Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

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					Supplemental Educational

      Mississippi Department of Education
  Office of Innovation and School Improvement
                  May 8, 2007
Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

What is SES?
• Additional academic instruction designed to
  increase academic achievement of students

• High quality, research-based, specifically
  designed to:
   – Increase the academic achievement of eligible
     students as measured by the MCT or SATP; and
   – Attain proficiency on MCT or SATP
Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

• Types of services
  – Tutoring
  – Remediation
  – Other educational interventions

• SES must be provided outside of the regular
  school day (before school, after school,
  weekends, or summer).
Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
Who’s required to offer SES?
• Schools that do not make AYP for three
  consecutive years (Year 2 of School
  Improvement) must offer SES.

• Services must continue until the school has
  made AYP for 2 consecutive years (no longer
  identified for School Improvement).

• Schools that do not make AYP for two
  consecutive years (Year 1 of School
  Improvement) may choose to offer SES.
 Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
Who’s eligible?
  – All students from low-income families who
    attend Title I schools

  – Identification of low-income families is based
    upon the same measures used to make
    allocations to schools under Title I

  – Eligibility is not dependent on whether the
    student is a member of a subgroup that caused
    the school to not make AYP
Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
Who are SES Providers?
   – Entities who have successfully demonstrated a record
     of effectiveness in increasing student academic
     achievement and approved by the Mississippi
     Department of Education (MDE)
   – Providers may be:
      •   Profit organizations
      •   Non-profit organizations
      •   Educational Service Agenies
      •   LEAs (one that is not identified as in need of improvement)
      •   Public Schools (one that is not identified as in need of
      •   Private / Charter Schools
      •   Faith Based Organizations
      •   Institutions of Higher Education
      •   Community based organizations
              LEA Responsibilities
•     The amount of funding that a district must devote to
      SES depends in part on how much it spends on
      choice-related transportation. The district must set
      aside 20% of its Title I allocation, and spend it as
      follows, unless a lesser amount than 20% will cover
      all choice and SES needs.
    i.     5% of the allocation for choice transportation
    ii.    5% of the allocation for supplemental educational services
    iii.   The remaining 10% of the allocation for either or both of (i)
           and (ii) above, as the district determine
      21st CCLC Assistance
• Collaboration

• Participation

• Information
   – USDE SES Non-Regulatory Guidance
               Contact Information
Cathy Travis                   Tollie Thigpen
 Division Director             Supplemental Educational Services
School Improvement                 Coordinator
Office of Innovative Support   Office of Innovative Support
359 North West Street          359 North West Street
P.O. Box 771                   P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS 39205              Jackson, MS 39205
(601)359-3499                  (601)359-3499

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