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									                                    THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION of THE BRITISH MOTOR CLUB
                                                  of SOUTHERN NEW JERSEY

                                                     May—June / 2010
                                                    VOL. 19 ISSUE # 3

News and Articles
 Member Spotlight - Ian Robinson              4
                                                                        Regular features
 Move Over Law                                4
                                                                         Presidents Message    3
 Member Spotlight - Anthony Delia             6
                                                     A WORK IN           Secretary’s Satchel   3
 Hill Climb—Sue Salsburg                      7
 Austin-Healey 100—Baird Foster               7                          Membership Notes      3
 Merchantville Car Show                       8                          The Editor Writes     3
 Build our Own Windscreen—Bill Saidel         10         See page 6
                                                                         Calendar of Events    5
 Member Spotlight—Chris Roberts               11
 Theory of Intelligence                       12                         For Sale              9
PRESIDENT / DIRECTOR                  “Offside/Nearside” is the bi-monthly newsletter of the British Motor Club of Southern
   Ed Wolff 856 816-7321              New Jersey (BMC), which was founded in 1992 to encourage the ownership, operation
                                      and preservation of British cars.
Vice president:                       Membership is open to all individuals with an interest in British cars. The dues of
               Dave Goulburn          $15.00 per year, includes a subscription to “Offside/Nearside”. BMC is affiliated with
                856‐784‐9366          the following organizations: MG Owners Club (MGOC); North American MGB Register
                                      (NAMGBR); North American MGA Register (NAMGAR); Vintage Triumph Register
 BOARD OF DIRECTORS                   (VTR); Triumph Register of America (TRA).
 Chris Bethmann 609-296-7219
                                      BMC Meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of each month, but loca-
 Jim Tornetta        609- 893-5701    tions vary. Current schedule can be seen in the “Calendar of Events”.
 Ed Gaubert          856- 751-7773                 The official BMCSNJ website can be accessed at
 Ted Lane            856-691-6631                                WWW.BMCSNJ.ORG
 Bob Savar           856- 275-4880
                                                           NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTIONS
                                      OFF SIDE / NEAR SIDE is YOUR Newsletter.
 Bill Carroll        609- 567-2676    The Editors are always looking for new material. Please submit British car re-
                                      lated copy (or personal experiences in your LBC for us to use in one of our six
                                      annual Newsletters. Copy should be forwarded to the Editors by the 12th of the
                                      month preceding publication. We publish in Jan, March, May, July, Sept and
 NON BMC EVENT LISTINGS -             Nov.
 Pete Bahr
                                             GOOD NEWS FOR MODERN ICE CREAM SOCIAL GOERS
                                     Just received a phone call from 5 Points Custard and they will open this summer. Owners
 TREASURER - Bill Carroll
 14 Lenore Court
                                     are going to lease the stand to the gal that ran it last year.
 Hammonton, NJ 08037                 As of last month the situation was questionable as to opening this year. Spoke with the
 609- 567-2676                       new leasee and the agreed event date is:
 my1971mgb@comcast.net                Saturday July 24th 2010 6pm-9pm
 SECRETARY- Tom Evans                This will be the 16th year. Missed one year due to closing.
 177 Grant Ave.
 Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
 609- 923-9298
 tricars@verizon.net                                                    DISCLAIMER!!!
                                      Readers are warned that any attempt at mechanical or other modifications described
 EDITOR - Pete Bahr                   herein is at their own risk. Good car mechanics results in pleasure; poor car mechan-
 405 Pleasant Valley Ave
                                      ics results in, at best, a personal rebuild. The opinions expressed in the articles of this
 Moorestown, NJ 08057
 856- 235-9148                        newsletter are not necessarily those of BMC, the editors or advertisers. The editors
 peteb01@comcast.net                  take responsibility for any editorial mistakes or errors.

 Marchione                           TED LEY MEMORIAL GATHERING
 921 Shelburne Ave.      The first annual Ted Ley Memorial British
 Absecon, NJ 08201       Car Gathering was held in Smithville on
 609 272-9743
                         April 17. Despite a questionable weather
                         forecast, 35 cars came out and everyone
 INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY had a relaxing day kicking tires and wander-
 LIAISON—Joe Miller      ing among the Shops at Smithville. The
 609- 839-2473           event was put on to benefit the Samaritan
 j.miller273@verizon.net Hospice. We were able to present the Hos-
                         pice with approximately $500 which will be
                         used 100% for patient benefit. Pictures and
                         full details will be published in the next
 PLEASE SEND NEWSLETTER newsletter and published on the website
 CONTRIBUTIONS TO PETE   www.bmcsnj.org
           PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                                            WELCOME NEW MEMBERS:
                                                          Ed Wolff  Rick Wallace, 1972 MGB - Toms River, NJ
    The nomadic lifestyle is at last coming to an end for Susan and Frank Wynn, 1975 Triumph TR-6 - Somers Pt., NJ
I as we have finally purchased a home in Northampton Township,
                                                                    Randy Moore, 1974 Triumph TR-6 - Hainesport, NJ
Pa about 10 miles southeast of New Hope. It's been a bit trying
                                                                    Bob Hall, 1970 MG Midget, 2005 Land Rover LR-3 - Glass-
and taxing the last seven months staying in various New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, and Florida homes but we managed to get through
                                                                    boro, NJ
it and I discovered one thing that was pretty strange. You don't
realize it until you don't have it but your daily life at home usually    Member count as of April 15, 2010: 166.
has some order to it, some things that you do every day, people
you see very day, regular events, familiar places you visit often,
etc. but when you're moving around, living short term in different
                                                                                    SECRETARY’S SATCHEL
places, every day seems a little odd. You're not as organized,                                                                 Tom Evans
things get lost or hard to find, there's no British car sitting in the     We have had a very successful beginning to the 2010 BMCSNJ
garage that need regular tinkering and there's no garage full of          season. The opening meeting at the Motor Car Garage was
tools and parts ready for you to use. It's very strange, almost like      chronicled in the March/April Off Side/Near Side and the Ted Lane
you just meander along, living, tending to the basic things you           March meeting followed with great attendance, see this issue of
need, but not really accomplishing too much. I'm really looking           Off Side/Near Side for photos and details. The first Ted Ley Me-
forward to getting things back to a more normal state after we            morial Smithville Gathering to benefit Samaritan’s Hospice was a
move in to the new house next month.                                      success raising money for a great cause and getting together with
        As you might have noticed from the e mails to the club list       members of BMCSNJ, The Positive Earth Club and other LBC
from Ed Gaubert and Bill Carroll, the annual gathering at Smith-          owners, also see the details in this issue.
ville that is always organized so well by Bill has been renamed to         If you recall, in the Board of Directors made an appeal for a club
remember one of our long standing members , Ted Ley, who                  member to step forward and coordinate a single event to be a
passed away recently. We've decided to make it a benefit event            replacement for the Lions Braille Rally that was canceled. The
for the Hospice organization in South Jersey that helped the family       new event is intended to share the ride in our cars with veterans
and Ted during his illness. It's a wonderful group of folks that pro-     from the Vineland VA Home, take them for a ride and then tour the
vide extraordinary care and comfort to patients and families at a         Millville Air Museum. If you have a desire to coordinate this
very difficult time. We are asking that each car in attendance con-       event please contact me at tricars@verizon.net or call me at
tribute a nominal fee of $5 ( as of this writing, we have already         (609)923-9298 and I will share the contact info with you. The
received several contributions) and the club will match the               President’s message in the March/April Off Side/Near Side, also
amount raised, hopefully it will result in a nice donation to the Hos-    outlined the desire for the Club to adopt a charity to reach beyond
pice group. I hope that you were able to attend and make this a           our membership and benefit others, please consider the chal-
great event.                                                              lenge.
        The club event schedule is filling out with the annual British    I’ve always advocated getting involved in the national clubs of our
Car Ice Cream Social organized by Rob Walsh scheduled for July            particular car marques. I have heard many discussions among
24th at 6 PM, but I do have to one adjustment in a previously men-        Club members about the fun and information they have had from
tioned column. The VSCCA vintage races at the Millville Mo-               attending a national event with their LBC. Trip and Georgia Arnold
torsports Park in May are on the same weekend as the Carlisle             are planning on attending the MG national event this summer in
Import Show/ Swap Meet and I'm scheduled to be at both events             Ontario with some members of a Pennsylvania MG Club and their
so our club parts sale table at Carlisle will only be on FRIDAY the       anticipation and description of the journey sound exciting. Seek
21st of May, not Saturday. Speaking of the Millville Races, there         out your national organization; join; pay the dues; contribute to the
will be a car show at the track on Saturday the 22nd along with           tech sessions, online discussions and meetings. Just like the
lots of British cars participating in the races so it would be a really   BMCSNJ they need officers and participants to make things hap-
good event to visit. All 3 Tripod Racing Datsun 510s will be there        pen. Don’t forget to contribute to your local club too!
and all 3 drivers are BMC members so you are very welcome to              On a recent business trip to the San Francisco bay area I had the
stop by their pit area, chat, rest, have a cold drink, or borrow a tool   opportunity to visit the Blackhawk Museum in Danville, CA. Dan-
or part, etc. Be careful though, one year, visiting BMC members           ville is in the next valley east of Oakland and houses a fine collec-
ended up helping us install a new gearbox in one of the cars!             tion of American and International automobiles in a wonderful mu-
                                                                          seum setting. The collection is composed mostly of vehicles on
Hope to see you on the road soon!                                         loan from the owners with
Ed                                                                        good historical descriptions
                                                                          of the cars. This is a 1958
              MEMBERSHIP NOTES                                            Nardi Blue Ray built on a
                                                                          Lancia platform with a coach
                                                        Bill Carroll      was designed and built by
MEMBERSHIP EXPIRATION:                                                    Carrozzeria Vignale and Gio-
                                                                          vanni Michelotti was the de-
I did a completely unscientific survey at Ted Lane's and                  signer. With his own house
found a lot of guys didn't know how to figure out when their              Giovanni Michelotti was also
dues has expired. You can find the expiration date of                     the designer for Triumph in
membership by looking in the upper right hand corner                      the 1960’s with the Spitfire, GT6, Stag and other models. See the
of the mailing label. Please check your date and send                     similarities? Small world.
your dues when indicated.                                                 Happy Motoring
                                           MEMBER SPOTLIGHT
                                                                                                              by Ian Robinson
 I recently bought a 1965 MGB from the Sports Car Shop in
Eugene, OR. The car has been in the same family for most of its
life and has never seen snow or road salt. It is a pull handle car
with chrome wire wheels, but has the benefit of the 5 bearing en-
gine so arguably is pretty much at the peak of the MGB DNA (no
flame mail please!). It was to be delivered via FedEx Auto Trans-
port Monday, 2/8. Snow was cleared from the driveway in readi-
ness. The red 'B' will complement our green TD in the garage.

                                                                                  MGB before its long journey East

                                                                      I did get the car and am very pleased with it. The car
                                                                     was sold as a '65 but after doing some research I found
                                                                     that it left the factory in Sept '64 and based on the Car
                                                                     No. 47161 it has the 3-bearing engine not the 5-bearing
                                                                     as I had thought. They did not roll the 5 bearing engine
                                                                     out until October '64. The car looks and drives great so I
                                                                     have no complaints. Love these LBC's!!
   February 2010, with the removable hard-top still in place.

               MOVE OVER LAW

 Last year a "Move Over Law" has been enacted in New
Jersey and supported by the likes of the New Jersey State
Police, the Office of the Attorney General, the Division of
Highway Traffic Safety, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Com-
mission, the Department of Transportation, the NJ Fire and
Emergency Medical Services Institute and AAA Clubs of
New Jersey.
                                                                  The Philadelphia Region of Austin-Healey Sports & Touring
 The new law, which has it's own public-information site at      Club is hosting Encounter at Normandy Farm in Blue Bell, PA. You
www.moveoverlaw.com , requires motorists to "reduce              want to arrive early afternoon on Wednesday, August 11, 2010, so
their speed and change lanes when approaching authorized         you have time to get refreshed and board the coaches a tour of The
vehicles are displaying flashing lights.                         Simeone Foundation, where we will have a personalized tour of the
                                                                 exceptional race cars collected by Dr. Simeone. Thursday brings
 Vehicles included in the list are police, fire and medical      on the rallye school, rallye, tech sessions, regalia and more catch-
                                                                 ing up with friends. Thursday evening we will be hosting our Char-
services as well as highway maintenance, tow trucks and          ity Auction benefiting MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION during our
official motorist aid vehicles when they display flashing        wine and cheese reception. On Friday, we start the day with a
lights. This includes situations where motorists must move       Gymkhana, and the afternoon can be spent at various tech ses-
over to give officers conducting traffic stops or tow truck      sions, or scenic drives through the beautiful historic countryside.
drivers assisting broken-down motorists additional room to       Friday night is a BBQ on the terrace by the award-winning Coleman
maneuver safely on foot near the shoulders of the road.          Restaurant chefs, followed by entertaining Valve Cover Races.
                                                                 Saturday is reserved for the Funkhana, and then on to the Popular
 If drivers do not create an empty lane of traffic (where pos-   Car Show. The event closes with the Awards Banquet, a memora-
                                                                 ble sit-down dinner prepared and served by the Coleman Restau-
sible) or prepare to stop (if necessary), they face $100 to      rant staff. This will be the one Austin-Healey event that you don't
$500 fines which will be determined by the municipal             want to miss!!!
court in which the violator is charged.                          THIS JUST IN - Guest Speaker Gordon Whitby and his wife, Prof.
                                                                 Seta Whitby will be joining us for the Encounter 2010 Event!
     The information shown below is the most complete available as this newsletter is printed, and will be entered as space allows.
     Ed Wolff is keeper of BMC event schedules, so if you have any inputs on that topic, contact Ed — Lotus7ed@comcast.net.
     Priority will be given to British Car events which do not conflict with events sponsored by BMC or neighboring clubs..
     See pg 2 for phone numbers not listed below.

MONTH          DATE                     BMC EVENT                                   LOCATION                         CONTACT
MAY          Sat 8th         Jack Kontes barn party                       Jack’s Mullica River Ranch         Jack Kontes
             11 am                                                        7 Eagle Beach Ln., Millville 08332 856 327-1607

JUNE         Tues 15th       Members meeting                              PJ Whelihan's, Medford Lks           Ed Wolff
             7 pm

JULY         Sat, 24th       Ice cream social                             5-Points Custard, E. Vineland        Rob Walsh
             6 pm                                                         Rt. 540 & Rt. 557                    856 692-2335

AUG          TBD             No Utility Poles Tour                        Rodio's Kitchen, Folsom              Bill Carroll

SEPT         Sat 25th        BMC Annual Show                              NJ Motorsports Park                  Ted Lane
             10 am                                                                                             856-691-6631

OCT          TBD             Winery tour                                  Burlington & Atlantic counties       Ed Wolff
             10 am

NOV          Tues 23rd       Annual re-org meeting                        Palace Diner, Berlin circle          Ed Wolff

                                              OTHER INTERESTING EVENTS
 MONTH           DATE                           EVENT                                  LOCATION                       POINT OF
MAY           Sat 1ST        Britfest 2010                                   Horseshoe Lake Park, Eyland       Charlie Tregidgo
              9 am to                                                        Avenue, Succasunna.               ctregidgo@gmail.com

              Sat 1st        The British are Coming                          Lewes, Delaware                   Mike Tyler 302 645-7572

JUNE          Sat 5th        Annual “Cars of England” show            Oakbourne Mansion                        Bruce Schechter
              Rain 6th       Co-sponsored by DelVal Triumphs & DelVal Westtown, Pennsylvania                   bschechter@comcast.net
                             Jaguar clubs                                                                      609-760-8198

              18-20.         MG Vintage Racers “Focus Event” 2010            Mosport International Raceway     Greg Prehodka
                                                                             Ontario, Canada                   MGracer53@aol.com
              Sat, 19th      SJSCCA Devil in the Dark 12 hour induro         Thunderbolt.                      Jim Tornetta
              12 noon till   race                                                                              609-220-0435
JULY          Sat 10th Merchantville, NJ Car Show                            800 cars last year Music food     Kevin 856-488-2357
              12am—3pm See flyer in this Newsletter                          trophies, $15
AUG           11—15                                                      Historic Normandy Farm in Blue        Baird Foster
                              Philadelphia Region of Austin-Healey       Bell, PA
                              Sports & Touring Club is hosting Encounter
                                                           but most of the seals in the drive train started to leak and
            MEMBER SPOTLIGHT                               some cancer had started to show up on the body in the usual
                                        by Anthony Delia spots, rear wheel wells and sills. Overall, before I started the
1970 Triumph GT6+                                          restoration, on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst) I would
Here's a brief history of the car: I purchased the car new give it a 7.5. As I said earlier I started the restoration about 8
sometime in March of 1970 from Thompson and McGeady years ago. The first parts to be removed were the rear sus-

Ltd. in Londonderry, Northern Ireland while serving in the US       pension, drive axles
Navy in Londonderry. Who would ever think that there would          and differential.      I
be Naval Station in Ireland? I was kind of stunned myself           managed to clean,
when I first received my orders. Needless to say it was great       sand blast and paint
duty. Anyway, a few months later in June I was discharged           most of the parts.
from the Navy after 52 months of service and had the car            After that the car sat
shipped back to the USA and has been in my possession               idle do to other
ever since. In the first three years I managed to put about         house projects. But
75,000 miles on the odometer but now there are a little over        in the fall of 2008 I
100,000 miles on the car. For the first ten years I had no          decided it was time
garage to park it in so it just got parked in the driveway. I got   to get serious about
married in 1980, bought a house with a garage and has been          the car. Since that
garage kept since. Before I started the restoration about 8         time I have managed
years ago the car was mechanically sound and running well           to separate the body
                                                                    from the chassis,
                                                                    remove the engine, transmission and overdrive. The next
                                                                    step was to pressure wash the chassis along with the front
                                                                    suspension and rack and pinion assembly. All possible com-
                                                                    ponents were than removed from the chassis before the
                                                                    paint and undercoat were stripped using mostly mechanical
                                                                    strippers. After the paint and undercoat were removed I
                                                                    looked over some of the factory welds and decided that they
                                                                    needed some work. Being an x-welder (many years ago) I
                                                                    decided to grind out all accessible welds and do a re-weld
                                                                    using a mig-welder. A very time consuming task. This com-
                                                                    ing spring I hope to have the chassis and some other com-
                                                                    ponents hot-dip galvanized and than painted to color match
                                                                    the car. The car still has its original paint. The color is called
                                                                    Laurel (dark green). My goal is to have the car back to-
                                                                    gether and drivable by the fall of this year. The body work
                                                                    and paint job will probably not be completed until the follow-
                                                                    ing year but hopefully I'll get to drive it for a few months be-
                                                                    fore that phase begins. Another point, even though I pur-
                                                                    chased the car in Ireland it was built to be delivered to the
                                                                    USA so it is left hand drive.
       GO FAST — STOP QUICK                                                      AUSTIN-HEALEY 100
                                          By Sue Salsburg                                                         By Baird Foster
Hill climb ! ! !                                                   Austin-Healey 100 among 21 Best Ever Time-
Pagoda is same as Duryea( Reading, think outlets!) except
                                                                   less Designs
shorter, stops just below the Pagoda. Giant's is the oldest
race in US, starting in 1906, held in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Rose        Classic Motorsports Magazine (www.classicmotorsports.net)
Valley is outside of Williamsport, Pa ( couple with a visit to     March 2010, announced that automotive designer Peter Brock has
Little League HOF or great trout fishing). Polish Mtn is near      selected 21 Icons of Design—revolutionary automobiles that
                                                                   shaped our modern world in the past 60 years. Included in his list
Cumberland, Md. Great location: near Western MD Scenic             of favorites is the Austin-Healey 100.
RR, antiques, potteries, Civil War sites. Jefferson is the small
track at Summit Point, WV. Weatherly is near Hazleton( com-        At age 19, Brock was the youngest designer ever hired by General
bine with white water rafting & coal mine tours).                  Motors; he created the Corvette Sting Ray and is perhaps best
Sue609-476-2353                                                    known for his design of the Shelby Daytona Coupe, one of which
                                                                   won its class at the Le Mans 24-Hour Race. Peter Brock also be-
                                                                   gan a racing team, Brock Racing Enterprises, and he successfully
                                                                   competed in the Datsun 240Z sports car and the 510.

                                                                    Among the criteria Brock considered for his 21 choices were “the
                                                                   indefinable combination of design, engineering and sheer pres-
                                                                   ence.” To qualify, Brock noted that “a car must be beautiful, desir-
                                                                   able, exciting or even cool, but it should also have been important
                                                                   enough to set new standards or somehow change history.”

                                                                   Of the Austin-Healey 100, he wrote, “The 100 prototype was an
                                                                   aesthetic masterpiece that immediately caught the sporting public’s
                                                                   fancy when it debuted at the London Motor Show” [in 1952]. He
                                                                   noted that while not a great engineering feat, as it was mostly a
                                                                   selection of existing bits from the Austin factory parts bin, “it re-
                                                                   mains a good-looking car that’s great fun to drive.

                                                                   For those who have ex-
                                                                   perienced this icon of
                      Giants Last Turn                             design, they know that
                                                                   Peter Brock has well-
                                                                   described the 100.

                                                                   Other British cars on the
                                                                   list of 21 included the MG
                                                                   TC, the Jaguar XK120,
                                                                   the Mini Cooper, and the
                                                                   Jaguar E-Type.

                                                                   Nearly 60 years after its
                                                                   introduction,    Gerry
                                                                   Coker’s timeless body
                                                                   styling of the Austin-
                                                                   Healey 100 remains an
                                                                   icon of automotive de-

                                                                   Thanks to Baird for providing such interesting items—ed.
                        Pagoda Turn 1

DATES, SITE and Host Clubs:
May 29 - 30    Jefferson Circuit, WV NEPA
June 12- 13    Weatherly Hillclimb, PA NEPA
June 26 - 27   Pagoda Hillclimb, PA BMR
July 10 - 11   Giants Despair Hillclimb, PA NEPA
July 24 - 25   Rose Valley, PA BMR
August 7 - 8   Polish Mountain Hillclimb, MD StlCR
August 21 - 22 Duryea Hillclimb, PA BMR
Sept 4, 5      Jefferson Circuit, WV BMR
Sept 18, 19    Weatherly Hillclimb, PA NEPA
Nov 13         Banquet - Grantville, PA PHA
 YOUR AD COULD APPEAR HERE                      Find a home for those extra parts or that car that you will never get around to
 restoring. Raise some cash to buy more extra parts or projects that you do not need!!
 Contact Ed Gaubert:               mggarage@comcast.net
                                         Ads will appear for two (2) issues , as space allows

                                                    PICK OF THE MONTH
Ed's pick for April   Late model box Austin Healey Sprite owned by a club member. A no rust original paint Sprite with a nice patina
that is completely new mechanically. Minitor wheels, fresh engine/gearbox, runs and drives great. Needs $5000
                                                         Call Ed W for details

1972 Triumph TR6- Excellent project car. Rebuilt motor, can be started. Body was resprayed years ago and is holding up
well, presentable driver condition. Sheetmetal and frame show minimal corrosion. Complete original car that was mid
"restoration" 19 years ago and left in garage while "life got in the way". Now it needs new hydraulics, fuel system and a list
of other things to be completed. It's all there, including a factory hardtop. Needs a handy DIYer to complete. We did a full
inspection and estimate on it and customer decided not to proceed and asked us to sell it for him. Great TR6 starting point,
all the hard, expensive work is done or not needed. (rust/engine rebuild) $4000. come take a look before its gone!
                                                                       Pete Motorcar Garage                   856-667-6657

Hardtop for Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite. $800                              Frank                                       856-468-8372
Mig welder. Hardly used, almost new. Infinite heat range 110 volt. Will handle up to 3/8” thickness. Includes cart, small
tri-mix tank, gauges, lens shields, mask, spool of .019 wire.
                                                                  Bob                                      609-298-3452

Anyone interested in a 1974 MGB Chrome Bumper, British Racing Green? Come talk
                                                               Bill    Bill.Saidel@gmail.com                           856-751-8981

Custom car trailer built for Bugeye Sprite or similar size and weight car. Single axle
10 foot runners, spare tire
                                                                    Nick AN5L@aol.com                       609-298-3385 after 5pm

Assortment of Spridget parts left over from recent project. Some new, some used, All cheap.
                                                                 Pete PWilson45@comcast.net                            609-859-4161

1967 A-H Sprite $5000 (Tech Session Subject at the MotorCar-Garage)
I have invested over $8000 and hundreds of hours of labor to create a cool, unique Sprite in the Rally Car theme. Factory
Hardtop and new Amco soft top. Professionally rebuilt 1275, trans and 3.9 diff. Mini Lite wheels, Competition lapbelts.
Moto-lita steering wheel. Rebuilt suspension, brakes, carbs, fuel tank, sender and fuel pump. New wiring harness by the
Motorcar-Garage. Alternator conversion. Extremely straight and mostly rust free body. Paint has faded patina but gets at-
tention. This is a turn-key car that is a blast to drive. $5000. Very firm.
                                                                         Pete PWilson45@comcast.net          609-859-4161

Fuel Hose.     5/16 ID X 12’.    Make offer.                              Pete     peteb01@comcast.net               856-235-9148
Customer car for Sale. 1973 Triumph Stag. Low 14,000 mileage, incredibly original car. Complete unmolested Stag, inte-
rior is excellent condition, needs nothing. Exterior in original brown paint, with HARDTOP! Car was parked decades ago
(inside) due to what else ?!....head gaskets. This is a great project for someone who wants a nice Stag. Along with the
head gasket job it will need new hydraulics and fuel system among other things. No rust, body straight with faded paint that
would respond to some polish. Usual door dings and scratches but nothing too crazy. Great car that needs to be saved.
$4000.                                                                Pete Motorcar Garage                  856-667-6657

WANTED For 1960 TR3A---Left front fender, doesn’t have to be perfect, but does need to be repairable. Willing to pay
based on condition
                                                            George        jalrnc@comcast.net         856-751-8818

WANTED Looking for a TR3 A or B driver in good running condition. No restoration projects
                                                            John       jheff123@msn.com                              856-429-4386
                              BUILD YOUR OWN WINDSCREEN—I DID !
                                                                                                                             by Bill Saidel
 You know, the back of my neck is really sensitive to the reverse flow of wind on the highway in my top down MGB. I would expect that
that statement is true for most of us with British convertibles and no wind protection. More importantly, my SO and I found conversation
difficulty over the noise of the wind. Worse, after 2-3 hours of wind buffeting, we felt like we had been sailing for 5-6 hours (exhausted!). I
started to think about the problem and began to juggle in my head how to solve this problem for there is nothing like riding an old British
convertible in the summer. Leafing through the Moss catalog, the answer became apparent: “buy a wind blocker”.
 I thought about buying one. In the most recent Moss catalog, 3 windscreens were available from $218.95 (458-290) to the Deluxe
($358.95, 458-298). The two higher priced are screens and the lowest price is a piece of Plexiglas just behind the seats. Looking at the
picture in the catalog, it looked easy to make so I thought I’d go that route. After all, we British car guys are, by necessity, self-reliant,
aren’t we?
                                                                                     Besides, I’d rather spend my money on keeping the car
                                                                                    running. The first step I took was to sit down at the car
                                                                                    and think...what is the simplest way to build the wind-
                                                                                    screen. BMCSNJ member Carl Elliot solved this prob-
                                                                                    lem for me by donating to this project a ‘tonneau
                                                                                    bow’ (Moss 453-630, 453-640). I had one half of a bow I
                                                                                    found in the trunk of a junker car, but Carl had 2 or 3
                                                                                    pairs at the time. He just gave me one pair (thanks
                                                                                    again, Carl). Now I had a platform for a Plexiglas wind-
                                                                                    screen. My problem has changed: how to mount a
                                                                                    piece of Plexiglas on a hollow metal tube.
                                                                                     Vibration is the bane of Plexiglas. A slight crack, vibra-
                                                                                    tion, and time leads to a big crack in the plexi. Metal
                                                                                    attached to Plexiglas in a car will vibrate. That means
                                                                                    mounting the plexi onto the metal tonneau bow with a
                                                                                    metal screw would not work over the long haul.
                                                                                     Obtaining the plastic sheet was easy. I went to a local
                                                                                    place (Acrylic Architects) and bought a sheet of 1/4 x 40

x 25 inch plexi. That size was big enough to make 2 since I was aiming for a final
size of 12 x 38. I cut the piece in 2, 40 x 12 and 40 x 13. (I figured I’d need two
because the first would be filled with random errors.) After I made my errors with
the first, I took the other, added some curves at both ends and sanded the sharp
edge (see Figure 3). I paid under $30 for the sheet. Recently, I located a piece
on the web for <$50, but I think it can be obtained locally for less.
 To mount the plexi to the tonneau bow, I went to Home Depot and looked
through all the hardware draws and specialty items to see what might be useful
and I found the key item. It is called a “threaded expansion nut.” It is a female
thread surrounded by rubber (part 4 in figure 1). I chose a 10-24 (the size and
number of threads per inch) size at 60 cents each. It would fit through a hole in
the Plexiglas and a hole in the tonneau bow. When tightened, the rubber would
bunch up and form a tighter seal. That choice meant my bolts were 10-24 x 1 1/4
(4 for $1.18 at HD). Finally, I looked in my junk draws and found an angled, rub-
ber faucet washer that was perfect for the first insert into the hole in the Plexiglas
(#3 in Figure 1).
 My parts list per hole were (Figs 1 & 2) one screw, 10-24 x 1.25" (or 1.5)" (Fig.
1-1), a metal washer (Fig. 1-2), a rubber faucet washer (Fig. 1-3), the expansion
nut (Fig. 1-4) and a large-holed rubber washer (Fig. 1-5).
 Now, how do I assemble this thing? For almost no good reason I can remem-
ber now, I decided, given the length of the Plexiglas piece, that I would use 3
holes per half tonneau bow, one at either end and one at the middle for a total of
6 mounting assemblies. I would drill the holes and then use those holes to mark
the plexi for drilling. To bring the wind blocker closer to the seats, I designed the
screen to fit between the tonneau bar and the seats (Figure 2). This design re-
quired a large hole in the front of the bar for the expansion nut and a threaded
hole at the back of the bar for the 10-24 bolt. I used a 5/32 drill to put 3 holes
each through the front and back walls of the 2 pieces of the tonneau bow at the
appropriate places (estimated by eye). 5/32 is an appropriate drill hole to make
the small, threaded (or tapped) hole on the back side. I then tapped the 6 back-
side holes for 10-24. [Note: the 6 holes are a classic example of overdesign. If
you carefully inspect Figure 3, you will see one hole in the middle lacks the bolt-
ing assembly and the windscreen was still stable.]
                                                Cont on pg 12

                                  MEMBER SPOTLIGHT
                                                                             by CHRIS ROBERTS



                  MotorCar Garage                                           THEORY OF INTELLIGENCE
was featured in the "Profile in Excellence" article in Hem-
mings Sports & Exotic Car. May 2010. It is quite a good
article about Pete Cosmides and "Big" Ed Sweeney.
                                 Thanks to Baird Foster…..ed

 For the large front hole, I used a 3/8 drill through the front bow wall.
The next step was to screw the 10-24 bolts from the back to the
front, ink the tips of the bolts and position the plexi piece against the
inked ends. That act identified where the holes through the plexi
would be drilled. I also decided that the plexi would extend to the
top of the seats and not above so that decision set the position of
the holes along the 12 inch height of the Plexiglas. Drilling in Plexi-
glas is chancy. The bit may slide from position before it “bites” into
the material, so I drilled tiny center holes through the ink spots be-
fore the second 1/4th” drill. This hole is large enough for the entry
of the rubber faucet washer but not so large that the entire faucet          Well you see, Norm, it's like this . . . A herd of buffalo
washer slips into it.                                                        can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And
 All I had to do now was assemble the entire project. Figure 2               when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weak-
shows one of the mounts in position. With the rubber washers and             est ones at the back that are killed first. This natural
the rubber expansion nut, the Plexiglas never makes contact with
the metal tonneau bow.
                                                                             selection is good for the herd as a whole, because
 The first time we used the windscreen, it didn’t seem to work well.         the general speed and health of the whole group
The trip was still windy and noisy. I talked with Tom Evans about            keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest
this problem (scientist to engineer speak) and during this conversa-         members. In much the same way, the human brain
tion, I realized that remounting the flanges of the tonneau bar would
                                                                             can only operate as fast as the slowest brain cells.
solve the problem. He had the tools to cut the flanges off and
reweld them, which he did one evening late last summer. This step            Now, as we know, excessive intake of alcohol kills
moved the windscreen about 2 inches closer to the seat.                      brain cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and
           The next trip my SO and I took along Rt. 295 to Lambert-          weakest brain cells first. In this way, regular con-
ville and New Hope proved to me that moving the flange of the ton-           sumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells,
neau bows was the step of success. The level of wind and noise
dropped noticeably. The final cost (excluding labor which was do-
                                                                             making the brain a faster and more efficient machine.
nated as a labor of love) was less than $50 and I still have a slightly
marred piece of plexi for another windscreen. This project, at a             And that, Norm, is why you always feel smarter after
minimum, made longer trips in my B more enjoyable and allowed                a few beers.
me to add almost $160 mad money to my car kitty.                          12
                        We've got to pause and ask ourselves:
                                     “How much clean air do we need ?"

                     ---Lee Iacocca---

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