Tricky Tray - by yaohongm



                            Special Thanks

        E vent Commit t ee
        Marianne Lubrani
        Megan Vernak
        E vent P lanning Volu nt eers
        Stephanie Koren
        Denise Donato
        Heather and Andrew Sibilia
        Susan Baker
        Thio Jenkins
        Teri Della Piazza

        Cont ribut ors
        *All of the JFK Families who donated.
        *All of the JFK Teachers who coordinated
        *All of the JFK Class Parents who assisted
        with obtaining donations.
        *All of the companies, listed throughout this
        *All of the people who sold 50/50 tickets
        and Grand Prize Raffle Tickets

        Thank you to:
        Mr. Joe Walsh, JFK Principal
        Mr. Michael Vidnansky, JFK Teacher
        Ms. Kritzar, JFK Teacher
        JFK Custodial Staff

                                                        JFK Primary
                                                        School PTO

                                                                                 Event Schedule
            All items are new and unused. For
                                                             Doors open 5: 30 P M
            presentation purposes, some items have been
            removed from boxes.

            4 Levels of Tickets available                    First Basket is raf fle d at approx . 7: 30 PM
              Level 1 - $2/sheet or 3 sheets for $5
                      - $3/sheet or 3 sheets for $7          50/50 Ra ffle s - $5 e ach t ick et
                      - $5/sheet or 3 sheets for $12
                      - $12/sheet or 2 sheets for $20
                                                             Winner chosen at 9 PM
            Each sheet has 25 tickets.
                                                             Winner need not be present

            All checks are to be made payable to:            Grand Prize Ra ffl e - $10 ea ch t icket
            JFK PTO
                                                             Winner chosen at approximately 9 PM.
            Each basket is named after a movie.              Winner need not be present.
                                                             1 Prize – “Trip of your choice” Voucher valued at $1500
            The funds raised this evening will be used to    Donated by: JFK PTO
            help with JFK’s assemblies, author visits, and   2 Prize – Toshiba Mini Netbook (with mouse, sleeve, and

            other cultural arts and theater arts programs    protection plan) valued at $497
            offered by the PTO to the students throughout    Donated by: JFK PTO
            the year.                                        3 Prize – Amazon Kindle (with 3 year protection plan) valued
                                                             at $283
            Over $20,000 worth of prizes!                    Donated by: A Raritan Resident

                                                                  #112 – FROSTY THE SNOW MAN
    #101 - PSYCHO                                                 Winter Themed
    Bath Set with Shower Gel and Soaps                            Nesting Wooden Snowmen – Stuffed Snowman – Santa Candle
    Donated by: a JFK Family                                      – Three (3) pair of Knee-High Adult Women’s Holiday Socks
                                                                  Donated by: JFK Families
    Magnolia Soy Candle                                           #113 – ALICE IN WONDERLAND
    Donated by: a JFK Family                                      “Paint your Dream World” Tea Set
                                                                  Donated by: JFK Family
    Cordless water fountain and incense                           #114 – CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY
    Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Sweet Theme
                                                                  Reusable Bag, 100 Page Journal, 12 Mini-Note Cards, Magnet,
    #104 – MYSTIC PIZZA                                           and Luggage Tag
    Maggiano’s $25 Gift Card                                      Donated by: a JFK Family
    Donated by: Maggiano’s, Bridgewater
                                                                  #115 - JAWS
    #105 – THE WATERING HOLE                                      Two (2) 3-D Puzzles 550 Pieces (Age 12+)
    Yankee Candle Watering Pot Tart Burner with Three (3) Tarts   Donated by: Pressman Toys
    Donated by: a JFK Family
                                                                  #116 - BEN 10
    #106 – BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY                                Three (3) Ben 10 Alien Force 100 piece Puzzle
    Westinghouse Solar Lights                                     Donated by: Pressman Toys
    Donated by: a JFK Family
                                                                  #117 - BRACELETS
    #107 – BENNY & JOON                                           Two (2) Hand-made Beaded Bracelets
    Cup and Saucer with Hot Chocolate and Tea                     Donated by: Chryl Garces
    Donated by: a JFK Family
                                                                  #118 - JUMANJI
    #108 – THE SANTA CLAUSE                                       Three (3) Mini Games
    Santa Cup and Saucer with Four (4) Hot Chocolates             -Magnetic Dots - Spiral Sketch - Multi-Writer
    Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Donated by: Pressman Toys

    #109 - FLUBBER                                                #119 – SAW I
    Four Puzzles - Disney                                         Three (3) 200 piece Puzzles – The Suite Life
    Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Donated by: Pressman Toys

    #110 – THE SHOWER                                             #120 – JOSIE & THE PUSSYCATS
    Bath Set with Shower Gel and Soaps                            Hello Kitty Bingo (Age 4+) and Two (2) Hello Kitty 100 piece
    Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Puzzle (Age 5+)
                                                                  Donated by: Pressman Toys
    #111 – ICE AGE
    “Let it Snow” Pillow and Snowglobe                            #121 – A BASKETBALL JONES
    Donated by: J. Lerner                                         Two (2) tickets to a New York Liberty Game
                                                                  Donated by: New York Liberty

        #122 – UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN                                   #133 – THE COLOR PURPLE
        Maggiano’s $25 Gift Card and Appetizer Plate with Cheese      Black Heritage Series Puzzles
        Spreader                                                      -Buffalo Soldiers 100 Piece Puzzle (age 5-8) - Harriet Tubman
        Donated by: Maggiano’s and JFK Parent                         100 Piece Puzzle (age 5-8) - Blue Monday 550 Piece Puzzle
                                                                      (age 12+)
        #123 – ANTIQUE ROADSHOW                                       Donated by: Pressman Toys
        Somerville Center Antiques - $25 Gift Card
        Donated by: Somerville Center Antiques                        #134 - ART
                                                                      Textured Tin Tile Wall Art
        #124 - CARS                                                   Donated by: An At Home America Consultant
        Shell Gift Card - $25 Value
        Donated by: Raritan Auto Service                              #135 – TOY STORY
                                                                      Butterfly Tattoos; Disney Princess Go Fish Card Game; Make &
        #125 - SUNFLOWER                                              Play doll set; Shrinky Dinks Fashion Jewelry Set; Mosaic
        Metal Sunflower Candle Holder                                 Butterfly Mini Kit; Fun Foam Notebook Mini Kit; Princess Beads
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Mini Kit; Scratch n’ Color Mini Kit
                                                                      Donated by: JFK Families
        #126 – DRIVING MISS DAISY
        Metal Daisy Candle Holder                                     #136 – MY DINNER WITH ANDRE
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Chimney Rock Inn Gift Card - $25
                                                                      Buon Appetito Ceramic Trivet
        #127 - ANGEL                                                  Donated by: Chimney Rock Inn
        Angel Candle Shade, Plate, and Candle
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                      #137 – SCENT OF A WOMAN
                                                                      Spark – Eau de Parfum Spray by Liz Claiborne
        #128 – ICE CASTLES                                            Donated by: Anonymous
        Two (2) Hand-painted Snowman Mugs with four Hot Chocolate
        Mixes                                                         #138 – LAST DRINKS
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Drinks; Travel Cups; Tea; Hot Chocolate; Coffee; Snowman Tea
                                                                      Cup and Saucer
        #129 – MELTING AWAY                                           Donated by: Mrs. Gard’s Class
        Crazy Mountain Candle Warmer ‘Crock Pot’
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                      #139 – WAR OF THE ROSES
                                                                      One Dozen Red Roses
        #130 - SNOWDAY                                                Donated by: Scott’s Florist
        Two Snowman Mugs with Gourmet Hot Chocolate                   (Two winners will be chosen)
        Donated by: a JFK Family
                                                                      #140 - EARRINGS
        #131 – JACK FROST                                             Coldwater Creek Clip Earrings
        Lenox Yuletide Snowman Tray                                   Donated by: JFK Family
        Donated by: a JFK Family
                                                                      #141 – IN TREATMENT
        #132 – JULIE & JULIA                                          Entry Passes for four (4) people to the Dr. Phil show
        Autographed Cookbook - “Bobby Flay’s Throwdown” - Signed by   Donated by: Dr. Phil Show
        Bobby Flay “For the Lucky Winner”
        Donated by: a JFK Family

        #142 - GREASE                                                #153 – A TALE OF TWO PIZZAS
        Oil Change and Oil Filter                                    Two (2) Large Cheese Pizza Pies
        Donated by: Goodyear – The American Tire Service             Donated by: Delucia’s Brick Oven Pizza

        #143- BLADE                                                  #154 - HERO
        New Wipers installed                                         ‘Just Subs’ Bucks
        Donated by: Goodyear – The American Tire Service             Donated by: Just Subs

        #144 - ZEN                                                   #155 - GRILLED
        Zen Garden & Candlescape Set                                 Propane Level Gauge
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                     Donated by: JFK Family

        #145 – MARLEY & ME                                           #156 – HOCKEY NIGHT
        Autographed copy of “Dog Gone” by Cynthia Chapman Willis     Autographed NJ Devils Hockey Puck - #10 Rod Pelley
        Donated by: Cynthia Chapman Willis                           Donated by: NJ Devils

        #146 – THE DEER HUNTER                                       #157 – AMERICAN MOVIE
        Autographed copy of “Buck Fever” by Cynthia Chapman Willis   Movie Snack Kit; Candyland Craft Wilbur Milk Chocolate; Candy
        Donated by: Cynthia Chapman Willis                           Donated by: JFK Families

        #147 – PSYCHO II                                             #158 – THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE
        Shower Puffs, Body Scrubs, Lotions, Soaps, and Bathrobe      Dearfoams – Size 8-9 Women’s Slippers
        Donated by: Bed Bath and Beyond                              Donated by: JFK Family
        (Two winners will be chosen)
                                                                     #159 – PARTY MONSTER
        #148 – BABY’S DAY OUT                                        Plates; Napkins; Photo Album; Disposable Camera
        Gymboree Gift Card - $25                                     Donated by: JFK Families
        Donated by: Gymboree
                                                                     #160 – SHALL WE DANCE?
        #149 – WILLIE WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY                  The Dancer’s Shop Gift Certificate $10
        Variety of Candy                                             Disney 50-Piece Art Gift Set
        Donated by: Mrs. Austin/Mrs. Pennisi’s Class                 Donated by: Dancer’s Shop

        #150 - CANDY                                                 #161 - RADIO
        Bucket of Candy                                              Framed Jets Poster - #89 Jerricho Cotchery
        Donated by: Mrs. Austin/Mrs. Pennisi’s Class                 Donated by: NY Jets

        #151 - COCKTAIL                                              #162 – DUST TO GLORY
        Margarita Set – Glasses, Salt, and Mix (no alcohol)          Framed Giants Poster - #10 Eli Manning
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                     Donated by: NY Giants
        (Five winners will be chosen)
                                                                     #163 – CAMERA, CAMERA
        #152 – FORCES OF NATURE                                      Joby Gorillapod (small camera ‘tripod’) and Photo Frame
        Pair of Gloves and matching Scarf                            Donated by: a JFK Family
        Donated by: JFK Family

                                                                      LEVEL 2

        #164 – THE OPEN ROAD                                          #201 – THE TOY
        Black & Decker Can Opener                                     Boys Toys
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                      -Lizard Tattoos; “Cars” Rummy Card Game; Honda CBR
                                                                      1000RR Toy Motorcycle (Age 3+); Superman 500 piece Puzzle
        #165 – FOODFIGHT!                                             Tin (Age 10+); Ben 10 – Total Transformation Game (Age 6+);
        Traditions Food Chopper                                       Pokemon Diamond & Pear Four 100-piece Puzzles (Age 5-8);
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Pokemon Bumper Tops (Age 5+)
                                                                      Donated by: Pressman Toys and JFK Family
        #166 - MIRACLE
        Autographed Photo of New York Rangers #5 – Dan Girardi with   #202 - JAVA
        certified authentic documentation                             Copper Moon Coffee and Coffee Grinder
        Donated by: New York Rangers                                  Donated by: a JFK Family

        #167 - AIR BUD                                                #203 - COFFEE
        Autographed Photo of Philadelphia 76ers #11 - Jrue Holiday    Four (4) boxes of K-Cups for an individual serving coffee maker
        Donated by: Philadelphia 76ers                                Donated by: Keurig

                                                                      #204 – BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE
                                                                      2 Butterfly Painted Wine Glasses; 2 Flower Painted Water
                                                                      Glasses; Floral Lighted Garland; 1 Green Mesh/Glittered
                                                                      Hanging Flower; 1 Blue Mesh/Glittered Hanging Flower
                                                                      Butterfly Trivet; Tulip, Ladybug, Flower, and Butterfly Trivets or
                                                                      Wall Hangings
                                                                      Donated by: a JFK Family

                                                                      #205 – THE MAGIC SNOWMAN
                                                                      Three Snowman Candle Holders
                                                                      Donated by: a JFK Family

                                                                      #206 - SIDEWAYS
                                                                      Wine Bottle Holder, Apple Martini Mix, and Wine Glass Charms
                                                                      Donated by: a JFK Family

                                                                      #207 – THE FALCON & THE SNOWMAN
                                                                      Snowman Candle Holder and Shade
                                                                      Donated by: a JFK Family

                                                                      #208 – STATE SOFTBALL
                                                                      Bridgewater Softball Theme
                                                                      -Magnet; Plaid Flannel Pants (L); Hooded Sweatshirt (XL)
                                                                      Donated by: Bridgewater Baseball

                                                                      #209 – THE SAND LOT
                                                                      Bridgewater Baseball Theme
                                                                      -Magnet; T-shirt (XL); Hooded Sweatshirt (XL); Sweatpants (L)
                                                                      Donated by: Bridgewater Baseball
                                                                            #219 – 99 SCENTS
        #210 – FAST FOOD NATION                                             ‘Winter’ Tealight Melter with Two (2) Yankee Candle Tarts/Melts
        Lenox Metal Servewear                                               Donated by: a JFK Family
        Donated by: a JFK Family
                                                                            #220 – SOAP DISH
        #211 – PUMPING IRON                                                 Soaps, Lotions, Cosmetic Rounds, Linen Spray, and Body Puff
        A 40-minute Personal Training Session; Jump Rope; Water Bottle      Donated by: JFK Families
        Donated by: Donna Attanasio and a JFK Family
                                                                            #221 – PERFECT SCENTS
        #212 – WILD HOGS                                                    Wrought Iron Round Eight (8) Candle Wall Sconce
        Harley Davidson Hat and T-Shirt                                     Donated by: an At Home America Consultant
        Donated by: Horton Family
                                                                            #222 – HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL
        #213 – TWO IF BY SEA                                                Bridgewater-Raritan Children’s (Girl - XL) Zippered Sweatshirt
        Metal Lantern with Candle Jar and Two (2) Magnetic Stars            Bridgewater-Raritan High School Children’s (L) T-shirt
        Donated by: At Home America Consultant and a JFK Family             Donated by: Darlene Newill
        #214 – KUNG FU PANDA                                                #223 – FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH
        The Best of Charades for Kids (age 4+); Kung Fu Panda 3D 100        BR Panther Drawstring Bag and Scarf
        piece Puzzle (Age 5-8); Jumpin’ Monkeys (age 5+); The Land          Donated by: Darlene Newill
        Before Time Escape from Red Claw Game (age 5+)
        Donated by: Pressman Toys                                           #224 – OFFICE SPACE
                                                                            Solid Wood Cribbage (age 8+); 12 in 1 Magnetic Games (age
        #215 – TROOP BEVERLY HILLS                                          8+); 1000 piece Puzzle (age 12+); The Office Trivia Game
        Girl Scout Cookies                                                  (Adults)
                Thin Mints, (1) Do-si-dos, (1) Tagalongs, (1) Trefoil,      Donated by: Pressman Toys
                (1) Thank U Berry Munch, (1) Lemon Chalet Cremes,
                (1) Samoas, and (1) Dulce de Leche                          #225 – CHILD’S PLAY
                                                                            Mastermind (age 8+); Rummikub (age 8+); Charades (age 10+)
        Donated by: a JFK Family
                                                                            Donated by: Pressman Toys
        #216 – WHAT’S COOKING IN PARIS
                                                                            #226 – SUNSET GRILL
        Kitchen Theme - Storage Containers, Kitchen Clip, Tongs,
                                                                            Creamy Southwest Chipotle Pasta Salad Mix; Three (3)
        Spreaders, and Sponge Dish
                                                                            containers of seasonings
        Donated by: An At Home America Consultant and a JFK Family
                                                                            Donated by: Tastefully Simple Consultant – Jodi Castiglia
        #217 – DOLLARS AND SCENTS
                                                                            #227- ROCK & ROLL HIGH SCHOOL
        Three (3) Glass and Metal Candle Holders with one dozen tealights
                                                                            Panthers Polo – Men’s (XL)
        Donated by: a JFK Family
                                                                            BRHS Polo – Men’s (M)
                                                                            Donated by: Darlene Newill
        #218 – THE COOLER
        Cooler Chest with 4 ice packs
                                                                            #228 - SISTERS
        Donated by: Lowe’s and a JFK Family
                                                                            The 3 Little Dassies Poster – autographed by Jan Brett and
                                                                            Framed and a listing of every Jan Brett book and publishing
                                                                            date is enclosed inside the frame.
                                                                            Donated by: Jan Brett

        #229 – THE SOUND OF MUSIC                                      #238 – THE BREAKFAST CLUB
        The Laurie Berkner Band CDs                                    Muffin Tins; Baking Pan; Measuring Cups – Dry and Wet; Cookie
        -The Best of The Laurie Berkner Band – autographed by Laurie   Cutters; Muffin Mix
        Berkner                                                        Donated by: O’Neill/MacMath Class
        -Buzz Buzz – autographed by Laurie Berkner
        -Victor Vito – autographed by Laurie Berkner                   #239 – ESPRESSO
        Donated by: Two Tomatoes Records, LLC                          Espresso Maker; Porcelain Espresso Cups and Saucers; Italian
        #230 – CONFESSIONS OF A FLORIST                                Donated by: a JFK Family
        Vase with One Dozen Red Roses
        Donated by: Scott’s Florist and anonymous                      #240 – WHAT’S COOKING?
                                                                       Two (2) Cookbook; Recipe Cards and Recipe Binder; Measuring
        #231 - CARMEN                                                  Spoons; Hand Beater
        $50 Gift Certificate – La Catena                               Donated by: O’Neill/MacMath Class
        Donated by: La Catena
                                                                       #241 – CANDLES IN THE DARK
        #232 – BODY DOUBLE                                             Lantern with Candle and Two (2) Tea Light Trees
        Johnson & Johnson Aveeno Products                              Donated by: a JFK Family and At Home America Consultant
        -Aveeno Nourish & Moisture Shampoo; Aveeno Nourish &
        Moisture Conditioner; Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash; Aveeno   #242 – THE MELTING POT
        Positively Ageless Complete Starter Regimen                    Porcelain Glazed Cast Iron Fondue Set with Eight (8) Skewers
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                       Donated by: a JFK Family

        #233 – BULL DURHAM                                             #243 – ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD
        12” Youth/Adult Baseball Mitt                                  Bridgewater-Raritan Zippered Bag and Baseball Hat
        Donated by: Effinger’s                                         Donated by: Bridgewater Baseball

        #234 – THE NATURAL                                             #244 – A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES
        12” Youth/Adult Baseball Mitt                                  Movie Night
        Donated by: Effinger’s                                         Handpainted Popcorn Bowl; Popcorn Seasonings; Microwave
                                                                       Popcorn; Candy; 2 DVDs; High School Gift Pack
        #235 - SHAMPOO                                                 Donated by: Ms. Kritzar’s Class
        Gaetano’s Beauty Salon Gift Card - $40 (Raritan)
        Spa Kit including body wash, lotion, and mist                  #245 - TEACHERS
        Donated by: Gaetano’s and a JFK Family                         Lenox Winter Greetings ‘Best Teacher’ Mug
                                                                       Donated by: a JFK Family
        #236 – NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM
        Two (2) Liberty Science Center Tickets                         #246 – IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU
        Donated by: Liberty Science Center                             Lottery Basket - $50 worth of Scratch off Lottery Tickets
                                                                       Donated by: Mechanical Preservation Associates
        #237 - CHEF
        Kitchen items including Frying pan, Salt & Pepper Shakers,     #247 – THE LUCKY ONES
        Grater, Mixing Bowls, and Towels                               Lottery Basket - $50 worth of Scratch off Lottery Tickets
        Donated by: a JFK Families                                     Donated by: Mechanical Preservation Associates

        #248 – ROAD TRIP                                              #257 – CANDLES, SNOW, & MISTLETOE
        Coffee, Two (2) Travel Mugs, Cinnamon Sticks, Coffee Mate,    Candles
        Cookies, Candy                                                Donated by: Mrs. Garrabrant’s Class
        Donated by: Quick Chek
                                                                      #258 – MY LEFT FOOT
        #249 – SCARY MOVIE                                            Spa – Lotions, Soaps, Foot Scrubs, Shower Gels, Mary Kay Foot
        Popcorn Bowl; Two (2) Movies – Failure to Launch and The      Lotion
        Notebook; Popcorn Bags; Popcorn; Popcorn Seasoning; Candy     Donated by: a JFK Family
        Donated by: Ms. Kritzar’s Class
                                                                      #259 – THE SWEETEST THING
        #250 – A WALK IN THE CLOUDS                                   Variety of Candy
        Wine Bag filled with Pot Holder, Cloth Napkins (6), and       Donated by: Mrs. Austin/Mrs. Pennisi’s Class
        Placemats (6); Cheese Grater; Cutting Board; Tongs; Gripper
        Pads; Salt & Pepper Shaker/Grinder                            #260 – THE MAJESTIC
        Donated by: Mrs. O’Neil/Mrs. MacMath’s Class                  Movie Night - Popcorn, Candy, AMC Movie Tickets
                                                                      Donated by: Mrs. Fligiel’s Class
        #251 – DINNER FOR TWO
        Dinner for Two (2) – up to $40                                #261 – WHAT’S EATING GILBERT GRAPE
        Donated by: Houlihan’s                                        General Mills Basket
                                                                      Flour, Frosting, Potato Buds, Carrot Cake Mix, Brownie Mix,
        #252 – A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT                                Hamburger Helper, Bread Crumbs, Bisquick
        Two (2) Tubing Passes                                         Donated by: General Mills
        Donated by: River Country
                                                                      #262 – NO RESERVATIONS
        #253 – THE CHRISTMAS STORY                                    General Mills Basket
        Christmas Frame; Christmas Ornaments; Candle Snuffer;         Golden Grahams Treats, Nature Valley Bars, Chex Mix Treats,
        Candle; Photo Album; Christmas Plate                          Fruit Snacks, Snack Mix, Old El Paso Kit, Cinnamon Toast
        Smithsonian Ornament – “Mistletoe Kissing Ball”               Crunch Cereal, Chex Mix
        Donated by: a JFK Family                                      Donated by: General Mills

        #254 – BACK TO SCHOOL                                         #263 – BLUE SKY
        Crayons, Sharpeners, Glue Sticks, Paperclips, Tape            NY Skyride – Admit 2 people
        Book Cover, Erasers, Pencils, Calculator, Markers             Donated by: NY Skyride
        Donated by: Mr. Segal/Mrs. Keenan’s Class
                                                                      #264 – ON AND OFF THE RAILS
        #255 – BACK TO THE FUTURE                                     Four (4) free tickets to The National Toy Train Museum
        Four-Tire Rotation                                            Donated by: The National Toy Train Museum
        Donated by: Goodyear – The American Tire Service
                                                                      #265 – SUPER BROTHER
        #256 - GRAN TORINO                                            Little Tikes CD Player; Stuff a Bear; Memory Album; Mini
        Cooling System Service                                        Speakers; Spiderman Clock; Candy
        Donated by: Goodyear – The American Tire Service              Donated by: a JFK Families

                                                                          #275 - MONDOVINO
        #266 - BABYFEVER                                                  $25 Gift Certificate – Somerville SuperSaver Wine & Spirits with
        Baby Toothbrush; Baby Mittens; Washclothes; Baby Legs;            2 Wine Glasses
        Pacifier Holder; Pacifier                                         Donated by: Joanne Liptak, Mayor of Raritan
        Donated by: Kid to Kid
                                                                          #276 – THE COOKOUT
        #267 – GOOD HAIR                                                  $50 Gift Certificate – Espos’s
        Variety of Redken Products                                        Donated by: Espo’s
        Donated by: The Razor’s Edge
                                                                          #277 – THIS SPORTING LIFE
        #268 – THE LIGHTKEEPERS                                           $50 Bonus Bucks – Dick’s Sporting Goods
        Variety of Candles; Fragrance Oil; Tea Light Lampshade            Donated by: Dick’s Sporting Goods
        Donated by: JFK Families
                                                                          #278 – CAFÉ
        #269 – THE DOVE’S LOST NECKLACE                                   $50 Gift Card – Caffé Piazza
        Handmade Beaded Necklace                                          Donated by: Caffé Piazza, Route 206, Hillsborough, NJ
        Donated by: Denise D’Aprile
                                                                          #279 – PATRIOT GAMES
        #270 – THE BUCKET LIST                                            Four (4) Complimentary ‘Upper Box’ Tickets to the Somerset
        Bucket of Cluck:                                                  Patriots
        Hooded Sweatshirt (Size L); T-Shirt (Size L); Stickers;           Donated by: Somerset Patriots
        Tattoo; Bottle of Sauce; $15 Gift Card
        Donated by: Cluck-U Chicken, Somerville                           #280 – THE GOLD BRACELET
                                                                          $50 Gift Certificate to Tropiano & Son – Raritan
        #271 – BRICK LANE                                                 Donated by: Tropiano & Son
        Four (4) free games of Bowling
        Boyds Bear                                                        #281 – TIME MACHINE
        Donated by: Ten Pins Bowling                                      Timex Men’s Camouflage Watch
                                                                          Donated by: Timex
        #272 – HOT COFFEE
        6 Bags of Ground Coffee: Vienna Roast, Classique Supreme,
        Parisian Vanilla, Riviera Sunset, Blanc et Noir, Hazelnut Crème
        Brulee; Biscotti; Flavored coffee stirrers; CD of Café Music
        Donated by: Melitta

        #273 – LIFE AS WE KNOW IT
        Tag Heuer/Nike Bag
        Donated by: Tag Heuer

        #274 - PATRIOTVILLE
        Four (4) Upper Level Game Tickets
        T-Shirt and Baseball Hat
        Donated by: Somerset Patriots

        LEVEL 3

        #301 – WATER BABIES
        Johnson & Johnson Baby Care Products
        -Desitin Rapid Relief Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Ointment; Aveeno
        Baby Continuous Protection Sunblock; Johnson’s Baby Pure
        Cornstarch Powder – Lavender & Chamomile; Johnson’s 24
        Hour Body Lotion; Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion; Johnson’s Bedtime
        Moisture Wash; Johnson’s Baby Shampoo
        Donated by: a JFK Family

        Stampin’ Up
        -Card Stock; 8 piece Stamp – Have a sweet celebration!; 6 piece
        Stamp – Little Flowers; 1 Stampin’ Pad – Kiwi Kiss; Rub-ons
        ‘Word Flurries’; 2 Fancy Fiber packages
        Donated by: Stampin’ Up

        #303 – CADDY SHACK
         Free Family Membership (1 year)
        $10 Fun Card – Arcade; T-Shirt; Water bottle
        Donated by: Branchburg Sports Complex

        #304 - GREETINGS
        Stampin’ Up
        -Card Stock; 8 piece Stamp – Have a sweet celebration!; 6 piece
        Stamp – Little Flowers; 1 Stampin’ Pad – Kiwi Kiss; Rub-ons
        ‘Word Flurries’; 2 Fancy Fiber packages
        Donated by: Stampin’ Up

        #305 – ICE CREAM SUNDAY
        Set of 4 Ramekins; Ice Cream Scooper; Kitchen Gloves;
        Peeler; Spoon Spatula; Nylon Square Turner; Starbucks House
        Blend Coffee; Peppercorn Medley Grinder;
        Garlic Sea Salt Grinder; Sea Salt Grinder; Steakhouse
        Seasoning Grinder; Family Circle “Great Winter Recipes”
        Donated by: Mrs. Carbonetta’s Class

        #306 – CAFÉ HOSTESS
        Hazelnut Mocha Mix; Soups (2); Snowman Tea Pot and 4 Mugs;
        Hot Chocolate; Tea
        Donated by: Mrs. Lopez’s Class
                                                                          #315 – BABIES BIRTHDAY
        #307 – AN EDUCATION                                               “Imagine That” Birthday Party for up to 8 Children under 6 years
        2 Three-ring binders; 4 notebooks; Dry-erase board; Pencil        old; Cook it in a Cup! Set
        Sharpeners; Glue Sticks; Calculator; Erasers; Index Cards;        Donated by: Imagine That!!! A New Jersey Children’s Museum
        Journal; Pencils; Pens; Clipboard; Markers
        Donated by: Segal/Keenan’s Class                                  #316 - THE SPAGHETTI INCIDENT
                                                                          Bronze Metal Bread Basket with 12 cloth napkins, 2 oven Mitts,
        #308 - RATATOUILLE                                                and 1 Apron
        Kitchen Products                                                  Donated by: O’Neil and MacMath’s Class and JFK Family
        -Pot Holder – Heart Cupcake Molds – Silicone Brush – Williams-
        Sonoma Guide to Good Cooking CD – Ceramic Oil Plate –             #317 – SAME TIME NEXT YEAR
        Ceramic “Kitchen” Hanging Plaque – Glass Serving Plate – Kids     One overnight stay at Bridgewater Marriott Hotel (Friday or
        Apron and Mitt – Two (2) Hot Plates                               Saturday night)
        Donated by: Gifts n Things                                        Donated by: Bridgewater Marriott

        #309 – BIG COUNTRY                                                #318 - SPEED
         Large ‘Country’ Frame with small ‘Country’ Frame, Two (2) Star   Front End Wheel Alignment
        Magnets, and 3 Tealight Candle Trees                              Donated by: Goodyear – The American Tire Service
        Donated by: At Home America Consultant
                                                                          #319 - CHOCOLAT
        #310 – ANY GIVEN SUNDAY                                           Towels and Washclothes; Cheese Grater; Ice Cream Scoop;
        Hines Ward Autographed Photo in Frame                             Cupcake Wrappers; Brownie Decorating Set; Cupcake
        Donated by: Pittsburgh Steelers                                   Decorating Set; Vegetable Peeler; Bag Clips; Syrup Dispenser;
                                                                          Measuring Cups and Spoons
        #311 - CARWASH                                                    Donated by: Mrs. Carbonetta’s Class
        $50 Car Wash Gift Card; Chamois Kit; Armor All Wipes
        Donated by: Super Car Wash, Bridgewater and JFK Family            #320 – WINTER WONDERLAND
                                                                          Snowman Picture Frame; Smores (Graham Crackers,
        #312 – THE MECHANIC                                               Chocolate, and Marshmallows); Thermal Socks; Soothing
        Black & Decker 7.2 v Cordless Drill Kit; Black & Decker 3 Speed   Socklets; Mug; Candles (2); Gloves; Fleece Blanket
        Rotary Tool; Stanley Screwdrivers; Stanley 16’ LeverLock Tape     Donated by: Mrs. Lopez’s Class
        Measure; SKIL 3 LED Crank Light with 5 piece Tool Kit
        Donated by: Randazzo’s                                            #321 – LAST WALTZ
                                                                          Two (2) Lawn Tickets at PNC Bank Art Center
        #313 – SIXTEEN CANDLES                                            Donated by: PNC Bank Art Center
        Wrought Iron Round Eight (8) Candle Wall Sconce and a Four
        (4) Candle Tray                                                   #322 – CHEENI KUM
        Donated by: an At Home America Consultant and a JFK Family        Bracelet, Robe, Photo Album, Box, Clothing, Indian Dress
                                                                          Donated by: Anonymous
        #314 – DIARY OF A WIMPY KID
        Collection of 20 books, including Diary of a Wimpy Kid            #323 – THE LOCKSMITH
                            th                                            Kwikset Deadbolt and Door Knob
        Donated by: JFK’s 4 Grade Teachers
                                                                          Two (2) Door Knockers and Viewers
                                                                          Donated by: Armour Lock & Safe

                                                                               #333 - NETFORCE
        #324 – SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE                                            Voucher for Two (2) Tickets to a Nets Home Game
        Salwarsuit                                                             Donated by: New Jersey Nets
        Donated by: Anonymous
                                                                               #334 – LEFT LUGGAGE
        #325 – FAMILY JEWELS                                                   Tag Heuer/Nike Bag with Journal
        Necklace and Earrings                                                  Donated by: Tag Heuer
        Donated by: Anonymous                                                  (two winners will be chosen)
        #326 – WHITE POWDER                                                    #335 - WATCHMEN
        Full Season Ski or Snowboard Rental                                    Tag Heuer Polo Shirt (size M); Tag Heuer Mirror in case; Tag
        Donated by: Pelican Ski                                                Heuer Silk Scarf
                                                                               Donated by: Tag Heuer
        #327 – SKI PATROL
        Free Lift Ticket (Variety of Resorts) and 1 Day Ski/Snowboard Rental   #336 – THE MAKER
        Donated by: Pelican Ski                                                Craft supplies – ribbon, stickers, children’s ready-to-make
                                                                               projects, Sewing Machine, punches, construction-themed fabric,
        #328 - AVATAR                                                          stencils
        Pandora Bracelet                                                       Donated by: a JFK Family
        Donated by: Bentley’s Fine Jewelers
                                                                               #337 - THE LONGEST COCKTAIL PARTY
        #329 – THE RAILWAY CHILDREN                                            12 Bottle Wine Fridge
        Admit two (2) to Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania                       Donated by: a JFK Family
        Village Greens Golf – Admit two (2) to Miniature Golf
        The Big Little Railroad Hobby Shop $10 Gift Certificate                #338 - AQUARIA
        Donated by: Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania; Village Greens Golf;      Complimentary Tickets for Four (4) to Adventure Aquarium –
        The Big Little Railroad Hobby Shop                                     Camden
                                                                               Donated by: Adventure Aquarium
        #330 – STAND UP AND CHEER
        One (1) month Tuition and T-shirt                                      #339 – THE STONE RAFT
        Donated by: Evolution Training Center – Milltown Road Location         Complimentary Tickets for Two (2) to Adventure Center at
                                                                               Whitewater Challengers
        #331 – FOLLOW ME, BOYS                                                 Donated by: Adventure Center at Whitewater Challengers
        Books for Boys (Age 8+)
        School – Adventures at the Harvey N. Trouble Elementary School;        #340 – SUPER SLIDE
        Eyes on the Goal; Top of the Order; Justin Case – School, Drool, and   Free admission for four (4) people on any weekday, including
        other Daily Disasters; For Boys Only                                   four (4) free wristbands for use of the waterslides and two (2)
        Donated by: Anonymous                                                  free pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, or Sorbet.
                                                                               Donated by: Tomahawk Lake Waterpark and Ben & Jerry’s Ice
        #332 – FUNNY GIRL                                                      Cream
        Books for Girls (Age 8+)
        Tweenie Genie; Little Prince (Horse Collection); Samirah’s Ride        #341 – TORTILLA SOUP
        (Horse Collection); Wild Blue (Horse Collection); For Girls Only;      Stockpot with pasta, beans, and stock; magazine; olive oil
        Doodlemaster – Rock Star; Doodlemaster – Fashionista                   Donated by: Wegman’s – Bridgewater
        Donated by: Anonymous

                                                                                LEVEL 4

        #342 – HAIR SHOW                                                        #401 – EASY RIDER
        $50 Gift Certificate for a cut and blow dry with Kristin, Theresa, or   Harley Davidson Luggage/Backpack, Wall Clock, Hat, and T-Shirt
        Kara; manicure with Kristin                                             Donated by: Horton Family
        Donated by: Hair Unique
                                                                                #402 – SMILES OF FORTUNE
        #343 – TOO SMOOTH                                                       Full Mouth Teeth Whitening Certificate; Toothpastes; Toothbrushes;
        A variety of Avon products                                              Mouthwashes; Floss
        Donated by: Donna Lapadula, Avon Representative                         Donated by: Koren Family Dental

        #344 – THE PAINTER OF WIND                                              #403 – THE GIRL WITH THE SUNGLASSES
        A One (1) Year Dual/Family membership to Montclair Art Museum           Nickelodeon Children Sunglasses with Case and Cleaner
        Donated by: Montclair Art Museum                                        Donated by: Pearle Vision, Somerville Circle

        #345 – MARGARET’S MUSEUM                                                #404 – SNOW WHITE
        A One (1) year Family/Grandfamily Membership to the Morris              Tonner Collectible Doll - ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’
        Museum                                                                  Donated by: Tonner Doll Company
        Donated by: Morris Museum
                                                                                #405 - CINDERELLA
        #346 – THE GENERAL                                                      Four (4) 1-Day Disney Park Hopper Tickets
        General Mills food – Honey Nut Cheerios; Bisquick; Soft Taco Dinner     Donated by: Disney Co
        Kit; Nature Valley Bars; Chex Mix; flour; Fruit Snacks; Bread Crumbs;
        Chicken Helper; Potato Casserole; Brownies; Cake Mix; coupons for       #406 – SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT
        ‘free’ frozen food – all in a Storage Container                         $175 toward a Consultation for Invisalign; Toothbrushes; Flossers;
        Donated by: General Mills                                               Cup; T-Shirt; Pencils; and Lip Balm
                                                                                Donated by: Sanford Orthodontics, Bridgewater
        #347 - BACK TO THE FUTURE
        Timex Women’s Camouflage Watch                                          #407 – SAVANNAH SMILES
        Donated by: Timex                                                       Oral B Triumph Professional Care Toothbrush
                                                                                Donated by: Amwell Dental Associates
        #348 – THE GOLDEN BOWL
        Tiffany & Co Bowl                                                       #408 – MARY POPPINS
        Donated by: Anonymous                                                   Mary Poppins on Broadway
                                                                                -Two (2) Broadway Tickets – 1 Row Balcony Saturday, April 16 –
        #349 – BOWLFUL OF CHILE                                                 2pm; Limited Edition Disney Broadway Collectible Pin; Poster Signed
        Tiffany & Co Bowl                                                       by Original Broadway Cast; Mary Poppins Umbrella; Mary Poppins
        Donated by: Anonymous                                                   Carpet Bag; Mary Poppins Tote Bag
                                                                                Donated by: Hoffman & Sons Plumbing, Raritan

        #409 – THE BIRTHDAY CARD
                                                                               #418 - FLASHDANCE
        Trio de Sentimientos (set of 7 stamps); Camino a la Escuiela (set
                                                                               Two (2) Tickets to Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium
        of 9 stamps); Happy Camper (set of 10 stamps); Rough Type (set
                                                                               Two (2) Tickets to Carnegie Science Center
        of 28 stamps); Bitty Birthday (set of 4 stamps); Tropical Party (set
                                                                               Two (2) Tickets to The Andy Warhol Museum
        of 5 stamps); Best Friends Alphabet Upper (set of 28 stamps); King
                                                                               $50 Gift Card to Marriott Hotels
        of the Grill (set of 5 stamps); Cool Caribbean Stampin’ Pad;
                                                                               Donated by: Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium; Carnegie Science
        Copper Metallic Ink Pad; Accents & Elements
                                                                               Center; The Andy Warhol Museum; JFK Family
        Pink Pocket Notes w/ Envelopes; Set of Markers; Paper
        Donated by: Stampin’ Up
                                                                               #419 – A QUIET MAN
                                                                               Two (2) Tickets to the Irish Repertory Theatre
        #410 - RV
                                                                               Donated by: The Irish Repertory Theatre Company, Inc.
        $50 KOA Gift Card; Camp Hauler Basecamp Organization;
        Coleman LED Lantern; Emergency Poncho
                                                                               #420 – GRAND HOTEL
        Donated by: Randazzo’s and JFK Family
                                                                               Complimentary One-Night Stay in a Parlor Suite Including Dinner for
        #411 – PRETTY IN PINK
                                                                               Donated by: Double Tree Hotel
        Sterling Silver Pink Agate Necklace, Pink Purse, and Pink Scarf
        Donated by: JFK Family
                                                                               #421 – THE COVE
                                                                               Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts
        #412 – COFFEE SHOP
                                                                               (Cove Haven, Paradise Stream, or Pocono Palace)
        Keurig Coffee Maker with 12 K-Cups
                                                                               One Night Midweek Stay (Sunday – Thursday)
        Donated by: Keurig
                                                                               Donated by: Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts
        #413 – PSYCHO 2
                                                                               #422 - INSOMNIA
        Glade Scented Oil Candles; Shower Gels, Soaps, and Lotions;
                                                                               Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel One (1) Night Stay(Friday or Saturday
        Bath Beads; Bath Salts; MaryKay Satin Hands Kit
        Donated by: Mrs. Bogda’s Class
                                                                               Breakfast for Two in OLIO
                                                                               Donated by: Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel
        #414 – CRIMES OF THE HEART
        Two (2) Complimentary tickets to McCarter Theatre Center’s
                                                                               #423 - PUNCHLINE
        Crimes of the Heart showing March 8-27 or Sleeping Beauty
                                                                               Stress Factory
        Wakes showing April 29-June 5.
                                                                               Free Admission for up to 10 people for any Thursday Night show
        Donated by: McCarter Theatre Center
                                                                               Donated by: Stress Factory
                                                                               (Four winners will be chosen)
        #415 – PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
        Two (2) Complimentary Tickets to a State Theatre presentation
                                                                               #424 – FAMILY CIRCUS
        during 2011-2012
                                                                               Four (4) Mezzanine Seats to Big Apple Circus – Cunningham Park,
        Donated by: State Theatre
                                                                               Queens, NY location only
                                                                               Candy, Cotton Candy, Caramel Popcorn, Circus Puzzle, Juggling for
        #416 – PHILADELPHIA
                                                                               the Klutz, Popcorn, 2 Popcorn Containers, and Ringling Bros and
        A Complimentary Overnight Weekend stay for Two in Deluxe
                                                                               Barnum & Bailey “The Greatest Show on Earth” Wii Game
        Accommodations at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel
                                                                               Donated by: Ms. Ciurleo’s Class
        Donated by: Loews Philadelphia Hotel

        #417 – SNOW DOGS
        Four (4) Ski Shawnee Lift Tickets
        Donated by: NJ 101.5

        #425 – CAMERA BUFF
        Portrait Session and 8”x10” Photo                               #434 – GOODNIGHT, MISTER TOM
        Donated by: Anthony Bianciella Photography                      Books for Toddlers
        (Two winners will be chosen)                                    Jake goes Peanuts; A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade; The Happiness
                                                                        Tree; Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You; Cooking with Henry
        #426 – A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN                                    and Elliebelly; Miss Lina’s Ballerinas; Puffling; Peep a Little Book
        Lady Panther Girls Softball Camp – Bridgewater                  about Taking a Leap; Beautiful Yetta – The Yiddish Chicken; Trouble
        Grades 3-9                                                      Gum
        June 27-July 1, 2011                                            Donated by: Anonymous
        Donated by: Sandy Baranowski
                                                                        #435 – QUANTUM HOOPS
        #427 – BAD NEWS BEARS                                           Two(2) tickets to the New York Knicks vs. New Jersey Nets –
        Panther Sports Camp – Bridgewater                               Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 7:30 pm at Madison Square Garden –
        Grades 3-9                                                      Section 221
        August 8-12, 2011                                               Donated by: Johnathan C. Lerner
        Donated by: Sandy Baranowski
                                                                        #436 - SUMMERHOOD
        #428 - SPLASH                                                   Electric Ice Cream Maker; Corn on the Cob holders; Sunscreen and
        Coppermine Swim Club - June Membership                          Aloe Lotion; Cucumber Garden; Tomato Pot; Carvel Gift Certificate -
        Donated by: Coppermine Swim Club                                $5
                                                                        Donated by: Ms. Prisco’s Class and Carvel
        #429 - TAXMAN
        A free 1 hour Consultation or $150 off Tax Preparation          #437 – NINE GOOD TEETH
        Donated by: Accounting Alternatives                             Free dental exam with x-rays for two (2) adults
                                                                        Free dental exam, x-rays, and fluoride for two (2) children
        #430 – A PLAYER TO BE NAMED LATER                               $100 discount on “In Office” or “Take Home” tooth whitening
        Free Week of Baseball Camp                                      $100 discount on complete orthodontics for a child
        Donated by: Max Newill, Bridgewater-Raritan Panthers Baseball   Toothpastes, Toothbrushes, and Floss
        Camp                                                            Donated by: Dental Care Bridgewater

        #431 – THE FOOTBALL FACTORY                                     #438 – STRENGTH AND HONOR
        One (1) Week/Session Complimentary Football Camp                4 weeks (8 sessions) Gravity Training Sessions – (Body Composition,
        Choice of either Panther Youth Camp (children entering Grades   Muscular Endurance, Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength,
        K-8) or Panther Skill Camp (entering Grades 5-8)                and Flexibility) – at ProCare Physical Therapy - Bridgewater
        Donated by: BRHS Football/Scott Bray                            1-hour Fitness Evaluation
                                                                        “Strength and Conditioning for all ages” by Mark Salandra
        #432 – HOOP DREAMS                                              Donated by: Pro Care Physical Therapy, P.A./
        One (1) Week Complimentary Basketball Camp
        Choice of CoEd or Boys only camps throughout the summer.        #439 - THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY
        Donated by: Bridgewater-Raritan Basketball Camp/Coach           Squire Stratocaster Guitar – Frontman 15 G Amp; Amp Cord; Picks;
        McAteer                                                         Tuner; Body Glove Padded Gig Bag; Guitar Strap
                                                                        Donated by: Anonymous
        #433 – THE FIRST BASKET
        Large Scalloped Pocket Basket with fabric liner and plastic
        Donated by: Longaberger Consultant – Susan Bugal

                                                                      Thank you to the following donors:

                                                                      *Disney Corp -
        #440 – MISTER ROCK & ROLL                                     *Wegman’s – Route 202 South – Bridgewater –
        Fender Jazz Bass; Hard Shell Case; Hartke Amp; Amp Cord;      *Liberty Science Center - Liberty State Park - 222 Jersey City Boulevard -
        Shoulder Strap                                                Jersey City -
        Donated by: Anonymous                                         *Gaetano’s - 83-85 West Somerset St. - Raritan
                                                                      *Maggiano’s - 600 Commons Way – Bridgewater -
        #441 – ROAD TO THE BIG LEAGUES                                *Pressman Toys -
        Mets Tickets to a June Game                                   *New York Liberty - Madison Square Garden - 4 Penn Plaza - New York, NY
        Donated by: Chris Roberts, Hess Corp
                                                                      *General Mills –
                                                                      *Quick Chek - 76 West Somerset Street - Raritan
        #442 – THE OLYMPIAD                                           *Mechanical Preservation Associates, 399 Roycefield Road, Hillsborough
        Complimentary One (1) week to V-Games Camp held at John F.    *Somerville Center Antiques - 34 West Main Street - Somerville
        Kennedy School, Raritan                             
        July 25-29, 2011                                              *Raritan Auto Service - 40 E. Somerset Street – Raritan
        Donated by: Michael Vidnansky                                 *Chimney Rock Inn - 800 Thompson Avenue - Bridgewater
                                                                      *Goodyear – The American Tire Service - 426 Route 206 South – Hillsborough
        #443 – THE ISLANDER
                                                                      *Bed Bath & Beyond – 155 Promenade Blvd - Bridgewater –
        Complimentary One (1) week to Survivor Camp held at John F.
        Kennedy School, Raritan                                       *Just Subs - 422 US Highway 206 – Hillsborough
        June 27 – July 1, 2011                                        *Delucia’s Brick Oven Pizza - 3 First Avenue – Raritan
        Donated by: Michael Vidnansky                                 *New Jersey Devils –
                                                                      *New York Giants –
        #444 – UNDER TEN FLAGS                                        *New York Rangers –
        Complimentary One (1) week to Capture the Flag Camp held at   *Keurig –
                                                                      *Bridgewater Baseball -
        John F. Kennedy School, Raritan
                                                                      *Donna Attanasio, Personal Training – Bridgewater
        June 27 – July 1, 2011                                        *Lowe’s Home Improvement - 315 Route 206 - Hillsborough
        Donated by: Michael Vidnansky                       
                                                                      *Jodi Castiglia – Tastefully Simple -
        #445 – PHOTOPLAY                                              *Jan Brett -
        One (1) hour Photo Session at a location of choice            *Two Tomatoes Records, LLC –
        Donated by: Dan Della Piazza Photography                      *Efinger Sporting Goods - 513 West Union Ave - Bound Brook
                                                                      *Bucks County River Country -
                                                                      *Houlihan’s – Route 22 East – Bridgewater
        Two (2) Tiffany & Co Beer Mugs                                *LaCatena – Route 22 East – Bridgewater –
        Donated by: Anonymous                                         *Loews Philadelphia Hotel - 1200 Market Street - Philadelphia, PA
        #447 – CHAMPAGNE FOR CAESAR                                   *Anthony Bianciella Photography -
        Two (2) Tiffany & Co Champagne Flutes                         *Coppermine Swim Club - 690 Foothill Road - Bridgewater
        Donated by: Anonymous                               
                                                                      *Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium - One Wild Place - Pittsburgh, PA
                                                                      *Carnegie Science Center - One Allegheny Avenue - Pittsburgh, PA
                                                                      *The Andy Warhol Museum - 117 Sandusky Street - Pittsburgh, PA
                                                                      *The Irish Repertory Theatre Company - 132 West 22nd St - New York, NY
                                                                      *Cove Haven - 194 Lakeview Drive - Lakeville, PA
                                                                      *Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel - 15 US Highway 1 S – Iselin –
                                                                      *Carvel –

                                                                                             *Accounting Alternatives - 44 West Somerset St - Suite B - Raritan
        *The National Toy Train Museum - 300 Paradise Lane - Strasburg, PA 17579             (908) 707-8733 -                                                                    *Dental Care Bridgewater – 475 North Bridge Street, Bridgewater
        *NY Skyride - Empire State Building – 2nd Floor - New York City, NY        
        *Kid to Kid – Rout e 22 East – Green Brook – 732 – 529-5502                          *Montclair Art Museum – 3 S. Mountain Ave – Montclair
        *The Razor’s Edge - 17 E. Somerset Street - Raritan                                  *Joe Keating
        *Cluck-U Chicken – 2 W. Main Street – Somerville (908) 722-9622                      *Dan Della Piazza
        *Denise Jewelry Designs -                          *Sandy Baranowski
        *Ten Pins Bowling - 1 Rustic Mall, Manville - (908) 526-4040                         *Michael Vidnansky
        *Espo’s - 10 2nd Street – Raritan - (908) 685-9552                                   *Max Newill
        *Somerset Patriots -                                        *Chryl Garces
        *Tag Heuer -                                                        *Darlene Newill
        *Joanne Liptak – Mayor, Raritan                                                      *Cynthia Chapman Willis
        *Dick’s Sporting Goods –                                  *Coach McAteer
        *Café Piazza, Route 206, Hillsborough                                                *Scott Bray
        *Stampin’ Up -                                                     *Susan Bugal
        *Branchburg Sports Complex - 47 Readington Road - Branchburg, NJ 08876               *Johnathan C. Lerner                                                      *Mary Austin
        *Pittsburgh Steelers –                                              *Jennifer Pennisi
        *Super Car Wash - 820 Route 22 East - Bridgewater                                    *Kenneth Campbell                                                      *Jaclyn Kritzar
        *Randazzo’s - Route 202 and First Avenue - Raritan                                   *Ellen Melore                                                          *Carol O’Neil
        *Imagine That!!! A New Jersey Children’s Museum - 4 Vreeland Road - Florham Park -   *Michele MacMath                                                            *Chris Roberts
        *Bridgewater Marriott - 700 Commons Way – Bridgewater-
        *Armour Lock & Safe - 240 S Main St - Manville                                       The following JFK Families:
        *Pelican Ski, Pool, & Patio Shop - Route 22 East – Whitehouse                        McClymont – Lerner – Vernak – Koren – Horton – Verano – Sibilia – Corra - Ahern
        *Evolution Training Center - 360 Milltown Road - Bridgewater                                                              The following JFK Classes:
        *Adventure Aquarium – Camden –                             Mrs. Gard – Mrs. O’Neil/Mrs. MacMath – Mr. Segal/Mrs. Keenan – Fligiel – Hering –
        *Ben and Jerry’s/Unilever                                                            Prisco – Mrs. Austin/Mrs. Pennisi – Mrs. Garrabrant – Mrs. Lopez – Mrs. Carbonetta –
        *Tomahawk Lake Waterpark - 155 Tomahawk Trail - Sparta –        Mrs. Bogda – Mrs. Ciurleo – Ms. Kritzar
        *Adventure Center at Whitewater Challengers – White Haven, PA
        *Hair Unique – 492 Route 28 – Bridgewater
        *Koren Family Dental - Route 202 – Raritan -
        *Sanford Orthodontics - Prince Rodgers Avenue - Bridgewater
        *Tonner Doll Company -
        *Pearle Vision - 329 Route 202-206 – Bridgewater -
        *Amwell Dental Associates - 601 Route 206 - Hillsborough
        *Hoffman & Sons Plumbing – Raritan - (908) 526-1509
        *McCarter Theatre Center - 91 University Pl – Princeton -
        *Mark Salandra/Pro Care Physical Therapy, P.A./– 475 North
        Bridge Street, Suite 102, Bridgewater -
        *Donna Lapadula – Avon Representative -
        *Morris Museum – Morristown –
        *State Theatre - 15 Livingston Ave - New Brunswick -

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