The Sixth Form by jianglifang


									                     The Sixth Form
                     at Harrogate Grammar School

Prospectus 2010

Excellence for all
                                                                   HARROGATE GRAMMAR SCHOOL

                                                                        Mr R E Sheriff

                                                                        Deputy Headteachers
                                                                        Mr J T Burton

                                                                        Mr P J Horne

                                                                        Director of Sixth Form
                                                                        Mrs J M Sherwood

                                                                        Arthurs Avenue, Harrogate,
                                                                        North Yorkshire HG2 0DZ

                                                                        Tel 01423 531127

                                                                        Fax 01423 521325



Front cover photography by Georgina West, Year 13 student
Designed and produced by Rubber Band                                         1

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Welcome                            5    Subjects                                                           18

The Sixth Form                     6    Art & Design and Photography AS & A2 Level                         18

How to Calculate your              9    Biology AS & A2 Level                                              20
GCSE Point Score                        Business Applied AS & A2 Level (Single Award)                      22
Advanced Level Subjects            10   Chemistry AS & A2 Level                                            24
(AS & A2)
                                        Design & Technology:
The HGS Baccalaureate              11      Graphics AS & A2 Level                                          26
                                           Product Design AS & A2 Level                                    27
Packages:                          12
                                           Food Technology AS & A2 Level                                   28
Course provision in the areas of
Medical Science and Leadership          Drama & Theatre Studies AS & A2 Level                              29
and Management
                                        Economics AS & A2 Level                                            30
Specialist Language College        14   English Language, English Literature,
                                        English Language & Literature AS & A2 Level                        31
Our Second Specialism:             16
Design & Technology                     Geography AS & A2 Level                                            32

Our Third Specialism:              17   Geology AS & A2 Level                                              33
Training School                         Government & Politics AS & A2 Level                                34

The OFSTED Report                  58   Health & Social Care AS & A2 Level                                 35

University Destinations 2009       59   History AS & A2 Level                                              37
Year 13 Examination Results        62
                                           ICT AS & A2 Level (Single Award)                                38
                                           Computing AS & A2 Level                                         39
                                           ICT Nationals Level 3 (Double Award)                            40
                                        Mathematics & Further Mathematics AS & A2 Level                    42
                                        Media Studies AS & A2 Level                                        43
                                        Modern Foreign Languages:
                                           French, German, Spanish AS & A2 Level                           44
                                           Italian AS & A2 Level                                           45
                                        Music AS, A2 Level & BTEC (Single & Double Award)                  46
                                        Music Technology AS & A2 Level                                     48
                                        Performing Arts BTEC                                               49
                                        Philosophy AS & A2 Level                                           50
                                        Physical Education AS, A2 Level & BTEC National Award in Sport     51
                                        Physics AS & A2 Level                                              53
                                        Psychology AS & A2 Level                                           54
                                        Sociology AS & A2 Level                                            55
                                        Travel & Tourism AS & A2 Level                                     56

                                                  WELCOME TO THE SIXTH FORM

               We are very proud of the Sixth Form       We are committed to supporting the
               at Harrogate Grammar School and           success of every student and close
               the achievements of our students.         monitoring and individual support
               In this prospectus you will read of the   give our young people every chance
               broad range of high quality courses       of achieving their ambitions. It is this
               and all the additional opportunities      recipe of academic excellence, strong
               available to our Sixth Form students.     community and provision of enriching
                                                         activities that makes our Sixth Form
               Young people who join our Sixth Form      such an outstanding place to work
               benefit from all the opportunities        and learn.
               that come from being part of a very
               large successful Sixth Form but also      We would be delighted to see you at
               the additional opportunities available    our annual Open Evening or you may
               for leadership and service from           contact us at any time to arrange a
               being attached to one of the highest      visit.
               performing comprehensive schools in
               the country.

TO BE ABLE                                               Richard Sheriff
TO WELCOME                                               Headteacher
                                                         Jan Sherwood
                                                         Director of Sixth Form


    A Period of Transition                   The Sixth Form Community                 school by undertaking a variety of
                                                                                      duties, and many students work with
    In Year 11 your study is closely         The Sixth Form is a friendly, thriving   younger pupils helping them with their
    supervised; in the Sixth Form you        community within a large and thriving    reading and spelling and organising
    will have more freedom. You will         school.                                  clubs and activities.
    be expected to show initiative,
    undertaking research and reading         The Director of Sixth Form and the       The Head Boy and Girl are selected
    around your subjects. One of our         two Deputy Directors and Student         from the Prefect body in the spring
    aims in the Sixth Form is to help you    Advisers operate in close consultation   term of the Lower Sixth.
    cope with this change effectively.       with the team of tutors. Sixth Form
                                             tutors work closely with students and    As a member of the Sixth Form you
    You will be expected to do a             conduct regular individual mentoring     will have the chance to get involved
    considerable amount of work in           sessions.                                in a wide variety of sporting, cultural
    addition to the taught lessons. Some                                              and social activities, including
    of this work you will be able to do in   In the Summer term of the Lower          House activities, Sixth Form games,
    study periods during the school day.     Sixth and Autumn term of the Upper       debating/public speaking, Leavers’
    The remainder will be done at home.      Sixth your tutor will provide you with   Balls, charity work, rock concerts,
                                             information about progression from       revues and many other events.
                                             the Sixth Form and will guide you in
    Programmes of Study                      making your application to higher
                                             education or, at a later stage, for
    There are a wide-ranging number of
    subjects to choose from and some
    of these may be combined in a            You will have the opportunity to be
    number of ways to provide students       involved in the running of the Sixth
    with individual programmes of study.     Form, and the school generally, if
    Details of all courses offered are       you choose to become a Prefect,
    outlined in this prospectus.             House Captain or Peer Mentor. These
                                             students help with the running of the

                                                                                               THE SIXTH FORM

Sixth Form Dress                        Child Protection Policy                     Sixth Form Facilities
In recognition of your increased        Harrogate Grammar School is                 In the Sixth Form Centre there is a
maturity you will not be required       committed to ensuring the welfare           comfortable study area and a fully
to wear a uniform, but you will be      and safety of all students in school.       equipped open-access computer
expected to dress in smart, business    All North Yorkshire schools, including      room. The Library is a popular
style in order to enhance the           Harrogate Grammar School, follow            area where students can work
reputation of the school and to set a   the North Yorkshire Safeguarding            independently during the day. The
good example to younger pupils.         Children Board procedures and the LA        three laboratories are specially
                                        Education procedures. The school will,      equipped for advanced work and the
                                        in the vast majority of circumstances,      classrooms are specially designed for
                                        endeavour to discuss all concerns           Sixth Form study. Sixth Form students
                                        with parents about their children.          also have access to specialist
                                        However, there may be exceptional           accommodation for Art, Music,
                                        circumstances when the school will          Technology, Information Technology
                                        discuss concerns with Social Care           and Sport.
                                        and/or the Police without parental
                                        knowledge (in accordance with Child         From September 2010 the school
                                        Protection procedures). The school          will benefit from a £1.8 million
     PLEASE NOTE                                                                    investment by the LSC to provide
                                        will, of course, always aim to maintain
     THAT ALL                           a positive relationship with all parents.   a brand new Sixth Form facility
     COURSES                            A copy of the Policy is available on        with a new building housing a 300
     ARE OFFERED                        request.                                    seater Learning Theatre, a large
                                                                                    practical teaching area, 9 new
     SUBJECT TO                                                                     classrooms and a Media Suite.

    Parking                                     How to apply for a place in            We are pleased to be able to
                                                the Sixth Form                         offer a wide range of courses and
    The school is unable to provide                                                    programmes to all students who have
    parking for Sixth Form students’ cars.      If you decide you are interested in    shown a commitment to previous
    Students are encouraged not to drive        entering the Sixth Form at Harrogate   study and capacity to work hard. Our
    to school, particularly if they live less   Grammar School, your first step, if    aim is to advise students carefully, on
    than two miles away, as part of our         you are new to the school, should      an individual basis, as to which route
    commitment to sustainability and            be to come along for a visit. If you   would best suit their ability, interests
    individual well-being.                      are not able to attend an Open         and taking into account any future
                                                Evening contact the school to          plans.
                                                make arrangements to visit on an
                                                alternative date.                      We would, however, expect you to
                                                                                       achieve certain results at GCSE if you
                                                Existing HGS students will be          are to have a reasonable chance of
                                                advised how to apply.                  success on any given programme
                                                                                       and each course carries a specified
                                                You should think carefully about       entry requirement. For all programmes
                                                the programme of study and the         of study we would expect you to
                                                courses you will choose. In making     have an average GCSE score of 5 or
                                                these decisions you should question    better (see page 8). Some individual
                                                whether the course is the right one    subjects may lay down specific entry
                                                for you.                               requirements – see subject entries.
                                                                                       If you do not have GCSE English or
                                                                                       Mathematics at Grade C or above
                                                                                       you may be required to attend resit

                                                HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR GCSE POINT SCORE

To calculate your average point score   The examples below are intended to clarify this calculation:
at GCSE, follow these steps:
                                        GCSE                        Example 1           Example 2            Example 3
1. turn the letter grade for each
                                                                    Grade Points        Grade Points         Grade Points
   subject taken into a number where
   A*=8, A=7, B=6, C=5, D=4, E=3,
                                        Eng Lang                    C       5           C         5          C         5
   F=2, G=1;
                                        Eng Lit                     B       6           D         4          B         6
2. add the numbers together;            Mathematics                 C       5           C         5          C         5
                                        French                      A       7           B         6          A         7
3. divide the total by the number of    Science                     BB      6+6         C         5          B (Bio)   6
   GCSEs taken;                                                     (Double             (Single              B (Che)   6
                                                                    Award)              Award)               C (Phy)   5
4. the result of this calculation is    Humanity                    C       5           D         4          D         4
   your average GCSE point score.       Option 1                    G       1           E         3          B         6
                                        Option 2                    C       5           C         5          C         5

                                        Total                                46                   37                   55
                                        Number of grades                     9                    8                    10
                                        Average Points Score                 5.1                  4.6                  5.5

                                        Once you have made your choices,             Towards the end of the Summer Term
                                        fill in the application form and send it     there will be a conference for all
                                        to the Director of Sixth Form. You will      students new to the school and an
                                        then be invited to attend an interview       induction day for all prospective Sixth
                                        where you will have the opportunity to       Form students. Details will be sent to
                                        discuss your choices and your entry          you once your application has been
                                        into the Sixth Form more generally.          accepted.
                                        You will be notified as soon as
                                        possible whether your application
                                        has been successful.


     Advanced Level subjects provide            There are no restrictions on students     Additional Studies
     a traditional route to both higher         taking particular combinations
     education and employment. From             of subjects, although those with          Most Advanced Level students will
     2000 the A Level curriculum was            particular career aspirations, such as    follow one of a number of Additional
     re-organised nationally into subjects      Medicine, will be given guidance as       Studies, which will include Critical
     which could be taken in one year (AS)      to which subjects will be essential for   Thinking, General Studies and ICT
     or over two years (A2) and aimed to        further study.                            in addition to their other subject
     provide breadth of study.                                                            choices.
                                                Most Advanced Level subjects are
     Harrogate Grammar School offers an         taken in two units in the Lower Sixth     The school is committed to providing
     extremely wide range of Advanced           year (AS) and a further two in the        the opportunity to follow these
     Level courses at both AS, A2 and           Upper Sixth year (A2). There may be       important areas of study to develop
     BTEC. Most students embarking on           coursework, fieldwork or practical        awareness and provide the capacity
     this programme of study will take          elements in these units (details in the   for research and investigation, which
     either four or five subjects at AS Level   subject information).                     will equip students with skills and
     in their Lower Sixth year and continue                                               techniques for life beyond school.
     three or four to A2 Level in the Upper

                                                             THE HGS BACCALAUREATE PROGRAMMES

AQA Baccalaureate                        Students will need to:                           There are three levels
                                                                                          of AQA Bacc:
The AQA Baccalaureate (Bacc for          •   Study at least 3 A Levels
short) is an academic qualification                                                       •   An AQA Bacc
which builds on a student’s core         •   Study a further ‘breadth’ subject
A Level subjects, adding value through       to at least AS – either General              •   An AQA Bacc with Merit
wider learning and enrichment                Studies, Critical Thinking or
                                             Citizenship                                  •   An AQA Bacc with Distinction

The achievement of an AQA Bacc           •   Complete an Extended Project
is a demonstration that a student
                                         •   Participate in ‘Enrichment’
has gained a fuller, more rounded
education. It will greatly enhance
a student’s further education and
employment opportunities.

The AQA Baccalaureate
Grading Scheme

3 A Levels            Extended Project          Enrichment                 Breadth (AS)               Award

E                     E                         4	                         4	                         Bacc
C                     C                         4	                         4	                         Bacc with Merit
A                     A                         4	                         4	                         Bacc with Distinction



                                                                                                                                Package: Leadership & Management
                                                Standard A Level route

                                                                                                    Package: Medical Sciences
                                                Contemporary Studies
                                                Mixed A Level and
                                                vocational programme

                                                AQA Baccalaureate

     A new way of organising and                Medical Sciences                         •   Regular lectures from GPs, nurses,
     enhancing our course provision was                                                      technical services, administrators
     introduced last year with the arrival of   This Package is aimed principally at         can be attended by students, thus
     the Medical Sciences and Leadership        students of Science A Levels, BTEC or        giving them first-hand knowledge
     and Management Packages.                   A Level PE, or Applied Health & Social       of day-to-day work and the
                                                Care who intend to follow careers of         potential for advancement in these
     The Packages are an ‘overarching’          any type in the medical or sports-           areas.
     arrangement, within which students         science professions generally. The
     are offered a core entitlement related     main features of the Package are:        •   Extended projects related to
     to the area of specialisation of the                                                    the Package can be completed
     Package, plus a range of courses to        •   It is sponsored by Harrogate and         to allow students to develop
     choose from to suit their own learning         District NHS Foundation Trust,           appropriate study skills to be used
     style, whatever Pathway they follow in         and all students involved in the         in both Sixth Form and Higher
     Sixth Form. The core entitlement will          Package would be encouraged to           Education.
     include keynote lectures from experts          become members of the Trust.
     in the Package area along with work
                                                •   Students would carry out
     experience opportunities. Students
                                                    volunteer work in hospitals as
     can study within the Package on
                                                    well as work placements; such
     BTEC, AS or A2 courses as part of
                                                    experience is essential for entry
     their Medical Sciences or Leadership
                                                    to study many medical-related
     and Management personalised
     plan. The Packages are supported
     by leading organisations who are
     bringing forward their expertise to
     make the Packages relevant to the
     professional world.


Leadership & Management                  •   Work placements can be arranged       Packages are intended to improve
                                             for students, giving them valuable    careers awareness and employability
This Package is aimed principally            insight into business-related         by allowing students to complete
at students of Business Applied A            work and practical knowledge of       work experiences. Being involved in
Level, Economics A Level, ICT Applied        potential careers.                    the Packages would also indicate to
A Level or National Certificate,                                                   Higher Education admissions staff
Computing A Level, or Politics A Level   •   Regular talks from Business           a commitment to study a subject
who intend to follow any of a wide           and Public Sector leaders and         and gain wider understanding of the
range of Business-related careers.           Entrepreneurs can be attended         practical applications of subjects,
The main features of the Package are:        by students, thus giving them         thus potentially giving additional
                                             first-hand knowledge of day-to-       support for students’ entry to Higher
•   The Package is sponsored by              day work and the potential for        Education courses.
    Bradford University Business             advancement in these areas.
    School and Procter and Gamble.
    (The ‘Learning to Lead’ programme    •   It allows students to gain an         National Diplomas
    run by Procter and Gamble has            insight into how businesses are
    been adopted by the Business             formed, organised and expanded.       These are being offered in certain
    and ICT Faculty as an official                                                 subject areas at Level 3 by other
                                         •   Extended projects related to the      institutions in the Local Area
    Leadership experience to support
                                             Package could be completed            Partnership. Please see members of
    subjects). Sponsors may also offer
                                             to allow students to develop          the Sixth Form Management Team for
    Leadership training by modifying
                                             appropriate study skills to be used   further details.
    their own graduate training
                                             in both Sixth Form and Higher


                            Harrogate Grammar School was the         Lessons for specialists
                            first Specialist Language College in     (minimum GCSE grade B)
                            North Yorkshire and has recently
                            been recognised as a “high achieving     Many students will be considering
                            Specialist College”. This year we are    foreign language studies in the Sixth
                            looking to develop what’s on offer       Form – at AS or A2 level. Universities
                            in the Sixth Form. Taster lessons        are always interested in applicants
                            for holidays, time with the Foreign      with foreign language skills and
                            Language Assistants, European work       many now offer degree courses in
                            experience, exchange trips; we’re here   subjects with a language as part of
                            to meet all your foreign language        the course e.g. law, engineering, and
                            needs.                                   the Language College will give every
                                                                     support with your post-16 studies.

                                                                     As a Language College, we also
                                                                     endeavour to offer a wide range
                                                                     of enrichment activities such as
                                                                     subsidised trips abroad, exchange
                                                                     trips, European work experience, help
                                                                     in finding e-contacts, the opportunity
                                                                     to support Main School students in
                                                                     their language learning, subscription
                                                                     to FL magazines and the opportunity
                                                                     to attend relevant study days.

                                                                          SPECIALIST LANGUAGE COLLEGE

The faculty has a team of 12             The faculty is very well equipped with
highly qualified and experienced         a 32 station language laboratory in
specialist language teachers, which is   Main School as well as a smaller one
complemented each year by 5 foreign      in the Sixth Form. There is also a
language assistants (2 in French,        languages computer suite and most
1 German, 1 Spanish and 1 Italian).      classrooms benefit from interactive
Very good use of these assistants        whiteboards with internet access and
is made both within the classroom        DVD facilities. We also subscribe to
and also in delivering sessions          various language websites.
in very small groups to develop
conversational skills (normally no       The faculty has established links with
more than two students per group).       schools in France (in Armentières),
                                         Germany (Tübingen) and Italy
                                         (Piacenza). Exchanges have been
                                         organised to each of the schools, the
                                         most recent being with France and         “THE STUDY OF
                                         Italy in 2008/09.
                                                                                   PERMEATES SO
                                                                                   MANY OTHER
                                                                                   ASPECTS OF LIFE;
                                                                                   WITH A FOREIGN
                                                                                   LANGUAGE YOU
                                                                                   HAVE ACCESS TO
                                                                                   A WHOLE NEW
                                                                                   RANGE OF MUSIC,
                                                                                   FILM, LITERATURE,
                                                                                   HISTORY AND
                                                                                   MANY OTHER

       HARROGATE            In the Sixth Form                          We are committed to working with the
                                                                       local community through:
       GRAMMAR SCHOOL       Students have a choice between
       HAS A SECOND         AS/A2 courses in Food Technology,          •   Offering training and support as a
       SPECIALISM           Graphics and Product Design. All               centre of excellence.
       IN DESIGN &          areas will make use of advanced
                                                                       The aim of all these developments
       TECHNOLOGY. THE      manufacturing equipment to produce
                                                                       is to foster an enthusiasm in
                            quality outcomes.
       NEW STATUS HAS                                                  students to engage more fully in
       BROUGHT TO THIS      Being a specialist Design &                this exciting problem-solving area
                                                                       of the curriculum and to raise their
       SUBJECT EXCITING     Technology school maximises the
                            potential of our students to:              awareness and experience of the
       OPPORTUNITIES                                                   technological world we all live in.
       FOR STUDENTS         •   Benefit from use of 21st century
       TO EXPERIENCE            equipment purchased through
       AND BENEFIT              enhanced DfES funding

       FROM LEADING         •   Use the latest design, modelling
       EDGE DESIGN AND          and graphics computer software
       MANUFACTURING        •   Participate in national/local
       EQUIPMENT IN             design and engineering
       LINE WITH THE            competitions
       SCHOOL’S VISION                                                       “EVERYTHING
                            •   Profit from industrial visits to see
       TO BE A 21ST             and experience the world of work             YOU SEE AROUND
       CENTURY SCHOOL.                                                       YOU IS DESIGNED.
                            •   Utilise links with local businesses.
                                                                             DESIGN INFORMS
                                                                             EVERY ASPECT OF
                                                                             OUR LIVES MORE
                                                                             THAN WE USUALLY

Harrogate Grammar School has just            We are committed to sharing this
gained a third status as a Training          excellence through our partnership
School. Being a Training School              work with other Secondary and
ensures our focus is upon excellence         Primary School, Higher Education
in teaching and learning by providing        Providers and other Public Institutions
first class training for all our staff and   such as Harrogate Trust.
colleagues from other institutions.

This status allow us to realise our
vision is to be a world class school
where standards of achievement
are outstanding; to be inspiring,
supporting and dynamic learning
community achieving excellence for
all. We are committed to becoming a
hub of excellence in teaching, learning
and staff professional development.

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:                    AS & A2 Level                            •   Apply knowledge and
                                                                                     understanding in making images
                                        Students will learn how to:                  and artefacts; review and modify
         Course Content                                                              work and plan and develop ideas
                                        •   Record experiences and                   in the light of own and others’
         Relevant materials,                observations, mainly in visual           evaluations
         processes, technologies            form; undertake research and
         and resources                      gather, select and organise visual   •   Organise, select and communicate
                                            and other appropriate information        ideas, solutions and responses;
         How ideas, feelings and                                                     present these in a range of visual
         meanings can be conveyed       •   Explore relevant resources;              forms.
         and interpreted in images          analyse, discuss and evaluate
         and artefacts                      images, objects and artefacts;
                                            make and record independent
         How images and artefacts           judgements
         relate to the time and
         place in which they were       •   Use knowledge and understanding
         made and to their social           of the work of others to develop
         and cultural contexts              and extend thinking and inform
                                            own work
         Continuity and change in
         different genres, styles and   •   Generate and explore potential
         traditions                         lines of enquiry using appropriate         “ART OFFERS A
                                            media and techniques                       WAY TO EXPRESS
         A working visual/written                                                      YOURSELF AND
         vocabulary and specialist
                                                                                       EXPLORE YOUR
                                                                                       ART IS A
                                                                    ART & DESIGN AND PHOTOGRAPHY
                                                                                                                AS A2

Assessment                            Entry Requirements                         As well as all the obvious kinds of
                                                                                 Art degree courses in areas like
AS Unit 1                             At least grade C in Art or Graphics        Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design,
Art/Photography Coursework            (for both the Art & Design and the         Photography, Fashion, Textiles
30% of A2, 60% of AS                  Photography course).                       etc. there are many others which
                                                                                 are less well known such as Arts
AS Unit 2                             Photography students will require a
                                                                                 and Events Administration, Art in
Art/Photography Externally            digital camera.
                                                                                 a Community Context, Biovisual
Set Assignment
                                      All Art and Photography students will      Studies, Communication Design,
20% of A2, 40% of AS
                                      pay a studio fee to support their work.    Computer Graphics, Conservation
A2 Unit 3                                                                        and Restoration, Costume Design
Art/Photography Coursework            Career Opportunities                       and Wardrobe, Design Futures, Eco
Practical work                                                                   Design, Fashion Promotion, Film and
                                      There are literally hundreds of degree     Video, Footwear Design, Illustration
Personal study (1000 to 3000 words)
                                      courses in specialist areas of Art and     and Media Design, Telemedia,
30% of A2
                                      Design. For these it’s essential to have   Typography...
A2 Unit 4                             done A Level Art and the vast majority
Art/Photography Externally            will also expect applicants to have
Set Assignment                        completed a one-year Art Foundation
20% of A2                             course after A Levels.

                                      Many universities offer combined or
                                      modular degrees where Art/Design
                                      is one of the components. These
                                      often only ask for A Levels but most
                                      will want to see a portfolio of A Level
                                      standard work.

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         GCE Biology AQA
         Course Content
         The AS course is divided
         into 3 units:

         1 Biology and disease

         You will study the digestive
         and gas exchange systems
         and how these are affected
         by disease.

         2 The variety of living

         This unit covers how DNA
         controls genetic diversity     AS & A2 Level                         Career Opportunities
         and the similarities and
         differences observed in        Assessment                            Biology is a requirement for Medicine,
                                                                              Veterinary Science, Physiotherapy,
         organisms.                     Each theory unit is examined by       Marine Biology, Dentistry, Pharmacy
         3 Practical and                compulsory short answer questions     and Genetics courses. It is also
         investigative skills.          plus two longer questions requiring   a preferred subject for Forensic
                                        data handling, comprehension and      Science, Nursing, Speech Therapy,
                                        short structured essay.               Biotechnology and Environmental
         The A2 course is divided                                             Sciences courses and a good basis
         into a further 3 units:        The practical units are examined by
                                                                              for many degree courses e.g. Teacher
                                        set tasks and continuous assessment
         1 Populations and                                                    Training, Sports Management,
                                        of practical skills.
         environment                                                          Business and Law.

         You will study ecosystems      Entry Requirements
         in detail and consider how
         human activities affect        Grade B in Additional Science or
         ecology.                       grade B in Triple Award Biology and
         2 Control in cells and in
         organisms                                                                 “BIOLOGY
                                                                                   IS REALLY
         You will study how
         organisms use hormones                                                    INTERESTING.
         growth factors and nerve                                                  IT SHOWS YOU
         impulses to increase their                                                HOW YOU
         chance of surviving.                                                      AND OTHER
         3 Practical and                                                           ORGANISMS
         investigative skills.                                                     REALLY FUNCTION.
                                                                                   IT IS THE STUDY
                                                                                   OF LIFE ITSELF”

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:                    Single Award                                A2 Level
         OCR                            AS Level                                    •   Launching a business on-
                                                                                        line – students will produce
         Course Content                 •   Creating a marketing proposal –             an e-commerce strategy for a
                                            students will produce a marketing           business which has no on-line
         This course provides
                                            plan                                        presence
         students with a broad
         introduction to the            •   Recruitment in the workplace –          •   A business plan for the
         business sector and                students will investigate the role of       entrepreneur – students will
         encourages them to                 the human resources department              produce a business plan for the
         develop skills, knowledge
                                                                                        setting up of a new business
         and understanding in           •   Understanding the business
         realistic business contexts.       environment – an examination            •   Strategic decision-making –
                                            which covers the factors which              an examination that tests the
                                            impact on firms’ decision making.           students’ knowledge of the
                                                                                        elements of a corporate business

                                                                                    BUSINESS APPLIED
                                                                                                   AS A2

Assessment                                Career Opportunities
Two units of coursework and one           The majority of our students go on to
examination at both AS and A2 Level.      study for a Business related degree.
                                          Business remains the most popular
                                          degree subject in the UK. A number
Entry Requirements                        of our students go directly into
Previous study of Business is not         employment e.g. retail management,
necessary. However, due to the large      and some have even successfully set
volume of coursework students need        up their own businesses.
to be able to manage the use of their
time very carefully. Regular interim      Double Award Option
deadlines are set for each project and
students are expected to meet their       A double award is available in
deadlines. Students will be expected      conjunction with ICT. See page 40.      “BUSINESSES
to carry out their own research for                                               ARE CENTRAL
their projects and access to a real                                               TO EVERYTHING
business is essential, either through a                                           WE BUY AND
family member or their own part-time
                                                                                  CONSUME. IT'S
                                                                                  IMPORTANT TO
                                                                                  HOW THEY WORK”

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         Course Content
         AS Level

         Module 1

         •   Atomic structure
         •   Moles
         •   Bonding
         •   Periodicity
         •   Introduction to Organic
         •   Alkanes

         Module 2

         •   Energetics
         •   Kinetics and equilibria
         •   Redox
         •   Group 7 and Group 2
                                       AS & A2 Level
         •   Extraction of metals
         •   Haloalkanes, alkenes
             and alcohols
         •   Analytical techniques     AS Level
                                       Title                       Assessment              %            Taken in
         A2 Level

         Module 4                       1 Foundation chemistry     75 min written paper    33.3%        Jan Y12
                                                                                           (16.6% A2)
         •   More kinetics and
                                        2 Chemistry in action      105 min written paper   46.6%        June Y12
                                                                                           (23.3% A2)
         •   Acids and bases
         •   Isomerism                  3 Investigation and        Practical skills and    20%
         •   Carbonyl and aromatic        practical skills         investigations          (10% A2)
         •   Amines, amino acids
             and polymers              A2 Level
         •   Organic synthesis         Title                       Assessment              %            Taken in
         •   Spectroscopy

         Module 5                       4 Physical and organic     105 min written paper   20%          Jan Y13

         •   Thermodynamics             5 Physical and inorganic   105 min written paper   20%          June Y13
         •   Periodicity                  chemistry
         •   Redox equilibria
         •   Transition metals          6 Investigation and        Practical skills and
         •   Inorganic compounds in       practical skills         investigations          10%
             aqueous solution

                                                                                   AS A2

Entry Requirements                   Career Opportunities
Grade B GCSE Additional Science or   Career possibilities are endless. Some
grade B GCSE Chemistry.              students will go on to study chemistry
                                     based degrees. These may lead to
                                     careers in Forensic Science, Polymer
                                     Manufacture, Environmental Control
                                     etc. Others will choose Engineering
                                     or Medical courses, where Chemistry
                                     is often a recommendation or
                                     requirement. Chemistry is recognised
                                     as requiring good mental discipline
                                     and is often used by students to enter
                                     non-science degree courses such as
                                     Law or Finance.

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:                  AS & A2 Level Endorsed Graphics    Entry Requirements
         OCR                          Assessment                         A minimum of grade C in D/T or Art
                                                                         & Design at GCSE. Students will be
         Course Content               AS Level                           expected to pay a studio fee.
         These days we are            Coursework Portfolio         60%
         surrounded by images
                                                                         Career Opportunities
         everywhere we look –         Controlled Test (5 hours)    40%
         what better subject than                                        As a base subject Graphics opens
         Graphics to seek to                                             doors to numerous career paths.
                                      A2 Level
         understand, interpret and                                       From Advertising to Cartography,
         even create them?            Personal Investigation       60%   Currency Design to Fashion Design,
                                                                         Illustration to Digital Imaging and
         The subject is taught in a   Controlled Test (15 hours)   40%   Multi-Media Design, Leisure Promotion
         purpose-built open studio
                                                                         to Interior Design – Graphics has it all.
         – giving ample space for
         large-scale production as
         well as fine small-scale
         work, on the industry spec
         MACs and PCs, perhaps.
         Facilities for relief and
         screen printing, air-
         brushing and photography
         are all in-house and
         additional 3D needs are
         served by the Design
         Technology Department.

                                                                            DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                                        AS A2

AS & A2 Product Design             Entry Requirements                         EXAM BOARD:
Assessment                         A minimum of grade B in an
                                   appropriate DT course.
AS Level                                                                      Course Content
                                                                              Product Designers are
Unit 1: Materials, Components      Career Opportunities
and Applications            50%                                               required to produce
                                   Product Design is an excellent lead        purposeful, functional,
Unit 2: Coursework Project   50%   into careers in Industrial or Product      affordable products that
                                   Design and a range of opportunities in     show consideration for
A2 Level                                                                      the environment during
                                                                              their manufacture, use and
Unit 3: Design and
Manufacture                  50%
                                                                              The specification has been
Unit 4: Coursework Project   50%
                                                                              designed to encourage
                                                                              candidates to take a broad
                                                                              view of technology and
                                                                              design, to develop their
                                                                              capacity to design and
                                                                              make products and to
                                                                              appreciate the complex
     “SIXTH FORM                                                              relations between design,
     IS A GREAT                                                               materials, manufacture and
                                                                              marketing through in-depth
                                                                              Product Analysis.
     FOR UNIVERSITY                                                           The subject is taught in
     LIFE AND THE                                                             up to date multi-material
                                                                              workshops and design
     WORLD BEYOND                                                             studios which offer
     SCHOOL”                                                                  excellent CADCAM facilities.

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:                 AS & A2 Food Technology            Entry Requirements
         AQA                         Assessment                         Students should have at least a
                                                                        grade B in the appropriate Design &
         Course Content              AS Level                           Technology course at GCSE.
         The AS/A2 Food              Unit 1: Materials and
         Technology course offers    Components (Exam)            50%   Career Opportunities
         students the opportunity
         to take a broad view        Unit 2: Coursework Project   50%   Students can go on to university
         of Food Technology                                             courses in Food and Consumer
         and design. There is a      A2 Level
                                                                        Studies, Health and Medical Services
         substantial element of                                         and Manufacturing Industries.
                                     Unit 3: Materials Design and
         practical work to further
                                     Industrial Practice (Exam)   50%
         develop skills as well
         as units covering food      Unit 4: Coursework Project   50%
         and nutrition, design
         and market influences
         and processes and

                                                                                   DRAMA & THEATRE STUDIES
                                                                                                                  AS A2

AS & A2 Level                            Entry Requirements                             EXAM BOARD:
The course offers students the           The content of the A Level
freedom to choose both the content       specification follows through from that
and the form of their practical
                                                                                        Course Content
                                         of the AQA GCSE Drama specification
presentations at each level. At AS,      currently studied at HGS in KS4, thus          Students can pursue their
candidates perform an extract from       enabling a smooth transition from one          interests and develop
any play selected to illustrate their    to the other. At the same time, it must        their skills in a range of
understanding of an influential          be emphasised that having studied              practical drama elements
director, designer, theatre company      GCSE Drama is not a requirement for            including acting, directing,
or other practitioner. At A2,            students wishing to take the A Level           costume, setting, mask and
candidates devise drama on any topic     course.                                        technical design. However,
to be performed in a theatrical style                                                   the requirements of the
of their choice.                         All students must have achieved a
                                                                                        specification, with its 60%
                                         grade B at GCSE English Literature
                                                                                        written paper weighting,
                                         and English Language.
Assessment                                                                              also enable students to
                                                                                        gain an entry qualification
Assessment for the practical units       Career Opportunities                           for courses in higher
takes account of the students’                                                          education, whether in the
contribution throughout the              Many of our Drama and Theatre                  area of drama and theatre
preparation period as well as of their   Studies students progress to                   studies or in a host of
final performance. The practical units   university to read Drama, English, Art,        other subjects.
are internally assessed and externally   History, Law and so on.
moderated. There is one written
                                         There are many career options
examination in each year based upon
                                         within the Performing Arts including
one prescribed play and a live theatre
                                         Journalism, Theatre Management,
review at AS Level and two further
                                         Arts Administration, Theatre Design,
prescribed plays at A2.
                                         Teaching, Acting, Directing, Events
                                         Co-ordination, Stage Management
                                         and many more.

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:                    AS & A2 Level                           Assessment
         AQA                            At AS, students investigate issues      Assessment is based on multiple
                                        such as: ‘Can pollution effectively     choice questions and data questions
         Course Content                 be controlled?’, and, ‘Why does the     at AS Level. At A2 Level, essay
         Economics is at the heart      government have an inflation target     questions are included alongside data
         of everything we do and        and how does it affect us?’             questions.
         the things that affect us
                                        The unit titles are:
         daily, from coffee to crime,
                                                                                Entry Requirements
         parenting to politics, fat     Unit 1
         to cheating, fear to traffic   Markets and Market Failure              No prior knowledge is required.
         jams. And it’s all about                                               However, you will be required to
         using information about the    Unit 2                                  write clearly and logically and use
         world around us to get to      The National Economy                    simple mathematical techniques. A
         the heart of what’s really                                             GCSE grade B in English Language
                                        At A2, candidates develop the
         happening under the surface                                            and Maths is essential. An interest in
                                        material from AS. Both A2 modules
         of everyday life.                                                      current affairs is also a great asset,
                                        explore two contemporary and
                                                                                together with a willingness to read
                                        relevant contexts: the Global and the
                                                                                critically to keep abreast of changes
                                        European Union context.
                                                                                in the economy.
                                        The unit titles are:

                                        Unit 3                                  Career Opportunities
                                        Business Economics & the Distribution
                                                                                You can take Economics as a
                                        of Income
                                                                                specialist course at university or
                                        Unit 4                                  with a wide range of other subjects.
                                        The National & International Economy    Possible careers include Accountancy,
                                                                                Finance and a variety of Management

                                                                                                              AS A2

Assessment                               English Literature                        EXAM BOARD:
Assessment in each case is via two       The course is based upon the study,
externally examined modules and two      through discussion and writing, of five
                                                                                   Course Content
pieces of coursework.                    literary texts for AS and another five
                                         or more for A2. The texts are a broad     The Three A Level
                                         and stimulating variety of drama,         Choices Offered
Entry Requirements                       prose and poetry drawn from different
                                         eras and movements. We encourage          All of the courses are
The usual entry qualification is at
                                         students to read widely and develop       about the nature of human
least two Bs for English and English
                                         their own interests.                      thought, communication
Literature GCSE but worthy students
                                                                                   and culture and how
who achieve Cs might be accepted.
                                                                                   language and texts
                                         English Language                          communicate, enhance
English Language                         and Literature                            and celebrate these things.

Topics covered will include: how         This course combines elements             All courses may be
English has changed and is changing;     of both of the above and is the           pursued to AS and A2
attitudes towards dialect and accent;    perfect choice of anyone who wants        Level and studied in
how children acquire language; the       to continue with a broad study of         combination with each
study of meaning; the differences        English.                                  other or related courses
between speech and writing; analysis                                               such as Theatre Studies
of a wide variety of literary and non-                                             and/or Media Studies.
literary texts. The course includes                                                There are opportunities
opportunities for students to write                                                to enrich your experience
creatively in a variety of forms.                                                  through regular Theatre
                                                                                   Visits, Writing Workshops
                                              “ENGLISH IS FUN                      and the extra seminars
                                                                                   on topics beyond the
                                              IN EVERY SENSE
                                                                                   curriculum. There will be a
                                              OF THE WORD                          residential creative writing
                                              – HONEST”                            week in the summer term.

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         Course Content
         AS Level in Year 12

         Module 1

         Physical and human
         geography. This
         unit focuses on key
         geographical concepts,
         including rivers, flooding
         and management,
         population change and
         energy issues.

         Module 2
                                        AS & A2 Level                               Entry Requirements
         Geographical skills. This is
                                        Geography is at the interface of            Grade C in Geography is a normal
         a skills based unit based
                                        the humanities and the sciences; it         requirement. However, consideration
         on physical and human
                                        examines the manner in which people         will be given to students who are
                                        live and how they interact with the         enthusiastic but have not completed a
                                        environment. It also has an applied         GCSE course.
         A2 Level in Year 13            dimension: through critical evaluation
                                        of spatial processes it helps decision
         Module 3                       makers in planning and development.
                                                                                    Career Opportunities
         Contemporary                   It also plays a crucial role in fostering   Career opportunities are wide ranging
         geographical issues based      international understanding and a           from Environmental Consultants
         on tectonic and climate        respect for other cultures.                 to Traffic Planners, Remote
         hazards, world cities,                                                     Sensing Scientists to International
         development and conflict.      Assessment                                  Development Workers. The Geography
                                                                                    staff can tell you about lots more!
         Module 4                       Module 1
                                        Structured short and extended
         Candidates will examine
                                        questions, 2 hours.
         pre-release material based
         on a geographical issue.       Module 2
                                        Structured skills and generic fieldwork          “THE GEOGRAPHY
                                        questions, 1 hour.                               COURSE IS VERY
                                        Module 3
                                        Structured short and extended                    AND GIVES ME A
                                        questions and an essay, 21/2 hours.              BROADER INSIGHT
                                                                                         INTO THE WORLD
                                        Module 4
                                        Structured short and extended                    AROUND ME AND
                                        questions based on an advance                    THE FIELDWORK IS
                                        information booklet, 11/2 hours.                 SO MUCH FUN!”
                                                                                                                AS A2

                                                                                      EXAM BOARD:
                                                                                      Course Content
                                                                                      AS Level

                                                                                      Module 1

                                                                                      Global Tectonics
                                                                                      Earth structure,
                                                                                      earthquakes, plate tetonics,
                                                                                      geographical structures.

                                                                                      Module 2

                                                                                      Rocks – Processes and
                                                                                      The rock cycle, igneous
                                                                                      processes and products,
                                                                                      sedimentary processes and
                                                                                      products, metamorphic
AS & A2 Level                              Entry Requirements                         processes and products.

Geology is an exciting course              No previous knowledge of geology           Module 3
designed to offer candidates the           is required. This is, however, an
                                                                                      Practical Skills
opportunity to study a range of            academic subject and requires
                                                                                      Centre based fieldwork,
geological processes which operate at      enthusiasm and commitment from
                                                                                      evaluation task.
and below the Earth’s surface.             students.

                                           A 'B' grade or above in Sciences is        A2 Level
Assessment                                 desirable.
                                                                                      Module 4
AS Module 1 is taken in the January,
with AS 2 & 3 in June of the first year.   Career Opportunities                       Environmental Geology
                                                                                      Water supply, energy
A2 Module 4 is taken in the January,       This new specification has been            resources, metallic mineral
with A2 5 & 6 taken in June of the         developed in consultation with             deposits, engineering
second year.                               teachers, organisations such as the        geology.
                                           British Geological Survey, universities,
                                           and industry such as Oil and Gas UK.       Module 5
                                           The department has developed strong
                                           links with major universities, and         Evolution of Life, Earth &
                                           we have a number of past students          Climate
                                           studying geology and earth science,        Formation of fossils,
                                           who are available to advise present        morphology of fossils,
                                           students. Career opportunities are         evolution and mass
                                           many and varied and a few companies        extinction.
                                           will offer some kind of financial          Module 6
                                                                                      Practical Skills
                                                                                      Centre based fieldwork,
                                                                                      evaluation task.

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         Course Content
         AS Unit 1
         People, Politics and

         •   Participation & Voting
         •   Electoral Systems
         •   Political Parties
         •   Pressure Groups &
             Protest Movements

         AS Unit 2
         Governing Modern               AS & A2 Level                            Careers Opportunities

         •   The British Constitution
                                        Assessment                               After studying politics at AS/A2
                                                                                 you will have a much better
         •   Parliament                 AS: two papers each of 11/2 hours.       understanding of where power lies
         •   The Core Executive
                                                                                 and how to influence organisations.
         •   Multi-level Governance     A2: two papers, one of 2 hours and
                                                                                 It is a good preparation for further
                                        one of 11/2 hours.
                                                                                 study in a number of subjects and
         A2 Unit 3                                                               for careers in business among other
         Ideologies                     Entry Requirements                       things.

         •   Liberalism                 Minimum grade C in any Humanities
         •   Socialism                  subject. You do not need to have any
         •   Conservatism               prior knowledge of politics or to have
         •   Fascism                    studied any particular subjects to
                                        take the subject at AS/A2.
         A2 Unit 4
         The Government                                                               “STUDYING
         of the USA
                                                                                      POLITICS HAS
         •   Constitutional                                                           GIVEN ME AN
             Framework                                                                IN-DEPTH
         •   The Legislative Branch                                                   AWARENESS
         •   The Executive Branch
         •   The Judicial Branch
                                                                                      OF THE WORLD
                                                                                      AROUND ME.
                                                                                      THE SUBJECT
                                                                                      IS VARIED, VERY
                                                                                      RELEVANT AND
                                                                                      HIGHLY VALUED BY
                                                                                  HEALTH & SOCIAL CARE
                                                                                                               AS A2

                                                                                    EXAM BOARD:
                                                                                    Course Content
                                                                                    In the AS year all students
                                                                                    do the same 3 units:

                                                                                    Unit 1: Effective Caring

                                                                                    This introduces students to
                                                                                    a selection of the services
                                                                                    provided for clients in
                                                                                    health and social care.
                                                                                    Also covered are factors
                                                                                    required for a good
                                                                                    quality of life, along with
                                                                                    the skills and techniques
AS and A2 Level                          Assessment                                 used by carers in order to
                                                                                    successfully treat people.
Students are invited to study the        Unit 1 is assessed by external
AQA Single Award Health and Social       examination.                               Unit 2: Effective
Care A Level. This subject covers                                                   Communication
various aspects of our physical health   Units 2 and 3 are coursework
and well-being, along with a study       based and students are required to         Students learn about the
of psychological aspects of health.      put together a portfolio including         basic communication
Students have the opportunity to         questionnaires, reports and                skills used in a health and
join the Medical Pathway Partnership,    presentations.                             social care setting. It will
which allows them to attend talks                                                   improve your confidence
                                         At A2 all students must do the unit        and competence in written,
and visit the hospital in Harrogate.
                                         called Working in Health and Social        oral and non-verbal
This link will provide students with
                                         Care, followed by two other units to       communication skills.
valuable and relevant access to
                                         be chosen from a number of options.
health professionals both at school                                                 Unit 3: Health, Illness
and elsewhere.
                                         Career Opportunities                       and Disease

                                         If you have ambitions of working in        This unit covers several
                                         the Health sector such as midwifery,       aspects of health, illness
                                         nursing, paramedic, care for the           and disease and you will
                                         elderly or early years childcare then      develop an understanding
                                         this course would be a valuable            of the different factors
                                         addition to your qualifications and        affecting our health and
                                         skills. It should not replace the main     well-being.
                                         sciences for those students wishing to
                                         study medicine.


                                                                                                           AS A2

AS & A2 Level                             Career Opportunities                   EXAM BOARD:
Assessment                                History is highly regarded by
                                                                                 OCR syllabus B
                                          employers. Many leaders of industry
AS History consists of two                                                       Course Content
                                          and leading politicians have degrees
11/2 hour exams. At A2 there is a         in History. As do Sacha Baron          At AS you will study
3 hour controlled task examining          Cohen, Simon Mayo, Nicky Campbell,     one unit on historical
the historical controversies paper.       Jonathan Ross and Louis Theroux!       explanation, on either
The significance paper is examined
                                                                                 Russia in Turmoil 1900-
through a research diary of 1,000
                                                                                 1921 or Tudor Finale: The
words and a personal study of 3,000
                                                                                 Reign of Elizabeth 1558-
                                                                                 1603; and a second unit on
                                                                                 using historical evidence
Entry Requirements                                                               on either Radicalism,
                                                                                 Popular Politics and
You do not need to have studied                                                  Control 1780 to 1880s or
History at GCSE to take it in the Sixth                                          The Italian Renaissance
Form. Minimum grade C in History                                                 c1420-1450.
GCSE if it was taken; if not minimum
grade C in English Language.                                                     At A2 you will study a unit
                                                                                 on historical controversies,
                                               “HISTORY IS                       on Different American
                                               CHALLENGING,                      Wests. You will also
                                                                                 complete a personal
                                               INTRIGUING AND
                                                                                 study based on ideas of
                                               EXCITING – THE                    historical significance with
                                               TRIUMPHS AND                      no specified content.
                                               OF HUMANITY
                                               WITHIN A ROOM”
     AS A2

           EXAM BOARD:                    AS & A2 Level Single Award
                                                                                   Entry Requirements
           OCR                            Applied ICT – Single Award
                                                                                   The minimum entry requirement for
           Course Content                 Aimed at 'users' of ITC, this course     this course is a grade C in ICT, Maths
                                          prepares the student for life beyond     and English.
           This course is for students
                                          school developing understanding,
           who want to gain a good
                                          research and presentation skills         Career Opportunities
           understanding of how
                                          relevant for higher education and
           they can use computer
                                          employment.                              This course prepares students to
           software to solve a variety
                                                                                   study ICT at degree level. The study
           of different problems.
                                                                                   of ICT also offers the opportunity
           Students will develop skills   Assessment                               to acquire skills that are useful in
           in a range of software
                                          The course will consist of three units   most areas of employment or higher
           applications including
                                          at AS and another three at A2. Five      education.
           word processing, desktop
           publishing, graphics,          of the units are assessed through
           databases, spreadsheets        coursework portfolios; there is only
           and web design.                one examination for AS.

                                                                                      “ONE OF THE
                                                                                      BEST SUBJECTS
                                                                                      YOU CAN TAKE
                                                                                      IS COMPUTING
                                                                                      BECAUSE YOU
                                                                                      LEARN ABOUT
                                                                                      THE THEORY
                                                                                      BEHIND THE
                                                                                                            AS A2

Computing AS & A2 Level                  Entry Requirements                     EXAM BOARD:
Assessment                               This course requires no prior
                                         knowledge of Computing or ICT.
AS Level                                                                        Course Content
                                         However, a GCSE in Maths (Grade C
                                         or above) is essential.                This new specification is
Unit 1
A 2 hour ‘on-screen’ practical exam.                                            designed to encourage
                                                                                students to:
Candidates use pre-release material      Career Opportunities
to write a computer program on-
                                                                                •   Develop their ability to
screen. Printouts of their program are   This course is designed to prepare
                                                                                    solve problems using
submitted for external marking.          students who wish to go on to higher
                                         education courses in Computer
Unit 2                                   Science, for example; or employment    •   Extend their knowledge
A 1 hour written exam to test            where a knowledge of Computing             of computer
students’ knowledge of computer          would be beneficial.                       programming
components, hardware devices and
the internet.                                                                   •   Improve their
                                                                                    understanding of
A2 Level
                                                                                    computer hardware and
Unit 3                                                                              software.
A 21/2 hour written exam. It contains
both short and extended answer
questions on databases, networks,
operating systems and programming.

Unit 4
A practical project in which students
write a computer program to solve a
real world problem.


           EXAM BOARD:
           Course Content
           The OCR Nationals suite
           of qualifications provides
           students with high
           quality, industry-relevant
           qualifications geared to
           the specific requirements
           of key sectors. They
           are vocationally-related
           qualifications that provide
           valuable opportunities
           for individuals to
           develop skills and gain
           underpinning knowledge
                                          ICT Nationals Level 3 Double              •   Develop ability to work
           and understanding which
                                          Award                                         autonomously and effectively in a
           will support entry into work
                                                                                        ICT context
           or progression to further      (including Business Enterprise
           studies through Further        Specialist Pathway)                       •   Enable pupils to develop
           Education or Higher                                                          knowledge and understanding
           Education.                     Aims of the Course                            in specialist areas of ICT, and
                                                                                        demonstrate the skills needed
           The OCR Nationals are          The OCR Level 3 Nationals in ICT
                                                                                        to participate in the operation
           attractive, practically-       have been developed to recognise
                                                                                        and development of real ICT
           based qualifications           skills, knowledge and understanding
           intended to stimulate and      of ICT functions, environments and
           interest students. They        operations. They have been designed       •   Encourage progression by
           continue on from the work      to accredit achievements in a modern          assisting in the development
           undertaken in Key Stage        and practical way that is relevant to         of skills, knowledge and
           4 and relate to national       the workplace.                                understanding that students
           occupational standards.                                                      will need to access further or
                                          These qualifications specifically
                                                                                        higher education programmes or
           These qualifications will      aim to:
                                                                                        occupational training
           be particularly suitable
           for those who wish to          •   Develop knowledge and
                                                                                    •   Encourage progression by
           study in preparation for           understanding of the ICT sector
                                                                                        assisting in the development
           employment in job roles            and the Business pathway
                                                                                        of skills, knowledge and
           where they will be expected                                                  understanding that candidates
                                          •   Develop skills, knowledge and
           to use ICT, liaise with                                                      will need to enter employment or
                                              understanding in contexts that are
           customers and carry out                                                      enhance their current employment
                                              directly relevant to employment
           ICT operational roles.                                                       status.
                                              situations, thereby enhancing their
                                              employability within the ICT sector

                                                                                                    NATIONALS LEVEL 3

Assessment                               Business Enterprise                       Units
All units are assessed by the teacher                                              •   Digital business communication
within the school and then checked by    Running as part of the Business,
OCR. There are no timetabled exams                                                 •   Collaborative working
                                         ICT and Enterprise Faculty, the ICT
for this qualification. The full award   Nationals Level 3 benefits students       •   Problem solving
and units from this qualification are    by offering a specialist pathway within
graded as Pass, Merit or Distinction.    the qualification. Combining units on     •   Creating a digital showcase
                                         project management, planning and
The full award is the same as 2 GCE                                                •   Advanced spreadsheets
                                         e-business enables students to work
A Levels and students have double
                                         on wider skills ready for progression
the amount of lessons to study for                                                 •   Project management
                                         into employment.
this double award.
                                                                                   •   eMarketing

                                                                                   •   eCommerce

                                                                                   •   Producing a business plan

                                                                                   •   Web authoring

                                                                                   •   Internet past, present and future

                                                                                   •   Scripting and coding for websites

     FORM IS A

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         Course Content

         •   Pure maths including
             calculus, modelling,
             functions and graphs

         •   Mechanics including
             acceleration, energy
             and gravitation

         •   Statistics including how
             to collect, analyse and
             interpret data.
                                        AS & A2 Level                           Entry Requirements
         Further Mathematics
                                        “Maths is the alphabet with which God   Mathematics
         •   Pure maths including       has written the universe”               GCSE grade A, A* at Higher Level.
             differential equations,
             polar, intrinsic and                                    Galileo    Further Mathematics
             cartesian graphing,                                                GCSE grade A or A* and a
             further calculus
                                        Assessment                              recommendation from your math
                                        Mathematics A Level
         •   Mechanics including
             momentum, impacts,         •   Four modules/exams in Pure
             rocket speeds, stability                                           Career Opportunities
             and conservation of        •   Two modules/exams in Mechanics
                                                                                The study of maths can lead to
             energy.                        and/or Statistics.
                                                                                a variety of exciting professional
         Particularly strong            Further Mathematics A Level             careers: Research, Law, Commerce,
         candidates consider                                                    Teaching, Medicine, Engineering,
         Further Maths as an            •   Three additional modules/exams      Finance, Business and Government
         addition to Maths A Level.         in Pure                             Service to list a few.

                                        •   Three additional modules/           Mathematics reveals hidden patterns
                                            exams in Mechanics and possibly     that help us understand the world
                                            Statistics.                         around us. Like language, religion and
                                                                                music, mathematics is a universal part
                                        NO coursework for either A Level.       of human culture and as such plays a
                                                                                special role in education.

                                                                                “Life is good for only two things,
                                                                                discovering mathematics and
                                                                                teaching mathematics”


                                                                                              MEDIA STUDIES
                                                                                                                  AS A2

AS & A2 Level                            Career Opportunities                        EXAM BOARD:
Assessment                               Because of its concern with words,
                                         ideas and communication, this
Will be by a mixture of examination                                                  Course Content
                                         course will lead to university courses
papers and practical coursework for      in English, foreign Language and            This will build upon work
both AS and A2.                          Literature, Drama, Media Studies,           done in English for GCSE.
                                         Law, Management and all arts-               The course will involve
Entry Requirements                       based subjects. It provides a good          reading, investigating
                                         general qualification for many              and analysing all aspects
Students are required to have a broad    different kinds of career, in particular    of the media including
general interest in a variety of Media   Journalism, Radio and Television,           newspapers, film,
texts and institutions and be prepared   Law, Management, Teaching, Public           television, advertising,
to play an active part in discussing     Relations, Advertising and Marketing,       radio and the institutions
and analysing their construction.        Retailing, the Civil and Public Services.   that produce them.
Normally grade B in both English and                                                 Students will write about
English Literature is required.                                                      the media and produce
                                                                                     media artefacts, e.g.
The course also demands a strong
                                                                                     magazines or film, of
competency in the use of ICT.
                                                                                     their own.

                                              “MY SIXTH FORM
                                              COURSE SO FAR HAS
                                              BEEN THOROUGHLY
                                              ENJOYABLE. IT’S
                                              BRILLIANT FUN AND
                                              TAKES LEARNING
                                              TO A WHOLE NEW
     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         Course Content
         This is the same in all three

         AS consists of four topic

         Media: Television,
         Advertising, ICT

         Popular Culture: Cinema,
         Music, Fashion

         Healthy Living: Sport/
         Exercise, Health, Holidays
                                         French AS & A2 Level                      Unit 4
         Family/Relationships:           German AS & A2 Level                      Speaking – 15% 35 minutes
         Family, Friendships,                                                      (inc. 20 minutes preparation)
                                         Spanish AS & A2 Level
                                         Teachers use a wide range of teaching
                                                                                   Entry Requirements
                                         resources, including course books,
         A2 consists of four topic
                                         websites, newspapers and other            At least a grade B at GCSE in your
                                         authentic materials. Students will also   chosen language(s).
         Environment: Pollution,         have the opportunity to subscribe to
         Energy, Protecting the          foreign language magazines.
                                                                                   Career Opportunities
                                         Assessment                                Many of our A2 students carry on with
         The Multicultural Society:
                                                                                   their languages at university, either as
         Immigration, Integration,
                                         The assessment consists of two            a single honours or as a joint honours
                                         exams:                                    degree, combined with a vocational
         Contemporary Social                                                       subject such as Business or Law.
                                         AS Level
         Issues: Wealth & Poverty,                                                 Some choose to start a new language
         Law & Order, Scientific &       Unit 1                                    and are attracted to courses such
         Technological Progress          Listening, Reading, Writing               as Cambridge’s Oriental Studies,
                                         – 70% 2hr written paper                   beginning Japanese or Mandarin
         Cultural Topic: A specific                                                Chinese. Careers in languages
         Region, Period of History,      Unit 2                                    include Journalism, Law, Business
         Author/Dramatist/Poet,          Speaking – 30% 35 minutes                 Management, Translating, Interpreting
         Defector, Architect/            (inc. 20 minutes preparation)             and Teaching. Having a language is
         Musician/Painter                                                          also a very marketable skill for a huge
                                         A2 Level                                  variety of other career paths.
         Groups generally have two
         members of staff and all        Unit 3
         students get a session with     Listening, Reading, Writing
         one of our five language        – 35% 2hr written paper
         assistants to develop their
         oral and aural skills.
                                                                              MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGES
                                                                                                               AS A2

Italian AS & A2 Level                     Assessment                                 EXAM BOARD:
A Level Italian is one of our four        Unit 1
main languages at A Level. It is a well   Speaking – 30% of AS marks
staffed department with two full time
                                                                                     Course Content
members of staff and there is also an     Unit 2
                                                                                     AS Level
Italian assistant each year.              Listening, Reading, Writing
                                          – 70% of AS marks                          Youth culture and concerns
The Department has developed a wide
range of resources through contacts       Unit 3                                     Lifestyle: Health and
with two schools with long-established    Speaking – 35% of A2 marks                 fitness
Italian departments.
                                          Unit 4                                     The world around
The technology available to the Italian   Translation, Writing and Research          us: Travel, tourism,
department is identical to the other      – 65% of A2 marks                          environmental issues,
languages. There is access to the                                                    Italian speaking world
                                          A successful trip to Venice took place
MFL computer room and language
                                          in 2007 and we hope this will become       Education and employment
laboratory and most classrooms are
                                          a biennial event.
equipped with interactive whiteboards,
internet access and DVD players for       An exchange with a partner school          A2 Level
film viewing.                             in Piacenza began in 2008 and it is
                                                                                     As above plus:
                                          hoped that this will also happen every
The Edexcel A Level course provides
                                          two years.                                 Customs, traditions and
students with an excellent general
introduction to the key aspects, and                                                 beliefs
complexities, of Italian culture.
                                                                                     National and international

                                                                                     Literature and the arts

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         Course Content
         Through the exploration
         of two areas of study,
         candidates will develop
         and understand how
         sounds are organised.
         There will be one set
         musical work for each
         of the AS and A2 years.
         There is a choice of topics
         including, amongst others,
         Musical Theatre, Popular
         Music from 1960 and Four
         Decades of Jazz and Blues.
                                         AS & A2 Level                          Unit 6
         Students in each year                                                  ‘A Musical Performance’
         of the course will have a       Assessment                             15% A2
         choice of free composition,     AS Level                               Music technology can be used
         compositional techniques
                                                                                to produce both composition
         or arranging to a brief         Unit 1
                                                                                coursework and performances.
         provided by the exam            ‘Influences on Music’ examination
         board. For AS students, the     1hr 45mins
         arranging brief is based on     30% AS & 15% A2                        Entry Requirements
         a folk song and for A2 is
         in a rock, pop or jazz style.   Unit 2                                 A minimum grade B in Music GCSE
         AS candidates will offer        ‘Creating Musical Ideas’ composition   and the ability to perform on an
         two performances chosen         30% AS & 15% A2                        instrument or voice at a minimum
         from solo, ensemble or                                                 grade 5 standard. (Grade 5 Theory
                                         Unit 3                                 could be substituted for GCSE Music
         ones that are technology-
                                         ‘Interpreting Musical Ideas’           in some circumstances).
         based. For A2, candidates
         are required to present a
                                         40% AS & 20% A2
         10-15 minute programme                                                 Career Opportunities
         using acoustic instruments      A2 Level
         and/or music technology.                                               The skills developed in the study
                                         Unit 4                                 of Music at this level are highly
                                         ‘Music in Context’ examination         regarded in tertiary education
                                         2hr 15mins                             whether applying for Music or many
                                         20% A2                                 other courses. Music courses can be
                                                                                followed at specialist Music colleges
                                         Unit 5
                                                                                and universities. Other career paths
                                         ‘Developing Musical Ideas’
                                                                                include: Music Administration, Media,
                                                                                Journalism, Law, Teaching and
                                         15% A2


                                                                                EXAM BOARD:
                                                                                Course Content
                                                                                National Award
                                                                                (6 units) = one A Level

                                                                                National Certificate
                                                                                (12 units) = two A Levels

                                                                                BTEC music is a specialist
                                                                                qualification that focuses
                                                                                on the practical and
                                                                                employment aspects of
                                                                                the music world within
                                                                                a vocational context.
                                                                                Students explore a
                                                                                variety of practical based
                                                                                performance techniques
                                                                                including improvisation,
                                                                                listening skills,
BTEC Music Performance and                 Career Opportunities                 performance styles, music
Music Technology Nationals
                                           Students could audition for Music    technology and production.
Assessment                                 Colleges and certain courses at      By the end of each unit
                                           university. There are many career    they will understand how
Using a variety of written, video, oral    options within the Music Industry    to apply these ideas
and recorded methods, students are         including Performing, Production,    creatively and take part
assessed internally, with one annual       Journalism, Arts Administration,     in performances within
external moderation.                       Recording and Editing, Composition   the school and outside.
                                           and many more.                       There is a flexibility built
Entry Requirements                                                              into the BTEC which allows
                                                                                students the opportunity
A passion and total commitment to
                                                                                to focus on the areas
music... a desire to enter the Music
                                                                                of music they are most
Industry after HGS... an ability to work
                                                                                interested in.
independently and to a deadline.
                                                                                There are a number of core
GCSE Music would be helpful but is
                                                                                units that every student
not totally essential.
                                                                                will work on including
                                                                                Planning a Music Project
                                                                                and Music Performance
                                                                                Techniques. The number of
                                                                                other units will depend on
                                                                                the level being studied.

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         Course Content
         The AS Level course
         develops performing,
         recording, composing and
         listening skills through
         practical work and research.

         A2 builds on these,
         culminating in a portfolio of
         recordings and compositions
         displaying creative use of
         music technology.

         Listening centres on Popular
         Music, Jazz and Music           AS & A2 Level                              Career Opportunities
         for Film, Television and
         computer games.                 Assessment                                 Many universities offer courses in
                                                                                    Music Technology.
         The large element of            There are written ‘listening and
         coursework is used              analysing’ examinations as well as         Possible careers include Studio
         to develop a practical          several pieces of coursework which         Technician; Producer on TV, Radio,
         understanding of recording      are externally assessed.                   Theatre; Popular Music Performer,
         techniques.                                                                Composer, Arranger; Teaching
                                                                                    at school or university; specialist
         School music facilities         Entry Requirements                         Music Technology Retail, Design of
         include a 24 track analogue                                                Hardware, Software, Studios.
                                         This is an ideal course for any self-
         to digital recording studio
                                         motivated student with an enthusiasm
         with a suite of computers
                                         for creating and recording popular
         operating high quality music
                                         music who already plays a musical
                                         instrument. It is useful, but not vital,
                                         to have studied Music at GCSE, as
                                         most successful Music Technology
                                         students have a grade C or better
                                         in GCSE Music. Other useful skills
                                         include basic Piano performing and an
                                         understanding of music notation.                “MUSIC
                                                                                         TECHNOLOGY IS
                                                                                         GREAT BECAUSE
                                                                                         IT COMBINES
                                                                                         MY FAVOURITE
                                                                                         SUBJECTS –
                                                                                         MUSIC AND USING
                                                                                         COMPUTERS AND
                                                                                    PERFORMING ARTS

                                                                                EXAM BOARD:
                                                                                Course Content
                                                                                National Award
                                                                                (6 units) = one A Level

                                                                                National Certificate
                                                                                (12 units) = two A Levels

                                                                                Students explore a
                                                                                variety of theoretical
                                                                                ideas through practical
                                                                                workshops, within a
                                                                                vocational context. By
                                                                                the end of each unit they
                                                                                will understand how to
BTEC (Acting) Nationals                Entry Requirements                       interpret specific ideas
                                                                                for performance, know
Assessment                             •   A total commitment to the subject    how to apply these ideas
                                           area                                 creatively, take part in
Using a variety of written and oral                                             performances and then
methods students are assessed          •   A desire to enter the Performing
                                                                                evaluate the process
internally, with one annual external       Arts industry after HGS
                                                                                articulately, with clear
moderation.                                                                     knowledge.
                                       •   A sense of humour.

                                       GCSE Drama or BTEC First Diploma in      There are core units that
                                       Performing Arts would be helpful but     every student will work
                                       is not entirely essential.               on including Performance
                                                                                Workshops and The
                                                                                Performing Arts Industry
                                       Career Opportunities                     and additional units
                                                                                including Devising Plays,
                                       Most of our Performing Arts students
                                                                                Contemporary Theatre
                                       successfully audition for Drama or
                                                                                Performance, Storytelling,
     “PERFORMING ARTS                  Theatre Studies courses at university;
                                                                                Applying Physical Theatre.
     HAS TAUGHT ME A                   some are lucky enough to study
                                                                                The level being studied will
     LOT ABOUT BEING                   acting, choreography or dance at
                                                                                determine the amount of
                                       drama school.
     PART OF A TEAM                                                             units studied.
     AND GIVEN ME                      There are many career options
                                                                                There may be an
     THE CONFIDENCE                    within the Performing Arts including
                                                                                opportunity to study the
     TO WORK                           Journalism, Theatre Management,
                                                                                National Diploma which is
                                       Arts Administration, Theatre Design,
     INDEPENDENTLY                     Teaching, Acting, Directing, Events
                                                                                18 units and equivalent to
     TOO. THROUGH                                                               three A Levels.
                                       Co-ordination, Stage Management
     DRAMA I HAVE                      and many more.
     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:                   AS & A2 Level                            Entry Requirements
         AQA                           Assessment                               Because of the essay based nature of
                                                                                the course and requirements in terms
         Course Content                The assessment takes the form of two     of extra readings there is a minimum
                                       exams at the end of the AS year. Both    entry requirement of B in English.
         The AS course is divided
                                       are based around An Introduction to
         into two halves. Under Unit
                                       Philosophy (Units 1 and 2) and involve
         1 students will examine
                                       answering two essay based questions      Career Opportunities
         the nature of reason and
                                       and counts for 50% of the overall AS
         experience; question                                                   The course will equip students with a
         ideas of government,                                                   wide range of transferable knowledge
         society and morality;         There are two further exams at the       and thinking skills which will be of
         discuss religious and         end of the A2 year.                      benefit to a huge number of careers
         scientific epistemologies                                              from medicine to law, public service
         and consider what it                                                   work to journalism. The basis of
         means to be a ‘person’.                                                the course is about a breadth of
         As part of Unit 2 students                                             knowledge and an understanding of
         will consider whether we                                               the meaning of knowledge that will
         can have ‘knowledge’ of                                                enable students to become more
         the world and deal with                                                self-aware as learners in whatever
         issues of aesthetics, free                                             industry they should choose.
         will and determinism. The
         course involves discussion,
         reading, analysis and
         critical thinking.

                                                                                    PHYSICAL EDUCATION
                                                                                                                AS A2

                                                                                    EXAM BOARD:
                                                                                    Course Content
                                                                                    Unit 1 – (PHED 1)
                                                                                    60% of AS marks and
                                                                                    30% of total A Level marks:

                                                                                    Opportunities for and the
                                                                                    effects of a healthy and
                                                                                    active lifestyle.

                                                                                    Unit 2 – (PHED 2)
                                                                                    40% of AS marks and
                                                                                    20% of total A Level marks:

                                                                                    Analysis and evaluation
AS & A2 Level                             their learning and to use both the        of physical activity as a
                                          resources and technology available to     performer and/or in adopted
Entry Requirements                        them to carry out homework during         role/s.
                                          private study. Appropriate visits/        Unit 3 – (PHED 3)
It is a requirement to have studied
                                          conferences will be arranged for          30% of A Level marks:
Physical Education at GCSE; and a
                                          students to further their knowledge.
minimum of grade B is required. The
                                                                                    Optimising performance and
scientific content of the course is
                                                                                    evaluating contemporary
such that students who have gained        Career Opportunities                      issues within sport.
a minimum of grade C in Science,
preferably Biology, will find this        Students will learn a variety of
                                                                                    Unit 4 – (PHED 4)
to their advantage. As part of the        transferable skills throughout the
                                                                                    20% of A Level marks:
course looks at the historical and        course. These include collecting,
sociological development of sport, it     analysing and interpreting data,          Optimising practical
would be beneficial to have a GCSE in     communicating findings, and               performance in a competitive
History. Equally important is a lively    identifying and developing links          situation.
and enquiring mind, an interest in        between different aspects of the
                                          subject. These skills are recognised      AS PE Award 1580.
Physical Education, a willingness to
explore new ideas and an ability to       positively by employers, universities
                                                                                    A Level Award 2580.
communicate ideas effectively.            and colleges, and give access to a
                                          wide range of careers.

Assessment                                Physical Education combines with
                                          a range of AS and A Level subjects.
Units 1 & 3 are assessed through          Taken with sciences like Biology, it
external examination. Units 2 & 4         supports applications for a wide range
are assessed internally with external     of university courses such as Sports
moderation. This course is team           Science, Physiotherapy, Recreation &
taught by teachers in the department,     Leisure Studies. It also supports those
each specialising in different areas of   considering a career in the Police or
the syllabus. Students are encouraged     Armed Forces.
to be proactive and independent in


        EXAM BOARD:
        Course Content
        Core Units
        All three units must be

        Unit 1
        The Body in Action

        Unit 2
        Health and Safety in Sport

        Unit 3
        Training and Fitness for

        Specialist Units                BTEC National Award in Sport               Career Opportunities
        Three units must be taken       (Performance and Excellence)
                                                                                   The BTEC Nationals in Sport provide
        (decided upon by P.E.           Equivalent to one GCE.                     an introduction to the sector for
                                                                                   learners looking to build a career in
        Unit 6
                                        Entry Requirements                         sport, within one of its occupational
        Fitness Testing for Sport                                                  areas. These areas include careers in
                                        Study of Physical Education at GCSE
        and Exercise                                                               exercise and fitness, coaching, sports
                                        level is preferable but equally as
                                                                                   development and the outdoors.
                                        important students must have an
        Unit 10
                                        interest in physical education and a
        Sports Nutrition
                                        willingness to explore the subject from
        Unit 16                         a more practical approach.
        Psychology for Sports
        Unit 26
                                        Each unit is graded Pass, Merit or
        Technical and Tactical Skills
                                        Distinction and students will be
        in Sport
                                        graded in accordance with level and
        Unit 27                         quality of evidence produced for
        The Athlete’s Lifestyle         assessment. The grading criteria for
                                        each unit varies. However, evidence
                                        for assessment may be generated
                                        through a range of activities, including
                                        role play, oral assessment, case
                                        studies, assignments, performance
                                        observation and time-constrained
                                        assessments where appropriate.

                                        There is no formal examination
                                        Assessment is all completed through
                                        coursework assignment.

                                                                                                             AS A2

AS & A2 Level                           Career Opportunities                     EXAM BOARD:
Assessment                              Studying Physics gives important
                                                                                 AQA (Syllabus A)
                                        transferable skills; at A level you
Units 1, 2, 4 and 5 are assessed by                                              Course Content
                                        will learn to think logically and
external written examination. Units 3   solve problems, work in teams and        The course consists of 6
and 6 are internally assessed.          communicate effectively.                 units:

                                        Learning about the big ideas and         Unit 1 – Particles,
Entry Requirements                      latest discoveries in Physics can        Quantum Phenomena
Grade B or above in either GCSE         stimulate a lifetime’s interest and      and Electricity (AS)
Physics or Double Award together        lead to work in a range of fields from
                                        IT and engineering to medicine and       Unit 2 – Mechanics,
with a similar level in GCSE Maths is
                                        finance.                                 Materials and Waves (AS)
a requirement. Students following AS
level Maths tend to find the course                                              Unit 3 – Investigative
easier to follow.                                                                and Practical Skills (AS)

                                                                                 Unit 4 – Fields and
                                                                                 Further Mechanics (A2)

                                                                                 Unit 5 – Nuclear and
                                                                                 Thermal Physics and
                                                                                 Turning Points in Physics

                                                                                 Unit 6 – Investigative
                                                                                 and Practical Skills (A2)

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         AQA (Specification A)
         Course Content
         AS Level

         Unit 1
         Cognitive psychology
         – models of memory; reliability
         of eye-witness testimony; how
         to improve memory.

         Development psychology
         – importance of attachments
         for children.

         Research methods
         – psychological research
         techniques, using basic

         Unit 2                            AS & A2 Level
         Biological psychology
         – understanding and               Assessment
         managing stress.
                                           Assessment at both AS and A2 is
         Social psychology                 via written examinations including
         – theories of conformity,         short answer questions and essay
         obedience, understanding          questions.

         Individual differences            Entry Requirements
         – understanding and treating
         emotional disorders.              GCSE grade B (or equivalent) any
                                           Science subject.

         A2 Level

         Unit 3
         – biological rhythms and sleep                                         “PSYCHOLOGY
         perception and aggression.                                             LOOKS AT WHY
                                                                                YOU THINK, ACT
         Unit 4
         Psychopathology                                                        AND REACT THE
         – understanding and treating                                           WAY YOU DO.
         depression or schizophrenia.                                           IT MAKES YOU
         Psychology in action
                                                                                QUESTION ALL
         – addictive behaviours                                                 SORTS OF THINGS
                                                                                YOU TAKE FOR
         Research methods
                                                                                GRANTED AND IS
         – designing psychological
         research studies; using more
                                                                                A FASCINATING
         advanced statistics.                                                   SUBJECT”
                                                                                                            AS A2

AS & A2 Level                            Career Opportunities                      EXAM BOARD:
Assessment                               Sociology combines the development
                                         of skills in reasoning and critical
AQA assessment consists of 4 written                                               Course Content
                                         assessment, with knowledge about
examinations (2 in each year) to         human society and culture. Typical        Sociology is the study of
attain the full A Level qualification.   careers include: Academic Research        the social and cultural
                                         and Teaching, Journalism, Advertising     world. Sociologists
Entry Requirements                       and Consumer Research, Media,             study patterns of human
                                         Law, Social Work, Probation Service,      behaviour and belief,
Grade B in English Literature /          Nursing, the Police, Criminology, Civil   focussing on the ways in
Language. Crucial to your overall        Service, Foreign Office and NGO’s,        which people act, interact
success and enjoyment of the course      and Tourism Development.                  and form relationships.
is the ability to apply and transform                                              These relationships
abstract theories into coherent                                                    structure our lives and
and informed lines of argument,                                                    represent our society and
particularly when writing essays.                                                  culture. Topics include:
                                                                                   ‘has childhood lost its
                                                                                   innocence?’ (Unit 1); ‘do
                                                                                   schools destroy creativity
                                                                                   and independent thought?’
                                                                                   (Unit 2); ‘do witches still
                                                                                   exist?’ (Unit 3); and ‘are
                                                                                   criminals born or made?’
                                                                                   (Unit 4).

     AS A2

         EXAM BOARD:
         Course Content
         AS Level

         Introducing travel and
         tourism (examination) –
         students will learn about
         the nature of travel and
         tourism, the scale and
         development of the
         industry and how it is

         Customer service in travel
         and tourism (coursework)
         – students will produce a      AS & A2 Level                            Assessment
         review of customer service
         for one travel and tourism     This course is run by the Geography      AS Level
         organisation. They will also   Department and reflects the fact         Two units of coursework and one
         be required to demonstrate     that travel and tourism is one of the    examination.
         their own ability to provide   world's fastest growing industries.
                                        The course aims to develop and           A2 Level
         effective customer service.
                                        sustain an interest in travel and        A further two units of coursework and
         Travel destinations            tourism and the issues affecting         one examination.
         (coursework) –                 the development of the industry.
                                                                                 All six units carry equal weighting.
         students will produce          Students will gain an understanding
         an investigation into          of the scale of the travel and tourism
         two contrasting travel         industry, appreciate its importance
         destinations. They will        to destination areas and recognise
         look at the key features of    the role of customers in shaping its
         the different destinations     development.
         and why they appeal to
         different types of tourist.

                                                                                    TRAVEL & TOURISM
                                                                                                             AS A2

                                                                                  Course Content
                                                                                  A2 Level

                                                                                  Tourism development
                                                                                  (examination) – students
                                                                                  will look at the different
                                                                                  organisations involved in
                                                                                  tourism development. They
                                                                                  will study the objectives of
                                                                                  tourism development and
                                                                                  look at the impact of the
                                                                                  industry on countries and

                                                                                  The guided tour – students
                                                                                  will have to produce a
                                                                                  guided tour for an activity
Entry Requirements                       Career Opportunities                     of their choice – written, in
                                                                                  person, audio or virtual.
No previous knowledge of travel and      The Travel & Tourism qualification
tourism is required. However, students   aims to encourage students to            Event management
will require an enthusiasm for the       develop broad skills, knowledge          (coursework) – as part of a
subject and commitment to their          and understanding of the travel          team the students will plan,
work.                                    and tourism industry and prepares        organise and evaluate a
                                         students for further study or            travel and tourism event of
                                         training in travel and tourism related   their choice.



     The following comments are from our       expert guidance. In 2007, 60% of the         “really interesting” and “not just
     most recent OFSTED Inspection, in         students gained places in the top 25         about passing exams”.
     October 2007.                             universities in the country and many
                                               move on to Cambridge or Oxford.          •   Students’ spiritual, moral, social
     The Sixth Form at                                                                      and cultural development is
     Harrogate Grammar                         Students’ personal development is            outstanding and adds immensely
                                               exceptional and the opportunities            to their well-being and personal
     School                                    provided for them to flourish as             development.
     Grade 1: Outstanding                      mature individuals are substantial.
                                               The leadership and management of         •   Opportunities abound for
     Sixth Form students are highly            this large Sixth Form are outstanding.       students to make a very positive
     focused, committed learners who           Clear strategic vision combined with a       contribution to the work of the
     enjoy school very much. They are          wholly professional approach results         school and the local and wider
     appreciative of the good quality          in focussed leadership at all levels.        community.
     teaching they receive and the above       Students are well known to staff and
                                                                                        •   A very high percentage of students
     average results they leave school         the levels of care and support they
                                                                                            stay on into the Sixth Form where
     with. Their personal development is       receive are of the highest standard.
                                                                                            they know they will continue to do
     enhanced by an outstanding range          They know that if they work hard they
     of curriculum opportunities including     will do well. Students, parents and
     over 30 A Level courses and highly        teachers are understandably proud of     •   Older students act as superb
     popular International Baccalaureate       Harrogate Grammar School.                    role models for their younger
     (IB) courses. The range and diversity                                                  counterparts.
     of the extra-curricular activities is a
     particular strength. A large proportion   Overall Effectiveness                    •   Students demonstrate an
     of students enter the Sixth Form from     of the School                                impressive level of maturity.
     other schools. Students achieve well
                                               Grade 1: Outstanding                     •   The school works well with parents
     and leave Year 13 totally prepared
     for further education or employment.                                                   and has their overwhelming
                                               •   Students regard it as a “great           support. They typically comment,
     Many know exactly what careers                place to achieve”.
     they want and have mapped out                                                          “This is an excellent school and we
     their future accurately as a result of    •   Students say that lessons are            are so thankful our children come

                                                              UNIVERSITY DESTINATIONS 2009

Name                     University                         Course

Corinne Agar             Manchester Metropolitan            Events Management
Jake Agar                Derby                              Sports Coaching
Laurie Allan             Nottingham                         Mathematics and Economics
Sam Allen                Leeds Trinity & All Saints         Business and Finance
James Auckland           Bath                               Economics
Victoria Avison          Warwick                            Mathematics
David Bailey             Cambridge                          Modern and Medieval Languages
Melissa Bailey           York                               History
Samuel Bainbridge        Manchester Metropolitan            Mechanical Engineering
Brian Barral             Lancaster                          Business Studies
Kathryn Barton           Newcastle                          Geography
Jodie Bates              Sunderland                         English Language & Linguistics with Sociology
Russell Bates            University College London          Mathematics
Charlotte Beagrie        Northumbria                        Business Information Technology
Benjamin Beckwith        Liverpool John Moores              Business Management and Information
Emma Bell-Ryott          Queen Margaret University          Drama and Performance
Daniel Birch             Central Lancashire                 Sports Journalism
Jo Blacker               Northumbria                        Geography
Tim Blunden              Kings College London               Hispanic and Portuguese Studies
Robert Bodsworth         Newcastle                          Economics
Callum Bolton            Manchester                         Environmental Science
Sophie Bryant            Edinburgh College of Art           Art and Design
Alexander Cairns         Glasgow                            Philosophy/Theatre Studies
Eve Chadwick             Nottingham Trent                   Business Management
Grace Chattaway          Northumbria                        Sport Management
Oliver Clark             Northumbria                        Psychology
Daniel Cope              Hull                               Music
Emily Copham             Northampton                        Midwifery
James Cottingham         Leeds Metropolitan                 Computing
Amy Cox                  Manchester                         Geography and Geology
Samuel Cox               Nottingham                         Civil and Environmental Engineering
Alex Crabtree            Edinburgh                          Geology
Samuel Crosland          Newcastle                          Surveying and Mapping Science
Matthew Day              Leeds                              Environment and Business
Jessica Denison          Manchester Metropolitan            Primary Education
Daniel Dodson            Newcastle                          Politics
Richard Doherty          Bangor                             Psychology
Rosie Driffill           Leeds                              International Relations
Benjamin Dyason          Leeds Metropolitan                 Sport and Exercise Science
Sarah Dyball             Brighton & Sussex Medical School   Medicine
Andrew Dyer              Leeds Metropolitan                 Computing
Elizabeth Dyson          Manchester Metropolitan            Web Development
Nicole Fallon            Northumbria                        Advertising Management
Zhou Fang                York                               Accounting, Business Finance and Management
Jessica Foley            Sheffield                          French Studies
Donald Fraser            Bath                               Natural Sciences with Professional Placement
Gordon Frazer            Bristol                            Medical Microbiology
Amy Garrett              Northumbria                        Business with Marketing
Rachel Garrett           Kings College London               Business Management
Jessica Gilbert          Durham                             Anthropology
Callum Goulding          Bath                               Politics with International Relations
Hannah Grayson           Durham                             Philosophy
Helen Gregory            Sheffield                          Structural Engineering with Architectural Studies
Rebecca Greville         London Metropolitan                Fashion Marketing
James Harrison           Newcastle                          Politics
Bradly Hartley-Downard   Newcastle                          History and Archaeology
Katie Harvey             York St John                       Education Studies


     Name                    University                   Course

     Chris Haynes            Edinburgh                    Philosophy and English Literature
     James Hevey             Leeds Metropolitan           Music Technology
     Sarah Heywood           Durham                       Applied Psychology
     Peter Hogg              Oxford                       Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
     Edward Holgate          Leeds Metropolitan           Sport and Exercise Science
     Kayleigh Holmes         Central Lancashire           Law
     Charlotte Houlgate      Leeds                        History
     Jennifer Howson         Sheffield                    Psychology
     Matthew Hughes          Newcastle                    Economics and Business Management
     Arab Ismail             Kings College London         Business Management
     Thomas Joel             Loughbrough                  Sport and Exercise Science
     Frances Johnson         Kent                         Business Administration
     Samantha Johnson        Manchester Metropolitan      Human Resource Management
     Rhys Jones              University College London    Mathematics
     Emily Kay               Northumbria                  Psychology
     Verity Keen             Edinburgh                    German and English Literature
     Joanie Kelly            Manchester Metropolitan      Primary Education
     Alexandra Kelman        Glasgow                      Neuroscience
     James King              Cardiff                      Geology
     Fiona Kitchingman       York                         Sociology with Social Psychology
     Poppy Knight            Leeds Metropolitan           Events Management
     Sophie Korendowych      Chester                      Spanish with Tourism
     Sarah Lally             Bath                         Mathematics
     Katherine Lavender      Cambridge                    Law
     Finlay Lawrence         Northampton                  Business Entrepreneurship
     Matthew Leake           Durham                       Modern Languages
     Michael Lee             Leeds Metropolitan           Music Technology
     Max Leventhal           Durham                       Classics
     Jo Loebell              Central Lancashire           Film Production and Media Production & Technology
     Ruth Longley            Leeds                        Theology and Religious Studies
     Georgina Lunn           Lancaster                    Economics
     Seki Lynch              Westminster                  English Literature and Creative Writing
     Fiona Mackay            York St John                 Primary Education
     Emily Marks             Aberdeen                     Mathematics
     Robyn Marshall          Sunderland                   Graphic Communication and Design
     Ceri Mawson             Bath                         Politics with International Relations
     Roseanna Mayfield       Leeds                        Geography and Management
     Leah-Jae McCalliog      Manchester Metropolitan      International Fashion Marketing
     Laura McGowan           Leeds Trinity & All Saints   Psychology
     Lloyd Meeks             Lancaster                    Music Technology
     Robert Middleton        Newcastle                    Modern Languages
     Robert Miller           Lincoln                      Architecture
     Amy Mills               Warwick                      History of Art
     Caroline Mortimer       Birmingham                   History
     Natalie Moss-Blundell   Durham                       Modern Languages
     Thomas Munro            Durham                       Natural Sciences
     James Nicholson         Northumbria                  Business with Economics
     Andrew Norman           Sheffield                    Medicine
     Jessica Oliver          Manchester                   Earth Sciences
     Harriet Pagan           Hertfordshire                International Business
     Rachel Parish           Kings College London         Philosophy and Hispanic Studies
     Emily Parton            Cambridge                    History
     Emma Patterson          London South Bank            Digital Film and Video
     Charlotte Peel          Manchester Metropolitan      Business Enterprise
     Farran Postoyalko       Sheffield                    Biomedical Science
     Hayleigh Powell         Leeds                        Childhood Studies
     Nicholas Pritchard      Cardiff                      Philosophy
     Stuart Procter          Leeds Metropolitan           Sport Business Management
                                                  UNIVERSITY DESTINATIONS 2009

Name                  University                Course

Aafreen Rahman        Bradford                  Clinical Sciences/Medicine Foundation
Luke Rahman           Saint Andrewsffordshire   Motorsport Technology
Pippa Ratcliffe       East London               Anthropology
Daniel Redman         Lincoln                   Product Design
Laura Reed            Sheffield                 Nutrition, Health and Lifestyles
Emma Reeder           Kings College London      Physiology
Jonathan Rice         Nottingham                Civil Engineering
Emma Richardson       Edinburgh                 Biological Sciences (Psychology)
Samantha Rigby        Liverpool                 Business Studies and French
Stuart Robertson      Sunderland                Sports Management
Kate Robinson         Manchester                English Literature
Lynsey Rogers         York St John              Psychology
Helen Rosillo         Durham                    Modern Languages
Harriet Rowley        Newcastle                 Geography
Alexander Sabato      Nottingham                History
Helen Searle          Bristol                   Law
Lauren Sewell         Manchester Metropolitan   Sport and Exercise Science
Francesca Sharp       Leeds Metropolitan        Sport, Leisure and Culture
Jessica Sheedy        Northumbria               Fashion Communication
Thomas Shiel          Loughbrough               Banking Finance and Management
Emily Simmons         Manchester                Economics
Thomas Simpson        Manchester                Politics and Modern History
Miriam Singleton      Lincoln                   Architecture
Alan Slater           Bangor                    Marketing/Italian
Jo Slater             Newcastle                 Biochemistry with Immunology
Daniel Smith          Leeds Metropolitan        Building Surveying
James Smith           Sheffield                 Business Management and Information Management
Janie Smith           Sunderland                Dance
Rachel Smith          Northumbria               Business with Marketing
Katrina Soroka        Newcastle                 Food and Human Nutrition
Hannah Sowden         Nottingham                Hispanic Studies
Henry Stephen         Leeds Metropolitan        Business and Management
Michaela Stothard     Leeds Metropolitan        Business Studies
Harry Taylor          Bath                      Business Administration
Jade Taylor           London South Bank         Print and Online Journalism
James Taylor          Sheffield                 Geography
Alexander Thomson     Southampton               Marine Biology
Fiona Todd            York St John              English Literature
Alice Toop            Leicester                 Physics
Kerri Tucker          London Metropolitan       Performing Arts
Francine Turner       Manchester                Modern Language and Business & Management
Emma Twizell          Loughbrough               Criminology and Social Policy
Elise Walford         Durham                    Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Harriet Webster       Huddersfield              English Language
Victoria Weiss        Leeds                     New Media
Bethan Wheeldon       Newcastle                 Psychology
Susannah Whitaker     Hull                      British Politics and Legislative Studies
Olivia Whiteley       Southampton               Modern Languages
Eleanor Whiting       Manchester Metropolitan   Advertising Management and Brand Management
Rebecca Williamson    Aberdeen                  French and Language & Linguistics
Jonathan Wilson       Newcastle                 Biology
Thea Wilson           Lincoln                   Biomedical Science
Zoe Winston           Newcastle                 Medicine (Saint Andrews)
Benjamin Wolfson      Sheffield                 Accounting and Financial Management
Owen Worsnop          Leeds Metropolitan        Business and Management
Layla Wray            York College              Fashion Design
Xiaoqing Zhu          Warwick                   Mathematics and Economics
Erica Ziegler-Smith   Saint Andrews             Psychology (Science)

     GCE Single and Double A-Levels   Entries   A    B    C    D    E   U   %A or B

     Applied Double Business          6         2    2    2    0    0   0   67%
     Applied Double ICT               16        0    4    7    4    1   0   25%
     Applied Single - Business        21        1    7    9    3    1   0   38%
     Applied Single - ICT             19        5    5    4    2    3   0   53%
     Art & Design                     20        4    4    9    3    0   0   40%
     Art & Design: Graphics           32        1    9    7    13   2   0   31%
     Art & Design: Photography        15        1    1    8    3    2   0   13%
     Biology                          33        8    10   6    6    0   3   55%
     Chemistry                        21        7    9    3    2    0   0   76%
     Chinese                          1         1    0    0    0    0   0   100%
     Critical Thinking                14        3    4    4    2    1   0   50%
     D&T - Product Design             12        3    3    3    2    1   0   50%
     Drama & Theatre Studies          5         1    4    0    0    0   0   100%
     Economics                        27        9    12   3    2    1   0   78%
     English Language                 13        2    3    6    2    0   0   38%
     English Language & Literature    42        6    16   12   8    0   0   52%
     English Literature               36        20   7    8    1    0   0   75%
     Film Studies                     6         0    2    3    1    0   0   33%
     French                           10        9    0    1    0    0   0   90%

                                                                    YEAR 13 EXAMINATION RESULTS

GCE Single and Double A-Levels        Entries   A    B    C    D      E    U     %A or B

Further Mathematics                   10        8    0    0    1      1    0     80%
General Studies                       34        3    3    7    9      12   0     18%
Geography                             22        11   4    4    2      1    0     68%
Geology                               14        7    3    3    0      1    0     71%
German                                4         1    1    2    0      0    0     50%
Government & Politics                 14        9    1    4    0      0    0     71%
History                               26        10   9    4    3      0    0     73%
Italian                               6         2    2    2    0      0    0     67%
Law                                   11        1    1    4    0      5    0     18%
Mathematics                           39        25   5    4    4      1    0     77%
Media Studies                         16        1    4    3    6      2    0     31%
Music                                 3         2    0    0    1      0    0     67%
Music Technology                      5         0    1    2    1      0    1     20%
Physical Education                    16        5    3    7    1      0    0     50%
Physics                               20        6    2    4    2      4    2     40%
Psychology                            24        12   3    6    3      0    0     63%
Religious Studies                     26        9    9    3    2      3    0     69%
Sociology                             13        2    2    5    3      0    1     31%
Spanish                               9         5    2    2    0      0    0     78%
Travel & Tourism                      5         0    1    2    1      1    0     20%

BTEC National Certificate             Entries   DD   DM   MM   DP     PP   UU    %DD or DM

BTEC NC Perf Arts                     14        14   0    0    0      0    0     100%

All results are correct at time of
going to press and do not include
all remark upgrades and appeals.
This information is published in
accordance with the requirements of
the Education (School Performance
Information) (England) Regulations

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at Harrogate Grammar School

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