At our CANSA Care Centres_ we provide holistic care and support to

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					At our CANSA Care Centres, we provide
holistic care and support
to cancer survivors from the time
of diagnosis through all phases of need,
including survivorship
“Cancer is not a death
sentence, but rather it
is a life sentence; it
pushes one to live.”
- Marcia Smith
CANSA provides guidance and advice to cancer
survivors and their families to improve their
quality of life in all phases of treatment
and after

   Specialist care offered at our CANSA Care Centres involves
 treatment of complications resulting from cancer treatment -
 specifically lymphoedema, stoma and treatment of acute and
                  chronic hard-to-heal wounds.
Acute and Chronic Wound Care

The body heals wounds through a natural
process. At times, however, some wounds
- big and small - don’t heal the way they

Our certified wound care therapists offer
advice and basic wound care.
Stoma Care

We offer pre- and post-operative
counselling, actual siting of the stoma
and intra-operative care.

Incontinence advice and coping skills are
given to patients and families.
Lymphoedema Treatment

Our specially-trained lymphoedema
therapists offer Complete Decongestive
Therapy (CDT) to manage the symptoms
of patients affected by lymphoedema.

CDT treatment includes manual lymph
drainage, compression bandaging, special
exercise, as well as skin and nail care.
In the past year, CANSA...

Provided specialist care to more than
600 stoma patients and to about
40 lymphoedema patients every month
For each person diagnosed, cancer is a unique experience. No two
people will travel the same journey during and after cancer
treatment. How people cope when diagnosed, during or after
treatment (or even when in remission), is different for each
individual. One common thread in all people with cancer is the
need for a good support system.
CancerCare Coping Kit

We know how scary and stressful a cancer diagnosis can be. That’s why our
CancerCare Coping Kit (2 audio CDs) is great for anyone recently diagnosed
with cancer because it provides information and practical tools and tips to
promote physical, emotional and mental well-being before and during
treatment - in short, helping you and your loved ones cope with cancer.

Our revised kits contains tips and advice from cancer survivors who know just
how difficult it really is to cope with cancer.

                                                       Your donation of
                                                    R250 could help us get
                                                   CancerCare Coping Kits to
                                                       cancer survivors
Support Groups

Our active support groups connect patients,
long-term survivors and their loved ones
with others who have 'been there' for
insight, emotional support & understanding,
hope and inspiration, and bereavement
support when needed.
Support Groups

Our support groups include:
 • ’Hoping is Coping’
 • ‘Sharing and Caring’ groups
 • Cancer specific groups
 • Day Care groups
 • Tough Living with Cancer
   (TLC) groups
   (support to children with cancer and
   families affected by cancer)
There are many times when the
pressures of dealing with cancer can
become a heavy emotional and mental
burden. Cancer can affect us beyond just
the physical effects of a tumour. Whether
you are a newly diagnosed person with
cancer, a person who has had cancer
before, or the carer or family of someone
with cancer, you might experience some
form of emotional stress as part of the
natural human response.
Individual Counselling

Individual counselling is a very effective way to unload some of that stress in a
safe and supportive environment where our experienced counsellors can help
you enormously in dealing with your feelings, aspirations and fears.
Counselling is available for those with cancer, as well as their loved ones.

                   Your donation of
                R100 could help us train
                 volunteers to provide
                 one-to-one support to
                   cancer survivors
In the past year, CANSA...

• Supported 14 000 individual cancer
  patients through our 159 support
  groups and our 2800 trained caregivers
• Visited and supported an average of
  3 500 patients per month in oncology
  clinics while undergoing cancer
• Supported people affected by cancer
  by providing individual counselling to
  20 000 people, and made medical loan
  equipment available to 3 400 people
CANSA Care Lodges

We provide home-from-home
accommodation to patients undergoing
cancer treatment at oncology clinics far
from home.

Guests at our many CANSA Care Lodges
around the country stay for an average
of six weeks, and receive meals and
transport to and from treatment
CANSA Care Lodges

Our pilot Care Lodge for parents whose
children are undergoing treatment, the
CANSA TLC Nicus Lodge at the Steve Biko
Academic Hospital in Pretoria, has shown
such a huge demand for parental
accommodation for the duration of their
children’s cancer treatment that we are
now working very hard at launching similar
lodges close to paediatric oncology centres
in other cities as well.
CANSA Care Lodges

Very ill cancer (and other) patients
receive excellent nursing care
at our 10-bed hospitium –
the Theunis Fichardt Hospitium in
In the past year, CANSA...

Welcomed 2 400 individual patients to
our 13 CANSA Care Lodges, where they
were served 126 000 meals during their
combined 42 000 night-stay.

                                           Your donation of R500
                                            Could help us provide
                                         lodging to cancer survivors
                                          undergoing treatment far
                                                from home...
The very high cost of treatment is a reality for anyone who has heard
                    the words, “You have cancer”.

 A cancer diagnosis places huge financial demands on people when
                      they can least afford it.

  In fact, the American Cancer Society estimates that 67% of total
                    cancer costs are non-medical.

Introducing CancerSureTM - a unique,
affordable insurance policy that pays out a
cash lump sum of up to R100,000 in the event
of a cancer diagnosis. CancerSureTM (the first
of its kind in South Africa) is a comprehensive
cancer insurance policy that is available to all
adults, including those previously diagnosed
with cancer*.
CancerSureTM offers affordable cover against
most cancers. It also includes an additional
death benefit.
More details following soon

                                                   *Terms and conditions apply.
     We fight cancer by making people aware
of the importance of the early detection of cancer
        to enable more effective treatment
          and a better chance of recovery.
Community-based cancer
control programmes

Communities far from CANSA Care
Centres will continue to benefit
from our existing community-based
cancer control programmes.
Community-based cancer
control programmes

This includes:
• Regular cancer screening
  clinics, reaching as many
  people as possible and
  assisting to refer those
  diagnosed with cancer
  and who need treatment.
Community-based cancer
control programmes
Eight mobile clinics travelling to
remote areas throughout South
Africa to reach people who would
otherwise not have access to
                  Your donation of
                 R4 600 could help
                  keep our Mobile
               Clinics going for a day
Community-based cancer
control programmes

 • ‘Spot-the-spot’ skin clinics
   held between November and
 • Prostrate and cervical cancer
 • Breast examinations
In the past year, CANSA...

Conducted cancer screening:
• 10 400 Pap smears and facilitated an additional 4 033 in partnership with the
   Department of Health (DOH) for cervical cancer

• 15 400 Breast examinations to detect breast lumps and facilitated an additional
  1 750 in partnership with DOH

• 5 600 PSA tests to detect prostate cancer

• 700 skin examinations and 315 FotoFinder examinations to check for skin

• Abnormalities were detected in approximately 7% of these cases
Community-based cancer
control programmes
• Active participation in Wellness days
• Awareness campaigns throughout the year which include
   – Men's Health
   – Women's Health
   – Child and Youth
   – Environment (including SunSmart)
   – Anti-Tobacco
   – Balanced Lifestyle                     Your donation of
                                              R200 could help us
                                             print 500 awareness
In the past year, CANSA...

Distributed 700 000 information pamphlets and 15 000 posters in
four languages to promote our awareness campaigns
Dedicated CANSA Call Centre

Friendly and informed staff at our toll-free
call centre provide compassionate
customer service, awareness materials,
information and referrals for anything
related to cancer support and care. We are
here to answer your questions or concerns.
Get in touch with us.
Call us toll-free on 0800 22 66 22,
email or visit us
In the past year, the CANSA Call Centre...

                                      Your donation of R150
Responded to questions and             could help man the
                                      CANSA Call Centre for
requests from 21 000 people
                                           30 minutes

13 000 people preferred to call us,
while 8 000 people emailed us
CANSA – an award
winning NPO

Our awards include:
                                                   from yesterday

The 2009 World No Tobacco Day Achievement
Award - by the World Health Organization (WHO)         today
in recognition of CANSA's accomplishments in the
fight against tobacco use in South Africa
                                                   for tomorrow
CANSA – an award
winning NPO

Our awards include:
                                          from yesterday

The 2010 South African NGO Web Award by
South African NGO Network (SANGONeT)          today

                                          for tomorrow
CANSA – an award
winning NPO

                   from yesterday


                   for tomorrow
Trust Barometer

CANSA was rated as one of South
Africa's most trusted and admired NGOs
operating in the country.
This is according to the 2010 and 2011
Ask Africa Trust Barometer results – an
annual survey reporting on corporate
trust and reputation in the South
African market, based on peer review.
“If there's a thing I've learned in my life it's to
not be afraid of the responsibility that comes
 with caring for other people. What we do for
love: those things endure. Even if the people
            you do them for, don't.”

                             Cassandra Clare
from yesterday


for tomorrow
Eight decades ago a new
organisation was born...

Today - 80 years and many steps later - we celebrate our
vibrant past and position ourselves for the next exciting steps
                                                                  from yesterday
on our journey to a cancer-smart world.

CANSA is a big family of caring volunteers and staff who are          today
united in the fight against cancer. We've been caring for, and
changing lives, of countless people for 80 years.
                                                                  for tomorrow
Eighty years is a significant milestone for any organisation,
but it is particularly significant for a non-profit company.
                                                                from yesterday

CANSA's rise from its humble beginnings during the Great
Depression to being an internationally respected
organisation can be attributed not only to donors who have
believed in our cause, but especially to the loyal staff and
volunteers who have made CANSA their second family and          for tomorrow
who have put their hearts and souls into its success.
Sadly we all know someone who has, or has had,
cancer. Many of us have a personal cancer story we
                                                           from yesterday
can share – about our family, friends or co-workers.
At the Cancer Association, we realise two things:
• Providing hope and dignity are two of the most
important factors in the fight against cancer
• Embracing change without fear is the key to growth and
                                                           for tomorrow
These two core beliefs have fuelled CANSA's
                                                 from yesterday
growth from its inception in 1931 when it was
started by a group of medical professionals
who were concerned about the high incidence          today

of cancer, to being the leading cancer control
organisation in Southern Africa today.           for tomorrow

In September 1931, 75 delegates representing 24 bodies as
well as four individuals concerned about the suffering caused
                                                                   from yesterday
by cancer, convened the first National Cancer Conference.
    It was decided to establish a National Cancer Association
       and investigate the possibility of establishing a cancer
  register as well as special cancer centres or clinics in large
  hospitals throughout the country where the causes, optimal
  treatment of cancer and better diagnostic methods could be       for tomorrow

As a result, the Memorandum of Articles of Association of
the National Cancer Association was registered in terms     from yesterday
of the Companies Act on 29 January 1932.

    As CANSA celebrates its 80th anniversary,                   today
     the focus of the organisation remains on
       the prevention of cancer and patient
                       support                              for tomorrow

Owing to the Great
Depression and World War II
– the first two decades of the
existence of the Cancer
Association were challenging
and its activities severely
Since the 1930s, there have
been many advances in science,
medicine, politics
and the way we perceive the

• The planet Pluto was discovered in 1930
• In 1931 there was the first clinical use of Penicillin
• Air Conditioning was invented
• Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
• The Loch Ness Monster was first spotted
• The saga of Bonnie and Clyde unfolded
• The Parker Brothers started selling the game "Monopoly”
• The helicopter was invented

• Apartheid was born
• Ballpoint pens went on sale
• The microwave oven was invented
• The United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
• Bikinis were introduced
• Polaroid cameras were invented
• Gandhi was assassinated
• China became a communist nation
• George Orwell published the novel ’Nineteen Eighty-Four’ (1984)

A National Cancer Congress was convened by the then
Minister of Health, Dr. Karl Bremer, and the Cancer              from yesterday
Association introduced educational programmes to inform the
public about the importance of early detection of cancer and
healthy living.                                                      today

Clinical facilities for early detection of uterine cancer were
established and a Durban-based laboratory did
                                                                 for tomorrow
approximately 70 000 Pap smears annually.

• South Africans were forced to carry ID cards identifying race
• The very first Peanuts comic strip, written by Charles M. Schulz, first appeared
• Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the 1st people to summit Mt.
• Laika the dog became the very first living creature to enter orbit
• Princess Elizabeth (25) became queen of England after her father, King
George VI, died. He had suffered from lung cancer.
• The polio vaccine was created
• DNA was discovered
• Britain sponsored an expedition to search for the abominable snowman

The first Interim Home (namely 'Tipuana')   from yesterday

was pioneered for cancer patients in
Pretoria, followed by other Interim Homes       today
in Bloemfontein, Durban, Port Elizabeth,
Cape Town and Johannesburg.
                                            for tomorrow

• Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison
• South African surgeon Dr Christ Barnard conducted the world’s first heart
transplant on 53-year-old Lewis Washkansky
• Lasers were invented
• The Berlin Wall was erected
• Neil Armstrong became the very first man to walk on the moon
• Andy Warhol exhibited his Campbell's Soup Can
• The Twist, a dance done by swivelling the hips, became a worldwide dance

An innovative educational and fundraising      from yesterday

initiative called 'Toktokkie' (also known as
'Tap-Tap') was launched nationwide and has         today
become a popular annual fundraiser and
awareness campaign.
                                               for tomorrow

Since inception, the organisation has been committed
to sponsoring research grants at major universities and     from yesterday

research institutions.

The research was to be of international calibre to
enable South African cancer therapists to provide
continuously improving levels of therapy to people living   for tomorrow
with cancer in South Africa.

Community services were continuously expanded and a
total care programme developed to assist cancer          from yesterday

patients and their families from diagnosis to the
terminal and bereavement phases where necessary.

Doctors, nurses, social workers, ministers of religion
and volunteers were involved in all these initiatives.   for tomorrow

Volunteers formed part of the 'I Can Cope‘ programme
designed to help cancer patients and their families cope   from yesterday

with a cancer diagnosis.

Other support groups such as Reach for Recovery for
breast cancer patients and survivors were established
and remain a vital part.                                   for tomorrow

• South African anti-Apartheid leader Steve Biko died in police custody
• Margaret Thatcher became first woman Prime Minister of Great Britain
• Mother Theresa awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
• Computer floppy disks were introduced
• VCRs were introduced
• Pocket calculators were introduced
• Microsoft was founded
• Sony introduced the Walkman

As a member of the organisation now known as the
Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), we        from yesterday

hosted the UICC's Executive Committee meeting in
Johannesburg as well as an international conference on
oesophageal cancer in Cape Town.

                                                         for tomorrow

The Lukholweni Care Centre opened in Soweto, the Philani
Centre in Langa, Western Cape and Kathleho in Mangaung in from yesterday
the Free State – all to provide a variety of community services.

The Hospicare Programme also provided numerous services
ranging from home nursing to pain control. The Karl Bremer
hospitium was opened followed by the Theunis Fichardt
                                                                   for tomorrow
hospitium in Polokwane.

• The Berlin Wall came down
• Nuclear explosion at Chernobyl
• The Rubik's Cube became an obsession around the world
• John Lennon was assassinated
• New ‘plague’ identified as AIDS
• Hole in the ozone layer was discovered
• Exxon Valdez spills millions of gallons of oil on the Alaskan coastline
• Students massacred in China's Tiananmen Square
• U.S. President Bush announced that he doesn't like broccoli

The National Cancer Association's name was changed to the
Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) and a new             from yesterday
corporate identity developed.
The mission of CANSA was revised to “fighting cancer and its
consequences countrywide for the benefit of all South Africans
in cooperation with the community by supporting research,
health education, information, care and supportive services”.
                                                                 for tomorrow

An Information Service was formed to gather, archive and
distribute information about cancer and CANSA's activities to from yesterday
cancer patients and their families, academics, medical
professionals, students and members of the public.

CANSA's National Head Office relocated from Braamfontein
to Bedfordview.
                                                             for tomorrow

CANSA (as a member of the Tobacco Action
                                                 from yesterday
Group) played a major role in the anti-tobacco
legislation of 1999 to ban advertising and
sponsorship activities of tobacco products.          today

                                                 for tomorrow

• South African Apartheid laws were repealed
• Nelson Mandela was freed and elected as president of South Africa
• The Cold War officially over
• World Trade Centre bombed
• Scientists cloned Dolly the sheep
• Introduction of the Euro as the new European currency
• Princess Diana died in a car crash
• The Y2K Bug
  The new millennium

During the early part of this decade CANSA modernised its
image by adopting a corporate identity which included a new
                                                                   from yesterday
logo and a corporate message. In 2009 this was revised to
reflect the uniquely integrated service to the public and all
people affected by cancer.
   • Our purpose states that we aim to lead the fight against
 cancer. Our mission statement highlights us as the leading
 role-player in cancer research (R5 million spent annually) as     for tomorrow
well as our valuable role as the cancer 'watchdog' for all South
The new millennium

This new concept of CANSA offering a
uniquely integrated three-tiered service         from yesterday

(research, advocacy and health
programmes), has been well received by               today
staff, volunteer leaders, key stakeholders and
leaders within the communities.
                                                 for tomorrow
 The new millennium

CANSA's environmental awareness campaign was launched
in 2008 and since then the main focus has been to take a
                                                               from yesterday
stand on environmental issues by actively communicating
CANSA's researched-based position statement on cancer
and the environment.
         We advocate that 90% of all cancers are caused by
   environmental factors such as tobacco smoke, infections,
    excessive sunlight and environmental pollution mainly by   for tomorrow
    man-made chemicals, the diet we follow and other minor
 The new millennium

The latter half of this decade saw the introduction   from yesterday
of our CANSA TLC programme where we offer
support to children living with cancer and render
practical assistance and counselling for their
                                                      for tomorrow
 The new millennium

The last three years have highlighted our very important
watchdog role and how we protect you, the consumer.         from yesterday

We do this through our CANSA Seal of Recognition – the
Smart Choice and SunSmart symbols you will notice when          today
buying certain products. It is backed by research and has
added an exciting dimension to cancer prevention in South
Africa and to CANSA's advocacy role.                        for tomorrow
“The people who make a difference in your
    life are not the ones with the most
 credentials, the most money, or the most
  awards. They are the ones that care.”

                       Charles Schultze
 “Unless someone like you cares a whole
awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's

                                 Dr. Seuss
Thank You!
Toll-Free 0800 22 66 22

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