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House of Charity The House of Charity is still with us and is not over


									House of Charity

The House of Charity is still with us and is not over yet. We still have some time left; we
are getting pretty close to our goal and I have great hope that we will meet it. I am
asking you therefore to reconsider your House of Charity offering. If you have not made
a gift yet this year, please think about doing so. If you have made a gift already, maybe
you can check under the cushions of the sofa or under the car seats. With a bit of a
push we can make our goal. And remember; when we meet out goal we will receive
back ten percent (almost $18,000), however if we don’t make our goal we will get
nothing. But even more importantly, the more generous we are then the more those in
need will benefit from our generosity.

Sound System Update

Reidel and Associates, the sound engineering and consulting company has completed
their testing and has given us a design proposal for a new sound system. I have spoken
with the Finance Council and there is a full consensus that we pursue our relationship
with Reidel and Associates. I will be contacting the company and we will work out the
details on how to complete our sound system redesign and installation. I do not have a
firm timeline as to when the new system will be installed, but I am hoping that it will be in
use by Christmas.

Guardian Angels – October 2nd

I will send My angel, who shall go before thee, and keep thee in thy journey: and bring
thee into the place that I have prepared (Exod. 23:20)
This Friday, October 2 is the feast day of the Guardian Angels. The Catechism teaches us that
“the whole life of the Church benefits from the mysterious and powerful help of angels” (CCC no.
334). And the document entitled Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy tells us that a proper
devotion to the Holy Angels gives rise to devout gratitude to God for having placed these
heavenly spirits of great sanctity and dignity at the service of man. And the knowledge of living
constantly in the presence of the Holy Angels of God can give serenity and confidence in facing
difficult situations, since the Lord guides and protects the faithful in the way of justice through the
ministry of His Holy Angels (no. 216).

We would do well to remember our ever present Guardian Angles who constantly behold the face
of God. The Lord has sent them to help us, how can we not take advantage of such a wonderful
gift. When faced with a challenging situation, when you are praying about it, don’t forget to
include a prayer or two to your Guardian Angel as well.

And don’t forget the classic Guardian Angel prayer (in English and Latin):
Angel of God, my guardian dear                          Angele Dei,
to whom God's love commits me here.                     qui custos es mei,
Ever this day/night be at my side                       me, tibi commissum pietate superna,
to light, to guard, to rule and guide.                  illumina, custodi, rege et guberna.
Amen.                                                   Amen.

God bless you,
Father Byerley
Sunday, September 27, 2009
26th Sunday in Ordinary Times
Saturday September 26, 2009
5:30pm Florence Taylor r/b The Marshall Family
       Nina Magnotta r/b Kitty & Linda DeFrancisco
       Pat Capello r/b The Marshall Family
       William Barr r/b The Barr Family
       Dr. Frank Iula r/b The Marshall Family
Sunday September 27, 2009
26 Sunday in Ordinary Time
8:00am Jeff Banasz r/b Frank & Laura Taylor
9:30am Alexis Clark r/b Mary McNally
11:00am Brian J. Corcoran r/b Robert & Shirley Stafford
6:30pm Francis Barnum r/b St. Joe’s Prep Mother’s Club
       Tom Miller r/b Dennis & Marianne Crawford
                                                              READINGS FOR THE WEEK
       Nick Fesi r/b Kathleen Fenton
                                                              Monday      Jon 1:1-2:2, 11 / Lk 10:25-37
       Sean Kennedy r/b The Rodgers Family                    Tuesday     Jon 3:1-10 / Lk 10:38-42
       Francis Kelly r/b Dennis & Marianne Crawford           Wednesday   Jon 4:1-11 / Lk 11:1-4
Monday September 28, 2009                                     Thursday    Mal 3:13-20b / Lk 11:5-13
6:40am Elizabeth Malloy r/b her husband Joseph                Friday      Jl 1:13-15; 2:1-2 / Lk 11:15-26
8:30am Casey Coyle r/b Colleen Otremsky
Tuesday September 29, 2009                                    SANCTUARY LAMP CHAPEL MEMORIAL
Michael, Gabriel & Raphael, Archangels                                The Sanctuary Lamp in the Chapel is burning this week
                                                                        In Loving Memory of William Sexauer r/b His Wife
6:40am Marie Olszewski r/b Laurie Power
8:30am Nina Magnotta (2 Anniversary)
       r/b Dtr, Peggy and Joe Maxwell & Family
Wednesday September 30, 2009 St. Jerome
6:40am Robert Simonson
        r/b The Needham & Di Lissio Families
8:30am Catherine Somerset
                                                                   PLEASE PRAY FOR HEALING FOR OUR SICK
       r/b The Monday Morning Money Counters                               Sam Ceila + Lee Solomon
                                                              George Barrett + Tiffany Baluka + Louis Kenerly + Jim Mills, Jr + Vera
Thursday October 1, 2009                                      Regan + EstelleHeit + Lois Myles + Eileen Krowicki +Christine Bochanski
St. Therese of the Child Jesus                                + Julia Torre + Josephine Walczak + Frank Esposito + John & Maryann
6:40am Madeline Moynihan r/b The Family                       Carr +Dorothy Ruggieri + Mary Knight + Ruth Ayscue + Ed Reagan +
8:30am Charles Greenle (1 Anniv.) r/b Tina & Mike Bonitatis   Kathryn Allen + + Edward & Michelle McCrone + Robert Wallace + Rena
                                                              O’Keefe + Mary Shean + Deacon Hal Tucker + Rita Camardo + Joanne
Nocturnal Adoration                                           Griffith, +Rita Citro +Jim Single + Eddie Kane + Karen Schmid + Grace
Friday October 2, 2009 Guardian Angels                        Giannotti + Emma O’Brien + Dolores Ledoux + Louis Nocito + Fr James
6:40am For the Parishioners                                   Smith + Gracie Duran + Linda Szafranski + Livia Nocella + William Jones
8:30am Dr. Frank Iula r/b Jerry & Carol DiDomenico            + Rev Lawrence Boadt + Cathy Burbeck + Jimmy Young + Harry Ventura
9:15am School First Friday                                    + Jean Bozza + Jeff Lane + Violet Sharkey + Father Benedict Groeschel +
                                                              Father Michael Burke + Debbie Farrell + Aiden Lavendar + Steve Theis +
Saturday October 3, 2009                                      Dorothy Hogan + Tom Bozza +Nicole Hindle + Dominic Drees + Deborah
8:30am Nicholas Fesi r/b The Knights of Columbus              & Anne Wallace + Patricia Burns + Mitch Furman +Francis Redding +
5:30pm Dr. Rudolph DePersia (5 Anniv.) r/b his Wife &         Mitch Hammond + Marge McLaughton + Ed Leaby + Natalie Usilton
       Rose Schaffer r/b The McCarrin Family                  +Dennis Courtney + Ken Christy + John Miller + Kathleen Kiely Catanella
       Geremia Bontempo r/b Kathy Johnson                     + Sonia Smyth +Mary Valente +Faith Jones + Carmel Infante + Mary Ann
       Nicholas Fesi r/b The Sokolowski Family                McShane + Matthew Shubert + Gerald Taylor, Sr. +Charlene Tull +
       Francis Kelly r/b Pat & Dave Sanchirico                Victoria Bannar + Loretta Pannella +Brenda Strickholm +Donna & Charlie
                                                              Kenison + Sr. Ann Patricia O.P. +Marie McCloskey + Linda Lesser +
Sunday October 4, 2009                                        Christopher Garaldo + Jeffrey Gazzara + John Thomas + Natalie Fletcher
27 Sunday in Ordinary Time                                    +Meloni Family +Barbara & Gerald McLaughlan + Caryn Fayer + Theresa
8:00am Nancy Fesi r/b Diane McBain                            Razler + Jeanne Crawford + Baby Giovanna Meloni + Adeline Colchaghi
9:30am Thomas Abbamondy r/b his wife Olympia                  +Jennifer Mani + Charles Shipley + Loretta Bernardo +Elizabeth Rivas
11:00am Jeff Banasz r/b The Ottoson Family                    +Margaret McGovern +Fr Charles Brunick +Theresa Scullin +Bernie
6:30pm Concetta M. Nasuti r/b Anna & Ed Ciechon               Delaney +Ed Piscitelli +Roselle Amoroso +Jennifer Gamino +P.J.
                                                              Mahoney + Gregory DiLoretta +Patricia Verdecchio +Zachary Durr +Barry
       Nick Rucci r/b Lou & Sandee Vogel & Family             Barbera +Paul Myers + Alan Caniglia +Angelina DelViscio +Robert
       Sean Kennedy r/b The Rodgers Family                    Newman +Roberta Sankey Fenska +Baby Jacob Jentes +Kathy Burke
       Salavatore Barbuto r/b The Wells Families              +Urszula Wtorek +Can Pham + Doris Hughes + Catherine E. Scott
       Ann Fernandes r/b Marianne & Dennis Crawford           +Mary Jo O’Brien + Joseph Jude +Peggy Maxwell + Kathy Fuzy + Rev.
                                                              Michael Hegarty + Rev Pat Lavin + Clayton Einsel + Lillian Janda +
                                                              Carolyn Hatch Cooperider + Carmen Bozza + Lynne Commisso + Eleanor
                                                              Paul +Sara Harbinson + Lisa Battaglia + Catherine Coyle + Betty Christy
                                                              +Austin Sandell + John Shirk + Betsy Baumhauer +Peggy Noone +Maura
                                                              Noone +Lynne Guidotti +Lisa Carrol-Archambaul +John Gahran, Jr.
                                                              +Irene McKee + Jodi Hynes + Jarrod McGee +Nancy Humes Masterson +
                                                              Louis Spagnuolo +Baby Hailey Jones +Baby Kaitlyn Miller + Baby Sean
                                                              Zachary Fields +Ann Trombetta + Baby Sophie Darr +Nicole Hampton.
                                                                  Pray for our friends & parishioners who have died recently:
                                                                                  Louis M Spagnola, Jr.
         Our Offertory Collection for the week                                                      WEEKLY SCHEDULE
                                                                                 MON 9-28         CCD                    School Gym Café 3:00pm
       Sunday September 20, 2009 was $13,492.00                                                   Legion of Mary                  SCMR     1:00pm
         Sunday weekend 2008 was $15,602.19                                                       Men’s Basketball                Gym      8:00pm
Your generosity to our Church is gratefully appreciated. God is working          TUES 9-29        Small Church Meeting SCMR       9:30am
     among us and through you to accomplish all St. Rose Parish                                   Daisy Troop # 30184             Lounge 3:00pm
    is called upon to do to “build the Kingdom of God”. Thank you!                                Legion of Mary                  SCMR     4:00pm
                                                                                                  Troop # 519                     Café     6:00pm
                     RETREAT WINDOW                                                               RCIA Tour of Church             Church 7:00pm
+Transfiguration Church, West Collingswood, NJ                                                    Adult Volleyball                Gym      7:30pm
Communion Breakfast Sunday, Oct 4 at the Pennsauken                              WED 9-30         Separated & Divorced
Country Club at 10an (after 8:30am Mass). Speaker will be Joan                                         Discussion Group           Lounge 7:30pm
Sandell of St Rose of Lima. Cost $15. Purchase tickets after                                      Divorce                         SCMR     7:30pm
                                                                                                  Women’s Basketball              Gym      8:00pm
Saturday Mass at 5pm or Sunday Masses.                                           THU 10-1         Troop # 30009                   Lounge 3:00pm
+Christ Our Light Parish, Cherry Hill, NJ (Queen of Heaven                                        Confessions                     Chapel 5:00pm
and St Peter Celestine 856-667-2440, ext 332.                                                     Youth Ministry Parents Mtg      Café     7:00pm
“Continuing the Journey of St Paul” from Sept 28 to Nov 16 on                    FRI   10-2       ! DAY OF SCHOOL
Mondays at 7:30pm in school auditorium. Presenter: Sr Peggy                                       GIFT CARD SALES        (TRIP)   Café     8:00am
Devlin.                                                                                           Teachers’ Luncheon              Café     12:00pm
+Franciscan Spiritual Center, Aston, Pa 610- 558-6152                                             Miraculous Medal Novena         Chapel 7:00pm
“The Circle of Life” A retreat Day for Seniors will be offered by                                 Young Adult                     Din Rm 8:00pm
                                                                                 SAT 10-3         Baptism                         Chapel 1:00pm
Clare D’Auria, OSF on Wednesday, Oct 21.For more information,                                     Blessing of Animals Rose Garden          9:30am
please call                                                                                       Confession                      Church 4:30pm
                                                                                                  Sat Eve Mass                    Church 5:30pm
                                                                                                   2 Collection – Pro-Life Collection
                                                                                 SUN 10-4               SUNDAY MASSES
                                                                                                    8:00am, 9:30am, 11:00am, 6:30 pm
                                                                                                  Baby Sitting                    Lounge 9:15am
                                                                                                  Sunday Pre-School School        Café     9:30am
                                                                                                  Children’s Choir                Gym      10:25am
        TUITION ASSISTANCE NEEDED                                                                 RCIA                            LCR      10:00am
                                                                                                  Baptism (4)                     Church 12:30pm
       FOR ST. ROSE SCHOOL CHILDREN                                                               Baptism (1)                     Chapel 1:30pm
                                                                                                  Sr. Youth                       Lounge 7:30pm
                    THIS APPEAL…WE ARE GRATEFUL!
                                                                                                  Charismatic Meeting             Gym      7:30pm
If you are a graduate of St. Rose School or a parent of a graduate or a
friend of a graduate or a person who just firmly believes in Catholic
Education we need your help. Please consider donating toward the                                         STEWARDSHIP
cost to educate a youngster for next school year. We will gratefully                                   Stewards Offer Cup
accept your contribution of $4550, (actual cost to educate one child,)           Our Stewardship is like giving that cup of water. Our service and sacrifice
$3550, (cost of the tuition for one child) $355, (one month tuition payment      to our parish and the greater Church allows us to care for Jesus when He
for one child) Or ANY AMOUNT toward this assistance account. We                  is hungry, thirsty, ill or in need.
promise to you that your gift will be respected and we will steward the
distribution of it in the most conscientious way, having in mind the sacrifice
it involves for you as well as the family who will receive it. If you have any     St. Rose PRE-SCHOOL SUNDAY SCHOOL
questions about this appeal, please call either, Fr Byerley, Mr Hogan, Nat
                                                                                 Our St. Rose PRE-SCHOOL SUNDAY SCHOOL program is
Holland or Joan Sandell at the Rectory. God bless you for caring.
                                                                                 now enrolling children ages 3-5 yrs for the 2009-2010 year
                                                                                 which is set to begin Sunday, October 4th. We meet each
                                                                                 Sunday at 9:30 in the St. Rose School. Tuition is $50.00 for the
                                                                                 year, which runs from October through April. Please pick up a
                                                                                 registration form at the back of church or in the rectory. The fee
                                                                                 can be turned in with your registration or paid during the first
                                                                                 month (long-term payment plans can also be worked out, if
                                                                                 needed). Checks should be made out to St. Rose of Lima. All
        Christmas Bazaar 2009 Craft Item Request                                 of the required material (paper, crayons, craft items, etc.)
                     GRAND SLAM 50/50                                            needed for classes and Para-Liturgies will be provided. Please
OUR GRAND SLAM 50/50, chance books are on their way to you.                      drop off completed Registration Forms at the Rectory or in
There are 5 WINNERS in this raffle who share ! of the proceeds raised            the box at the rear of the Church. Any questions/and/or
by the sale of the tickets. Last year’s First Prize was $14, 329! And we         interest in volunteering for the program: Please contact
gave away 4 other cash Prizes of $2,404.00 each! Tickets have                    Donna Davis at or 672-9484.
already been mailed to every registered family. Please make your
returns of ticket stubs and payments either by mail, dropping returns at
                                                                                                 Electronic Offertory Collection
the rectory, or putting them in the Sunday collection. This is our major                            and Special Collections
fundraiser for our school and to maintain the school facility which is           We can now accept debit cards as long as the card has a VISA
used by so many parish organizations and for so many parish events.              or MASTER CARD logo on it. Call Nat Holland to sign up at the
Please be generous in your support of this raffle. You may find yourself                    rectory or at
with a lot of extra money just in time for Christmas. Thank you.

      SOCIAL ACTION PANTRY NEEDS                                                              Bereavement Support Group
                                                                                    The Bereavement Support Group here at St Rose will be
   Pampers - Sizes 3 - 4 - 5 – 6 are needed                                      starting a 12 week program on Tuesday, October 6th at 7:30 in
 We are extremely grateful to those parishioners who are faithfully                          the Parish Lounge. Come and share with
supporting our pantry by using the envelopes from your packet.                                          our Support Group
We appreciate you support.
                                                                             Advancement Office at 856-546-6166 ext 130. Please mark
                                                                             your calendars: The Alumni Association is hosting an Alumni
                                                                             Mass on Saturday, November 21, 2009 at 5:30 pm followed by
                                                                             a Beef and Beer in the school cafeteria.

                th   th        th
  YOUTH: 6 , 7 and 8 graders….come join us as
 YOUTH GROUP BEGINS A NEW YEAR TONIGHT IN                                    St. Rose of Lima School Open House
    THE GYM AT 7:30PM after the 6:30pm Mass !                                St. Rose of Lima School invites new families to our Open
                                                                             House on Thursday, October 15, 2009, from 9:00 am – 11:00
 1) Youth Ministry Parent Night, 7-8:30pm, Thursday,
                                                                             am, with welcome remarks at 9:00 am. We will be accepting
  Oct 1st, in the Cafeteria. All parents of Jr. High, High                   registrations for new students for the 2010-2011 school year at
  School, and college age youth are welcome. We will                         the Open House. Come visit our school and see all that St.
present a vision of Youth Ministry at Saint Rose and you                     Rose of Lima School has to offer. St. Rose strives for a
 will have a chance to share your hopes for your teens                       balanced environment that is a spiritual, intellectual and cultural
                  and for this generation.                                   experience for your child. We offer a full-day kindergarten
2) High School Youth Ministry begins the school year                         program and before/after school care. Please visit us and see
   on Sunday, October 4th, 7:30-9pm, in the lounge.                          the exciting things going on at St. Rose of Lima School. For any
                   It will be a BIG night.                                   questions, please contact the Advancement Office at 856-546-
                                                                             6166 (ext 130) or if you are
              Here is our calendar for September.
                                                                             unable to attend, please schedule an individual tour with the
Cut it out and post it: September Youth Group Activities
                                                                             Advancement Office. Visit our website:
9-27 (Sun) 7:45-10:45 am, St. Paul’s Service trip
9-27 (Sun) 6:30 pm Mass, Youth Ensemble Music at Mass                                          TH
       (Sun) 7:30-9:00pm, Junior High Youth Group Kick-off                                 6        GRADE BOYS BASKETBALL
                   (lounge/gym/cafeteria)   Mr. Tumolo                                               COACHING POSITION
                                                                             St Rose of Lima School is seeking a 6 grade Coach. Interested
              Why We Do What We Do                                           volunteers are asked to submit a resume of coaching experience as well
                          Friday Abstinence                                  as valid references. Position requires commitment from October to March
                                                                             with varied scheduled practices and games. Individuals must be
The Church discipline of abstinence, not eating meat during all Fridays
                                                                             committed to the program and related meetings for a minimum of 3 years.
of the year, remembered the suffering and death of Jesus on Good
                                                                              Submit all inquiries to Mr Steven Hogan at St Rose School 5476-6166 ext
Friday. Pope Paul VI in his instruction, Poenitemini, relaxed the severity
                                                                             125 or by September 29, 2009
of abstinence in 1966. We still are bound by this tradition on Ash
Wednesday and the Fridays of Lent. However, some form of Friday
penance is still encouraged. We tend to forget this part of our journey in                           CROSS COUNTRY TEAM
faith.                                                                       Last weekend the Saint Rose Cross Country team participated in the
              Your suggestions and comments are important!                   Cherokee Challenge, we competed against teams from Delaware, PA
       Pat Innocenzo, Liturgical Committee,             and New Jersey. Three of our runners were in the top thirty and
                                                                             received medals, we would like to congratulate -Chris Gandolfo-Lucia
                                                                             who finished in 21st place in the boys middle school division -Kathleen
          SPIRITUAL CENTER NEWS                                              Murphy 25th place in the girls middle school division -Elise Connelly
                                                                             27th place in the girls middle school division
Wednesday, Sept. 30th, will be the feast of St. Jerome, a priest and
Doctor of the Church. He wrote the "Vulgate," the Latin translation of
the Bible from the original language of Greek and Hebrew. For this                     CHILD CARE during 9:30am MASS
great accomplishment, which took him 18 years, he is known as the             Child care for children under the age of 3 will resume today Sunday,
"Patron of Librarians" and the "Patron of Biblical Studies." Thursday,               th
                                                                             Sept 27 . Please bring your youngster to the lounge about 9:15am so
Oct. 1st, is the feast of St. Therese, the "Little Flower. " She is known     you can attend the 9:30am Mass without concern for your little one
for her "Little Way" of sanctity, which calls for serving God and others
and patiently enduring all the heartaches of life. Like St. Jerome, she,
too, is a Doctor of the Church. This past week, we celebrated the feast                    The Timothy P. Lenahan
of St. Pio, (Padre Pio), a saint of the unusual personal gifts of the
stigmata, bilocation, healing, and the talent to know people's hearts.                    Memorial Scholarship Fund
Next weekend, we celebrate the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, a famous      This is your invitation to golf in honor of a Great Legend at
saint of Italy known for his love of animals and creation of the manger        the Fourth Annual Timothy P. Lenahan Memorial Golf
scene at Christmas. In honor of all these heroic Catholics, free books        Tournament on October 2, 2009 at Pennsauken Country
and other materials about them are in the Pamphlet Rack in the                  Club. Please join us for a day of fun and memories.
vestibule. Free Bibles are there, too, in memory of St. Jerome. You              You are invited to join the family and friends of Tim Lenahan to
may keep all materials in the Pamphlet Rack. This week, in our parish              remember him and raise money for the Timothy P. Lenahan
library there will be other materials on display about these saints that       Scholarship Fund. Last year’s golf tournament provided $8,400 in
you may borrow for up to one month. Visit our Spiritual Center Library.                                             th
                                                                             scholarships to 13 of our graduating 8 grade and high school students.
It is free for all adults regardless of the parish. Books, religious           Please support this generous cause. Golf, dinner and sponsorships
articles, videos, CDs, DVDs, audio cassettes and magazines are also             are available. For additional information, registration and sponsor
available. If you have rosaries that need repair, bring them. We are                      forms, please go to the At The Top Website at
deeply grateful to everyone for their support and donations to the library or contact any committee member. For
over the past 28 years. Many from other parishes have visited our                                further information or questions,
library and complimented your generosity.                                                                call 609-926-6400
           Library is "self service" if there is no librarian present.
       The Library is open for your visit whenever the Chapel is open
                                    .                                          BLESSING OF ANIMALS FOR THE FEAST
                                                                                    OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI
      St. Rose of Lima Alumni Association                                     All are invited to bring their pets to the Rose Garden on
 Please register your name with the St. Rose of Lima Alumni                    Saturday, October 3 for the Feast of St. Francis, at
Association to receive the alumni newsletters and updates from                9:30am for the traditional Blessing of Animals. Please
the Alumni Association. You can register by sending your                                bring your pet for this special blessing
information to or call the
                  AROUND THE DIOCESE                                                                 MILITARY SERVICE
1. Passion Play Sept 24 – October 1, 2010 The Church of the Holy
Family is sponsoring an 8 day/6 night/16 meals Tour to the Passion Play,
Southern Germany and the Munich Octoberfest. Tour includes air fare
from Phila, first class hotels in Heidelberg, Regensburg and Munich and
tickets to the Passion Play in Oberammergau, Sightseeing and much
more. Please stop at St Rose Rectory for more information.
2. For single, Catholic men of all races interested in becoming a priest,         If you know of any of these troops who have finished their military
the Society of African Fathers will host a free retreat from Nov 6-9 at 23              obligation and left the service, please advise the rectory.
Bliss Ave, Tenafly, NJ, at the Society’s American Province. Please call 1-                  Also, if you would like someone added, please call.
800-211-1807 for more information.                                                   All Military personnel are welcome to be put on the Prayer List
3. Our Lady of Grace, Somerdale is holding an American Red Cross                   Bryant Albert                      U.S. Army       IRAQ
Blood Drive on Friday, Oct 9 from 12:30pm to 7:30pm. For more                      Michael Bazis                      U.S. Coast Guard – IRAQ
information or to schedule a donation time, please call Christine Kimler at        James Bearden                      U.S. Air Force
784-3713.                                                                          John Bitner                        U.S. Army
4. St Stephen’s Church, Pennsauken will host a Giant Yard Sale on                  Dennis Brown ’99                   U.S. Army
Saturday, Oct 3 (rain date Oct 10) starting at 8am. An ocean of furniture,         Kevin Burke                        U.S. Army
household goods, computers, sport equipment and much, much more will               Alvaro Cabezas                     U.S. Army
be sold for low prices. For more information, call 856-663-1207.                   Louis Camardo                      U.S. Marines
5. Jazzercise will host “Stomp Out” Breast Cancer fundraising benefiting           Nicole Candy ‘91                   U.S. Army
Phila Affiliate for Susan G Komen for the Cure on Oct 4 from 2 to 4pmat            Anthony Ciletti                    U.S. Air Force
Avon School. Anyone interested in participating should contact Lorelei             Lee-Volker Cox                     U.S. Air Force
McGlade at or call 856-546-8705.                               Alyse B Corle                      U.S. Coast Guard
6. Transfiguration Parish,445 White Horse Pike, W. Collingswood will               Emilio Cruz                        U.S. Navy
host a Flea Market on school parking lot on Saturday, Oct 10 (inside if it         Rachele Cruz                       U.S. Navy
rains) from 9am to 2pm.Vendor space are $15 each or 2 for $25. For                 Logan DePue ‘84                    U.S. Marines
more information, please call Alice at 856-854-4061 or Rectory at 854-             Daniel DiEva                       U.S. Marines
0364.                                                                              John Dixon                         U.S. Army - IRAQ
7. The Touch of God Diocese Healing Mass will be held on First Friday,             Steven DeVeglio                    U.S. Army
October 2, 2009 at 8pm at St Charles Borromeo Church, 2226 Riverton                Dominick Dobson                    U.S. Marines
Road, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 Celebrant: Rev. Vic Butler. For more                   Eric Domenico                      U.S. Navy
information, please call Celia 856-667-7777 or Marianne 856-829-6174.              Sean Donohue                       N.J. National Guard
Sponsored by the Almighty Name of Jesus Group - Prayer Meeting every               Mark Donegan                       U.S. Air Force
Friday at 7:30pm.                                                                  Kelly Hagan-Wood ‘91               U.S. Army
8. Bob Hamilton/Mary Grogan Bible Study -First Saturday of Each                    John Hannigan III ‘78              U.S. Air Force
Month Come and join other St. Rose Parishioners and Friends, young                 Jennifer Harris                    U.S. Army
and old, for Bible study, prayer, sharing, food and good times. All are            Michael Hartenstine                U.S. Navy
welcome. Next Meeting Saturday, October 3, 2009 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at             Raymond Henry, Jr.                 U.S. Army
the Stanfill Towers Muliti-purpose room, First Floor, Atlantic Avenue,             Fr. Timothy Hubbs                  U.S. Army
Haddon Heights, NJ. Bring a friend!                                                Joseph Hudson                      U.S Army
               GIFT CARD PROGRAM                                                   Liam Hulin
                                                                                   Erik Kober
                                                                                                                      U.S. Navy
                                                                                                                      U.S Army        IRAQ
Don’t run to the mall for that last minute gift! Just stop into the rectory for
a form to complete your order and the following Friday your order will be          Joseph Kogut ‘96                   U.S. Navy
here. We have Kunkel’s, Applebees, Blockbuster, Cinemark Theatres,                 Timothy Kummer                     U.S. Marines
Dick’s Sporting Goods, Penney’s, Macy’s Starbucks, Toy’s ‘r Us,                    Pasquale Livecchi ‘03              U.S. Army West Point
Cheesecake Factory, Wawa, Marriott and many, many more. Please                     Kevin Kirkpatrick                  U.S Army        IRAQ
give this program a try…The tuition program at the school will truly benefit.      Michael MacDonald                  U.S. Army
 “IN STOCK” cards are available in the school on FRIDAY MORNINGS                   Christopher MacLuckie              U.S. Air Force
beginning Sept, 25, 2009 from 8:00am to 9:00am.                                    Christopher Maloney                U.S. Marines
                                                                                   Austin McMahon                     U.S. Navy      AFGHANISTAN
                           SITUATIONS:                                             Thomas McNally                     U.S. Marine     IRAQ
                                Available:                                         Brigid McPeak ‘00                  U.S. Navy
1. Caring companion/light housekeeping…avail eves&                                 Brian Murphy                       U.S. Navy
weekends…Please call Cathy at 939-6626.                                            Erik Myles ‘01                     U.S. Air Force
                                 Needed:                                           Fr. Lasarian Nwoga                 U.S. Air Force
1. Seeking a companion for my active mother during month of                        Patrick O’Connor                   U.S. Navy
November to take her out, help her with lunch, and keep her company.               Justin Oliver ‘90                  U.S. Army      IRAQ
2-4 hours daily. For more info, please call Lisa at (856) 979-2262                 Michael Parish, Jr.                U.S. Army      IRAQ
               NOCTURNAL ADORATION                                                 Matthew Parsons                    U.S. Army      IRAQ
Every FIRST THURSDAY of the month through to FIRST FRIDAY, there                   Sean Patterson ‘95                 U.S. Navy
is overnight adoration in our Chapel. Adoration begins at 9:00pm and               Michael Payne                      U.S. Army
ends at 6:00am before the 6:40am Mass on Friday morning. We are                    Michael Pope                       U.S. Navy
looking for people to cover an hour time slot each month, especially in the        William Rabena                     U.S. Army
middle of the night. Please prayerfully consider putting in 1 hour before          John Raimondi                      U.S. Navy
the Blessed Sacrament. If you can donate any time…please call                      Brian Randolph                     U.S. Navy
                                                                                   Michael Redro                      U.S. Army      IRAQ
Catherine Shaw at 546-9758…or just come on your own anytime.
                                                                                   John Rugarber ‘98                  U.S. Army      IRAQ
              Helpers of God’s Precious Infants                                    Michael Rugarber ‘00               U.S. Merchant Marines
      st                                                                           Alex Rulon ‘03                     U.S. Coast Guard Academy
The 1 Saturday of each Month will begin with Mass at 6:30am at St
Peter Celestine, 402 N. Kings Highway, Cherry Hill followed by Exposition          Walter Sandell III ‘85             U.S. Navy
                                                                                   Joseph Shaw ‘79                    U.S. Navy
of the Blessed Sacrament, peaceful procession and solemn recitation of
                                                                                   Glenn Stafford                     U.S. Navy
the Rosary in front of The Women’s Center at 502 Kings Highway. Please
come on October 3 and join your brothers and sisters in Christ to pray the         Paul Steelman                      U.S. Army      IRAQ
                                                                                   Joseph Velez                       U.S. Navy
Rosary for the babies’ sake.
                                                                                   Michael Zelenski ‘75               N.J. National Guard      IRAQ
                                                                                       Michael Payne is grateful for your prayers for safe Tour in Iraq.
                                                                                              He is now completing his service in the U.S. Army.

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