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					Focusing on the needs in our
   Community Together.

       Grant Writing
    Southwest Florida Affiliate

Presented By: Miriam Ross, Executive Director
      Denese Mattrey, Grant Committee
   Miriam Ross
Executive Director

 Southwest Florida Affiliate
Komen & Affiliate History and Mission
Grant Requirements
Grant Writing Tutorial
Request for Application Review
Questions and Wrap Up

     Southwest Florida Affiliate
Name & Title
Agency Name
Previous Komen Grantee
  Yes or No
  How many years

  Southwest Florida Affiliate
      Workshop Goals
 Learn the Vision and Mission, of Susan G. Komen for
  the Cure Southwest Florida.®
 Understand Komen’s Education Messages
 Understand Funding Opportunities.
 Understand Reviewers Rating
 Develop a Successful Application.
 Encourage networking with other breast health

          Southwest Florida Affiliate
   Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
Our Story
  Born in a promise between two
  sisters -- Nancy Brinker to her
  sister, Susan G. Komen, who died
  from breast cancer at the age of 36
  – our vision to see a world without
  breast cancer has become the
  vision of millions.
Our Promise
  To save lives and end breast
  cancer forever by empowering
  people, ensuring quality care for all
  and Energizing science to find the

               Southwest Florida Affiliate
  Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
 Today, Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest and most
  progressive grassroots network of survivors and activists
  working to end breast cancer forever.
 Komen for the Cure is 125 Affiliates strong, located in cities
  and communities across the U.S., Germany, Italy and
  Puerto Rico
 More than 100,000 survivors and activists are the face and
  voice of the global breast cancer movement
 Local activists and global citizens annually mobilize
  millions through events like the Komen Race for the Cure
  Series, the world’s largest and most successful education
  and fundraising event for breast cancer ever created.

               Southwest Florida Affiliate
       Southwest Florida Affiliate
 Incorporated in November 2002 in Collier and Lee Counties
 July 2008 expanded to Charlotte, Glades & Hendry Counties
 As of 3/31/09 the Affiliate has:
   Raised - $4,976,354 (includes Race Rev. of $2,000,000+)
   Awarded grant funds - $2,780,729
   Contributed to Komen’s Research Fund - $1,059,393
 Saturday, March 13, 2010 will be the 4th Annual Southwest
  Florida Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®
 75% of net income is awarded to local community programs
  and 25% goes to National Komen for Research.

               Southwest Florida Affiliate
                       Grant Award History



                                                     $311,137                 $297,725      $309,616
 $200,000                             $152,061
                         $80,738                 $119,201
 $100,000                          $72,041
             $3,000   $33,245
              2003        2004          2005           2006            2007        2008          2009

                                                 Research     Grants

                      Southwest Florida Affiliate
Breast Cancer in the United States
         2009 Estimate
  New Cases: Women – 254,650;               Men - 1910
  Deaths:        Women -         40,170;    Men - 440
  5 Year Relative Survival Rate for Localized Stage - 98%
  51.2% of women 40+ reported had a mammogram in 2008
  2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the US today

 2009 - ACS

              Southwest Florida Affiliate
     2009 Breast Cancer Fast Facts
 One woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes and one will
  die of breast cancer every 13 minutes in the US.

 Breast Cancer is second only to lung in cancer deaths among women in the US

 Except for skin cancers, breast cancer is the second most frequently
  diagnosed cancer among women in US

 In the US, white women age 40 and older were more likely to report having a
  mammogram in the past two years, than any other racial or ethnic group.

 In the US, the lowest prevalence of mammography screening in the past two
  years occurred among women who do not have health insurance, followed by
  immigrant women.

                           Go to for more statistical data

                   Southwest Florida Affiliate
Breast Self Awareness Messages
1. Know your risk.
    Talk to your family about your family health history.
    Talk to your doctor about your personal risk of breast
2. Get screened.
    Ask your doctor which screening tests are right for you
     if you are at higher risk.
    Have a mammogram every year starting at age 40 if you
     are at average risk.
    Have a clinical breast exam at least every 3 years
     starting at 20, and every year starting at 40.

            Southwest Florida Affiliate
       Messaging Continued
3. Know what is normal for you.
    Know how your breasts look and feel and report
     changes to your health care provider right away.
4. Make healthy lifestyle choices that may reduce
  your risk of breast cancer, such as:
    Maintain a healthy weight.
    Add exercise into your routine.
    Limit alcohol intake.

          Southwest Florida Affiliate
Komen Events Participation

 Grantees are HIGHLY
 encouraged to attend at least 1
 Komen Event through the grant

      Southwest Florida Affiliate
            Important Dates
Application Deadline             Postmarked no later
                                 than November 12, 2009
Award Notification               March 2010
Award Event                      April 2010
Funding Start                    Receipt of Signed Contract
                                 from Grantee
Award Period                     March 31, 2010 – April 30, 2011

              Southwest Florida Affiliate
      Who can apply for Funding?
Past and Current Komen-funded grants or awards in compliance
 with Komen requirements.

US non-profit (federally tax-exempt) organization, e.g. nonprofit
 organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and
 Native Americans are eligible.

Applicant organizations must be located in or providing services in
 Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry and/or Lee Counties.

Project must be specific to breast health and or breast cancer; e.g. if
 a project is a combined breast and cervical cancer project, funding
 may only be requested for the breast cancer portion of the project.

                 Southwest Florida Affiliate
         2010-11 Funding Priorities
 Increasing breast health awareness and education activities.
 Increasing resources available to the uninsured/underinsured, low
  income population.
 Reduce/remove barriers such as transportation, child care, and
  scheduling issues for screening/treatments.
 Improving and increasing resources for diagnostic testing,
  staging procedures, and treatment for uninsured/underinsured,
  low income population.
 Increasing efforts to educate and support newly diagnosed
  patients and breast cancer survivors about local
  programs/services available to help with quality of life issues.

                 Southwest Florida Affiliate
        Funds May be Used For:
 Clinical services or breast care costs.
 Salaries for project staff related to this project only and
  only for the time allocated to the project.
 Other direct program expenses, e.g. breast models, flip
  charts, videos, that further the Komen educational mission.
 Disposable supplies related to the project, e.g. copy
  paper, pens, etc., not to exceed 5% of total grant request.

              Southwest Florida Affiliate
Funds may NOT be used for:
Medical or scientific research
Scholarships or fellowships
Construction or renovation of facilities
Political campaigns or lobbying
Debt reduction
Equipment, e.g. electronics
Indirect expenses, e.g. utilities and overhead

           Southwest Florida Affiliate
          Key Changes for 2010-11
 Grant report/payment cycle; new vs returning
 RFA – additional information required – benefit breakdown,
  organization financial statements
 Equipment will NOT be funded
 Education materials must be purchased through Komen –
  (Southwest FL Komen logo use mandatory)
 New Insurance Requirements
 Educational messaging
 Must participate in Community Profile

              Southwest Florida Affiliate
          Insurance Requirement
Grant contracts include new verbiage this year concerning insurance
and indemnity:
   Grantee agrees to maintain the following insurance during the term of
   this Grant Contract: (i) commercial general liability insurance with
   combined limits of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and
   $2,000,000 in the aggregate for bodily injury, including death, and
   property damage; and (ii) excess/umbrella insurance, excess to the
   insurance set forth in (i) above, with a limit of not less than
   $5,000,000. Grantee shall name Komen Affiliate as an additional
   insured under its commercial general liability insurance policy solely
   with respect to the Breast Cancer Project and any additional policies
   and riders entered into by Grantee in connection with the Breast
   Cancer Project.

                Southwest Florida Affiliate
   Grant Submission Process
Submitted by Project Director -
1. 6 single-sided paper copies bound by paper clips (no
   staples or spiral binding)
2. 1 CD/DVD copy of total application.
3. All pages MUST be numbered
Both of the above have to be submitted otherwise Application
  will not be accepted. See
Applications must be postmarked no later than Jan. 16, 2009
               Send to the following Address
   Susan G. Komen for the Cure Southwest Florida Affiliate
   Attn: Grants Chair
   26800 Tamiami Trail #210
   Bonita Springs, Florida 34134

            Southwest Florida Affiliate
                     Review Process
There are six steps in the review process:
1. Compliance Review – Completed by Grant Committee
2. Reviewer s – Business Leaders, Medical Community
   and Survivors
3. Assignment of Applications
4. Reading and Scoring
5. Discussion and Ranking
6. Recommendations to the Board
   (Insert Reviewers Rating Sheet)

                   Southwest Florida Affiliate
          Selection Criteria

See Reviewers Insert for grant grading

            Southwest Florida Affiliate
                             If Awarded:
1. After an award is made, a grant contract will be the legal mechanism for funding.
   Award checks will be issued to grantee by the Affiliate upon receipt of two
   signed copies of the grant contract.
2. Payments will be made in installments as identified in the Grant Contract.
3. Project progress reports will be required as identified in the Grant Contract.
4. Grantees will be required to participate in at least one (1) Komen event
   (volunteering) during the grant period.
5. Site visits will be performed by the Affiliate.
6. Grantees will be required to be a resource in compiling the Community Profile
   during the Grant period.
7. Grantees are recommended to following Komen Education Messages
8. Insurance Requirement

                     Southwest Florida Affiliate
Deadline – November 12, 2009



      Southwest Florida Affiliate
        (15 Minutes)

Southwest Florida Affiliate
Grant Writing
               Presented by Denese Mattrey

 Southwest Florida Affiliate
                    Project Basics
        Ask Yourself Some Key Questions
 How do I Know this is a Need? - Gather Evidence.
 How can My Organization Help? Is My Organization Equipped
  to Run and Manage this Project?
 Who will Benefit from my Grant Project? Identify those Groups.
 What is Already being done to Address this Need? (Duplication
  of Need).
 What Activities need to be Carried Out to Solve this Need?
 Who do I Need to Partner with in the Community?
 What does Success Look like?

                Southwest Florida Affiliate

Southwest Florida Affiliate
                   Selection Criteria
IMPACT:      Will the Project have a Substantial Positive Impact on Breast Cancer.

FEASIBILITY: How likely is it the Objectives and Activities will be Achieved
                 within the Scope of the Funded Project?

CAPACITY:        Does the Organization, Project Director and his/her team have
                 the Expertise to Effectively Implement all Aspects of the Project?
                 Is the Organization Respected and Valued by the Target

COLLABORATION:            Does this Project Enhance Collaboration among
                          Organizations with Similar or Complementary Goals?

SUSTAINABILITY:           Is the Project likely to be Sustained? Is the Impact likely
                          to be Long-term?

                   Southwest Florida Affiliate
                  Finding Statistics

    Don’t forget to use your own statistical data.

                 Southwest Florida Affiliate
Writing Objectives

   SMART Goals

  Southwest Florida Affiliate
                 Project Design
1. Proposed Solution.
2. Project Relationship to the Komen Mission.
3. Description of Goals and Objectives - Remember “SMART”
4. Community to be Served.
5. Activities Planned.
6. Define Program Success Indicators. – Evaluation
7. Participation of other Organizations involved - (Letters)
8. Long Term Plan - Strategies for Funding after Initial Funding.
9. Exit Strategy.
10. Use of Project Results.

               Southwest Florida Affiliate
                       Work Plan

 STATEMENT OF STRENGTH - Overview of Your Mission, Activities,
  Structure, Achievements and Services.

               Southwest Florida Affiliate
Grant Components
 Instructions
 Cover Page
 Abstract
 Project Description
 Budget
 Bioskech(es)501c(3)
 501c(3)

Southwest Florida Affiliate
      Application Requirements
   Type-Written in English.
   Plain, White, Single-Sided 81/2” X 11” Paper.
   12 Point Font with 1 Inch Margins.
   Six Copies (One Original and 5 Duplicates).
   All Pages must be Numbered and Stapled in the Upper
    Left Hand Corner.
   No Special Packaging (Binders, Plastic Covers, etc.)
    should be used. In Addition,
   Please Email One Complete Application.
   Word Format NOT in pdf Form.
   Attachments may be Submitted as pdf Files.

               Southwest Florida Affiliate
          Cover Page

Use Attached Form.

Two Signatures are Required.

   Southwest Florida Affiliate
The Abstract is the Reviewer’s First Impression of
Your Proposal. It is the Umbrella Statement of Your
“Case” and a Summary of Your Project.
                      BE BRIEF!
 (If Program is funded, the abstract is for release to
                  the General Public)


           Southwest Florida Affiliate
            Abstract Formalities
Abstract – Project Summary - (Form Provided)
 Should be Limited to 1,200 Characters, including Spaces and
  Punctuation. (Approximately 250 Words).
 Should Provide a Brief Description of the Project.
 Including the Following:
   1. Purpose of the Project.
   2. A Description of Key Activities.
   3. A Summary of Evaluation Methods.
   4, The likely Impact of the Project.

               Southwest Florida Affiliate
               Project Description
1. Background:
     Description of the Organization’s History, Mission, and Goals.
     Describe Current Projects and Recent Accomplishments.
     Describe Past Komen Grants Received, including Number of Years
      and Dollar Amount of Grants.
     How the Current Application Extends Ongoing Projects or Creates
      New Initiatives and Give the Rationale of the Current Plan.

2. Statement of Need/Problem:
     Describe Why the Proposed Project is Needed.
     Describe the Population to be Served.
     Explain How this Project is Unique in this Service Area.

                  Southwest Florida Affiliate
                        Project Plan
                        USE FORM PROVIDED
 Describe Project Goals and Key quantitative Measurable Objectives.
  (Do not Use Percentages).
 Explain How the Goals and Objectives Address the Selected Priority
 Describe the Activities that will be Conducted to Accomplish the
  above Goals and Objectives.
 Include a Timeline for Implementing the Activities.
 Describe Your Evaluation Plan for each Objective.
    How the Objectives will be Measured.
    How You will Measure Your Success.
 Provide Specifics - How Many in what Population will be Served.

                 Southwest Florida Affiliate
       Developing Your Proposal
Explain Your Methods and Specific Actions to Achieve Your
 Objectives. Answer the Following Questions:
 How? – The Activities that will take place during the Project Time
 When? - Timeline for Project Activities
 Why? - Defend Your Choice of Methods. Why did you Choose these
  Activities? This Section helps the Reviewer Visualize the
  Implementation of Your Project.

                Southwest Florida Affiliate

Describe Other Organizations or Entities, if any,
  Participating in the Project.

If Applicable, Letters of Collaboration Should be
   Included from Each Organization.

            Southwest Florida Affiliate

Describe how this Project and its Impact will be
  Sustained Long-Term.
 What Resources (Financial, Personnel,
  Partnerships, etc.) will be needed to Sustain this
  Effort over Time?
 How will those Resources be Secured?

         Southwest Florida Affiliate

Identify Project Personnel Responsible for

Define Delegation of Tasks - Who will carry out
                             What Tasks?

          Southwest Florida Affiliate
      Budget and Expenses

Projects become Reality because the Central Idea is
      Sold, not because the Proposal is Cheap.

       Be Realistic! Ask for What You Need!

                  Justify Expenses.

          Southwest Florida Affiliate
 Clinical Services or Breast Care Costs.
 Salaries for Project Staff related to this Project only and only for the Time
  Allocated to the Project.
 Other Direct Project Expenses, e.g. Breast Models, Flip Charts, Videos,
  that further the Komen Educational Mission.
 Disposable Supplies Related to the Project, e.g. Copy Paper, Pens, etc.,
  Not to Exceed 5% of Total Grant Request.


                    Southwest Florida Affiliate
              WHAT KOMEN LOOKS AT
                  Total Project Budget
                    FORM PROVIDED

All Funding for this Project, including other Grants and
  General Funds should be Included in the Budget.

           Southwest Florida Affiliate
           Budget Justification
Brief Description for Each Line Item.
     How the Funds will be Used,
     Why They are Necessary, i.e. Personnel and Supply
Personnel Budget Justification – USE FORM PROVIDED.
Provide a Detailed List of All Other Committed and Pending
Sources of Support for the Project.
Provide a Current Financial Statement and/or Current Operations
Budget of Your Organization.
     Most Current Fiscal Year End Financial Statements.
     Most Current Interim Financial Statements.
     Operating Budget for the Upcoming Fiscal Year.


              Southwest Florida Affiliate
                   FORMS PROVIDED
All Personnel Listed in Budget Request.
 Maximum Two Pages per Person.
 Experience, Background, Education that is Relevant
   to the Project.
 Role the Person will Play in the Project.

All Board Members
 Name, Title and Credentials are Required.

           Southwest Florida Affiliate
            501c(3) Status
 Attach a Copy of your IRS Determination


        Southwest Florida Affiliate
  Supporting Documentation

Pertinent Letters of Support May be Submitted

         Southwest Florida Affiliate
The Importance of a Solid Project Evaluation can be
expressed in one word — ACCOUNTABILITY. Both the
Funder and Your Organization are Accountable for the
Success of Your Project. You are Accountable to the
Funding Organization to prove that Your Project was a
Good “Investment,” and the Funding Organization is
Accountable to their Donors to prove that the Donor’s
Money is being Managed Wisely.

          Southwest Florida Affiliate
                   Helpful Hints
   Read the RFP Carefully — Follow ALL Directions.
   Be Innovative, Passionate, Realistic, Specific.
   Write Clearly, Use Active Rather than Passive Voice.
   Avoid Jargon or Acronyms.
   Allow Plenty of Time.
   Consider Headings to Improve Readability.
   Check Grammar, Spelling and Typos;
   Ask Someone Else to Review Your Proposal before

              Southwest Florida Affiliate
What Do Grant Reviewers Look At?
 Compliance with Susan G. Komen for the Cure®
  Southwest Florida Statement/Goals
 Impact on Community
 Duplication of Services
 Feasibility
 Capacity
 Collaboration
 Sustainability

          Southwest Florida Affiliate
            Need Help - References
1. The Only Grant Writing Book You’ll Ever Need – by Ellen Karsh and
    Arlen Sue Fox
2.The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Grant Writing – by Waddy Thompson
3.Grant Writing for Dummies – by Beverly A. Browning
4. Request for Proposal: A Guide to Effective RFP Development – by Bud
Porter- Roth and Young

                    Southwest Florida Affiliate
Good Luck!

Southwest Florida Affiliate

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