“Bud not Buddy” Question for chapters 4-8

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					                   “Bud not Buddy” Question for chapters 4-8

1.  Write a one-paragraph summary of chapters 4-8.
2.  How did Bud get revenge on the Amos family?
3.  What happened to Miss Hill, the librarian?
4.  What did Momma and her dad get in a fight about when she got her picture taken
    on the miniature horse?
5. What were the four things Momma used to always talk to Bud about?
6. Bud was late for breakfast at the Mission. He got to eat anyway. How? What did
    he get sprinkled on his oatmeal?
7. Who is Deza Malone? What does Bud do for the first time with Deza?
8. What was the town “Hooperville” like?
9. What happens when Bud tries to catch the train with Bugs?
10. What does Bud notice about the names “Calloway” and “Caldwell”?
11. Select a character that you think is most like you. Give a good explanation below,
    with examples, and be prepared to share with your group.
12. Select an event from the story and change the outome. Some examples of event
    from the story could be when Bud is sent to a home, what happens at the Amoses,
    catching the train, meeting Deza Malone, breakfast at the mission, etc. Be
    prepared to share your change of outcome with the group.

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