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     i II
        Vol. 13, No. 22                              Advertising less than 75%                                                              Thursday, Mav .to, lifflS                               !5(>nU

                                                                                                                i t
                                                                       Patter kipict                                  POW-MIA" Parade Theme
  Luke McCloud will he
m i tailed a t the n*w
                                                                       Observes GiUei
commander of Veteran* of
Foreign Wars Post 645 on                                               Jubilee
Sunday. June?                                                                                  and best
  McCloud was born and                                                 wishes to Kev Francis A.
raited in South Am boy                                                 K.ipu a. pastor emeritus of
presently Jiving in Parlin                                             M Joseph's Church, New
with hi* wife Valeria and four                                         Mrunswick, who recently
children                                                               i itist-rved his golden jubilee in
  He served in the U S Air                                             M»f priesthood
Corne. ATC, 1455th AAFKC.                                                  Father Kapica, a native of
during World War II as Muff                                            Sayreville and a former
Sit arid Aircraft Crew                                                 M'sulent of South Amb<iy.
Member                                                                 celebrated a Mass i>l
  McCloud was awarded the                                               Thanksgiving at Morns Hall
Asiatic-Pacific TheaiiT                                                LawrenceviFle. where he is
                                                                       presently residing
                                                                           He was ordained April •>.
                                           . American Theater
Priicipal                         Hlhhun. (,o(nl Conduct
                                                                       193S after attending St
                                                                       Marys College and S S Cyril
                                  Medal, (rcw Member Wings,            and Methodius Seminary at
SlMiry'sGrulMtiM                  Service Stripe and 2
                                  Overseas Ha rs
                                                                       Orchard Lake, Michigan
   Sister Margaret Waldron.                                                He was ordained by
principal of St Marys High           He spent several years            Archbishop Moses K Kiley.
School. South Amboy. N .) is      with      youth        activities    bishop of Trenton, ai St
prood lo announce that            including       baseball       in    Mary's Cathedral, and
graduation ceremonies for         Sayreville and basketball            assigned to St Joseph s
this year's senior class wil)     withSt Mary's CY.O South             Church. South Ca mden
take place on June '1. ltNLS at   Amboy He also served as                  Father Kapica a,so served         Counetfwoman Erma fjiown eiltnd^ hei besi mnbti to Parade Marshal Fraflcn J StwftlH *Mlt Stcref Heart CWV
2:00 P M The exercises,           Athletic Director and at this        at Holy Cross Parish.                 Commandtr Adam Riepka looks on
presided over by Sister Ann       time received the Trenton            Trenton. St           Stanislaus
Kit zpat r i c k . Assistant      Diocese Adult Youth Award            Kostka Parish in Sayreville.            A three -vehicle motorcade        Among the marchers as
                                  He was radio officer and                                                                                                                          accessories gleaming in the
Superintendent of Schools.                                             and St Mary's Parish. South           with banners POVV MIA             well were the red-jacketed           bright sunlight, was driven
Diocese of Metuchen, will he      coordinator for Sayreville           River                                 strung on their sides gave the    members of the South Amboy
                                  ('ivil Defense for a few years,                                                                                                                   by Bill Vivian of Sayreville
held in the gymnasium on 2nd                                               He served for twenty years        annual      South      Amboy      Safety and First Aid Squad           with son Bill Vivian. J r .
Street                            was president of u few               as a l i S Army Chaplain,             Memorial Day Parade a solid       led by Captain Betty
                                  organizations including                                                                                                                           sitting alongside
   The Valedictorian for this                                          during World War (I and in            iheme       and     purpose,      Levet lie
year's class will be John         Haritan        Hay          Radio    Korea, and retired in 1964 asa        protesting the failure of the       Mrs Mary Kilcomins was                  Beautiful Weather
Kadwanski. son of Mr and          Amateurs. St Marys Holy              Lieutenant Colonel, being             North Vietnamese to release       drum mujorette for the local
                                  Name Society. South Amboy                                                                                                                           Although the temperatures
Mrs Thomas Kadwanski.                                                  assigned then to St Stephen's         Americans held captive or to      Melrose Blackhawks with              were up in the eighties and
Parlin. N.J This mark* the        and also the Ixiyola Retreat         Parish in Perth Amboy.                release information about         husband Jim Kilcomins. the
                                  Club He served on Si Mary's                                                                                                                       the sun was strong, guau of
third consecutive year thai a                                          becoming, pastor of St                their whereabouts and             band director, pUytnft in the.       facaeaea andhaded
                                                                                                                                                                                              d s            k
member of the Hadwanski           Council and was a member of          Joseph's. New Brunswick the           coadittoaa.                        horn line ranka.                     curtwtdelreea Help**
family      has been the          the choir                            following year                           One of the vehicle*, a )ee^v      A 1931 Model A rack body           the marching somewhat
Valedictorian uf Mu-:r ;iass                                   *
                                     Mc('!"'jd ; i l i . i d < * few       F.ither Kapica. (he brother        pulled i'latbed arr^ >ng a        dump truck vtiih its shinv
Thomas and Jeanne were the        years ago from U.S. Army             of Stanley          Kapica of         caged man to signify the           black exterior and polished          c h i l d r e n , as (he p a r a d e
honoree* the past two years       Satellite Communications             Washington Avenue. a                  protest, was the subject of an                                          c o m m e n c e d f m m Sacred
   The Salulatorian will be       Division. Ft Monmouth, N J           prominent siout master for            address given at City Ha/I by                                           Heart parking lot. nnd down
Kleanor Wykpis/. daughter         as        project          leader    many years with Sacred                Commander Gary Poland of                                                Main Street as far as Stevens
of Mrs George Wykpis/             Communications Specialist,           Heart Troop 95. retired               the American I-egion Luke A                                             Avenue
South River. N J Kleanor          instrumental in the design,          March 1.1984.                         Lovely PoM No 62 who                                                       At Stevens A v e n u e , the
has two younger sisters in
the school. Veronica and
                                  maintenance, operation,
                                  testing and instruction for
                                                                          Our best wishes to Father         emotionally and strenuously
                                                                                                             called for th"ir return to
                                                                                                                                                            Award HiRner             paraders t u r n e d t o w a r d
                                                                       Kapica in the years ahead                                                                                     Mi.rdentown Avenue and then
BemadeHe                          tactical satellite multi                                                   America                                                                 ii"\*n Broadway toCityHall.
   This year's main address       channel tr ins p o r t a b l e                                               The parade this vear was                                                 < hihlrcn in the line of
 will be delivered by Mrs         communication terminals                                                   sponsored by the bisabled                                               iii.irch were from such units
Diana Pamgrosso. who              for the I S Army He also                      HENRY'S                      American Veterans, Chapter                                               i- :1M* Junior G i r l Scout
teaches the seniors in            taught electronics and                      BARBER SHOP                   67. with Francis J Seaman as
                                                                                                            marshal] of the parade who
                                                                                                                                                                                     In.op 1S 4 led by Beverly
English        The      senior    communications part time                                                                                                                          Knvacs. Brownie Troop 752.
                                  for a few years at local                    106 So Pine Ave               thanked       all    of the
 moderator m Thomas Tice                                                                                                                                                            ru-.-idt el         by    Marge
The total amount of seniors       vocational schools                            South Amboy                 participants and units for                                              f.ic/k(»wski          and Rote
graduating this year will be         He is a licensed ham radio                   7271291                   their support                                                           s< hnudt Junior Girl Scout
 I2S                              operator                                                                     Gus Kalakotis was the                                                Troop y?6. escorted by M r s
                                                                                                            chairman of the event as well                                           H a / e l Conway. a n d St.
                                                                                                            as the master of ceremonies                                             Mary s Cub Scouts, Pack 99.
                                                                                                            at City Hall, calling upon the                                          with Mrs Kovacs

 Mason-Knight Charity Bail                                                                                  mayor. J Thomas Cross.
                                                                                                            ( nuncilwoman Erma Brown,
                                                                                                            and Councilmen Bruce
                                                                                                                                                                                    The Wilderey and Steel
                                                                                                                                                                                  Band played the Stars and
                                                                                                                                                                                  Stripes Forever as the long
                                                                                                            Hichmond. Thomas O'Brien.                                             march of city firemen passed
                                                                                                            and John Ciszewski. to                                                between the band and the
                                                                                                            address the gathering who.                                            dignitaries and the colors
                                                                                                            along with former mayor                                               massed at City Hall.
                                                                                                             v 11 Ham           O'Leary.              The United States Achieve
                                                                                                                                                    ment      Academy        has    Kev Wilbur Newton gave
                                                                                                            congratulated all of the                announced that Anne Marie the invocation as immediate
                                                                                                            veterans for their patriotism           Krygier has been named a past D A Y ' Commander Gu»
                                                                                                            and for the tribute paid to             1065 United States National Kalakotis        called  upon
                                                                                                            their fallen combrades                  Award winner in Foreign speaker*
                                                                                                            during the wars                         Language                        His successor and present
                                                                                                                              PartlcipainK            Anne Mane Krvgier. who D A V commander. James
                                                                                                                            Marching I nits         attends H C Hoffman High J Sieczkowski. Jr . read a
                                                                                                                                                    School, was nominated for poem, ' Rest Ye in Peace ' by
                                                                                                                        Among the units of march this National Award by Mrs R W Miller., and James
                                                                                                                     were the Veterans of Foreign JoAnn Blackmore a Spanish Smith read a soldiers"
                                                                                                                     W«rs. Post 645, of South teacher at the school A.ine prayer
                                                                                                                     Amttov and their colorguard    Marie will appear in the        All local fire department
                                                                                                                     heiided by Jim Smith, their I'nited States Achievement and First Aid motor units, as
                                                                                                                     i oinmiinder. and Captain Academy Official Yearbook, well as several from the
                                                                                                                     Harold Wurglar. the Luke A     published nationally          Perth Amboy Volunteer Fire
                                                                                                                     I pvcly Legion Post AZ. led by   The Academy selects Dept and First Aid Squad*,
                                                                                                                     Commander Gary Pland;          I'SAA winners upon the took part in the parade
                                                                                                                        Also, the Carl Gulick Post exclusive recommendation
                                                                                                                      iir>l. Veterans of Foreign of       teachers.     coaches,
                                                                                                                     Wars of Whippany. N J , led counselors, or other school
MASON KNIGHTS Dinner danrt plant art beklg tarts* t t t at a twtttnf O Wotihiptul Mattct Wiyne S(urfn o< %\ .)> Commander Hill Dunlap
                                                                                <                                                                   sponsors and upon the
                                                                                                                     the Sacred Heart Catholic Standards of Selection set
StttfMfft U d l * «63 and Grand Knifht. Tool Ntirjr «f CewKll HH n MMV mwt wtth Captatn Betty I*veille of !he South
fcllkey Firtt Art Squad
                                                                                                                     War Veterans. Post 578, ted forth by the Academy The
                                                                                                                     by Commander           Adam criteria for selection are a
      Pktiiffd Ittt to right Mi $tur|r»(7?737S7lClBtita.ltVf«it<727 2??ll»AdMr Htaly (721 6921) Th« monty
rfftftwd from tnt Junt ?2nd dtarttrldMCt «NI N e M l i e l i * (He Se»H( Aa*«y Firtt AM Squad   photo by Adam Kttrit
                                                                                                                     K/.peka. the Spots wood student » academic perform                      PHARMACY
                                                                                                                     Sparklers.                     ance. interest and aptitude,
   St. Stephens Masonic #426 of South Amboy, New                                       1 he proceeds of this            Also, the Wildery and Steel leadership qualities, respon        Open This Sunday
Lodge #63 F 4 A M and the Jersey are Co-Sponsoring a Charity Hall will be donated Hand of Dover. the Melrose s i b i l i t y .                                    enthusiasm,
Knights of Columbus Council Charity Ball on June 22,1985 to the South Amboy First Aid Rtackhawks Senior Drum motivation to learn and                                                      up m toiop m
                                         The affair will be held at St Squad                                         and Bugle Corps; and the 27    improve       citizenship,
                                         Lawrence Church Hall.                        Tickets can be obtained by member St Stephen's I^dge attitude and cooperative                    In Case of Emergency
     JJ. Ntf rtgift Co., Inc. Lawrence Harbor Parkw,ay. calling, St Stephens Masonic No 63. F 4 A M . of South spirit, dependability, and
                                         Lawrence Harbor, N J                       Lodge at 721-OW. KnlghU of Amboy. led by Wayne recommendation from a                                         Call
                                           Ticket! are $20.00 per Columbus Council at 721 Sturgis. their Worshipful teacher or director                                                         7211930
      'l2SOKi • SouihAmtx^
                  »                      person, Music by the Four 2095, The South Amboy First Matter, and Russell Bltaro,                             Anne Marie Krygier i i the
               721 7500                  Coachmen from 7:00 p m to Aid flquid at 731 lOOft. or Ken District Deputy of the 27th daughter of Mr Thomas
                                         12 00am                                     KuMnaJi«t7|7-a7S                Masonic District                Krygier
H M MOUTH AMBOY CITIZEN                                                                                                                                                                                    Thursday, May M, IMS

                         Mile Square Talk
                f      to Luke McCloud who wai recently                          Congratulations to Rev Wilbur Newton, pastor of the
           a t commander of the local) Veterans of Foreign Wars,             First Presbyterian Church of Broadway, who observed his
                                                                             23rd anniversary May 2nd as pastor of the church.
           It the brother of John McCloud I I I of the South
      y        y and First Aid Squad, who wai admitted last
Saturday to the South Am boy Memorial Hospital in the                   Many happy birthdays ahead are wished to Mrs. Barbara
 inUttlvt cart unit and is listed In critical but stable condition  Popowski Cross, wife of Mayor J . Thomas Cross, who
     We wish John a speedy recovery                                 observed her recent one Sunday, May ttth. The mayor left the
                                                                   City Hall shortly after the Memorial Day parade to make the
                                                                   day an eventful one for her
     Patrolman Bruce Richmond made a valiant attempt
during the recant Lions Den fire to alert inhabitants of Ihe
above apartment to vacate the building. He barely escaped               F r a r * Nebus, formerly of Feltus Street, now married to
 when he approached the staircaseand found it ablaze               the former Ruth Justice of South Ambov and oresentlv a
                                                                   resident of Matawan. was given a singular honor at the
                                                                   ceremonies following the Memorial Day Parade, at City Hull.
    Two women who deserve a lot of credit for their many as a former prisoner of war in Germany
years of community service are Martha Holton and Evelyn                 Frank, a United States Army Air Force veteran, had his
Flynn Freeman, founders of the South Am boy Fire plane shot down and then was taken prisoner during World
Department Auxiliary who this year are observing their 35th w a r I I , staying many months at Stalag Luft I V located near
year as active members of the Auxiliary                            the Polish border
    They have spent many, many hours and days assisting                Another former phsoner-of-war from South Amboy oiled
firemen at fires, serving coffee ana donuts and helping them in was Joseph Woznica. who was not present at the cermonies
many other ways.
                                                                                                                                                                I «mbef t ol the CWV Pmi *) It twtmbit «n the \ t t t n ji Si( red Heart Church
    Evelyn is the cheerful crossing guard by the South Amboy
                                                                                                                                                                nrly Sunday m o f n i n | i \ i i i t f ( I by voiunlrm liom Ihe Polish American CitUtnt
Public. Library, greeting passersby, pedestrian and                    Father Joseph S. Banach. pastor of Sacred Heart Church
                                                                                                                                                                Club member* John Ciwe«*ki president jnd Adjm N;rpli PAC volunlMf
motorized, and taking good care of the children going and and a U S Navy veteran, was one of the dignitaries who
                                                                                                                                                                ejeh year lo help r«s* lunds lor tt>» hoi^iiili/fd »eieiins
returning from school                                              marched in the M e m o r i a l Day parade, h i t third year of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     t^holobf AdamHterst
                                                                   participation since coming to South Amboy as pastor Father
                                                                   Joe altotpoke briefly at City Hall
    It was on Decoration Dav in 1931 that the South Amboy
Safety and First Aid Squad officially became organi zed and
can really be called its birthday                                      Stephen Richmond, son of Councilman Bruce and Ann
    The squad received its charter from the state of New Richmond, who is a Rutgers University senior major ng in                                                       COM     ITY!
Jersey in 1933                                                     Ceramics Engineering, was selected for summer training and
                                                                   employment at A C Delco Division of Genera! Motors in
                                                                   Michigan and will be traveling that way in a week or :*>
                                                                                                                                                                      I iu>- r ^ t n i in 111) < ui u in ii iv M m .iv ,i pt ii H                 fin
                                                                                  < Ounnlwoman Erma Brown gave a brief history at City
                                                                                                                                                 I n si ill si'i ( i o n is 11 i t - nl » h.ii 141-      . i l l i «'|                  ul I In
                                                                            Hail cermoniesof the observance of Memorial Day since the
                                                                               m l War days Mayor J Thomas Cross brought lo mind that it         s.irnr i t f i n H i l l I M - « I M I t;fil ui .i<l\ .nit r ,«l $.' IHI u r i ittsrr l i n n
                                                                              , as a Iso the 40th anniversary ol the conclusion of World War 11
                                                                               s well MS the 10th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War
                                                                            • >ih»-t councilmen and city officials congratulated all of the           The Madison Township S I H H - U will have an
                                                                            veterans groups and expressed gratitude that we live in a free         Open House' at The Thomas Warm* Museum. Route filrt on
                                                                            country and society as parade chairman (ius Kalakotis Sunday during the hours of 1 4 I M T o celebrate the 21st
                                                                            Medicated the Memorial Dav observance                               anniversary ofthe Society \ founding since April, 1964
                                                                                                                                                      Special antique items, such as a turn of the centur> fire
                                                                                                                                                truck, a two-wheel wooden bicycle. ;i corn shelter, a spinning
                                                                                                                                                wheel and other memorabilia are to tu> displayed on the

                                                                                     Getting Married?                                           ground*- of the museum The museum, which houses a
                                                                                                                                                collection of local hiMimctti items, will also be open to the
                                                                                                                                                public during the celebration Refreshments available, ample
                                                                                      HAVE YOUR WEDDING DAV VIDEOTAPED                          free parking a nd no admission charge for the event
                                                                                                                                                      For more information, please contact Mrs Joan HeamiHh
                                                                                                VIDEO PRODUCTIONS
                                                                                Hich Quality, low i < si single camera p r o '                                    Trinity Imted Methodist Chunh will be hosting a Ftea
                                                                                                                                                               Market from H 3 at the Church on Frank Avenue, South
                                                                                ductions • M u l t i c a n i H M productions • C o m -
                                                                                                                                                               Ambov ( a 11727 26V7 for reservations
                                                                                pu-.enzed editing • Titi^inc) • Duplication

                                                                                                                                                                                             .' 7.IUK5
Co»m»nd«t limes Smilh <» Vf * Mb finds thr Vt * Color Guard
                                                      Pholoby Adamftiertt
                                                                                                        566-9224                                                   Annual TriptoSt Anne * in Monlrea). Canada
                                                                                                                                                                   Kor restTvaftons .uul into niation call 2 > 4:WHor 721 -5626
                                                                                                                      I KWANDOSKI                                                                                         y tars
                                                                                                                      I •••Aandoski. T 8 of South
                                                                                                                                           y u inla n     Lynn Powell of Sayreville
                                                                                                                                                        and Nancy Koerner of South
                                                                                                                                                                                                            L0C1I Gratfutts
                                                                                                                       \-nlxi> died May 22. ISH5 at     Amboy were awarded cash           The Berkeley School of
                                                                                                                      I'-Mli      Amhov      General    Scholarships      by     th»« Wnodhndge has announced
                                                                                                                      ll"s|»H;il Born in South          Professional SecrHiirn's thi-          names     of March
                                                                                                                       \ml.i>> she was a lifelong       International to uurstic        graduates fmni this area
                                                                                                                                         y              Associate in Applied Science including (ienevieve Rraney
                                                                                                                          Kor the past 17 years, Mrs    Degrees    in Secretarial of South Amboy. F:xecuiiv"e
                                                                                                                        .fU'.mrtoski     had been       Science at Middlesex Count v Secretarial Program, a
                                                                                                                                                        College                        graduate of St Mary's High
                                                                                                                       •ruployed as a sales clerk at
                                                                                                                                                          Ms Powell was awarded n      School who attended Lyons
                                                                                                                        h*- ( hurles Komar and Sons
                                                                                                                                    Store in South      1250 Scholarship by the PSI. Institute, and Patricia
                                                                                                                                                        RahUn Ray Chapter while Maglione of South Amboy.
                                                                                                                        Sh«' was a communicant of Ms Koerner was awarded a Word Proce ..sing Program, a
                                                                                                                     M Mary's Roman Catholic $100 Scholarship by the PSI. graduate of SI Mary's High
                                                                                                                     • 'hurch and a Member of the Central Jersey Chapter               School, and Kean College.
                                                                                                                     v                                                                 Union
                                                                                                                      < tuth Amboy Irish American
                                                                                                                        Her husband, the late
 OAV-Cssstsr 67 pit I Command* Gutftalakotuwarn lo plact tr» wrtath at the Celtic Crovt m the Christ Church grounds TheodoreJP Lewandoski.a
 It SMSwrisI Mfvite conducted by ftt? f»th«t. fory DuMUky, pastor of Chrisi Episcopal Church Staff Sfi Dorothy      former South Amboy mayor
 flr*Mi siaytd (apt as color guards from CWV-S7I, American Itfion firmg squad and VFW mtmben stood at atttntion     and councilman, died in 1978.
                                                                                              Photo by M*mlm\           She was the sister of
                                                                                                                    Timothy Quinlan, who died in
                                                                                                                     1966; Joseph Qulnlan. who
                                                                                                                    died in 1973, and James
                                                                                                                                                                                QUERY ON OAR1AOE
                                                                                                                    Quinlan who died in 1983                            Whun the proposed "Bhopal on
                                                                                                                        Her parents. Joseph T .
                                                                                                                    Quinlan and Helen Duggan                          the Raritan" becomes a reality, will
                                                                                                                    Quinlan. died in 1976and 1970,
                                                                                                                    respectively                                      we be "The PleaSCENT Little
                                                                                                                        Surviving      a r e *hree
                                                                                                                    -laughters.             Joanne                    City"???
                                                                                                                    Knwaleski and Mary Claire
                                                                                                                    I (art igan, both of Par Jin, and
                                                                                                                    .luriv Zambo of Dover, Del ;
                                                                                                                    two'     (listers,    Margaret
                                                                                                                    w tut more and Mary Mullaly,
                                                                                                                    I'oih of So th Amboy, and
                                                                                                                        The funeral was held on
                                                                                                                    S.mirriay. May 2R. 1985 from
                                                                                                                    Th«-     Gundrum

                                                                                                                    Horde.ntown Avenue to SI
                                                                                                                       Home for F u n e r a l s " , 237                                                ROGERS
                                                                                                                                                                               Building - Alterations Re>nov«tiont
                                                                                                                    Mary's H (' Church in South
                                                                                                                    Amboy where a Mass of                                     320 Mam Stiael, So. Amboy
A MKITMY MASS was said hy ftf v Joseph B»nar h in Sacred Heart Ometer i m memory of thott who dttd stfvtftf in HM Christian Burial was offered
M M l fofctt CNV Pott 571 «as host to miting vetenns <nd ladies auiitiantt attending the ttrvkt which * « N M ofl a t » 30 A M Interment wait in                                            7213984
                                                                                                                    Christ Church Cemetery in
                                                                                                                    South Amboy .
           VflCIIMCV                                                  SAYREVILLE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY                                                                                                                                           VOTE REGULAR
               4                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              WHEN IT MEANS
               IN                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SO MUCH
          OOVIKNMfNT                                                                                                                                                                                                                          TO SAYREVILLE

 Vol. t. No. 1                                                                                                                     SAYRtVILLE, N J                                                                                                         JUNE 4. 1985

DEM COUNTY LEADERS TAP                                                                                                                             ASSEMBLY SPEAKER ALAN J. KARCHER
                                                                                                                                                   ADDS STRENGTH TO LOCAL TICKET
Sayrevi le Given Recognition                                                            pt>vt tin'il ,i County ClerK is elected to fill            ASSEMBLYMAN OTLOWSKI WELL LIKED IN BORO
                                                                                        ihc vai<iiu> in the November election.
                                                                                              ('misidei ing his extensive background.                  This year's Primary and General
                                                                                        Mis t'xiellenl record as a Deputy County                   Elections will be of particular interest to
                                                                                        < li-rk and the experience he has gained, it               all Sayreville residents The names Kar
                                                                                        is only logical that the Democratic County                 cher and Otlowski have always assured n
                                                                                        leaders should agree upon him asthe most                   heavy local vote, and this year will be no
                                                                                        able and best qualified candidate for the                  exception Alans popularity and prestige
                                                                                        post                                                       throughout the state has made him u
                                                                                              The Sayreville Demneralic Organic-                   recognized leader In fact, he is looked
                                                                                        Mi)ii urges all voters :-.t be sure and come               upon by many as the spokesman for th"
                                                                                        out and give their local friend and                        Democratic "arty His leadership m the
                                                                                        neighbor a he.iw vntr m lh«' Primary on                    Assembly has earned him the post of
                                                                                        .lune 4                                                    Speaker. ("•• I h i r d hitfh«"«l jiost in t h ' ' s l . » | f

       Kor i h i ' I n ^t n u n 1 m tin- Hoi u s tiistot s                                                                                                                                                          government
t h « ' 1 ><-in<M r i< t • .* i l l n,i \ * i h i   i . | , | M i t : u i i i i . '11                                                                                                                                      i l l - JJI i    - r. <    ..      '.•         1 . j , . ...';.! •   \n.
voting tor ,i S ; i \ i t ' u | | f im Mnltilr-.r\                                                                                                                                                             ln-fji      p , i r ' i ( t i l <i n \         -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        n i . i c i Ok! I u J    (•
<'oiuit> I t * -1 k, I hi- r < mi- it 'In' m<»l in                                                                                                                                                                  S.U r»" i l l r        Tin-      linpt     ••         uilc     'f   tf:e    fcv.
pnrtaiil puMic ullii <•-• i.' MnJill* M ' \ i. uiiiil'.                                                                                                                                                             " j / a h l e l u w n s i n tht- st*it*• f h a l c a n              'hn\M    i>!
It is onv (if ihi' thrt-t" *"nn?»lHutu»n.*j "I                                                                                                                                                                         no local municipal lax      This advantage
fifes, the others IM'IFIK Surrogate and                                                                                                                                                                              is due largely to the fact that the Boro i.-
Sheriff The Horn has lxt i n honored it) th«*                                                                                                                                                                        host to the J C P & L huge electric
past with position on the Hoard of                                                                                                                                                                                   generating plant from which it derives <     J
Freeholders and in the Assembly, out                                                                                                                                                                                 utility tax benefit in lieu of a property tax
never one of these Constitutional office* It                                                                                                                                                                         Most other municipalities in the State are
is an indication that the Middlesex County                                                                                                                                                                          envious of this income. »nd numerous ef-
leaders recognize the Boro as one of the                                                                                                                                                                            forts have been made by the Governor ".id
strongest and most loyal Democratic                                                                                                                                                                                 the Legislature to repeal this tax anvun
towns in the County, and want to help it to                                                                                                                                                                         tage. Year after ye'-.i. strenuous efforts
continue it* good record While Travis*no                                                     KENNETH W BUCHANAN                                                   WILLIAM JACKSON                                   have been made to deprive Sayrevi lie and
has no contest in the Primary, the GOP are                                                                                                                                                                          other towns who are hosts to these huge
expected to put on a strong campaign to
 win the post The local Democratic                                                            CANDIDA TES FOR COUNCIL                                                                                               uttlites of these tax advantages (Jovernor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Kean has succeeded in taking away some
 Organisation is therefore urging that he be                                                                                                                                                                        of these tax advantages, but the fight
 given » strong complimentary vote m the
 Primary to show its continued vitality
                                                                                        BUCHANAN, LIFELONG                                          WILLIAM JACKSON HAS                                             never stops One of the strongest defender^
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    the Boro could ever have in retaining this
 vigor and party loyalty
       Kennic Travisano has always heen
                                                                                        RESIDENT,HAS                                                ENVIABLE RECORD                                                 modest tax advantage is Alan Karchcr No
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    one has fought more strenuously to protect
 popular in Suyreville and a heavy votf
 getter He served 12 years as Boro Coun
                                                                                        SERVED BORO WELL                                            OF PUBLIC SERVICE                                               Sayreville's interests He can be relie i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    upon to continue his good efforts tn this
 cilman and established an enviable record                                                   Kenneth \S Hu< h.iiuin Si live* at 12            1 .l.ui.M>n ir> Married to the                      area He strongly feels that any towr.
 of public service He has been a resident i <         >                                  H«'nr> S t r e n . I ' . I I I I M \sjth his wife, the     (onner Marcel'.i /ahorchak and has re-                          which has to bear the burdens of a gian1
 the Morgan section of Sayreville for                                                    formrr Marge Sa\ane He is a native born                    sided at 124 (\>nlidgc A\enue. in the Presi                     generating plant with all of its attendan'
 almost 40 years He graduated from                                                       and lifelong resident of Sayreville, the son               dent Park Section for the past 26 years He                      disadvantage* certainly i* entitled to the
 Sayreville High School, earned his H S                                                  of the late Councilman Charles P                           is the father of 4 daughters. A of whom are                     recompense by receiving these utility
 Degree at Monmouth College and hi:-                                                     Buchanan A graduate of Hoftman High                        married, and he has ft grandchildren, all of                    taxes in lieu of propert) taxes Apparently
  Masters Degree ;it Kean College He sen                                                 School. South Amboy. h*served for 4 year-                  whom live ID Sayreville He was graduated                        he has been able iu persuade the
 ed in the I' S Army during the Korean con                                               in the V S . Navy dunr.g WWII Ho held ;               <    from St. Michael's High School in Newark;                       Legislature of the justice of this mune
  flicl for 2 years and was honorably                                                    responsible position ns Maintenance                        served 3 years in the I'.S Navy; and is a
  discharged Married to the former Joan                                                  Supervisor with Hercules, lnc for many                     member of the Sacred Heart Church of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Otlowski a
  Zoll, he was a local Elementary and h                                                  years. was on the Executive Boajjd of local                South Amboy He has been a member of
  High School teacher for over M year* He                                                 271, ICWi;. is a member of VFW Post                       the President Park Fire Company for over
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sayreville Favorite
  served as (Guidance Counselor in the                                                    4699, American legion Lenapc P(«st 211                    25 years: an active member of K of C-                                Assemblyman Cteorge OHowsiti is no
  Junior High for more than a dozen years                                                (atholic War Veterans, the Elks Lodge                      Council 2081. of the Sayreville VFW;                            stranger to the voters of Sayreville He.
       During the 12 yean* he was a Boro                                                 the K of C Council 2061 He has also been                   Sayreville Elks, the Bailey Association,                        too, has enjoyed a most distinguished
  Councilman, he serv^d^ffr Committee                                                    active in Crippled Kiddies work; as Chair                  and other civic and fraternal organiza-                         career in public office He served as a
  Chairman on Police. Fire. Transportation.                                              man of the Muscular Dystrophy Cam                          tions                                                           member of tht Board of Freeholders for
  Buildings and Grounds Committees, etc .                                                paign; as Coach of the Little 1 League                         He served as Committee Man for 10                           many years and was its Director
  and was Council President in 1961 He is a                                              Team. {\                                                   years; as Secretary to the Board of Adjust                      Thereafter h-? wat elected to the
   member of the Morgan Hose & Chemical                                                      Duntflg his year* of service on the local              ment for 8 years, and as a local Coun-                          Assembly, whet e he has served for almost
   Fire Co ; of the Knights of Columbus, of                                              Boro Council, he has achieved an enviable                  cilman for ft years For 15 years, he was                        a dozen years He is widely recognized as
   the Elks I-odge and many other civic,                                                 record of distinguished public service. In                 the manager of an R*S Auto Store, and                           an authority on Health and Human Ser
   social and fraternal organizations Before                                             addition to serving as President of the                    was appointed Assistant Director of the                          vices problems In addition to his post as a
   his last term as Councilman expired at the                                            Council, he has also served as Chairman of                 Middlesex Countv Personnel Department                            Legislator, he is also Mayor of Perth Am
   end of 1984. he won the much coveted ap                                               a number of important committees and as                    in 1976. where he has been effective in fin                      boy. where he was recently reelected for
   polntment as a Deputy County Clerk under                                              an active member of every Committee                        ding jobs for the unemployed During hit                          another 4-year term
   the late Thomas J Molyneux. and is still                                                                                                         service as Councilman, he headed a
                                                                                             As Chairman of the Parks and                                                                                                 He has always been extremely popular
   serving in that post While Molyneux was                                                                                                          number of important committees and
                                                                                         Playgrounds Committee, he is generally                                                                                      in Sayreville While there are no contests
   rennmlnated and reelected for a Syear                                                                                                            served as an active member of the others
                                                                                          given credit for the development and ex-                                                                                   in the Primary, it is expected that both he
    term in 19M, he died before taking office,                                                                                                       He has long been considered a dedicated
                                                                                          pansion of the finest such facility in the                                                                                 and Alan will receive • large vote, and
    and Rennie Travisano became the Acting                                                                                                           and competent member of the governing
                                                                                          history of the Boro of Sayreville.                                                                                         their presence on the ticket will do much to
   County Clerk, nad has been recommended                                                                                                            body, with an extensive background of                           bring out a heavy vote on, June 4.
   to the Governor for appointment to the                                                                                                            distinguished service to his community.
 PAGE 2                                                          SAYRCVIUf DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS' GUIDE                                                                                   mi

                                                                                                    NEIGHBORHOOD COMMITTEE PEOPLE -
  Editorials                                                                                        "KEY TO GOOD GOVERNMENT"
                                                                                                       The democratic commiltemen and                    Dist 13: JohnJ. lungermann, Jeaa A.
                                                                                                    committaewomen are your link to the              Ryan; Dist 14: Alfie Gawron, Santa Maria

 DEMOCRATS MUST                                    What About That                                  mayor and council. Remember to vote for
                                                                                                    the following Regular Democratic
                                                                                                                                                     •Sadie" Gawron; Dist 1ft: Philip McCut
                                                                                                                                                     cheon. Jr , JacquelynSmiglasky, Dist. I t :
 BE PRACTICAL                                      State Drought?                                   Organization candidates who are on line B:       Elmer J Francik, Marie Lansjdon; Dist
                                                                                                                                                     17: Charles Lukie. Lorraine Tarr; Dist. I I :
      There are 5 Democratic candidates                As summer approaches, edicts are                 Dial t: Julian J. Ciecko. Dolores F.         Edward Jasionowski, Wanda May dish,
  seeking the nomination as Governor in this       coming out of Trenton warning of an im-          Yurewici Dist. 2: Joseph Kabara, Stella          Dist. 19: John Rota, Mary Rota Dist. 10:
  year's Primary Until a series of recent          pending drought. Restrictions have               Misiewicz; Dist 3: John M. Kriskowski,           Lawrence Boden, Shirley Friedman; Dist.
  scandals were exposed which rocked the           already been placed on water use in a            Carolyn Neminaki; Dist 4: Henry J Sut            21: Thomas Pervell, Nattcy Bolk; Dist. 23:
  Kean Administration, he was thought to           number of counties and a large number of         ter, Sophie J. Grossweiler; Dist. 5:             William J Horvath. Olga Horvath;
  have a lead in the Gubernatorial contest.        municipalities. The GOP are blaming the          Richard Standowski, Louise Derzawiec.                Dist 23: Frank J. Roginski, Mary Lou
  However, with the recent exposure of             crises on the lack of rainfall. But there is a   Dist. 6: Francis Fierru, Valerie                 Amaczi, Dist. 24: Emit Carlesimo, Carol
  MVD-Taggart auto photo license scandal,          clearer reason for New Jersey's problems,        Travlsano; Dist 7: Leo J Nowicki, Viola          Smith; Dist 25 Stephen R Golembeski,
  things have changed. Kean » popularity           and it can be laid at the doorstep of the        Brzozowski; Dist B: Robert Engelhart;            Marie Brown. Dint 28: Thomas E
  has fallen greatly. Democratic chances for       Kean Administration.                             Dist. », Louis Donnamaha, Olga Zalaz             Sheehan, Elvira Noel, Dist 27: Thomas
  victory in November have risen                       More than 4 years ago, the voters ap-        nick; Dist. 10: Charles Skwira. Mary             Keegan, Jane Redford. Dist 28: Richard
  dramatically But the fight is far from           proved a 1350 Million bond issue to provide      Sekman; Dist 1) John A Kieras, Patricia          Mytnick, Marguerite Wiecek, Dist 29:
  over. The GOP will outspend the                  means of meeting any future water shor-          A ma to, D I M 12 William Jackson. Mary          Walter "Jimmy' Boyler. Ivy M t'zaplin
  Democrats 10 to l                                tages in the state. This was to cover new        Bodziak.
      All 5 Democratic aspirants are compe-        reservoirs, dams, inter-connections, etc .
  tent men who have established records for       etc. In over 40 months of the Kean Ad-
  themselves in various public offices. But
  obviously only one of them can be
                                                  ministration, the public should be in-
                                                   terested to know that only 15 Million
                                                  of this huge bond issue has been spent to
                                                                                                    Buchanan and Jackson say Opponents
  nominated The question is, who will make
  the strongest candidate in November'1
  That candidate is the one whom the
                                                  protect the state from water shortages
                                                  And that $3 Million of that has been
                                                                                                    Housing Scheme Crazy and Costly
  Democrats must nominate in the Primary          devoted to what is known as "paperwork'                                                            housing minplt'x I'Ui it was experienced
                                                  This is leadership? Has the public had                 Councilman Ken Huvhanun and Bill
  on June 4. Votes for the other remaining                                                          Jackson today pledged »o fiRht ;i proposal       people likt- Ken But-hanuti and Hill Jackson
 candidates will be wasted - for all prac-        enough? The election in November will af                                                           who fought long and hard for federal money
                                                  ford the public an opportunity of providing       made by their opponents which would dou
 tical purposes.                                                                                    bie taxes in Sayreville "Our opponents           so that local taxpayers would have have to
      Recent survey* indicate the the only        an answer to these questions          l
                                                                                                    have called for an additional senior citizens    pay for the senior citizens complex*' he
 one of the 5 Democratic hopefuls with a                                                            housing complex which would be con               concluded
 good chance of winning is Senator John F                                                           structed and run by the borough »i                    "Instead of spending millions on un
 Russo, of Ocean County. He has had 12                                                              Sayreville This proposal would cost the          necessary housing. 1 think we Hhould be ap-
 years experience in the New Jersey                                                                 taxpayers more than tl5 million to con           propriating money for the senior citizens
 Senate, where he is presently the Majority       How About President Reagan's                      struct and an additional 1250,000 each year      clubs." Buchanan said "They provide a
 Leader. He has already won the en-
dorsements of a number of the largest
                                                  Promise "Not to Touch"                            to operate," Jackson said                        service for literally thousands of seniors in
                                                                                                                                                     Sayreville I think it's important that we
                                                                                                         "When the present senior citizen com-
counUea, including Hudson. Union. Mid-            Social Security?                                  plex was opened, no Sayreville resident who      provide bused for those seniors who can t
dlesex, and others.                                    During his last campaign, President          wanted to live there was turned away."           get to the doctor or the supermarket, but I
     Democratic political strategists have        Reagan gave the Senior Citizens of this na-       Buchanan said                                    can't see spet ding millions to construct
a growing confidence that he is the one -         tion his solemn promise that he would not              "The development at l<akeview was           more housing that would benefit only one or
and perhaps the only on? - who can beat           touch Social Security Apparently he has           financed entirely by federal funds and did       two hundred seniors, when we already have
Kean in November Wine, thoughtful, in*            forgotten that promise Included in his new-       not cost the residents of Sayreville a dime."    a federally funded housing facility."
telligent voters are therefore urged to           budget proposals, supposed to reduce the          Jackson said                                     Buchanan said
nominate John F Russo for Governor on             huge 1300 BILLION deficit, there is a pro-              This foolish plan which would double
June 4.                                           posal to substantially cut some of the
                                                  automatic cost of living increases due to
                                                                                                    property taxes is just another reason that             V
                                                                                                    we have to re-elect tn«n of experience, " a
                                                  Seniors in the coming years Promises ap           party spokesman said
                                                  parently do not meat much AFTER elec-                  "Anyone can come up with the idea to
Why Asiambiyyman Karcher                          tions.                                            spend borough funds for a senior citizen
Dtwrves Sayreville's Vote
Particularly-and So. Amboy's
       Many residents of Sayreville, par-
                                                                              LETTER                      T O T H E                         EDITOR
 ticularly the more recently arrivals, may        Doar Editor:                                      Department more appropriations each              years I cannot believe that he would ac
 be unaware of the Impressive stature of                1 am disappointed and shocked at the        year so that this important work for our         tually betray htm Yet he actually wont out
  one of their own fellow townsmen as a           manner in which Mayor McCormack has               youth could grow and improve each year           of his way to locate someone < anyone > to
  State Legislator - Alan J. Karcher              betrayed Councilman Kenneth Buchanan              In my humble opinion, Buchanan deserves          run against him'
  Although not yet 42. he has already served      in this Campaign. No single publir official       more credit for the success of this Depart-          If this is the kind of loyalty and
  a i a State Legislator for almost 12 years,     in Sayreville had helped or been more             ment than its Director                           gratitude that the Mayor will show toward
 with distinction and honor. Four years ago,      loyal to Mr. McCormack than Ken                       In al> respects, Councilman Buchanan         someone who treated him as his own son,
  his own colleagues in the Assembly,             Buchanan, and yet the Mayor has not only          treated John McCormack as if he were his         what can the public at large expect of the
  elected him as the Speaker—a post second        ignored these long years of faithful service      own son. No other Councilman was as loyal"       Mayor ?
  only to the Governor. He has thus become        and loyalty, but has gone out of his way to       and vigorous in backing up the requests of           1 urge all voters in Sayreville to
  the third ranking leader in the State Only      hurt Buchanan and try to prevent his              the Departments under their jurisdiction It      remember these facts and vote for Ken
  the Governor and the President of the           reelection.                                       grieves and hurts me to see the Mayor now        Buchanan and Bill Jackson
  Senate exceed him in prestige. And even               I am sure the public will see through       turn his back on his friend and benefactor                                    Yours Truly,
  hia superiors recognize and defer to his         tis and show their resentment by reelec-         who had done so much for him for %o many                             JohnE Czernikowski
   unusual competence and ability.                 tlng Ken Buchanan as Councilman.
        He has used this power with great               During the 12 yean I served as Mayor,
   diligence and discretion. The State and all     Councilman Buchanan served as the
   of its 7 million residents have greatly
   benefited by his leadership. Many laws
                                                   liaison to the Recreation Department, then
                                                   headed by McCormack. No one worked
                                                                                                    Buchanan Deserves Credit for
   beneficial to the great masses of the people
   have bam adopted. Many laws that would
  nave been detrimental and harmful to the
                                                   harder to support McCormack in his work
                                                   As Chairman of the Parks and
                                                   Playgrounds Committee, he not only
                                                                                                    Development of Kennedy Park
  people has a whole have been spotted and                                                                Kennedy Park ha6 become one of the         most of the voters of Sayreville will show
                                                   helped McCormack keep his job as Direc
  defeated. The 19th Assembly District's in-                                                         largest and finest municipal parks in the       their appreciation and approval of
                                                   tor, but sponsored his re-appointment each
  tortats have been fully recognized and pro-                                                       state, and Is widely used by residents of all    Buchanan's efforts by giving hi and his
                                                   year, with salary increases as well. When
  tected.                                                                                            sections of the Boro and of all ages. It was    running mate, Bill Jackson, a heavy vote
                                                   Boro Budget Conferences were beld,
        Sayreville's interests too have been                                                         initially acquired with funds from the New      of confidence for their renomination and
                                                   Buchanan actually knocked himself out in
  vtgoroulsy defended. Our town, as the host                                                        Jersey Green Acres Program and the               reelection.
                                                   convincing the Boro to give McCormsck's
  community to JCP4L Co.'s huge electric                                                             Federal Open Spaces Program. Through
  gansrating plant has long bean the reci-                                                           the years, and primarily under his
  pient of substantial utility gross receipts                                                        guidance, It has been transformed from an
  taxes to compensate it for the potential
  nnsianca to its environment. For years,
                                                   $75 Refund Out of a                              abandoned clay pit into an attractive,
                                                                                                     landscaped park with a 20-acre frwh                        •AYREVULE
  other communities in the State have
  sought to have laws passed dividing these
                                                   $1 Billion State Surplus                         water lake; several lagoons; convenient
                                                                                                    pavad entrances and exits; a series of
                                                                                                                                                            DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY
                                                                                                                                                               VOTERS' GUIDE
  grass receipts taxes and distributing them            As a matter of simple logk and com-         decorated metal lampposts affording ade-
  ttjMsly among municipalities which do not        mon sens*, do you think that Governor            quate lighting faciliUtN, and other im-                 Joseph T. Karcher, Editor
  have to serve as a hoot to such industries       Koan will be sbte to fool the people by of-      provements too numerous to mention.
  Alan hat tuccoodod in blocking these un-         fering a "one shot" creditor refund of only            Included are basketball courts,                    Published Annually to Bring
  fair afforts to snare In the revenues while      $75. out of an sstlmatad state surplus of $1     baseball Holds; softball fields and a half                 The I M U M to the People
  aat snaring In the burdens As late as last       BUUon? Ho won election Is 1M1 by promis-         doson or more tennis courts. It contains a                           end to
  yoar ho blocked such afforts which would         ing that ho would not rtteo taxes In fact,       genarous-slMd playground for children,               Publish th« Records and Biographies
  havt deprived Sayreville of mllions of           he promised that he would lower them Yet         adequate parking lots, etc., etc. The value           of the Cendfctetes Seeking Office
 aaflart of tax revenues over the years.           within the first yoar he was In office, he       of this facility to the community at large is       On the Democratic Ticket in Sayreville
 Thai would have destroyed the Borough's           signed new tax bills including increases in      probably bast evidenced by the tact that
 d a t a to have a stro tax rat* for municipal     the sales tax and income tax which has           all or most all of the facilities provided are
 •arviccs and impose an extra tax burden           raised a surplus in the New Jersey State         more or loss In constant use and enjoyed                           Paid for by
 oa aseh homo owner of anywhere from               Treasury sstlmatad at $1 Billion What the        by the public at large. Ken Buchanan has               Citizens for Buchanan ft Jackson
 I M M M t par homo par annum For this 1st         stats rasJly Deeds Is some form of perma-        expanded a great daal of his time, energy,                  Sadie Gawron, Treasurer
 us aO give thanks—and also a vote for             nent tax relief for its long-suffering pro-      effort and enterprise in developing this at-
 Ataa and Ms running mate Goo. OUowakJ.            party owners and Income taxpayers                tractive Improvement It Is believed that
JUNE 4. 1MB                                                  SAYREVILLE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS' GUIDE                                                                       PAGE 3

     Governor Kean'8 expert public rela-         high-placed lawyers in the Keen Ad-
tions has unquestionably made him an             ministration had ample opportunity to
unusually strong candidate for reeleciton        review these facts And yet this lUegal eon-
However in recent weeks, all this has            tract was awarded. It was only rescinded
dunged A number of scandals have sur             later
faced which has brought him adverse                  Then Kean'i Staff made poor M V
crttfcism throughout the iu'< The "photo         Director Snede'ier the scapegoat, with
license deal" may prove the most serious         Kean publicly 'reprimanding" him for his
The Mate Motor Vehicle Department u             conduct, as a result of which, Snedeker
under the Jurisdiction of Attorney General      handed in a one-sentence resignation 2
Irwtn Klmmelman, a Kean appointee               days later, with his reputation for integrity
     In the middle of March, an announce        as a public official seriously tarnished and
ment was made that arrangements had             damaged
been made to hsve the mandatory driver's             Whil' the M V Department has long
license photos taken at 21 Sears Roebuck         had a reputation for extreme partisanship,
Stores throughout th« Hlale. The cost w**       this incident apparently marked a new
to be 12.30 per photo The announcement          low. At subsequent hearings before the Ap-
was released by Snedeker and Kim                propriations Committee, Attorney General
meunan What wasn't disclosed was thai           Kimmelman disclosed for the first time
Sears was actually only the front, or n sub-    that Snedeker had outlined the Sears
contractor, and thai the real beneficiary       Taggart proposal in a March 6 Memo to
of this multimillion dollar deal was            Governor Kean's Chief-of-Staff, Greg
William Taggart. a clot* Kean friend and        Stevens The Memo concluded with these
financial supporter for many years, who         words: "A decision must be made as to
would receive 85* out of every dollar paid,     how this type of program should be «n-
with Seam receiving only IS* Taggart is         ru'Um-ed in order to avoid the likelihood of
the owner and operator of a chain of driv       it being discovered by the press.
ing schools There is a provision in the         Governor Kean's office approved the pro-
State formulated M V ('ode of Ethics that       gram on March 14, according to Thomas
prohibits any such award No less than 3         Cannon, a spokesman 'or Kimmelman
                                                The official press releast made no mention
                                                of Taggart s involvement
                                                     QUESTION how there could be so

Jersey Democrats                                many lawyers involved who presumably
                                                know the law, and how such a contract
                                                could be expressly prohibited by the M V
to Honor Karcher                                so-called Code of Ethics -and yet none of
                                                them were aware of the illegality of it, in
     New JITM*> DvuKKTiits arc expected         eluding Kean himself! It is generally
to attend u rorktail part) to honor             assumed that the public will have a hard
Assembly Speaker Alan J Karcher.                time swallowing all of this and believing it
D Middlesex. 6 p m Ma> 'li at the I>and         It is also to be remembered that Snedeker
mark Inn, Woodhridgc                            certainly was not doing this for his own
     The 1100 a ticket fund raiser is a         benefit     nor was Kimmelman! If this is
tribute by the Middlesex County                 not a scandal, it is certainly very close to
Democratic Organization "to a man who           it! And one that could rob the Kean Ad-
has represented not only a major portion        ministration of its much-vaunted repula-
of our county, but the Democratic party         tionfor honesty and integrity
statewide in a truly distinguished fashion           Alan Kircher probably summed it up
on all the significant legislative issues for   neatly when he said, " A l l prior
many years," said County Chairman C,            Democratic administrations operated
Nicholas Venezia                                'under glass' This Republican Ad-
     Karcher, of Sayreville. is the unof-       ministration also operates under glass.
ficial chairman of his party's effort to        The only difference is that they use plate
maintain if not increase - the numer of         glass for showcases and everything seems
Assembly Democrats this vear                    to have a price tag on it."



     Others have promised to establish a full time Legal Department in
     Borough Hail to cut legal fees Instead, they've replaced the highest
     ranking democratic official in the state with an attorney whose only
     municipal experience was to represent builders before the planning and
     zoning board.

                                                                                                Is President Reagan                            ARE WORKERS'
     Others have promised to stop building in Sayreville, but more than                         Really Reducing Taxes?                         VOICES HEEDED?
     1,100 new homes have been started in the last two years. Ken & Bill
                                                                                                     For some years now, the Reagan ad-        To Kditor. TNT. \1a> 10. I»H5
     have pioposed a moratorium to stop this.
                                                                                                ministration in Washington has been fool-          We have always thought the
   • KEEPING SAYREVILLE OUT OF THE HOUSING BUSINESS                                             ing the people They are cutting out so-        Democratic Party was the worker's party
                                                                                                called unnecessary items from the na-          However, in Sayr?ville. it seems our
     Others have proposed spending millions of YOUR tax dollars for an ad-
                                                                                                tional budget. They claim that these cuts      mayor is trying to change that
     ditional senior citizens housing complex for 100 to 2 0 0 seniors. Ken                     are reducing taxes. But the fact of the mat-       He seems to prefer candidates for
     and Bill think the present federally funded complex is adequate.                           ter is that they are merely transferring       committee and council who are out of
                                                                                                these tax burdens back to the states. The      touch with working people When one goes
   • IMPROVING BENEFITS TO ALL SENIORS PROJECTS                                                 states in turn are passing these burdens       down the list of the mayor's supporters,
     Such as senior citizens transpotation and the Washington School con-                       down to the counties and municipalities        one finds it to-heavy with teachers, prin-
     version benefit ALL the seniors in Sayreville. Ken and Bill want to ex-                    They, in turn, are passing them on down to     cipals, school board members, proes-
     oand these services.                                                                       the taxpayers and property owners. Where       stonals, etc.
                                                                                                are the tax savings? Isn't this merely a           Sayreville was run well for yean, when
   • MORALE UPLIFTING OF ESSENTIAL SERVICE PERSONNEL                                            transfer of the tax load from Washington       it was guided by factory workers,
     No one is more vital to a community than the police, fire and first aid                    to the local home owners? *                    tradesmen, union members, etc. We, for
     volunteers. Their good morale is our wellbeing. Ken and Bill will im-                           Meanwhile, what are they doing with       our part, like to see our town progress the
                                                                                                all these huge "savings" they are making?      way it has for years, not as a proferitonal
     prove, the rapidly deteriorating morale of our emergency personnel so                      They are turning this money over to the        bureaucracy
     your safety will not be threatened.                                                        Pentagon. And what is the Pentagon doing           We've been Democrats all our lives,
                                                                                                with it? They are paying W O for toilet        and the mayor and his cohort* do not sound
   • LOWERING OF MUNICIPAL TAXES                                                                nests — 1400 for hammers and wrenches,         or act like people of the Democratic Party
     Despite the rhetoric of some self proclaimed intellectuals, the common                     etc.! And the long-suffering taxpayers are     we know. We and many others wish to in-
     sense approach by Buchanan and Jackson is what will keep taxes low                         •landing for this? And sometimes even ap-      form the mayor that kingly rule is dead,
                                                                                                plauding it? We are certainty living in a      and that he return to government for the
     in Sayreville.
                                                                                                strange world f                                people, by the people
                                                                                                                                                              Raymond and Irene Dryiga
                                                                                                                                                 JUNE 4, 1111
PAOM                                               SAVRBVIU* DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS' QUIOE

                       For Council                                     For County Clerk                                       Council
                   Kenneth W Buchanan                                  Rennie Travisano                                      Jackson

        For Assembly                               For Assembly                             f of I rt»t*hul<lttr                         Fot Fr«
       Alan J . Karcher                          George J. Otlowski                        Thomas Boylau                                 David Crabiel

                    IN SAYREVILLE
 KcmMrtfi W.                                      On June 4th Vote for                                                                         Councilman
                                                BUCHANAN and JACKSON                                                                            Jackson

                                                                                                                               ^ar   4

                              Here is a PARTIAL list ofProjects they have
                                      SPONSORED or SUPPORTED
  t.         Ooubftng of Ubrtry FacWttos                                         14    Dedication of Washington School of use by
  2. AfMr y M r t of negotiation, §t«te It finally beginning to take steps to    15    Participation in National Flood Insurance Program.                *v:=i':':*lh

     t i a v l m Emston Rond • Route 9 traffic problem                           75    Construction of Sayreville exit to Parkway
  3. Extontlva and complete radavafopmam of Bordentown Well Fields.              17.   Rent Control and -evading Ordinance.
  4. Aooreftsh/e Court action to protect water supplies from dangerous           18    Acquisition of 11 acre Burka's Park.
       poHutort.          •                                                      ig.   Development of 84-acre Kennedy Park.
  5.   Conatruction of MuW purpose building at Kennedy Park                     20     Development tmd construction of new weNs in Morgan area.
  e.   Imoroved traffic controls at CHeesequake ft Bordentown Avenues.          21.    Acquisition of new and expanded water diversionary rights from
  7.   Construction of Emston Road extension                                           State.
  8.   Improved recreation facHttles at War Memorial Park.                       22.   Acquisition of Morgan First Aid Squad Headquarters.
       Introduced moratorium to hah budding.                       • '           23.   Restoration of regularly scheduled bus service within Borough.
 10.   Extension of hot meals to elderly.                              "         24.   Adoption of Sayrevme's first Industry Sewage Ordman
 11.   Introduction of municipality's first Housing Code.                              And MANY, MANY others!
 12.   Provision for mini bus to doctors and shopping for etderty.
 13.   Delegation of additional power and responswelties to Envwonmawtaj

                                IN THE SAYREVILLE PRIMARY ELECTION JUNE 4th

JUNf 4, 1985                                                                       SAYREVILLE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS' GUiDE                                                                       PAGE 3

     Governor Keen's expert public rein                              high placed lawyers in the Kean Ad-
tions has unquestionably made him an                                 ministration had ample              unity to
unusually strong candidate for reeleciton                            review these facts And yet this IHagaJ con-
However in recent weeks, all this has                                tract was awarded. It was only rescinded
changed A number of scandals have HUT                                later
faced which ha» brought him advene                                       Then Kean's Staff made poor M.V
criticism throughout the state. The "photo                           Director Snedeker the tqapegoat, with
license deal" may prove the most serious                             Kean publicly "reprimanding" him for hit
The State Motor Vehicle Department it                                conduct, as a result of which, Snedeker
under the jurisdiction of Attorney General                           handed in a one-sentence resignation 2
Irwin Kimmelman, a Kean appointee                                    days later, with his reputation for integrity
     In the middle of March, an announce-                            as a public official seriously tarnished and
ment was made that arrangement* had                                  damaged
been made to have the mandatory driver s                                  While the M.V. Department has long
license photos taken at 21 Sears Roebuck                             had a reputation for extreme partisanship,
Stores throughout the state The cost was                             this incident apparently marked a new
to be $2 20 per photo The announcement                               low At subsequent hearings before the Ap-
was released by Snedeker and Kim                                     propriations Committee, Attorney General
melman What wasn't disclosed was that                                Kimmelman disclosed for the first time
Sears was actually only the front, or a sub-                         that Snedeker had outlined the Sears-
contractor, and that the real beneficiary                            Taggart proposal in a March 6 Memo to
of this multimillion dollar deal was                                 Governor Kean's ChiefofStaff, Greg
William Taggart. a close Kean friend and                             Stevens The Memo concluded with these
financial supporter for many years, who                              words "A decision must be made as to
would receive 85* out of every dollar paid,                          how this type of program should be an
with Sears receiving only 15" Taggart is                             nounced in order to avoid the likelihood of
the owner and operator of a chain of driv                            it being discovered by the press
ing schools There is a provision in the                              Governor Kean's office approved the pro-
State formulated M V Code of Kthics trvat                            gram on March 14. according to Thomas
prohibits any such award No less than 3                              Cannon, a spokesman for Kimmelman
                                                                     The official press release made no mention
                                                                     of Taggart s involvement
                                                                          QUESTION- how there could be HO

Jersey Democrats                                                     many lawyers involved who presumably
                                                                     know the law. and how such a contract
                                                                     could l>e expressly prohibited by the M.V
to Honor Karcher                                                     so called Code of Ethics and yet none of
                                                                     them were aware of the illegality of it, in
    \t*W   Jet M'\   I > l ' [ | X H T . l t . S -iff   <"XUt'CU'd   eluding Kean himself It is generally
to attend •< rm-kiail pails to honor                                 assumed that the public will have a hard
Assemble S h a k e r Alan .)        Kaicher                          t ime swallowing all of this ? nd believing it
t) Middlesex < u in Ma> II M (hi- Land
                 >                                                   It is also to be remembered that Snedeker
mark Inn. Woodhndge                                                  certainly was not doing this for his own
       The $llM»a-hckiM fund raiser is a                             benefit      nor was Kimmelman' If this is
t r i b u t e by tht* Middlesex County                               not a scandal it is certainly very close to
Democratic Organization to a man who                                 it' And one that could rob the Kean Ad
has represented not only a major portion                             ministration of us much-vaunted reputa
of our county, but the Democratic part)                              tionfor honesty and integrity
statewide in a truly distinguished fashion                               Alan Karcher probably summed it up
on all the significant legislative issues for                        neatly when he s a i J , " A l l prior
many years." said County Chairman (>                                 Democratic administrations operated
Nicholas Venezia                                                      under g.'ass     This Republican Ad-
        Karcher. of Sayreville, is the unof                          ministration also operates under glass
fktal chairman of his party's effort to                              The only difference is that they use plate
maintain- if not increase       the numer of                         glass for showcases and everything seems
Assembly Democrats this vear                                         to have a price tag on it



      Others have promised to establish a full time Legal Department in
      Borough Hall to cut legal tees. Instead, they've replaced the highest
      ranking democratic official in the state with an attorney whose only
      municipal experience was to represent builders before the planning and
      zoning board.                                                                                                                                           *
      A MORATORIUM ON RESIDENTIAL CONSTRUCTION                                                                        Is President Reagan                          ARE WORKERS'
      Others have promised to stop building in Sayreville, but more than
      1,100 new homes have been started in the last two years Ken & Bill                                              Really Reducing Taxes?                       VOICES HEEDED?
                                                                                                                            For some year*; now. the Keagan ad     To Kdilor. TNT. Ma\      l«H.*i
      have proposed a moratorium to stop this
                                                                                                                      ministration in Washington has been fool         We have . i l u a y * thought the
      KEEPING SAYREVILLE OUT OF THE HOUSING BUSINESS                                                                  ing the people They are cutting out so       Democratic Parly was the worker's party
      Others have proposed spending millions of YOUR tax dollars for an ad                                            called unnecessary items from the na         However, m Sayreville. it seems our
                                                                                                                      tional budget They claim that these cuts     mayor is trying to change that
      ditional senior citizens housing complex for 100 to 200 seniors. Ken                                            are reducing taxes But the fact of the mat       He seems to prefer candidates for
      and Bill think the present federally funded complex is adequate.                                                ter i» that they are merely transferring     committee and council who are out of
                                                                                                                      these tax burdens back to the states T.he    touch with working people When one goes
      IMPROVING BENEFITS TO ALL SENIORS PROJECTS                                                                      states in turn are passing these burdens     down the list of the mayor's supporters,
      Such as senior citizens transpotation and the Washington School con-                                            down to the counties and municipalities      one finds it to-heavy with teachers, prin-
      version benefit ALL the seniors in Sayreville. Ken and Bill want to ex-                                         They, in turn, are passing them on down to   cipals, school board members, proes-
      pand the'se services.                                                                                           the taxpayers and property owners. Where     sionals, etc
                                                                                                                      a r t the tax savings? Isn't this merely a       Sayreville was run well for years when
      MORALE UPLIFTING OF ESSENTIAL SERVICE PERSONNEL                                                                 transfer of the tax load from Washington     it was guided by factory workers,
      No one is more vital to o community than the police, fire and first aid                                         to the local home owners'*                   tradesmen, union members, etc We, for
      volunteers. Their good morale ia our wellbeing. Ken and Bill will im-                                                 Meanwhile, what sre they doing with    our part, like to see our town progress the
                                                                                                                      all these huge "savings" they sre making 0   way it has for years, not as a professional
      prove the rapidly deteriorating morale of our emergency personnel to                                            They are turning this money over to the      bureaucracy
      your safety will not be threatened.                                                                             Pentagon. And what Is the Pentagon doing         We've been Democrats all our lives,
                                                                                                                      with It? They are paying MOO for toilet      and the mayor and his cohorts do not sound
      LOWERING OF MUNICIPAL TAXES                                                                                     seats — 1400 for hammers and wrenches,       or act like people of the Democratic Party
      Despite the rhetoric of some self proclaimed intellectuals, the common                                          etc.! And the long-suffering taxpayers are   we know. We and many others wish to in-
      sense approach by Buchanan and Jackson is what will keep taxes low                                              standing for this 1 And sometimes even ap-   form the mayor that kingly rule is dead.
      \n Sayreville.          \                                                                                       plauding It? We are certainly living in s    and that he return to government for the
                                                                                                                      strange world'                               people, by the people.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Raymond and Irene Dryzga
                                                    8AYREVIUE DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS' GUIDE                                                       JUNE 4, 1986
PAOf 4

                       For Council                                       For County Clerk                                     For Council
                   Kenneth W Buchanan                                    Rennie Travisano                                        j»ckson

          For Assembly                              For Assembly                              For freeholder                                For Freeholder
         Alan J . Kefcher                         George J Otlowski                           Thomas Boylan                                  David Crabiel

                      IN SAYREVILLE
  Ktnntth W.                                       On June 4th Vote for                                                                           Councilman
                                                 BUCHANAN and JACKSON                                                                              Jackson

                            Here is a PARTIAL list of Projec^they have
                                    SPONSORED or SUPPORTED
    1. Ptmmd Doubling of Library Facilities.                                       14    Dedication of Washington School of use by senior
    2. Afttf yaart of negotiation, state ft finally beginning to take steps to     15.   Participation in National Flood Insurance Program.
       •HtvtoCO Erntton Rood • Routt 9 traffic problem.                            16.   Construction of Sayrevllle exit to Parkway.
    3. Extensive and complete redevelopment of Bor den town Well Fields            17,   Rent Control and Levelling Ordinance.
   4. Aggressive Court action to protect water supplies from dangerous             ig.   Acquisition of 11 acre Burke's Park.
      poNutors.                  0                                                 19.   Development of 84 acre Kennedy Park.
   6.    Construction of Multi-purpose building at Kennedy Park.                  20.    Development and construction of new wads in
   6.    Improved traffic controls at Cheesequeke & Bordentown Avenue*.           21.    Acquisition of new and expanded water dtvefstonat / rights from tfts
   7.    Construction of Emston Road extension                                           State
   8.    Improved recreation facHKlei at War Memorial Park.                        22.   Aequlsrtion of Morgan First Aid Squad Headquarters.
   9.    Introduced moratorium to hah buHding.                                     23.   Restoration of regularly scheduled bus ssrvtea within Borough.
  10.    Extension of hot maals to eWerty.                                         24.   Adoption of BayravMa's first Industry Sewage Ordinance.
  t1.    Introduction of municipalHy's first Housing Coda.                               And M A J ^ M A N Y otharsl
  12.    Prevtston for mini bus to doctors and shopping for sMarty.
  13.    Ooiagatton of addHtonal power and rasponsto|Htas to In^ironmamal

                                 IN THE SAYREVILLE PRIMARY ELECTION JUNE 4th

Hie SOUTH AMBOY CITIZEN                                                                                                                                    Thursday, May M.199S

   56 Years Serving You
                                                                                                                             611 Bordentown Ave,
                                                                                                                                 South Amboy
   SOUTH AMBOY                                                                                                                        Sayreville Plaza
    SAYREVILLE                                                                                                                        Rk 9, Savrevllle
                                                     "Where Quality Rules'9
                            Salt Price* Effactlve Sunday, June 2 toSaturday, Junt 6,1985.

       Perdue                        Ground Chuck               USDA Choice Beef         Frlerlch Corned Beef
    Oven Staffer                       80% Lean                   Chuck Steaks                  (thin cut)
     5-7 Ib. avg.                       $1.39 Ib.                    $1.19 Ib.                  $1.99 Ib.
       79* Ib.                                                   California Roast
                     Ground Chuck Patties
                                             Cut from Young          $1.49 Ib.
                           $1.59 Ib.
  Rich's Boneless                           Corn fed porkers     Shoulder London
Freeh Turkey Cutlets    Ground Round      Center Cut Pork Chops        Broil
      $2.99 Ib.            $1.99 Ib.             $1.89 Ib.           $1.79 Ib.
 Maxwsll Houst                  Dolt                                       Mazola                         Freeh Sllcad                                         Sarah La*
 Instant CoHtt            Plnaappla Julca                                  Corn OH                       Land 0 ' Lakes                                          Frozan
   12 oi. $4.99              46 oz. 99f                              46 oz. $2.29                       American Cheeee                                         All Buttar
                                                                                                        (yellow or whlta)                                      Croissants
   RtaLenion                Fresh Sliced                             Weaver                                  $2.78Ib.                                          6 oz. $1.79
  Lemon Julca                Regal Chef                           Chlckan Roll
  32 o r $1.19                 Cookad                            Sllcad to Ordar                               Parkay                                     Raynolds Wrap
                            Cornad Beef                              $2.38 Ib.                                Margarine                                   Aluminum Foil
   Fresh Sllcad               $3.58 Ib.                                                                       16 oz. 79*                                   200 ft. $3.19
  Laen Domastlc                                                  Kraft SlnglM
   Sotlad Ham                Foodtown                          (yellow or whlta)                           Bumbla Bee                                    Foodtown Frozan
     $2.49 Ib.             Qrada A Larga                                                                 Chunk Light Tuna                                   Lsmonads
                                                                 12 oz. $1.69                                                                             6 oz. 5 tor 994
                            Whit* Egga                                                                        6Vi oz. 59*
   Minute Maid                99* doz.                                 Sklppy
   Oranga Julca                                                     Poanut Butt#r                           CottoneJIe                                         Schlckhaus
      V* gal.                   Rad Pack                             18 oz. $1.49                        Bathroom Tlaaua                                          Bacon
       $1.79                    Tomatoes                                                                   4 roll $1.19                                        16 oz. $1.59
                                26 oz. 79*                          Ragu
 Tamptaa Whipped                                               Spaghetti Sauca                                Viva Jumbo                                       Oscar Mayor
  Cream Chaeee                  HIC Drinks                       32 oz. $1.39                                   Towals                                           Welners
    12 oz. $1.59                46 oz. 699                                                                        69C                                           1 Ib. $1.59
                                                                                                                                                                               • . • • • •
                                               SUPIRCOUPON:: iSUPWCOUPOt                                                   ****** * * * *
                   CENTER                                  •                   •   •41                                                                                              octt
                                                                              •    • 4                                     IN OUR DfcU                         LAND O LAKES
                                                MRS MAUL S                               ICEBERG
                                                                              •    «4                                  FR£SH SLICED LEAN                       FRESHLY SLICED
                                                CRISP & CRUNCHY
                                                  FISH STICKS                      •4        LETTUCE                       DOMESTIC                 »•   *4        AMERICAN
                                                                                   •4         1 Aflat                                               »•   »4
                                                           ' ' 1 til p*g
                                                                                                                          BOILED HAM                     • 4        CHEESE
        7 DAYS A WEEK!                                99<P
                                                   * $ ' W or
                                                                                                                       lrjn«i 17 V)
                                                                                                                                                                $1.99                   LI

       Color Prints        $]97                                                                                  •4
                                                                                                                       bev.'igai »no (\tt\tn
                                                                                                                         dd    ti< • * *
                                                                                                                                                               n.v.iag.t «nn i«rai >i*m» «
                                                                                                                 • 4           p. irt
                                                                                                                              OooU S u ' ' June 2

       Kodacolor Disc      $225
       Color Prints 4      $349
                                               • • • • •                                                           « *

For Your Convenience So. Amboy now has a Pick-It Machine in the Liquor Department

                                                                                                                            Sayreville Foodtown
   South Amboy Foodtown's Liquor Dept.
            Beer by tha case                                                                                             now has in
                                                    Gordon11 Vodka 1.75 liter                           $9.99
 Red, White & Blu«                                  Flslschmann's Prtfarrod                                              operation
      24-12 oz. bottltt               94.             1 lltsr                                            $6.99
 Schmidts                                           Uihtf'• Scotch, 1 liter                              96.99
      24-12 02. NRbottlta              $9.99        Ron Rico Rum, 760 ML                                 94.99                 SOUTH AMBOY STORE HOURS
 Hamms, 24-12 oz. cant                 $9.99                                                                             Monday to Friday — 8 am -9 p.m.
 Rolling Rock- 24-12 02. cant          97.99        Qsllo Swwt or Dry                                             Saturday - 8 a . m 7 p m. Sunday — 8 am,-4 p.m.
 Mtehstob, 24-12 oz. botttes           $9.99          Vtrmouth, 790 ML                                  91.99
 •udwalaar, 24-12 oz. cans             99.99        Martini i Rotsl Astl                                                  SAYREVILLE STORE HOURS ;
 Lowtnbrau                                            Spumonte, 790 ML                                   $7.99           Monday to Friday — 8 a.m.-9 p.m.
   24-12 oz. cant                     919.99        Siva Nun                                  -                   Saturday —8 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday— 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
 Helnafcan, 24-12 oz. botttes         $11.99          I.SLHSf                                           97.       Wa ara not raaponalbla for typographical trrors
                                                                                                                          rattrv* tha right to limit quantum.
TIM SOUTH AMBOY CITIZEN                                                                                                                                                                              Thursday, Ma> 39, IMS

                                         Prevent BIMKSS                         South Amboy Library
 MUeifaVeteru                            Uncles Cuvaip                          Story Hour Program                                                                The annual strawberry                The            Ordinance            of
                                            A statewide campaign has                                                                                           festival sponsored by the Communion will be observed
                                         IH^'D launched to identify the                                                                                       < ovenant Women of the'. at i»i.- n oo A M Morning
                                         <»»(• in twenl)     preschool                                                                                         Laurence                Harbor Worship Service. Sunday
                                      MHiti^sit'rs who hiivf ,i v iMIm
                                                                                                                                                               Community            Covenant        June 2 at (he First Baptist
                                                                                                                                                               ( hiiM-ti will be held at the Church The Pastor Rev E
                                      liuthinn           Hit-
                                      Si«-i»M\ in I'revein Hliminiv.                                                                                                                                Genio Dever* will conduct
                                                                                                                                                               . tain h i>n Friday. June Vtli.
                                         \i-w JiTscv h a s t e n cvci \                                                                                                                             the service, assisted by
                                      l»i-<li.itMI uiiiund licensed(l.i\                                                                                       Ii .uti-i l»7 I* M                   members of the Hoard of
                                      • .ii •• i enter in the Mate <i fret                                                                                        siriiwl>errn's.        c a k e , F.lnVrs Hev Allan AndVnon,
                                      < liiiiin-ii s       Kve     Health                                                                                      t-ieam. ice cream, toffee ^'         Area Minister for the
                                                                                                                                                               .iiHlMKlaswilJ be served             American Baptist Churches
                                       Itltlll INilllOllKlt
                                                                                                                                                                  Cost to adults I I 75 and of New Jersey will deliver the
                                          These 2.2UI kits        funded
                                                                                                                                                               children under 12 years of sermon A Coffee Hour IQ
                                      i.\ ilic Hyde and Watson
                                       I .>IIM(I.IIion      are (lesignnt                                                                                                                           honor of Hev and Mrs
                                                                                                                                                                   Tickets may be obtained Anderson will be held
                                      •i.           alert        medical                                                                                       from the Covenant Women.
                                       [irutt'SMonals        and eariy                                                                                         .ii iiiiiv IH- purchased at the following the service in
                                      >'hil(lhi.'Ht teachers to their                                                                                                                               Fellowship Hall The Coffee
                                      mle* in preventing lifelong                                                                                                                                   Hour i« in the nature of a
                                      vision impairments The kits                                                                                                                                   farewell and Godspeed to the
                                      cnnUim vision screening                                                                                                                                       Andersons, who will be
                                      materials for young children                                                                                                                                  leaving New Jersey shortly
                                      .mil information to help                                                                                                VUmansOubof                           to take up a new post in
      James J Sieczkouski .Ir         pit rents understand what                                                                                                                                     Washington state
   of Qua id Street. Sayreville, is the\ tan (In to protect their                                                                                             Laurence Harbor                          Preceding the Morning
   one of the more active children's vision                                                                                                                       An installation dinner for Service at 1« iw A M . there
   veterans of the area                   Conditions such as ' la/>                                                                                           Florence Ordrter. newly will he a time of prayer and
   participating in Memorial eve"                   iamblyopia*       and                                                                                    elected president of the meditation in the Education
   Day (unctions and m other "crossed eye*" (strabismus' FUTURC AMtmONS The up ind comm| work torce (StJted on floor) N.1FWC Laurence Harbor Building
   veteran events throughout must be detected and treated Micfcrt Oalla Valla. Mthty HUcKly Clyde Mabtttf Ihr e l m lonll* HtatMt Womans Club, was held                                                The Spring Rally of the
   the year.                         before age 6 or 7 If not. the Caunova and Mariwtni Corntf on                                                             the Kl Quijote Keslaurunt on Hantan Cluster will take
      Recently installed as child will likely suffer some                           (Silted to ctnttf fo«) Visiting futtl Shannon. Jtnnrttf Hadj ftmttn Route 35, Morgan                            place on Sunday. June 2 in the
   commander of the local degree of permanent vision                                                                                                              Also installed were Jean Stelton Baptist Church.
   DsMbtari American Veterans loss                                                  (StansHnf) Ktnntth Rutjisno. David Nitty. Scoli Marii, ANpwi Thomptwt Lee. 1st Vice President.                  beginningat2 OOP M
   Benyei-Connor* Post 67, he "Even though a child's and DtffMSzattenli                                                                                      Kathenne Vroom. 2nd Vice                  Bible Study Fellowship is
  h i t bald «ich other position* eyes look normal, he or she                                                                                                President, Joan Scharloo. scheduled tor 7 S P M                        O
  as adjutant, treasurer, senior may have vision problems.'                       P r e s c h o o l c h i l d r e n Santa Claus, and party ha >               Federation Secretary. Jerry Tuesday. June 4. in the
   vtee*commander, and judge according to Helen Heim. attending the Story Hour                                               After much deliberation Kosinski.                     Recording Kducation Building, with
  advocate.                          Chairperson of Prevent                    Program at the South Amboy the choices were finally S e c r e t a r y .                                  G e n Kev Devers as leader
     In addition, he is a life Blindness' Children's Eye Public Library had fun last made and each child had a Tabaciynski. Corrwponding                                                               The Choir will gather for
  member of the Savreville Health                            Committee         Friday trying on different chance to talk about the hat                                                              rehearsal at 6 .10 P M
                                                                                                                                                             Secretary Sophie Holden
  emergency Squad, a life "Children don't complain hats and playing pretend                                               they wore
                                                                                                                                                             Corresponding Secretary                Wednesday. June 5, in the
  member of D A V Chapter about                     vision     problems          The youngsters were able                    The library would like to Alison Gallaher. a past Church
  67, and the Veterans of because they have no way of to pick from a large thank                                                     everyone who
                                                                                                                                                             president, was installing                 The Brown Bag Lunch
  Foreign Wars, Post NO 44W knowing how the world assortment of hats including contributed to this collection                                                officer                                group will meet at their
    He u, as well, president of should look "                                 a fire chiefs h-.lmet. a More hats are still wanted
 the Wilson School Parent-                                                    c o n s t r u c t i o n h a r d h a t . and may be dropped off                     A song dedicated to t he new regular time of 12 Noon
                                        "A         professional eye                                                                                          president. Florence Ordner Friday. June 7. in the
 Teacher Association and examination is the surest b a s e b a l l .                                   m i l i t a r y , downstairs in the Children's
                                                                                                                                                                                                    F.ducat ion Building
 manager of the Middlesex way to find out if a youngster graduation and nursing cape, Room of the library, located "Sweet Little Alice Blue
 County P T A Safely and has normal eyes and sharp police and sea captains' hats on the corner of Second Street Gown" was sung hy Joan                                                                 An all church work day is
                                                                                                                                                             Scharloo Also, dedicated tu planned for Saturday, Junes,
Civil Defense                      vision." says Mr Heim "A Also fancy bonnets, cowboy. and Steven's A venue                                                 the out-going president. Joan beginning at J 00 A M         »
   Jim is a twentythree-year general                            medical Holly Hobby. Mickey Mouse.                                                           Scharloo, "Somewhere My                   we wish to thank those
veteran of the Cuban Crisis examination that includes
and Vietnam conflict eras                                                                                                                                    Love" was sung by Altsoti members of the Board o.
                                   vision            screening.        or                                                                                    Gallagher                              Elders who assisted in
   He served tours of duty on screening that is given by
the United States Ships health care professionals or                          Warn Weather Ideas r V TkiM Safetv                                                                                   leading the Memory Worship
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Service of May 26 while Rev
Fulmar, Forrestal and by trained volunteers, is the                                                                                                                                                Overs was on vacation We
Samoaon, and in the Special next best check for vision                          As the weather warms and children to exercise extreme
                                                                              children         begin      heading caution when they are away                                                       are most grateful to Mrs
Forces Unit*, the Mobile problems "
 Inshore Undersea Warfare               Parents
                                                                              outdoor*         for fun and
                                                        of preschool recreation, parents should from home B> careful not to
                                                                                                                                                             Tips for                              Ruth Connors, who led the
                                                                                                                         scare children so much that                                               hymns. Mrs Elaine Ballard.
 Group, aboard various Navy children should be sure that
 vessels, on both the East and vision screening is part of the stay                      aware         that the they are afraid to leave the                 Healthy Aging                         who read the scripture and
                                                                              youngsters will be spending house, but teach them to use                          May is Older American              made              the          morning's
 Weat coasts, as an electronic pediatrician's                    routine more time away from home                                                                                                  announcements,                       Miss
 technician and as an anti                                                                                               good common senso                 Month in addition to being
                                    examination Also a helpful                     making 'hem greater                                                                                             Florence Hess, who lead the
 submarine             warfare       •Home           Eye Test for potential targets for crime                               Here are several safety Physical Fitness Month
                                                                                                                         rules that parents should These two areas are clcwely
                                                                                                                                                                                                   prayer and received the
 specialist                         Preschoolers" is available                                                                                                                                     offering, and Miss Patricia
    Among his other life by sending Sot to: Prevent                             While it is unreasonable for teach their y«»ungslers                       interrelated since healthy
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Hallingen. wh« delivered the
 memberships           are the Blindness. Box 2020. New parents to expect to keep                                           • Have     children    come aging is influenced by the
 National Order of Trench Brunswick, N J 08903                                watch over their children all straight home from school or manner in which we care for
 Rats, Dugout 340. and the                                                    the time, there are certain after                    school     activities   ourselves and should not he
                                        Established in 1906, the
 Naval Enlisted Reserve National Society to Prevent steps parents can take to                                            Make sure they follow the left to chance Several tips
 Association                                                                  make their children less same routes to regular for healthy care include the
                                    Blindness is the oldest vulnerable to criminals,
                                                                                                                         activities, and not take following
                                                                                                                                                                                                     TniiO luted
    A graduate of Rutgers voluntary health agency
 University, Jim is a shop nationally                                         according to officials of the shortcuts through deserted                          Receive a p p r o p r i a t e
                                                          engaged      in
 teacher        at the East preventing blindness through Dictograph y                                     Security or dangerous areas Tell medical care. Exercise and
  Brunswick Vo Tech High a comprehensive program of Information                                      Bureau, a them to always let you know eat properly. Eliminate                                   Sunday. .June 2 is known as
  School in the electrical trades community services, public division                         of       Dictograph/ where they arc going and                harmful habits. Avoid Trinity Sunday in the
  department, and holds and professional education, Security Systems of Florham what time they are ox pot-ted accidents.                                                        Maintain a liturgical calendar, and this
  membership in the National and research                                     Park, N.J                                  home                              positive outlook                       week Hev Roth will speak on
  Education Association, the                                                     There are two sets of rules                • Children should inform           Have           a     physical        Hirthpang* Our worship
  New Jer?»y Education                                                        that should be followed One. their parents ahead of time if examination once a year                                 is at H) A M All are welcome
  Association, Middlesex                                                 a precautionary plan, should they are planning to do Early                                   detection    and to greet their God in worship
  County Vo-Tech Teachers                                                     be taken by parents to Mnu'tlnm; oAt of their                                treatment of developing with usat thin quiet spot in the
  Association,        and the                                                 minimize potential risks to normal roui I...                                 problems can lead to better woods
  American         Vocational                                                 children The other, which                     • Tell   them to a».,ui control of the situation                         On Monday evening at 7
     Jim, the husband of
                                              Happy22n4                       stresses safety away from talking to strangers, not to                           Exercise on a regular P M
                                                                              home, is designed to teach accept candy or other gifts basis with your physician's Committee will meet to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  the           Education

   Constance, a member of the
   DAV Auxiliary, is the father
                                              Anniversary                     youngsters a disciplined from strangers, and to approval                                          A    planned evaluate this year's work and
                                                                              approach to avoid trouble or N E V E R get into a car or go program will help improve took forward to the fall, and
  of Klmberly Ann and Melanie                        May 25                   deal with any that may arise               with any person they do not your circulation maintain at 8 P M the Council on
   Lynn.                                                                         Small children should know, no matter what that good digestion, control Ministries will meet to do the
     Marion            Burkard,                    Bob Pawlih                 never be left unattended at person says Explain that weight and ease tension Be same on a larger scale
  commander of the Benyei-                                                    home, in the car. at pUy in criminals will not hesitate to active during the day but Saturday, JuneSwill be our
   Connon Auxiliary, and her                         Much love                the yard, or outside a itore. lie in order to get a child to make sure you rest when Flea Market on the church
  auxiliary associates of the                        your wife                because they are prey to come with them                                      needed                                 grounds All are welcome to
  DAV Chapter 67, work in                                                     kidnappers             and other              • If    your     child     is      Eat a balanced dtet the fair to seek for treasure
  close control with the men in                         Rose                  dangerous criminals                        approached by a suspicious       consisting of five or six small and enjoy thefood

  all of their programs.                                                         Don't let any stranger looking stranger, report it to meals per day Drink plenty                                    Mark Sunday. June 23 on
                                                                              watch your child while you the police immediately Ask of liquids and eat slowly                                     vour calendars, too we will
                                                                              run a quick errand. A your children to try and                                  Reduce or eliminate be worshipping outdoors
                                                                              trusting face and warm smile remember as much about the harmful habits such as together and, following the
                                                                              are no insurance against a persons appearance as drinking, smoking and over                                         service, have a church wide
                                                                              kidnapping              or        child possible Teach them to medicating yourself which picnic
           Fresh Bouquet of Flowers Daily                                     molestation                                memorize the license plate of becomes i n c r e a s i n g l y
                            $2.50 & up                                          When . choosing                      a any stranger who is driving        dangerous as you grow older
                                                                              babysitter, parents should                   • Emphasize       that the         Prevent accidents by \                                    IT I/Try"!
       Flowering Annual Plants, Geraniums,                                    always get reference* Hire policeman is your child's taking special precautions
                                                                              someone who has a proven mend, someone to whom Hold handrails, use bathtub
                   and Vegetable Plants                                                                                                                     lrab bars, check your home
                Concrete Pots & Statues
                                                                              track record or reliability Be they should not be afraid to
                                                                             sure to ask for the sitter's run to ior help in an                              f
                                                                                                                                                           or five hazards and do not
                                                                                                                                                          drive if you are taking
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hotilh           PuMMhta* <»

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   rnnlinf (o n     «
                                                                              homo address and check up emergency                                                                                             tot S« P*ttm W
       Jackson-Perkins Roses, Rose Trees,                                    on it Once you've selected                    • Make sure your children      medication that makes you                     .Smith Ambny N
                     & Miniature Roses                                       someone, make sure that memorize your telephone drowsy
                                                                             person is fimiliar with your number and the emergency                            Keep a positive out took by
                                                                             home security program and number of the local pnMc'e staying physically and
         Artistic Flowers                                                    fire emergency escape plan department, so that they mentally active, adapting to
                                                                             Take the time to walk can call for help if they are new situations, developing
                                                                                                                                                          new interests and keeping
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Managing Kdttot
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hutarnptton Hate*
                                                                             through the escape plan with lost or in trouble                                                                       «Wf»ryr                      M
                              by Jean                                        your sitter before leaving                                                   things in perspective                           nruipapar will ntf
                         1500 MAIN STREET                                    him or her with your children                                                    Protect         your    health           lor •rroei t#t»*nng hi th»
                                                                             for the first time                                                           through               preventive           «4*«r«H)tR« bvyund th* eat W
               EXIT 124, GARDEN STATE PARKWAY                                                                             Not aM flsh Wve only in the                                                 ••«€• aumwrt by tnr i m r
                                                                                But as important as theae wetor.                                          measure* and common sense
                     SAYREVILLE, N.J. 0SS72                                                                                                               and trowing otter can be an
                                                                            precautionary measures are,                                                                                                                    f l a n Martlff
                                                                                                                                                          exoitmgand fulfilling stage                                  n      PW4 Off**
                                                                                                                                                                                                    tt l i i Btvui A H * * P M C
                  Phont; (201) 721-9270                                     the         bureau           strongly
                                                                                                                                        mtwy                                                                        el of stank I.
                                                                            recommends that parents
                                                                            taJtc the UpM to educate their
    The SOL TH AM BOY (ITIZKN                                                                                                                                                              Thursday, May 30,1M5

                                       Engagement                            ArMtaMfat                                                                                                   toy Klknek
                                          Frank         and Carolee
  Win TWN Award                        \'m/kowski. Naples, Florida                                                   The following student? Haley, Nancy Hoehmain,                       Receives Degree
                                       .imiouiire the engagement of                                                have been named to the 3rd Stacy       Jablonskl, John
                                       their daughter. Mary Beth                                                   marking period Honor Roll at Kampo, John Xoons
                                       '1'jimpa. Fl to Hichard T                                                   Sayreville W a r M e m o r i a l Also.   Dana    Larsen
                                       Mfi-fian Tampa. Florida                                                                                          William Leonido, Michele
                                         < d <i( Leonard. Sr and Mary                                                  STRAIGHT        A     HONOR      Lewis, Theresa Lock wood
                                        *1t »n.ui of Midlothian I!                                                 loi/l.                               Barbara Malaspma. Marie
                                       ' <i .uidpurents are Mrs                                                       Su-ole Kufano. Dommick            Maliizrwski. Joe Mascdli
                                       I I'uc/kowski Si and                                                        >
                                                                                                                   < .i • I ]e g r a n t .     Joann    Jill     Merge!       Jainc-
                                       Mi        .uid Mrv Stt'pKfti                                                | iiudkowhki.                Julie   Okamura.            Michael
                                        \nrlios. all of South A mho;.                                              < iccdnine, Donna Daidone.           Olchaskey, Mary Pels/ynski
                                           M.iry Beth is a graduate <>l                                            ( onme DelaPena, Richard             Toni     Piserchia.    Janet
                                       Si M;iry's High School South                                                Uelfino.            Allen  Dennis.   ]Pc ««tsch, Alok Prasad. Tim
                                       Arrihoy and received her H A                                                Melissa Eberle. Anne M a n e         Roberts. Robert RUNKO ('ail
                                       Inmi the University of South                                                Ferraro, Shawn Field, T i m          Hux. Annabel Samamego
                                       Florida, Tampa She is                                                       F r a z z i t t a . Andrea Gallas.   U>n Sa risky Gina Scarf one
                                       employed          as a Tint                                                 Christopher Garbowski,               Jill    Skwira.     Timothy
                                       Supervisor with Allstate                                                    Jocelyn G r a m l i c h . Lisa       Sullivan,            Robert
                                       Insurance Company St                                                        Grankowski. l*ori Halcomb,           T'imasze wsk i, LeeAnn
                                       Petersburg. Florida                                                         Patricia Huang. Zoricz               Uszczak, Denise Vahnoti.
       Township           resident         Richard is a graduate of                                                Jelisijevic, Michelle Kane.          Stephanie       Wasik. Ian
    MarjorieH Dufford has been         Bremen           High    School.                                            Deborah Kieselowski, Yun             Weisberg. Jacqueline
    named « 11M5 T W I N Award         Midlothian. II He received                                                  Chin Lee. Michele O'Hare.            Whitton, Joyce Winkler.
    Winner for h r r outstanding       his H A from Bradley MaryiaM ChattMian if South                             Lawrence H e r m a n , Carol         (iaryWysocki                    lor Klimtk ol South Amfcor * a i
    achievements in business           t'mversity. Peona. II and igjkgji HM I B i l i thai t la)ftiMiatft ftfl     Zamorski                              GRADE 11 .                     amoni tome 725 »tw4«atts » . *
    and industry                       his M H A from Indiana MM Cats* d Safct f a u l t * to st                       GRADE 12                  Alison Amarescu. Alicia                rtciiv«d d«|ritt at Ms«ai«u«li
                                       University. Hltrominglon. »w$tU4 f t f " * * »t tkt I3rd                      Kric Basuino. Laurie-Ann Anderson.                Cathryn          CollttVi Slat C««msc«aiiKt
      The          TWIN     Award
                                       Indiana He i» employed as a                                                 Bell, Billi Jo Brown. BettyBaranowskt. L<»retta Bird,                aiticlttt Mar lith. Mt Rlintl
    presented annually by the
                                       C o r p o r a t e C o m m e r c i a l Mi Chtntsiaii rtcttved * I S in       Anne      Burke.   Vanessa Susan Boehm, Edward                       ricti»ad a lachtlof of Scitnca
   T r i b u t e to Women and
                                       Lending          Officer     with Nnrt«i|                                   Carney, KoChin Chang.      Brugnoli.                Anthony          D«|rta
    Industry ( T W I N i program of
                                       Southeast         Hank. \ A .                                               Andrea Chiaramonte, Brian  Carlesimo, Kim Cr.ance.
   the          Plainfield/Norih
   Ptainfield Y W ( A honors
   Women who have made                    The wedding will take             lotsevell Hospital
                                                                                                                   Coyle.     Joan   DelGatto,
                                                                                                                   Pamela Dobrzynski, Debra
                                                                                                                                              Edward Chin, Eric Chin.
                                                                                                                                              Chris Cook. James Curotto.
                                                                                                                                                                                        NiMlesei Cellege
                                       place in Naples. Fl on
   significant contributions to
   their companies in executive,       February 15. l»Hfi at St             liviUtioial Tenis
                                                                                                                   K m m a , George Evanego.
                                                                                                                   Richard Fernandez, Dawn
                                                                                                                                              Mike DeSantis, Steven
                                                                                                                                              Despirito. Darlene Foschini.
                                                                                                                                                                                        \irsii( Stifleits
                                       William Church
   managerial and professional
   roles                                                                    Toiniropit Jiie 2
                                                                                                                                              Greg Gorka. James Graff.
                                                                                                                   Feret. Regina F e r r a r o .
                                                                                                                   Maryanne Ferrigno. Cindy   Kelly       Griffith.      Daniel         HoaorH it faiiiag
      Dufford was one of ,\2                                                                                       Fingerlin, Meredith Foster.Hanstein. Susan Hcwardson.                   107 Middlesex County
                                                                           Middlesex          County               Diane Garbowski, Stacey    William Howellb. Marc                     College      senior     Nurse
   women from central Neu
                                                                       Prosecutor Alan Rockoff is                  Gardner, Paul Gordon.      Huguemn. Stan Jadwinski.                  Education students weie
  Jersey rompamefi honored at
                                                                       among       right     featured
  the ttlt Annual T W I N dinner
  on May 16 She was cited for
                                      Officers                         players in the fourth annual
                                                                       Roosevelt Invitational tennis
                                                                                                                   !>ebbie Gorman.       Dawn
                                                                                                                   Graff, Chris Grandinetli
                                                                                                                                              Ritafyn         Jorge,
                                                                                                                                              Josephson, Susan Kiefer.
                                                                                                                                                                           Marc         honored at a capping
                                                                                                                                                                                        ceremony held at the
  her contributions to the The Woman's ( lub of South                                                              Roxanne Guzman. Derek      Chris Koprowicz. Janet                    College's new Physical
                                                                       tournament to be held June 2
  National State Hank in Amboy held its annual Spring                                                                                         Kryikowski. See ma Kumar.                 Educat ion Center. May 17
  E t i t a b e t h where she ha Luncheon on May 21. 1 B) atM!             Sponsored by the Roosevelt                                         Margaret Lake. Darren                       The             ceremony
  worked for 23 y e a n             Clare and Coby's Inn               Hospital Auxiliary, the                                                Lange, Beverly Lynch.                     acknowledged             the
                                                                       invitational features doubles
      Dufford now serves as V ice Installation of officers was                                                                                Edward Maciorowski. Steve                 accomplishments of the
  President and Purchasing held at that time Those
                                                                      and singles matches to be
                                                                         Iayed by Man Wan Cheung.
                                                                                                                   HeausCliiel                Maldony. Elisa McUonough                  graduating students upon
  Manager for the hank and is inducted into office arc the
  responsible for purchase of following Mrs John Mauro.
                                                                         I I> .    the     hospital's
                                                                      Superintendent and Medical
                                                                                                                   Uipfirp Harbor               Also, Carol Menendez, Lisa
                                                                                                                                              Mergel. Michael Mitrosky.
                                                                                                                                                                                        their completion of the Nurse
                                                                                                                                                                                        Education Program at
  colt*party office supplies. president. Mrs Alexander                                                      Several members of the Laurie Mix. Thomas Murtha.                           Middlesex County College
                                                                      Director; Donald Akey.
  furniture equipment and Kulin first vice president                                                     N J F W C Laurence Harbor Christine Palma. Ilitech                             Class President George
                                    Mrs Joseph Zieniowu/.             M I ) , president of the                                                                                          Bonczek of Perth Amboy
 printed materials
                                                                      Medical Staff, and his wife.       Womans Club accompanied Pate). Nandita Pate). Ntlesh
                                    second vice president. Mrs                                                                                Patel. Karl Platzer. Laura                presided        over     the
     She is credited with
                                    Thomas Warner, secretary          Holly. Ed Faulkner, head pro Florence Ordner. newly                                                               ceremonies, which began
 significant contributions to                                         at the Inman Racquet Club,         elected president, and Joan Polidori. Christine Poll.
                                    Mrs       Marv     Thom«s.                                           Scharloo.          o u t - g o i n g Ronald Prusarczyk. Donna                  with an Invocation by Msgr
 the control and warehousing                                          l l r y k Eichbaum, president
                                    treasurer. Mrs Elmer K                                               president, to the State R e m l i n g e r .                   Rachelle         William J- ^Haughney of Our
 of forms and supplies for                                            of June Chevrolet, and
                                    Brook m a n . f e d e r a t i o n                                    Convention of the New Jersey Rompola, Gary Sabine.                             Lady of Mt. Virgin Church.
 management use and in                                                Barbara Bozek and Anthony
                                    secretary                                                             Federation of Women* Clubs. Mecta Shah, Lork Shouldis.                        Guest speakers for the
 working with the buildmR                                             Pugltese of the hospital staff
 and facilities departments to        There will be a re-                                                 held at Great Gorge                  Lisa Stlva. Suzanne Stevens.             evening      were     College
                                    organization meeting in June          The Invitational begins a t )                                                                                  President Dr Ros> M
upversee all renovations and                                                                                The publicity book and R o b e r t a                   Targonski,
                                                                          m . with a tennis clinic led
mttm installations
     Dufford is a graduate of St
                                    and a board meeting on
                                    September 26. at the home of         y  K     Ed       Faulkner
                                                                      Refreshments will be offered
                                                                                                          scrap book of the year's Christine Toglia. Neville
                                                                                                          activities of the Laurence I'dwadia, Ernie LMrich.
                                                                                                                                                                                         Chanmng. and Sylvia C
                                                                                                                                                                                        Edge, of the National League
 Mary's High School here and Mrs John Mauro, president                at the tournament. which will
                                                                                                          Harbor Womans Club which Michale Valente. Michael                             of Nursing
 hat had advanced training at                                                                             had received first place Vail. Elizabeth Weshnak.                               The program included A
                                                                      be held at 82 Linden Avenue.       awards at the Fifth District Paul              Wfst brook. Gary                Message to the Class of Itt5.
 the Bank Administration                                              Metuchen                           Spring Conference of the New Wikoff. Melanie Vanas.                           delivered by class president
 Institute She is a member of
 the Nstional Association of          \p* Jersey                          Adult    and children s        Jersey       Federation
                                                                      tickets are available at the Womens Clubs, received Greg
                                                                                                                                          of Brian Zajac. Carol Ziola.                 George Bonczek. and Linda
 B«fik Women. President of                                                                                                                               Zriebec,        Joseph        Rusch. R N M S . Head of
 the Morgan F i r e Company           Ristig Stirs                    hospital's Coffee Shop, or at third place awards at the ZsiJavetz
                                                                      the door T h e rain date is        State Convent ion                      GRADE 10
                                                                                                                                                                                       Staff Development. Carrier
                                                                                                                                                                                       Foundation. Belle Mead. N J
 Auxiliary and a fundraiser
 far The Little Servant Sisters       Fiiirtisers                     June 3 at 5 p m                                                           Robert Beers. Christine
                                                                                                                                              Caravella.            Stephanie
                                                                                                                                                                                       Senior Clinical Instructor
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sharon Ferrante made the
 inWoodbridge                         The New Jersey Kising
                                                                                                                                              Chirillo, Anthony Cimasko.               Awards Presentation, and
                                      Stars will be running a
                                      newspaper        drive     on        St. Man's                                                          Wendy Corte. Samuel Currie.
                                                                                                                                              Rupaf Desai. Alicia Dietsch.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Class Historian Josephine
                                                                                                                                                                                       C oughlin of Carteret gave the
  tail ttsifcil                       Saturday. June 22nd and
                                      Sunday. June 23rd from Hi            CHizess I t Meet                                                   Angelique Digregono. Tracy               Class Slide Presentation The
                                      a m to 4 p m If you are St                 Marys     Sen or                 Hivsii-the Park             Englert. Joanne Fiorilh.
                                                                                                                                              Suzanne Fillweber, Caryn
                                                                                                                                                                                       Lighting of Candles and The
                                                                                                                                                                                       Nightingale Pledge were
                                      unable to deliver the papers Citizens Club meeting will              The arrival of spring is the Fullman, John Gluchowski.                      directed by MCC faculty
     Douglas U Kyan of                pick up may be arranged by take place on Monday, June first harbinger of the new Shane Green. Jennifer
                                                                                                                                                                                       member          Rosemarie
  Madison Street. South               calling727 37M Dropoff will :i. at I 00 P M at the Senior sumr.ifr season of Plays-in-                  Gruber, Dawn Hefelfinger.                Lewandowski           Msgr
  Amboy, graduated during             be in the parking lot on John Citizens Building, Stevens the Park, sponsored by Ihe Carolyn Holsworth. Denise
                                                                                                                                                                                       William J Haughney then
  Commencement ceremones              Street across from Hoffman Avenue Sign up for Perona              Middlesex                County       Jacdbs,         Mark      Jacobs,        gave the Benediction
  • t Clarion University of           High School                     Farms Trip. Thurday. July Department ol Parks and                       Jennifer        Jones. Susan               Seniors who received their
  Pennsylvania on Sunday.               A cake sale and a flea 18                                       Recreation and the Board of           Kabara. Jeffrey Kausch.                  caps were
  May 19. in Marwick Boy'i            market will also be held on         Trip to 3 Little Bakers Chosen Freeholders                  This    Scott Kielian, Lori Kocsis.                FromParlin: Linda Early,
  Auditorium Kyan is a                the same Saturday All of leaves the Senior Citizen summer's line-up, set in the Jennifer Kokich. Matthew
                                                                                                                                                                                       Kathleen    G y e r i h . and
  computer and information            these events are to benefit the Building on Thursday, June amphitheater in Hoosevelt                    Koye. Joanne Krause                      Cynthia A Preston
  •dance major                        Rising Stars in Kansas City     2o,at9A.M                         Park. Edison, features an
                                                                                                                                                Also. Ronnie Kulper.                     From     South       Amboy.
                                                                                                        exciting trio of blockbuster
                                                                                                                                              Donna LaikowskL Jeanne                   Cynthia A Johnson
                                                                                                                                              Lajewski. Stacy Margolies.                 From Sayreville. Maureen
                                                                                                           The opener is the Gilbert          Lori      Marullo.        Stanley        McCurdy
                                                                                                        and Sullivan shwashbuckling           M a z u r k i e w i c z , Robert
                                                                                                        "Pirates of Penzance" which           O'Such. Larry Perfetto.
                                                                                                        will play June 25 July f         >

                                                                                                                                              Robert Peschler. Gary
                                                                                                        Phyllis Elfenhein and Art Pierson. Danielle Ploskonka.                          Births
                                                                                                                                              Jeanmarie Podolak. Lome                     The following area births
                                                                                                           In July, theair will be filled     Reiter. Holli Rhodes. David
                                                                                                        with      excitement         when
                                                                                                                                                                                        have recently been recorded
                                                                                                                                              Samra,         Han) Sawins,               at the Perth Amboy Genera!
                                                                                                        "Carnival" takes over from            Pamela Sciafani. Susan
                                                                                                        July 17 27 Based on the Shann. George Skibik. David
                                                                                                        movie "Lili. • this musical is
                                                                                                                                                                                          Son to John and Catherine
                                                                                                                                              Slaski. Brendan Tetro.                    Kriskowski. Sayreville;
                                                                                                        a love story net among the            Mark Warztrha. William
                                                                                                        circus world of roustabouts,                                                      I laughter, to John and Jerri
                                                                                                                                              Wittke. Donna Woods.                      Dynof. South Amboy.
                                                                                                        iicrnhuts      and       singing      Michele WoS, Madeline
                                                                                                        puppets Directing is Selh                                                         Son to'Gary and Susan
                                                                                                                                              Zerafa                                    Morton. Laurence Harbor
                                                                                                                      \s ;t climatic ending to (he
                                                                                                                  -iMsun the curtain will rise
                                                                                                                  < n ihe u'tcnt llroadww) hi),
                                                                                                                     K\it,i Ix'gmning August 7
                                                                                                                                                                     Styrtvill* Elks
                                                                                                                   in-! • lusmn August 17 This                     FRIDAY NITE HINNERS
                                                                                                                   \i!iti i•* Lloyd Wi>bi>eropera              ChJCKer - F*th     StP- . - Oar" CHowd?'
                                                                                                                  I.IIIIIIIIN   tin- story   of Eva                      Sumpt'.utjf Salad Bar
                                                                                                                  iViniii-    wile   of the                    » cock an at out cory t>*' wrt''e Mting for dinner
                                                                                                                   \r m-ntmean dictptor The
                                                                                                                  iiitriior  is Ken Miller                WAVING 6 to §30 P. M (Take Out Ordtft Avail.)
                                                                                                                  I'KMiucing all three shows is                        W**kly Specials
  Cswl Sancti M*n» »3J? ol Soulh Amboy announce* winners o' !hf Cjlholn Uiufcfitm ol AntMirj State lduc*1ion      Krru'st All»recht                                  LOOOfc AVAILAILI FOM PJNTAL
  Ctfttttl t«f Ohrttion tl to th« potlaf u\ may. poeUf and ton| wntinf conietl                                       All performances start at                   CaterHif on Print— lor sH Occasions -
       Lttt to rajht lionl row itmtiWalteri Jtnmftr Anttttl. SMA Downt and Tracty Brandtf. SKftd Haart ilodtnt    H i p m There will be no
       lac* r t r lajMt, RathMw PrM»alo»»*»; Si totmn. Mwntt 9*9 Htttm Brttrt DucnNntli; imn *•!*.                performances on Sundays                         Net A CeM luttet o# Cemptete OMners
         lattrt, asw l>Mi, Isfttta Cmm: mi ***** >*»t U*#t PtwaWy;C tl t H Cttfcariyfattw                         and July 4 Audiences bring
                                                                                                                  their own lawn chain for                        location: Rt/ttan 3t naxt to SftE Uquofl
                           Man i >c»s»l k *«* rmasl        »ii«et WaHan
                                                                                                                  seating.                                              PHONE: 727-7170
  11M SOUTH AMBOY CITIZEN                                                                                                                                                           Thursday. May 30, IM&

                                                                         Fir tt Papilla tomy                                                      Styreville Resident ElectedGovernor
                                                                         Performed at SAMH                                                        of lions dubs
                                        legal system.          Hospital                                                                                   Bernard F Dominik. of
                                        facilities require guidelines                                                                                  Sayreville. was elected
                                        and policies under which to                                                                                    governor of 42 lions Clubs in
                                        operate, and Mrs Burns                                                                                         Middlesex. Somerset and
                                        works with the hospital's                                                                                      Hunterdon Counties at the
                                        attorney to establish these,                                                                                   64th annual New Jersey
                                           M & Burns' experience at                                                                                    Lions convention which
                                        South Amboy Memorial                                                                                           closed here May 12.
                                        Hospital began thirty years                                                                                       Dominik will succeed
                                        ago. advancing from her first                                                                                  George H Reinhardt. of
                                        position as a part-time nurse,                                                                                 South Plsinfield, as the
                                        to staff nurse. Operating                                                                                      leader of 1,400 Lions in
                                        Koom Supervisor, Director                                                                                      District I«-D
                                        • f Nursing Administration to                                                                                    Some         2,900      Liens
                                        her      present       position,                                                                              representing 304 clubs
                                        Director           of       Risk                                                                              attended four-days of
                                        Management and Quality                                                                                        meetings at Bally's Park
                                        Assurance, for the past eight                                                                                 Place Hotel They heard a
                                        years In conjunction with                                                                                     series of reports on project*
                                        quality assurance, she also                                                                                   sponsored by the Lions,
       Ka»hleen        M Burns. has been Chairman of the                                                                                              largest service organization Sayreviile VKW I'ost 46«9
     Director          of       Risk hospital's          Safety and                                                                                   in the state                        and th<? Sayreville American
     Management and Quality             Environment Committee                                                                                            Dominik was president of Legion Post He also inactive
    Aasurance for South Am boy             As Treasurer for the                                                                                       the Sayreville Lions Club in in affairs of Council 2061,
     Memorial Hoapital and Society for Health Care Risk                                                                                               1U69 and later served in a Knights of Columiju*
    Community Mental Health Management of New Jersey. (Uft to rnhl|G«1ro«nlnolo|i\h MuhjrH Rinhrut MO ind Allan Plumser series of key district posts                                        The new governor will join
    Center, "fiaV4)«en elected Mrs. Burns serves on the MO. recenity performed ihr InM p*piltuiomy jt South Ambor Memorial H«sft4tti                     He was named a deputy four other New Jersey
    Treasurer of tM Society for Board of Directors, on the for Mary Crowthet aitb? olljurerur Hjrboi Pipillolom)j tllowi, amont. other district governor in 1971, was governors-elect at the Lions
    Health           Care       Risk legislative committee which Ihfflfi, thctemovil ol |ifhtonei without tr jdihontl \ur|try It it j relatively ntw president of the District Eye International convention in
     Management of New Jeney. share information regarding procedure, the tail one in Middleui County havini been performed 6y Di and Kar Foundation from Dallas. Texas June 19-22
       Commenting on Mrs. bills relevant to health care rlumiei in December 1913 Mrs Crowlher who hat a history ol recurring 1982 to l»84 and also was
    Burns' election to this office. issues, is responsible for all laftitonti. had vtty htt»e discomfort dunni the procedure recovered weH and chairman of the District
    Irv J. Diamond, the financial                      records and hat now returned to » w l
    hospital's Chief Executive transactions of the Society,
                                                                                                                                                      Chanty Ball committee
                                                                                                                                                         Active in a broad range of
                                                                                                                                                                                     Aiericu Lejiw
    Officer, aaid, "The role of the submits written and verbal                 Mary Crowther. a^e t>2. remove gallstones through communal affairs Dominik
    risk manager in today's financial reports and assists of Laurence Harbor, recently the                            endoscope.              thus was a member of the               Iff I el NewJirsej
    aeepital la of the utmost in arranging* educational became the first patient at smirti'tung hospital stays. Sayreville Youth Guidance                                                   Members of the American
    Importance, as hospitals programs                      for      the South Ambov Memorial reducing discomfort and Council and an officer of the Legion and American Legion
         t be aware of all new laws membership.                           Hospital to undergo a special eliminating the need for Joyce Kilmer Chapter of the Auxiliary from all 21 counties
             I for the benefit of the     Mrs. Burn* i- - *.hcr'.vr procedure                called      a general surgery for many                   Deborah              Hospital of the Slate wilt travel to
          iimity and their impact member of the Society, which papillotomy                                      Speaking on behalf of Foundation.                                        Locust wood Memorial Park
   on the health care system. was founded in 1983 and has                    Papillotomy is a relatively himself and Dr. Plumser. Dr                     A World War I I Navy            in Cherry Hill on Sunday.
   Mrs. Burns has performed ninety                 members. The new medical procedure, the Rushnak explained the type* veteran, he is a member of June 2nd. to participate in the
  thai (Unction at South Amboy purpose of the Society i* to first one having been done in of patients for whom                                                                           Fiftieth Annual Memorial
  Memorial Hospital for many advance the development the United State* only about 5 therapeutic endoscopy might                                                                          Service paying tribute to the
  years, and her election as and rote of the professional years ago Allan B. Plumser. be advantageous "Good
 Treasurer of the statewide practre of hospital risk MD, assisted by Michael /                              candidates for papillotomy
                                                                                                                                                Pinl Iswliift                            more than 2S0 Legionnaires
                                                                                                                                                                                         buried , there            The
                                                                                                                                                                                         impressive ceremony,
 professional organization is a       management by conducting Rushnak,                     MD, are are people at high risk for
WeH-d«served testimony to educational programs and gastroenterologists who general surgery because of                                           Staiiigs                                 during which floral tributes
her experience in her field."         activities to strengthen and performed Mrs. Crowther's heart, lung or kidney                                        Mouth Amboy Women •            will be placed by State
     The         term         "risk develop         hospital      risk papillotomy Dr Plumser problems, the elderly, people                                     May It. IMS              Commander John E Hein of
management" in health care management programs and also performed the first such who have had repeated                                                                           W L Warren, State Auxiliary
institutions was developed in promote                 professional procedure in Middlesex gallstone operations or those English's Pub                                                    President Bernadette
response to the malpractice development, by providing a County in 19*3                                      who refuse general surgery,                 (CHAMPS)                         Dalesandro of Edison, the 21
                                                                                                                                                                                68 40 County Commanders and
crisis in the early 1970's and medium for the interchange                   Papillotomy is a type of for whatever reason, he Sayreville Bar                                     59 49
the increasing need (or of ideas, by developing therapeutic endoscopy which said "At South Amboy So Amboy Boat Club M 50 County President* and other
hospitals and other health professional relationships allows for the removal of Memorial Hospital, we can Lion's Den                                                                     Legion Units, will
                                                                                                                                                                                56 53 preceded by a parade ledbe     by
 care related organixattons to among member* in or«*er to g a l l s t o n e s                   without perform                 d i a g n o s t i c Lagoda'sSaioon M'* U>*
 protect the corporate assets facilitate the free exchange traditional surgery An endoscopies and therapeutic Landmark Tavern* 53 55 the Bonaal Blues Senior Band
 from fortuitous loss Risk of information and solutions endoscopy is a procedure procedures such as the DeVoe's Chevron                                                         S3 55 of the Deptford Memorial
                                                                                                                                                                                         Post 424 of Deptford Other
 Managers identify, control,          of mutual problems; and whereby the physician papillotomy which save the                                          (TIE)
finance and administer all providing a forum on hospital guides an endoscope. a long, patient several days in the OldeTowneDeli                                                          Legion             dignitaries
                                                                                                                                                                                49 59 participating            in the
risks           whenever       and risk management issues and flexible telescope, through hospital "                                                 Carney Aluminum            46 62 ceremony will be National
wherever possible, for the explaining the impact of the                          mouth        into the                                               Gundrum Service 444 H3'-z Executive Committeeman
purpose of creating and these issues tc appropriate esophagus, stomach and                                    Mrs Crowther had been in
maintaining a safe, .lealthy parties. Membership is not small intestine for the the hospital for two weeks                                                     HIGH SETS                 Warren R Da vies of
environment for all patients, only open to hospital risk purpose of diagnosing following a bout with yellow                                             Pat Wrobel 117, 184. 140 Mountainside, Alternate
visitors, employees and r'*ff managers, but also to obstructions, inflammations jaundice She was given 511. June O'Leary 186, 176, National                                                                  Executive
physicians; this includes             insurance representatives, and other problems of the fluids intravenously to 147 509. Carol Jankowski Committeeman James H
insuring the facility against attorneys, physicians, digestive tract With more prepare her for surgery, 178. 167. 163: SOP. . -d Doris Hall of Hopev ell awf               *
 liability                            administrators and nurses          advanced endoscopes and during which gallstones were Reichenbach !<* -4, 147 Auxiliary                                               National
     As DlrecUr of Risk                  Mrs. Burns has also been a additional training and removed She went home for                                507                                 E x e c u t i v e Com mitt/ee-
 Management for South member of the American experience on the part of 10 days and then was                                                                   HItiHtiAMFS                woman Annabel!*tfuaxJnoof
 Amboy Memorial Hospital,             Society of Hospital Risk g a s t r o e n t e r o l o g i s t s . a readmitted for another ft                      Anne Nebus 194, Jtinet I'nion Beach Thet principle
  Mrs. Burns reports all claims        Management since 1980. She procedure called Endrocopie days and had the papillotomy Inman 191. Dee ftauvy iiw, address will be Riven by
  to the insurance carrier and resides in South Amboy with Retrograde Cholangiopan for recurring gallstone* i n Pat McGowan 185. Par Capiain George U Evans,                                                   r
  coordinates                   all her husband, Hilary                  creatography <ERCPi can Mrs Crowther's case, we Martin                                    184. Chooeh          Senior Chaplain of the
  communication with all                                                 be done, which isa diagram didn't want to schedule her Jakubtzak 183. 1M. Rose Fourth Naval District, from
  claimants and attorneys,                                               endoacopv used to find Tor general surgery again Swiderski                                   183. Kalhy the US Naval                     Base
  which requires coordinating                                            problems »I the gall bladder Papillotomy proved to be the Thomsen 180, 16), Joyce                              Philadelphia. Pennsylvania
   interrogatories             and         THANKSQtVINO NOVENA           and pancreas such as tumors perfect solution, said Dr Plants 176. I>orraine Griniley
  appearing in court on behalf                   TO ST. JUOE             and gallstones Dr Rushnak Plumser Mrs Crowthers 172. 168, Linda O'Leary 171.                                      "This marks the 50th
   of the hospital. She also                Request          granted     performed           the     first stay in the hospital wan. in Anne Grispino 170, Dolores consecutive year the Legion
   assists the hospital personnel         Publication promised           diagnostic         ERCP        m  her          own             words, DeSantis and Lee Misak 169. will hold the memorial
   and        physiciani        with                                     Middlesex County in 1980 "Comfortable The doctors Pat Anania and Muriel services at Locuatwood In a
   consents, forms and other                                    B.CG     Papiilotomy is an extension and nurses did a fine job I Fentello 163. and Edna Ratko private sector of the Park
   matters to conform with the                                           of the test and can be used to wouldn't RO anywhere else "                 and Ellie Carney 162                which was donated by the
                                                                                                                                                                                        Park Association to The
                                                                                                                                                                                        American l^egion to serve as
                                                                                                                                                                                        the final resting place of
                                               Thtnktcjhrlne                     Thankaqlvlng                      Prayw to tht                                                         deceased Legionnaires and
                                                                                                                                                            Prayex to th«               their spouses," Hein said
       Novtna To St. Jude)                  Novffia To St. Judo              Novsna To St. Jude                      Holy Spirit                              Holy Spirit               This section is often referred
     O Holy Saint Jude, Apostle          0 Holy Saint Jude, Apostle
     and Martyr, great on virtue
                                                                           O Holy Saint Juoe, Apostle            PRAYER THROUGH «p                        PRAYER THROUGH i p            to as "The New Jersey
                                         and Martyr, great on virtue       and Martyr, great on virtue                                                                                 Arlington "
     and rtc*i in miracles, Near                                                                              plication to the Holy Spirit.            plication to the Holy Spirit.
                                         and rich in miracles, Near        and rich in miracles. Near         Hoiy Spirit, you who solve
     Klnsn«an of Jeeus Christ,           Kinsman o' Jeeus Christ.
                                                                                                                                                       Holy Spirit, you who solve         Camden County American
                                                                           Kinsman of Jesus Christ,          all problems, light alt roads            all problems, tight all roads    Legion State Executive
     faithful Intercessor of all         Faithful intercessor of alt       Faithful intercessor of all       so that I can attain my goal              so that I can aUaln my goal     Commtueeman William H
     who Invoke your special             who Invoke your special                                              You who give me the divine
                                                                           who invoke your special                                                    You who give me the divine       Breen of Pine Kill and Paat
     patronage In time of need.          patronage In time of need.                                          gift to forgive and forget all
                                                                           patronage In lime ol need.                                                 gift to forgive and forget all   State finance Officer Albert
     To you I have recourse              To you I have recourse                                              evil against me end that In              tvll against rne and that In
     from the depth of my heart
                                                                          To you ^ ; have recourse                                                                                     J. Volpe of Delanco are
                                         from the depth of my heart       from the depth ot my hear)         all Instances of my ill* you             all Instance* of my life you     coordinating the flora)
     and humbly beg to whom              and humbly beg to whom                                              are with me. I want In this              •re with me. I want In this
                                                                          and humbly beg to whom                                                                                       tributes and Thomas A.
    Ood has given such great            Ood has given such great                                             short prayer to thank you                short prayer to thank you
                                                                          God has given such great                                                                                     Quattrochi of Camden Is
     power to come to my                 power to come to my                                                 for all thinga as you con-               for all things as you con        Chairman of the Legion's
                                                                          power to come to my
    aseietanoe. Help me in my           assistance. Help me In my                                            firm once again that I never             firm once again thai I never     Locustwood Memorial
                                                                          assistance Help me In my
    preeent and urgent peti-             preeent and urgent peti-                                            want to be separated from                want to be eeperated from        Committee which srranget
                                                                          preeent and urgent peti-           you even and In spite of all
    tion. In return, I promise to       tion. In return, I promise to                                                                                 you even and In spite of all     the annual program
                                                                          tion. In return, I promise to      material Illusion. I with to
  make your name known               make your name known                                                                                        material Illusion I wish to
                                                                         make your name known                be with you In eternal glory        bt with you In eternal glory
  and cause you to be In-            and cause you to be In-             and cause you to be in-             Thank you tor your mercy            Thank you for your mercy             Congratulations to
  voked.                             voked.                              voked.                              toward me and mine.                 toward me and mine.
 Bay 9 "Our Fathers", 3
                                                                                                                                                                                    our Mommy A Dad*
                                     Say 3 "Our Fathers" 3               Say 3 "Our Fathers", 3                 The person must say                 The person must say
 "Hall Marys", and 3 "Glory          "Hall Marys", and 3 "Qlory                                              this prayer for three con-
                                                                                                                                                                                    dy. Billy it Rent*
                                                                         "Hall Marys', and3 "Glory                                               this prayer for three con-
 Be To The Fathers". Putrif-         Be To The Fathers". Publi-          Be To The Fathers". Publi-          secutive days After three          secutive days. After three          Parsoitf who c»>tt>
 ottton must be promised,            cation mutt be promised.                                                days the favor requealed           days the favor requested            bratcd their 5th wed.
                                                                         cation must be promised.
 • t . Jude prty for us and all      St. Juo> pray for us end all                                            will be framed, even If it         will be granted, even if it
 who invoke your aid. Amen.          who invoke your aid. Amen.
                                                                         St. Jude pray for us and all
                                                                                                             may appear difficult. This
                                                                                                                                                                                    ding anniversary on
                                                                         who Invoke your aid. Amen.                                             may appear difficult This
 Thle Novena has                                                                                            prayer must be published            prayer must be published            May 24th and Happy
                                     This Novena hat never               This Novena has never              immediately after the favor
 bam known to fan.                   been known to fall.                                                                                        Immediately after the favor         Birthday to our Dad-
                                                                         been known to fall.                is granted without men-             is granted without men-
             my                      i have made my requeet                                                 tioning the favor Only your         tioning the favor. Only your
                                                                                                                                                                                    dy who celebrate*
                                                                        I have made my requeet
                                     granted Pubftottlon pro-           granted. Publication pro-
                                                                                                            initials should appear at           '"itlals should appear at           hli day on May 2ttti.
                                                              •A                                            the bottom.                         me bottom.                                          Love,
                                                                                                                                 M.A,W                               M.JW                    BUy « T.J.
 The SOUTH AMBOY CITIZEN                                                                                                         -1-                                                                                       Thursday, May M , IMS

                                                              CLASSIFIED                                                                                                                  Htfh School BMeball Roundup
                                                                                                                                                                                                 HWravuGtrta                itar pitcher Rotate Pssss wtao
                                                  Excellent income for tiome                                                                                                                   Take I U t « Opener          earned hsr list win against a
     CAREER                                       Mtembly work For info call
                                                                                               nm 8AIJ-:                                                                                                                    single loss
                                                                                      36" gas range, exc cond.,
We art expanding and
                                                  5O4-MS-Q315, ext. A571
                                                                                      washing machine, exc cond.,
                                                                                      gaa furnace hot air 100000, air
                                                                                                                                                     Jim                                        H M V V hltUnf by Lynn Ust
                                                                                                                                                                                             and Tricis Popowaki and a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Schuck gsve up only five
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            hits in the fame Hoffman
                                                                                                                                                                                             one-hit pitcMnc performance scored both their runs In the
have positions available in
tha following araa:
                                                  LOST: Red and white Hhoea
                                                  in red bap in front of
                                                                                      condition CMU 7214748
                                                                                                                                                    Carney                                   by Kim Schuck enabled the fifth when Dawn Kaiser
                                                                                                                                                                                             Hoffman High School girls bunted and Lisa Smith
                                                                                                                                                                                             varaity team to take the grounded out to bring Kelly
                                                  Madura's Pharmacy, South                                                                                                                   opening round in the Central Keick snd Car en Stegwsy
       Cl«rks                                     Amboy Call U4-7MM                                                                               GENERAL                                    Jeraey Group 1 state home for the scores
 4o experience necessary                                                                                                                        CONTRACTORS                                  tournament playoffs               Hoffman, meanwhile, was
We will train the right per
ion. Immadiate openings
                                                                                           BOOKKEEPER                                                                                          Ust came through with only able to get four hit*, one
                                                                                       Experienced bookkeeper                                                                               three two-baggers to push by Lynn Ust in the first, one
                                                           WANTKU                                                                                  Aluminum ttdlng                          acroaa four rum, and Tricia each by Scbuck and Tricia
      TOP PAY                                     Purchase of multi family             A five day weak and
                                                                                       benefits Salary open                                     Storm Doors A Windows                       had a pair of hits, including a Popowski in the fourth, snd
 Employ** Ownership                               home for reside.,^ in South                                                                     Roofing • Carpentry                       triple, to drive in two runs as the f ina} hit by Dot Croddick
                                                  Amboy Good references and                                                                                                                 Hoffman scored a 14-2 win in the sixth
  Growth Potential                                security Private Buyer No                    •TA»VI»AK
   Company Paid                                                                           24 County Line Road                                                                               over South Hunterdon last          It was Schuck s fourth loss
                                                  KuMh Keith 721 2IU2
                                                                                            Brenchburg, N J                                         721-6863                                Thursday                         of the season against sixteen
                                                                                                                                                                                               Kim, after giving up two wins
Apply in person at our Cor                                                                                                                                                                  runs on a aeries of walks in
porate Headquarters or                            AIKIJNKS NOW MIKING                                                                                                                       the opening inning, settled
call for an appointment                           Hi'st-rvalionisls,                                                                                                                       down and hurled a one-hitter
       201-350-8500                               stewardess)* and ground
                                                  i row positions available Call        RESTAURANT
                                                                                                                                                                                              Wtfffman not only tied So
                                                                                                                                                                                            Hunterdon in the bottom of     AMtValleystllfissMS
                                                  l-filtt-ttfrflMI for detail 24                                                                                                           the first but pulled ahead
                                                  hrs                                      HELP                                                                                            with a single run in the second
Soinortot Tira Service                                                                 All positions open All
                                                                                                                                                   Country                                 and three in the third while        Sacred Heart Holy Name
                                                                                                                                                                                           keeping So Hunterdon Society                  is sponsoring
     Located off Rt 267
                                                  (F(I\(   surplus car $?««.
                                                                                       shifts available Full and                                  Aluminum                                 scoreless                         volleyball games for all
                                                                                       Part Time Please apply in                                                                              The local nine scored twice members of the parish
An Mual Oppoftunu,, , » .
                                                  Trucks IHKJ Now available in         person                                                      & Home                                  more in the fourth A d then Games are held on Thursday
                                                  > our area Call 1-619 !i
                                                  Uhrs                                                                                          Improvements                               added six more in the fifth       evenings from 7-9 30 P M
                                                                                          HOWARD                                                                                              It was Schuck s sixteenth Please wear sneakers and
                                                                                                                                                Roofing & Siding                           win of the season and the enter gym through back fire
  SUMMER WORK                                                                            JOHNSON'S                                              Leaders & Gutters                          team's seventeenth Kim escape To all parishioners,
  C8.05 TO START                                       CASHIERS                         RESTAURANT                                               Storm Windows                             registered three losses in make Thursday your night
                              • II> Ai«                                                                                                                                                    previous titles Hoffman has for exercise and enjoyment
AORH            • ',    HI .; A H ' , M i l " ,          PART TIME                          Ri 22 Somerviiie                                          Door*                               four losses todate
* *()V*N( ( M l * . '          •    '.'AMI                hour*! available
AF f t " 1 >AM\                                                                                                                                                                               The St Marys Eagles,
            • A ; ,H
                                                   Monday  thru   Friday
                                                           also No e*pt»ri
                                                                                                                                                    Jack Gendlek ,                        with a record of 16-5. took on      WQ941             0.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Gloucester Catholic in their
         634-4920                                                                                                                                                                         opening game            in the
                                                         Apply in person                                                                              583-0871                            Parochial B class action and
                                                                  2* PM                    WEST                                                                                           lost to their opponents R f
                                                          rill days except
                                                               Tuesdays                   GARAGE                                                                                          dropping out of the state
    HELP                                                                                                                                                                                                                   AUTO BODY
                                                              K-MART                         Complete                                                                                        Lady Guvs Eliminated
All positions open All                                     645 Hwy 16                       Auto Rtpairs                                   Antiques Wanted!                                 tase to Bound Brook. .1-2
shifts available PuH and                                  East Brunswick                                                                      (I1INA • CLASS
Part Time Please apply in
                                                                                                                                                                                             According to Coach Rich
person                                                                                 486 So. Pine Ave.                                         rTRMTl'HK                                Klein, Kim Schuck pitched a       24 Hr Wreck*. Service
                                                                                                                                            JEW KIR Y • RKiS                              good game in the Central
                                                                                         South Amboy                                                                                      Jersey Group I semi finals,         Heavy Duty Towing
   HOWARD                                          M & J CATERING                                                                          I Item (o entire content*                      which the Crusader* ioo.'i:»\u
  JOHNSON'S                                            f-or Hi, Occasions                                                                                         721-0123                2 at Bound Brook Tuesday, to
                                                                                                                                                                                          eliminate the Lady (luvs
 RESTAURANT                                              '.   A                            "W9tt it                                                                                       from the state tournament
                                                                             Hj                                                                                                              Kim wan pitted against        Slat* Mwy       So. Amba*
      * t 22                                                                                              • Unit Employ**

                                                                                                                                                                                             THE KEY TO GOOD HEALTH.
                 KITCHEN HELP
 • DISHWASHERS                                       • PREP PEOPLE                                                                                                                            THE HUMAN TOUCH
 Days or nights all shifts available Good working at
 mosphere We o'ter ex-ellent pay and a tun place to
                   Apply in person
               MONDAY THRU r»UN0AY
          BJ. BERI'S RISTORANTE                                                                          RESTAURANT &BAR
           RESTAURANT and BAR
                flight across from Middlesex Malt                                                                                                         r   •   . •   ( • • - • !   •

                                                                                                  :          ,.    . •   T   (   * ;   '   'f   '   s-j   " M M . ^


         FULL & PART TIME HELP NEEDED                                                                 ;...n iii.fniivf plint iniafinte 1jcncfui lot

                           Kitchen Help                                                                tt> h u r opcmn^t lor L)J»S A

                                    WILL TRAIN                                                   • Kitfhtm Htlp (af/ artan •
                                                                                                • Vf attptoplt • Hottpioplt • Barttniitn
                  Opening ft Closing Shifts
                                                                                                                  APPLY IN PERSON
                      Mutt b« ova* 18                                                                                           to AM « PM
                  P I M M «pt>ly tn p«f<ion l<i O«lo''«                                                     4 * » S m v C M «D S PLAINFIELP
                          ISO? O«t Road ll*nn N j                                                         1HE MADLE' MALL B6MIN0 BENMCiAN

                                                                                                                                                                                           OOES "THE HUMAN TOUCH' MAKE A
                                                                                                                                                                                           DIFFERENCE? HERE S AN OPINION
                                                                                                                                                                                           FROM ONE OF OUR PATIENTS
                                                                                                                                                                                           I CAN ONLY DESCRIBE THE TREATMENT
         RESTAURANT MANAGERS                                                                       ASSISTANT                                                                               I R E C E I V E D AT SOUTH AMBOY
           EXPLORE YOUR CAREER OPTIONS                                                        RESTAURANT MANAGERS                                                                          MEMORIAL HOSPITAL AS OUT OF THIS
                                                                                                                                                                                           WORLD           THEY HAVE A VERY
                        WITH PONDEROSA                                                    EXCITING CAREER OPPORTUNITIES A T . . .                                                          DEDICATED STAFF WHO CAN T SEEM
 IS the lima right for you to take the initiative to • more                                                       ROY ROGERS                                                               TO DO ENOUGH FOR V OU NEW BEGIN
 tttftiulailng management position? Consider the                                                                                                                                           NINO' OR NOT, THEY WERE EXCELLENT
 lUSMsngll O workino (or PONDEROSA. where your
                 f                                                                      We are a growing group of franchise operated Roy Rogers
                                                                                        reataurants seeking aelfmotlvated. agreasiva, take                                                 AND I LOVE THEM ALL
 OrwetMty and career growth will be encouraged Currently
 w t hav« the need for aasertive busmeaa orienied quick                                 charge candidates Our progressive highly professional                                                                     VINCENT ZELONIS
 think** who *n|oy a challenge You will b* reaponaibte                                  management team will encourage and reward your talent                                                                              PARLIN
 for hiring, training, ordering procedures and coat control                             and abilities
 If you htva the willingness to work for an Innovator and                               tf you r# the capable, promotabie individual we seek you'll
     fbl      aome food service operation management ex                                 enjoy a competitive starting salary, benefits and excep                                                               SOUTH AMBOY
         e, then we ahoutd talk We ft ' for                                       ttonal growth potential Cunenr openings available
 Msna)fjari (or various locations m Central Jersey for pro                              throughout Central Jersey For immediale consideration                                                                 MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
 Rial conatd«ratlon sand your resume to                                                 send your resume to                                                                                                   A NO
                                                                                                                                                                                                              COMMUNITY MCNTAL H f ALTH C t N T I R
                                                                                            ROY ROGERS RESTAURANT
                 PONDERDSA                                    STEAK.HOU9I                                    e/o JOtlPH tAUMAN                                                               540 BOHOf NrtiWfV AVENUE. SOUTH AMBOY. NJ 01879
                                               o/o JOHPH Sw»ajaiPi                                        ROUTt a n I MfAVILU AVI.                                                                              (201) 721-1000 •
                                              noun 11 * CKUACM IT.                                         •IIMMOTON. N.J. 0M22
                                              FLIMIMOTON. N J OMta                                                                                                                            A tftW ttatNN!NQ> MCAUtt W I CAM
! SOUTH AM BOY CITIZEN                                                                             Thur«lay.May30,ll85

                       OLDE TOWNE                                                                                 1*1

                                                    .<.vw/ / w e /
              FI/1.L ClOtsm Ce*ltCSl,...    NCW J I R S E Y PICK n           PICK      WCE.KLY     LOTTERY

       BOLOGNA                                                                      SAJ/TH

                                                                                               70Z.BAG. \

                                                                                    White Rock
                                                                                    A// F/<3vorS
     Salad                                                                          •rfmencen
                                      ^                                              Qheesc
          ;                                eGOi.A
                                                              EARLY BIRD
                                                             \\                       AND                £loo
<^s< \ssr            CHIPS                  SAND                                       VNTtL

                           sFoors                            SUPFR SlZE

               Moef                                             9    •

 GALLO                       99            Philadelphia                             ALMADEKU-aog
   QhQb/tS                   t.SL
                                            WHISKEY                                  MOOA/TA/M                 I SL

  Da wars                                                                           INGiENOOK > | 59
      SGOTQH                   i 7SL        MUSGAOET
 Cream                                     RENB UONOT
                                            RED- WHiT£
                                                                         O   49

              <                                           BLAST

  Pfds                                          CANS
                                                  PACKS                                          /2OZ./V.A


 Busoh                   $799                   wciscr                              Michelob^l 199
   4 /2OZ.GAA/S.            / •
                                                                                    WE AR£
                                                Milwaukee ?^99
                                            24 rtOZ.O&J®.                6                                            J

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