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					                                               IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                          Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                  September 26, 2006

IR/TEIS Protocol for Resolving Definitions & Capitalized Words
The 5 columns of this table reflect IR/TEIS process for resolving ‘definition’ conflicts:
    Glossary Committee Defined Term: Y=Is or should be
    Term Defined by IR/TEIS: term specific to industry but may be too granular for Glossary. Looking for
       BPS and EC input
    Term Remain Capitalized: term not specific to RXQ, and/or defined by third-party and should remain
       capitalized (e.g. X12 codes, etc)
    Lowercase. Terms to be modified to lowercase
    Comments: Terms that should be investigated for a number of reasons including: consistency with
       other uses; use of acronyms; use of abbreviations;

A question mark in a column suggests that IR/TEIS is not sure if this term should be in that category.

Current Capitalized Term                               Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case       Comments
Abundance                                                            Y                                           ?
Abundance of Consumption                                             Y                                           ?
ACCOUNT                                                                           Y
Account Level Charges                                                Y
Account Number                                                       Y                                     Customer ID?
ACH                                                                                                      Automated Clearing
Action Code                                                                       Y
Action Required                                                                   Y
Actual                                                                            Y
Actual Total                                                                      Y
Actual, Estimated                                                                 Y
ADD~LINE TWO OF MESSAGES                                                          Y
ADD~NBP MESSAGES                                                                  Y
Added Flat /Bypass                                                                Y
Added Tampering- Missing or Abundance of Consumption                              Y
Additional Information                                                            Y
Additive                                                                          Y
Additive/Master                                                      Y
Additive/Subtractive Metering Only                                   Y
Adjustment                                                                        Y
Adjustment Amount                                                                 Y
Adjustment In                                                                     Y
Adjustment Out                                                                    Y
Adjustment Reason Code                                                            Y
Adjustment to Last Bill                                              Y
Administrative Communications Contact                                             Y
Advice                                                               Y
Advice Details                                                                    Y
Agency Qualifier Code                                                Y
Agency Service, Promotion, Allowance or Charge                       Y
Agent Name                                                           Y
Alaska Daylight Time                                                              Y
Alaska Standard Time                                                              Y
Alaska Time                                                                       Y
Allowance                                                                         Y
Allowance or Charge Indicator                                                     Y
Amount                                                                            Y
Amount Qualifier Code                                                             Y
                                                IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                           Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                   September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case          Comments
Antenna                                                                            Y
App Advice Action                                                                  Y                                 ?
App Advice Date                                                                    Y                                 ?
App Advice ID                                                                      Y                                 ?
Application Acknowledgement Code                                      Y
Application Advice                                                    Y
Application Error Condition Code                                                   Y
Argon                                                                              Y
As Billed                                                             ?                          Y
Assigned                                                                           Y
Assigned Identification                                                            Y
Assigned Number                                                                    Y
Assumed Receivables                                                   Y
Assumption of Receivables                                  Y
Atlantic Daylight Time                                                             Y
Atlantic Standard Time                                                             Y
Atlantic Time                                                                      Y
Authorized Return                                                     Y
Automated Clearing House                                                           Y
Balance Returned                                                                   Y
Balance Type Code                                                                  Y
Bank Trace ID                                                                      Y
Beg / End Actual                                                      Y
Beg / End Estimated                                                   Y
Beg Actual / End Estimated                                            Y
Beg Estimated / End Actual                                            Y
Beginning Reading                                                     Y
Beginning Segment for Invoice                                                      Y
Beginning Segment for Payment Order/Remittance Advice                              Y
BIG                                                                                Y
Bill Boards                                                                        Y
Bill Due Date                                                         Y
Bill Ready                                                 Y
Bill Ready and SRBO Invoice                                                        Y
Billed                                                                                           Y
Billing & Payment                                                     Y
Billing Account                                                       ?            Y
Billing Cycle                                                         Y
Billing Final Indicator                                    Y
Billing Parties                                            Y
Billing Party                                              ?
Billing Party
Entity Name
Billing Party (BP) Name                                               Y
Billing Party Contact                                                 Y
Billing Party Customer Name                                           Y
Billing Party Email                                                   Y
Billing Party Entity Common Code ID                                   Y
Billing Party Entity ID                                               Y
Billing Party Fax                                                     Y
Billing Party ID                                                      Y                                   ? Billing Party Entity ID
Billing Party Name                                                    Y
Billing Party Phone                                                   Y
Billing Party Previous Account Number                                 Y
Billing Party Technical Contact                                       Y
Billing Services                                                      Y
Billing Services Termination                                          Y
Billing Type                                                                       Y             Y
Billing Usage                                                                                    Y
                                                  IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                             Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                     September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                 Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case           Comments
BP                                                                                  Y                           Remove Acronym
BP Customer ID                                                                      Y                      ? Billing Party CustomerID
BP Customer Name                                                                                                Remove Acronym
BP Customer Previous Account Number or SDID                            Y                                        Remove Acronym
BP Entity ID                                                           Y                                        Remove Acronym
BP Technical Contact                                                   Y                                        Remove Acronym
BP Technical Contact Phone                                             Y                                        Remove Acronym
Branch Location                                                        Y
British Thermal Units                                                               Y
Budget Billing                                                                                    Y
Bus Shelters                                                                        Y
Calculated Tax Amount                                                               Y
Cancel                                                                              Y
Cancellation                                                                        Y
Case, Color, Drawing No., U.P.C., ISBN No., Model No.,
Cash Concentration Disbursement                                                     Y
Cat Unit                                                                            Y                       Eliminate Abbreviation
Category                                                                            Y
Ccf                                                                                 Y
CCYYMMDD                                                                            Y
Centigram                                                              Y
Centistokes                                                            Y
Central Daylight Time                                                               Y
Central Standard Time                                                               Y
Central Time                                                                        Y
Channel Number                                                                      Y
Charge                                                                              Y
Charge/Allowance Credit/Debit Code                                                  Y
Charge/Allowance Credit/Debit Code
Charge/Allowance Line Amount                                                        Y
Charge/Allowance Line Category                                                      Y
Charge/Allowance Line Credit/Debit Code                                             Y
Charge/Allowance Line Description                                                   Y
Charge/Allowance Line Quantity                                                      Y
Charge/Allowance Line Summary                                                       Y
Charge/Allowance Line Unit of Maeasure                                              Y
Charge/Allowance Line Unit of Measure Code                                          Y
Charges/Taxes at an Account level                                                   Y
Check                                                                  Y
Chg/Allow Amount                                                                    Y                      Remove Acronym
Chg/Allow Category                                                                  Y                      Remove Acronym
Chg/Allow Credit/Debit Code                                                         Y                      Remove Acronym
Chg/Allow Description                                                               Y                      Remove Acronym
Chg/Allow Quantity                                                                  Y                      Remove Acronym
Chg/Allow Rate                                                                      Y                      Remove Acronym
Chg/Allow Summary Level                                                             Y                      Remove Acronym
Chg/Allow Unit of Measure                                                           Y                      Remove Acronym
CIS                                                                    ?            Y                      Remove Acronym
Classification                                                                      Y
Clearinghouse                                                          Y
CLIN                                                                                Y                      Remove Acronym
Collected Amount                                                                    Y
Collection Unique ID                                                                Y
COLLECTIONS                                                                         Y
Commodity Service Type                                                 Y
Communication Number
Communication Number
Communication Number Qualifier
                                                IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                           Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                   September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                              Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case           Comments
Company Owned                                                                    Y
Consolidated Billing Bill-Ready Invoice                             Y
Consolidated Billing Rate Ready                          Y
Consolidated Billing Rate Ready Invoice                                                                  Is this capitalized in the
                                                                                                          Consider Removal or
Consumer Service Provider                                           Y
Consumption                                                                      Y
Contact Function Code                                                            Y
Contract Line Item Number                                                        Y
Contract Payment Management Report Transaction                                   Y
Contract Summary                                                                 Y
Core Loss                                                                        Y
Corp Trade Exchange                                                              Y                      Remove Acronym
Corporation (D&B)                                                                Y
Credit/Debit Flag Code                                                           Y
Credit/Debit Indicator                                                           Y
Credits                                                             Y
Critical Application Indicator                                                   Y
Cross Reference ID                                                               Y
Cross Reference Number                                                           Y
CS                                                                               Y
CTT                                                                              Y
CTX                                                                              Y
Current Basic Generation – Peak Demand                                           Y
Current Basic Generation -Consumption                                            Y
Current Meter Reading Date                                          Y
Current Total Charges                                               Y
Current Transaction Trace Numbers                                                Y
Customer                                                 Y
                                                                                                         Customer ID or Account
Customer Account ID                                                 Y
Customer Balance Total                                                           Y
Customer First Phone Number                                                      Y
Customer ID                                                         Y
Customer Info                                                                                  Y           Remove Acronym
Customer Name                                                       Y
Customer Name Overflow                                              Y
Customer Payment Posting Date                                       Y
Customer Phone 1                                                    Y                                               ?
Customer Phone 2                                                                                        ? Customer second phone
Customer SD ID                                                                                          ? Customer ID or Account
Customer Second Phone Number                                        Y
Customer/Account-Level Charges                                                   Y
Cycle                                                               Y
Cycle to Date                                                       Y
Daily                                                                            Y
Data Element Dictionary                                                          Y
Data Element Summary                                                             Y
Date Bill Rendered                                                  Y
Date Customer Bill Issued                                           Y
Date Customer Payment Due                                           Y
Date Funds Transferred                                              Y
Date of Termination of Billing Services                             Y
Date Time Period                                                                 Y
Date Time Period Format Qualifier                                                Y
Date/Time Qualifier                                                              Y

                                                    IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                               Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                       September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                  Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case         Comments
Days                                                                    Y
Debtor’s Account                                                        Y
Defined Unmetered Service Type                                                       Y
Demand                                                                               Y
Demand Information Only                                                 Y
Description                                                                          Y
Detail Position                                                                      Y
Discount Amount                                                                      Y
DISTRIBUTE-IT INC                                                                    Y
Distribution Company                                         Y
Distribution Company Bill Ready Consolidated                            Y
Distribution Company Entity ID                                          Y
Distribution Company Name                                               Y
Distribution Company Rate Ready Consolidated                            Y
Distribution Company Rate Subclass                                      Y
Document Due                                                            Y                                             ?
Document Due Date                                                       Y                                             ?
Dollar Basis Amount                                                                  Y
Dollars, U.S.                                                           Y
Draft Standard                                                                       Y
DTM~150                                                                              Y
DTM~151                                                                              Y
Dual                                                                    Y                                      “Dual Billing”
Dual Billing                                                 Y
Dun & Bradstreet                                                                     Y
DUNS                                                                                 Y
DUNS Number                                                                          Y
DUNS+4                                                                               Y
Duplicate Payment                                                                    Y
Each                                                                                 Y
Eastern Daylight Time                                                                Y
Eastern Standard Time                                                                Y
Eastern Time                                                                         Y
EDI                                                          Y                                                Remove Acronym
EDISIM                                                                                             Y
Electric                                                                             Y
Electric Commodity Service                                              Y
                                                                                                             Code = capitalized;
Electric Reliability Council of Texas                                                Y                      otherwise replace with
Electronic Data Interchange                                  Y
Electronic Device                                                                    Y
Electronic Mail                                                         Y
Electronic Return Originator                                                         Y
End Date                                                                             Y
Ending/Single Reading                                                   Y            ?
ENT                                                                                  Y                       ? Remove Acronym
Entity Common Code                                           Y                                                   “Entity ID”
Entity ID’s                                                             Y
Entity Identifier Code                                                               Y
Entity Type Qualifier                                                                Y
Envelope                                                                             Y
ERCOT                                                                                Y                        Remove Acronym
ESI                                                                                  Y                        Remove Acronym
ESP                                                                                  Y                        Remove Acronym
Estimated                                                                            Y
ET                                                                                   Y
EXCLUDED                                                                             Y
Extended Line Item Indicator                                                         Y
                                                 IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                            Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                    September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                               Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case       Comments
Figures Appendix                                                                  Y
Final Indicator                                                                   Y
Final Invoice                                                        Y
Final Invoice Indicator                                                           Y                       “Final Indicator”
FinalInd                                                                          Y
Financial Reassociation Trace Number                                              Y
Florescent                                                                        Y
Free Form Message                                                    Y
Free-form name                                                       Y
Funds Transfer Date                                                  Y
Gas                                                                               Y
Governing                                                            Y
Greenwich Mean Time                                                               Y
Groupings                                                            Y
Header                                                                            Y
Headquarters Location                                                             Y
Hierarchical ID Number                                                            Y
Hierarchical Level Code                                                           Y
Hierarchical Structure Code                                                       Y
Historical/Antique                                                                Y
HL                                                                                Y                      Remove Acronym ?
HTTP Request                                                         Y
Hundred Cubic Feet                                                                Y
ID Code                                                                           Y                      ? Remove Acronym
Identification Code                                                               Y
Identification Code Qualifier                                                     Y
IDR Meters                                                           Y                                   Remove Acronym
Ignore                                                                            Y
Incandescent                                                                      Y
Information Contact                                                  Y
Insufficient Funds                                                   y
Intermediate Peak                                                    Y
Interval                                                             Y
Interval Date                                                        Y
Interval Detail                                                      Y
Interval End Date Time                                               Y
Interval Meter Channel Number                                        Y
Interval Meter Quantity                                                           Y
Interval Meter Read Ending/Single                                    Y
Interval Meter Read Estimated Actual Flag                                         Y
Interval Meter Read Power Factor                                     Y
Interval Quantity                                                                 Y
Interval Summary                                                     Y
Interval Time                                                        Y
Interval Unit of Measure                                                          Y
Interval Usage Summary Across Meters                                 Y
Invalid Invoice                                                      Y
Invalid Usage                                                        Y
Invoice                                                              Y
Invoice Cancelled                                                    Y
Invoice Charge or Allowance                                          Y
Invoice Date                                                                      Y
Invoice Due Date                                                                  Y
Invoice ID                                                                        Y
Invoice ID Number                                                                 Y                         “Invoice ID”
Invoice Missed Window                                                             Y
Invoice Number                                                                    Y
Invoice Purpose                                                                   Y
Invoice Purpose Code                                                              Y
                                                       IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                                  Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                          September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                     Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case         Comments
Invoice Sections                                                           Y
Invoice Transaction Set                                                                 Y
Issue-Other Department                                                                  Y
Item Number                                                                             Y
kilovolt Amperes                                                                        Y
Kilovolt Amperes Reactive                                                               Y
Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Demand                                                        Y
kiloVolt Amperes Reactive Hour                                                          Y
Kilowatt                                                                                Y
kiloWatt Amperes Reactive Demand                                                        Y
kiloWatt Demand                                                                         Y
kilowatt Hour                                                                           Y                            kiloWatt
KVA Demand                                                                              Y
KVAR                                                                                    Y
KVAR Demand                                                                             Y
KVARH                                                                                   Y
kWh                                                                                     Y                             Code?
Late Payment Charge                                                        Y
LDC                                                                        Y                                     Remove Acronym
LDC Account Number                                                                      Y                       ? Remove Acronym
Levys                                                                                   Y
Line Item Charges                                                          Y
LINE TWO OF REGULATORY MESSAGES                                                         Y
Low                                                                                     Y
LX                                                                                      Y
Mandatory                                                                               Y
Master Meter                                                               Y
Master/Additive                                                            Y
Master/Additive/Subtractive                                                Y
Master/Subtractive                                                         Y
MBP’s                                                                                   Y                        Remove Acronym
Mcf                                                                                     Y                            Code?
Measured Demand                                                                         Y
Measurement Qualifier                                                                   Y
Measurement Reference ID                                                                Y
Measurement Value                                                                       Y
Memorandum                                                                              Y
Mercury Vapor                                                                           Y
Metal Halide                                                                            Y
Meter                                                                                   Y
Meter Consumption Type                                                     Y
Meter Exchange Date                                                                     Y
Meter Interval Type                                                                     Y
Meter Multiplier                                                           Y
Meter Number                                                               Y
Meter Read Unit of Measure                                                              Y
Meter Reading Date                                                                      Y
Meter Role                                                                 Y
Meter Ticket Number                                                                     Y?
Meter Type Definition                                                      Y?
Metering Interval Reported for Billing Purposes                            Y
Mid Peak                                                                   Y                                       “Intermediate”
Milligrams per Kilogram                                                    Y
Miscellaneous: Receivables Charge                                                                     Y        Remove Miscellaneous?
Missing                                                                                 Y
Mixed                                                                                   Y
Monetary Amount                                                            Y
Money Collected                                                            Y
Month 2                                                                                               Y
                                                    IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                               Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                       September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                  Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case         Comments
Monthly                                                                              Y
Monthly Billed Summary                                                  Y
Monthly Invoice                                                         Y?                                     Remove Monthly?
Monthly Invoice Cancel                                                  Y?                                     Remove Monthly?
Monthly Invoice Original                                                Y?                                     Remove Monthly?
Months                                                                  Y
Mountain Daylight Time                                                               Y
Mountain Standard Time                                                               Y
Mountain Time                                                                        Y
MRE                                                                     Y                                    Remove Abbreviation
Multiple/Multiple                                                                    Y
Multiple/Single                                                                      Y
NAESB                                                                                Y
Name Distribution Company                                                            Y
Name Last                                                               Y
Natural Gas Commodity Service                                                        Y
NBP                                                                                  Y
NBP Entity ID                                                                        Y
Net Amount Paid                                                         Y
Net Interval Usage Summary                                              Y
No                                                                                   Y
No Allowance or Charge                                                               Y
Non-Billing Party                                            Y
Non-Billing Party
Entity Name
Non-Billing Party Account ID                                            Y
Non-Billing Party Amount Allocated for Account                          Y
Non-Billing Party Arrears                                               Y
Non-Billing Party Balance, After Current Charges                        Y
Non-Billing Party Balance, Prior to Current Charges                     Y
Non-Billing Party Entity ID                                             Y
Non-Billing Party ID                                                    Y
Non-Billing Party Invoice Due Date                                      Y
Non-Billing Party Name                                                  Y
Non-Billing Party Rate                                                  Y
Non-Billing Party Rate Class                                            Y
Non-Billing Party Rate Subclass                                         Y
Non-Billing Party Regulatory Messages                                   Y
Non-Billing Party Required Messages                                     Y
Non-Interval Consumption                                                Y
Non-Interval Detail                                                     Y
Non-Interval Summary                                                    Y
Note Reference Code                                                     Y
Note/Special Instruction                                                Y
NPB ID                                                                               Y
Number                                                                  Y
Number of Dials                                                         Y
Number of Dials / Digits                                                Y                                   Same as Number of Dials
Number of Included Segments                                             Y
Number of Line Items                                                    Y
ODFI                                                                                 Y
Off Peak                                                                Y
Old Account Number                                                      Y                                      Old Customer ID
Old Customer ID                                                         Y
On Peak                                                                 Y
Order                                                                   Y
Organization Name                                                       Y
Original                                                                             Y
Original Invoice                                                                     Y
                                                    IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                               Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                       September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                  Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case        Comments
Original Invoice Amount                                                              Y
Original Invoice ID                                                     Y
Original Invoice Number                                                 Y                                    Original Invoice ID
Original Reference Number                                               Y
Original Transaction Identifier                                         Y
Original Usage ID                                                       Y
Other Instructions                                                                   Y             ?
Other Un-Metered                                                                     Y?
Outstanding Balance                                                     Y
Pacific Daylight Time                                                                Y
Pacific Standard Time                                                                Y
Pacific Time                                                                         Y
Parties                                                                 Y
Party Calculating Bill                                                  Y
Party Calculating Charges                                               Y
Party Calculating Non-Billing Party Charges                             Y
Party Sending Bill                                                      Y
Payee                                                                                Y
Payer Name                                                                           Y
Payment                                                                              Y
Payment Action Code                                                                  Y
Payment Effective Date                                                  Y
Payment Format                                                          Y
Payment Format Code                                                                  Y
Payment Level Allocated Amount                                                       Y
Payment Level Allocated Flag                                                         Y
Payment Method Code                                                                  Y
Payment Method Type                                                                  Y
Payment Notification                                                    Y
Payment Notification Date                                               Y
Payment Notification ID                                                              Y
Payment Notification Unique ID                                                       Y
Payment Notification/Collections                                                     Y
Payment on Account                                                      Y
Payment Order/ Remittance Advice Transaction                            Y
Payment Plan Indicator                                                               Y
                                                                                                            No MBPs for Payment
Payment Plans                                                           Y?
Payment Reference ID                                                                 Y
Payment Remittance                                                      Y
Payment/Adjustment Flag                                                              Y
Payment/Adjustment Indicator                                                         Y
Payment/Adjustment Type                                                              Y
Payments                                                                Y
Payor                                                                                Y
PE                                                                                   Y
Per Month                                                                                          Y
Phone Booth                                                                          Y
Phone Outlet                                                                         Y
Posted                                                                  Y
Posting Date                                                            Y
Power Analog node                                                                    Y?
Power Factor                                                            Y
Power Factor Adjusted                                                   Y
Power Region                                                            Y
Pressure Correction Factor                                                           Y
Previous Meter Reading Date                                             Y
Primary Metering Indicator                                              Y
Print Sequencing Number                                                 Y
                                                 IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                            Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                    September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                    Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case       Comments
Proactive                                                                                            Y
Product /Service ID Qualifier                                                          Y
Product Reportable Quantity                                                            Y
Product Transfer                                                                       Y
Product/Service ID                                                                     Y
Production Code                                                                        Y
Property Control Number                                                                Y
Property Level Movement/Sale                                                           Y
Pump Station                                                                           Y
Punctuation                                                               Y
Purchase Order                                                                         Y
Purpose = Original                                                        Y
Purpose Code = Cancel                                                     Y
Quantity                                                                               Y
Quantity Delivered                                                                     Y
Rail Road Crossing                                                                     Y
Range Minimum                                                                          Y
Ratchet Kilowatt Demand                                                                Y
Ratchet KVA Demand                                                                     Y
Ratchet Power Factor Adjusted                                                          Y
Rate                                                                      Y
Rate Card Number                                                                       Y
Rate Class                                                                Y
Rate Codes                                                                Y
Rate Ready (RR) Invoice Transaction Set                                   Y
Rate Ready Invoice                                                        Y
Rate Ready LDC Consolidated Billing                                       Y
Rate Subclass                                                             Y
Receiver                                                                  Y
Receiver Entity ID                                                        Y
Receiver Entity Name                                                      Y
Receiver ID                                                               Y                                   Receiver Entity ID?
Receiver Technical Contact                                                Y
REF~OI                                                                                 Y
REF~PR                                                                                 Y
Reference Identification                                                  Y
Reference Identification Qualifier                                                     Y
Reference Information                                                     Y
Reference Number ID                                                                    Y
Registration Agent                                             Y                                                Clearinghouse?
Registration Agent Name                                                   Y
Registration Agents                                            Y                                                Clearinghouse?
REGULATORY REQUIRED MESSAGES OR NOTICES                                                Y
Rejection Code                                                            Y
Rejection Description                                                     Y
Rejection Level                                                           Y
Rejection Reason                                                          Y
Rejection Reason Text                                                     Y
Rejection Text                                                            Y
Related Standards                                                                      Y
Relationship Code                                                         Y
Release Number                                                                         Y
Reliability Council                                                                    Y                           ERCOT?
Remittance                                                                Y
Remittance Advice Accounts Receivable Open Item Reference                              Y
Remittance Date                                                           Y
Remittance Header                                                         Y
Remittance Information Only                                               Y
Remittance/Payment Cross-Reference Number                                              Y
                                              IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                         Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                 September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                            Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case         Comments
REPLACEMENT CHARGE                                                             Y
Report Type Code                                                               Y
ReportType                                                                     Y                        Report Type Code?
REQ                                                                                                     Remove Acronym
REQUIRED                                                                       Y
Response                                                                       Y
Retail Supplier                                                   Y                                        “Supplier”?
Retailer                                                          Y                                        “Supplier”?
Returned Items                                                    Y
Reversal                                                                       Y
RGQ                                                                                                      Remove Acronym
RR                                                                             Y
SAC                                                                            Y
Sales Responsibility                                                           Y?
Sample Paper Transaction                                                       Y
SDID                                                                           Y
SE                                                                             Y
See Figures Appendix                                                                        Y?
Segment                                                                        Y
Sender                                                            Y
Sender Common Code ID                                             Y
Sender Entity ID                                                  Y
Sender Name                                                       Y
Sender Technical Contact                                          Y
Sender Technical Contact Email                                    Y
Sender Technical Contact Fax                                      Y
Sender Technical Contact Phone                                    Y
Sequence Number                                                                Y
Service Delivery ID                                    Y
Service Location Street Address                                   Y
Service Performed Code                                            Y
Service Period                                                    Y
Service Period End Date                                           Y
Service Period Start                                              Y
Service Period Start Date                                         Y
Service Provider                                                  Y
Service Rendered                                                  Y
Service Type                                                      Y                                   Commodity Service Type
Settlement Date                                                   Y
Signed                                                            Y
Single Retail Bill Option                                         Y
Single/Multiple                                                                Y
Single/Single                                                                  Y
SLN                                                                            Y
Sodium                                                                         Y
Southwest Electric Reliability Council                                         Y
Southwest Power Pool                                                           Y
Special Requirements Indicator                                                 Y
ST                                                                             Y
Start Date                                                                     Y
Subline Item Detail                                                            Y
Submitter                                                         Y
Submitter/Receiver Code                                           Y                                         Submitter?
Subtracted Fast Missing                                           Y
Subtractive/Master                                                Y
Subtractive;Additive;Ignore                                       Y
Summary                                                           Y
Summary Level                                                     Y
Supplier                                               Y
                                                    IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                               Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                       September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                  Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case      Comments
Supplier Bill Ready, includes SRBO                                      Y
Supplier Entity ID                                                      Y
Supplier Name                                                           Y
Supplier of Record                                                      Y                                      Supplier?
Suppliers                                                               Y
Tag                                                                     Y            Y?
Tax Amount                                                              Y
Tax Inclusion Indicator                                                              Y
Tax Information                                                         Y
Tax Jurisdiction Code                                                   Y
Tax Jurisdiction Code Qualifier                                                      Y
Tax Percent                                                                          Y
Tax Type                                                                             Y
Tax Type Code                                                                        Y
Taxes                                                                                Y
Taxing Entity                                                                        Y
Taxing Jurisdiction                                                                  Y
TBS                                                                                  Y
TDS                                                                                  Y
Technical Error Description                                                          Y
Technical Implementation of Business Process                            Y
Telephone                                                               Y
Termination of Bill Services Date                                                    Y
Termination of Bill Services Unique ID                                               Y
Termination of Billing Services                                                      Y
Termination of Billing Services Header                                               Y
Terms Net Due Date                                                      Y
Terms of Sale/Deferred Terms of Sale                                                 Y
Therm factor                                                                         Y
Therms                                                                  Y
Thousand Cubic Feet                                                                  Y
TOBS ID                                                                              Y
Total                                                                                Y
Total Current Charge                                                                 Y
Total Monetary Amount                                                                Y
Total Monetary Amount Allocated                                                      Y
Total Monetary Amount Transferred                                                    Y
Total Monetary Value Summary                                                         Y
Total Non-Billing Party Account Balance                                              Y
Total of NBP Line Item Charge                                                        Y                      Remove Acronym
Total Received                                                                       Y
Totalizer/Total/Max                                                     Y
Trace Type                                                                           Y
Trace Type Code                                                                      Y
Trading Partner Agreement                                    Y
Traffic Lights                                                                       Y
Trans Purpose                                                                        Y
Transaction Date                                                                     Y
Transaction Detail ID                                                                Y
Transaction Handling Code                                                            Y
Transaction Purpose                                                                  Y
Transaction Reference Number                                                         Y
Transaction Set                                                         Y
Transaction Set Control Number                                                       Y
Transaction Set Header                                                               Y
Transaction Set Identifier Code                                                      Y
Transaction Set Purpose Code                                                         Y
Transaction Set Rejected                                                             Y
Transaction Set Trailer                                                              Y
                                           IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                      Capitalized Word Review Document
                                              September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                         Glossary   IR / TEIS                 Lower case   Comments
Transaction Totals                                                          Y
Transaction Tracking ID                                                     Y
Transceiver                                                                 Y
Transferred                                                                 Y
Transformer Loss Factor                                                     Y
Transformer Loss Multiplier                                                 Y
TRN                                                                         Y
TXI                                                                         Y
Type of Adjustment                                                          Y
UET                                                                         Y
Ultimate Location                                                           Y
Unique Number                                                               Y
Unit of Measure                                                             Y
Unit of Measure for Quantity                                                Y
Unit or Basis for Measurement Code                                          Y
Universal Time Coordinate                                                   Y
Unmetered                                                      Y
Unmetered Services                                             Y
Unmetered Services Detail                                      Y
Unmetered Services Summary                                     Y
Usage                                                                       Y
Usage Cancellations                                                         Y?
Usage Category                                                              Y
Usage Code                                                                  Y
Usage Cross Reference Number                                   Y
Usage Detail category                                          Y?
Usage ID                                                       Y
Utility                                                        Y
UUID                                                           Y                                   Usage ID
Valid Values                                                                              Y
Verified Receipts                                                           Y
Wallpacked Mercury Vapor                                                    Y
Warning Sirens                                                              Y
Watt                                                                        Y
Watts                                                                       Y
Western States Coordinating Council                                         Y
Write-off                                                      Y
Write-off Acct ID                                                           Y
Write-off Amount                                                            Y
Write-off Date                                                              Y
Yes                                                                         Y
ZIP Code                                                                    Y

                                          IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                     Capitalized Word Review Document
                                             September 26, 2006

IR/TEIS Candidates for Glossary
The following concepts are global with respect RXQ books (e.g. 3, 8, 9). Since they will be ‘related standards’
in many if not all books, RXQ should consider moving these terms into a central location (Glossary?). Or as
MBP’s somewhere?

Customer ID
The ‘Customer ID’ data element is the unique identification of a Customer in a marketplace. In all NAESB
market models, the Distribution Company assigns the Customer ID to a Customer.

Two models are supported for Customer ID:
   Account Number of the Distribution Company. In this marketplace model, the account number of the
     Distribution Company defines the unique Customer ID for a Customer.
   Service Delivery ID. In this marketplace model either a Distribution Company defines the unique
     Customer ID for a Customer using the ID for the service delivery location (e.g. ESI ID).

In cases where the Customer is not assigned to a Supplier, an additional data element is required to confirm that
the Customer ID provided is correct. The ZIP Code for the Customer must be provided whenever the Supplier
is not the Supplier of Record. This includes both Customer Information requests as well as initial enrollment

Old Customer ID
NAESB marketplaces provide a vehicle in case a Distribution Company needs to change the Customer ID key
for a Customer. For example, if the Distribution Company implements a new CIS system, they may need to
assign new account numbers. If the Distribution Company uses this Account Number as the Customer ID,
some cross-reference is needed between the old Customer ID and the new one. The Distribution Company
should provide both the Old Customer ID and the current Customer ID in transactions for 90 days.

Non-Billing Party Account ID
NAESB marketplaces require Billing Parties and Registration Agents to store the Non-Billing Party Account ID
if provided by the Non-Billing Party. For example, when a Supplier enrolls a Customer, they must include the
Customer ID, but may also choose to include their Account ID from their internal systems. If provided, this
Account ID should be echoed in all future transactions.

Commodity Service Type
NAESB marketplaces allow only one type of commodity (i.e. electric or gas) in a transaction.

Sender, Receiver, Distribution Company, Supplier, Registration Agent, Billing and Non-Billing Party
NAESB standards support transactions flowing in multiple directions, including:
   Usage can flow from Distribution Company to Registration Agent, Registration Agent to Supplier, and
     Distribution Company to Supplier
   Invoices and Payments can flow from Distribution Company to Supplier and Supplier to Distribution

NAESB practices are often worded using defined terms Billing Party and Non-Billing Party. While the Data
Dictionary retains these terms, the Technical specifications (X12) do not use these terms and rather require that
parties define themselves and their trading partners in each transaction as both:

                                            IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                       Capitalized Word Review Document
                                               September 26, 2006
    a) the type of entity (e.g. Distribution Company), and
    b) whether the defined entity is the sender/submitter, or receiver.

Entity ID
Supplier Entity ID, Distribution Company Entity ID, Sender Entity ID, Receiver Entity ID, Billing Party Entity ID, Non-Billing Party Entity ID
NAESB marketplaces require trading partners to use Entity ID’s in inner and outer transaction envelopes,
including name segments such as the X12 N1 and NM1.

See ‘Entity Common Code ID’ in ‘Related Standards’ for more information.

Usage ID Cross Reference
The Usage ID data element serves as a cross reference between the Usage and the associated Invoice and

In X12, these data elements are used for the cross-reference:
 867 – BPT02 – This document establishes the Usage ID cross reference number.
 810 – BIG05 – This document must have the cross reference number from the respective 867.
 820 – REF6O (letter O) – When making the other party whole, the 820 to the non-billing party must also
    include the cross reference number from 867/810 document.

Service Period, Start Date, End Date
NAESB energy marketplaces use the Service Period to define discrete units. Usage is created and if necessary
cancelled by Service Period dates, which include a Start Date and an End Date. Invoices are created, and if
necessary cancelled, using the Service Period originally defined in the Usage transaction.

Restatements of both Usage and Invoice transactions are done using a new Service Period, which creates a new
discrete unit.

Service Periods should be overlap from month to month. For example, last month’s Service Period End Date
should equal this month’s Service Period Start Date.

                   Service Period Start Date      Service Period End Date
First Report         DTM~150~20050501               DTM~151~20050601
Second Report        DTM~150~20050601               DTM~151~20050701

Meter exchanges
Usage information is divided into two separate reports when a meter is exchanged:
 The first report starts with the Service Period Start Date and ends with the Meter Exchange Date
 The second report starts with the Meter Exchange Date and ends with the Service Period End Date
??since overlap, which report gets overlapped date?

                   Service Period Start Date       Meter Exchange Date         Service Period End Date
First Report         DTM~150~20010101              DTM~514~20010114
Second Report                                      DTM~514~20010114               DTM~151~20010128

                                                   IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                              Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                      September 26, 2006
Party Sending Bill & Calculating Charges
Technical specifications often require data elements that define billing model for the defined Customer. The
table below summarizes the use of the Billing Party and Party Calculating Charges data elements, using X12 as
an example.

                                       Bills         Calculates LDC       Calculates ESP     Billing Party   Calc. Party
         Billing Model
                                     Customer            Portion              Portion         REF*BLT         REF*PC
Distribution Company Rate           Distribution       Distribution         Distribution
                                                                                                 LDC            LDC
Ready Consolidated                   Company            Company              Company
Distribution Company Bill Ready     Distribution       Distribution
                                                                              Supplier           LDC           DUAL
Consolidated                         Company            Company
Supplier Bill Ready, includes                          Distribution
                                      Supplier                                Supplier           ESP           DUAL
SRBO                                                    Company
Dual                                   Both                                   Supplier           DUAL          DUAL

Meter Type
The Meter Type data element uses a five-character field to identify what the measure is reporting, and in what
interval. The first two characters are the type of consumption/demand, the last three characters are the metering
interval reported by the metering agent. Valid values can be a combination of the following values:
               Type of Consumption                  Metering Interval Reported for Billing Purposes
K1        Kilowatt Demand (kW)
K2        Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Demand (kVAR)   [nnn]    Number of minutes from 001 to 999
K3        Kilovolt Amperes Reactive Hour (kVARH)    DAY      Daily
K4        Kilovolt Amperes (kVA)                    MON      Monthly
KH        Kilowatt Hour (kWh)

KHMON               kiloWatt hours Per Month
K1015               kiloWatt demand per 15 minute interval

Clearinghouse v. Registration Agent v. ERCOT
For usage, ERCOT collects all usage from meter reading entity, takes a part of the usage transaction for
settlement purposes, then forwards usage to supplier.

For enrollment, ERCOT serves as registration agent for service location, deciding supplier of record.

Do we need a consistent term? Or multiple terms?

Should ERCOT only be used when specifically talking about Texas (ie except for codes, rarely since our
standards are generic)? Can we leave references to ERCOT as an example?
Electronic Data Interchange

Meter Reading Entity

Interval Data Recorder (IDR); Interval Meters

                                            IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                       Capitalized Word Review Document
                                               September 26, 2006

IR/TEIS Candidates for Book-Specific Definitions
Depending on direction by BPS/EC, these terms need definitions either for a) glossary or b) Book 3

Current Capitalized Term                      Definition
Abundance of Consumption
Account Number
Additive/Subtractive Metering Only
Adjustment to Last Bill
Assumed Receivables
Beg / End Actual
Beg / End Estimated
Beg Actual / End Estimated
Beg Estimated / End Actual
Beginning Reading
Bill Ready
Billing & Payment
Billing Party Entity ID
Billing Party Name
Branch Location
Budget Billing
Customer Name
Customer Name Overflow
Demand Information Only
Distribution Company Entity ID
Distribution Company Name
Document Due Date
Ending/Single Reading
Entity ID
Final Invoice
Intermediate Peak
Interval Data Recorder Meters
Interval Date
Interval Detail
Interval End Date Time
Interval Meter Channel Number
Interval Meter Read Ending/Single
Interval Meter Read Power Factor
Interval Summary
Interval Time
Interval Usage Summary Across Meters
Invoice Cancel
Invoice Original
Late Payment Charge
Master Meter
Meter Consumption Type
Meter Multiplier
Meter Number
Meter Reading Entity
Meter Role

                                                       IR / TEIS Working Paper
                                                  Capitalized Word Review Document
                                                          September 26, 2006
Current Capitalized Term                                 Definition
Meter Type Definition
Metering Interval Reported for Billing Purposes
Mid Peak (same as intermediate peak)?
Monthly Billed Summary
Net Interval Usage Summary
Non-Billing Party Account ID
Non-Billing Party Entity ID
Non-Billing Party Invoice Due Date
Non-Billing Party Rate
Non-Billing Party Rate Class
Non-Billing Party Rate Subclass
Non-Billing Party Regulatory Messages
Non-Billing Party Required Messages
Non-Interval Consumption
Non-Interval Detail
Non-Interval Summary
Number of Dials / Digits
Off Peak
Old Customer ID
On Peak
Original Invoice ID
Original Usage ID
Party Calculating Charges
Party Calculating Non-Billing Party Charges
Party Sending Bill
Payment Notification
Power Factor
Power Region
Primary Metering Indicator
Rate Class
Rate Subclass
Receiver Entity ID
Service Location Street Address
Service Period
Service Period End Date
Service Period Start
Service Period Start Date
Submitter Entity ID
Submitter Name
Subtracted Fast Missing
Summary Level
Supplier Entity ID
Unmetered Services
Unmetered Services Detail
Unmetered Services Summary
Usage Cancel
Usage Detail Category
Usage ID
Usage Original


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