CERAMIC ARTS & EDUCATION                                                           3667 Adams Avenue – San Diego, CA 92116
  A California Non Profit Corporation                                                 619-563-1806 www.clayassociates.org

                                 Clay Associates offers Beginning and Advanced College-level Classes
                                                 In Wheel Throwing and Hand-Building

                                                                    2012 CLASS SCHEDULE

                                Winter Classes:                                       January 2nd. to March 3rd.
                                Spring Classes:                                       March 12th. to May 12th
                                Summer Classes:                                       July 2nd. To September 1st.
                                Fall Classes:                                         September 10th.to November 10th.

                Note: A $20.00 deposit will put you on out Waiting List for the next available class you requested.
                Presently the waiting period can be from three to six months. Openings are filled on a first-come
                first served basis, based on the waiting list. The deposit may be applied to the class fee or it may be
                refunded at your request.

                                                       WHEEL THROWING (NINE-WEEK CLASSES)

                                SECTION A        Monday Mornings: 9-12 PM; Lab, Noon-3PM
                                SECTION B         Tuesday Mornings: 9-12 PM; Lab, Noon-3PM
                                SECTION C         Tuesday Evenings: 7-10 PM; & Saturday Lab: 9AM-Noon
                                SECTION D         Thursday Mornings: 9-12 PM; Lab Noon-3PM
                                SECTION E         Thursday Evenings: 7-10 PM; & Saturday Lab: 12:30-3:30PM
                                Fee: $275.00 – Includes1 bag of clay (new students only), glazes and firings.
                                Multi Level classes; Instructor: Jerry Thiebolt

                                                       HAND-BUILDING (NINE-WEEK CLASSES)
                              SECTION F                Monday Evenings:                        6:30-9:30 PM
                              SECTION G                Tuesday Evenings:                       6:30-9:30 PM
                              SECTION H                Wednesday Afternoons:                   1-4 PM
                              SECTION I                Wednesday Evenings:                     6:30-9:30 PM
                              SECTION J                Saturday Mornings:                      9-12 PM
                              SECTION K                Saturday Afternoons:                   1-4 PM
                              Fee: $160.00 – Includes 1 bag of clay (new students only), glazes, and firings.
                              Multi level classes; Instructors: Eric Woods & Ava Bhavsar
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                                   Register for classes by sending this portion with a $20.00 deposit to:
                                                                        Clay Associates
                                                                      3667 Adams Ave.
                                                                    San Diego, CA 92116

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