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					                                                 THE VOICE
                                                               OF KOL EMET
                                                                           February 2010

                                                                                                         What’s Inside
                    By Rabbi Howard Cove                                             Rabbi Cove’s Message ......................................... 1
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                         From Carrie
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                         Kol Emet Educational Director
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Due to an error, the Voice staff regrets to inform you that this article
could not be published at press time. Please check back later.
                                                                                  Adult Education
                                                                                  Part of the Mission of Kol Emet is lifelong education. To
                                                                                  fulfill that mission, Kol Emet offers its members a variety
Announcements                                                                     of educational opportunities. For some members, it
                                                                                  means actively participating in Rabbi Schein’s Adult
The Caring Committee is Back in Action                                            B’nai Mitzvah classes. For others, it is learning more
 Welcome to the Caring Committee’s new coordinators,                              about Jewish cooking, heritage, and culture. Whatever
Michael Seltzer and Stan Wortman. Michael and Stan                                your preference, take advantage of the many avenues
have accepted the challenge of organizing the efforts of                          offered by Kol Emet for increasing knowledge,
this very important committee for our Kehilla Kedosha,                            understanding, and wisdom.
holy community. Along with Stan and Michael, Gail
Vladimir and Sylvia Thomas will coordinate meals for                              At 10am Sunday morning, January 31, we invite you to
congregants in need and Julie Frantz will coordinate                              join us for coffee and bagels as the Adult Education
shiva volunteers. In addition to meals and shiva                                  Committee welcomes Jewish Exponent Executive Editor,
volunteers, committee members reach out to                                        Lisa Hostein to Kol Emet. Starting at 10:30am Lisa will
congregants in need of support due to illness or loss.                            explore the ins and outs of what makes a story Jewish
We thank all of our congregants who have volunteered                              and how the Jewish press plays a role in building Jewish
their time and efforts for the mitzvah of Gimilut                                 community. The session will also probe the hottest
Chasadim, acts of caring, and we need more volunteers                             Jewish issues in the news today and how the Exponent
to fulfill this important role of a Kehilla Kedosha. If you                       and other Jewish media go about covering them.
would like to participate in some way please e-mail
Michael Seltzer,, or Stan Wortman,                                  Free to members, and just $5 for non-members. Please                                                               RSVP by Jan 29: or 215-493-8522

                                                                                  Any questions, contact Peter Forest

                                                              Congregation Kol Emet

Nathan O'Rourke                                    October 3, 2009 AM
Son of Lisa and Sean                                    Parsha: Sukkot

Nathan restored the historical site at Garden of Reflection for his
mitzvah project.

Johnny Connors                                     October 3, 2009 PM
Son of Lisa and Sean                                     Parsha: Emor

Johnny volunteered at Manor Care and the Trenton Soup Kitchen. He
prepared packages for American soldiers overseas, which included
stuffed animals to hand out to Iraqi children. Johnny planted a tree in
Israel for a soldier killed in the war and made stuffed pillows and
delivered them to St. Mary's Hospital Emergency Room for sick kids.
He also did a book drive and a coat drive, and helped out with
Homefront, in Trenton.

Erica Singer                                      October 10, 2009 PM
Daughter of Amy and Brad                        Parsha: Shemini Atzeret

Erica volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House.

Matthew Hampel                                    October 24, 2009 AM
Son of Amy and Ken                                      Parsha: Noach

Matt collected gently used baseball equipment for the organization,
“Pitch in for Baseball”. He also volunteered at the Jewish Relief
Agency. Matt donated a portion of his Bar Mitzvah gifts to

Seth Duncan                                       October 24, 2009 PM
Son of Sharon and Jeff                               Parsha: Lech L'cha

Seth volunteered at the Jewish Relief Agency.

2 The Voice of Kol Emet
Joshua Leon                                       October 31, 2009 AM
Son of Sherri and Michael                            Parsha: Lech L'cha

Josh volunteered at the Jewish Relief Agency.

Brooke Erinoff                                   November 7, 2009 AM
Daughter of Marilyn and Jeff                         Parsha: Vayeirah

Brooke volunteers to help get pets adopted.

Audrey Sloan Goldberg                            November 7, 2009 PM
Daughter of Allyson and Howard                    Parsha: Chaye Sarah

Audrey set up a program to teach underprivileged children how to
figure skate.

Brooke Cady                                     November 14, 2009 AM
Daughter of Ilene and Gregg                        Parsha: Chaye Sarah

Brooke volunteered for Special People In Northeast (S.P.I.N.) at a pre-
school in Northeast Philadelphia.

Abby Kopytko                                    November 14, 2009 PM
Daughter of Deborah and Eugene                    Parsha: Chaye Sarah

Abby volunteered at a homeless shelter.

                                                                          February 2010   Page 3
Alex Friedman                                November 21, 2009 AM
Son of Cynthia and Josh                             Parsha: Toldot

Alex donated food and volunteered at a Trenton area soup kitchen.

Kieran Kotrill                                 December 5, 2009 PM
Son of Sherree and Ken                             Parsha: Vayashev

Kieran volunteered at the Jewish Relief Agency, Sacred Heart Church
Soup Kitchen and the Pearl Buck House.

Zachary Bush                                  December 12, 2009 AM
Son of Heidi and Tony                              Parsha: Vayeshev

Zach volunteered for the Northampton Miracle League. He is also
donating money to the league to build a new field.

Jessica Weistuch                              December 19, 2009 AM
Daughter of Janet and Norman                         Parsha: Miketz

Jessica volunteered at the Jewish Relief Agency.

Lauren Healy                                       January 16, 2010 PM
Daughter of Jennifer                                   Parsha: Vaeirah

Lauren raised money to eradicate poverty in Uganda through Beads
for Life. She also volunteered for the Make a Wish Foundation at
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Jessie Forest                                      February 6, 2010 AM
Daughter of Judy and Peter                                Parsha: Yitro

Jessie donated hair to Locks of Love, donated money for AIDS
research, donated centerpieces to a food bank, and volunteered at
the Jewish Relief Agency.

4 The Voice of Kol Emet
Sami Seidman                                    February 6, 2010 PM
Daughter of Andrea and Ron                             Parsha: Yitro

Sami sold Kaballah bracelets to raise money for the Talia Seidman
Foundation for Inclusive Education.

Jake Malavsky                                 February 13, 2010 PM
Son of Ellen and Andy                            Parsha: Mishpatim

Jake volunteered at the Morrisville Presbyterian Church Food Center,
and helped feed 22,000 people.

Carly Harris                                  February 20, 2010 PM
Daughter of Cindy and Dave                         Parsha: Temurah

Carly volunteers at Animal Alliance. She organized Pet Power at Kol
Emet which benefits the Alliance.

                                                                       February 2010   Page 5

In Memory of                       Fund                           Donor
Bertha Gesoff                      Rabbi’s Discretionary          Wendy & Seth Kursman
Chickie Rosen                      Preschool                      The Magdovitz Family
Chickie Rosen                      Preschool                      Bea & Jerry Edelman
Chickie Rosen                      Preschool                      KE Preschool PTO
Elaine Weiss                       Assoc. Rabbi’s Discretionary   Richard Weiss
Charles A. Fisher                  Charles A. Fisher Memorial     Thelma & Herb Sayare
Joseph Mozeff                      Social Action                  The Rosenberg Family
Mervin B. Krentzman                Rabbi’s Discretionary          Mr. & Mrs. James Sachs
Betty J. Krentzman                 Assoc. Rabbi’s Discretionary   Mr. & Mrs. James Sachs
Alfredo Rothenberg                 Rabbi’s Discretionary          Marc Rothenberg
Hayim Kerzhnerman                  Rabbi’s Discretionary          Alex & Maya Boguslavsky
Anna Boguslavsky                   Rabbi’s Discretionary          Alex & Maya Boguslavsky
Isaac Maidansky                    Rabbi’s Discretionary          Alex & Maya Boguslavsky
Nathan Shipon                      Rabbi’s Discretionary          Alvin & Helene Shipon & Family
Joseph Kursman                     “The Shuk”                     Wendy & Seth Kursman
Sarah Greenstein Kernis            Rabbi’s Discretionary          Roberta & Burton Sutker
Cynthia Rice Moch                  Rabbi’s Discretionary          Anne & David Steinberg
Arnold Barrish                     Rabbi’s Discretionary          Joel & Miriam Barrish
Claire Kuperman                    Rabbi’s Discretionary          Joel & Miriam Barrish
Grandmother of Neil Masia          Preschool                      Sue Mager & Elyce Rosen
Gussie Nelson                      Prayer Book                    Arnold Nelson
Barbara Nelson                     Prayer Book                    Arnold Nelson
Harry Batt                         Prayer Book                    Arnold Nelson
Dr. Lawrence Bonin                 Prayer Book                    Rita & Ralph Goldstein
Harry Schnapp                      Caring Committee               Fran & Harvey Fried and Family
Roberta Fogel                      Assoc. Rabbi’s Discretionary   Debra Fogel
Harry Weiss                        Bruce Levitt Memorial          Bob & Toby Frey
Grandmother of the Masia Family    Bruce Levitt Memorial          The Neil Family
Grandmother of the Masia Family    Bruce Levitt Memorial          KE Preschool PTO
Samuel Maisels                     Rabbi’s Discretionary          Phyllis Carson
Beloved mother of Matthew Kamens   Charles Fisher Memorial        Ellie, Debra & Noah Fisher
Ruth Kutscher                      Caring Committee               Chuck and Ellen Weiner

In Honor of                        Fund                           Donor
Michael Seltzer                    Rabbi’s Discretionary          Shelley Miller
The Great Thurs. AM Minyan         Rabbi’s Discretionary          Shelley Miller
Kieran Cottrill’s Bar Mitzvah      Assoc. Rabbi’s Discretionary   Sherree DeCovny & Ken Cottrill
Kieran Cottrill’s Bar Mitzvah      Assoc. Rabbi’s Discretionary   Nadine, Rob & Charlee Moses
Zachary Bush’s Bar Mitzvah         Building                       Melody & Stan Katz

Speedy and Complete Recovery To    Fund                           Donor
Carol Kaplan                       Rabbi’s Discretionary          David & Jacki Folkman
Carol Kaplan                       Building                       Melody and Stan Katz
Owen Leshner                       Building                       Melody & Stan Katz
Owen Leshner                       Building                       Leatrice Weiss-Miller & The
Owen Leshner                       Rabbi’s Discretionary          Jacki & David Folkman
Bob Frey                           Rabbi’s Discretionary          Jacki & David Folkman
Bob Frey                           Building                       Leatrice Weiss-Miller & The
Bob Frey                           Building                       Owen Leshner & Eileen Wolf
Bob Frey                           Building                       Melody and Stan Katz
Linda Finkle                       Building                       Melody and Stan Katz
Linda Finkle                       Rabbi’s Discretionary          Jacki & David Folkman

6 The Voice of Kol Emet
                                           KOL EMET DONATION COUPON
             Donor Name
              City, State, Zip

              City, State, Zip

          Enclosed is my gift of:               Please use my gift for:

             $18                                   Building Fund
             $25 (for Prayerbook)                  Charles A. Fisher Memorial Sanctuary Fund
             $36                                   Library Fund
             $180                                  Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
             $360                                  Mitzvah Fund
             Other – Please specify                Bruce Levitt (Playground) Memorial Fund
                                                   Associate Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
                                                   Oneg (specify date)
                                                   Outdoor Sanctuary Fund

             This gift is in honor of:
             This gift is in memory of:

                     Send to: Congregation Kol Emet •1360 Oxford Valley Road•Yardley, PA 19067

Staying Informed at Kol Emet
There are many ways we try to keep you informed:

    •   The Voice:      This Newsletter (              and past issues
    • Our place on the web. Includes the calendar (
    •   The Whisper: Weekly Email of           upcoming    events   at    Kol   Emet   and   in   the   Jewish   community.
    •   Religious school: Materials sent home with your children every week.
    •   Shouts: Emails sent to alert you to imminent events and meetings.
    •   Congregational Meetings: Meet at Kol Emet to both listen to and be heard by your Board
Make sure all the adults in your family get The Weekly Whisper e-mail.
If your family has more than one e-mail address, please feel free to sign-up your multiple addresses. To get The Whisper,
send an e-mail to

7 The Voice of Kol Emet
                             Mazel Tov to All of Kol Emet’s March
                             Wedding Anniversaries and Birthdays

Anniversaries                                      Birthdays

Day              Couple            Yrs    Day           Name        Day         Name
 14       Andy & Ellen Malavsky    18      1       Julia Brackup     15      Matt Cohen
 25         Gary & Pam Lean        15      1        Reece Petro      15     Brandon Cove
 25        Michael & Risha Neil    10      1       James Sachs       15      Paul Savitz
 31       Michael & Traci Albuck   13      2       Daniel Hayes      16   Joann Baumgarten
                                           3        Eileen Cove      16   Meredith O'Rourke
                                           3     Matthew Gulack      16     Tyler Schwartz
                                           4        Max Berger       17    Justin Goldberg
                                           4       Keri Blaustein    17    Alexander Lean
                                           4      Bonnie Jacobs      17     Carolyn Mako
                                                   Amy Posner-
                                           4                        17     Alizabeth Olhasso
                                           5     Marc Rothenberg    17         Noah Weiss
                                           5        Gary Solarz     19      Dina Bortnichak
                                           5        Ally Thomas     19       Evan O'Rourke
                                           6        Bill Blacker    20      Nancy Edelman
                                           6       Mallory Gold     20        David Frank
                                           6    Brandon Goldberg    20         Mark Henry
                                           6     Jonathan Weber     20        Robert Smilk
                                           7      Ethan Broitman    21       Amanda Green
                                           7     Brian Kronenthal   21       Joshua Green
                                           7        Ryan Oster      21          Darya Neil
                                           8       Mitchell Cove    22         Dora Kirsh
                                           8      Kayla Gressen     22      Zachary Lichter
                                           8      Nancy Pazdera     23          Jeff Gold
                                           8       Melanie Rose     23      Victoria Pedretti
                                           8      Kathy Schwartz    23     Gayle Share-Raab
                                           9    Samuel Bortnichak   24         Brett Gross
                                           9         Sherri Fink    24      Elizabeth Shiller
                                           9       Eric Malakoff    25     Benjamin Gabinet
                                           9      Michael Seltzer   25        Lee Melamed
                                          10      Rebecca Biros     25     Neena Rosenwald
                                          10     Wendy Kursman      25       Susan Wilson
                                          11       Courtney Terr    26          Rick Biros
                                          11     Jeffrey Waldman    26       Phyllis Browne
                                          12        Tyler Harris    26    Mia Eisner Grynberg
                                          12         Lee Kirsh      26      Jonathan Sutker
                                          12     Miranda Olhasso    26      Frances Thomas
                                          12       Rachel Ritzau    27         Brian Stein
                                          12     Natalie Schwartz   28       Seth Kursman
                                          12      Spencer Siegel    28        Jason Simon
                                          13      Emma Clopton      29       Brad Bernstein
                                          13        Eliot Gross     29         Drew Bush
                                          14      Hannah Brooks     29     Brett Goldhammer
                                          14      Andrea Deodati    29        Mitchell Scull
                                          14       Elena Steiner    29       Jessica Wong
                                          15        Jake Berger     30         Dalit Geller
                                                                    30      David Schwartz
                                                                    30      Carly Shoneman
                                                                    30     William Steinberg

8 The Voice of Kol Emet
Kol Emet Business Directory
Advertisements from members of the Kol Emet community

 Leshner Insurance Services
 Auto * Home * Business * Life * Health                    Zephyr Gallery of Contemporary American Craft
 Independent Insurance Agent representing over 1000        Jewelry-Art Glass-Wine Accessories-Home Décor
 Leading National and Regional Carriers                    The Largest Selection of Judaica in Bucks County

 Owen Leshner                                              Come to Zephyr Gallery of Contemporary American
 PO Box 8                                                  Craft - for all your Judaica needs! In Newtown (New and
 Newtown, PA 18940                                         improved! Come see!) or at the shore. Shop the Trop!
 Telephone: 610-299-7636                                   Zephyr has the best selection of the most unusual gifts…
 Email:                                 birthdays, weddings, b'nai mitzvot… or treat yourself!
                                                           Jewelry by Ayala Bar, Michal Golan, Sherry Tinsman,
 Call or e-mail for a no obligation quote                  Holly Yashi; Judaica by Gary Rosenthal, Seeka, Michal
 When was the last time you reviewed your insurance        Golan, Beames, and Infinity Art. Great wall art, the
 solutions?                                                coolest clocks, wine accessories, and more. Works by
 I can save you $$$$$$$$$$                                 many local artists!
                                         Owen Leshner      Mention that you are a Kol Emet member and receive
                                                           10% off of your purchase.
WAREHOUSE                                                  243 N. Sycamore St    The Quarter @ Tropicana Casino
Summit Center                                              Newtown, PA 18940     Atlantic City, NJ 08406
640 W. Street Road, Feasterville, PA 19053                 215-579-3337          609-340-0170

No One Will Believe What You Paid For Your Dress!                                                  Melissa Paterson
Incredible Selection of Mothers, Guests of the Wedding,
Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Prom and Plus Sizes
                                                           TUTORING AND COLLEGE COACHING
OPEN TO THE PUBLIC WEEKENDS ONLY:                          JoAnn Sachs, M.S Ed – Educational Consultant
Friday 4:00pm – 9:00pm, Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm,         215-493-5709
Sunday 11:00am – 5:00pm                          
                                   Mark & Dayna Henry      Need to boost your SAT, ACT, SSAT scores?
                                                           Are you overwhelmed with the College Application
Special Occasion Custom Jewelry Designs                    Need help studying “smart” for exams?
Robin Frank Originals
Repairs – Casual – Formal – Bridal                         I can help!
215-321-9338                                               One – on – one tutoring                                      Complete explanation of the college search process
                                                           College essay help
                                             Robin Frank
                                                           Experienced teacher * Satisfied clients *
                                                           Reasonable rates
                                                                                                       JoAnn Sachs

                                                                                           February 2010   Page 9
Say No to Clutter, LLC

Feeling overwhelmed by clutter?
Can't find your favorite sweater?
Paying too many late fees, can't find your bills?

Call Say No to Clutter Today!

Risha Neil, Professional Residental Organizer

                                         Risha Neil

Send     information  to    the   Kol  Emet      Office
( by the 1 of the month for a listing
in the next issue.

Attention Kol Emet Business Owners
Advertise in this Newsletter
In the spirit of building community, The Voice includes
text advertisements from Kol Emet congregants who
have businesses offering products and services. Text
ads only, no business cards or graphics. In addition to
your text, we will list your name (if not included in your
copy) so the reader knows which Kol Emet congregant is
involved in the business.

Your listing will include:
         Name of Company
         Address (if business has a storefront location)
         Contact (Phone, Email, and/or Web Address)
         50 word description

Cost is $10/issue.

10 The Voice of Kol Emet
                                  CONGREGATION KOL EMET
                                   CONTACT INFORMATION

Rabbi                           Rabbi Howard Cove (        215-493-8522 ext. 101
Associate Rabbi                 Rabbi Susan Schein (     215-493-8522 ext. 112
Executive Director              Bob Frey (                     215-493-8522 ext. 113
Educational Director            Carrie Walinsky (          215-493-8522 ext. 103
Assistant Preschool Director    Susan Kaplan (               215-493-8522 ext. 103
Office Administrator            Judi Pogachefsky (            215-493-8522 ext. 100
President                       Lisa O’Rourke (            215-295-9212
Vice President                  Lisa Shiller (             215-493-0708
Vice President                  Chuck Weiner (      215-932-0424
Secretary                       Melody Katz (                215-752-7705
Treasurer                       Neil Baumgarten (         215-321-3447
Past President                  Alan Kotzen (                 215-357-6994
Religious Education             Jill Gordon (               215-295-8838
Adult Education                 Pete Forest (               215-321-7719
Early Education                 Dina Bortnichak (            215-295-1646
Communications                  Brad Pedrow (                  215-595-7121
Finance                         Andrew Finkle (             215-656-8350
Community Relations             Owen Leshner (                610-299-7636
House                           David Shoneman (      215-321-2381
Long Range Planning             Burt Sutker (                   609-730-0837
Membership                      Jacki Folkman (             215-860-3678
Preschool PTO                   Risha Neil (                   215-428-1884
Religious School Co-President   Meryl Shoneman (      215-321-2381
Religious School Co-President   Randi Davis (               267-392-5265
Ritual                          Robert Moses (         215-321-9927
Social Action                   Wendy Jacobson-Simon (   215-321-1465
Sisterhood                      Ellie Fisher (                215-702-8025
Men’s Club                      Mark Henry (                 215-493-0627
Youth Programming               Heidi Bush (               215-493-4080
Hilltoppers                     Judy Kaufman (                215-579-5950

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