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     e             Successful Aging
    Vol. 1, No. 2                         September / October 2011

 September means
 back to school...
   and not just
    for kids!
 Santa Barbara offers
 seniors outstanding
 educational programs
 that stimulate the mind
 while enriching their
 quality of life. Check out
 the four lifelong
 learning programs
 described below.                                                                                        Photo courtesy of SBCC Continuing Ed.
                                  A Spanish class at SBCC’s Continuing Education

Continuing Education at           VISTAS Lifelong Learning           Road Scholar — Formerly             OLLI ~ Osher Lifelong
SBCC — SBCC’s Continu-            — VISTAS is a Santa Bar-           known as ‘Elder Hostel,’ the        Learning Institute — OLLI
ing Education program, known      bara non-profit that conducts      Road Scholar service offers         sponsors educational programs
as “Adult Ed,” is geared up       lectures and study workshops       7,000 educational adven-            for adults age 50+ around
for the full 10-week fall term.   on a broad range of interest-      tures throughout the U.S. and       the country. Our area’s aca-
More than 400 classes are         ing topics. The educational        worldwide every year. Each          demic host is CSU Channel
available. Some classes are       paradigm is called “peer-led       program combines travel with        Islands, and the local partner
free and some have a fee.         instruction” – which means         learning, as local experts take     is the Braille Institute. The
 Registration began the week      the members develop and            the travelers on cultural excur-    classes are taught by college
of August 22, and the first day   present the classes.               sions, study cruises, walking       professors; and the aim of the
of class is September 12.          Details about the organiza-       tours and many other in-depth,      classes is to foster a dynamic
 The complete list of classes     tion’s structure, history and      behind-the-scenes learning          exchange of ideas and infor-
and all enrollment procedures     membership are online at           opportunities. Programs offer       mation between the instructor
for Adult Ed are online at        comfortable accommodations,         and students. Most lectures                   VISTAS’ membership picnic         good meals and the shared           last two hours. Details about
 Adult Ed has two campuses:       is an opportunity to join and      fellowship of like-minded           the upcoming OLLI classes in
the Schott Center, 310 W. Pa-     learn about the upcoming           travelers. To see a full list of    Santa Barbara, fees and how to
dre, and the Wake Center, 300     classes. (See Calendar listing     programs, dates and prices, go      enroll are featured inside this
N. Turnpike. Phone 687-0812.      on Page 12.) Call 967-6030.        to             issue on Page 4.

 A publication of                 Community Services......       2   Catered Savoir Affaire
                                                                     CSA annual fundraiser...       7
                                                                                                         Health Tip.....................   11

  the Center for                  “Advice on Aging”
                                  by Dr. Gary Linker..........   3   Volunteer Service...........   8
                                                                                                         SB crossword puzzle.....
                                                                                                         Calendar of Events.......
 Successful Aging                 New Programs in SB......       4   “Financial Matters” by

 Santa Barbara, CA                “The Senior Expo”
                                                                      Sharon Kennedy...........     9    Online edition:
  (805) 963-8080
                                   by Jeanne West ............
                                  Senior Expo in photos....
                                                                     “Fitness” by
                                                                     Peggy Buchanan..........       10
2                                                                      Community Services
                                     FoodBank’s Backyard Bounty Program
  There are tons of wholesome      to capture food that would          teams and go out to properties       Doug’s contact information is
food going to waste in our         otherwise go to waste,”             to gather whatever crop there       284-5407 or dhagensen@
county — fruits and vegetables     explains Backyard Bounty            is. Then this fresh food is
literally dying on the vine        manager Doug Hagensen. “We          distributed among scores of
because no one picks them.         send teams of volunteers out        agencies around the county.
What’s worse, all that food is     to people’s homes and pick the        If you have fruit trees in your
growing right in people’s yards!   fruit off their trees for them,     yard, don’t let that good food
  The FoodBank of Santa            All homeowners have to do is        go to waste! Contact Doug by
Barbara is trying to do            give me a phone call.”              phone or e-mail.
something about that terrible        Volunteers are essential for         Or if you have time to help
waste through its Backyard         this program because Doug is        out as a volunteer harvester,
Bounty Program. “We harvest        the only paid staff, and he’s       then just contact Doug. He’ll
unused crops and fruits on         only half-time. The volunteers      find the time and places where
residential properties, trying     get organized into harvesting       you can lend a hand.

Sansum’s Health Resource Center                                        Visiting Nurse’s “Loan Closet”
  Sansum Clinic at 215 Pese-       information from qualified            If you needed to use a            deductible, they also ensure
tas Lane offers a great medi-      medical professionals instead       wheelchair, walker or crutches      that the Loan Closet will be
cal information service that is    of biased, self-serving info-       for a short time, would you         there to help a family in need.
available to patients as well as   mercials by pharamaceutical         prefer paying hundreds of dol-      VNHC remains committed to
the man on the street, and it’s    companies. HRC’s staff can          lars to buy that equipment or       providing this vital community
all free of charge.                assist you in using the Internet,   simply borrow it for free? If       service.
  Sansum’s Health Resource         steer you to second opinions        free sounds good to you, then         If you need to borrow some
Center (HRC) is essentially        about medical issues, guide         you need to know about the          medical equipment, or if you
a patient-oriented medical         you to useful health books and      “Loan Closet,” a service of         would like to volunteer to help
library, with books on the         newsletters, point you to the       Santa Barbara’s Visiting Nurse      out, please contact the Loan
shelves as well as several         most reliable medical web-          & Hospice Care.                     Closet office at 690-6235.
computers for online searches.     sites, and even help you find         According to VNHC’s                 The Loan Closet is located
Well-trained volunteers are on     out who is running a particular     website (, “Loan         at the VNHC office building at
hand to help you; and it’s all     website.                            Closet” is a free community         222 E. Canon Perdido, in the
devoted to helping people find       This helpful service is abso-     resource unique to VNHC,            heart of Santa Barbara.
the accurate, reliable health      lutely free of charge — and         where individuals may
information they need.             anyone can walk in the HRC          borrow basic medi-
  At first blush, this might       door to use the service. San-       cal equipment, such as
seem unnecessary because you       sum’s HRC is open Monday            wheelchairs, walkers,
can search online for medical      through Thursday, 9 a.m. to         crutches, canes and bath-
information from your own          4 p.m., and Friday 9:30 a.m. to     room safety items.
home. But Sansum’s HRC             noon.                                 The Loan Closet has
offers guidance that you don’t       If you would like any addi-       been in operation since
get when surfing the Net all on    tional information about using      1951 and is completely
your own — which is impor-         this service or about becoming      supported through private
tant, considering the technical    a volunteer there, call HRC         contributions, often from
complexities of many medical       manager Jillian Cathey, at          people who have benefit-
ailments.                          681-7672.                           ted from this service.
  The HRC library, for exam-                                             Donations to the Loan
ple, can help you find medical                                         Closet not only are tax

Successful Aging                                                                                     September/October 2011
Advice on Aging                                                                                                            3
One dimension of successful aging                                 walk, sit or lie quietly and
                                                                  comfortably, close your eyes
                       — by Gary Linker, Ph.D.                    and focus inward.                        Training
                                                                    Some people use a word          If you would like to be
                                 made its way into mainstream (mantra) or a sound to focus          involved with the Center
                                 medicine and healing of all      on while others just follow       for Successful Aging’s
                                 kinds. With brain imaging we their breath or thoughts to
                                                                  achieve a calm state. Just 5
                                                                                                    programming as a peer
                                 can now measure what hap-
                                 pens to our brains when we are to 10 minutes a day can bring       counselor and participate
                                 still. Medical science is now    great benefits. Why not give it   in our fall training class,
                                 able to track the positive long  a try?                            call Dr. Gary Linker at the
  When we produced our first     term effects that come with        With any kind of luck you
                                                                                                    CSA office. The 8-week
edition of Successful Aging      meditation. We are no longer     might experience some physi-
                                 theorizing about this. There is cal or emotional benefit that      training fee is $150, with
we wondered what kind of
response we would get. Well,     scientific proof that meditation will surprise you. Let me         scholarships available.
in a word it was overwhelm-      in whatever form you practice know what happens.
ing. Our hard working volun- it has very positive benefits.       Gary Linker, Ph.D., is Clinical        CSA office:
teers each chose sites where       These benefits include lower Director of the Center for            1528 Chapala St.
we thought seniors would         blood pressure, higher con-      Successful Aging; phone                Suite 205
frequent. We placed a nice       centration and focus, better     (805) 963-8080; e-mail: info
                                 muscle tone, enhanced mood                                           phone 963-8080
pile of papers, and when we                             
returned in a few days the       and less insomnia and head-
papers were all gone! So we      aches. Our immune system
put another pile out and the     is also stronger as meditation
same thing happened. By the      releases “natural killer cells”
time July was over, practically that inhibit virus activity.
all of our papers were in the      Long term meditators have
hands of seniors. Thank you      more myelin, which enhances
for being so interested!         neural activity. For experi-
  And now on to my topic for     enced meditators, bringing
this edition...                  awareness to certain parts of
                                 our body increases blood flow
  The brain is a hot topic these and levels of oxygen which
days. We all want to prevent     enhance healing and health.
Alzheimer’s. We want to be as      Many of these benefits have
alert, responsive and engaged    been proven by Dan Siegel,
in life as we can. I mentioned M.D., a research psychiatrist
in my previous article that one at the UCLA Medical Center.
way to achieve this is to be ac- In his book Mindsight, he says
tively involved in novel activi- that meditation helps people to
ties in life. Now I am going     tune into one’s self and “be-
to offer some notions in the     come their own best friend.” I
opposite direction. It has to do don’t know about you, but
with being quiet and listening inner peace is something I
to ourselves.                    strive to achieve. Sounds like
  For the last couple of de-     meditation could be a great
cades, meditation has grown in path to getting there.
stature and respect. It started    But what do I mean by medi-
with people dabbling in east-    tation? It involves finding a
ern philosophy and now it has secluded place where you can

September/October 2011                                                                     Successful Aging
4                                                             New Programs in Town
                                    It takes a village — Santa Barbara Village!
                                    New program helps seniors live independently
                                      On August 4, Santa Barbara Village held its “Charter Membership” kick off event, and on August 16
                                    it staged an Open House reception to introduce its new executive director, Naomi Kovacs. Clearly,
                                    SB Village has arrived in Santa Barbara.

 SB Village is part of a                The underlying concept         use these services. What’s               members could connect with
nationwide movement that              of the “village” is simple:      more, the quality of the                 each other and engage in
strives to help older adults live     Individuals or couples become    service is pre-screened,                 social, cultural and educational
independently and remain in           members of the “village” by      which helps members avoid                activities – like creating a
their own homes for as long as        paying a monthly subscription    shoddy work or scam artists.             book club or going to the
possible.                             fee. This subscription gives     And if a problem does occur,             theater together. And young
                                      members access to a wide         the member doesn’t have to               people could become involved
  “This is an idea that has           array of services they need      confront the service provider;           as student volunteers helping
really taken off since it             in their daily lives – such as   all they have to do is call the          seniors in their homes.
started about 10 years ago in         home delivery of groceries;      village office.
Boston,” explains Hap Freund,         help with housework;                                                       If you would like to learn
Associate Director of SB              discounted cab rides;              The broader goal of the                more about SB Village and
Village. “There are 50 or 60          gardening; finding a plumber     “village,” according to                  perhaps become a member,
villages around the country           and more.                        Executive Director Naomi                 you should visit the website at
and there are hundreds more in                                         Kovacs, is to create a spirit   Or you can
the planning stages.”                   Village members get a          of community among the                   contact either Naomi Kovacs
                                      discounted rate when they        members. For example,                    or Hap Freund at 729-8828.

OLLI returns to Santa Barbara
Senior learning program now based at CSU-Channel Islands
  The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a nationwide
educational program designed expressly for adults age 50 and
over. Since the class instructors are college professors, the
quality of instruction is excellent.
  OLLI students are motivated by a love of learning, and the
aim of the classes is to foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and
information between the instructor and the students.
  The OLLI program was once housed at UCSB, but now the
academic sponsor is CSU-Channel Islands. The local partner is             OLLI is back! Those age 50 and above can journey to the enlightening
the Braille Institute. Classes are held throughout the year. Most        world of lifelong learning with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute of
                                                                                                     CSU Channel Islands.
lectures last two hours. Upcoming classes in our area are:
                                                                          Now in Santa Barbara (in partnership with the Braille Institute),
  Sept. 7-Oct. 26: Each Wednesday, a set of 8 classes titled                                   Goleta and Carpinteria!
“Communicating between Old and Young,” at the Braille                  New Santa Barbara, Goleta & Carpinteria classes:
Institute, Santa Barbara.                                                   .Bloomsbury: The Creative Spark
                                                                            .Communicating Between Old and Young
  Sept. 8-Nov. 11: Each Thursday, 9 different topics in a set               .Try “Taste of OLLI” in Goleta for a variety!
titled “Taste of OLLI: An Intellectual Buffet,” at Maravilla
senior residential community in Goleta.
  For time, topic and price details or to register, contact OLLI
at (805) 437-2748 or online at

Successful Aging                                                                                         September/October 2011
Community Event                                                          See photo spread
                                                                           on Page 6!                                            5
Get Ready, Get Set... Senior Expo!
                                                                                                     IF YOU GO...
                          — by Jeanne M. West                                                        Senior Expo of Santa Barbara
                                     This year we are pleased        events made possible in         October 19, 2011
                                   to have the “Dixie Daddies,”      our community for seniors,
                                                                     this year’s Senior Expo is
                                                                                                     9 a.m. to noon
                                   who will perform in front of
                                   the main Exhibit Hall. You get    made possible thanks to         Earl Warren Showgrounds
                                   to enjoy their delightful and     the generous support of         3400 Calle Real (Hwy. 101 at Las
                                                                                                     Positas Road)
                                   fun musical ensemble as you       the following contributing
 The 2011 Senior Expo              await entrance into the Expo.     agencies: Santa Barbara Bank    Admission: $10
promises to be one very            Additionally, we will have        & Trust “Our Gang,” Cottage     Features: flu shots provided
special event again this year –    “Centerpiece,” a Barbershop       Health System, Sansum Clinic,   by Cottage Health System;
no surprise there!                 quartet strolling through both    Visiting Nurse and Hospice      free parking; 95 exhibitors; a
                                   the Exhibit Hall and Warren       Care, Community Home            snack; musical entertainment;
  Scheduled for Wednesday,                                           Health, LivHOME, Friendship     Shred-Rite; Car Fit and much
                                   Hall, entertaining you as you
October 19, 2011, the Expo                                           Manor, Vista del Monte, City    more!
                                   move quickly through the
will once again take place at                                        of Santa Barbara Parks and
                                   lines for flu shots and fitness                                   For details, call 886-4234.
the Earl Warren Showgrounds                                          Recreation Department and
                                   evaluation. To top it off, we
from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00                                           Earl Warren Showgrounds.
                                   have lined up a harpist to play
noon. We have lined up more                                                                     so you can learn about
                                   soft and soothing music as you
entertainment, 95 vendors, flu                                    As in years past, we will     the fabulous services and
                                   move through the flu shot area
shots and a healthy snack – all                                 have special accommodations programs available to you
                                   – now, how good is that!
for a mere $10.00 entry fee.                                    to assist those who have        locally. Come to the Senior
Parking is FREE. This year        Once again, the Expo will     mobility assistance needs.      Expo if you are considering
we will be providing valet      have a number of outdoor        Those with walkers or needing Meals on Wheels or are
parking for those individuals   vendors to provide services     wheelchairs will be given       interested in investigating
who display a “disabled         and amenities. During the       priority in assistance and      some of the available
parking sticker” in their auto –past few years, ShredRITE       escorted to the flu shot area.  retirement living options;
to make parking much easier     has been a big hit. You will                                    whether you need advice
for those who have limited                                        Without the assistance of     on home care providers or
                                be able to bring one box of
mobility.                                                       volunteers, this event could    other health services, such
                                old documents that will be
                                                                not be provided to our seniors as LifeLine or Hospice care;
                                shredded on-site at no charge
  The usual draw for the                                        so affordably. We anticipate    whether you want to see what
                                (please do not bring a trunk-
Expo is the free flu shots.                                     support again this year from    Senior Centers have to offer;
                                load of boxes). This is another
This year, Cottage Health                                       our friends at Citrix, who      or if you want to join a fun
                                wonderful FREE service to
System is providing the flu                                     last year provided over 25      travel group like “Our Gang,”
                                Expo attendees. Our local
shots to seniors (for those                                     volunteers to assist the Senior at Santa Barbara Bank and
                                MTD bus display will enable
over the age of 55) at no extra                                 Expo planning group. We want Trust.
                                participants to check out the
charge. We expect to also                                       to acknowledge our wonderful
                                bus services and obtain (at a
make available hearing, vision                                  nurses and other volunteers       The 2011 Senior Expo is
                                modest charge) bus passes.
and fitness testing (a popular                                  who make this event a huge      THE PLACE to learn more
                                Braille Institute will be there
attraction). Additionally, we                                   success. It is because of our   about what is available in our
                                with their Mobile Solutions
will once again offer the Car                                   strong and vibrant volunteers   community for you. See you
                                bus, showing you all of the
Fit Program (call 800-510-                                      that we have been able to keep there!
                                amenities offered for those
2020 to pre-register). It is a                                  our Expo entry fee at just $10
                                with visual impairments — all
special program that provides                                   for the past 5 years.           Jeanne West, RN, MHA, is
                                FREE services provided by
a 12-point checklist for you                                                                    chairman of the Senior Expo.
                                our local Braille Institute.      So, mark October 19th on
and your vehicle, all designed                                                                  You may contact her by phone
to make your vehicle “fit” you    As with many other            your calendar. Come and         at (805) 886-4234 or by
better and enhance your safety. wonderful, low cost or free     check out the 95 vendors        e-mail:

September/October 2011                                                                      Successful Aging
6                                                               Senior Expo in Photos
                                              Be sure to get
                                              there early
                                              — seniors
                                              always line up
                                              long before the
                                              doors open.
                                              [Photos by
                                              Frank Newton]

Fitness testing and flu shots are part
of the service. The
flu vaccine this
year is provided
by Cottage Health

                             Nearly 100 nonprofits, agencies and businesses
                             display their services and wares at the Senior Expo.

And there are always a thousand smiles at the Senior Expo!

Successful Aging                                                                    September/October 2011
CSA 2nd Annual Fundraiser                                                                    7
On Sunday, November 6 ~ the Center for Successful Aging’s 2nd annual
fundraiser will showcase Santa Barbara County’s finest caterers and wineries!

 g              The honorary chair is chef Michael Hutchings,
                renowned as Santa Barbara’s “Mozart in the kitchen”
 g A live auction and silent auction will be featured.
 g Proceeds will directly support the Center for Successful Aging’s services.
 g CSA’s third Successfully Aging Senior Award will be presented to
   Betty Rosness! For 40 years in Santa Barbara, Betty has dedicated
   herself to community service. She has played vital leadership roles for
   many organizations, including the SB Cancer Foundation, Goleta Valley
   Hospital, Girls Inc., the Community Action Commission and many more.
   Her numerous local awards include “SB County Woman of the Year,”
   “Volunteer of the Year” and “Senior Citizen of the Year.”
   Sponsorships: Organizations and individuals interested in
   lending a special hand to the Center for Successful
   Aging are welcome to become official sponsors of the
   Catered Savoir Affaire event. Sponsorship levels include:
    Connoisseur level: $5,000         Epicurean level: $1,000
    Gourmet level:        $2,500      Sommelier level: $500
   For details, call the CSA office at (805) 963-8080.
 The Center for Successful Aging is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that offers
 mental health and counseling services to seniors facing serious illness,
 loss of a loved one, isolation from family and friends, transition to
 assisted living facilities and other trials of aging.

 CSA’s Catered Savoir Affaire
 November 6, 2011
 2 to 5 p.m.
 Rincon Beach Club & Catering
 3805 Santa Claus Lane
 Admission: $85 in advance; $95 at door
 For details, call (805) 963-8080 or visit
 CSA’s website at

September/October 2011                                                          Successful Aging
8                                                                           Volunteer Service
Senior volunteers are needed now — more than ever!
 Nonprofit organizations and other agencies that serve the community in Santa Barbara need              If you are age 55+ and you
your help more than ever! The economic downturn has impacted virtually every single group,             are interested in any of these
resulting in cuts to their budgets and staff. At the same time, the need to serve more people has           volunteer positions,
                                                                                                              simply contact:
exploded locally. If you have the time, talent and heart to lend a hand, there are many volunteer
opportunities right now.                                                                                          RSVP
  RSVP has served Santa Barbara seniors for more than 35 years. The sponsor organization                        963-0474
for RSVP is Senior Programs of Santa Barbara, located in the heart of Santa Barbara.           

Long-term Care Ombudsman program, run by our county’s              SB Maritime Museum is seeking Visitor Service volunteers
Area Agency on Aging, is in urgent need of volunteers to help      to greet their patrons, as well as Docents to lead museum tours.
frail elderly living in assisted living residences and nursing     Opportunities are available now at the Welcome kiosk and the
homes. Volunteers speak to residents and assess the quality        museum’s Outdoor Santa Barbara Visitor Center.
of care provided, resolving or reporting on any cases of elder
abuse, poor quality of care and other facility problems.           “Backyard Bounty” program of the Santa Barbara FoodBank
                                                                   gathers fruits and vegetables from people’s orchards and
CareLine Phone Reassurance asks volunteers to call home-           backyards, then distributes the produce to many agencies that
bound elderly who are living alone. This program of the Center     feed children and the poor. Volunteers are needed to pick and
for Successful Aging offers friendly contact and support.          box fruit that would otherwise rot on the ground and go to
Community Kitchen (816 Cacique Street) needs Kitchen
Helpers — volunteers help chef prepare meals for the homeless, Sansum Health Resource Center (215 Pesetas Lane) is look-
set up the lunch room and clean up after lunch.                ing for computer-literate volunteers to help people effectively
                                                               use the Internet to search for quality health information.
Alzheimer’s Association (1528 Chapala) needs a part-time,
volunteer Receptionist to answer phones and greet visitors.    Habitat for Humanity in Goleta has several volunteer needs:
                                                                   •	 Clerks in “ReStore,” which is Habitat for Humanity’s thrift
Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care (222 E. Canon Perdido) needs            store. Clerks clean and organize donations, run the cash reg-
volunteers to help as:                                                ister, and assist customers.
•	 Office	Assistants for general office duties                     •	 Office	Helper to assist with filing and other office chores.
•	 Loan Closet helpers who clean equipment like wheelchairs,       •	 Home Repair Helpers to assist low-income home owners
   walkers, etc. in preparation for loaning it to those in need.      with external house repairs, painting and landscaping.
Jewish Family Services (524 Chapala Street) needs drivers for
                                                                   Coast Caregiver Resource Center (1528 Chapala) needs a
the Schmooze Room luncheon, to pick up seniors, drive them to
                                                                   volunteer to help with clerical and other office tasks.
the center for lunch and then drive them home.
                                                                   Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network in Goleta is in need of
FoodBank of Santa Barbara (4554 Hollister) needs volunteers
                                                                   volunteers to help with:
to serve as office/clericial assistants for general office work.
                                                                   • Feeding orphaned and injured baby birds, pelicans and small
“Brown Bag” program of the Santa Barbara FoodBank needs
                                                                   • Office clerical work, with light filing and typing, and an-
volunteers to organize food donations, bag groceries, and then
                                                                      swering phone calls.
deliver the groceries to low-income seniors.

Unity Shoppe (1236 Chapala) needs volunteers to help with a                                   Retired Senior Volunteer Program
variety of tasks, including:                                                                  - Serving Santa Barbara seniors for 35 years
• Organizing donations of goods and foods, which are distrib-                                 35 W. Victoria Street, Suite 201
   uted to the poor or offered at Unity’s thrift store.                                       (805) 963-0474

Successful Aging                                                                               September/October 2011
Financial Matters                                                                                                                    9
Where there’s a Will, there’s a way
                        — by Sharon Kennedy

                                   •   Personal property is ap-       fee of $23,700. Together, these     •   A Trust also becomes ef-
                                       praised through the probate    fees total $47,400 — and this           fective during your life-
                                       proceeding and a value is      doesn’t include the Court’s             time, unlike a Will that
                                       established for any person-    filing fees. That sounds like a         does not become operative
                                       al property.                   lot of money to distribute what         until death.
                                                                      seems a rather basic estate.        •   For large estates, there can
  For hundreds of years, the         For example, let’s say some-                                             also be tax saving advan-
standard way people disposed       one dies and leaves a house          One of the reasons Trusts             tages available through a
of their assets upon their death   that has a fair market value       have become so popular in               Trust.
was through a Will. Every-         of $750,000. Perhaps there is      the last thirty years is that
one generally understands          a small investment account,        real estate prices in California      Please understand that I am
the function of a Will. It’s the   CDs, savings account and/          have soared, leading to much        not disparaging the use of a
document in which you des-         or checking account that all       larger estates – hence, higher      Will as a means for distribut-
ignate who you want to get         together total $300,000, and       probate fees. In states where       ing someone’s estate. In most
your stuff when you die and        there is personal property that    real estate prices are lower or     cases, Wills are simpler and
you designate the person (the      is valued at $20,000. Upon         where the executor’s and the        shorter than a Trust. Wills are
executor) to be in charge of       death, that person’s estate        attorney’s fees are based on an     generally less time consum-
distributing your stuff to your    has an aggregate value of          hourly rate rather than a per-      ing to prepare so they are less
beneficiaries. Those lucky         $1,070,000.                        centage scale, Trusts are not as    costly at the outset. A Will
recipients, in turn, bless your                                       popular as in California.           may be a very appropriate
sainted memory upon receipt           Now, let’s get back to the                                          method to distribute your es-
of your stuff.                      fees that the executor and the      Trusts have become a popu-        tate. A Trust is just a different
                                    attorney receive for their ser-   lar mechanism in California         option.
  The Will is lodged with the       vices in the probate proceed-     for distributing one’s estate for
Superior Court, and a probate       ings. The California Probate      several other reasons:                Stay tuned: I’ll discuss
proceeding is initiated to over- Code sets forth a statutory fee                                          Trusts in the next installment
                                                                      •   A Trust is a private docu-
see that the executor properly      schedule wherein both the ex-                                         of Successful Aging.
                                                                          ment and therefore not
fulfills his/her duties in distrib- ecutor and the attorney receive
                                                                          open to public scrutiny.
uting your stuff to the lucky       a fee equal to:
                                                                      •   Generally in a Trust, the
recipients.                         •    4% of first $100,000 of
                                                                          person who is in charge of      Sharon C. Kennedy, Sharon
                                           the value of the estate;
                                                                          distributing your stuff upon    Kennedy Estate Management,
  In California, the executor       •    3% of next $100,000;
                                                                          your death accomplishes         5951 Encina Road, Suite 106,
and the attorney representing       •    2% of next $800,000;
                                                                          this without need of Court      Goleta, CA 93117; phone
the executor receive a fee for      •    1% of next $9,000,000;                                           (805) 681-1347.
their services based upon the       •    .5% of next $15,000,000.
gross (not net) value of your       And in case this applies to
estate as of the date of your       anyone reading this, the

                                                                                        Silver Nug gets
death.                              Superior Court decides the
                                    fees when the estate has a
• A house is valued at its          value over $25,000,000.
    current fair market value,                                                “One must wait until evening
    notwithstanding any mort-         So in our example of an                 to see how splendid the day
    gages or liens that may be      estate valued at $1,070,000,
    owed on the property;           the executor would be entitled                     has been.”
• Financial accounts are            to a statutory fee of $23,700                   — thoughts on growing older
    valued at their current face and the attorney would like-
                                    wise be entitled to the same
                                                                                          by Will Rogers
    value as of date of death;

September/October 2011                                                                           Successful Aging
10                                                                                                              Fitness
Top 10 Fitness and Nutrition Tips for Older Adults
                      — by Peggy Buchanan, MA

                                   health of older adults. Not       older adults aging in their       joints to rest and repair but
                                   only does it stave off memory-    homes can attempt to have         also provides the needed down
                                   loss illnesses like Alzheimer’s   meals with family or friends at   time for the brain to maintain
                                   and dementia, it also fosters     least several times a week.       good mental acuity.
                                   executive function. Try word
                                   games and recall exercises.       5. Break routine – Routine        9. Take your time — Slow
                                   For example, find five red        limits brain stimulation.         down and smell the roses!
  Today’s adults are living
                                   objects during a walk in the      Introduce new foods or new        Rushing around creates high
longer, healthier lives due
                                   neighborhood and record them      ways of eating the same food.     anxiety and increases the risk
in part to better fitness and
                                   when you get back home.           For example, replace canned       of falling. By taking your time
nutrition programs. With the
                                                                     peaches with freshly sliced       and being more mindful the
number of Americans age 65+
                                   3. Pole walk – Walking poles      ones. Try taking a different      ability to focus and inhibit
increasing so dramatically
                                   allow for more balanced           route to the grocery store or     distractions maximizes
and rapidly, exercise and diet
                                   mobility than walkers or          church.                           cognitive ability.
are more important than ever.
                                   canes. When walking with
The tips below can help older                                        6. Sole Support – As we age,10. Dance like there’s no
                                   poles, you engage the muscles
adults live longer and healthier                                                                 tomorrow — Older adults
                                                                     the fat pads on the bottom of
                                   of the upper torso, which
and enhance overall wellness                                         the feet compress, creating getting regular physical
                                   increases upper body strength
in their later years.                                                fatigue and pain. Consider  exercise are 60% less likely
                                   and cardiovascular endurance.
                                   Consult with a physician          wearing supportive shoes forto get dementia. Exercise
1. Fight afternoon fatigue –
                                   before making the switch to                                   increases oxygen to the brain
                                                                     better stability and socks with
Fatigue is a common problem
                                   poles.                            extra padding and a wicking and releases a protein that
among older adults, especially
                                                                     agent for foot comfort.     strengthens cells and neurons.
after lunch. Having a glass of
                                 4. Dine in duos – Those                                         Dance involves all this plus
water and a high-antioxidant                                    7. Tend and Be-Friend —
                                 who share meals with others                                     the cerebral activity present in
food like a prune can revitalize                                Volunteering your time to help learning and memory.
                                 eat less than those who eat
the body and stimulate the                                      others has been documented
                                 alone. This is an easy weight-
mind.                                                           to be beneficial to your health.
                                 loss tactic and one that
                                                                The experience of bonding,       Peggy Buchanan, M.A., is the
2. Exercise from the neck up     fosters social interaction and
                                                                                                 Director of Fitness, Aquatics &
— Keeping the brain active       engagement. While this is easy nurturing and socializing can
                                                                                                 Physical Therapy at Vista del
and fit is imperative for the    for those aging in community, release hormones capable
                                                                of suppressing anxiety and       Monte in Santa Barbara . You
                                                                psychological stress responses. can learn more on her website
                                                                                                       at, or you
                                                                     8. Get good sleep — Good          can contact her via e-mail at
                                                                     quality and quantity of sleep     pbuchanan@ or
                                                                     not only allows muscles and       by phone at 879-7632.

                                                                                        S ilver Nug gets
                                                                                    “You know you are
                                                                               getting old when everything
                                                                                 either dries up or leaks.”
                                                                                    — thoughts on growing older
                                                                                          by Will Rogers

Successful Aging                                                                                  September/October 2011
Health Tip                                                                                                                                          11
The flu ends with U
      — by Judi Shor, Pharm.D. and CSA Counselor

  The Centers for Disease         lasts til spring. It takes about    vaccination information state-               Senior Expo on October 19
Control have a publicity slo-     two weeks for your flu shot         ment (VIS) which specifies                   at Earl Warren Showgrounds
gan that says “The Flu ends       to give you immunity. If you        contraindications to the vac-                (see Page 5 for details). Fi-
with U.” The point is clear: If   wait until winter, you risk get-    cine such as egg allergy. If                 nally, the government hosts
we want to avoid catching or      ting the flu bug before you get     you have one of these condi-                 an excellent online vaccine-
spreading the flu, the respon-    your vaccination.                   tions don’t get a flu shot, and              finder site at
sibility ultimately rests with     (6) Don’t be fooled by             check with your doctor for                   whereyoulive.
each of us.                       rumors that the flu vaccine         alternative protection like
  But how do we do that?          will give you the flu. The flu      antiviral drugs.
Fortunately, there are only a     vaccines formulated for se-          (8) Practice flu hygiene. To
few basic steps to take:          niors are of a type called “At-     minimize spreading the flu,
 (1) Get a flu vaccination.       tenuated,” which means that         wash your hands often with
Doctors now recommend that        the flu bug in the vaccine is       soap and water. And avoid
everyone age 6 months and up      dead. Since the virus is dead,      close contact with ill persons.
should get a yearly flu shot.     it is impossible to get the flu       Remember, flu shots are
 (2) Don’t skip a year. Flu       from the vaccine.                   offered at doctor’s offices,
vaccines are reformulated          (7) Check the VIS before           clinics, pharmacies, and other
every year to address the flu     you get your flu shot. Prior        locations. Flu shots are also
strains that are particularly     to their shot, people get a         available at the upcoming
virulent that year. Since flu
viruses often change from
                                                       A Santa Barbara crossword puzzle, by Dr. Newton
year to year, you have to keep                           (Helpful hints provided — so no peeking! Solution on page 12.)
ahead of them with the latest
vaccine.                             ACROSS                    28. Flying A made            1                 2                        3            4

 (3) Recognize that the flu                                                                     P                                               I
                                     3. First name of our last 1,200 of these things 5
poses real risks for seniors.        Mexican governor          DOWN                                       V
About 20,000 people die              5. Town’s name            1. Historic SB hotel as
each year in the U.S. because        means ‘sunny field’       famous as Hogwarts?
of the flu, and 95% of those         6. It’s on your heels     2. Our police chief          6                                 7

deaths are people age 60 and         at Coal Oil Point         3. Our state flower
                                     8. A ‘Fiesta’ feeling
                                                                                                              8       9
older. Seniors are susceptible                                 4. He founded SB’s                                                                       G
to various flu complications,        10. Theater’s name        presidio in 1782        10                                                      11
                                     means ‘pomegranate’ 7. Was it born in SB?                       A
particularly pneumonia.
                                     11. Going postal on       8. He (mis)laid out
 (4) Get a pneumonia vac-

                                     our state                                                                    L
cination, too. The pneumonia                                   SB’s crooked streets
                                     13. Reputed to be an 9. Paid notice                    13      14

vaccine is recommended at                                                                       V
                                     SB Robin Hood             12. Town named
least one time for those age         15. This makes Fiesta
                                                                                                                                  15           16

                                                               for a schooner                                                              A
65, and it may be taken safely       dresses frilly
along with the flu shot. Since                                 14. ‘SBA’ is our ID 17
                                     17. Sea to Cabrillo
the most common serious                                        16. She led SB’s
                                     18. A story line                                               18        19      20          21   22
                                                               stylish rebuilding                         L
flu complication is bacterial        21. This 2008 SB fire
                                     was no ‘Party’            17. Cornfield St.       23                     24
pneumonia, the pneumococcal                                                                                                                     S
                                     23. A Carrillo            19. Manila Galleons
vaccine (PPV23) is potential-                                                                       25                                 26           27

ly life saving.                      24. San Marcos High were loaded with this
                                     School’s mascot           20. Chumash canoe
 (5) Get your flu shot in the                                  22. Benevolent           A                                 O
                                     25. Something SB
fall. The flu season gener-                                    Order in Goleta
                                     never has enough of                                                 28

ally begins in the fall and          26. A pie lime            27. Japanese desire                        F

September/October 2011                                                                                   Successful Aging
Calendar of Events for September/October 2011
— Please call in advance; some events are free, some have a fee
Date/Time                    Event                                            Location                                                    Phone
Sept. 4   2-5 p.m.           “Living Mission” Art Festival                    Santa Barbara Mission                                       682-4713
Sept. 9   2-5 p.m.           Alzheimer’s Cafe                                 Peppers Estate, Montecito                                   892-4259
Sept. 11 1 p.m.              VISTAS Membership Picnic                         Manning Park, Montecito                                     967-6030
Sept. 12-17                  Open House Week                                  Carrillo Recreation Center                                  897-2519
Sept. 22-24                  AARP Convention: “Life@50+”                      Los Angeles                                          1-800-883-2784

Oct. 3    8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. LifeLine Stroke Screening                       Villa Santa Barbara                                  1-800-324-1851
Oct. 4    2-4 p.m.           Planning for Final Years                         Braille Institute                                           967-1698
Oct. 19 9 a.m.-noon          SB Senior Expo                                   Earl Warren Showgrounds                                     886-4234
Oct. 25 2-4 p.m.             Consumer Protection Faire                        Braille Institute                                           967-1698

Nov. 5    9 a.m.             A Walk (5K) to End Alzheimer’s                   SB Zoo                                                      892-4259
Nov. 6    2-5 p.m.           CSA’s Catered Savoir Affaire                     Rincon Beach Club, Carpinteria                              963-8080

                                                                     lver Nug get
                                                                  Si                                          s
                                                              “I don’t know how I got
                                                               over the hill without
                                                                getting to the top.”
                                                              – thoughts on growing older
                                                                    by Will Rogers
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                                                                                                                       bimonthly publication of the
                                                                                                                       Center for Successful
                                                                                                                       Aging, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, at
                                                          Solution to SB crossword                                     1528 Chapala, Ste. 205, Santa
                                                            puzzle on Page 11...                                       Barbara, CA 93101. Phone
                                                                                                                       (805) 963-8080.
                                                          N               S   M       L       I       F           S

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                                                          E           S               O                   T       A

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                                                                                                                       Contributors: Gayle Golden;
                                                          E   C       A   L                   Y           I

                                                                          O       I   R       E       L   A   V
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                                                                          G                   L
                                                                                                                       Peggy Buchanan; Jeanne West;
                                                                                                                       Charlie Schneider; Judi Shor;
                                                          A   C               A       D           A   N   A   R   G

                                                                                                                       Bobbi Kroot; Marty Golden;
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