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State President's Message Senior State President's Message


									  Volume 56, No. 3                California State Society Children of the American Revolution                         Summer 2007                                                                                       

Dear California CAR’s
                                     State President’s Message
         As the summer months approach, I pray that you are taking advantage of our great weather,
beautiful coasts, and sunny beaches. Walks in the sunset and fun in the sun IS allowed and IS encouraged.
But, a disclaimer is needed from one pale person to the rest, wear sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. Use it
wisely and use it well.
         It was great to see so many of you at the grunion run a few Saturdays ago. Your support and
enthusiasm keeps me going. I want to personally thank everybody who showed me support and love and
stayed for the entire run. Without you I know that all these events I’m planning would not be a success.
         This year, California CAR’s attended not only Western Regional, but Rocky Mountain Regional as
well. And while we were not a dominant state there, our presence was known. At Western Regional,
California State was well represented and I know that I had an absolutely great time. We as a state were able
to show the National Board just what California is all about and many National Board members already
express interest in attending our state conference!
         I want to wish everybody a Happy 4th of July. Some of the activities I have seen pictures for and
have heard about were fantastic. The parade in Huntington Beach, which I had the honor of marching in,
was phenomenal. Also the National Bell ringing ceremony at the Ronald Regan Library was fun. They had a great turn out at both
events. Thank you to all the supported our Nation. May the old kettle corn you are saving stay somewhat fresh, and may the glow
lights you bought light up your rooms for nights to come. I hope the fireworks shows you saw were as awesome as the one I saw, (I
had no idea they made smiley faced fireworks), and I hope that no illegal fireworks hurt anybody.
         On a more serious note, Mrs. Katrina Dorneman passed away this past week. She was the Senior State Chaplin, and one of
my strongest supporters. She always knew what to say when I needed it, and she and her daughters had a way about them that lit up a
room. I pray that you keep her and her family in your prayers. She will always be remembered, missed, loved, and thought of. I love
you Tara, Tiana, and Mr. Dorneman.
         May your summer be filled with lots of fun, surf, sand, and CAR activities.
         Keeping the California spirit alive,

Aimee Clayton
California State President

                 Senior State President’s Message
Dear CAR Members and Friends,
           The new C.A.R. program year at both the National and State levels is off to a flying start. Many of our
California members attended regional meetings at both Rocky Mountain in Mesa, Arizona and Western in Olympia,
Washington. They learned about the new National Programs from National President, Katie Marie Stanley and the
National Board.
California’s own Megan Copsey was sworn in as the Western Regional VP prior to the meeting with many National
Board and Senior National Board members in attendance.
           Summer workshops are quickly approaching and this is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the programs at
the National and State levels. Aimee Clayton, State President will conduct both workshops with the assistance of the
state officers and chairman. All State Officers and State Chairman should plan to attend at least one of the two
workshops. The workshops are scheduled for August 4 in the Sacramento area and on August 11 in Encino. The southern workshop location has
been changed, so please check the information located on the state website.

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                                                Page 1
                                     Senior State Presidents’ Message (continued)
          State Conference will be upon us before we know it and this is an election year for both the members and seniors. Information from the
respective nominating committee’s will be mailed to the member and senior boards in November and then posted on the California CAR website for
anyone not receiving a copy and wishing to run for an office. It is important that anyone running adhere to the strict deadlines set by these two
nominating committees so they can complete their work in a timely fashion. All senior offices are elected except for Senior State President. This is
an appointment made by the Senior National Board of Management and the Senior National President.
          I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming C.A.R. activities and wish each society a great C.A.R. year.

Billie Spence
Senior State President, CSSCAR

                                 Western Regional News
The Western Regional meeting held on June 22-23 in Olympia, Washington saw several California
members and Seniors in attendance. Megan Copsey, Honorary State President and current Western
Regional Vice President was sworn in by National President Katie Marie Stanley. This years regional
                                                           meeting was different as the National Board
                                                           presented skits but they also held
                                                           workshops to help the members understand
                                                           the programs. On Saturday, after a morning of skits and workshops,
                                                           members boarded the bus for the Northwest Trek and Slugfest. The
                                                           Northwest Trek is a wild animal park which combined natural habitat
                                                           enclosures with free range displays. Members could view bears, wolves
                                                           and various birds of prey as well as see the buffalo and elk as they
                                                           roamed the plains.

                                                                      2008 Regional Meeting
                                                                      will be held in the State
                                                                       of Oregon. Plan on
                                                                      attending this exciting

                                   In Loving Memory
California C.A.R. mourns the death of Mrs. Katrina Holland Dorneman, who died of cancer on June 28.
Mrs. Dorneman was a dedicated C.A.R. senior leader, who served as the California Senior State Chaplain
in 2006. She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is survived by her
husband, Robert Dorneman, of Laguna Niguel, and her two daughters, Tamara and Tiana Dorneman.
Both young women are honorary California State C.A.R. presidents. She also is survived by her Mother,
Mrs. Catherine Robinson Holland, who has served as a California Senior State C.A.R. Chairman; her
brother, Gregory R. Holland, and her sister, Mrs. Heidi Turner. Mrs. Dorneman held a B.A. in
Communications from California State University, Fullerton. She loved genealogical research and
traveling to places of historical significance. She will be greatly missed by her many C.A.R. friends.

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                                                        Page 2
      Just for California Kids
California C.A.R. President Aimee Clayton is hoping that all California Kids will learn about Sea Otters this
year and help her raise money to help these very special animals. Do you like surfing the Web? Try visiting
the Monterey Bay Aquarium website at . You’ll get to see live Sea Otters via a
special webcam. There are all kinds of interactive games and suggestions for crafts, activities and field trips.

Visit the website and see if you can find the answers to these questions:
        1. What is the largest fish on exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?
        2. How do Sea Otters use their paws?
        3. Where did the Monterey Bay Aquarium get the Sea Otters that live there now?
        4. How many Sea Otters live at the Monterey Bay Aquarium?
Learn about Sea Otters and share your photos and ideas with other California kids.
Please send your articles to Mrs. Brown, the Bear Facts editor, at .

Have fun and help Aimee tell other children in California all about the amazing Sea
Otters that live along our California coastline.

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                    Page 3
                                            Juan Crespi Society
Juan Crespi Society joined other patriotic organizations in the annual Valhalla Park Memorial Day Parade.
California C.A.R. State President Aimee Clayton participated in the Decoration of the Memorial Wreath Laying
Ceremony. This 79th annual commemoration was presented by the American Legion.

Juan Crespi Society was one of the C.A.R.
societies that participated in the annual “Let
Freedom Ring” National Bell ringing Ceremony
at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and
Museum on July 4. This event commemorates
the signing of the Declaration of Independence
and honors the brave patriots of the American
Revolution. This was the sixth year that C.A.R.
has led this national event at this site. C.A.R.
members rang their bells thirteen times at 11:00
a.m., corresponding to the ringing of the Liberty
Bell in Philadelphia.

                             Presidio Hill Society
Presidio Hill Society members and prospective members joined DAR members and the San
Diego Chapter SAR Revolutionary War Color Guard to present the colors at the July 4th
San Diego Padres/Florida Marlins baseball game at Petco Park in San Diego. Everyone
enjoyed the game afterwards - especially since the Padres won in the last half of the ninth
inning! Presidio Hill Society member Danielle Moniz also won two first-place awards at the
San Diego County fair, for her artistic creations of a polymer clay cat and a mouse made
from recycled metal parts. Danielle, on behalf of Presidio Hill Society, also won a third top award for a poster depicting
Presidio Hill Society’s community service project to honor its heroes, the patients at the La Jolla Medical Center.

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                                Page 4
                         Sybil Ludington Society
Sybil Ludington Society held a Bell Ringing Ceremony on July 4. The
ceremony began with Beth Berger, Society President, reading the C.A.R.
Creed. Danielle Gilbert led the Pledge of Allegiance, and Jonathon
Gilbert read the 1775 Declaration of Independence composed by five
                                          founding fathers. Then Beth
                                          read Concurrent Resolution
                                          No. 25 (to give the reason for
                                          our ceremony). Next, Mrs.
                                          Kay Gilbert, Senior Society
                                          Treasurer, shared a reading of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address.
                                          In memory of Ronald Reagan, Mrs. Gilbert also read from his 1985
                                          inaugural address. At 10 AM, Master Hornback tolled the garden
                                          tower bell 13 times! We rang hand bells and took refreshments, then
                                          chatted for a good long while. Thank you everyone, for Ringing Bell
                                          Across America on Independence Day!

                                                  Sybil Ludington Society also participated in the Livermore Memorial
                                                  Day ceremonies. Society President Beth Berger posed with Mrs.
                                                  Janet Watling, D.A.R. District IV representative.

                                       Captain Matthew Ramsay Society
                               Danielle Schmitz, Captain Matthew Ramsay Society member, performed a
                               patriotic dance with her class on the Pavilion stage at the City of Santa Clara’s
                               Fourth of July Celebration in Central Park.

                               Two Captain Matthew Ramsay Society seniors, Victoria Spence and Peter
                               Panacy, graduated from Santa Clara University on June 16. Victoria, who is
                               N.S.C.A.R. Senior Vice President for the Western Region, majored in English.
                               Peter majored in history. Congratulations to both the graduates.

                               Captain Matthew Ramsay member, Sarah Degl'Innocenti, graduated from
                               Sequoia High School in Redwood City on June 7. She will be attending Oregon
                               State University in the fall. She received an award for excellence in English. At
                               Sequoia she was in the band and on the tennis team. She is currently finishing her
year as the boatswain of the Mariner Girl Scout Ship Tradewind.

                                              “Captain Molly Corbin Society
                  “Captain” Molly Corbin Society members Leah Stover, Marissa Mancebo, and Lauren Stover,
                  honored our veterans at the Pleasanton Memorial Gardens Cemetery on Memorial Day. Marissa,
                  who is the Society President, recited the Memorial Day Prayer at the ceremony.

                                  Los Angeles-Eschscholtzia Society
The Los Angeles-Eschscholtzia Society has been busy selling gift wrap to raise funds for C.A.R. programs.
The society has been notified that their sales are among the three highest in the nation. The society members
and seniors are grateful for the support of the Los Angeles-Eschscholtzia D.A.R. Chapter on the gift wrap
Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                              Page 5
 San Antonio Canyon Society Hosts Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific Visit
                                         Did you know that in 1911 there were only about 110 sea otters left in the wild? This
                                         just one of the interesting facts C.A.R. families learned on Sunday, July 8, at the
                                         Aquarium of the Pacific. San Antonio Canyon Society hosted the event at which
                                         State President Aimee Clayton was the special guest.
                                                  At 9:45 a.m., families from Juan Crespi (Lucas Borncamp and Aimee and
                                         Deborah Clayton) , Eliza Donner Houghton (Anne Graves), Los Angeles-
                                         Eschscholtzia (Cassidy Aparicio, Society Historian; Gaylene Aparicio, Sr. Society
                                         Historian; and Debbie Palmer, Sr. Society President) and Los Ninos (Brian and
                                         Carol Byrd, Kelly and Nancy Pleskot, Satya, Jordi, Chaiya and Javier Ortiz, and
Nancy and Christine Salgado) Societies joined together with San Antonio Canyon Society President Dominick DiCesare,
members Katie Lech and Michael Stufflebean and seniors Christy DiCesare, Steve and Tracy Lech and Linda Stufflebean
to welcome State President Aimee Clayton to the aquarium.
          The highlight of the visit was the 10:45 a.m. program devoted to the sea otter. Animal trainer Michelle introduced
us to the sea otters and gave some background about how the otters
came to live in Long Beach. (They were rescued animals from up
north, but the Monterey Bay Aquarium had no space to keep them.)
She pointed out that, although the sea otters are fuzzy and cute and
like to perform for humans, they are, in fact, wild animals who can
cause harm. Aquarium speaker Charlotte shared the facts on sea
otter life. Sea urchins are sea otters’ favorite foods. If sea otters were
removed from their natural habitats, ocean life would die because sea
urchins eat kelp at the spot where it is anchored to the ocean floor.
Pieces of kelp then rise to the ocean’s surface and float away. If the
sea urchin population were not kept in check by the sea otters, there
would not be enough kelp left to sustain other ocean life.
          After the sea otter program, families visited other exhibits in
the aquarium and then met for lunch in the Café Scuba. State President Aimee Clayton was then presented with several
sea otter gifts as souvenirs of her visit.

                          Huntington Beach Fourth of July Parade
                                           Los Ninos Society submitted this photo of the Huntington Beach Fourth of
                                           July Parade. Members of the following CAR, DAR and SAR groups in the
                                           parade: Los Ninos Society CAR, El Redondo Chapter DAR, El Redondo
                                           Society CAR, Eliza Donner Houghton Chapter DAR, Eliza Donner
                                           Houghton Society CAR, Irvine Ranch Chapter DAR, Orange County
                                           Chapter SAR, South
                                           Coast Chapter SAR, and
                                           Susan B Anthony Chapter
        Thank you to the following people who joined us on a VERY
special day: Carol Bachand, Jaime Barrett, Ahnika, Marilyn and
Richard Boone, Donna, Jesse, and Kian Braly, Sue and Mel Butler,
Brian and Carol Byrd, Aimee and Mrs. Clayton, Jan Gordon, Dan
Henry, Jerry Hereford, Kathy Massanet, Jane Orr, Lynda, Molly and
Haley Schutzenberger James, Irene, and Justin Shea Judy Swan, State
President Aimee Clayton and Mrs. Jan Gordon also marched with us.

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                                  Page 6
                         Bring a friend to the C.S.S.C.A.R. Summer Workshops
The C.S.S.C.A.R. Northern and Southern California Workshops provide the perfect opportunity for introducing
friends and prospective members to C.A.R. Aimee Clayton, your state president, will be introducing you to the
interesting programs that California C.A.R. will be focusing on this year. There will be activities, fun and
refreshments. Make plans to attend the workshop that is closest to your home. Please
contact Mrs. Spence, Senior State President, for further information.

                      Northern California Workshop, Saturday, August 4
               at the home of Gloriann Smith, 1301 Gary Way, Carmichael 95608

    Southern California Workshop, Saturday, August 11 (Note new location below)
                 at the home of the Borncamp family, 4232 Mooncrest Place, Encino 91436

                                                  Eliza Donner Houghton Society

                            The newest member of Eliza Donner Houghton Society is Melia
                    Elizabeth Lenert, at left. Her mother is Elizabeth Lenert and her
                    grandmother is Pat Hugar, C.S.S.D.A.R. Dixtrict X Director. The
                    society’s youngest prospective member is Sarah Marie Garvin, at right,
                    who attended N.S.D.A.R. Continental Congress when she was 5 weeks
old. Her mother, Jennnifer Wikum Garvin, a former member of Eliza Donner Houghton
Society, paged at Continental Congress. Four generations of the family were in attendance.
                                                                    Eliza Donner Houghton
                                                            members and seniors who
                                                            participated in the Huntinton
                                                            Beach Parade on July 4 are
                                                            Ahnika Boone, Mrs. and Mrs. Richard Boone; Mr.
                                                            and Mrs. James Shea and children Justin and Irene.

         NSDAR President General
California C.A.R. congratulates Mrs. Linda Gist Calvin, who
was recently installed as
NSDAR President General.
She has been a senior leader
and California C.A.R. leader
for many years. The symbol
of her administration is a
golden pineapple, which                                                      Memorial Cruise
reflects her theme: “The                                      Mrs. Rebecca Viebrock, honorary Senior State President,
Spirit of Hospitality Opens                                   and her husband, Capt. Charles Viebrock (U.S. Merchant
the Doors of Opportunity.”                                    Marine, retired) place a wreath at sea in memory of
California C.A.R. members                                     deceased members of the maritime community during the
and seniors look forward to                                   annual memorial cruise of the U.S.S. Jeremiah O’Brien
working with Mrs. Calvin                                      on San Francisco Bay and beyond the Golden Gate on
and assiting her with her                                     May 19.
national programs.
Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                            Page 7
National and State Support
                                                     California Endowment Pin
                                                     Anyone contributing $50 or more to the California
Red Apple Pin                                        Endowment Fund, or in whose honor $50 is given,
                                                     will receive a California Endowment Fund Pin. This
Major Benefactors wishing to honor an                pin denotes the singular honor of one who has
individual with a contribution of $1,000.00 or       helped to insure the perpetuation of the ideals of the
more to the N.S.C.A.R. Museum receive a              C.S.S.C.A.R. The pins are available in either Gold
Major Benefactor, or Red Apple Pin. The              or Silver.
pins must be presented to an individual and
cannot be passed from one person to another.
                                                      California State
Red Apple Slice - NEW!                                President’s Pin
Any individual making a contribution of $50.00 or     The State President’s pin may be purchased
more to the N.S.C.A.R. Museum will receive the        for a cost of $12 each or 2 for $20. The
brand new Red Apple Slice Pin. These donations        proceeds from the sale of the pin will be
support the educational programs in The Children's    donated to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to
Room and N.S.C.A.R. Museum                            help in research and recovery of the sea
                                                      otter population. Funds raised over and
                                                      above the donation amount will be placed
Ben Franklin Medallion                                in the Western Region/DC Fund.
Those individuals making a contribution of
$1,000.00 or more to the N.S.C.A.R. Magazine will
receive the Ben Franklin Medallion. Donations to
the N.S.C.A.R. Magazine help defray the costs of
publication of the magazine.                           On October 19, 1781, a British army under General Charles
                                                                               Lord Cornwallis was forced to
                                                                               surrender to General Washington’s
Endowment Fund Pin                                                             combined American and French
Anyone contributing $100.00 or more to the                                     army. Upon hearing of their
Endowment Fund, or in whose honor $100.00 is                                   defeat, British Prime Minister
given, will receive an Endowment Fund Pin. This                                Frederick Lord North is reputed to
pin denotes the singular honor of one who has
helped to insure the perpetuation of the ideals of
                                                                               have said, ‘Oh God, it’s all over.’
the N.S.C.A.R.                                                                 And it was. The victory secured
                                                                               independence for the United States
                                                                               and significantly changed the
Library Fund Pin                                                               course of world history.”
Benefactors of the N.S.C.A.R. Library Fund
donating $100.00 receive a Library Fund Pin.                Katie Marie Stanley
Donations to the library fund help maintain                 National President                      
the N.S.C.A.R. Library
                                                       The Junior Ranger Program at Yorktown Battlefield
                                                       provides an educational experience for children up to 12
Operating Fund                                         years of age to learn about the legacy of Yorktown. With
The Harriett Lothrop Medallion can be received for     games, arts and crafts, and opportunities to work with the
a donation of $300 to the Operating Fund. Donors       Rangers at the national park, Junior Rangers are given the
are recognized as Major Operating Fund Patrons.
                                                       chance to explore and learn about the battlefield at
                                                       Yorktown, Virginia.

                                                      The National Society of the Children of the American
Magazine Fund Pin                                     Revolution will raise funds to help Yorktown Battlefield put
Those donating $100.00 to the Magazine Fund           its Junior Ranger Program on the World Wide Web. The
receive the Magazine Fund Pin. Donations to the
N.S.C.A.R. Magazine Fund help defray the costs        money that N.S.C.A.R raises will help to hire a Web page
of publication of the magazine.                       designer who will create a beneficial program for all to
                                                      access as well as help to provide the badges that the children
                                                      earn when they become Junior Rangers. Many children
Centennial Pin                                        across the United States are unable to visit the park due to
Those making contributions of $100.00 or more to      financial limitations or family circumstances. However, by
the Centennial Fund will receive the Centennial       accessing a free Web site, all children, no matter what their
Pin. The Centennial Pin was created to raise funds    situation, will be able to participate in the legacy of
for the 100th Anniversary Celebration for the         Yorktown Battlefield.

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                                   Page 8
Bronze Eagle Sculpture                                        Golden Anniversary Endowment Fund Recognition Pin
Limited Quantity                                              The Golden Anniversary of the Endowment Fund will be celebrated for
Get your special Bronze Eagle Sculpture today.                two years. A special pin is being produced to recognize this event and
Honor a member of your society. This beautiful                will only be available during this two year timeframe. Get yours today!
sculpture honors the Eagle, one of our national

Voyager Pin
Each summer, the members and senior from across our region enjoy a great regional meeting put on by our National Board. Did you
ever stop to think, how these young people were able to travel throughout the country for 6-weeks. Each of these National Board
members is committed to making N.S.C.A.R. the best it can be and they pay for their own travel expenses. Many of these young
people work throughout the year so they can bring us the National Programs through fun skits and workshops. The Voyager Pin, was
designed to help raise funds to help the National Board with their expenses during the tour. Honor a member of your society, a special
friend or a senior leader with a Voyager Pin and support our National Board members.

                                        The California State Society, took first place in 2007 for the most new
                                        members admitted to N. S. C. A. R. Let’s make this another record year by
                                        finding those new prospective members and bringing them to a society
                                        meeting to show them how much fun C.A.R. is.

                                   For the next two years there is a sale on membership!!! Yes, a SALE!!! For
                                   2007-2009, during the Anniversary of the Endowment Fund celebration, the
                                   application fee for all new members will be rebated back to each society. Each
society may then choose how the money is used. Some societies may decide to use it for programs, while
others may rebate it to the families. However, your society chooses to use these funds, this is a wonderful way
for National to say Thank YOU for all hard work done at the local level to gain new members.

                         State Officers/Senior State Officers

State President                    Aimee Clayton                Senior State President                     Billie Spence
State Vice President               Bonnie Copsey                Senior State Vice President                Linda Stufflebean
State Chaplain                     Ahnika Boone                 Senior State Chaplain                      Deva Richards, Pro Tem
State Recording Secretary          Michael Mazzarella           Senior State Recording Secretary           Marilyn Boone
State Organizing Secretary         Zacchaeus Grinstead          Senior State Organizing Secretary          Shaun Welch
State Corresponding Secretary      Danielle Gilbert             Senior State Corresponding Secretary       Patricia Richard
State Treasurer                    Sarah Watkins                Senior State Treasurer                     David Stufflebean
State Registrar                    Marissa Mancebo              Senior State Registrar                     Julie Scheuermann
State Historian                    Brian Byrd                   Senior State Historian                     Kay Gilbert
State Librairan/Curator            Dominick DiCesare            Senior State Librarian/Curator             Tom Baker

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                                        Page 9
                                   State Program & Standing Committees

                         Program                Member Chairman         Senior Chairman

         American Heritage                      Leah Stover            Rebecca Viebrock
         American History                       Christy Harding        Theresa Casey
         American Indian                        Lucas Borncamp         Jennifer Lasell
         Awards                                 Nicholaus Theobald     Bobbie George
         Magazine/Newsletter                    James Scheuermann      Tina Mancebo-Gerhards
         Conservation                           Molly Schutzenberger   Eric Richards
         Government Studies                     Lauren Stover          Debbie Palmer
         Kids Helping Kids                      Elise Scheuermann      Tamara Dorneman
         Membership                             Austin Muehlbacher     Gloriann Smith
         Mountain Schools                       Claire Williams        Jo Mancebo-Silver
         Patriotic Education                    Zachary Schmitz        Jeanne Jennings Bednorz
         Public Relations                       Danielle Baker         Linda Foster
         C.A.R/DAR/SAR/S.R. Relations           Hunter Venturelli      Joy Spence
         Endowment Fund                         Michael Stufflebean    Katherine Borges
         Magazine Fund                          James Grinstead        Sharman Borncamp
         State Archives                         Sarah Williams         Cheryl Rios
         Bylaws                                 Michael Stufflebean    Linda Stufflebean
         Debutantes/Gentlemen of Distinction    Jan Landt
         Finance                                                       Theresa Casey
         Handbook                                                      Linda Stufflebean
         Information Technology                 Lucas Borncamp         Billie Spence
         Long Range Planning                    Aimee Clayton          Judy Brown
         Scholarship                            Nicholaus Theobald     Sharon Muehlbacher
         State Newsletter Assistant Editor      Bonnie Copsey          Judy Brown
         Webmaster                              Aimee Clayton          Doug Clayton
         Yearbook                               Bonnie Copsey          Linda Sufflebean
         State Parliamentarian                                         Jan Landt
         Senior Advisors                                               Deva Richards
                                                                       Rebecca Viebrock

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                           Page 10
                              California State Societies
                Society                      Society President                      Society Senior President
       Antelope                                 Erick Reichert                           Billye Jo Johnson
       Captain Matthew Ramsay                   Zachary Schmitz                          Judy Brown
       Captain Molly Corbin                     Marissa Mancebo                          Tina Mancebo Gerhards
       El Redondo-Organizing                                                             Beth Collier
       Eliza Donner Houghton                    Ahnika Boone                             Marilyn Boone
       High Desert                              Zac Grinstead                            Elizabeth Grinstead
       Juan Bautista de Anza                    Bonnie Copsey                            Nancy Copsey
       Juan Crespi                              Aimee Clayton                            Sharman Borncamp
       Kaweah                                   Lindsay Ieronimo                         Susan Ieronimo
       Lieutenant George Nixon, Sr.             Owen Chappel                             Debbie Blakely
       Little Petroglyph Canyon                 Gregory Mattis                           Patricia Richard
       Los Angeles-Eschscholtzia                Michael Mazzarella                       Debbie Palmer
       Los Ninos                                Dennis Pleskot                           Carol Byrd
       Los Robles                               Warner Cutbill                           Angela Cutbill
       Lydia Darrah                             Alexandra Molina                         Erika Bivens
       Mark Hopkins                             Steven Terberg                           Jill Roberts
       Mary Wessells                            Anika Gartenbaun                         Bernadine Swadley
       Mission Santa Barbara                    Ryan McManigal                           Julie Sccheuermann
       Presidio Hill                            Nicole Bednorz                           Jan Landt
       Sacramento                               April Ripke                              Linda Ripke
       San Antonio Canyon                       Dominick DiCesare                        Linda Stufflebean
       San Marcos-Organizing                                                             Jeanette Shiel
       Sergeant John Reynolds                   Alison Budd                              Marj Escher
       Stanislaus County-Organizing                                                      Katherine Borges
       Stephen Eastin                           Justin Stoskopf                          Elizabeth Swanay-O’Neal
       Sybil Ludington                          Beth Burger                              Janet Watling
       Valentine Holt-Organizing                                                         Cheryl Rios
       Valle de los Tulares                     Lisa Presant                             Patricia Witt

                               Archival Preservation
Preservation of the National Society Archives takes time, energy and money. Purchase a numbered
archival spoon to help support the National Society preserve the archives that are important to the
society history.

The California State Society archives are also in need of preservation. The State Society will be
requesting the help of anyone with old California C.A.R. materials. Mrs. Linda Stufflebean and Mrs.
Billie Spence have been compiling a list of the state holdings. This includes, state yearbooks, “Bear
Facts” issues, financial records, program packets, state conference programs to name just a few.
Materials currently held by the state have been put in sequential order. The State Society will be looking
at ways to preserve these records and how to best handle the costs of preservation. Several missing
items have already been donated to the State Archives. Anyone having any of the items listed above and are willing to
donate them to the state society, please e-mail Mrs. Stufflebean at

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                                           Page 11
   The Bear Facts is published by the
   California State Society, N.S.C.A.R. State
   President is Miss Aimee Clayton. Senior
   State President is Mrs. Billie Spence

                                               California C.A.R. Calendar

      August 4                         C.S.S.C.A.R. Northern California Workshop
                                       1301 Gary Way, Carmichael, CA 95608
      August 11                        C.S.S.C.A.R. Southern California Workshop
                                       4232 Mooncrest Place, Encino CA 91436
                                             (Please note location change for August 11 workshop)
      October 1                        Deadline for Fall Bear Facts

       Bear Facts
       The California State Society
       Children of the American Revolution
       Mrs. Judy Brown, Senior Editor
       2857 Kearney Avenue
       Santa Clara, CA 95051-1733

Bear Facts Summer 2007                                                                          Page 12

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