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					                     POP CLIFF NOTES 9/2/2008
Slim Thug Presents Boss Hogg Outlawz: Back By Blockular Demand
IO: 45,000 First: 12,000/6,000/3,500
Key Markets: Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, DC, Baton Rouge, Chicago, Seattle, LA
   1st single “Keep It Playa” featuring Ray Jay serviced to radio on 7/8 - 116 spins this week
   Video shot for “Keep It Playa” serviced to BET on 7/21/08
   Previous Boss Hogg Outlawz scanned 12K first week
   Slim Thug appears on majority of the tracks

Snoop Presents Dub Union: Dub Union (Explicit Version)
IO: 25,000 First: 10,000/7,000/5,000
Home Market: LA
Key Markets: LA, New York, San Fran, Chicago, DC, Atlanta
   Dub Union is a rap group featuring artists from Los Angeles and the nearby cities of Inglewood,
      Long Beach, and Watts. Members include Soopafly (Priest Brooks), Damani (Damani Washington),
      and Bad Lucc (Terence Harden).
   Their first major label appearance was on the song `Like This` from Snoop Dogg's 2006 smash
      album Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, which has sold 909,562 units to date.
      Snoop Dogg will be involved in the marketing set up of the album, as well as a producer on the
      album under his producer’s alias Niggarachi.
Snoop “PRESENTS THE BIG SQUEEZE” (KOC-5545 4/24/07) 33,156

 Joe Crack & Pistol Pete Present: K.A.R
IO: 25,000 First: 7,500/4,000/2,000
Key Markets: New York, LA, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Baltimore, Detroit
   Multi- Platinum Fat Joe will executive produce and will be featured on the release
   KAR consist of Mike Beck, Rob Cash, Leader & Onez. Group has been a staple in the New York
      underground hip hop scene
   Appearances include Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Sheek Louch, The Diplomats and Sean Kingston
Fat Joe “Elephant In The Room” (Virgin 3/11/08) 97,685

Moving to TBD
QUI: Luv N'Life
IO: 12,000 First: 3,500/2,000/1,500
IO: 12,000 First: 4,000/2,000/1,500
Key Markets: Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis, Atlanta, Louisville, Pensacola, Chattanooga, TN
   Tenth album to date
   On tour with ICP
   All new material
   Sold over 286K in his career
Haystak “Crackavelli” (FRYW 3/20/08) 29,998 - Haystak “B.O.S.S Mixtape Vol. 1” (FRYW
10/16/07) 8,901

IO: 10,000 First: 3,000/2,000/1,000
Key Markets: LA, Chicago, Albuquerque, NM, DC, Phoenix, Denver, New York, Baltimore
   Features Layzie Bone & AK of Do or Die
   All new material
   Over 60 million sold between the two groups
   15 year running feud between the groups, now come together for this project
Bone Thugs “STILL CREEPIN ON AH COME UP” (RTE-CD-15 - 3/18/08) 10,995 – Do Or Die
“Get That Paper” (RAPA 3/28/06) 24,297

IO: 10,000 First: 3,000/2,000/1,000
Key Markets: Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, Seattle, Phoenix, LA
   4 million sold throughout his career
   All new material
Twista Presents Speedknot Mobstaz “Mobstability II: Nation Bizness      (KOC-CD-5586 5/27/08)

Putumayo Presents “Acoustic Arabia” (PUT-CD-282/790248028224) 9/2/08 IO: 10,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 500 2nd 750 3rd 1,000
Key Markets: New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle,
Portland, Boston, New Orleans, Denver, Miami
Home Market: N/A
Selling Points:
   Steeped in ancient tradition, the acoustic music of the Middle East and North Africa is featured on
       this mesmerizing collection.
   Features Zein Al-Jundi, Maurice El Medioni, Mousta Largo, Souad Massi, Les Orientales, RAS,
       Rasha, Charbel Rouhana & Hani Siblini, Tiris, and Zaman.
   Putumayo’s Arabic CDs have sold more than 1 million copies in the U.S./Canada.
Related Soundscan: Putumayo Presents “Arabic Groove” (PUT-CD-189/790248018928 6/12/01) 102,663;
Putumayo Presents “Sahara Lounge” (PUT-CD-220/790248022024 1/20/04) 41,749
Chiwoniso “Rebel Woman” (CMB-CD-8/890846001084) 9/2/08 IO: 5,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 300 2nd 400 3rd 500
Key Markets: All
Home Market: Zimbabwe
Selling Points:
   A powerful singer and songwriter and a committed proponent of free speech in a country noted for
       oppression and violence against people who dare to raise their voices in defiance, Zimbabwe’s
       Chiwoniso performs entrancing and uplifting songs with ancient soul and modern spirit. Backed by
       the mesmerizing interlocking melodies of the mbira and the deep grooves of an all-star lineup
       featuring some of Zimbabwe and South Africa’s top musicians, Chiwoniso’s voice resounds with
       defiant strength and profound tenderness.
   A stunning African music talent whose first international release in 9 years has been long-awaited in
       world music circles.
   US tour dates in September to coincide with album release
   As heard on the recent Putumayo compilations African Party and African Dreamland
   The CD package will be a beautiful 6-panel digipak with a 32-page booklet.
Related Soundscan: Chiwoniso “Ancient Voices” (TIN 5/9/00) 1,364

Myra Andrade “Navega” (SAR-CD-1105/740042110526) AVAILABLE NOW! IO: 2,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 200 3rd 200
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Boston,
Portland OR
Home Market: Paris - France
Selling Points:
   Already a breakout sensation in Europe, the delightful 23-year-old chanteuse from Cape Verde is
       poised to charm fans and critics stateside with her stunning debut CD Navega.
   Andrade gained attention in the international music community this spring following Navega’s
       acclaimed UK release and was bestowed with the coveted BBC3 Best World Music Newcomer of
       the Year award this past April, prompting the UK’s Daily Telegraph to hail Mayra as “a true star.”
   On Navega, Mayra brings her seductive vocals to a lush concoction of Cape Verdean, Brazilian,
       African, Caribbean and French rhythms, including the Cape Verdean traditional musical style known
       as morna, along with afrofunk, pop and jazz beats. Mayra has lived in Senegal, Angola, Germany,
       Portugal and Cape Verde, and has resided in Paris since 2003.
   Mayra has already had several impressive accomplishments to speak of including winning the gold
       medal at an international music festival in Canada at age 16, recording a duet with. French music
       legend Charles Aznavour in 2005, and representing her country with a single released in support of
       the fight against AIDS along with other major Brazilian artists.
Related Soundscan: N/A

Barbie “Barbie and the Diamond Castle” (KOC-CD-4583/099923458326) 9/2/08 IO: 15,000 AH/9.98
Projected Week 1: 500 Projected Week 2: 400 Projected Week 3: 350
Selling Points:
      Barbie’s biggest musical adventure yet!
      Exclusive hit song “Connected” performed by Katharine McPhee
      3 Barbie dolls are sold every second and Barbie is still the #1 toy property in the toy industry.
      New for 2008, the newest line of Barbie products Barbie & The Diamond Castle will feature toys,
         DVD, a television movie event and this soundtrack CD.
      Barbie & The Diamond Castle movie will have multiple airings on Nickelodeon and a massive
         product roll out.
        Barbie & The Diamond Castle Soundtrack features 12 new songs, 10 new tracks from the sure fire
         mega hit DVD which comes out in September 2008, and two favorites from previously released
        This is the first Barbie fantasy movie with contemporary music
        Commercial for Barbie & The Diamond Castle album in the trailer section prior to airing of the
         movie on all Barbie & The Diamond Castle DVD’s
        FSI brochure in estimated 1.2MM Barbie & The Diamond Castle DVD’s
        Barbie & The Diamond Castle will reach millions of girls across the globe with estimated ships of
         2MM + DVD’s worldwide.
        Barbie Entertainment DVD’s are always in the top 5 kid’s releases each year.
        Mattel will launch an extensive television and online campaign for new Barbie & The Diamond
         Castle products
        Television airing on Nikelodeon Research shows that Barbie movies are watched on average 12
        Over 200,000+ Barbie CDS have been scanned lifetime to date.
        9.98 Price Point

Daniel O’Donnell “At home in Ireland” (DPT-CD-45/796539004526) 9/2/08 IO: 7500 AT/19.98 2CDS
Projected Week 1: 600 Projected Week 2: 600 Projected Week 3: 600
Selling Points:
      2 CD set
      8th PBS Special At Home in Ireland premiered nationally during the March 2008 fund drive.
      For the first time the soundtrack from the show is available to retailers in a 2 CD set containing all
         of the music from the live concert event plus additional songs that were not featured in the
      Irish classics, country standards, traditional pop favorites and Daniel serenading his mother Julia
      Publicity outreach targeting 50 + older demo
      Airing nationally on Public TV August & September
      BRANSON, MO Tour – November thru December
      Also available on DVD (DPT-DV-272/796539027266)
      Related sound scans: Daniel O’Donnell “Can you feel the Love” (DPT CD 40) 8/14/07 12,228
         scanned to date; Daniel O’Donnell “Until the next Time” (DPT CD 38) 2/13/07 16,954 scanned
         to date.

The Smithereens “B-Sides – The Beatles” (KOC-CD-4504/099923450429) 9/2/08 IO: 7500 AR/17.98
Projected Week 1: 1500 Projected Week 2: 700 Projected Week 3: 500
Selling Points:
      All new Smithereens record containing covers of 13 Beatles B-Sides including classic songs we
         all know and love: Thank you girl, I’ll Get You, There’s a Place, You Can’t do that, I should have
         known better, If I fell and more.
      The Smithereens recently paid homage to the Beatles by re recording Meet the Beatles for KOCH
         Records on “Meet the Smithereens” in 2007.
      KOC CD 4204 “Meet the Smithereens” (1/2/07) has scanned 19,047 units to date.
      This all new release includes session drummer Andy White, who played drums on the original
         “P.S. I Love You” single sitting in with the Smithereens to play the famous track again.
      Home Market: NEW JERSEY
      Top soundscan DMA Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston and
         San Francisco
Shyan Selah: Brave New World
IO: 6,000 First: 1,800/700/400
Key Markets: Seattle, Portland, San Fran, LA, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Detroit,
     Shyan music is a mixture of hip hop, classic R&B with a hint of funk and rock
     Shyan is the spokesman for the Jimi Hendrix Foundation
     Advertisements in XXL, KING, Rap Pages
     .30 commercials in to run on BET/ MTV/ Spike television

Moe. “Dr. Stan’s Prescription Volume 1” (FBY-CD-6652/650869665225) 9/2/08 IO: 5,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 1,000 2nd 500 3rd 500
Key Markets: Denver, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Chicago
Home Market: New York
Selling Points:
      Volume 1 is a live recording of the pool deck show from the 3/8/04 Caribbean cruise chosen by
         archivist Dr. Stan with filler from the 3/12/95 Vail, CO show.
      Track Listing
         Disc 1:
         1. Intro
         2. Bring it Back Home
         3. New York City
         4. Hi & Lo
         5. Bring You Down
         6. Kyle’s Song
         7. Interstellar Overdrive
         8. Brent Black
         Disc 2:
         1. Intro
         2. Recreational Chemistry
         3. Turn on Your Lovelight
         4. Recreational Chemistry
         5. Lost Pirate Jam
         6. Captain America
         7. Lost Along the Way
         8. St. Augustine
         9. Mexico
         10. Armageddon Jig
         11. Farmer Ben
         Disc 3:
         1. Spine of a Dog
         2. Jazz Wank
         3. Buster
         4. The Weight
         5. Dr. Graffenberg
         6. Havah Negilah
         7. Moth
         8. Timmy Tucker
         9. Seat of My Pants
         10. Brent Black
Related Soundscan: moe. “Warts & All Vol. VI” (FBY-CD-6651/650869665126 5/27/08) 2,690
OPM “Golden State of Mind”
Suburban Noize Records
5,000 IO
1,200, 800, 500

1. Feel The Vibration Featuring Jim Perkins from Dumbluck
2. Family And Friends Featuring Big B
3. Runaway
4. Tell Me What You Want Featuring Big B
5. Dirty White Featuring Big B
6. Honey
7. Square Peg Featuring Pato Banton
8. Set It On Fire Featuring Jamie Allensworth
9. My Own Thing Featuring Johnny Richter from Kottonmouth Kings
10. Every Minute Featuring DJ Product from (hed)pe
11. Shoot Em Up Featuring Sen Dog from Cypress Hill and Big B
12. It's Like That Featuring Big B, The Dirtball, Deanna and DJ Product
13. Addicted
14. Family and Friends The Saber Mix

-Previous sales history:
California Poppy 7/18/06 4,217 LTD
For The Masses        6/22/04 9,571 LTD
Menace to Sobriety 8/15/00 73,961 LTD

-Tour with (hed) p.e. 6/25-7/25 (30 dates) to set up the record
-Tour with Expendables (70 dates) after street date.
-OPM’s signature tune “Heaven Is A Half Pipe” from 2000 is still downloaded over 200 times a week.
-Top OPM DMAs: Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Boston, Chicago, SF, San Diego, NY, DC and

Janis Ian “Best of Janis Ian: The Anniversary Collection” (CKV-CD-4871/711297487121)
Projected Soundscans: 1st 1,000 2nd 750 3rd 500
Key Markets: New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago,
Portland OR, Seattle
Home Market: Nashville, TN
Selling Points:
      This is Janis Ian’s first “best of” collection.
      2 CDs, 31 tracks in deluxe digipak.
      Her autobiography “Society’s Child” (Penguin/Tarcher) will be released on July 24 th.
Related Soundscan: Janis Ian “Folk is the New Black” (CKV-CD-764/711297476422 2/21/06) 9,589

Margaret Becker- Air (GGE-CD-600242, UPC 080560024272) AP: $15.98. IO: 4,000. Projected Week
1: 400 Projected Week 2: 400 Projected Week 3: 400
(Note: this title did not make the Koch August release book, and is being solicited as “available now”)
Selling Points:
      Becker has had fourteen #1 Christian radio hits, won three Dove Awards, and been nominated for
         four Grammy Awards.
      Radio single `Coming Up For Air` serviced nationally to AC/Inspo stations for adds in July.
      Heavy online promotion via website and myspace.
      Nationwide media campaign will target Christian outlets
      “Air” has already garnered critical acclaim on most major Christian websites and magazines
         including Christianity Today and Further PR and reviews are expected this
         summer and fall.

HOME TOWN MARKETS Bayshore, NY, Nashville, TN

KEY DMA MARKETS Tour markets for 3rd/4th quarter 2008:
Traverse City, MI, Portland, ME, Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Milford, NJ, Boston, MA, NewYork,
NY/Long Island, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Erie, PA, Cleveland, OH, Columbus, OH,
Toledo, OH

FOR CONSUMERS WHO LIKE: Contemporary Christian

Dreamlab- Hymnotica (GGE-CD-600162, UPC 080856001628) AK: $11.98
 IO: 2,000. Projected Week 1: 200 Projected Week 2: 200 Projected Week 3: 200
(Note: this title did not make the Koch August release book, and is being solicited as “available now”)

Selling Points:
      Familiar hymns set to a modern chill-out and ambient beat
      Magellan (DreamLab DJ) to appear at key slots on “Shoutfest 2008” (September - November)
         with exposure to over 50,000 Christian music fans across the Southeast US.
      Active global online community of DJs and Dance fans on, my space and
         shoutlife communities.

1. It Is Well
2. Jesus I My Cross Have Taken
3. My Jesus I Love Thee
4. Blessed Assurance
5. Jesus, I Am Resting
6. Be Thou My Vision
7. Come Thou Fount
8. I Surrender All
9. Old Rugged Cross
10. Cry Holy

HOME TOWN MARKETS Boston, Houston, Nashville

KEY DMA MARKETS Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Detroit, Minneapolis, Boston,
Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Miami, New Orleans

FOR CONSUMERS WHO LIKE: Electronica, trance, ambient, spiritual

Dreamlab- Technodelic (GGE-CD-600272, UPC 080856002724) AK: $11.98
 IO: 2,000. Projected Week 1: 200 Projected Week 2: 200 Projected Week 3: 200
(Note: this title did not make the Koch August release book, and is being solicited as “available now”)

Selling Points:
Same as above, except:
“Technodelic” is a spiritual blending of modern techno mixed with the classic stylings of 60's and 70's
psychedelic movement.

1. Megastar
2. Inspire
3. Light Sight
4. Heaven & Earth
5. Sunshine
6. Dontcha Know
7. Calling
8. Metamorphasize
9. New Beginnings
10. Father of Lights

Dreamlab- Tranceformation (GGE-CD-600262, UPC 080856002625) AK:$11.98 IO: 2,000. Projected
Week 1: 200 Projected Week 2: 200 Projected Week 3: 200
(Note: this title did not make the Koch August release book, and is being solicited as “available now”)

Selling Points:
Same as above, except:
“Tranceformation” tunes have catchy hooks and trance club beats with spiritual themes.

1. The One
2. Shout
3. Taste The Heavens
4. Streets of Gold
5. Five
6. The Gift of Life
7. New Generation
8. 23
9. Arise
10. Rainbow
Dreamlab- Club Revival (GGE-CD-600172, UPC 080856001727) AK:$11.98 IO: 2,000. Projected
Week 1: 200 Projected Week 2: 200 Projected Week 3: 200
(Note: this title did not make the Koch August release book, and is being solicited as “available now”)

Selling Points:
Same as above, except:
“Club Revival” is a mix of trance, dance, stadium and club beats set to vertical lyrics.

1. Fire of Love
2. Deep Calls To Deep
3. Hear Oh Israel
4. Let Us Come Before Him
5. Be Our Center
6. Glory To Your Name
7. Shine
8. You Are Holy God
9. Come Away
10. Song To The Bride

Sabac: The Ritual
IO: 5,000 First: 1,000/500/350
   Member of Non Phixin
   Bonus DVD includes live show footage
   Video for lead single being worked to all video outlets
Sabac “VOL. 2-COLLABO COLLECTION” (FBTZ 10/16/07) 673

Thomas McClary “A Revolution Not a Revival” (ECH-CD-4093/096010409322) 9/2/08 IO: 2,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 150 3rd 100
Key Markets: Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Houston, San
Francisco, Los Angeles
Home Market: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Selling Points:
   An original member of the multi platinum group the Commodores brings his enormous talent as a
       guitarist, vocalist and great song writer onto this amazing inspirational and cross-over CD.
   Featuring female vocalist Melissa “Honey” LaRochelle and many others on a combination of Rock,
       Soul, R&B and Gospel music designed to attract & please buyers of every generation.
Related Soundscan: N/A

Blam “Blamnation” (ECH-CD-4090/096010409025) 9/2/08 IO: 1,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Houston
Home Market: New York, NY
Selling Points:
     25 year old rapper Caesar “Blam” Dow was raised in Spring Valley, NY. He’s worked with Wyclef,
      Timbaland, DJ Envy, and KRS-One.
  Blam experienced adversity from as early as three months when his mother died in a car accident
      and by the age of 16 he had lost his father. Blam was shot and within weeks of that brush with death
      he was stabbed. Wounds still fresh, Blam was mauled by pit bulls and then while completing rabies
      treatment he was falsely accused of robbery. Since then Blam has focused on his higher power and
  Blam stands for “Black Lord All Mighty”.
  This testimony to a conscience revolution features Redman, KRS-One and Jermaine Paul.
Related Soundscan: Blam “Caveat Emptor” (MMTR 6/22/04) 74

Papa San “Higher Heights” (ECH-CD-4091/096010409124) 9/2/08 IO: 1,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: Miami, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Houston
Home Market: Miami, FL
Selling Points:
   This CD follows Papa San’s popular inspirational albums released through Zomba-BMG.
   Has made guest appearances and shared stages with Gospel titans, the likes of Kirk Franklin, Mary
       Mary, Trin-t-ee 5:7, Donnie McClurkin, Hezekiah Walker, and BeBe & CeCe Winans.
   In 1994 he filled dance floors around the world with The Programme, which also hit the top of the
       Billboard dance chart. Smash hits like I Will Survive, Legal Rights, Strange and Maddy Maddy Cry,
       among many others, brought Papa San a huge audience in all the Caribbean Islands and around the
       world in Japan, Europe, Africa, the U.S. and more throughout the 80s and 90s.
   Worldwide tour lined up this summer.
Related Soundscan: Papa San “Real & Personal” (GOSP 8/23/05) 6,981

Kasualty aka OG Sancho: Player Seduction
IO: 2,000 First: 400/300/200
Key Markets: LA, Phoenix, Albuquerque, NM, SF-Okland-San Jose, Denver, San Diego, Salt Lake
   Member of the Hi-Power camp
   Debut album
   Has been touring with Mr. Capone-e

Young Doe “A Product of the Eighties”
West Coast Mafia
1,500 IO
350, 175, 150 projections

     Heavy following in Denver/Colorado.
     Features C-Bo and Spade

Hawkman “Murda and Mayhem”
West Coast Mafia
1,500 IO
350, 175, 150 projections


C-Studvill- The Unsigned Deal Vol. 2 (WWM-CD-3081, UPC 747656308141) AK:$11.98 IO: 500.
Projected Week 1: 50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected Week 3: 50 *This title has been bumped to a
street date of 9/30/08*

   Single “Where-U Frum 210” has become a local anthem in Stud’s native San Antonio
   Music video to be serviced to BET & MTV2
   Local radio ad campaign will focus on Dallas, Houston, Atlanta & Oklahoma City markets
   All mix show and specialty DJs will be serviced the single along with reporting DJs.

HOME TOWN MARKETS San Antonio, Houston

KEY DMA MARKETS San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, Tulsa

Buckcherry Tribute “Tribute to Buckcherry”
CC Entertainment
1,500 IO
75 weekly projections


   Tribute being release the same day as the brand new Buckcherry
   Buckcherry’s catalog scans 5,700 units a week without having a new release in over 2 years.
   Top 10 Buckcherry DMAs: Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Boston, NY, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, DC,
    Dallas and Atlanta

Ludacris Tribute “Throwback/Old School Tribute”
CC Entertainment
1,500 IO
75 weekly projections


   New Ludacris album released on 9/16. Last album from 2006 scanned 1.2 million units.
   Catalog currently scans over 1,000 units a week
   This tribute will include a old school version of his latest single
   Top Ludacris DMAs: Los Angeles, NY, Chicago, Atlanta, DC, Philly, Dallas, Houston, SF and
Nelly Tribute “Smooth Jazz Tribute”
CC Entertainment
1,500 IO
75 weekly projections

   New Nelly release coming on 8/19.
   Nelly’s catalog currently scans over 1,700 units a week
   This tribute will feature a jazz version of his latest single
   Top Nelly DMAs: Los Angeles, Chicago, NY, DC, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, Detroit, Philly and St.

LITTLE FEAT: Sailin' Shoes; MOF-CD-778; 821797077866 (BC) 29.98 I/O:1,000 ; 1st WK:100;
2nd WK: 100; 3rd WK: 100
Sales Points
 Little Feat's debut may have been a great album but it sold so poorly, they had to either broaden their
    audience or, in all likelihood, they'd be dropped from Warner. So, Sailin' Shoes is a consciously
    different record from its predecessor - less raw and bluesy, blessed with a varied production and
    catchier songs.
 That still doesn't make it a pop record, since Little Feat, particularly in its first incarnation, was simply
    too idiosyncratic, earthy and strange for that. It is, however, an utterly thrilling, individual blend of
    pop, rock, blues and country, due in no small part to a stellar set of songs from Lowell George.
    If anything, his quirks are all the more apparent here than they were on the debut, since Ted
    Templeman's production lends each song its own character, plus his pen was getting sharper.
 George truly finds his voice on this record, with each of his contributions sparkling with off-kilter
    humor, friendly surreal imagery and humanity, and he demonstrates he can authoritatively write
    anything from full-throttle rock & roll ("Teenage Nervous Breakdown"), sweet ballads ("Trouble," a
    sublimely reworked "Willin'"), skewered folk ("Sailin' Shoes"), paranoid rock ("Cold, Cold, Cold")
    and blues ("A Apolitical Blues") and, yes, even hooky mainstream rock ("Easy to Slip," which should
    have been the hit the band intended it to be).
 That's not to discount the contributions of the other members, particularly Bill Payne and Richie
    Hayward's "Tripe Face Boogie," which is justifiably one of the band's standards, but the thing that truly
    stuns on Sailin' Shoes is George's songwriting and how the band brings it to a full, colorful life.
    Nobody could master the twists and turns within George's songs better than Little Feat, and both the
    songwriter and his band are in prime form here.

FAITH NO MORE: Angel Dust; MOF-CD-787; 821797078764 (BC) 29.98 I/O:1,000 ; 1st WK:100;
2nd WK: 100; 3rd WK: 100
Sales Points
 Warner Bros. figured that lightning could strike twice at a time when oodles of (most horribly bad)
    funk-metal acts were following in Faith No More's and Red Hot Chili Peppers' footsteps.
 In response, the former recorded and released the bizarro masterpiece Angel Dust. Mike Patton's work
    in Mr. Bungle proved just how strange and inspired he could get given the opportunity; now, in his
    more famous act, nothing was ignored. "Land of Sunshine" starts things off in a vein similar to The
    Real Thing, but Patton's vocal role-playing is smarter and more accomplished, with the lyrics trashing
    a smug bastard with pure inspired mockery.
 From there, Angel Dust mixes the meta-metal of earlier days with the expected puree of other
    influences, including a cinematic sense of atmosphere. The album ends with a cover of John Barry's
    "Midnight Cowboy," which suits the mood perfectly, but the stretched-out, tense moments on
    "Caffeine" and the soaring charge of "Everything's Ruined" make for other good examples.
   Even a Kronos Quartet sample crops up on the frazzled sprawl of "Malpractice." Other sampling and
    studio treatments come to the fore throughout, adding quirks like the distorted voices on "Smaller and
   Patton's voice is stronger and downright smooth at many points throughout, the musicians collectively
    still know their stuff, and the result is twisted entertainment at its finest.

OK | OK: Eating Mantis; KRM-CD-1141; 188666000296 (AP) 15.98 I/O: 1,500 ; 1st WK:150; 2nd
WK: 150; 3rd WK: 150
Sales Points
 Unique sound palette
 Ravi Coltrane’s label
 Full court press by Now Forward Music!
 Great response in major metropolitan markets like New York

Opeth “Blackwater Park” (KOC-LP-4574/099923457411) 9/2/08 IO: 1500 CS/22.98 2LPS Projected
Week 1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
 Opeth are forward thinking Swedish metal titans who seamlessly and fluidly combine metal, classic
     rock, progressive, folk and free form jazz.
 Now, available for the first time anywhere are three of their classic releases re born on 180 Gram Vinyl
     in double-gatefold 2 LP sets
 Home Market: Stockholm, Sweden
 Top Selling DMA Markets: Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco,
     Denver, Seattle, Washington DC and Atlanta
 These three LP re issue titles have sold over 230,000 combined CD units
 Opeth have scanned a combined total of over 515,000 units in the US alone
 Opeths newest CD has sold 3500 units + on vinyl in less than a month since its release
 Opeth will tour the US later this year

Opeth “Deliverance” (KOC-LP-4576/099923457619) 9/2/08 IO: 1500 CS/22.98 2LPS Projected Week
1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100

Opeth “Damnation” (KOC-LP-4577/099923457718) 9/2/08 IO: 1500 CS/22.98 2LPS Projected Week
1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100

I/O:750 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

Now available on the new Snapper music imprint for post progressive music - Kscope
A reissue of the comprehensive double CD retrospective of Porcupine Tree's early material in super jewel case format.
The new version has been remastered and recompiled by Steven Wilson, substituting some of the original masters with the new
masters / versions that have subsequently appeared across the rest of the acclaimed Snapper series of PT reissues, notably the new
mixes of the Up the Downstair tracks that replaced the sampled drums with real drums.

Also includes a revised and abbreviated version of the book that came with the original box set version.
I/O:750 1ST 250 2ND 150 3RD 100

“This is Rock n Roll at its most f***ed -up and malicious” – Kerrang! (UK)
Norway’s Aura Noir was formed in 1993 by Aggressor & Apollyon in pursuit of a dirtier thrashier form of black metal than much
of what was coming out at the time, particularly in their homeland, citing bands such as Slayer, Sodom & Kreator as inspirations.
Their first official release was the Dreams Like Deserts EP on Hot Records in 1994, and from there-on the band has become a cult

Picking up where 2004’s highly-rated THE MERCILESS left off & after a series of successful live dates in support of that album
comes the new release, ‘Hades Rise’, undoubtedly the band’s dirtiest & biggest hammer to the face to date, embracing the spirit
of bands like Venom. Recorded & produced by the band, ‘Hades Rise’ features guest appearances from Danny Coralles
(Autopsy, Abscess) & their former guitarist, Blasphemer (ex-Mayhem).

Sad Cafe “Facades” (RAI-CD-286/630428028623) 9/2/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: Baltimore, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Philadelphia,
Phoenix, Denver
Home Market: United Kingdom
Selling Points:
 Sad Cafe offers more of its soft-rock sound on their fifth album — with an emphasis on the soft rock,
     which suits them quite well. Highlights include “Everyday”, “Strange Little Girl” and the single “My
     Oh My”.
 Sad Café was a British soft rock outfit, that enjoyed a somewhat successful career from the mid-'70s
     through the early '80s. The group's leader, singer Paul Young later went on to front Mike + the
Related Soundscan: Sad Café “Anthology” (RAI-CD-139/630428013926 1/2/05) 94

Wax UK “American English” (RAI-CD-289/630428028920) 9/2/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 100 3rd 60
Key Markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, St.
Louis, Phoenix, Denver
Home Market: United Kingdom and Los Angeles
Selling Points:
 Wax UK was the union of veteran musicians Andrew Gold and Graham Gouldman, which produced
     several albums in the 1980s. Gold, the son of Academy Award-winning composer Ernest Gold had
     been a member of Linda Ronstadt's band and found success as a solo artist and songwriter in the '70s.
     Gouldman had been a solo artist as well as a member of Hotlegs and 10CC.
Related Soundscan: Wax UK “Magnetic Heaven/American English” (RENA 11/18/97) 500

Cherie & Marie Currie “Messin’ With the Boys” (RAI-CD-189/630428018921) 9/2/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 100 3rd 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia
Home Market: Los Angeles, CA
Selling Points:
 Cherie Currie was a member of the group the Runaways although twin sister Marie was recruited
   These twin sisters had plenty of help on Messin' with the Boys — not only did Toto members Steve
    Lukather, Bobby Kimball, Mike Pocaro and David Paich provide backup, but Mike Baird and Bill
    Champlin helped out as well.
Related Soundscan: Cherie & Marie Currie “Messin’ With the Boys” (RENA 3/7/97) 723

Sadao Watanabe “Basie’s at Night” (KOC-CD-4579/099923457923) 9/2/08 IO: 1500 AS/18.98 2CDS
Projected Week 1: 150 Projected Week 2: 150 Projected Week 3: 150
Selling Points:
 2 CDS for the price of 1
 This 2 cd set captures Sadao live in concert at one of Japan’s most famous clubs, Basie’s.
 It is a collection of standards, originals and uniquely flavored Asian tunes
 Sadao Watanabe has a US tour scheduled for August/September 2008

Cracker “Country Sides” (CKV-CD-4661/711297466126) 9/2/08 IO: 2,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 500 2nd 400 3rd 300
Key Markets: Denver, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia,
Home Market: Richmond, VA
Selling Points:
 Re-Issue. Has been unavailable for several years from Artist Direct.
 During a six-month period, the band played redneck and biker bars as Ironic Mullet. Countrysides is
     the result of this experiment. Its sound is more garage country than alt-country. More Southwestern
     than Southern. This is evident in the film that accompanies the record (the enhanced portion of this CD
     contains an excerpt).
Related Soundscan: Cracker “Country Sides” (RENC 10/7/03) 18,342; Cracker “Greenland” (CKV-CD-
4777/711297477726 6/6/06) 14,451

JEFFERSON AIRPLANE “At The Family Dog Ballroom”
I/O:700 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

Recorded at the famous San Franciscan venue of The Family Dog Ballroom in September 1969 when the group was at the peak
of its considerable power and only recently unearthed from the archives, this release is sure to be most welcomed by all fans of
prime West Coast psychedelia from one of its finest exponents.
It features the classic group line-up of Paul Kantner (guitar, vocals), Grace Slick (vocals), Marty Balin (vocals), Jorma (lead
guitar, vocal), Jack Casady (bass) and Spencer Dryden (drums). For the closing 26-minute ‘Jam’ they are joined by the Grateful
Dead’s Jerry Garcia, whose distinctive guitar sound adds a new and unique dimension to the group’s sound. ‘Come Back
Baby’, never recorded by the group in the studio, features a rare lead vocal from Jorma Kaukonen. Old favorites ‘Crown Of
Creation" and “Somebody To Love”, along with five new numbers from their forthcoming studio album ‘Volunteers’ make this a
must-have release for fans, old and new alike.

Taken from the best available audio sources, these superb performances have been meticulously restored for this inaugural

I/O:700 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50
The first authorised release of the Airplane’s historic last show from September 1972 at the Winterland Arena, San Francisco. A
Double CD-set of the complete show with Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Jack Casady, Papa John Creach, Johnny Barbata and David
Freiberg. The first official, re-mastered, authorised and complete version of the historic show, long featured on inferior bootlegs.
Features the cream of the tracks from the group’s last two albums, ‘Bark’ and ‘Long John Silver’ plus evergreen favourites
including ‘Crown of Creation’, ‘Somebody to Love’ and ‘Diana/Volunteers’ on which they are joined by Marty Balin.

I/O: 700 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

The first authorised release of the final show from Quicksilver’s classic line-up with John Cipollina & Dino Valenti, from San
Francisco on December 31st 1970. A Double CD set with bonus studio tracks.

An exhilarating view of one of the great San Francisco hippy bands at their peak, featuring founder member Dino Valenti
(vocals), David Freiberg (bass, vocals), Greg Elmore (drums), and the driving twin lead guitars of John Cipollina and Gary
Duncan. The first official, re-mastered, authorised and complete version of an historic show, long featured on inferior bootlegs.
Features a comprehensive tracklisting of songs from albums released in the band’s very fertile period in 1970 and 1971 plus core
Quicksilver favorites such as ‘Mona’ and ‘Pride of Man’.

Includes four bonus studio tracks from 1969 featuring the late great Nicky Hopkins.

Can “Inner Space”
Cleopatra Records
300 IO

   Reissue from 1979 from the avant-garde rock group.
   Can has catalog sales of 300 units a week.

Can “Out of Reach”
Cleopatra Records
300 IO

   Reissue from 1978 from the avant-garde rock group.
   Can has catalog sales of 300 units a week.

Flock of Seagulls “I Ran/Space Age Love Song”

Leif Garrett “I Was Made For Dancin’”

Sham 69 “Borstal Breakout/If the Kids Are United”
Cleopatra Records

   Self-explanatory 7” singles
ODETTA: Odetta Sings Dylan; DRG-CD-19503; 021471950328 (AR) 17.98 I/O: 1,500 ; 1st
WK:150; 2nd WK: 150; 3rd WK: 150
Sales Points
 Never before released in CD in U.S. and with 2 bonus tracks
 A couple of years ago her Christmas record on MC got a great response from consumers and critics
 Steve saw her open for Bill Cosby way back in the ‘70s in Anchorage, AK
 From 1965, Odetta Sings Dylan was one of the first albums entirely devoted to Bob Dylan
    interpretations, and one of the best. In part that's because the concept was still actually fresh then; in
    fact, other than an obscure 1964 album by Linda Mason, it was the very first album of Dylan covers.
 And in part it was because, unlike most of the artists who would take a swing at the concept, Odetta
    was actually a major folk musician, one who had done much to inspire Dylan himself. But most of all,
    it was because the arrangements were excellent, featuring the guitar of Bruce Langhorne (who, of
    course, played on Dylan's Bringing It All Back Home and numerous 1960s folk and folk-rock
    recordings) and, the bass of frequent accompanist Bill Lee.
 Langhorne, the character who inspired "Mr. Tambourine Man," also plays some tambourine,
    particularly on "Baby, I'm in the Mood for You."
 Although this is not a folk-rock album, as a result the arrangements have far more rhythm, swing, and
    imagination than most folk records of the era did.
 The song choices are good, too, not only including familiar tunes like "The Times They Are A-
    Changin'" and "Mr. Tambourine Man," but also some songs that hardly anyone has recorded.
 Indeed, Dylan never did put "Long Ago, Far Away" or "Long Time Gone" on any of his official
    releases, and didn't release three of the other songs ("Baby, I'm in the Mood for You," "Walkin' Down
    the Line," and "Tomorrow Is a Long Time") in the 1960s.
 All of this is not to overlook Odetta's well-nuanced, bluesy vocal interpretations of the material,
    particularly on an extraordinary ten-minute version of "Mr. Tambourine Man."

Hossam Ramzy “Sabla Tolo III” (ARM-CD-2158/743037215824) 9/2/08 IO: 500 AM/13.98 Projected
Week 1: 50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected Week 3: 50
Selling Points:
 A collection of brand new compositions of Egyptian Tabla and percussion solos covering a wide range
     of rhythms from Egypt and the Middle East all the way to Morocco from one of ARC’s top selling
 An instrumental album that is ideal for Bellydancers.
 Related Soundscan: Hossam Ramzy “Bellydance Party” (ARM-CD-EUCD2065) 4/10/07 has scanned
     1186 to date; Hossam Ramzy “Egyptian Rai” (ARM-CD-EUCD2025) 11/7/06 has scanned 1218 to
 Hossam Ramzy has scanned over 58,000 units overall

Big Dave McLean “Acoustic Blues: Got 'Em From The Bottom”
I/O: 400 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

 'Big Dave's been the quintessential behind-the-scene bluesman. He's done more to shape the Western Canadian Blues scene than
perhaps any other artist'. Billboard

This is his fifth release. His two previous, highly acclaimed, Stony Plain titles have won Western Canadian Music Awards and
earlier this year Dave won a Maple Blues Award for his lifetime contribution to the blues. Dave's latest includes mostly acoustic
performances of original material plus covers from Muddy Waters (his mentor), Lightnin' Hopkins and Barbecue Bob. He is a
masterful guitarist and top notch harpist, Dave's raw and gravelly vocals bespeak of a life lived to the fullist, and a career spent
performing countless gigs.
Tim Hus “Bush Pilot Buckaroo”
I/O: 400 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

His role models include Woody Guthrie, Ian Tyson , Stompin' Tom Connors and road dogs like Fred Eaglesmith.

After years on the road, Tim and his band have a definable sound. 'We've got the approach of a folk band but slam a lot harder,
we're a country band with a punk attitude and meaningful songs'. His image laden Canadiana story songs capture the pioneering
spirit of truck drivers, miners, rum runners, trappers, men of the land, vagabonds and as the album title suggests, bush pilot

Grandstaff “Live and Well” (YEL-CD-36/828472003622) 9/2/08 IO: 1000 AQ/16.98 Projected Week
1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
   Home Market: Staunton, VA
   Key Markets: Richmond VA, Charlotte NC, Roanoke VA, Washington DC, Charleston WV,
       Huntington WV, Wheeling WV, Nashville TN.
   The duo Grandstaff is comprised of Wil and Langdon Reid, sons of Harold and Don Reid
       respectively. You know Harold and Don as founding members of the Country Music and Gospel
       Music Hall of Fame members The Statler Brothers.
   Will and Langdon are also current hosts of the infomercial currently airing in support of Harold and
       Don’s book (Distributed by KOCH) The Statler Brothers Random Memories. (YEL-BO-35) "The
       Statler Brothers Song" is featured on the infomercial promoting The Statler Bros. Random
       Memories book.
   "The Statler Brothers Song" is the first single from the CD and is currently receiving airplay
       nationally. The entire CD is featured on XM Radio and Grandstaff makes frequent in-studio visits.
   Think of the early Johnny Cash records, which is why the CD opens with two Cash numbers--"Cry,
       Cry, Cry" and "Folsom Prison Blues."
   In addition to the previously mentioned Cash covers, LIVE AND WELL also includes Steve
       Wariner's "Midnight Fire," Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson," the Statler Brothers "I'll Go To
       My Grave Loving You," Jerry Reed's "The Bird," Conway Twitty's "Lay You Down," the Janis
       Joplin's and Roger Miller's "Me & Bobby McGee," and last but not least the Buck Owens classic
       "Foolin' Around." The other eight songs on LIVE AND WELL were written by Wil and Langdon.
   Grandstaff is currently performing live dates and their itinerary can always be found at
   Tour dates:
   7.20.08
       Paul T. Billups Park
       Acoustic show - 2:00 pm
       Ceredo, WV

     07.25.08
      Milton, WV
      Cabell County Fair

     08.02.08
      Shawnee Park
      Dunbar, WV

     8.11.08
      West Virginia State Fair
      Lewisburg, WV
      Center Stage (3 shows)
     9.28.08
      Fortune-Williams Festival
      Frontier Culture Museum
      Staunton, VA

     12.11.08
      Wheeling Island Casino
      Wheeling, WV

     Publicity: Grandstaff has appeared on Crook & Chase and Ralph Emery Live on RFD-TV.
      Grandstaff has also appeared on GAC-TV and CMT.

I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

These two albums were first released in 1980 and 1981, the recently re-formed Allmans had US Top 50 hits with these albums.
They are an American institution. The albums have been digitally remastered and put in a new slipcase with new liner notes.

I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

These two live albums come from 1965 and 1970._ ‘At The Pigalle’ features a younger Bassey with a set of mainly show tunes,
while ‘Live At Talk Of The Town’ features her hits and more contemporary songs. Dame Shirley is still going strong, with a hit
single last year and a successful Glastonbury appearance. The albums have been digitally remastered and slip cased, and with
extensive new notes.

I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

Two important albums, from 1965 and 1966 from one of the most important Latin artists ever.
Both albums are a mixture of covers (such as the Beatles’ ‘Help’ and Dylan’s ‘Masters Of War’), standards and Feliciano
originals. José is alive and well and still touring (if you get the chance, go and see him – he does a great show!). The albums have
been digitally remastered and slip cased, and with extensive new notes.

I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

The late Jimmie Spheeris’ first two solo albums combined on one cd. Singer-songwriter Spheeris became a cult figure
immediately after the release of his first album, and his reputation has grown since his untimely death in 1984. The albums have
been digitally remastered and slip cased, and with extensive new notes.
I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

Bassist Graham Collier’s 1967 album ‘Deep Dark Blue Centre’ features such British jazz stalwarts as Mike Gibbs, Kenny
Wheeler and Karl Jenkins. On ‘Portraits’, from 1972, Collier surrounded himself with younger musicians whose backgrounds
were jazz, rock and blues. ‘The Alternate Mosaics’ is a live version of the original ‘Mosaics’ album. All digitally remastered and
slip cased, and with extensive new notes by Alyn Shipton of the Times.

MARTYN, JOHN: Couldn't Love You More; USD-CD-1132; 825947151024 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st
WK: 10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     Collection of John Martyn songs by his label without his permission
     Martyn did an answer record with the same songs on No Little boy
     Also features Phil Colloind and Davd Gilmour

HARTE, LEANNE: Leanne Harte; USD-CD-1215; 825947154728 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK: 10;
2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     22 Year Old Leanne Harte wrote her first EP at age 16
     Ireland’s biggest female rocker since Sinead O’Connor
     Winner of Balcony TV’s Biggest Irish artist

MARTYN, JOHN: The Simmer Dim; USD-CD-1216; 604388702527 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 250; 1st WK:
10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     Rare Live concert
     Released in 2008 for the first time
     Rcorded in 1980

MORAZ, PATRICK: Future Memories II; USD-CD-1217; 604388670321 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st
WK: 10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     Cult favorite
     Multi keyboard solo performances highlight this record
     Very thick 1980s sound

ATTRITION: Attrition of Reason; USD-CD-1097; 825947147522 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 75; 1st WK: 10;
2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     A re-release of an early album, The Attrition of Reason consists of simple, dark melodies and the
        group's most depressing vocals.
     The Voice of God EP is also included.

DAVEY, ALAN: Captured Rotation; USD-CD-1110; 825947148826 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK:
10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     A solo tour de force with Alan Davey playing most of the instruments himself
     Side project from the member of “hawkwind”
WAKEMAN, RICK: Aspirant Sunset; USD-CD-1127; 825947150522 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 150; 1st WK:
10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10

WAKEMAN, RICK: Aspirant Sunshadows; USD-CD-1128; 825947150621 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 150; 1st
WK: 10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     These albums are part of Wakeman's "Suntrilogy" of new age keyboard relaxation music.
     All of the pieces are slow, gentle, melodic, and peaceful.
     There isn't any of Wakeman's characteristic complexity or virtuosity here, but the albums fulfill
        their stated purpose.
     Wakeman donated part of the proceeds from these three albums to the Council for the Protection
        of Rural England.

REILLY, MAGGIE: Elena; USD-CD-1218; 604388704620 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK: 10; 2nd
WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     Scottish singer and in demand session singer
     Mike Oldfield’s singer
     1996 reunion with her first major band Cado Belle

PHILLIPS, ANTHONY: The Geese and the Ghost; USD-CD-1219; 604388328321 (AS) 18.98 - 2CDs
I/O: 100; 1st WK: 10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
     Anthony Phillips' first post-Genesis solo album was an extension of the pseudo-medieval folk
        elements found on Trespass, the last of his Genesis albums.
     Much of this recording sounds like a lost Genesis album, understandable since Phil Collins does a
        lot of the singing, and Michael Rutherford is present on guitar, bass, and keyboards, and also
        shares composer credits with him on major parts of this album — portions of the material here, in
        fact, seems to have been derived from pieces they composed together in Genesis' early days, that
        proved unsuitable for performance on stage.
     Includes the demo, "Master of Time," as a bonus. That song, a fey mix of sci-fi and faux-
        medieval sensibilities, never made the final cut of the album, but it is sung by Phillips solo in a
        passionate manner, and is played — on acoustic and electric guitars, with piano and no classical
        musicians added — with some effort at excitement and vibrancy

Various Artists “Computerincarnations For World Peace II”
I/O: 250 1ST 25 2ND 25 3RD 25

JAZZANOVA’s Sonar Kollektiv and GERD JANSON of Running Back Records team up once again to the greater joy of all
music lovers with 13 tracks from artists and producers, who injected some new blood in the veins of a genre that deserted the
dance floors in the 90s. This sudden eviction from the clubs is partly due to the overexposure of disco music in the late 70s and to
the use of the same music technology – computers, synthesizers, and drum machines – for other styles of music such as Chicago
House and Detroit techno, more en vogue in the late 80s and the 90s. But disco music is a mythic genre that could not be left for
too long! And like a phoenix, it has been reborn from its ashes in the late 90s thanks to audacious DJs and a new breed of disco
music producers, who poured various influences like Funk, House, Boogie and Brazilian music in their works. JAZZANOVA and
GERD JANSON belong to those daring artists, who merge genres and rock the dance floors everywhere they play.
                    POP CLIFF NOTES 9/16/2008
IO: 220,000 First: 100,000/45,000/30,000
Key Markets: New York, Atlanta, Miami, LA, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, Boston, Detroit
 Single “Out Here Grindin” at 1200 spins a week
 Video shot for single featuring Akon, Rick Ross, Young Jezzy and more
 Appearances/walk-on’s already locked in for MTV’s DFX, MTV2’s Sucka Free Sunday, BET Rap
    City and 106 and Park
 New album will go 3 singles deep like the previous studio albums did
DJ Khaled “We The Best” (KOC-CD-4230 6/12/07) 356,377

Nassiri “Love Sees No Color-World Peace Collection”
Nassiri Music
15,000 IO
2,000/1,500/1,500 projections

Television: 30 second/60 second buys
PBS – large scale outreach
PBS/KCET Event in Los Angeles on Sept 20th
Possible Cable Network Outreach based on availability

Top 25 Markets: (with a strong focus on the below)
New York
Los Angeles
Las Vegas
San Francisco
Washington DC

Network Radio – 30 second buys
Spot Radio – 60 second buys
*some buys in feel good radio as well.

TIME – Remnant Page (huge deal for us)
Lifestyle Publications
Limited Music Publications
Health/Spa/Fitness Publications

OOH (Out of Home):
McCarran Vegas Airport – Digital Billboard Baggage Claim
Billboards – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York (Time Square), Washington DC
Unique outdoor buys

Digital Marketing:
Viral Blog Feeds
Banner Ad Networks
Viral Site Custom Creation

Time Lines:
Grass Roots Marketing/Street Teams begin August 16, 2008
TV begins September 1, 2008
Print: August 25, 2008
Radio: September 1, 2008

Press Outreach:
NPR Radio Interview
Fox Affiliate Morning Shows
Larry King
Traditional Phoners
Currently pitching Oprah, The View, etc…


Unwritten Law “Live and Lawless”
Suburban Noize Records
15,000 IO
4,000, 2500. 2000 first 3 weeks

   I will be sending full marketing plan from the label
   Last release (a re-recording of their hits) “Hit List” was released on 1/2/07 and has scanned 30,386
   Top Unwritten Law DMAs: Los Angeles (13%), San Diego, Las Vegas, New York, SF, Phoenix, Salt
    Lake City, Chicago, Denver and Philly.

George Clinton “Radio Friendly” (SHA-CD-5165/016351516527) 9/16/08 IO: 25,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 8,000 2nd 5,000 3rd 3,000
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago. Philadelphia, Boston, San Francisco
Home Market: North Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida
Selling Points:
 An event in itself, Radio Friendly finds George Clinton returning to his true roots--that of a soul singer.
     These P-Funk style versions of George’s favorite classic R&B tracks from over the years as well as the
    dynamic originals make it the ultimate George Clinton musical experience. Featured are such songs as
    “Never Gonna Give You Up”, “Let the Good Times Roll”, “Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight”,
    “Gypsy Woman” and more.
 Joining him in his quest to reach the masses are legends in their own rights--El Debarge, Sly Stone
    Santana, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, RZA, Kim Burrell and more.
 This will be a major press event that covers the gamut: TV, Radio, Print and internet will all be
    inundated with all things George Clinton. He has also been designated as a spokesman for Microsoft’s
    Zune Player
 George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars play upwards of 200 shows a year. A North American tour is
    slated for the fall in conjunction with the release.
Related Soundscan: George Clinton & the P-Funk All Stars “How Late Do You Have 2BB4UR Absent”
(TCKH 9/6/05) 15,069

Soweto Gospel Choir “Live at the Nelson Mandela Civic Theatre”
(SHA-CD-66042/016351664228) 9/16/08 IO: 15,000 AS/18.98
Projected Soundscans: 1st 1,500 2nd 1,200 3rd 1,200
(SHA-DV-117/016351011794) 9/2/08 IO: 1,500
Key Markets: New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia,
Minnesota, Atlanta, Baltimore, Seattle
Home Market: Soweto, Africa
Selling Points:
 Back to back Grammy wins in 2007 and 2008 serve as the perfect segue into the true essence of
     Soweto Gospel Choir: their live shows.
 The simultaneous releases of the live CD & DVD will bring the incredible performance of the
     critically and commercially acclaimed choir to the sound systems and televisions of those who have
     not been lucky enough to see them live--as well as those who have been waiting to relive the
 A three month North American trek will include the key cultural centers of every major U.S. City.
Related Soundscan: Soweto Gospel Choir “African Spirit” (SHA-CD-66040/016351664020 1/30/07)

ILL BILL: The Hour Of Reprisal
IO: 10,000 First: 3,000/1,500/750
Key Markets: NYC, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, Boston, Worcester,
 ILL BILL has long been one of the premier independent rappers
 Members of Non-Phixion and soloist.
 New release includes a DVD with footage from his show at CBGB’s
 Guests include Raekwon, Immortal Tech

Kirk Whalum “Millennium Promise Project featuring Kirk Whalum and Takana Miyamoto” (KOC-
CD-5075/099923507529) 9/16/08 IO: 10,000 AR/17.98 Projected Week 1: 1000 Projected Week 2: 700
Projected Week 3: 500
Selling Points:
 Created by the non-profit Millennium Promise Project, whose work is premised on the belief that our
     generation has the opportunity to end extreme poverty, hunger and disease.
 Grammy Nominated saxophonist Kirk Whalum, renowned Japanese pianist Takana Miyamoto,
     Grammy winning vocal ensemble Take 6, veteran music producer George Duke, and KOCH Records
     own Earl Klugh have created contemporary jazz interpretations of many of the greatest songs of the
     last great era of change, the 1960’s.
   Proceeds of the sales of this music will be used to fund Millennium Promises anti-malaria initiatives on
    the African continent as well as create further awareness of the long term goals of the foundation,
    which include the eradication of extreme poverty worldwide by 2025.
   Top Soundscan DMA Markets: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington, Philadelphia,
    Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Houston and Miami.
   KOCH Records plans a comprehensive awareness push for this project which will include smooth jazz
    radio play, PSA’s and e mail blasts through website promotions.
   Kirk Whalum and friends will tour on behalf of the Project in October, visiting key retail and radio,
    while cross-promoting with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs best selling book Common Wealth.
   An EPK has been created that tells the whole story of this exceptional initiative and includes musical
   Kirk Whalum has scanned a combined 1 Million plus units in his career to date.

DJ Revolution: King Of The Decks
IO: 7,500 First: 750/750/750
Key Markets: LA, San Fran, New York, Seattle, Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago,
 Since 1997 has operated the world famous “Wake Up Show” on POWER 106 based out of LA
 Album features Redman, KRS, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Sean Price, Boot Camp Clik, Guilty Simpson
    and more
 Cornerstone Promotion and Vision Marketing are teaming up to promote the album
 National press includes XXL, Vibe, Rolling Stone, Complex and Fader

DJ Design “Jet Lag”
Look Records
5,000 IO
1,500/750/500 projections

   First release in our relationship with Look Records.
   Full marketing plan coming from label
   With your accounts, please benchmark with Guilty Simpson’s “Ode to the Ghetto” on the Stone’s
    Throw label
   Guilty Simpson is on the single

Al Stewart “Sparks of Ancient Light” (APR-CD-1112/611587111227) 9/16/08 IO: 5000 AR/17.98
Projected Week 1: 850 Projected Week 2: 650 Projected Week 3: 500
Selling Points:
 Home Market: Los Angeles
 Well known for major hits like “Year of the Cat” this is the first new Al Stewart CD since Appleseeds
     2005 album “Beach for of Shells” (APR-CD-1088) which has scanned 7793 units to date.
 The album is produced by Laurence Juber (from Paul McCartney & Wings)

Necro: Death Rap: Special Edition
IO: 4,500 First: 1,000/500/350
Key Markets: LA, NY, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, SF-San Jose-Oakland
 Includes DVD guest appearances include Lamb Of God, Shadows Fall, Anthrax and more
 Blind Boys of Alabama- Revisited (CVN-CD-253, UPC 846052025321) AQ: $16.98. IO: 4,000.
Projected Week 1: 4,000 Projected Week 2: 400 Projected Week 3: 400
Selling Points:
 Releases by the group in recent years have been favorites at the Grammy Awards—the group won the
     Grammy Award for Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album every year between 2002 to 2005
 The Blind Boys of Alabama were inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2007
 Over one million units Soundscan career-to-date
 10 new cutting-edge versions of their classics featuring new instrumental arrangements recorded and
     mixed exclusively for this project
 Marketing includes:
          Cable TV:30-second spots on BET (tags available)
          Web:Social networks (myspace, facebook, pure volume),Youtube promotional video
          Radio:30-second spots on Gospel radio (tags available)


KEY DMA MARKETS New York DC, Atlanta, Philly, Chicago, Baltimore, Raleigh-Durham, Norfolk,
Richmond, Waco, Charlotte, Houston, Dallas, LA, Detroit

Robin & Linda Williams “Buena Vista” (RHR-CD-213/033651021322) 9/16/08 IO: 3000 AR/17.98
Projected Week 1: 500 Projected Week 2: 400 Projected Week 3: 300
Selling Points:
   Home Market: Washington DC/Staunton, VA
 The well-loved country/folk duo’s first studio recording of new non-holiday songs since “Deeper
     Waters” in 2004 (RHR CD 173) which has scanned 7958 units to date.
 The album was produced in Nashville by Grammy winning Tim O’Brien who performs on most tracks
     as well.
 Accompanying musicians include Dobro legend Jerry Douglas, piano ace John Jarvis, and drummer
     Kenny Malone.
 Robin & Linda have had high national visibility over the last 2 years with appearances on PBS’
     “Prairie Home Companion” national television specials, “Prairie Home…” radio broadcasts, as well as
     the Robert Altman film based on the program.
 In late 2007, their career retrospective “Radio Songs”, covering their 30+ years on the radio show
     received much critical acclaim.
 “Radio Songs” (RHR CD 204) has scanned 2595 units to date.

Various Artists “Born to The Breed – A Tribute to Judy Collins” (WFL-CD-1313/687348131322)
9/16/08 IO: 1000 AR/17.98 Projected Week 1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
 Born To The Breed - A Tribute to Judy Collins, features Judy's own writing and poetry recorded by
     artists such as Chrissie Hynde, Joan Baez, Rufus Wainwright, Dolly
     Parton, Jim Lauderdale, Shawn Colvin, Jimmy Webb, Dar Williams, Bernadette Peters, Jimmy Webb,
     Dar Williams, Leonard Cohen and others.

    Collins' own wealth of writing which is often overlooked in the perception that Judy is strictly a
    musical Interpreter bringing to the forefront of music history such great artists as Leonard Cohen, Joni
    Mitchell, Jimmy Webb and many more.. This CD will allow fans old and new to explore the hidden
    treasures of Collins' own songwriting voice.

   Here's the full track listing:

    1.    Secret Gardens              Shawn Colvin
    2.    Easy Times                Jim Lauderdale
    3.    Fisherman's Song             Dolly Parton
    4.    Albatross              Rufus Wainwright
    5.    Fortune of Soliders           The Webb Sisters
    6.    Song for Martin            Kenny White
    7.    My Father               Chrissie Hynde
    8.    Since You've Asked             Joan Baez
    9.    Born to the Breed            Amy Speace
    10.   Trust Your Heart             Bernadette Peters
    11.   Fallow Way                 Jimmy Webb
    12.   Weaver Song (Holly's Song)        Dar Williams
    13.   Song for Sarajevo            Ali Eskandarian
    14.   Che                  James Mudriczki
    15.   Since You've Asked             Leonard Cohen


    WASHINGTON DC - Keynote speaker at AARP's 50th Anniversary Conference
    LA - September 2008 California Tour
    NASHVILLE - Collins will be performing at the 2009 AMA Conference "First Amendment In The
    NYC - Collins will be receiving the Living Legends Award from the Land Mark Preservation
    Organization - 11.5.08

    Collins will also be hitting over 25 cities touring in the fall of 2008.


    MORE MAGAZINE - Collins is featured in 10th Anniversary Issue - on stands October 2008.
     Magazine feature will run in conjunction with CBS Sunday Morning News.

    ASCAP - PLAYBACK - Feature article on Judy Collins in the November/December 2008 issue.

    MY GENERATION - Feature profile on Bill Bogg's AARP's "My Generation"

Mr. Spanky: Representing
IO: 2,000 First: 400/300/200
Key Markets: LA, Phoenix, Albuquerque, NM, SF-Okland-San Jose, Denver, San Diego, Salt Lake
 New Hi Power artist
 All new music

Hi Power Presents: Streets Created Most Wanted
IO: 2,000 First: 400/300/200
Key Markets: LA, Phoenix, Albuquerque, NM, SF-Okland-San Jose, Denver, San Diego, Salt Lake
 Features Mr. Capone-E, Stomper, Mr. Blazer, Mr. Criminal and more
 All new music
Omar Rodriguez Lopez “Calibration (is Pushing Luck & Key Too Far)” (N2O-LP-
129/649563012916) 9/16/08 IO: 800
Projected Soundscans: 1st 300 2nd 100 3rd 100
Key Markets: Los Angeles, New York, El Paso, Arizona, San Francisco, Orange County, Pomona, San
Bernardino, Cleveland, Seattle, Mexico, San Diego, Detroit, Chicago
Home Market: Los Angeles, New York, Puerto Rico, El Paso
Selling Points:
 Double LP color vinyl!
 Omar Rodriguez Lopez (recently featured on the April '08 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine), the
     prolific leader and main songwriter for the revolutionary band The Mars Volta and founder of the indie
     hit band At The Drive In and De Facto records his amazing new electronic fueled rock solo album for
     N2O Records that pushes beyond the sound of the Mars Volta and meets up with Lopez' favorite all-
     star icon collaborators.
 The gritty rock dubstep influences of the Calibration album features John Frusciante - guitarist of the
     Red Hot Chili Peppers doing rare vocals, Money Mark - producer and keyboardist of the Beastie Boys,
     Juan Alterete - bassist of the Mars Volta, Big Sir, Thomas Pridgen - drummer of Mars Volta, and
     Cedric Bixler-Zavala - vocalist of the Mars Volta.
 This is a prime follow up to Omar's recent releases and the vinyl revival at retail nationwide.
Related Soundscan: Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group “Calibration (is Pushing Luck & Key Too Far)”
(N2O-CD-120/649563012022 2/5/08) 6,810

Don Connor “Paparazzi” (ECH-CD-4082/096010408226) 9/16/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Bay Area, Seattle, Denver,
Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Diego
Home Market: Orange, NJ
Selling Points:
 Finally, the long awaited CD from this R&B vocalist who hails from Orange, New Jersey.
 He has captured a huge following in the New York area with his shows at the Apollo Theater and the
     many other venues that he regularly appears.
Related Soundscan: N/A

Mark Erelli “Departed” (SIG-CD-2014/701237201429) 9/16/08 IO: 1500 AR/17.98 Projected Week 1:
200 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
 Home Market: Boston
 Key Markets: Boston, New York, Washington DC, Portland ME, Springfield MA
 Mark Erelli has spent the last 2 years performing as Lori McKenna’s bandleader and opening act,
     gaining many new fans since his last release.
 The album is produced by Zack Hickman (Josh Ritter) and features Josh Ritter’s band.
 Ever since his debut at 24 years old, Mark Erelli has exhibited an uncommon musical maturity. In a
     few short years, he has six albums to his name, over 500 concerts under his belt, multiple awards, and
     growing notoriety as a stellar accompanist. Last year, Mark took a month off from his own hectic
     touring schedule and accepted an invitation to join Faith Hill and Tim McGraw's "Soul
     2 Soul" tour as Warner Bros. Recording Artist Lori McKenna's sideman. Whether performing his own
     "intimate masterpieces" (The Boston Globe), or accompanying another artist, Mark Erelli has quietly
     built one of the most impressive and varied reputations in modern roots music.
 Related sound scan: Mark Erelli “Hope & Other Casualties” (SIG CD 1296) 3/7/06 has scanned 1871
     units to date.
C.A.L.I. “The Sound of California” (ECH-CD-4088/096010408820) 9/16/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: All
Home Market: N/A
Selling Points:
   Produced by Fambody, this album has taken the Californian Sounds of the 60’s & given them a
       modern interpretation that could start a brand new musical trend.
   Featuring J.J. Calahan, Andrea Robinson, Rene Geyer and Daniel Hill place a new slant on such
       great hits as “California Dreaming”, “The Sounds of Silence” and “Hang on Sloopy” plus a host of
       brand new songs.
Related Soundscan: N/A

Robby Wayne Varner “Ambush” (ECH-CD-4094/096010409421) 9/16/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: Dallas, Houston, Austin, Nashville, Memphis, Tulsa, Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis,
Home Market: Texas
Selling Points:
   This exciting new country singer & his band hail from Texas and are currently on tour in the mid-
   The singer songwriter just completed his album in Nashville.
   He not only included a selection of his own songs but also some “original” songs written especially
       for him by several award winning country songwriters.
   With his great looks & true country style he is sure to win over the females as well as all of those
       hard core country fans around the world.
Related Soundscan: N/A

LEE, ALBERT “Speechless / Gagged But Not Bound (2-for-1)”
I/O: 500 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

Raven presents two essential ALBERT LEE solo albums on the one CD for the first time – Speechless (1987) and Gagged But
Not Bound (1988). The British-born guitarist has been delighting music fanatics with his virtuoso playing and astonishing
technique for over 40 years. Having backed the likes of Joe Cocker, Emmylou Harris, Eric Clapton and the Everly Brothers, his
reputation as a sideman par excellence and in-demand session guitarist is beyond reproach. In recent years he’s toured with his
own band Hogan’s Heroes as well as Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings. Focusing on his lesser-known solo career, these two exquisite
albums display Lee at his finger-pickin’ best on a rousing series of rootsy country-rock and traditional-oriented instrumentals.
Speechless combines self-penned tunes ‘T-Bird to Vegas’, ‘Bullish Boogie’ and ‘Seventeenth Summer’ with covers of Duane
Eddy’s ‘Cannonball’ and the traditional ‘Arkansas Traveller’. It’s a very clean sound featuring Lee on acoustic and electric
guitars, mandolin and piano. Gagged But Not Bound features consummate country / rockabilly covers of Chet Atkins’ ‘Country
Gentleman’, ‘Walkin’ after Midnight’, ‘Tiger Rag’, ‘Forty Miles of Bad Road’ and the traditional tunes ‘Flowers of Edinburgh’
and ‘Midnight Special’. With superb quality audio these dynamic and playful recordings are essential listening for guitar and
country / roots music aficionados alike.
BARE, BOBBY “Bare / Sleeper Wherever I Fall (2-for-1”
I/O: 800 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

For the first time on CD Raven presents two of the finest country albums of all time by BOBBY BARE – Bare (1978) and
Sleeper Wherever I Fall (1978). This engaging 2-for-1 CD follows hot on the heels of Raven’s reissue of Bare’s landmark
albums for Columbia, Down & Dirty ... Plus (RAV-CD-243) and Drunk & Crazy ... Plus (RAV-CD-267), which were career
defining releases that consolidated his rambunctious yet poetic style. Bare’s Columbia label debut Bare saw the singer joined by
song-writer Shel Silverstein for a series of freewheeling and humorous vignettes such as ‘Yard Full of Rusty Cars’, ‘Greasy Grit
Gravy’, ‘Too Many Nights Alone’ (US Country #29) and ‘Sing for the Song’. These good-natured performances were matched by
Bare’s peerless covers of Donald Schlitz’s ‘The Gambler’ and Larry Wilkerson’s ‘Finger on the Button’. Helping out on backing
vocals were Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Silverstein, with instrumental support from the likes of Ben Keith (pedal steel),
Johnny Gimble (fiddle), Bobby Emmons (piano) and Joe Osborn (bass). Sleeper Wherever I Fall was another stellar release
featuring memorable and distinctive covers of Silbar / Lorber’s ‘Sleep Tight, Good Night Man’ (US Country #11), the Rodney
Crowell gem ‘On a Real Good Night’ and some vintage rock gone country in Gene Clark’s ‘I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better’ and
Jagger / Richard’s ‘The Last Time’. Embellished with two 1983 bonus tracks, this is Bobby Bare at the top of his game.

ATKINS, CHET, WATSON, DOC & TRAVIS, MERLE “The Atkins-Travis Traveling Show / Reflections (2-for-1)”
I/O: 500 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

Raven presents for the first time on one CD two iconic albums from the guitar master CHET ATKINS – The Atkins-Travis
Traveling Show (1974) and Reflections (1980). A true Country music legend, Atkins made an indelible impression as a session
guitarist and record producer. He helped create the Nashville sound, a style of country music that combined pop with honky tonk.
Having recorded for RCA as a solo artist since 1953, by the mid-1970s Atkins was intent on expanding his range. He teamed up
with two other guitar-playing legends, Merle Travis and Doc Watson, for these engrossing recordings. The Atkins-Travis
Traveling Show is a masterful fusion of country / classical / bluegrass tunes and influences and finds Atkins and Travis paying
tribute to their guitar heroes: Arnold Schulz, Mose Roger, Ike Everly, Mother Maybelle Carter, Les Paul, Django Reinhardt and
Segovia. The album was produced by another famous guitarist, Jerry Reed. Reflections with Doc Watson features the duo
celebrating their Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee roots with a deeply personal selection of rollicking ragtime and bluegrass
tunes and stomping spirituals. Here they pay tribute to more musical heroes such as Lester Flatt, fiddler Charlie Bowman, Alton
and Rabon Delmore and the Midnight Ramblers and once again the red-hot finger picking is a sheer delight to hear. With superb
audio quality this enlightening and top-value 2-for-1 CD is a must for guitar lovers and fans of classic country bluegrass.

The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra “The film music of Thomas Newman” (SIL-CD-
1262/738572126223) 9/16/08 IO: 2000 AQ/16.98 Projected Week 1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100
Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
   Thomas Montgomery Newman is an American Academy Award nominated film score composer
       who comes from a family of film music pioneers.
   His well known scores include: Reckless, Little Women, The Shawshank Redemption, Road to
       Perdition, Finding Nemo and last year’s The Good German.
   His score for American Beauty was winner of the Grammy Award for Best Score Soundtrack Album
       for a Motion Picture.
   This collection brings together music from seven of his music Oscar nominated soundtracks
       including American Beauty.
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra “The Essential Harry Potter Film Music Collection”
(SIL-CD-1251/738572125127) 9/16/08 IO: 3500 AW/22.98 2CDS Projected Week 1: 200 Projected
Week 2: 300 Projected Week 3: 300
Selling Points:
   Spectacular audiophile recordings of the first five films of Harry Potter being released to coincide
       with the release of the 6th film.
   A 2 CD set!
   The Harry Potter film franchise has become the largest in screen history beating James Bond and
       Star Wars. The five films have grossed billions of dollars around the world and all are in the top 20
       worldwide cinema releases of all time.
   Harry Potter books have sold 300 million copies in 63 countries.

 JAY McSHANN “Best Of Friends”
I/O: 1000 1ST 100 2ND 75 3RD 50

A classic and acclaimed studio set from the early1980's. This legendary Jazz master sings on two tracks and
throughout the album displays his absolutely mastery of jazz piano. He is accompanied by a swinging
rhythm section and jazz guitar legend Al Casey

BILL HALEY “The Early Years 1947-1951”
I/O: 1000 1ST 100 2ND 75 3RD 50

For the very first time the legendary early recordings of Bill Haley have been given the high quality re-
issue treatment they deserve. Rare tracks, superb re-mastering, expert research. Bill Haley was one of the
founders of Rock & Roll, but his early recordings are renowned in collector circles as superb examples of
County, Western Swing and proto-rock n roll. Fascinating and a piece of musical history.

Biblecode Sundays “Ghosts of Our Past” (CKV-CD-473/630428035423) 9/16/08 IO: 1,500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 100 3rd 100
Key Markets: New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle Portland, Chicago
Home Market: London
Selling Points:
 This remarkable band represents both the history and the future of Irish music. The band is made up of
     Ronan MacManus (son of Ross & brother of Declan aka Elvis Costello), Andy Nolan (Ex- Shane
     McGowan and the Popes), Carlton Hunt (ex Bad Manners), Enda Mulloy (son of Tom from the
     legendary Molloy Brothers), Joe Moran (ex All-Ireland champion) and one of the best young fiddle
     players in London Patrick Franklin.
 Chosen by the Lord Mayor of London to play the St. Patrick's Day Dinner
 Featured in the Celtic Masters Irish Dance and Music Show in London 2008
 Veterans of Irish festivals across the UK
 Band to tour East Coast dates around release with larger tour in Spring/Summer 09
Related Soundscan: N/A
Judas Priest Tribute “Hell Bent Forever”
Cleopatra Records
3,000 IO
600/400/400 projections

   Hair metal star-studded line-up
   All newly recorded tracks for this tribute
   The new Judas Priest release has scanned almost 70K after only 4 weeks
   Judas Priest’s catalog scans almost 10K units a week.
   Top 10 Judas Priest DMAs: NY (15%), Los Angeles, Chicago, Philly, Boston, Seattle, DC, SF,
    Phoenix and Houston

Black Flame “Imperium” (REG-CD-1080/879822000808) 9/16/08 IO: 750
Projected Soundscans: 1st 120 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Bay Area, Seattle, Denver,
Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Diego
Home Market: Italy
Selling Points:
 Black Flame was born in the first months of 1998. The original and former members are the same as
     today. The band was born as a sonic expression of the occult sphere, with both lyrical and musical
 Totally blasphemous, dark and brutal death/black metal played at ridiculous speeds.
 Featuring members of Glorior Belli (France)
 For fans of Incantation, Immolation, Sarcofago and Satyricon.
Related Soundscan: Glorior Belli “Manifesting the Raging Beast” (STHL 6/19/07) 822

Marduk “Plague Angel” (REG-CD-1078/879822000785) 9/16/08 IO: 1,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Bay Area, Seattle, Denver,
Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Diego
Home Market: Sweden
Selling Points:
 9th album from the undisputed kings of true blasphemous black metal
 A morbid deathlike breath cold as winter is heard through the album as the band is pounding on real
     human skulls on parts of the songs. Also vocals are sung through a human skull.
 A video is being produced for the song “Throne of Rats”.
 Marduk will follow up the release of the album with extensive worldwide touring during December,
     January, February, March and April (Europe, South America, Japan and more).
Related Soundscan: Marduk “Panzer Division Marduk” (REG-CD-1049/879822000495 4/1/08) 365;
Marduk “Plague Angel” (CNDL 3/8/05) 5,295

Tony Carey “Some Tough City” (RAI-CD-354/630428035423) 9/16/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Denver,
Phoenix, Chicago, Cincinnati, Indianapolis
Home Market: California and Germany
Selling Points:
      Former Rainbow keyboardist and Planet P vocalist Tony Carey became a solo star in Germany.
         The California native had some U.S. success in 1984 with Some Tough City. It yielded two Top
         40 hits in “A Fine Fine Day” and “The First Day of Summer”.
      Carey plays virtually every note except for drums, the guitar solos and a couple of saxophone
         breaks. His keyboard work in particular is tasteful, efficient and melodic. Some Tough City is a
         strong effort. It's a loose concept album and the songs are individual stories about the struggle of
         down-and-out people trying — and often failing — to make better lives for themselves in big
         cities like New York and Los Angeles.
Related Soundscan: Tony Carey “Anthology” (RAI-CD-353/630428035324 5/13/08) 167

Tony Carey “Blue Highway” (RAI-CD-356/630428035621) 9/16/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, St.
Louis, Denver, Phoenix, Kansas City, Indianapolis
Home Market: California and Germany
Selling Points:
   Tony Carey’s last U.S. release
   “She Moves Like A Dancer”, “We Wanna Live” and “Blue Highway” are the key tracks.
Related Soundscan: Tony Carey “Anthology” (RAI-CD-353/630428035324 5/13/08) 167

The Kinks “Muswell Hillbillies” (KOC-LP-79823/634677982316) 9/16/08 IO: 1000 CO/18.98
Projected Week 1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
   This 1971 classic is viewed by many to be the greatest Kinks album of all time
   Roots, blues and British pop combined an unplugged style showcase for the whole bands vastly
       under-rated instrumental talents.
   Top Markets: New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC,

The Kinks “One for the Road” (KOC-LP-79825/634677982514) 9/16/08 IO: 1000 CS/22.98 2LPS
Projected Week 1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
 One of the greatest live albums in rock history.
 2 LP set includes live versions of “You Really Got Me,” “Lola,” and more!

The Kinks “Low Budget” (KOC-LP-79837/634677983719) 9/16/08 IO: 1000 CO/18.98 Projected
Week 1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
      One of the highest charting Kinks LPs ever features the classic late 1970’s radio staples
         “Superman,” “Catch Me Now I’m falling,” and a still timely “A Gallon of Gas.”

The Kinks “Everybody’s in Showbiz” (KOC-LP-79836/634677983610) 9/16/08 IO: 1000 CS/22.98
2LPS Projected Week 1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
 2 LP Set features one LP of studio recordings including the original version of “Celluloid Heroes”
 The Live LP brilliantly captures a classic early 70’s show with live versions of Lola, Banana Boat
     Song, Alcohol and more
Shangri-Las “Leader of the Pack”
Cleopatra Records
125 IO

   LP companion to CLP-CD-2074

Jake E. Lee “Runnin’ With The Devil”
Cleopatra Records
1000 IO
100 each week projections

   Collection similar to the George Lynch “Guitar Slinger” title on Cleopatra CLP-CD-2038. Previously
    released tracks from tributes that Jake E. Lee plays guitar on. Compiled for this release. Should be
    very well with the same accounts that sold the George Lynch title we’ve shipped almost 1,800 units

D.I. “Richard Hung Himself”
Cleopatra Records
125 IO

   7” vinyl of D.I.’s re-record of their signature tune as heard in the Penelope Spheeris movie “Suburbia”.

Tiffany “I Think We’re Alone Now”
Cleopatra Records
500 IO

   Re-records of her signature songs as well as 80’s new wave covers.

Return the Hero “Where the Willow Grows” (FSR-CD-18/711577001924) 9/16/08 IO: 1,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 100 3rd 100
Key Markets: Raleigh; Greensboro, NC; Charleston/Greenville, SC; Richmond/Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA;
Memphis/Knoxville/Nashville, TN; Athens/Atlanta, GA; Beckley/Princeton, WV; St. Louis, MO; New
York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Trenton/New Brunswick, NJ
Home Market: Greensboro, NC
Selling Points:
 Hardcore musical power force featuring addictive melodies and heart crunching vocals
 Touring local clubs throughout North Carolina
Related Soundscan: N/A
ATTRITION: Esoteria; USD-CD-1096; 825947147423 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK: 10; 2nd WK:
10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
 Esoteria , a collection of Attrition's forays into neo-classical and dark ambient soundscapes, finds the
    group working in a much more introspective vein.
 Largely sans vocals, the tracks on Esoteria are built around real strings and chillingly cold synthwork.
     Of especial note is their take on "Silent Night"--imagine Christmas in a haunted Victorian dollhouse
    and you're on the right tact.
 Versatile and unique, Attrition make music for the ages, even if they've gone strangely unrecognized
    for such a varied back catalog.
WAKEMAN, RICK: Fields of Green; USD-CD-1109; 825947148727 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK:
10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
 Rick Wakeman says:
 “It's always difficult to get enthused in the studio about any album that you know is not really going to
    get heard by very many people. I did my best and there is some pretty decent stuff on board,, but at the
    end of the day will never be considered a classic simply because it wasn't.”
 “If you've bought everything else then you might as well buy this one!!!!”
 “During the recording of the vocals a baby hedgehog came and sat on the studio mat outside the door
    much to Chrissie Hammond's delight. We fed him milk and cat food and he seemed jolly happy as he
    nestled down on a warm bed of cotton wool that we lovingly made for him. We called him "Hedgey"
    In the morning we couldn't wait to see him but he obviously didn't want to see us as he was dead and
    later that morning we buried him with full hedgehog military honors.”

LOOP GURU: Elderberry Shiftglass; USD-CD-1119; 825947149724 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK:
10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
 The long awaited 13th record
 Electronic Duo
 Loop Guru is a play in the French term for werewolf (Werewolf? There Wolf!)

Man: Diamonds and Coal; USD-CD-1135; 825947151321 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK: 10; 2nd
WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
 During the 1980s, Micky Jones reunited the group and those interested members (including Deke
    Leonard) and found a steady living on the pub rock circuit.
 Meanwhile, Terry Williams went on to join Rockpile and Dire Straits.
 Interest in Man was strong enough to justify the release of a compilation, Perfect Timing: The UA
    Years, in 1991.
 In the mid-'90s, Beat Goes On began reissuing Man's individual albums and Deke Leonard's solo work
    on compact disc.
 This is a 2005 studio record

I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10
Gary Puckett formed his band in San Diego in 1967 and called it The Union Gap, after the town of Union Gap, Washington. The
band was signed by Columbia, and at the end of 1967, started making hit records. They scored six Top 20 hits and consecutive
Gold Records between 1967 and 1969 with their big, dynamic productions, led by the passionate vocals of Gary Puckett.
They were one of the most successful musical groups of the sixties, and their many hits included ‘Young Girl’ (UK No.1),
‘Woman Woman’, ‘Lady Willpower’, ‘Over You’, ‘This Girl Is A Woman Now’, ‘Keep The Customer Satisfied’, ‘Don't Give In
To Him’ and ‘Home’, three of which are featured in this package. ‘Woman Woman’ appears as a bonus track.

I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

Originally released in 1975 on the CBS record label, now available as a 2 on 1 CD with a new sleevenote written by David
Clayton – author of the acclaimed Free biography ‘Heavy Load.
Andy Fraser was a founder member and bass player of Free. Along with Led Zeppelin and Cream, Free were among the few truly
groundbreaking UK hard rock acts. Fraser broke from Free on two occasions: first in 1971 he formed Toby, then he rejoined Free
early in 1972 but this was short-lived, for Fraser quit in July that same year and teamed up with Chris Spedding to form Sharks,
recording two albums for Island Records. Sharks folded and after a brief period with Frankie Miller and Henry McCullough,
Fraser created the Andy Fraser Band with Nick Judd (keyboards) and Kim Turner (drums), recording these two superb albums in

I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

These albums were first released in 1975 and 1976 on the CBS record label. Everybody who is anybody is guesting; in addition to
Earl and the boys, musicians include Roger McGuinn, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez, Dan Fogelberg, Jim
Messina, Kenny Loggins and countless others. Produced by Bob ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ Johnston, who has worked with Elvis,
Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel on the majority of their landmark recordings. Scruggs joined Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys in
1944, where he perfected his three finger banjo technique. He later left with fellow member Lester Flatt to form the Foggy
Mountain Boys in 1948. They enjoyed a long career spanning 20 years, and became famous for their recordings of ‘Foggy
Mountain Breakdown’ In 1969, after Flatt and Scruggs parted company, the Earl Scruggs Revue was formed featuring Earl
(banjo, vocals) and his sons – Randy (lead guitar, slide guitar, bass, vocals), Gary (bass, harmonica, vocals), and Steve (guitar).

I/O: 75 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

First released in 1979 by Criminal Records in the UK, ‘A Glint At The Kindling’ was the final album by The Merry Band which
consisted of Robin Williamson, Sylvia Woods, Chris Caswell and Jerry McMillan. This album shows Robin’s muse reaching new
heights, and contains many of his best compositions post-Incredible String Band. The album revolves around Robin’s epic poem
‘Five Denials On Merlin’s Grave’ – a piece based on five broad stages of ancient British history. Other highlights are ‘Me & The
Mad Girl’, ‘Lough Foyle’, The Poacher’s Song’ and ‘The Road The Gypsies Go’– some of which Robin still performs to this day.
As a bonus, ‘Five Bardic Mysteries’ has been added. Originally released by Robin on his own label in 1985 as a cassette, these
spoken-word pieces demonstrate Robin’s remarkable storytelling abilities. In fact, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant used ‘The
Dialogue Of The Two Sages’ as part of their ‘No Quarter’ Show in the mid-nineties.
I/O: 100 1ST 10 2ND 10 3RD 10

Named after a legendary Southern prostitute who allegedly beheaded and mutilated her clients, Jacksonville’s Molly Hatchet
welded loud hard-rock boogie with guitar jam-oriented Southern rock. Formed in 1975, the group’s lineup featured three
guitarists – Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, and Duane Roland – plus vocalist Danny Joe Brown, bassist Banner Thomas, and
drummer Bruce Crump. The group recorded a self-titled debut album in 1978, which quickly
went platinum; the follow-up, ‘Flirtin’ With Disaster’, was even more successful, selling over two million copies. For this album
Danny Joe Brown was replaced by Jimmy Farrar on vocals. Originally released in 1981 on Epic, the band blazed across the face
of rock’n’roll with another Southern/hard rock set, even paying homage to 1950s rock & roll, with a cover of ‘Long Tall Sally’.
The album made it straight into the Billboard charts.

Luis Miguel Tribute “Una Tributo Bolero a Luis Miguel”
CC Entertainment
1,500 IO
75 weekly projections

   Luis Miguel’s catalog scans 3,500 units a week
   Top 10 Luis Miguel DMAs: Los Angeles, Miami, Puerto Rico, NY, San Diego, Houston, Chicago,
    SF, Dallas and San Antonio.

Vicente Fernandez Tribute “Un Tributo Mariachi a Vicente Fernandez”
CC Entertainment
1,500 IO
75 weekly projections

   The biggest star in Mexican music. His catalog scans 18,000 units a week. The Beatles scan 22,000 a
    week for reference.
   Top 10 Vicente DMAs: Los Angeles (15%), Houston (5%), NY, Dallas, SF, San Diego, Chicago,
    Phoenix, San Antonio and Sacramento.

Jenny Scheinman “Crossing the Field” (KOC-LP-4573/099923457312) 9/16/08 IO: 1000 CO/18.98
Projected Week 1: 100 Projected Week 2: 100 Projected Week 3: 100
Selling Points:
 Crossing the field marks the much anticipated limited vinyl release (previously launched as digital
     only) of the fifth and most extravagant instrumental release by acclaimed songwriter, composer and
     arranger Jenny Scheinman.
 Crossing the Field delves deep into contemporary American music with its lush and cinematic
     arrangements featuring Scheinman’s deft violin mastery supported by guitarist Bill Frisell, pianist
     Jason Moran, and a full orchestra led by founding members of Brooklyn Rider, a string quartet known
     for their work with Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Road Project.
 KOC-CD-4483 Jenny Scheinman released May 27th 2008 has scanned 1028 to date
 Jenny Scheinman has received major media coverage this past year including, in one week alone,
     features in Billboard, The New York Times, Down Beat, and NPR’s All Things Considered.
 In it’s 40th anniversary issue New York magazine named Jenny’s vibrant instrumental album Crossing
     The Field one of the best jazz albums created in New York in the past four decades alongside works by
     Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and Wynton Marsalis.
Michael Bates Outside Sources “Clockwise” (GRE-CD-1009/186980010090) 9/16/08 IO: 500
AR/17.98 Projected Week 1: 50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected Week 3: 50
Selling Points:
 Composer/double bassist Michael Bates is an emerging innovator in Jazz and his quartet, Outside
     Sources, takes equal inspiration from Jazz, western classical, to music from the Bad Brains and Ornette
 This debut on Dave Douglas’s label Greenleaf music is a dynamic collection of 9 original works that
     blurs the line between composition and improvisation.

HOENIG, Ari: Bert's Playground; DRY-CD-36919; 764911691923 (AP) 15.98 I/O: 500; 1st WK: 50
; 2nd WK: 50; 3rd WK: 50
Sales Points
 Composer and drummer Ari Hoenig is one of the country's premier young Jazz musicians, a critical
 Ari tours non-stop, with his own group (aka `Punk Bop`), and the co-led Hoenig-Pilc project (with
    pianist Jean-Michel Pilc)
 He's also gained an international reputation on recent tours with Pat Martino and Toots Thielemans.-
    BERT'S PLAYGROUND shows the drummer flexing his compositional prowess, in addition to his
    monsterous skills as a drummer.
 Known for a cut-up, eclectic stylistic approach to his instrument, Ari's compositions employ a similar
    diversity and humor
 An extremely accessible album to jazz traditionalists and progressives alike.
 An enjoyable listen, with great depth, and unbelievable playing.
 With featured guest CHRIS POTTER on saxophones. Chris is one of today's most popular saxists,
    with his own bands, and as a key member of the DAVE HOLLAND QUINTET and STEELY DAN's
    touring group. Chris's presence here will be a great attraction to the project in terms of media and sales
 Ari Hoenig and Punk Bop will tour the South and the West Coast in Fall/Winter 2008, and he will
    continue his ongoing performances in his home base of New York City, as well as nearby Philly and
 Advertising in Jazz and Drum publications. Co-Op $ available, especially in tour markets.

ZORN, John: FILMWORKS XX: SHOLEM ALEICHEM; TZA-CD-7369; 702397736929 (AP) 15.98
I/O: 1,200; 1st WK: 100; 2nd WK: 100; 3rd WK: 100
Sales Points
 This twentieth volume of John Zorn’s exciting FilmWorks series features the fabulous accordionist
    Rob Burger and harpist Carol Emanuel accompanied by the world acclaimed Masada String Trio
    performing music for a documentary on the 19th century Jewish writer Sholem Aleichem.
 Known primarily for the Tevye stories that inspired Fiddler on the Roof, Aleichem wrote tales in
    Russian, Hebrew and Yiddish that have a dark subtext reminiscent of Kafka and Poe.
 Avoiding overt klezmer references, Zorn’s score both breaks with and draws upon tradition,
    dramatizing the writerÕs life and work with lyricism, orchestral color and a keen sense of irony and
    black humor.

FRUCHTER, Yoshie: PITOM; TZA-CD-8128; 702397812821 (AP) 15.98 I/O: 600; 1st WK: 60; 2nd
WK: 50; 3rd WK: 40
Sales Points
 Avant-garde rock meets the Jewish tradition in Pitom, a shredding Jewish instrumental band led by
    Yoshie Fruchter.
   Born in D.C. and now living in Brooklyn, Yoshie combines influences from Iggy Pop, Nirvana and
    Masada into a rocking band performing catchy, hooky compositions that both pay tribute to and
    challenge the Jewish tradition.
   Recorded and mixed at the studio of legendary musical terrorist Bill Laswell, Pitom is a hard-edged
    new addition to the legacy of Radical Jewish Culture.

GARLAND, Peter: THREE STRANGE ANGELS; TZA-CD-8059; 702397805922 (AP) 15.98 I/O:
600; 1st WK: 60; 2nd WK: 50; 3rd WK: 40
Sales Points
 This historic release presents the first recordings of the early music of Peter Garland, one of the most
    personal voices in the second generation of west coast minimalists.
 Drawing inspiration from Native American and Mexican ritual music, Peter creates beautiful and
    lyrical sonic portraits.
 This long out of print masterpiece, considered by many to be Peter’s greatest recording, was originally
    released in 1989 on WhatNext? as Border Music and is supplemented here by rare live recordings from
    the same period.
 Featuring new expanded notes by the composer and rare photos from the period, this is the definitive
    document of an American experimental classic.

PRESTINI, Paola: Body Map; TZA-CD-8060; 702397806028 (AP) 15.98 I/O: 600; 1st WK: 60; 2nd
WK: 50; 3rd WK: 40
Sales Points
 Paola Prestini is a brilliant young composer born in Italy and raised in Mexico.
 A graduate of Juilliard, she is the founder and director of the award-winning interdisciplinary
    performing collective VisionIntoArt.
 Her work is sensual and heartfelt, touching upon minimalism, film soundtracks and the American
    avant-garde tradition.
 Her first CD presents a stunning group of compositions for multiple celli, voices and percussion,
    clarinets, electronics, a moody piece for solo piano and a new work composed expressly for this
    release. Absolutely beautiful music by a fresh young compositional voice!

SOULPHICTION “Do You Overstand?!”
I/O: 300 1ST 50 2ND 30 3RD 30

Following on from his 2006 album “State Of Euphoria” SOULPHICTION (aka JACKMATE, and part of MANMADE SCIENCE
aka Stuttgart man MICHEL BAUMANN) brings us a fresh new album on Sonar Kollektiv. SOULPHICTION was represented on
the recent Sonar Kollektiv anniversary compilation Ten Years Who Cares (SKV-CD-150) and this album continues his friendship
with the Berlin label. The album opens with the luscious voice of SUZANA ROZKOSNY, on “Chevy Estate”. “Ghana Wadada”
is a dark dance-floor romp complete with haunting flute melodies and ethnic vocals. This is a nice lounge tune ideal for building
up at the start of a set. SOULPHICTION tells a story with his music, but it’s believable enough to carry the listener along, at least
for a while and he moves in many musical directions at the same time so while “Cargo” is a pure swinging jazz number with a
lovely shuffle beat, he still manages to complete the track with spaced-out synth sounds giving it an other-worldly feel. His sound
is always changing and shifting. You never quite know what you're gonna get with SOULPHICTION. - the penultimate track “I
Just Wait”, is freaked out hip-hop.

Nuspirit Helsinki: Our Favorite Things
IO: 1,000 First: 200/150/100
Key Markets: LA, NY, San Fran, DC, Chicago, Boston, Seattle
 Nordic Jazz production team
 First album self titled has scanned over 8K to date
 Compilation consist of 10 Tracks
Nuspirit Helsinki “Nuspirit Helsinki” (GUID 4/30/02) 8,433

Seckou Keita SKQ “The Silimbo Passage”
I/O: 500 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

With a massively successful touring history and critically acclaimed album under their belt,
the Seckou Keita SKQ are proud to announce the release of their new studio album ‘The Silimbo Passage”. Hailing from Senegal,
Italy, Egypt and The Gambia, this multi-national band are an exciting fusion of culture and experience bring you the best of Afro-
Mandinka sould music. Counting Richard Bona, Bela Fleck and Bobby McFerrin amongst his influences, Seckou Keita leads the
quartet with his experimental tunings and virtuoso kora playing (a West African stringed instrument likened to the harp or the
lute). He is one of the few champions of the lesser-known and rhythmically rocking kora repertoire from Casamance. His
charismatic personality is portrayed through his unique improvisational playing, supported by the double bass/electric bass of
Davide Mantovani, the eclectic percussions of Surahata Susso, the distinguished sound of the violin by Samy Bishai and
enchanting voice of the gracious Binta Susso - the newest addition to the band, turning the quartet into a quintet

VA-100 Anthems “Club Anthems”
I/O: 800 1ST 60 2ND 60 3RD 60

VA-100 Anthems “Drum & Bass”
I/O: 800 1ST 60 2ND 60 3RD 60

VA-100 Anthems “Old Skool”
I/O: 800 1ST 60 2ND 60 3RD 60

VA-100 Anthems “Rave Anthems”
I/O: 800 1ST 60 2ND 60 3RD 60

Va-100 Anthems “Garage”
I/O: 800 1ST 60 2ND 60 3RD 60

The 100 Anthems series is back with another 5 standout titles that kick with all tunes in a 5 CD set offering
100 tracks each for only $17.98 list price.
The series now consists of Ibiza, Hardcore, Chillout, Funky House, Trance, Drum & Base, Old Skool, Rave
Anthems, Garage and Club Anthems.
                   POP CLIFF NOTES 9/30/2008
Dem Franchize Boyz: Our World Our Way
IO: 100,000 First: 30,000/15,000/8,000
Key Markets: LA, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, DC, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Detroit
 One of the biggest south’s rap group’s have sold over 800K to date
 First single “Turnin Heads” featuring Llody
 Last album “On Top Of Our Game” sold over 100K first week
Dem Franchize Boyz “ON TOP OF OUR GAME” (2/7/06) 621,013

Ani DiFranco “Red Letter Year” (RBR-CD-63/748731706326) 9/30/08 IO: 60,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 15,000 2nd 10,000 3rd 7,000
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore/Washington DC, Philadelphia,
Chicago, Detroit, San Diego, Denver, Minneapolis, Louisville, Buffalo, Portland (ME), Portland (OR),
Seattle, Burlington (VT), Austin, New Orleans.
Home Market: Buffalo, NY and New Orleans, LA
Selling Points:
 The newest album from Ani DiFranco took two years to record. Guest musicians on the album include
     Jon Hassell and the Rebirth Brass Band.
 National press and TV campaign will start in July.
 Ovation TV’s “Live from the Artist Den” and National Geographic’s “Nat Geo” will air this fall.
     iTunes has also scheduled an Original Session for Fall release.
 Fall tour dates throughout the South, Midwest, and East coast running September – November.
Related Soundscan: Ani DiFranco “Canon” (RBR-CD-55/748731705527 9/11/07) 40,557; Ani DiFranco
“Reprieve” (RBR-CD-52/748731705220 8/8/06) 86,163

IO: 35,000 First: 15,000/7,000/4,000
Key Markets: LA, Atlanta, Cleveland, New York, Chicago, SF-Oakland-San Jose, Seattle,
Cincinnati, Dallas, Boston
 Has sold over 5 million throughout his career
 Last release In The Midnight Hour scanned 15K first week
 First single “Ring Tone” serviced to radio on July 16 th
 MTV2 Spots to run week of release
 Over 10 year legacy and West Coast ICON
Warren G “ In The Midnight Hour” (Light 9/27/05) 109,623

 TRICK TRICK: The Villain
IO: 25,000First: 7,500/4,000/2,000
Key Markets: Detroit, DC, LA, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Grand Rapids, MI, New York, Chicago
 First single “Let It Fly” features Ice Cube and produced by Lil Jon
 Video for “Let It Fly” will be completed shortly for servicing
 Features Ice Cube, Eminem, Kid Rock, Proof, Royce Da 5’9 and more
Trick Trick “People VS.” (MOT 12/13/05) 59,017
IO: 17,000 First: 7,000/5,000/3,000
Key Markets: LA, San Fran, Phoenix, Seattle, Sacramento, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Detroit
 Features Roscoe, Daz, 2 Short and more
 Single to be serviced to urban and crossover stations
 2 mainstream videos to be serviced to BET, MTV, VH1, MTV2 and regional video outlets
 Trea Day Management and Publicity launching full scale media campaign
Kurupt “Against The Grain” ( DRR-CD-63058) 50,125

JEWEL: The Essential Live Songbook (SOUNDSTAGE) (KOC-DV-6559/UPC – 741952655992)
Price Code: MX/$29.99
IO: 24,500
          Three-time Grammy-nominated performer Jewel was recorded live at the historic Rialto Theater in
Joliet, IL and the Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX. Beautifully filmed in high-definition and
mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, these two captivating concerts comprise this essential 2-disc set. Contains
over 45 songs from her vast catalogue including such hits as “You Were Meant for Me,” “Foolish Games,”
and “Good Day.” Other highlights include Jewel’s riveting interpretations of Cole Porter’s “Anything
Goes,” the aria “Per La Gloria d'Adorarvi” and a mesmerizing version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
– accompanied by a live chamber orchestra.

Putumayo Kids Presents “Sesame Street Playground” (PUT-CD-283/790248028323) 9/30/08 IO:
Projected Soundscans: 1st 750 2nd 1,200 3rd 2,000
Key Markets: All
Home Market: Various
Selling Points:
 13 tracks from Sesame Street shows around the world.
 Comes with a bonus DVD featuring five videos
 This is the first globally distributed Sesame Street CD.
 Liner notes and DVD subtitles in English, Spanish, French, and German.
Related Soundscan: Putumayo Presents “Hawaiian Playground” (PUT-CD-274/790248027425 1/22/08)
2,898; Sesame Street “All Time Platinum Favorites” (KOC-CD-4473/099923447320 3/4/08) 14,059

Luny Tunes “Calle 434, Los Discipulos” (FEM-CD-30001/820206300014) 9/30/08 IO: 8,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 600 2nd 350 3rd 300
Key Markets: Miami, Chicago, Puerto Rico, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles
Home Market: Puerto Rico
Selling Points:
 As successful music producers in the Reggaeton genre, the Luny Tunes have managed to earn an
     abundance of fans and awards while on the road to international stardom.
 Luny Tunes have produced albums, music tracks, and remixes for top Latin Reggaeton, Pop and R&B
     recording artists such as Janet Jackson, Paris Hilton, The Black Eyed Peas, Lenny Kravitz, R. Kelly,
     Ricky Martin, Shakira, Alejandro Sanz, Fat Joe, Daddy Yankee's “Gasolina”, Wisin y Yandel's
     “Rakata”, Don Omar's “Dale Don Dale”, Tego Calderon's “Métele Sazón”, Ivy Queen, Hector y Tito,
     and many others.
 “Calle 434, Los Discipulos” features Erre XI, Arcangel. Los Yetson, Daddy Yankee and others.
Related Soundscan: Luny Tunes “Luny Tunes 20 #1’s” (MCHT 10/9/07) 7,253
CAPPADONNA: Slang Prostitution
IO: 15,000 First: 4,000/2,500/1,000
Key Markets: New York, Boston, LA, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, DC
 First full-length release since 2003
 Features Raekwon, Masta Killa, King Just, Jojo Pellegrino and more
Cappadonna “Struggle” (CDER 9/30/03) 12,101

Sen Dog “Diary of a Mad Dog”
Suburban Noize Records
12,000 IO
3,500/2,500/1,500 projections

   Member of the mulit-Platinum group Cypress Hill
   Cypress Hill catalog scan over 1,700 units a week
   I will send out full marketing plan from the label.

Les Paul “Children of the Future, A Tribute To A Legend” (IMM-CD-81148/676628114827) 9/30/08
IO: 12,000 AP/15.98 Projected Week 1: 2000 Projected Week 2: 1700 Projected Week 3: 1500
Selling Points:

   This is a tribute album featuring Les Paul on every track
   Tributes to Les Paul on this album are performed by Slash, Peter Frampton, Joan Osborne, Joe Perry,
    Richie Sambora, Hiram Bullock, Mick Hucknell from Simply Red, Johny Rzenik from Goo Goo Dolls,
    Edgar Winter and more.
   Les is still playing every Monday night at the Irridium in NYC at age 93!
   Les Paul is regarded as the inventor of the electric guitar and many other important recording
   Massive viral marketing campaign targeted at the fans of Les Paul and all special guests
   Consumer marketing to include ads in magazines like Rolling Stone, Relix, Harp, Paste, and more.
   The musician crowd and Les Paul guitar freaks will be heavily targeted thru musician websites, gear
    rags, street marketing, as well as a promotion geared towards this crowd letting fans download a track
    from the album and jam along with Les Paul for a chance to win a new Gibson guitar.
   Product tie ins with Gibson guitar and music shops will insure high visibility of this project
   Bonus tracks available for online and in-store exclusives

Paul Porter- A New Day (CPD-CD-7208, UPC 015095720825) AQ: $16.98. IO: 8,000. Projected Week
1: 800 Projected Week 2: 800 Projected Week 3: 800

Selling Points:
 Best known as one of the pioneering members of the legendary gospel quartet The Christianaires
 Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee
 Recipient of 3 Gospel Stellar Awards
 Marketing includes:
         ~Radio- single to be serviced to over 600 national Gospel radio stations, with full radio tour to
         provide interviews
         ~Publicity- National print media targets include Jet, USA Today, Ebony, Urban and Gospel
         ~TV- awareness campaign to focus on daytime & morning show appearances, BET, TBN, CNN &
         Word Network.
        ~Tentative appearance scheduled for BET/ Bobby Jones for late September/early October
        ~New Media-, digital e-cards, social network campaign targeting YouTube,
        MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, Imeem & others


KEY DMA MARKETS Memphis, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, Dallas,
Houston, Atlanta, Richmond, Baltimore, Norfolk, Charlotte, Jackson, Miami, Raleigh-Durham

Melissa Greene- Next Step (KOC-CD-4434, UPC 099923443421) AM: $13.98. IO: 8,000. Projected
Week 1: 800 Projected Week 2: 800 Projected Week 3: 800

Selling Points:
 Member of the multi-million-selling Christian group Avalon
 Featured lead vocalist for the #1 Christian AC radio hit “Everything To Me” by Avalon (Most played
     Christian song of the year 2003)
 Single "Wonder" to be serviced to Christian AC and INSPO; August 1 impact date
 Opening “step out” performances emphasizing the single (“Wonder”) on Avalon Fall 2008 tour
 12 City Melissa Greene solo tour to support “Next Step”, Fall 2008.
 Album produced by multi-Dove Award winners Bernie Herms and Nathan Nockles
 National media campaign and multi-city radio promotion tour scheduled for Summer 2008
 Avalon Soundscan career-to-date totals approaching 3 million units (over 700,000 units at mainstream
     retail, including Mass and Chain account base)

Confirmed Fall 2008 Avalon tour dates:
8/2     N. Clermont IA
8/8     Henderson, KY
8/9     Atlanta GA
8/17    Hudsonville MI
8/23    Colorado Springs CO
8/24    Lakewood CO
9/6     Potosi MO
9/18    Dover OH
9/20    Springfield (Nashville) TN
9/26    Raytown MO
10/10 Lemoore CA
10/11 Loma Linda CA
10/17 Mena AR
10/30 Virginia Beach VA
10/31 Virginia Beach VA
11/7    Jackson MS
11/14 Sterling Heights MI


KEY DMA MARKETS Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas/Ft Worth, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New
York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tampa/St Pete

FOR CONSUMERS WHO LIKE: Avalon, Natalie Grant, Nichole Nordeman

Pete Seeger “At 89” (APR-CD-1113/611587111326) 9/30/08 IO: 5000 AR/17.98 Projected Week 1:
300 Projected Week 2: 400 Projected Week 3: 500
Selling Points:
 This is the American folk icon’s first full studio release in 12 years (his last was the Grammy winning
     “Pete” CD in 1996).
 There have been many multi artist tributes honoring Pete Seeger over the years including Bruce
     Springsteen’s very successful Seeger Sessions’ recordings and tours.
 This release is unique in that Pete plays and sings on every song
 Word is out that this will be the last recording of his illustrious career and the songs are new
 This CD coincides with the publication of a newly updated version of Seeger’s autobiography “Where
     have all the flowers gone.”
 Shore Fire Media is engaged and Pete Seeger will be doing rare interviews to support the project.
 Co-op/tour support available as well as in store play copies for retail.

Heltah Skeltah: D.I.R.T.
IO: 20,000 First: 5,500/3,000/2,000
Key Markets: New York, Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Chicago, LA, San Fran
 Group consist of Sean Price and Rock
 Legendary Hip Hop group hailing from Brooklyn
 Production from Alchemist, Black Milk and more
 Cornerstone Promotions has been hired to work the singles D.I.R.T and Rock N Roll ft Travis from
    Gym Class Heroes
 Video shot for first single D.I.R.T
Heltah Skelthah “MAGNUM FORCE” (10/13/98 CAP) 152,543

Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band “Act your age” (IMM-CD-81147/676628114728) 9/30/08 IO: 5000
AP/15.98 CD/DVD Projection Week 1: 850 Projected Week 2: 700 Projected Week 3: 400
Selling Points:
 Home Market: Los Angeles
 Biggest selling big band jazz combo currently recording
 Last CD “The Phat Pack” has scanned over 16,000 units
 Package contains a bonus DVD with surround sound mix of entire record plus other “extras” like
     videos, music charts, photos and games.
 Top Customers on Phat Pack were: Borders, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, AEC, Baker & Taylor, Trans
     World, Virgin and Super D.
   Non-trad marketing will include viral targeting at high school and college jazz students who play
    Gordon Goodwin’s charts.
   CD contains special guests: Patti Austin, Chick Corea, Dave Gruisin, and a virtual duet with the late
    Art Tatum.
   CD is produced by Lee Ritenour
   Key Markets: Top 10 sound scan markets are: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco,
    Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Seattle, and Denver.
   Ample co-op budget and Bonus tracks are available for online and in-store exclusives.
   “September”, the Patti Austin cover of the Earth Wind & Fire classic that also features Lee Ritenour
    will be serviced to smooth Jazz radio formats in August. Patti is coming off a 2007 Grammy win for
    her album “Avant Gershwin” and turns in a stunning vocal performance on this CD.

Hi Power Presents: Mr. Capone-e Dedicated 2 The Fans
IO: 5,000 First: 800/600/500
Key Markets: LA, Phoenix, Albuquerque, NM, SF-Oakland-San Jose, Denver, San Diego, Salt Lake
 Includes CD/DVD
 Footage from behind the scenes from US tour. Also live in concert footage
Mr. Capone-E “DEDICATED 2 THE OLDIES PART 2” ( HPO-CD-2051 9/25/07) 20,243

Q-Unique: Between Heaven and Hell
IO: 3,000 First: 500/300/300
Key Markets: New York, LA, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, DC, Chicago
   Member of the world renowned super group the Arsonist
   Video for first single being serviced
   Was also a member of to legendary Rock Steady Crew
   Bonus DVD includes new music video, live footage, interviews and more
Q-Unique “VENGEANCE IS MINE” (UHOW 10/16/04) 5,446

Live in London “The Giants of Jazz Vol. 1” (ECH-CD-8001/096010800129)
Live in London “The Giants of Jazz Vol. 2” (ECH-CD-8002/096010800228)
9/30/08 IO: 500 AT/19.98
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Washington
DC, Atlanta, Cleveland
Home Market: Various
Selling Points:
   Two great Jazz compilations covering live performances of many of the very best Jazz performers of
       the 50’s & 60’s recorded “live” while appearing at such famous London Jazz Clubs as the Pink
       Flamingo & Ronnie Scotts.
   Artists include Annie Ross, Bill Evans, Blossom Dearie, Jim Hall, Jimmy Witherspoon, JJ Johnson,
       Johnny Griffin, Roland Kirk, Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz, Tubby Hayes & Yusef Lateef.
   Each box set contains over 5 hours of incredible Jazz!
Related Soundscan: Giants of Jazz “Road Songs” (SAVO 6/29/04) 120
IO: 500 First: 400/50/50
Key Markets: Hawaii, Detroit, Chicago, LA, New York
   Shinji is one of Japan’s top guitarist
   Album features Sly & Robbie
   11 tracks

BERRY, MATT: OPIUM; USD-CD-1212; 825947154629 (as) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK: 10; 2nd WK:
10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
   British comedian, actor and musician
   Writes music for and appears in numerous British TV shows
   Comedy talent on the rise in the UK.

Evanescence Tribute: Saxophone Tribute to Evanescence
IO: 3,000 First: 1,200/750/750
Key Markets: New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, DC
   Saxophone Tribute to Evanscence
      Joey “G-Clef” Cavaseno plays Amy Lee’s vocal melodies
      Features jazz legends guitarist William Ash and bassist Peter Harmann

Rory Block “Blues Walkin' Like A Man - A Tribute To Son House”
I/O: 2500 1ST 300 2ND 250 3RD 200

“Today she is regarded as the top female interpreter and authority on traditional blues worldwide” The Blues Foundation. Rory
Block is the winner of five Blues Music Association Awards including one for her last CD 'The Lady And Mr. Johnson'. Her new
album is a tribute to Son House, one of histories most important blues artists and the man who taught Robert Johnson. Rory first
met Son House as a teenager in 1965, and has been dreaming about this project ever since. The beautiful cd packaging includes a
previously unpublished Dick Waterman photo of Son House and lengthy liner notes, plus long time Greenwich Village friend
John Sebastian is featured on harmonica. Rory tours constantly, has a loyal fan base and is a unique artist who's been on a
mission to support country blues for over 40 years. There will be complete press and publicity support for this release, as well as
plenty of coop ad dollars available.

Joe Louis Walker “Witness To The Blues”
I/O: 2000 1ST 250 2ND 200 3RD 200

Multiple Grammy and W.C. Handy Award Winner Joe Louis Walker is one of the most heralded blues artists of our time.-
“Without a doubt one of the most exciting and innovative artists gracing contemporary blues, Joe Louis Walker has glowed like a
shining blues beacon.” All Music Guide. 'Witness To The Blues' is a landmark album in his 20 year career and marks a return to
his distinctive blues/soul style. It includes a duet with Shemiaka Copeland and the album was produced by Duke Robillard who
contributes outstanding guitar work as well. Joe Louis Walker has previously recorded with legends like BB King (on 2 CD's),
Steve Cropper, Ike Turner, Huey Lewis, Scotty Moore, Bonnie Raitt, Taj Mahal and Gatemouth Brown to mention a few. Walker
moved to France for two years for a self imposed break, and is now back touring extensively and will be one of the highest profile
blues artists on the scene with this release. There will be complete press and publicity support for this release, as well as plenty of
coop ad dollars available.

I/O: 2000 1ST 250 2ND 200 3RD 200


Richard Barbieri ‘s amazing musical career has spanned four decades, taking him from the seminal recordings he made with
Japan in the seventies right through to the current worldwide success he is enjoying with Porcupine Tree.
Stranger Inside is his second solo album and could be described as ranging from ‘intense dynamic’ to ‘other-worldly ambient’.
Barbieri wrote and produced the album himself but is assisted by a host of familiar faces from throughout his career. Steve Jansen
(Japan, Nine Horses) mixed and co arranged the album, it was mastered by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and features guest
musician appearances from Gavin Harrison (PT) and the legendary double bass player Danny Thompson, whose incredible CV
includes Pentangle, Nick Drake, T Rex , Kate Bush, John Martyn and many, many more. In addition to this nearly all tracks,
though instrumental in nature, feature the sampled voices of Tim Bowness (No Man) and Suzanne Barbieri. These samples
contain no lyrics as such but are used to create beautiful vocal textures and melodies.
To complete the package the artwork and design has been created by Carl Glover and Luigi Colasanti (both longtime PT

I/O: 500 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

2 disc special edition – now on new Snapper imprint K-Scope with one stereo disc and one 5.1 surround
sound disc

Remixed & re-mastered by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) in 5.1 surround sound high resolution (DVD
A disc) Plus 5.1 mixes of two bonus tracks from the TWS sessions, the video for ‘Things I Want To Tell
You’ and photo gallery.
'Some of the most spine-chillingly gorgeous music imaginable.' mojo'

Coming two years after the critical and word of mouth cult success of 2001s 'Returning Jesus', ‘Together
We’re Stranger’ saw the band extending further the reach of its panoramic textural twists on the ballad
tradition and firmly establishing itself as one of the most intriguing British bands of the last decade.The duo
of Tim Bowness and Porcupine Tree's Steven Wilson draws on Chamber Jazz, New Classical, Singer-
songwriter and Contemporary Electronica sources for inspiration, uniquely echoing aspects of the work of
Talk Talk, Sigur Ros, Red House Painters and the 1970s heyday of uber-conceptualists Pink Floyd and
Brian Eno

Dana Parish “Uncrushed” (ECH-CD-4089/096010408929) 9/30/08 IO: 2,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 300 2nd 200 3rd 150
Key Markets: New York
Home Market: New York
Selling Points:
 New Artist To Watch on Clear Channel's website for three consecutive months.
 Her first single Not My Problem went to #23 on both Billboard and R&R's Adult charts. The
     only indie artist to chart this high this year.
 Former #1 MySpace artist, closing in on two million plays, 23,000 friends and 350,000 views.
 MSN will feature her as The One To Watch on album release.
 Her PBS special, Simple Living, aired in late April.
   The song Watch Me Fly was featured in the film, Gray Matters (Heather Graham) and in TV spots for
    the Fox Film, Saving Sara Cain.
 She will perform the end title song in the upcoming Fox film, Serious Moonlight, directed by Cheryl
    Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), starring Timothy Hutton, Meg Ryan and Kristin Bell.
 She is currently touring the Northeast and has performed multiple dates recently including a combined
    7 appearances in the past few months at The Living Room and Rockwood Music Hall in NY.
Related Soundscan: N/A

Beatles Tribute “Symphonic Music of the Beatles”
Big Eye (Cleopatra Records)
1,000 IO
100 weekly projections

   See NR book for details

The Escape Frame “The Escape Frame” (END-CD-1016/859403001165) 9/30/08 IO: 1,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 150 2nd 100 3rd 50
Key Markets: Birmingham, San Diego, Los Angeles
Home Market: Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama
Selling Points:
 Band appeared on Punk Goes Crunk Compilation (#86 on Billboard 200 on April 26, 2008; #10 Top
     Selling album of the week of April 15, 2008 - Fearless Records) covering “Nothin' But A G Thang”
 The Escape Frame has 14,500+ MySpace friends to communicate updates and product related news to
     (210,500+ song plays).
 2,500 download cards featuring preview material from The Escape Frame and other upcoming End
     Sounds artists were distributed at SXSW.
 Planned touring around release
Related Soundscan: N/A

Lord Belial “Black Curse” (REG-CD-1086/879822000860) 9/30/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 120 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York/New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Bay Area, Seattle, Denver,
Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Diego
Home Market: Sweden
Selling Points:
 Lord Belial’s 8th full length album
 Featuring ten tracks of pure melodic Swedish Black Metal!
 For fans of Emperor, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth
Related Soundscan: Lord Belial “Revelation” (REG-CD-1006/879822000068 5/8/07) 471

We the People “Too Much Noise” (SUN-CD-6258/090771625823) 9/30/08 IO: 500
AM/13.98 Projected Week 1: 50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected Week 3: 50
Selling Points:
 A complete collection of everything this Central Florida band recorded for the Challenge label during
     their heyday years of the mid-sixties.
 Sourced from the original analog masters here are We The People’s three scarce and essential
     Challenge single sides plus material recorded for the label but unreleased at the time – all of it on CD
     and high-definition vinyl.
We The People “Too Much Noise” (SUN-LP-5251/090771525116) 9/30/08 CQ/16.98 Projected Week
1: 50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected Week 3: 50
Selling Points:
 A complete collection of everything this Central Florida band recorded for the Challenge label during
     their heyday years of the mid-sixties.
 Sourced from the original analog masters here are We The People’s three scarce and essential
     Challenge single sides plus material recorded for the label but unreleased at the time – all of it on CD
     and high-definition vinyl.

Quatrain “Quatrain” (SUN-CD-11203/090771120328) 9/30/08 IO: 500 AR/17.98 Projected Week 1:
50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected Week 3: 50
Selling Points:
 Mention the sole and rare 1968 LP by LA’s Quatrain among devoted psych collectors and the response
     will be a unison chorus of nodding heads.
 From 1965-1969 Qautrain was a regular attraction on the Southern California scene, working as a
     house band at the popular Topanga Corral and up and down the sunset strip.
 Quatrain shared bills with the likes of the Byrds, Love, and the Buffalo Springfield.
 Produced and engineered by future Neil Young producer David Briggs
 The new Sundazed additions add 8 unheard performances to the original albums 12 cuts for a 20 track
     total on CD & 2 LP Set.

Quatrain “Quatrain” (SUN-LP-5250/090771525017) 9/30/08 IO: 500 2LPS FQ/28.98 Projected Week
1: 50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected Week 3: 50
Selling Points:
 Mention the sole and rare 1968 LP by LA’s Quatrain among devoted psych collectors and the response
     will be a unison chorus of nodding heads.
 From 1965-1969 Qautrain was a regular attraction on the Southern California scene, working as a
     house band at the popular Topanga Corral and up and down the sunset strip.
 Quatrain shared bills with the likes of the Byrds, Love, and the Buffalo Springfield.
 Produced and engineered by future Neil Young producer David Briggs
 The new Sundazed additions add 8 unheard performances to the original albums 12 cuts for a 20 track
     total on CD & 2 LP Set.

Big Brother & The Holding Company “Big Brother & The Holding Company” (SUN-LP-
5188/090771518811) 9/30/08 IO: 500 CQ/16.98 Projected Week 1: 50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected
Week 3: 50
Selling Points:
 Sundazed presents the high-definition vinyl reissue of the ultra-rare mono addition of Big Brother &
     The Holding Company’s 1967 debut.
 Big Brother & The Holding Company is the album that introduced the world to Janis Joplin and stands
     out as one of the classic recordings of the 1960’s.
 Cut from the original mono masters this Sundazed addition adds two scarce singles-only sides.

Mad River “Mad River” (SUN-LP-5243/090771524317) 9/30/08 IO: 500 CQ/16.98 Projected Week 1:
50 Projected Week 2: 50 Projected Week 3: 50
Selling Points:
 The music of Berkeley’s Mad River comes across like a spiraling acid spiked descent into hell.
 Mad River’s sound conjures a darker, more menacing version of Quicksilver Messenger Service or
     Country Joe & The Fish.
 This 1968 self titled debut is an exact reproduction of the lost classic sourced directly from the original
     Capitol Records stereo masters.
Lake “Ouch!” (RAI-CD-127/630428012721) 9/30/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: St. Louis, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Chicago, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles,
Baltimore, Atlanta
Home Market: Germany and United Kingdom
Selling Points:
 Lake was a German rock music band that formed in the early 1970s under the name Tornados, changing
     their name to Lake in 1973. They mostly covered material by other bands in their early years, but
     released three singles: Come Down/We're Gonna Rock, King Of The Rock 'n Roll Party, and Sailor. In
     1975 they were joined by lead singer James Hopkins-Harrison, who gave them their signature sound
     for the remainder of their recording career.
 This was Lake’s fourth album.
Related Soundscan: Lake “Lake/Paradise Island” (RAI-CD-123/630428012325 7/17/07) 161

Cherry Vanilla “Bad Girl/Venus D’Vinyl” (RAI-CD-179/630428017924) 9/30/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston
Home Market: Los Angeles
Selling Points:
 Actress, author, poetess, and rock star, Cherry Vanilla arguably ranks high among the most influential
     figures on the Anglo-American rock scene. As a cast member of Andy Warhol's taboo-shattering Pork
     stage show, she figured in the formulation of David Bowie's flamboyant breakthrough during 1971-
     1972. As a lasciviously uninhibited rocker at Max's Kansas City, her performances had an
     unquestionable impact upon waitress Debbie Harry. And as author of the libidinous art book Pop Tarts,
     she published the blueprint for Madonna's later Sex. Add to that her time spent fronting a then little-
     known band called the Police and two albums at the end of the 1970s which are still regarded in
     hushed tones of reverence and Vanilla's role in recent rock history isn't simply secured, it is sacred.
Related Soundscan: Cherry Vanilla “Bad Girl/Venus D’Vinyl” (SMCM 3/14/00) 400

Sherbet “Highway 1” (RAI-CD-177/630428017726) 9/30/08 IO: 500
Projected Soundscans: 1st 200 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, New
York, Baltimore
Home Market: Australia
Selling Points:
 Sherbet were Australia's most popular pop group of the 70s with 20 consecutive hit records and 17
     album, accounting for 10 platinum and 14 gold disc awards.
Related Soundscan: Sherbet “Very Best of Sherbet” (RAI-CD-175/630428017528 1/2/06) 28

CASH, Johnny “All Aboard / Original Sun Sound”
I/O: 500 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50


The Oscar winning biopic, Walk The Line, and the continued success of the recordings he made with Rick Rubin for American
Records, means that Johnny Cash’s iconic status remains as strong as ever despite his death in 2003.
It was at Sam Phillip’s legendary Sun Records however that Johnny Cash came to prominence, pioneering a style of country that
was all his own and in the fullness of time turned him into one of the giants of the country music scene.
Here presented together on a single CD for the first time are two of the seven Johnny Cash albums released by the original Sun
label, his sixth album, All Aboard The Blue Train from 1962, and his last Sun album, Original Sun Sound, released in 1964.
This unique reissue includes the hard-to-find overdubbed versions of several songs which were made and used for the original
album releases, including ‘I Walk The Line’, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘Give My Love To Rose’.
The album also features ten bonus tracks taken from ‘Johnny Cash Sings Hank Williams’, effectively making this three albums on
one CD reissue.
The 34 featured tracks provide an excellent overview of Johnny Cash’s Sun era. As well as including many
of his hits, including ‘Big River’, ‘I Love You Because ‘Oh, Lonesome Me’ and ‘Mean Eyed Cat’, they
feature several of his lesser-known gems.

PERKINS, Carl “Dance Album of”
I/O: 500 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50


Carl Perkins changed the face of popular music when he recorded Blue Suede Shoes at the close of 1955. As well as being a
highly-successful songwriter - Perkins also wrote hits for the likes of Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline and The Judds - he was also a
phenomenal guitarist whose playing style came to epitomise rock & roll and inspired George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Dave
Edmunds and many other aspiring guitarists.
Like label mate Johnny Cash, Perkins quit Sun for Columbia and recorded subsequently for several other labels. Like Cash, the
sides he cut for Sun Records between 1954 and 1957 are regarded by many as being his finest.

Dance Album Of was Carl Perkins’ only album on the original Sun label, released in 1958. The nineteen bonus tracks included
in this reissue feature the other highlights from Perkins’ Sun output.
As well as both sides of all his Sun singles (tracks 13 to 21) they include songs which were surprisingly overlooked at the time
and remained unreleased for several years. These are nowadays rightly regarded as being some of the finest Rockabilly sides to
ever come out of the Sun Studio. This digipak edition faithfully reproduces this seminal album’s striking artwork and the
updated sleeve notes make this reissue the definitive collection of Perkins’ Sun years,

CASH, Johnny “The Best of the Sun Years”
I/O: 700 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

Bold contemporary packaging and a comprehensive tracklisting at a budget price.

This is a generous (25) track introduction to the Man in Black’s pioneering records for the Sun Records label between 1955 and
1961. It includes five of the songs included in the blockbuster movie ‘Walk The Line’: ‘I Walk The Line’, ‘Get Rhythm’, ‘Cry,
Cry, Cry’, ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘Home Of The Blues’ plus all his other significant Sun hits, such as ‘Ballad Of A Teenage
Queen’ and ‘Guess Things Happen That Way’.

LEWIS, Jerry Lee “The Very Best of”
I/O: 500 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

Bold contemporary packaging and a comprehensive tracklisting at a budget price

The best tracks made by Jerry Lee Lewis for Sun Records between 1956 and 1963, generally acknowledged as the finest period in
his long career. Includes all his major hits for Sun, including "Great Balls of Fire", "Breathless",
“You Win Again” and "Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On." Here are both rockers and ballads - scorching Rock ‘n’ Roll sides and
classic country performances. These 28 ‘Killer’ cuts changed the face of both Rock ‘n’ Roll and country music forever.
Melismatics “The Acid Test”
CC Entertainment
1,000 IO
75 weekly projections

   Produced by John Fields (Switchfoot, The Jonas Brothers, Jimmy Eat World, Rooney, Clay Aiken,
   Music been featured on MTV’s “Laguna Beach,” NBC’s “Windfall,” “Thunderstruck 5” extreme
    snowmobiling DVD
   College Radio Campaign
   A national college, internet, public, and commercial specialty radio campaign with Vitriol (Smashing
    Pumpkins, Nada Surf, Tapes N Tapes, etc) will commence upon the album's release
   Street Teams
   Touring
   The Melismatics will tour nationally in support of "The Acid Test," performing approximately 100
    shows in the year following the release
   Publicity
   Jim Baltutis (Warner Brothers) will work national and international press for the release of "The Acid
    Test," and he will target local media in cities the band are performing
   Videos
   Music video for "Soul Sucker" is completed and has been used to create anticipation for the new
    album on myspace, youtube, and sonicbids


T.I. Tribute “Throwback/Old School Tribute”
CC Entertainment
1,500 IO
75 weekly projections

**NOW A 9/16 RELEASE**

   The new T.I. album is being released on 9/16 and should be the second biggest hip hop record of the
    year next to Lil Wayne.
   Throwback tribute will have a rendition of the new T.I. single.
   Top T.I. DMAs: Atlanta, Los Angeles, NY, DC, Chicago, Philly, Houston, Detroit, Dallas and

Trivium Tribute “Heavy String Tribute”
CC Entertainment
1,500 IO
75 weekly projections

   New Trivium album being released 9/30
   This tribute will feature a rendition of their new single
   “Into the Mouth of..We March” by Trivium is a featured song on the new John Madden 2009 Football
    video game.
   Top Trivium DMAs: Los Angeles, NY, Chicago, Philly, Boston, Phoenix, SF, DC, Orlando and

Marionette “Spite” (LIS-CD-104/892991001049) 9/30/08 IO: 1,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Detroit,
Washington DC, Denver, Phoenix
Home Market: Sweden
Selling Points:
 Inspired by the Japanese visual-kei scene and the brutality of Western metal, Marionette has come to
     bring new light to the metal genre. Mixing elegance, darkness, power, aggression, and speed,
     Marionette’s upcoming debut album will hit the metal scene with the power of an atomic bomb.
 Marionette was formed in late 2005 by Mikael Medin who wanted to form a band that sought to mix
     the ambiance of Japanese music with the harshness and aggression of European metal.
 The band placed in the Top 4 of the Scandinavian finals of Emergenza, one of the world’s largest
     music contests. They also went to the finals of Sweden’s biggest contest, MusikDirekt and ended up in
     the Top 20 of over 700 unsigned bands.
Related Soundscan: N/A

Textures “Silhouettes” (LIS-CD-103/892991001032) 9/30/08 IO: 1,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Detroit,
Washington DC, Denver, Phoenix
Home Market: Netherlands
Selling Points:
 After a stunning debut and the even more overwhelming second album “Drawing Circles”, Textures
     return with a long anticipated new record that destroys all boundaries in metal.
 “Silhouettes” takes their already rich sound to a whole new level making it easily their most varied,
     intense, daring and ambient textures record to date.
 For fans of Meshuggah, Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Pantera
Related Soundscan: Textures “Drawing Circles” (LIS-CD-84/850391999823 11/7/06) 565

Waylander “Honour Amongst Chaos” (LIS-CD-105/892991001056) 9/30/08 IO: 1,000
Projected Soundscans: 1st 100 2nd 75 3rd 50
Key Markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Dallas, Detroit,
Washington DC, Denver, Phoenix
Home Market: Ireland
Selling Points:
 Formed in 1993, Waylander released their debut demo, “Once Upon an Era”, in early 1995. Mixing
     Irish folk music with extreme Metal, Waylander were soon dubbed Folk, Celtic, and Pagan Metal.
 Waylander have spent years bringing mosh pits to festivals across Europe such as Bloodstock, Pagan
     Nights and Ultimo Ratio. They have also spent this time finding and securing a powerful line up with a
     passion to match their musical talents.
 Includes exclusive bonus track
Related Soundscan: N/A
Various “Breathing Fire-Live In Jamaica”
Cleopatra Records
500 IO

   See NR book for details

Johnny Winter “Black Cat Bone-The Anthology”
Cleopatra Records
300 IO

   See NR book for details

Thin Lizzy Tribute “A Tribute to Thin Lizzy”
Cleopatra Records
1,000 IO
100 weekly projections

   Thin Lizzy catalog scans 800 units a week
   Top 10 Thin Lizzy DMAs: NY, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Philly, SF, Portland, DC and

UK Subs “Punk as Fuck”
Cleopatra Records
125 IO

   See NR book for details

REILLY, MAGGIE: Starcrossed; USD-CD-1210; 604388704729 (AS) 18.98 I/O: 100; 1st WK: 10;
2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
 2000 recording without Mike Oldfield
 All star sidemen

PHILLIPS, ANTHONY: Wise After The Event; USD-CD-1211; 604388328420 (AS) 18.98 - 2CDs
I/O: : 100; 1st WK: 10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
 Whereas Anthony Phillips' debut album The Geese & the Ghost was recorded piecemeal over a period
    of years, his sophomore set was cut in comparatively record time, a month in fall 1977, just as the first
    rave reviews for its predecessor hit the stands.
 It was an invigorating period and Phillips' confidence oozes out of every groove.
 Without departing from the proto-formula that established Geese among the year's most unexpected
   But the opening "We're All as We Lie" and the multi-textured title track are both career-enhancing
    classics, placing Phillips in the same kind of folky-art-prog middle ground as Roy Harper traditionally
    inhabited. And, as such, Wise After the Event emerges both wise and eventful.

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Frank Zappa's Jukebox; USD-CD-1226; 823564609324 (AQ) 16.98 I/O: 100;
1st WK: 10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
 Music that influenced the most brilliant rock musician I ever knew.
 Brilliant? How do you become a millionaire making records that nobody wants to buy?
 Blues, classical and what not are side by side in this eclectic collection of influences.

CURE, THE: The Document; USD-CD-1225; 823564900193 (AS) 18.98 - 2 Discs I/O: 100; 1st WK:
10; 2nd WK: 10; 3rd WK: 10
Sales Points
 This is a two disc set (CD & DVD) documenting the career of the Cure
 Interviews, rare footage, home movies and other interesting tidbits on the punk pioneers.

VA-Platinum “Platinum Drum & Bass”
I/O: 800 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

VA-Platinum “Platinum Disco House”
I/O: 800 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

VA-Platinum “Platinum R & B”
I/O: 800 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

VA-Platinum “Platinum Rave Weekender”
I/O: 800 1ST 50 2ND 50 3RD 50

3 CD set at a low $15.98 list price. Platinum presents the finest in Dance and R&B with these 3 cd sets that
are priced to move.

August 2008 Cliff Notes

Street Date – 9/2/08

Price Code: MK/$14.99
IO: 25,000
          This is the 1st ever live Hatebreed DVD shot at Harpo’s in Detroit. It includes the entire show
recorded and mixed by Grammy Award winner Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, Atreyu, Fuel, Thrice). Special
features include: interviews with the band, bonus live performances and more.

BRITISH TV VICTORIAN COLLECTION: Four Period Drama Classics (SHA-DV-3507/UPC –016351350794)
Price Code: VL/$49.98
IO: 81,500
         This box set contains four lavish costume dramas and literary adaptations. Each feature film in the
4 DVD set is an epic tale filled with romance and intrigue. The movies included in this set are, “The Cater
Street Hangman,” “Four Feathers,” “Lady Audley's Secret,” and “Poldark.”

Price Code: VC/$12.98
IO: 3,000
         One of NYC radio's most popular radio personalities / mix show DJs, DJ Absolut, steps into the
DVD arena taking you inside the hip hop game. DJ Absolut brings you behind-the-scenes with some of the
industry's biggest and baddest stars such as; Treey Songz, Mobb Deep, Ja Rule, Wyclef and Irv Gotti.

AMERICA: Live (Soundstage) (KOC-DV-6579/UPC – 741952657996)
Price Code: MP/$19.99
IO: 8,400
         America’s performance on the acclaimed PBS concert series Soundstage features all their greatest
hits along with riveting versions of “California Dreaming” and “Nowhere Man” – plus an interview with
founding members Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell.

DAEVID ALLEN'S UNIVERSITY OF ERRORS: Plays Soft Machine (USD-DV-1184/UPC - 604388694907)
Price Code: MO/$18.99
I.O: 250
         This DVD, recorded live at the Amsterdam UnConvention in November 2006, was the first time
that U of E performed this material since recording the songs back in 2003. The performance was
professionally filmed using five HD cameras and 48 track audio. This concert features songs such as,
“That's How Much I Need You Now,” “Save Yourself, “ “Hope For Happinessm” and many more.

SOFT MACHINE: Alive In Paris 1970 (USD-DV-1185 /UPC - 604388704200)
Price Code: MO/$18.99
I.O: 250
         This DVD captures Soft Machine, live in France filmed in 1970 at the Theatre de la Musique. This
rare footage has only recently been rediscovered and as such is a rare insight into the band. Tracks include
“Out-Bloody-Rageous,” “Eamonn Andrews,” “Facelift” and “Esther’s Nose Job.”

GORDON GILTRAP & RAYMOND BURLEY: Double Vision in Vision (USD-DV-1186/UPC – 604388705405)
Price Code: MQ/$20.99
IO: 100
          This DVD captures two performances of Giltrap and Burley. Although both artists have different
styles, they manage to blend both styles together in two intimate performances filmed in 2006 at Stickford
Church and Fulston Manor. This DVD contains both concerts in full as well as an interview feature. Tracks
include: “Maddie Goes West,” “Izabella’s Wedding,” “Ravensbourn” and “Down The River.”

MORAZ, PATRICK: Future Memories Live On TV (USD-DV-1187/UPC – 604388693023)
Price Code: MO/$18.99
IO: 100
         This DVD consists of the following tracks: “Metamorphoses,” “Eastern Sundays” and “Black
Silk.” This performance was selected to be the official Swiss Nomination in Switzerland's Golden
Rose/Montreux Festival in 1984. In addition to the two complete performances there is also bonus footage
of Patrick filmed in November 2006.

METALLICA: Blitzkrieg Overdrive (USD-DV-1188/UPC – 823564513690)
Price Code: MO/$18.99
IO: 500
         This documentary traces the complete history of Metallica, from their earliest through the tragic
death of Cliff Burton to the mega-stardom they enjoy today. With the aid of interviews with band members,
archive footage, rare photographs, commentary from the metal journalists, this film gets to the heart of
what made this extraordinary group the primal force they have become.

SOWETO GOSPEL CHOIR: Live At Nelson Mandela Theatre (SHA-DV-117/UPC – 016351011794)
Price Code: MP/$19.99
IO: 1,500
         LIVE AT THE NELSON MANDELA CIVIC THEATRE captures all of the spontaneity and
infectious spirit that makes this choir’s live performances an unforgettable experience. They are one of
those rare artists whose performances deliver "something extra" beyond their studio recordings and this
exquisitely shot DVD release captures all of that.

Street Date – 9/30/08

JEWEL: The Essential Live Songbook (SOUNDSTAGE) (KOC-DV-6559/UPC – 741952655992)
Price Code: MX/$29.99
IO: 24,500
          Three-time Grammy-nominated performer Jewel was recorded live at the historic Rialto Theater in
Joliet, IL and the Myerson Symphony Center in Dallas, TX. Beautifully filmed in high-definition and
mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, these two captivating concerts comprise this essential 2-disc set. Contains
over 45 songs from her vast catalogue including such hits as “You Were Meant for Me,” “Foolish Games,”
and “Good Day.” Other highlights include Jewel’s riveting interpretations of Cole Porter’s “Anything
Goes,” the aria “Per La Gloria d'Adorarvi” and a mesmerizing version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”
– accompanied by a live chamber orchestra.

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