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					                          HINDI (Traning)

1.      Medals/ Awards for commendable work in Hindi:

i)      Rail Mantri Rajbhasha Medals to SAG          officers   for   doing
        commendable maximum work in Hindi.

ii)     Kamla Pati Tripathi Gold Medal to GMs for doing commendable
        work in Hindi.

iii)    Rail Mantri Silver Medal to HODs for doing commendable work in

iv)     Lal Bahadur Shastri Taqniki Moulik Lekhan Puraskar Yojana for
        writing books in Hindi on technical subjects.

v)      Premchand Award Scheme for writing excellent fiction in Hindi.

vi)     Maithilisharan Gupt Award Scheme for writing excellent poetry in

vii)    Individual Cash Award Scheme for doing maximum            work in
        Hindi for Railway employees/officers.

viii)   Hindi Dictation Award Scheme for giving maximum number of
        Hindi dictations in a year.

ix)     Branch-wise collective Cash Award Scheme for doing maximum
        work in Hindi.

x)      Rail Yatra Vrittant Scheme for writing experiences in Hindi about
        railway journey.

xi)     Circulation & follow up action on the Award Scheme of various

xii)    Follow up action in regard to Indira Gandhi Puraskar Yozana of
        the Deptt. of official Language, Ministry of Home Affairs as well
        as Incentive Scheme of other Ministries.
2.     Shield/Trophies for doing maximum work in Hindi.

i)     Rail Mantri Rajbhasha Shield/Trophy to be given to Railways/PUs
       for doing maximum work in Hindi.

ii)    Acharya Kishori Das Vajpai Running Shield for Railway Board

iii)   Acharya Mahavir Prasad Dwivedi Running Shield for best Division
       situated in “A” & “B” regions.

iv)    Acharya Raghuvir Running shield for best division situated in “C”

v)     Shiv Sagar Mishra Running shield for Production Units in “A” &
       “B” regions.

3.     Organizing Various Hindi Competitions:

i)     Rail Mantri Hindi Essay Competition for writing essays in Hindi.

ii)    All India Railway Hindi Essay, Elocution and Noting and Drafting

4.     Organizing Rajbhasha Exhibitions/Celebrations:

i)     Rajbhasha Exhibitions.

ii)    Akhil Bhartiya Rail Natyotsava.

iii)   Celebration of Hindi Diwas/Hindi Week on Zonal Railways as well
       as in Railway Board.

iv)    Poetic symposium.

v)     Technical and other seminars.

5.     Training of officers/employees:

i)     To organize Practical Hindi Training for non-Hindi        Railway

i)     To organize conversational Training in Hindi on Southern, South-
       Central, Eastern & S.E. Railways.
 ii)     Grant of personal pay after passing Hindi Examinations under
         Hindi Teaching Scheme.

 iii)    Holding of training programmes for officers/employees yet to be
         trained in Hindi by way of arranging regular classes, intensive
         courses, correspondence courses etc.

 iv)     Interaction with Voluntary Organizations conducting Hindi
         Examinations for training of non-Hindi speaking employees of

 v)      Nomination of Railway staff to Central Translation Bureau for
         training in Translation.

 vii)    Review of the half yearly reports of all Zonal Railways/PUs for
         opening training centres in consultation with OL Department of
         Ministry of Home affairs.

 viii)   Honorarium to part-time teachers.

 6.      Hindi Libraries:

 i)      Setting up of Hindi Libraries in Railway offices/stations.

 ii)     Arranging furniture etc.

iii)     Provision of reading room etc.

iv)      Honorarium to the part time Librarians.

v)       Incentive for trainees.

vi)      Circulation of List of books by Deptt. of Official Language,
         Ministry of Home    Affairs to Zonal Railways/PUs.

vii)     Review of the expenditure incurred by Railways on       purchase of

viii)    Other ancillary work connected with purchase of books &

 7.      Follow up action on the items related to the branch mentioned in
         the minutes of the following meetings:
i)      Railway Board Official Language Implementation Committee.

ii)     Railway Hindi Salahakar Samiti.

iii)    Zonal Railways Official Language Implementation Committees.

iv)     Divisional Official Language Implementation Committees.

v)      Workshop Official Language Implementation Committees.

vi)     Station Official Language Implementation Committees.

vii)    Meetings of Mukhya Rajbhasha Adhikaris.

viii)   Meetings of Dy.Mukhya Rajbhasha Adhikaris/Senior Rajbhasha