claire Archer, after estab-
                                                                                                ^rom the wings, and slovroess in the     lishing an early lead against the
   petition.                               competition.                                         circle.                                  Shells, due largely to John's full-
                                                                                                   Y.M.CA. scored first after a well-    blooded volleying, were worn down
     t i :   •••   ',
                                                                                                fimed burst into the circle. "The        and ultimately beaten, 7-5, 6-3.
                                                         MEN'S BASKETBALL                       Varsity goalie had no chance against
      TRITTONS                                          At a meeting held last week, it was
                                                     decided to cancel the second round
                                                                                                a short,flick from three yards out.
                                                                                                   Varsity equalised with a well
                                                                                                directed long hit by the left-winger
                                                                                                                                               RIFLE SHOOtiNG
                        260 George St.               of the competition. Not enough
                                                                                                from the edge of the circle.                Club shooting was held over the
                                                                                                 . Shortly before full-time a Varsity    short rages last Saturday. The con-
                                                     teems could play on Saturday after-        attack resulted in a scrimmage in        ditions were fair and on the whole
                          BEST FOR                   noon or Sunday mornings to Justify         ihe Y.M. circle. Out of the dust haze    some good scores were recorded.
                                                     playing fixtures at these times. As        and lusty hacking should have come
                                                     soon as the lights come on again, we                                                   Best individual range scores were:
                                                                                                the winning goal; alas our dust-
             FURNITURE                               shall endeavour to hold semi-finals
                                                     and finals in each grade.
                                                                                                covered triers couldn't make it.
                                                                                                   Summing up; We need more prac-
                                                                                                                                         H. J. Belson, 33 at 300 yds.; L. A.
                                                                                                                                         Perrin, 34 at 500 yds.; and L A. Per-
                                                                                                                                         nn, 33 at 600 yds. Leading total
                   "It pays to come to                  Practice for. Inter-Varsity and State   tice. We need a better combination       scores for the day were as follows:
                                                     Championships continue? on Wed-            in. the forward line. We need more       H. J. Belson 9$, F. George 95. L. A.
                     the Bight Place."               nesday afternoons at Y.M.C.A, and          goals! (Ask Traves.)                     Perrin 15, M. C. Riches 95. D. H.
                                                     Sunday mornings at St. Lucia. Al-                                                   Brown 93, F. Barr-Diavid 92.
                                                     though the fate of Inter-Varsity is                         -:o:-
                                                     undeicided while the coal strike lasts,                                                Next Saturday, shooting will be
                                                     the combined practices will still be
                                                                                                    WOMEN'S HOCKEY                       agam held over the short ranges, and
      BALLAD BOOKSHOP                                held, and those selected for the State                                              i\ has been proposed to hold an Inter-'
    Huge sale of books both Aus-                                             Brisbane Women's Hockey Asso-
                                                     Championship teams should try to get                                                Faculty shoot this coming Saturday,
    tralian and English—at one-half                                       ciation decided to hold fixtures last
                                                     along to at least one of -the above                                                 July 16. Those interested should
    and one-third of original priced-                                     Saturday despite transport diffi-
                                                     practices. Teamwork practice can't                                                  consult—
    one month only—on first, floor of                                     culties, but many teams forfeited.
                                                     be completely successful vuiless the                                                   F. Barr-David, Sc, II., or W. Cole-
                                                                          University It. unfortunately had to
                                                     whole team turns up, and attendaricq                                                     man Sc. L.
          BOWMAN HOUSE                                                    forfeit because so many members
                                                     at,practices must hifluence the' final                                                 F. George. Med. II.
      172 ADBLAIDK STBEET - B 1993                   selection of teams.  were incapacitated, (N.B,: By                                     K. Hohnke, Bug; 11.
                                                                          chicken-pox and "dog's disease," not                              A Card, Dent n .
                                                                          by hockeyl)                                                       R. Pascoe. Vet, Sd i n .
                                                                             ttie fiitot team' played Taxation                              Any other members of the Glub .
                                          r o n ADVICE OB SEKTIOB ON I. and were defeated 2-0. We played                                 belong to other faculties desiring to
     Milne Browne &                                                       vidthout a goaHe, Qwerida Weir play-
                                                                          ing kicking full-baclc. taxation, for-
                                                                                                                                         enter in the competiiiion may do so
                                                                                                                                         by contacting R. Pascoe, FW 2044. or
      Co. Pty. Ltd.                     •  •
                                                      LIFE ASSUilAN€E     ward-line was without the sendees
                                                                                                                                         L* Pf"in. B 456(^, after-6 pjn.
                                                                                                                                            Attention to subiscrlpition? should
                                                                          of I. Slggs, an Interstate player, and                         be given by Club, members, who ..
                                                      Consult             this rather spofilt their comblnatton.                         have as yet not seen the treasurer,
        235 EDWARD STREET                                                 They were also frequently off-side.                            Jpck . Hart. Any with euhs, out-
           (Over Rowe's Cafe)
                                        KENNETH A. tEMONi B.A* Varsity backs played weU and the                                          standing may settle.up dt tWnRange
                                                                          forwards put on some good spurts                               on Saturday. •
                                                      of Ihe              but could not score once; they got                                           R.K;PASGO»^
     Dental Students                            A.MiP. i(HMn
                                                                          thiO; ball into the clrde.
                                                                             There is still general weakness in
                                                                                                                                                         President XJ.Q3.Ci -iil
      Requirements ATailable                                              fielding and passing throughout the
                                                                                                                 Piflnted by ?blppfeB;N««»pver8 '(Q^I«idy?fi]
                                       telephones:, B 6408 ' Box 14Q4R, teanii .and, need for better control ;' Wd., Ryan. House, Eagle St, Brlabarie;.I'**'
                                   s#?              BMOflT    :^ G.P.O. * of tRe ball. .                           for .(IW'lXllil«tqmiyTift .Quee&Blaiidvtiaioil)

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