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									Emilio Jacinto
Emilio Jacinto (December 15, 1875 - April 16, 1899), was a Filipino revolutionary known as the Brains of
the Katipunan.

Born in Trozo, Manila, Jacinto was the son of Mariano Jacinto and Josefa Dizon. His father died shortly
after Jacinto was born, forcing his mother to send him to his uncle, Don Jose Dizon, so that he might have a
better standard of living.

Jacinto was fluent in both Spanish and Tagalog, but preferred to speak in Spanish. He attended San Juan de
Letran College, and later transferred to the University of Santo Tomas to study law. He did not finish
college and, at the age of 20, joined the secret society called Katipunan. He became the advisor on fiscal
matters and secretary to Andres Bonifacio.
Jacinto also wrote for the Katipunan newspaper called Kalayaan, which translates to Freedom in Filipino.
He wrote in the newspaper under the pen name Dimasilaw, and used the alias Pingkian in the Katipunan.
Emilio Jacinto was also the author of the Kartilya ng Katipunan.

After Bonifacio's death, Jacinto continued fighting the Spaniards, though he never joined the forces of
General Emilio Aguinaldo. He contracted malaria and died on April 16, 1899, in Majayjay, Laguna, at the
age of 23. His remains were later transferred to the Manila North Cemetery

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