Stationery List for 6th Grade by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                     Stationery List for 6th Grade

7 black marble copybooks             1 soft blue marble copybook
(can be purchased anywhere)          purchase in school
2 folders                            Art/Stationery Fee $2
Crayons or colored pencils           6 inch ruler
4 black erasable pens                2 red pens
1 dozen sharpened pencils            Glue or glue sticks
1 small scissors/ clear contact      2 large pencil cases (art &
paper                                everyday)
2 theme tablets or packs of loose    1 pack of multi-colored
leaf (school & home)                 construction paper
2 boxes of tissues, 1 paper towel,   2 rolls of tape (school & home)
American Bible (may be               Stapler (keep at home)
purchased in school $7.00-separate
check) No King James versions
Index cards(some Math use spiral)    container of disinfecting wipes

NO white out of any kind, binders, or markers. Please have the supplies
by the first full day of September. Your child should replenish his/her
supplies throughout the year. Thank you for your cooperation.

                                     The Sixth Grade Teachers

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