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									                         THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO

                               REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

                                   CFI/ORF GRANT

                                     SUPPLY OF



                                  FEBRUARY 4, 2011

Revision 2: July -07
      UWORFPSR-01054                         GPU CLUSTERS                                   2012/03/25


1.1    The University of Western Ontario (Western) the third largest university in Ontario has a
       full and part-time enrollment of more than 33,329 graduate and undergraduate students and
       includes affiliate University Colleges. The Western campus covers 487 hectares and is
       located about 4 km north of the centre of London. There are approximately 3200 Full-Time
       Staff and Faculty.       An additional 5,000 Part-Time Staff and Faculty represent
       approximately 3,800 Full-Time equivalents.

1.2    Western's web site is

2     SCOPE

2.1    This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for a CFI Funded Project. The project has been
       approved and we anticipate a purchase will be made during 2011.

2.2    Western is issuing this RFP to invite qualified suppliers to submit proposals, in accordance
       with the terms outlined below for three GPU Clusters for research involving Minimal
       Invasive Surgery at Robarts Research Institute.

2.3    Image guided therapy (IGT) platforms require powerful computational systems. Large
       medical image datasets (and in the case of cardiac imaging, dynamic datasets) must be
       registered and visualized in a common reference frame. Geometric models must be
       generated from the image data and be added to the visualization. Further, this data must
       then be registered on the fly and combined with real-time image data from sources such as
       endoscopy, ultrasound or fluoroscopy. In most applications surgical tools must also be
       tracked, with virtual representations of the tools included as part of the visualization. In the
       case of cardiac IGT, the image and model visualization process must also be gated to the
       patient’s real-time ECG data. The real-time nature of these memory and computing tasks
       necessitates very high performance computing technology.

2.4    Surgical simulation applications involve equally demanding functionality. Realistic models
       to simulate the interaction between surgical tools and organs require very computationally
       expensive operations. The interaction of a simulation with real-time haptics (“force
       feedback”) devices requires a high degree of parallel computing to avoid unrealistic lag

2.5    Although optimized for gaming applications, these same GPU-based systems are ideally
       suited to the high-speed computations necessary for complex visualization, image
       registration, and segmentation. In addition, with the recent introduction of high level
       programming languages such as CUDA, the ability to program these graphics processing
       systems has become considerably easier.

      UWORFPSR-01054                        GPU CLUSTERS                               2012/03/25

2.6    Various companies have produced integrated multi-GPU solutions that can be programmed
       in high-level languages to access hundreds of multi-threaded GPU elements. It is our goal
       to adapt these systems to our IGT applications. We need three workstations, one
       configured primarily for surgical simulation where the emphasis is on computational speed
       of parallelizable problems, and two for real-time image guided therapy, where rapid
       computation combined with visualization is the focus.

      FUND (ORF)

3.1    CFI is a national granting agency that will provide funds for the purchase of new and
       replacement equipment and for the renovation and upgrading of new and existing space.
       CFI’S mandate is to increase the capacity of Canadian Universities and other not-for-profit
       institutions to carry out world class scientific research and technology innovation
       development. To implement its mandate, the CFI promotes innovation by investing in
       research infrastructure, jointly with institutions and their funding partners.

3.2     ORF is a provincial ministry which helps to fund Ontario universities, hospitals, colleges
       and research institute to enhance the infrastructure needed for scientific research and
       technology development and matches CFI federal funding.

3.3    The Federal Government has established stringent guidelines for the purchases funded by
       the CFI/ORF, whereby universities acquiring certain commodity types may obtain
       matching funding when those commodities are sold to the University below the “best
       normal educational pricing”.

3.4    To qualify for matching funding, we require that your proposal clearly indicate the “best
       normal educational pricing” as a separate line within the pricing of your proposal and the
       “in-kind” contribution. “In-kind” contributions must be calculated as specified in our
       example below and will be tested for appropriateness using multiple criteria that satisfy
       CFI audit requirements:

Description            List Price    Best Normal In-Kind           UWO       Net %     of
                                     Education    Contribution     Price         In-
                                     Price                                       Kind
Equipment A            $ 55,000.00   $ 45,000.00  $ 9,000.00       $ 36,000.00   20 %
Extended               $ 4,000.00    $3,500.00    $3,500.00        $ 0.00        100 %

3.5      In-Kind contributions can be in the form of:

      UWORFPSR-01054                           GPU CLUSTERS                                2012/03/25

          Additional trade or cash contributions
          Additional training
          Donations in cash or equipment where the value of the donation is calculated in the same
          Extended warranty up to a four (4) year period beyond the standard manufacturer’s
           warranty but no more than five (5) years in total (Adjustments to any best normal
           university warranty can be valued and qualify as in-kind contributions)
          In addition, payment discounts, such as 2%10 will qualify as in-kind contributions.

3.6       Proponents shall describe the basis and supporting documentation for their best educational
          price. If the list price and the best educational prices are the same, Proponents should
          provide a statement to explain the rationale behind their pricing strategy.

3.7       The grant application was successful with 40 % of the project money from CFI and 40 %
          from ORF based on the matching of 20 % of in-kind contribution received from vendors.

3.8       In Kind contributions will form part of the evaluation criteria.

3.9       Proponents should familiarize themselves with the CFI guidelines located at the following
          web site: . See Programs – CFI Policy and Program Guides –
          clauses 4.8 and 4.9.


4.1        Proponents interested in submitting proposals must provide their primary contact email
          address to Scott Roth, phone number 519-661-2111 x82779 and
          immediately upon receipt of the bid documents to facilitate the forwarding of any
          additional information or amendments.

4.2       All communications regarding this RFP must be directed to Scott Roth in writing or via e-
          mail. Violation of this directive may result, at Westerns’ discretion, in the Proponents’
          submission being removed from the evaluation process.

4.3        (2) hard copy (s) and one electronic copy in (Word, PDF or Excel) format must be
          submitted and enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the name and address of the Proponent
          clearly marked on the outside of the envelope and the RFP information as follows:
          “UWORFPSR-01054 Supply of GPU Clusters”

4.4       Proponents shall structure their bid submission in the following format: (this will restrict
          the bid submission length and all response will be in a consistent format)

                   4.4.1   Section 1      one page executive summary
                   4.4.2   Section 2      signed acknowledgment Appendix A
                   4.4.3   Section 3      RFP terms and conditions acknowledgment/exceptions

      UWORFPSR-01054                        GPU CLUSTERS                                 2012/03/25

                   4.4.4   Section 4   Pricing Appendix B
                   4.4.5   Section 5   Specifications
                   4.4.6   Section 6   References and company information
                   4.4.7   Section 7   User Manual/Brochures /product information
                   4.4.8   Section 8   Detailed Drawing
                   4.4.9   Section 9   Safety Code

4.5    Proposals will be received by Western no later than 12:00 Noon on February 25, 2011 as
       indicated by the stamp clock in Services Support Building:

               Delivery address if Bidders are Hand delivering RFP Proposals:
               University of Western Ontario
               Purchasing Department
               Support Services Building
               Suite 6100
               1393 Western Road
               London, ON
               N6G 1G9
               Attention: Scott Roth

       If Bidders are using Couriers to deliver their RFP responses, Couriers must deliver to the
       following UWO Location:

               University of Western Ontario
               Support Services Building
               Western Office Supplies, Dock 19
               1393 Western Road
               London ON
               N6G 1G9
               Attention: Scott Roth

4.6    Proposals received after the closing time and date will be returned unopened to the sender.

4.7    Proponents must acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions of this document and
       respond to all sections of the RFP by indicating the reference number for each section and
       clearly identify, by clause, any exceptions (i.e. Section 4.01 Agreed). Failure to do so will
       be deemed that all the terms and conditions have been accepted by your organization.
       Submitting your organizations standard terms and conditions will not be acceptable to
       fulfill this requirement.

      UWORFPSR-01054                       GPU CLUSTERS                                  2012/03/25

4.8    Questions pertaining to this RFP must be received no later than 12:00 Noon, February 10,

4.9    All questions and answers during the RFP period will be communicated by email with the
       primary contacts as well as posted on under this
       document. Responses to questions will be distributed to all Proponents, through the
       Proponent’s primary contact via e-mail, in a timely fashion.

4.10 No amendments or change to proposals will be accepted after the closing date and time.

4.11 Submissions must be prepared in accordance with the conditions outlined in this and any
     associated documents. Failure to comply may result in the disqualification of the proposal.


5.1    Western is not responsible for any expenses incurred by Proponent(s) in preparing and
       submitting a response to this RFP

5.2    Proponents may not use Western’s name or markings for any external marketing purposes
       without the express written permission from Western.

5.3    Unit prices will govern where arithmetical errors may occur in the extension of prices.
       Where it appears a major mistake in calculation has been made, Western shall consider the
       intent of the Proponent and may accept the proposal for consideration and subsequent

5.4     Proposal pricing shall be irrevocable for 60 days following the closing date of the RFP.

5.5    Western intends to issue purchase order(s) to the Proponent(s) whose submission offers the
       best value to Western.

5.6    The lowest cost Proposal or any other Proposal may not necessarily be accepted.

5.7    Western is not under any obligation to award a contract and reserves the right to terminate
       the Request for Proposal process prior to award and to withdraw from discussions with any
       or all of the Proponents who have responded, without liability being incurred by Western
       for any expense or cost incurred by the Proponent(s).

5.8    The successful Proponent(s) may be required to provide:

      UWORFPSR-01054                          GPU CLUSTERS                                  2012/03/25

         5.8.1     Proof, from the Broker, of commercial liability insurance of at least $2 million per
                   occurrence. The liability insurance should include personal injury and property
                   damage, non-owned automobile liability, owners and contractors’ protective
                   coverage and contractual liability coverage.

         5.8.2      Proof, from the Broker, of automobile liability insurance with coverage of at least
                   $ 2 million per occurrence for liability arising at law for damages caused by
                   reason of bodily injury (including death) or damage to property by employees or
                   sub contractors.

         5.8.3     A current Certificate of Clearance from The Workplace Safety and Insurance
                   Board (WSIB) or equivalent.

         5.8.4     Provide information, such as company policy, relating to construction safety

5.9    All workers on Western property must be covered by WSIB for the duration of the contract
       and that a Certificate of Clearance is maintained in good standing throughout the contract
       by the successful Proponent(s). Western reserves the right to request proof of coverage at
       any time throughout the term of the contract.

5.10 The successful Proponent(s) shall be in compliance with the Occupational Health and
     Safety Act of Ontario and its regulations

5.11 The successful Proponent(s) shall ensure that all operators and vehicles used for deliveries
     on Western properties meet the legislated requirements for protective, devices, clothing
     and other related items.

5.12 The successful Proponent(s) shall comply with Western’s policies

5.13 The successful Proponent(s) shall not assign or sub contract any portion of its contract
     without the written consent of Western.

5.14 Western reserves the following rights:

         5.14.1 To open submissions privately,
         5.14.2 To award different items to different Proponents or one Proponent based upon
                Western’s evaluation of proposals,
         5.14.3 To reject any or all submissions received,
         5.14.4 To, in its sole discretion, request clarification and/or further information from one
                or more Proponents after closing without becoming obligated to offer the same

    UWORFPSR-01054                        GPU CLUSTERS                                 2012/03/25

              opportunity to all Proponents,
       5.14.5 To waive irregularities and/or minor non-compliance by any Proponent(s) with
              the requirements of this Request for Proposal. An irregularity and/or minor non-
              compliance effects form, rather than substance, does not affect price, quality,
              quantity or delivery of the bid and if corrected the Proponent(s) would not gain an
              unfair advantage over competitors.

5.15 All submissions must be signed by an authorized company representative (refer to
     Appendix A).

5.16 Any terms or conditions, which cannot be fulfilled, should be clearly stated in your

5.17 All the terms and conditions stated in this bid document are deemed to be accepted by the
     Proponent and incorporated into the Proponent’s proposal submission. The complete
     submission document and any attachments shall become part of any contract entered into
     between the successful Proponent(s) and Western.

5.18 Any conflict in the wording of the successful Proponent’ invoice and/or sales agreement
     and the wording of the terms and conditions of this proposal, shall be resolved in favour of
     Western and shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Proponent’ invoice and/or sales

5.19 The laws of the Province of Ontario shall govern in any dispute the may arise as a result of
     the successful Proponent’s submission and the subsequent contract awarded to the
     successful Proponent(s).

5.20 If the successful Proponent(s) fails to carry out the agreement satisfactorily in accordance
     with the terms, Western will, by giving written notice, specify the default(s) that require
     remedy. In the event that the specified default(s) is/are not remedied within two weeks
     from giving such notice, Western reserves the right to terminate the agreement

5.21 All plans, materials and electronic or digital files paid for by Western or its Associated
     Companies are the property of Western or its Associated Companies.

5.22 The Proponent(s) shall treat the contract and all documents, drawings, specifications and
     information connected with this Request for Proposal as confidential and shall not disclose
     any information or documents acquired by it or its employees, agents or sub-contractors to
     any third parties, nor use, or copy the information, except as required to perform the
     Proponent(s) obligations in fulfilling the terms of this contract.

5.23 The successful Proponent(s) shall indemnify and hold harmless Western. Its directors,
     employees, students and agents from and against all actions, suits, claims, causes of action,

      UWORFPSR-01054                         GPU CLUSTERS                                   2012/03/25

       demands, penalties, fines, costs and expenses including legal fees or other proceedings of
       any kind or nature directly or indirectly arising out of performance of the Work or Supply
       of Goods, including but not limited to personal injuries to anyone, breach or alleged breach
       of intellectual property laws, environmental non-compliance, product liability or property

5.24 The acceptance of the successful Proponent’s bid and the subsequent award of the contract
     contemplated by this bid document is subject to Western’s internal approval processes,
     approval of external funding and /or budgets.


6.1    Western plans to purchase the first of these systems based on the proposals received from
       this RFP. The remaining two systems will be purchased 6 and 12 months later. Western
       reserves the right to seek other vendors for the remaining two systems.

6.2    Proponents should include three references in their proposal, preferably from academic or
       research institutions.

6.3    Proponents may submit a proposal for all or a portion of the items included in this RFP
       document. Western reserves the right to award different items to different Proponents or
       one Proponent based upon Western’s evaluation of proposals.

6.4    Proponents should state the occupational health and safety requirements, such as eye safe
       laser or eye protection, of the equipment.

6.5    Proponents should provide specifications of instruments, site preparation requirements
       (e.g. physical dimensions), wiring diagrams, API manual, user’s manuals, system’s
       manuals, troubleshooting guidelines, etc.

6.6    Proponents must have the proprietary right or license to use any software being provided
       or embedded in the hardware being provided.

6.7    Proponents should state if they will provide Western access to its source code for any
       software used in the equipment.

6.8    Proponents must specify if any of the new version or release ,either the hardware or
       software, as identified in their RFP submission will be provided to Western free of charge
       if a new version or release is brought to market within 120 days after acceptance of the
       hardware or software by Western.


7.1    Western is interested in participating with the selected supplier in any initiatives that are

      UWORFPSR-01054                         GPU CLUSTERS                                   2012/03/25

       mutually beneficial and can give Western strategic or economic advantages in the areas of
       administration, research or teaching. Initiatives that would benefit the student and graduate
       populations would also be valued. Bidders should provide any evidence of previous
       "partnering" arrangements where they have collaborated on mutually beneficial initiatives
       with clients providing them with strategic or economic value beyond the narrow scope of
       the supply arrangement.


8.1    Western is requesting proposals for three systems, each with the following minimum
       specifications or newer equivalents:

         8.1.1     The systems should be capable of being assembled into a mobile cart that can be
                   wheeled into operating room environments. The systems should run on standard
                   115Volt, 15 Amp circuits.

         8.1.2     The entire system (with UPS) must have less than 500uA of leakage current in
                   order to pass safety requirements for use in operating theatres.

         8.1.3     Alternate manufactures are acceptable.

                  Item:                                                         Qty:
              1. TYAN FT72B7015 Chassis, Tyan S7015-CA Mainboard,                       1
                  2400W (2x1200W) PSU
              2. Electrical Safety Authority - Inspection (Required By Law)             1
              3. Tyan 1200W Power Supply (Redundant)                                    1
              4. Processor: 1 x Intel Quad-Core Xeon W5580 / 3.2 GHz -                  2
                  LGA1366 Socket - L3 8 MB – Box
              5. Memory - 8 GB - DIMM 240-pin - DDR3 - 1333 MHz /                       6
                  PC3-10600 - CL9 - 1.5 V - registered with parity – ECC
              6. LG Electronics - 10X BLU-RAY BURNER SATA                               1
              7. Hard drive – minimum 500 GB - internal - 2.5" - SATA-                  2
                  300 - 7200 rpm, buffer: 32 MB
              8. PNY NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 Graphics adapter - Quadro                    1
                  FX 5800 - PCI Express 2.0 x16 - 4GB GDDR3 - DVI,
              9. nVidia TESLA C2070 - 6GB GDDR5, Peak DP floating                       4
                  point precision 520 GFlops - 630 GFlops
              10. Matrox Morphis QxT - MORQ/16VD/M4 Standard analog                     1
                  color/monochrome PCIe x4 frame grabber with 16 video
                  decoders and integrated MPEG-4 video encoder.
              11. Matrox Orion HD frame grabber                                         1
              12. Microsoft - Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 Bit – OEM Microsoft               1
                  - 1PK OEM-WIN ULT 7 64B DSP OEI DVD

      UWORFPSR-01054                       GPU CLUSTERS                                    2012/03/25

              13. MIL-Lite 9 development toolkit for 32-bit/64-bit                     1
                  Windows® XP/Vista/7 ActiveMIL-Lite, Intellicam, Matrox
                  display drivers and on-line documentation.
              14. Minimum 24 in LCD monitor                                            2
              15. APC Smart-UPS 3000VA XL UPS - AC 120 V - 2.7 kW -                    2
                  3000 VA - RS-232 - 11 output connector(s) - 5U

8.2    No substitutes shall be permitted without the express written consent of Western.

8.3    Proponents must ensure any and all appropriate requirements are met for us in Ontario,

8.4    All equipment must meet legislated standards and externally bear a mark or label approved
       by the Standards Council of Canada or equivalent. (i.e. ULC, CSA, FDA).

8.5     The successful Proponent(s) may be responsible to arrange and pay for an inspection by
       the Ontario Hydro Electric Safety Authority, special inspections divisions if required by
       and are responsible for any modifications required to bring the hardware/equipment up to
       current code and/or standards.

8.6    Please identify and provide detailed specifications on the physical space required for
       placing the equipment in a lab, outside dimensions and weight of equipment, range of
       movement if applicable, all necessary utility, plumbing and utility requirements, and
       required supporting equipment, etc.

8.7    If applicable, please identify if any of the following are contained within the equipment
       you are quoting: x-rays, lasers Class IIIB or higher, anything potentially dangerous ie.
       mercury, radioactive materials, etc.


9.1     In addition to responding to the defined specifications/ requirements of this RFP,
       Proponent(s) may submit separate and individual proposal(s) for alternative solutions that
       the Proponent(s) consider feasible solutions that would meet the defined
       specifications/requirements. Any alternative solution must include the same level of detail
       as the information requested in response to the original requirements.

9.2    The Evaluation Committee reserves the right in its sole discretion to determine the
       feasibility and acceptability of any alternative solution proposed.


10.1 Pricing must be in Canadian or USD dollars excluding taxes. Please complete Appendix B,

     UWORFPSR-01054                        GPU CLUSTERS                                  2012/03/25


10.2 Proponents should list the price of optional extras as separate line items in their proposal.

10.3 As part of the evaluation criteria stated in Section 17, proponents will be evaluated on their
     ability to provide at least 20% in-kind contributions in the form of discounts, add-ons or
     services according to the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) guidelines.

10.4 Prices should be guaranteed for 60 days following the closing date of the RFP.

10.5 Western would like to take advantage of any promotions, rebates, incentives, discounts,
     price decreases or new technologies that become available during the term of the contract.
     Proponents should state their policy related to future pricing and technology releases.

10.6 The successful Proponent(s) guarantees that all pricing offered and agreed to in this
     contract is (are) as low or lower than any being paid to date by any institution in Canada,
     including the Federal Government, for goods identical on this contract and sold by the
     successful Proponent(s). Should the successful Proponent(s) offer to sell goods identical to
     those on the contract to any institution in Canada at a lower price than those being paid for
     by Western; the successful Proponent(s) will adjust all prices for goods covered by this
     contract to the lower prices being offered elsewhere.

10.7 Pricing must include all costs including, but not limited to, all delivery and set up costs,
     license fees, drawings, permits, inspection, documentation, training requirements, extended
     warranty costs, unloading and rigging, installation, testing and acceptance.


11.1 Western will only accept standard payment terms of Net 30 days after delivery.
     Proponents should contact their own financial institution if they require financing in
     advance of these payment terms.

11.2 Proponent should list any payment discounts such as 2%10 days.

11.3 Applicable taxes are to be shown as separate lines on all invoices, when applicable.

11.4 All packages, packing slips, correspondence, customs documentation, and freight bills
     must quote the Western purchase order.

11.5 All invoices must quote the Western purchase order number. Failure to include the
     purchase order number will result in invoices being returned and delays in payments.


     UWORFPSR-01054                       GPU CLUSTERS                                  2012/03/25

12.1 Western reserves the right to call for a demonstration in the event of closely competing

12.2 Western may conduct site visits of the short listed proponents and/or may require a
     presentation from the Proponents. Proponents will be given sufficient time and an agenda
     to prepare for this presentation.

12.3 Western reserves the right, at its sole discretion to request clarification and/or further
     information from one or more Proponents prior to award without becoming obligated to
     offer the same opportunity to all Proponents.

13         QUALITY

13.1 Unless otherwise stated, the specified supplies/materials/equipment must be new, in good
     condition and fit for the purpose for which they are being acquired.

13.2 State if your company is ISO and/or Health Canada registered.

13.3 State your return policy. Identify any costs associated with returned goods.

13.4 Describe your Return of Goods procedure.

13.5 Western reserves the right to return any contract item for credit without being subjected to
     restocking fees and /or penalties.

13.6 Proponents are to include a statement as to what escalation process is available to Western
     in the event that issues are not resolved to Western’s satisfaction.


14.1 Standard warranty and extended warranty should cover each system for a total of three

14.2 Proponent should list the details and cost of their extended warranty as a separate line item
     in their quote.

14.3 Warranty should include on-site service for issues that cannot be addressed by telephone or
     email consultation.

14.4 Proponents should state the location of their service depot.

14.5 Proponents should a clear indication of the upgrade path (software and hardware).

     UWORFPSR-01054                        GPU CLUSTERS                                   2012/03/25

14.6 Proponents should the hourly rate for time and materials. Does the hourly rate include

14.7 Proponents should state the cost of a Preventative Maintenance program for each year of
     the contract beyond the warranty period.

14.8 Provide details as to any specific operating and/or environmental requirements the
     hardware requires.


15.1 Proponents should include training as separate line item in their proposal.

15.2 State any limitations on the number of Western individuals who can take advantage of
     training sessions.

15.3 What is the rate for additional training? Identify any additional costs related to training.

15.4 Does your company have a technical support centre? If so, state the hours of operation.

15.5 Is there a fee associated with software updates and/or software maintenance? If so, identify
     the term and cost with updates/or maintenance.

16         DELIVERY

16.1 Proponents should state the standard lead time for delivery of the equipment and/or goods.

16.2 Delivery is FOB Robarts Research Institute.

16.3 If applicable, please identify who will be clearing through Customs.

16.4 Time shall be of the essence and all goods shall be delivered in accordance with the
     delivery dates and quantities as specified on the Western purchase order. Failure to meet
     the specified delivery date shall entitle Western, at its sole option, to cancel any portion or
     all of the order without incurring any liability costs.

16.5 Goods must be packaged and transported in accordance with all relevant Federal,
     Provincial and State regulations.

16.6 Goods must be insured for the actual value of the goods/hardware where applicable.

     UWORFPSR-01054                          GPU CLUSTERS                            2012/03/25

16.7 The successful Proponent(s) bears the risk of loss with respect to hardware/goods until
     delivery and/or installation is complete to a fully operating condition and Western has
     accepted the hardware/goods.

16.8 Delivery to Western shall include delivery to the designated site, unloading, all packaging
     and waste removed and disposed of.


17.1 The following criteria will be used to evaluate the proposals submitted:

                  Evaluation criteria:                                    Suggested %
                  Value (Largely price or money related value):                 35%
                  Non-value (Other than price):                                 05%
                  In-Kind contribution:                                         15%
                  Specification or solution (Functional & Technical):           35%
                  Service and support:                                          10%

17.2 A short list will be determined from the evaluation.

17.3 Western reserves the right to enter into negotiations prior to award with the Proponent(s)
     who offers the best overall value to them. During such negotiations, the scope of may be
     refined, responsibilities will be designated, implementation issues clarified and the final
     terms and conditions of any contract will be determined.

17.4 If negotiations with the selected Proponent are unsuccessful, Western reserves the right in
     its sole discretion to enter into negotiations with any other Proponent(s).

17.5 The successful Proponent(s) awarded the contract will be contacted by telephone. The RFP
     status   and    final  award     decision    will     be    posted    on    WesternBuys

       UWORFPSR-01054                          GPU CLUSTERS                           2012/03/25

                                             Appendix A

SUBMITTED BY (Company):                    ________________________________________

Name:                               _________________________________________

Address:                            _________________________________________



Telephone:                          _________________________________________

Facsimile:                          _________________________________________

Email:                              _________________________________________

I/We the undersigned are duly authorized to execute this Proposal on behalf of:

                    Name of Prospective Supplier

                    Authorized Signature



Dated at the
                             City / Province

This                    Day of ____________, 2011.

    UWORFPSR-01054                      GPU CLUSTERS                      2012/03/25

                                              APPENDIX B

Description          List Price   Best Normal In-Kind        UWO     Net % of          In-
                                  Education   Contribution   Price       Kind


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