National Cancer Institute Annual Meeting by yaohongm


									    National Cancer Institute                             International Union Against Cancer
   NCI- Cairo University                                                UICC
                                    Annual Meeting
                            Wednesday 7th November 2007
9:00 – 9:30    Plenary Lecture :
               Cancer control in developing nations:              H Khaled (Egypt)
               Egypt as an example

9:30 – 11:30   Session I: Global Cancer Problem in the Developing Countries
               Chairpersons: N. Hassan, B. Anderson
9:30 – 10:00   Local Egyptian data                              A. S. Ibrahim (Egypt)
10:00-10:30    Cancer Care in developing countries              B Anderson (USA)
10:30-11:00    Delivery of cancer care in India                 P Parikh      (India)
11:00-11:20    Cancer problem in KSA                            S. Bazerbashi (KSA)
11:20-11:30    Discussion

11:30-12:00    COFFEE BREAK

12:00-13:30    Session II: Cancer Prevention & Early Detection
               Chairpersons: S. Omar, L. Kazan
12:00-12:30    Environmental hazards Asbestos as an example    L Kazan         (UK)
               (developed vs developing countries)
12:30-13:00    Prevention and early detection: Role of         R Gafaar        (Egypt)
               Governmental agencies
13:00-13:20    Prevention and early detection: Role of Non-    S Omar          (Egypt)
               Governmental agencies (NGO)
13:20-13:30    Discussion

13:30-15:00    LUNCH BREAK

15:00-17:00    Session III: Management of Children with Cancer in the Developing Countries
               Chairpersons: A. El Haddad, F. Cavalli
15:00-15:30    Magnitude of the problem and constraints            S Abdel Hady (Egypt)
15:30-16:00    Improving pediatric cancer care UICC experience     F Cavalli    (Switzerland)
               (My Child Matters)
16:00-16:30    NGO in delivering cancer care for children          S Abo El Naga (Egypt)
16:30-16:50    Bone marrow transplantation in developing           A Haddad        (Egypt)
16:50-17:00    Discussion

20:00-22:00    Opening Ceremony and Dinner

                              Thursday 8th November 2007
9:00 – 9:30    Plenary Lecture :
               Principle and the need for palliative care       F. Faris   (USA)

9:30 – 11:30   Session IV: Global Cancer Problem in the Developing Countries
               Chairpersons: A. H. Aboulseod, F. Faris
9:30-10:00     Implementation of palliative care in KHCC        Hassan, Jordan
10:00-10:30    Role of nursing in patient support               A. Bendik, Jordan
10:30-11:00    Drug availability for pain control               A. Helmy, Egypt
11:00-11:30    Discussion

11:30-12:00    Coffee Break

12:00–13:30    Session V: Cancer Reaearch in the Developing Countries
               Chairpersons: S. Khleif, H. Elzawahry
12:00-12:30    The prospects of cancer research in countries with S Khleif USA
               low resources
12:30-13:00    Translational Research as treatment guidance in    I Ossman, USA
13:00-13:20    Risk adaptive strategies in cancer treatment       H Zawahry Egypt
13:20-13:30    Discussion

13:30-15:00    Lunch Break

15:00–17:00    Session VI: Multidisciplinary Approach In Cancer Treatment
               Chairpersons: A. van Oosterom, M. Aboul Ella
15:00-15:30    Importance of multidiscipline in cancer            B Anderson, USA
15:30-16:00    The role of new surgical approach in cancer        M. Abo El Ella, Egypt
16:00-16:30    Radiotherapy sources, dose it differ?              M El-Gantiry, Egypt
16:30-16:50    New agents in systemic treatment, what is the real A van Oosterom Belgium
               need?                                              or S. Bazerebashy, KSA
16:50:17:00    Discussion

20:00-22:00    Dinner

                               Friday 9th November 2007
9:30 – 10:00   Plenary Lecture :
               Role of International Organizations                  J. Harford    (USA)

10:00–12:00    Session VII: Training and Education
               Chairpersons: O. Lowrance, S. Abdel Hady
10:00-10:20    Basic curriculum for different specialties of        S. Abdel Hady (Egypt)
10:20-10:40    Data processing in cancer centers                    M.S. de Sabata (IAEA)
10:40-11:00    In-training evaluation for oncologist                P Parikh        (India)
11:00-11:20    Telemedicine as a new tool in cancer education and   O Lawrence     (Egypt)
11:20-11:40    Discussion
11:40-12:00    Closing Remarks


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