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					             A Community
              A Redesign 3 Project

                 Ronnie Blomberg
                   Leila Carrillo
               Tatjana Eggert-Reich
                   John Ingham
                    Lisa Mekis
                  Elizabeth Neil
                  Wei Ping Chang
               Sohaila Shooshtarian

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            Table of Contents

Scope Statement

     Vision Statement              3
     Business Need                 3
     Project Description           3
     Project Deliverables          4
     Objectives                    5
     Assumptions                   6
     Constraints                   6
     High - Level Risks            7

Stakeholder Analysis               8
Lifecycle Approach                 9
Lifecycle                          9 - 10
WBS                                11 - 14
Project Schedule                   15 - 16
Cost Baseline                      17 - 20
Cost Baseline Graph                21
Communication Plan                 22
Responsibility Assignment Matrix   23 - 25
Risk Matrix                        26
Risk Response Plan                 27

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                                                    Scope Statement
      Vision Statement
Design and construct a full service, neighborhood restaurant in San Francisco serving California cuisine focusing on locally grown
food, and locally produced art to benefit the overall neighborhood community and economy

      Business Needs
Currently San Francisco does not have one full service restaurant that is solely focused on locally grown organic food, local
entertainment, and local art. The Fillmore neighborhood community is eager to support the opening of a restaurant that features
food from local farms, creates employment for neighborhood youth and adults, and is an evening venue for conviviality, art, and
community building.

      Project Description
Design and build a full service restaurant on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. Priority will be given to local and green purveyors,
merchants and contractors for all construction and design needs. The restaurant construction will meet all current building codes
and regulations, be on time, and within budget. The design and construction of the restaurant will include:

                 Seating for approximately 75 diners
                 Sound system supporting acoustic performance
                 Two wheel chair accessible bathrooms
                 State of the art open kitchen
                 Enclosed kitchen prep area
                 Warm overall design that highlights the art, music, and food

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                                         Scope Statement                 (Continued)

Project Deliverables

                       IS                                                   IS NOT

         Planning Completed by 2/11/08              Promotional design (menus, logos, matchbooks, etc.)

          Permits & Licenses by 3/7/08               Finding a location, handling tax & insurance matters
 Design and Construction of Restaurant by 6/11/08   Marketing & organization of soft- open / grand opening
 Walk Through and Sign off by Sponsor by 7/3/08             Hiring chef, kitchen/front of house staff
                                                        Providing tableware, linens, silverware, plates,
                                                               platters, table, decorations, etc.

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                                         Scope Statement                  (Continued)


                        Objective                                                  Criteria for Evaluation

  Complete Requirement for Plan Submission by 2/11/08                           “J” Permit Obtained form City
   Hire Designer and General Contractor (GC) by 2/12/08                    Sponsor Approval and Signed Contracts
             Complete Design Process 3/7/08                                             Sponsor Sign Off
     Complete Construction Requirements by 6/11/08                     General Contractor and Project Manager Sign Off
                Final Inspection by 6/12/08                                  Final Inspection Document Received
    Sponsor Acceptance of Completed Work by 7/03/08                           Signed “Final Sign Off Document”

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                                           Scope Statement               (Continued)

   Assumption and Constraints

                   Assumptions                                                         Constraints
          GC Will Obtain Construction Permit                                        Funding – 1.2 MIL
Owner/ Sponsor will hire a qualified General Contractor                Timeline – Completion within 120 days of start
 Owner/ Sponsor will hire a qualified Interior Designer
   Cost of material will not increase more than 10%
               No labor issues / strikes
     Change order will not exceed more than 6%

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                                  Scope Statement              (Continued)

High Level Risks

       Risk Description                        Trigger                   Impact on Cost, Scope or Time
           Funding Cut                      Bank Pulls Out                         Kills Project
    Construction Costs Increase           Costs Exceed 10%                            Cost
                                            Labor Dispute
         Schedule Delays                                                              Time
                                            Vendor Delays
                                   Non Compliance with City Building
        Inspections Failure                                                      Cost and Time

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Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder                          Needs                                              Wants / Expectations

                         Proper return on its investment
   Bank                                                                     Breathe Local continues as a profitable business
                                 Potential profit

                                                                                        Weekly team meeting
                     Clear understanding of design vision
  Interior                                                                           Prompt payment of invoices
                  Clear understanding of code requirements
 Designer                                                                        Recommendations for future business
                  Sufficient funds to obtain materials/supplies
                                                                                  Design to achieve local recognition
                                                                                      Communication of vision
   Local                                                                                 Milestone updates
                         To be considered in the design
 Residents                                                                             Notification of opening
                                                                                     Neighborhood enhancement
               Final design and construction/design to meet ‘local’
  Owner /                                                                        Project on schedule and within budget
  Sponsor                                                                                 Weekly status report
                              Communication Plan
                           Owner/Sponsor approval
                              Sufficient cash flow                          Deliverables on schedule and within budget
                           Authority to control project                 Success will solidify contract for sponsor’s next project
Project Team
                                Qualified labor                                      Weekly group status meeting
                             Communication Plan

                             Detailed plans/drawings
                                                                                   Prompt payment of final invoices
Contractors           Clear understanding of deliverables
                                                                                 Recommendations for future business
 /Vendors         Sufficient funds to obtain materials/supplies

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Lifecycle Approach
Linear, restaurants have previously been constructed and designed and models used in those instances can be applied
here. The uniqueness of this project lies in the design implementation of a neighborhood atmosphere. To that end, we
also utilize a progressive elaboration approach.

Lifecycle (1 of 2)
                                      PROJECT MANAGEMENT DELIVERABLES

                                                                      CONSTRUCTION /
             REQUIREMENTS                      PLANNING                                            CLOSING

               Project Charter             Project Mgmt. Plan:           Milestone List        Closing Documents
        Preliminary Scope Statement         Scope Statement              Status Report          Sponsor Sign-off
                                                  WBS                   Change Control          Lessons Learned
                                             Project schedule
                                              Cost Baseline
                                            Assignment Matrix
                                           Communication Plan
                                           Risk Response Plan

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Lifecycle (2 of 2)

                                   PRODUCT PROCESS DELIVERABLES

                                                                    CONSTRUCTION /
           REQUIREMENTS                 PLANNING                                                   CLOSING

        Licensing and Permitting    Designer Contracted          Construction of Restaurant   Final City Inspection
       Construction Requirements     Design Completion               City Inspections
       GC/Designer Requirements        GC Contracted                                          Operational Hand Off
         Civil Engineering Plan    “J” Permit (Demolition)
            Architectural Plan           City Permit
         Plan Submitted to City        Building Permit
                                     Schedule Approval

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1. Project Charter
2. Preliminary Scope Statement
        2.1. Preliminary WBS
        2.2. Preliminary time line
        2.3. Preliminary cost baseline
               2.3.1. Obtain cost estimates from GC and Designer
               2.3.2. Labor cost estimates
        3. Licensing and Permitting
        3.1. Determine building permit requirements
        3.2. Determine local jurisdiction
        3.3. Determine Gas/Water/Electricity requirements
        3.4. Permits cost estimates
4. Construction Requirements:
        4.1. Obtain Building plan from sponsor
        4.2. Obtain sponsor’s requirements and specifications
        4.3. Understand sponsor’s internal procedure (bidder qualification-bonding   requirements etc.)
5. Designer and GC Requirements
        5.1. Obtain designs
        5.2. Understand responsibility of designer and construction manager
        5.3. Establish construction responsibilities
        5.4. Set up temporary Utilities
6. Civil Engineering Plan
7. Architectural Plan
8. Plan Submittal to City

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WBS (Continued)

1. Scope statement
2. WBS
3. Project Schedule
       3.1. GC schedules (Construction)
       3.2. Designer schedules (Furniture Procurement)
       3.3. Bar-chart schedule
       3.4. Inspections schedules
4. Cost Baseline
       4.1. Reviewed GC & designer estimates
       4.2. Permits & licenses payment
5. Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
6. Communication Plan
7. Risk Response Plan
8. Designer Contract
9. Design Completion and Approval
10. GC Contract
       10.1. Have GC hire subcontractors for plumbing / Drainage / Power /   Electricity / Telephone lines
       10.2. Worker / Vendor Contracts
11. “J”-Permit (Demolition)
12. City Permit
13. Building Permit
14. Schedule Approval
       14.1. Sponsor Schedule approval

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WBS (Continued)

1. Milestone List
2. Status Report
        2.1. Constant monitoring of progress, budget and permit process
        2.2. Weekly review meetings
3. Change Control
4. Construction of Restaurant
        4.1. Aluminum flush tube frame (for 1/4" glass,1-3/4"x4", 5'x6' opening,   no intermediate horizontals)
        4.2. Glazing panel, plate glass, 1/4"" thick, tempered
        4.3. Exterior Doors
        4.4. Roof Construction
        4.5. Partitions-rough framing
        4.6. Interior Doors
        4.7. Fittings-Pluming Fixture
        4.8. Wall Finishes
        4.9. Floor Finishes
        4.10. Ceiling Finishes
        4.11. Plumbing Fixtures
        4.12. Terminal & Package Units,Multi zone-Air condition-Heating
        4.13. Sprinklers
        4.14. Electrical Service/Distribution
        4.15. Communications and Security
        4.16. Other Electrical Systems
        4.17. Indoor Furniture and fixture procurement finished
5. City Inspections

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WBS (Continued)

1. Closing Documents
2. Sponsor Sign-Off
3. Lessons Learned
4. Final City Inspection
5. GC closing document
       5.1. Final Bill payment
       5.2. Punch List with all the sub-contractors
6. Operational Hand-Off
       6.1. Sponsor acceptance and Sign-off
       6.2. Obtain final payment
       6.3. Recommendations for future projects

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Project Schedule View

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Bottom-Up Estimate (1 of 4)

                              PAGE   - 17 -
Bottom-Up Estimate (2 of 4)

                              PAGE   - 18 -
Bottom-Up Estimate   (3 of 4)

                                PAGE   - 19 -
Bottom-Up Estimate (4 of 4)

                              PAGE   - 20 -
Cost Baseline

                PAGE   - 21 -
Communication Plan
               X = Consulted/Reviewed O = Organizer * = Additional Updates As Needed

             Sponsor PM     Team     Designer Architect GC GM         Freq.            Dist. Method
               X      O       X                                       Once              Mtg / Email   Word
               X      O       X                                       Once*            Mtg. / Email   Word
     WBS              O       X                                       Once             Mtg. / Email   Word
                      O       X          X          X        X   X    Weekly           Mtg. / Email   Word
                      O       X                                  X    Once*            Mtg. / Email   Excel

                                             PAGE   - 22 -
Communication Plan (Continued)

                   Sponsor PM     Team     Designer Architect GC GM          Freq.         Dist. Method
      Risk Plan      X     O       X                                  X      Once           Mtg. / Email      Word
                     X     O       X                                        Weekly       WebEx Mtg. / Email   Word
      Reports &
                           O       X          X          X            X   Semi Monthly      Mtg. / Email      Word
    Design Mtg
                                              X          X            X     Weekly             Email          Word
           RFP             O       X                              X   X      Once*          Mtg. / Email      Word
       Sign-Off      X     O       X                                  X      Once*          Mtg. / Email      Word
    Final Report
             To      X     O       X          X          X        X   X      Once*          Mtg. / Email      Word

                                                  PAGE   - 23 -
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)
               Execution = E     Consultation = C       Approval Authority = A          Be Informed = I








          Project Charter                 A,C,I                E           C              C,I         C          C
   Preliminary Scope Statement            A,C,I                E           C              C,I         C          C
               WBS                        A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I
         Scope Statement                  A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I
         Project Schedule                 A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I        C
           Cost Baseline                  A,C,I                E          C,I,E           I,A        C,I,E       C
        Risk Response Plan                A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I
               RAM                        A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I
           Milestone List                 A,C,I                E           C,I             I          C,I        C
           Status Report                  A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I        C
          Change Control                  A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I        C
         Closing Document                 A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I
         Sponsor Approval                 A,C,I                E           C                          C
          Lesson Learned                  A,C,I                E           C,I                        C,I        C

                                                     PAGE   - 24 -
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) (Continued)
                Execution = E    Consultation = C       Approval Authority = A          Be Informed = I








        Product (1 of 2)
      Licensing and Permitting              I                  E                           I
     Construction Requirements             A,I                 E                                          E
     GC/Designer Requirements              A,I                 E             E                            E      C
       Civil Engineering Plan               I                  I             C                            E
          Architectural Plan               A,I                               E                            E
         Submit Plan to City                I                  E                           I
            Hire Designer                  A                   E                                          E
         Design Completion                 A                   I                                          E      C
               Hire GC                     A                   E             E
       “J” Permit (Demolition)                                 E             C                            C
             City Permit                                       E             C                            C
           Building Permit                                     E             C             I              C
         Schedule Approval                 A                   E             C                            C

                                                     PAGE   - 25 -
Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)                                     (Continued)

                Execution = E     Consultation = C       Approval Authority = A                  Be Informed = I

                                                                                                                                       Local Community
                                                                                                                   Interior Designer
                                                                                 Contractors /




              (2 of 2)

     Construction of Restaurant             A                                       E
          City Inspections                  I                   E                   E
       Final City Inspection                I                   E
         Final PM and GC                    A                   E                   E
         Sponsor Sign Off                   A                   E

                                                      PAGE   - 26 -

      High                                                               Scope Change

P                                                                        Poor Workmanship
A                Defective Product      Cost Overrun
B   Medium       Late Delivery          Theft / Vandalism
L                                        Sickness / Accident
Y                                        Communication Block        Natural Force delays

      Low                                External economy           Inspection and Permit Issues

                       Low                     Medium                       High


                                               PAGE      - 27 -
Risks Response Plan

                             Affected                                                 Strategy /
        Risk                                 Probability   Impact    Priority                               Owner               Status
                              Areas                                                    Action

                           Cost / Sched. /
        Design Change                           Low         Mid       Low              Accept      PM / Sponsor / Vendor / GC     O
         Sched. Delays     Sched. / Cost        High        High      High             Accept      PM / Sponsor / Vendor / GC     O

        Scope Change       Sched. / Cost        Mid         High       Mid             Accept            PM / Sponsor             O

 Permits / Insp / Issues   Sched. / Cost        Low         High      High              Avoid              PM / GC                C

   Natural Force Delay     Sched. / Cost        Low         High      Low              Accept      PM / Sponsor / Vendor / GC     C

         Vendor Issues     Sched. / Cost        Med         Low       High            Transfer     PM / Sponsor / Vendor / GC     C

 Communication Block Sched. / Planning          Med         Mid       Low              Mitigate    PM / Sponsor / Vendor / GC     O

                           Sched. / Cost /
          Legal Issues                          Med         Mid       High             Accept        PM / Team / Insurance        O

     Theft / Vandalism     Cost / Sched.        Med         Mid        Mid              Avoid              Insurance              O

          Cost Overrun     Cost / Budget        Med         Mid       Low              Accept                 GC                  O

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     PAGE   - 29 -

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