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Adult Services                 New name for part of the County Council Social Services
                               departments that deal with services relating to adults.
Affordable Housing             Housing provided with subsidy for people who are unable
                               to resolve their housing need in the local housing market
                               because of the relationship between housing costs and
                               incomes. It is available at less than minimum market
                               price and can include home ownership options and sub-
                               market renting.
AHL                            Atlantic Housing Limited. Partner RSL formerly known as
                               Eastleigh Housing Association. The Council’s housing
                               was transferred to AHL in 1996. Part of the Sappling
BME                            Black Minority Ethnic groups
Brownfield                     A site previously developed for industrial, commercial or
                               residential use.
CAB                            Citizens Advice Bureau.
CDFI                           Community Development Finance Initiative.
Compass                        Customer Oriented Management of Processes, Access
                               Services and Support.
Connexions                     Service for young people.
Decent Homes                   The Government has created a set of criteria that
                               determines whether a dwelling is considered “decent”.
                               The home must be free of major hazards, be in a
                               reasonable state of repair, have reasonably modern
                               services and facilities and provide a reasonable degree of
                               thermal comfort.
DCA                            David Couttie Associates.
DFG                            Disabled Facilities Grant. This is a grant to enable
                               disabled people to have adaptations carried out to their
                               homes. The amount of grant is subject to a test of the
                               applicant’s resources.
EAST                           AHL Floating Support Service.
EBC                            Eastleigh Borough Council.
Eco Homes                      Building Research Establishment rating for environmental
ECS                            Eastleigh Community Services.
ESP                            Eastleigh Strategic Partnership. Organisations across
                               sectors working in partnership to achieve common goals
                               locally. Lead role in producing Community Strategy.
Fuel poverty                   Considered to exist when more than 10% of income is
                               spent on heating.
GOSE                           Government Office for the South East. Regional
                               operations for ten central Government departments
                               including housing.
HECA                           Home Energy Conservation Act.
HIA                            Home Improvement Agency.
HCS                            House Condition Survey. An independent survey of the

Eastleigh Borough Council – Glossary of Terms (Appendix 3)           Page 1
                                    condition of the Borough's housing in 2004.
     Housing Act 2004               Provides Councils with specific guidance and statutory
                                    powers to intervene and regulate housing issues.
     HMA                            Housing Market Assessment.
     HHSRS                          Housing, Health and Safety Rating System.
     HMOs                           Houses in Multiple Occupation. A dwelling that is
                                    occupied by more than one household.
     Housing Corporation            A non departmental public body established in 1964 to
                                    register, regulate and fund Registered Social Landlord’s.
                                    Sponsored by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
     Keyworker                      Someone who lives or works in Eastleigh Borough who is
                                    employed in a post that provides an essential public
                                    service to the wider community.
     LA                             Local Authority.
     LAA                            Local Area Agreements made between Government and
                                    local public sector organisations on priorities and delivery
     LCHO                           General term covering shared ownership schemes.
     LIT                            Local Implementation Team. Multi agency teams usually
                                    led by the Health Trust and Adult Services. There are LIT
                                    groups for various client groups including older people.
     LPSA2                          Local Public Service Agreement. A voluntary agreement
                                    negotiated between local authority and Government. In
                                    this example the agreement refers to the County
     LSVT                           Large Scale Voluntary Transfer.
     Market housing                 Housing available for purchase on the open market and at
                                    full price.
     Mixed tenure                   An area of housing consisting of a mix of different tenures
                                    normally social rented housing and market housing.
     Move UK                        National and employment mobility scheme supported by
     NAHP                           National Affordable Housing Programme 2006-2008.
                                    Agreed with the Deputy Prime Minister forming the annual
                                    cash limit and agreed development programme.
     ODPM                           Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
     OT                             Occupational Therapist.
     PUSH                           Partnership for Urban South Hampshire.
     PPG3                           Planning Policy Guidance 3 on housing matters.
     RSL                            Registered Social Landlords registered with the Housing
     Race Impact Assessment         Carried out to ensure that the Council complies with its
                                    duties under the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000.
     Regional Housing Board         Established by Government to develop regional housing
                                    strategies and to advise on funding. Locally work with the
                                    South East RHB.
     Regional Spatial Strategy      Replacing the Regional Planning Guidance led by the
                                    Regional Assembly. Sets out a vision for the region
                                    through to 2026 addressing housing, transport, economy

     Eastleigh Borough Council – Glossary of Terms (Appendix 3)            Page 2
                               and the environment.
SAP Rating                     This is a Government specified energy rating for a
                               dwelling. It is based on the calculated annual energy cost
                               for space and water heating. The calculation assumes a
                               standard occupancy pattern derived from the measured
                               floor area so that the size of the dwelling does not
                               strongly affect the result, which is expressed on a 1 to 120
                               scale. The higher the number the better the standard.
Sensory Services               Services for people with sight or hearing impairment.
S106 Agreement                 Agreement relating to the development of land under
                               S106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. A
                               binding agreement between the Council and developer
                               used to secure financial and affordable housing
Shared Ownership               New or existing property sold on a part rent and part sale
                               basis. The owner buys a percentage of the property
                               funded by a mortgage and/or savings. The remaining
                               percentage is generally owned by a RSL that may charge
Shecane                        Southern Home Energy Conservation Action Network.
SOLEEAC                        Solent Energy Efficiency Advice Centre.
SPD                            Supplementary Planning Document.
SPLA                           Southern Private Landlords Association.
SPOPF                          Southern Parishes Older Persons Forum.
Strategic sites                Sites that are considered to have strategic importance
                               and have potential to meet significant housing need.
Supported Housing              Schemes for people needing additional support or care
                               e.g. frail elderly, people with learning disabilities, young at
Supporting People (SP)         Government grant administered by Hampshire County
                               Council locally. The grant is provided for support services
                               for vulnerable people to improve their quality of life and to
                               enable them to live independently.
Sustainable Communities        Places where people want to live and work now and in the
                               future. They meet the diverse needs of existing and
                               future residents, are sensitive to the environment and
                               contribute to a high quality of life. They are safe and
                               inclusive, well planned, built and run, and offer equality of
                               opportunity and good services for all.
Sustainable Development        Development balancing environmental, social and
                               economic needs without compromising the ability of future
                               generations to meet their needs.
SHS                            Swaythling Housing Society. Partner RSL. Part of the
                               Wayfarer partnership.
Telecare Technology            A range of devices such as alarm call systems and
                               sensors that assist vulnerable people to live
TCI                            Total Cost Indicators. Introduced by the Housing
                               Corporation to ensure properties were providing value for
                               money. No longer supported by the Housing Corporation

Eastleigh Borough Council – Glossary of Terms (Appendix 3)              Page 3
                                    – end March 2006.
     Vulnerable People              A person or group is vulnerable when support is required
                                    to enable or promote independent living and safe and
                                    active participation in the community.
     WHG                            Winchester Housing Group. Partner RSL. Part of the A2
     Windfall sites                 Sites that have not been identified in the Local Plan that
                                    become available over the life of the plan.
     Zone Agent                     RSL acting as a one stop shop for applicants for all NAHP
                                    funded low cost home ownership products. Provides lists
                                    of eligible applicants to developing RSL’s and markets the

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