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					                 GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND
                       R.E.O. (W) Division, Dumka

                     NOTICE INVITING TENDER

                               No-03/Year 2007-08


1. Name of work for which        : Construction of 03(three)number of high level
   Tender is invited              R.C.C/P.S.C. bridge approach road in one
                                  Package consisting of bridge over:
                                  a)Sidheshwari river between R.E.O road
                                       Tongra to Bengal Border (165m) in
                                       Raneshwar Block.
                                  b) In Tepra river Baramasa main road from
                                       Jogia to Barmasa ia Dhaka (140 m)
                                        Jarmundi Block .
                                 c)    Pipra river in Laxmipur road from Tarajora
                                       Main Road via Pipra-Kadalijoria (100m) in
                                       Jama Block.

2. Officer inviting Tender/Bid : Executive Engineer,
                                      R.E.O (W) Division, Dumka.

3. Period of sale of Tender/       : from 18.02.2008
   Bid Document                       To 20.02.2008
                                      During office hour.

4. Last date and time for        : Date 22.02.2008
   Receipt of Bids                Time 15.00 Hours(3.00P.M)
5. Time and date of opening     : Date 22.02.2008
   Of Technical Bid              Time 16.00 Hours (4.00P.M)

6. Place for Sale of Tender/   :1. Office of the Chief Engineer,
   Bid document.                   R.E.O.Abhiyantran Bhawan,
                                   Kutchery Road, Ranchi.
                                   District Control Room,Ranchi.

                               2. Office of the Superintending Engineer,
                                   R.E.O Work Circle,Dumka,
                                   District control Room,
                                   Town Thana Dumka.

                               3. Office of the Executive Engineer,
                                  R.E.O Works Division, Dumka
                                  District Control Room,
                                  Town Thana ,Dumka.

7. Place for receipt & opening : Office of the Chief Engineer, R.E.O.
  Of Tender /Bid                  Abhiyantran Bhawan,
                                  Kutchery Road,Ranchi-834001
                                  District Control Room ,Ranchi.

8. Earnest money of Rs 26,50,000.00(Rupees twenty –six lacs fifty thousand)
   only be attached in from of 8/6 NSC(8th Issue) issued from the Post Office of
   Jharkhand or 3/5yrs.Post Office time depositor in favour of Executive
   ,R.E.O.(W) Division ,Dumka.

9. Tenderers of their authorized representative may chose to be present at the
   time of opening of technical Bid and Financial Bid.
      10. Contractor who is not registered in REO/PWD(Roads),Jharkhand and
         possesses experience of such work may also participate in tender for award
         with permission from Engineer-in-chief-cum-Addl. Commissioner-cum-Spl
         Secretary ,Rural Development Department,Jharkhand and is required to be
         registered in the Department within two months from date of start of work at
         the time of buying the tender document the photocopy of registration,
         Income Tax clearance certificate, Sales Tax clearance ,Labour License and
         character certificate must be attached with application.

      11. The price of tender document is Rs 10,000.00(Ten thousand) only ,which is
         non-refundable in the form of Bank Draft in favour of Executive Engineer,

12.      The works is to be done on “Turn- Key” basis .The DPR drawing etc.
         available in the department may be seen in the office of the undersigned on
         any working day for reference only. The contractor, however, is required to
         make his own design and drawing based on his own survey, investigations
         etc. at site.

13.      Work detail is as follows:
         (a)     (i) Location :Sidheshwari river between R.E.O road Tongra to Bengal
                     Boarder in Raneshwar Block.
                 (ii) Total approximate length of bridge: 165 meters
                 (iii) Width of bridge : Two lane carriageway (7.50m)
                 (iv) Approach Road : 100m on each side of the bridge.

         (b)     (i)Location : In Tepra river Barmasia main road from Jogia More to
                    Barmasa via Dhaka in Jarmundi Block.

                 (ii) Total approximate length of bridge: 140 meters

                 (iii) Width of bridge: Two lane carriageway (7.50m)
      (iv) Approach Road : 125m on each side of the bridge.

(c)   (i) Location : Pipra river in Laxmipur road from Tarajora Main
        Road via Pipra –Kadaljoria in Jama Block.

      (ii) Total Approximate length of bridge: 100 meters

      (iii) Width of bridge: Two lane carriageway (7.50m)

      (iv) Approach Road: 100m on each side of the bridge.

14.   Time of completion : 15(fifteen) months

15.   Tenderers must have experience of bridge of at least 250(two hundred
      meters) length with one HL bridge having a length of at least 70m
      (seventy meters) on well/pipe/open foundation.

16.   Tenderers are advised to visit the bridge site (on their own cost) to
      study the details and conditions of work site.

17.   Tender is on the basis of “Two Envelope System” of “Technical “ and
      “Financial” bids. Financial bids of a only technically qualified
      contactor shall be opened.

18.   Date of opening of financial bid will be on 22.02.2008 at 4.00P.M in
      the office of the Chief Engineer, R.E.O., Ranchi.

19.   The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject any tender/the
      tender without assigning any reason.

20.   The details of Terms and Conditions of the tender may be seen in
      Tender/Bid documents.
21.   The department will not supply/provide any construction equipment
      and material such as roller, cement, steel, etc.

22.   Work has to be executed on the basis of guidelines and provision of
      MOST & H Specification and IRC guidelines.

23.   The contractor is required to establish his fully equipped and
      functional quality control laboratory at site of work before execution
      of the work for quality control tests.

                                                  Executive Engineer,
                                                  R.E.O (W) Division,

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