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					                                                    Annual Report

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you can make a difference in the life of a child.
                                                                Table of Contents
CALM’s mission is to prevent, assess and treat child abuse in   1    From the Executive Director
Santa Barbara County by providing comprehensive, culturally
                                                                2    Revenue and Expenses
competent services for children, adults and families.                2009.2010

                                                                3    From the Board President
                                                                4    Did You Know?
1236 Chapala Street              218 West Carmen Lane
                                                                     What’s New
Santa Barbara, CA 93101          Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 965-2376   PHONE           (805) 614-9160   PHONE         6    CALM Clinical Services
(805) 963-6707   FAX             (805) 614-9363   FAX
                                                                7    CALM Volunteers

                                                                8    CALM Auxiliary

                                                                9    A Night at the Casbah
                                                                     to Benefit CALM
                                                                10   CALM Family of Support
                                                                     Children’s Legacy Society

                                                                    From the Executive Director
                 child abuse truly does change everything. Calm has
i n o n e M o M e n t,
been preventing and treating child abuse in Santa Barbara County for
40 years now, and we’ve seen all too often how this one moment in
time has a devastating ripple effect on so many lives.

Families fall apart; a community is weakened,          has been fiscally prudent and we’re proud to
and so continues the vicious cycle of abuse.           have maintained funding necessary to continue
Calm believes that everyone in a community             the vital work we do in our community.
has a role to play in preventing child abuse, and                                                            Cecilia Rodriguez, MFT
                                                       As always, our work is made possible by
has a responsibility to keep our children safe.                                                              Executive Director
                                                       donations from our generous supporters, who
When families are supported, children are less
                                                       have joined us in our mission to prevent child
likely to be at risk for child abuse and more likely
                                                       abuse in Santa Barbara County. It’s because of
to grow up happy and healthy.
                                                       this unfailing support that CALM can maintain
This year I’m happy to report that CALM                the very highest level of service that our children
has gone above and beyond in many ways,                and families have always received and deserve.                                                       1
continuing to fulfill our mission. We have             Now is when we need your help more than ever.                  CALM proudly recognizes
responded to critical community need in North
                                                       Our promise to you is to make every single                     our devoted staff, who are
Santa Barbara County, where a local service
                                                       contribution you make to CALM count towards                       collectively responsible
provider had to close its doors, and the need
                                                       improving the lives of vulnerable children and
for CALM to step in and fill the gap was our                                                                          for implementing CALM’s
                                                       families that need our help the most. On behalf
duty. As a result, we opened an office in Santa                                                                                   vital programs.
                                                       of all the children in our community without
Maria, and have begun providing programs and
                                                       a safe home, and for all the parents who are
services to children at risk from birth through                                                                         Thank you for providing
                                                       hoping for a chance to be better parents…we
age five. We have broadened our school based
                                                       thank you for helping make our community a
                                                                                                                      outstanding service to the
prevention and education programs to reach                                                                               most vulnerable in our
                                                       better place. In one moment, you can make
even more young children, and we continue
to forge new and strategic partnerships with
                                                       a difference for the better.                                                community.
organizations focused on child abuse prevention
and supporting families. Lastly, despite the                                                                                      EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                                                                                                   Cecilia Rodriguez, MFT
ongoing economic challenges facing our
                                                                                                                                  ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR
community and the nation as a whole, CALM              Cecilia Rodriguez, MFT
                                                                                                                                  Deborah holmes, LCSW
                                                                                                                                    CLINICAL DIRECTOR
                                                                                                                                  Elizabeth Rumelt, LCSW
                                                                                                                             PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES
                                                                                                                                    Jessica Adams, PhD
     Operating Revenue & Expenses

                           Total Revenue $3,432,910
                                                        (Including Campaign Gifts and Pledges)

                        Endowment Draw

          CALM Auxiliary Donations    20%                      Contributed Support               Board oF trustees 2009.2010
                          $80,000                  25%         $846,129
                               2%                                                                Founder                 Jenny Kearns
            Other Earned Revenue                                                                 Claire Miles            Edward J. McKinley
                         $119,346                                                                Board President         George Rasher, MBA
                              3%                                                                 Rich Schuette, CFP©     Gilbert Reyes, PhD
                                                                                                 Vice President
                                                                                                                         Salvador Robledo, LCSW
                                            50%                Government Contracts                                      Ben Romo
                                                               $1,712,435                        Patricia Durham
                                                                                                                         Meredith Scott
22                                                                                               Vice President
                                                                                                                         Susanne Tobey
                                                                                                                         Ira Weinstein, PhD
                                                                                                 Bridget Foreman, CPA
                                                                                                                         Steve Yungling, Esq
                                                                                                                         Sheila Zimmerman, MFT
                                                                                                 Eric Friedman
                         Total Expenses $3,299,295                                               auxiliary
                                                                                                                         Honorary trustees
                                                                                                                         Margo Chapman
                                                                                                 Shirley Waxman          Donna L. Friess, PhD
                                                                                                                         Anna M. Kokotovic, PhD
                                                        Development Related Expenses             trustees
                                                                                                 Jim Acos, MBA           adVisory Board
                                                        $357,450                                                         Ruth W. Ackerman, PhD
                                                                                                 Alex Altavilla
                                                  11%                                            Rebecca Anderson        Steve Barrett, PhD
                                                                Management & Administration                              Judy Bennett
                                                                                                 Charish L. Barry, MD
                                                                $148,708                                                 Jeanette Carpenter
                                                                                                 Leasha Barry, PhD
                                                                4%                                                       William Cirone
                                                                                                 Dan Bifano
                                                                                                 Nancy Bollay            Susan Miles Gulbransen
                                                                                                 Kevin Bourke            Jane Honikman
                                     85%                                                                                 Shirley Ann Hurley
         Program Related Expenses                                                                D’Arcy Cornwall
                                                                                                 Barbara de L’Arbre      Irma Jurkowitz
                        $2,793,137                                                                                       Steve Lyons
                                                                                                 Rick Erickson
                                                                                                 Donna B. Fisher-Yates   Joni Meisel
                                                                                                 Monte Fligsten          Thomas C. Parker
                                                                                                 Alice Gillaroo          Joanne Rapp
                                                                                                 Mary Hanson             Adele Rosen
                                                                                                 Susan Day Hosea         Maryan S. Schall, PhD
     Calm Annual Report 2009.2010                                                                                        Harvey Wolf, Esq
                                                                                  From the Board President
                                                                  our way,
W H i l e t H i s Pa s t y e a r H a s B r o u g H t s i g n i F i c a n t c H a l l e n g e s
it’s been a year that the staff and supporters of Calm can be incredibly
proud of. The CALM Board made the tough decision to stand up proudly
for the children of Santa Barbara County and not cut our programs as
funding sources became more competitive and scarce.

Instead, we cut our budget in every possible                do whatever it takes to prevent child abuse, and
place. Our main goal was to preserve and                    support the most vulnerable in our community.
maintain the vital services that provide                                                                          Rich Schuette, CFP©
                                                            This year, we appeal to each of you who have          Board President
thousands of hours of support that the children
                                                            allowed us to proudly carry the torch for all of
and families of our community so desperately
                                                            the children of Santa Barbara County. We can
rely on. In doing this, we knew we would have
                                                            only do this with your generosity and support.
to lean on Calm staff, and propose extra
                                                            Your time, your talents and your treasures not
responsibilities without compensation, in the
                                                            only provide us the ability to prevent child abuse    When families are
name of those we serve. Looking back at the
                                                            before it happens, but also allow us to put the
stresses we faced in making these decisions, it                                                                   supported, children are
                                                            pieces of a broken family back together again.
brings me great pride to report that CALM was
                                                            The children and families we serve move on
                                                                                                                  less likely to be at risk
able to do just as we set out to do. CALM’s staff                                                                 for child abuse.
                                                            to become stronger, healthier members of our
not only rose to the occasion, but they exceeded
                                                            community. Today, I ask you to help us find new
every possible expectation.
                                                            friends and light the fire that will keep the CALM
This year we have also executed a new contract              torch burning for every child and family in Santa
to provide greatly needed services in North                 Barbara County.
Santa Barbara County. As a result of a service
                                                            I have been blessed with the responsibility of
provider having to close its doors, CALM has
                                                            guiding this board for the last two years, and it
stepped up to open an office in Santa Maria
                                                            has been an honor for me to work with the most
to help those families who otherwise would
                                                            dedicated board of directors, staff, auxiliary, and
have gone without services. CALM is eager to
                                                            supporters that there could possibly be. Thank
become actively involved in the Santa Maria
                                                            you to each and every one of you that have
community and looks forward to collaborating
                                                            touched my life in an effort to give a voice to
with partner agencies, developing a presence
                                                            those who need one the most.
with civic and philanthropic leaders in the
region as well as building relationships with
organizations in line with CALM’s purpose—to

                                                            Rich Schuette

                                                                                                                             Calm Annual Report 2009.2010
    Did You Know?                              What’s New at CALM
    in Fiscal year 2009.2010, calM…
                                                           CA L M O P EN S A N O F F i C E i N S A N TA M A R i A
    • Served 1,440 individuals
                                                           North Santa Barbara County struggles with rising incidents of child abuse
    • Provided more than                                   and neglect, and has been identified as a region of high need, with high
      11,260 hours of treatment                            unemployment rates and the greatest concentration of poverty in children
                                                           under six in Santa Barbara County. Additionally, close to 80% of Child Welfare
    • Presented 272 child abuse                            Services cases are located north of the Gaviota tunnel.
      prevention workshops
                                                                                                           In 2010, Calm received two
    • Reached 5,840 individuals in                                                                         contracts from the County of
      local schools and community                                                                          Santa Barbara/Alcohol Drug
                                                                                                           and Mental Health Services to
    • Conducted 140 forensic interviews                                                                    provide Prevention and Early
      to assess child sexual abuse                                                                         Intervention services to children
                                                                                                           and families throughout North
      calM’s current clients                                                                               Santa Barbara County. Thanks
      BreakdoWn By PrograM                                                                                 to this contract, we have been
      20% are adults receiving treatment                                                                   able to open treatment offices
      to prevent further abuse                                                                             in Santa Maria and Lompoc, as
4                                                                                                          well as provide home visitation
      15% are children and teens who                                                                       services throughout North
      have witnessed domestic violence in                                                                  County, including Santa Maria,
      the home, receiving treatment along                                                                  Lompoc, Buellton, Solvang,
      with the battered parent
                                                                                                           Santa Ynez, Guadalupe, and
      31% are parents learning prevention                                                                  New Cuyama.
      skills who are at risk of abusing or                                                                  Compounding the already
      neglecting their children                            existing problems is the shortage of service availability in this area, especially
      34% are children under 18 who are                    bilingual/bicultural services. Every child-serving social service agency in North
      in therapy to recover from one or                    County has a wait list, meaning that families in critical need are not able to
      more types of abuse                                  receive prevention or trauma treatment, thereby exacerbating their struggle
                                                           with these issues.
      tyPes oF aBuse in                                    It has long been part of CALM’s Strategic Plan to bring our proven, effective
      santa BarBara county                                 services to this underserved area in desperate need. We are grateful to the
      Neglect: 49%                                         County and to our supporters that we now have the resources to do so.
                                                           With time and continuing support, we hope to be able to provide the full
      Substantial Risk/Parental
      Substance Abuse: 21%                                 array of CALM’s Early Childhood Mental Health Services to families in need
                                                           in North County.
      Physical: 11%
      Emotional: 10%
      Sexual: 9%                             Calm Annual Report 2009.2010
                                                                                    Calm            Clinical Services
P SYC h O LO G i CA L                           a r t t H e r a P y is a modality of psychotherapy
AS S ES S M EN T S ERV i C ES                   in which clients, facilitated by the art therapist,
All families receiving services at CALM
                                                use art media, the creative process, and the
complete a battery of standardized
                                                resulting artwork to explore their feelings,
                                                reconcile emotional conflicts, foster self-
assessments at intake, 6 month follow-up
                                                awareness, manage behavior, develop social
and upon ending services. All clinicians
                                                skills, improve reality orientation, reduce
receive a written report of the assessment
                                                anxiety, and increase self-esteem.
results to share with clients over the course
of treatment. These assessment reports          F r o n t P o r c H is a program based on referral
help inform treatment planning and provide      by Child Welfare Services. CALM’s engagement
additional diagnostic data for the client and   specialists visit families to offer linkage to needed
therapist alike.                                services to decrease risks of child abuse or neglect.
C O L L A B O R AT i O N S                      intensiVe in-HoMe tHer aPy For
CALM is collaborating on a number of            a d M H s a n d d s s CALM provides individual
projects and programs where CALM staff          and family therapy services to children and
are co-located in the community: Carpinteria    families enrolled in the Santa Barbara County
Children’s Project, Storyteller Children’s      Children’s System of Care. Services are provided                                       5
Center and the Child Abuse Prevention           in a place and at a time convenient for the family.
through Family Strengthening Project.           Interventions include: parenting education,
                                                stress management, building communication,
                                                conflict resolution and anger management skills,
                                                creating and implementing behavioral plans, and         All programs are offered
                                                empowering the family. Therapists are available
                                                to provide support and crisis intervention 24
                                                                                                        in English and Spanish and
                                                hours a day, 7 days a week.                             are free or on a sliding fee
                                                                                                        scale. No one is turned
                                                cHild aBuse assessMent and
                                                t r e at M e n t program serves children                away for inability to pay.
                                                and their families to help them heal from
                                                                                                        Clinical hours include
                                                the devastating effects of physical, emotional,
                                                and sexual abuse. Individual, group, and family         weekdays, evenings,
                                                therapy are offered in a culturally sensitive           and Saturdays.

                                                                                           Visit our centers!
                                                          To learn more about CALM, please contact Monica intaglietta
                                                       at (805) 965-2376 or to arrange a tour.
    Calm      Clinical Services
                                              F a M i ly V i o l e n c e c o u n s e l i n g   g r e at B e g i n n i n g s – c H i l d Pa r e n t
                                              is offered to children and teens                 P r o g r a M treats mental health problems
                                              who have been exposed to family                  for children 0-5 years and promotes secure
                                              violence. Parents who are victims                attachment in the child-caregiver relationship.
                                              of intimate partner violence are                 This program prevents and treats child abuse by
                                              also eligible for services. Family,              addressing the needs of the child and family and
                                              individual, and group therapy are                by activating community support networks to
                                              available. Groups occur in cycles of             ensure that children live in stable and nurturing
                                              approximately 13 sessions.                       environments.
                                             Pa r e n t- c H i l d i n t e r a c t i o n       i n c r e d i B l e y e a r s Pa r e n t i n g offers
                                             t H e r a P y ( P c i t ) is an empirically-      evening classes for parents wishing to increase
                                             supported treatment for young                     their knowledge of child development and
                                             children (2-7 years old) that places              parenting skills. Classes are held in 12-week
                                             emphasis on improving the quality                 cycles and satisfy the requirements for CWS
                                             of the parent-child relationship and              and court-mandated parent education. Parents
                                             changing dysfunctional parent-child               requiring more intensive counseling and
                                             interaction patterns. In PCIT, parents            education are seen individually or conjointly with
                                             are taught specific skills to establish a         their partners and/or their children. Classes are
6                                  nurturing and secure relationship with their child          given in English and Spanish.
                                   while increasing their child’s pro-social behavior
                                                                                               s c H o o l - B a s e d P r e V e n t i o n is offered
                                   and decreasing severe negative behaviors. The
                                                                                               for children in the Santa Barbara County school
                                   program is especially effective for children

               in onei             between the ages of 2-7 who have behavioral
                                   issues and/or where bonding and attachment
                                                                                               system, who are visited by CALM’s prevention
                                                                                               educators on a regular basis during the school
                                                                                               year. In the prevention presentations, children
              moment,              need to be addressed.
                                   g r e at B e g i n n i n g s – P r e V e n t i o n
                                                                                               are taught how to keep themselves safe from
                                                                                               abduction and abuse. Internet safety and the
                                   & e a r ly i n t e r V e n t i o n is a child abuse         negative effects of cyber-bullying are also taught
              child abuse          prevention program designed to promote the                  as part of the prevention program.
       changes everything.         health, growth, and development of children
                                   ages pre-natal to 5 and their families. Services
                                                                                               s e x u a l a s s a u lt r e s P o n s e t e a M
                                                                                               provides medical exams and forensic
                                   include developmental screening, parent
                                                                                               interviews for children when sexual abuse is
                                   education, therapy, group support and case
                                                                                               alleged as well as emotional support to family
                                   management. A multi-disciplinary team uses a
                                                                                               members. Collaboration among team members
                                   strength-based approach to provide home and
                                                                                               ensures that the victim is not subjected to
                                   center-based services.
                                                                                               repeated examinations and interviews, and
                                                                                               contributes to forensically sound evidence.

    Calm Annual Report 2009.2010
H e l P i n g o t H e r s i n Pa r e n t i n g       array of services including: individual and/or         VO Lu N T EER AT CA L M
e n V i r o n M e n t s ( H o P e ) was developed    group therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and case
in recognition of the trauma experienced by
children who enter the foster care system.
                                                     management. Drop-in groups are available in
                                                     English and Spanish.
                                                                                                            CALM Needs
HOPE is an array of intensive in-home services
available to children and parents in foster
                                                     s P i r i t is a family centered, community            You
                                                     oriented, highly individualized, wrap-around
home and extended family home placements.
                                                     strategy, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
                                                                                                            You can help make a difference in
The HOPE program combines skill-based
intervention with maximum flexibility so that
                                                     to help families facing serious challenges to find     the life of a child by volunteering
                                                     solutions to keep children and teens safely in
services are available to families and foster
                                                     their home, be successful in school
                                                                                                            your time, talents and energy for
homes according to their unique needs.
                                                     and function well in the community.                    two hours a week.
a d u lt s M o l e s t e d a s c H i l d r e n
                                                     soBer WoMen                                                                 Please contact:
provides group treatment for adults who
                                                     H e a lt H y F a M i l i e s                                                Ashlyn Clark,
were sexually molested in childhood or
                                                     is a collaborative program                                                  Volunteer Coordinator
adolescence. Groups are offered for both
                                                     in which CALM provides                                                      (805) 965-2376, ext. 150
men and women. All clients in group must
                                                     therapy at the Good
also be in individual therapy.
                                                     Samaritan Residential
o F F e n d e r t r e at M e n t is part of CALM’s   Drug and Alcohol                                                                                       7
mission to prevent child abuse. CALM provides        Treatment Facility in
treatment for adults convicted of and juveniles      Lompoc. Services are
adjudicated for sexual offenses against children.    provided to the children
CALM collaborates closely with SB County             who reside in the facility                                                  2009.2010
Probation, the District Attorney’s office, and
SART in these cases.
                                                     with their mothers.
                                                     Individual therapy,
                                                     parenting education, and family therapy are also       Sruti Aiyaswamy          Deana Medina
c H i l d Pa r e n t P r o g r a M treats problems
                                                     provided to assist with parenting skills, behavioral   Darcy Alcantara          Lilla Megyei
in the infant-parent relationship, prevents
                                                     issues, conflict resolution, trauma and neglect.       Michaela Baer            Mike Migita
child abuse and disorganized attachment,
and facilitates optimal infant growth and            s a F e c a r e is an evidence-based home              Mia Benton               Karla Munoz
development. The program promotes secure             visitation program for parents who are at-risk         Trevor Dunn              Lacey Paulsen
attachment by strengthening the capacity of          or have been reported for child maltreatment.          Lars Fackler             Danielle Quintero
both parents and by activating their support         The goal of the program is to strengthen families      Claire Fackler           Katie Richards
networks to ensure that children live in stable      and maintain a healthy and safe environment.           Rhonda Ferguson          Michelle Sanchez
and nurturing family environments.                   Trained professionals work with the family in          Stephanie Garcia         Emily Sharaf
                                                     their home to improve parents’ skills in the
P o s t Pa r t u M d e P r e s s i o n Mothers                                                              Marisol Gonzalez         David Shin
                                                     following domains: health, safety, parent-child
suffering from postpartum depression and/                                                                   Miklos Hargitay          Esther Takacs
                                                     interaction and problem solving.
or anxiety are able to access a comprehensive                                                               Jennifer Lane            Ashley Trygar
                                                                                                            Jennifer Lemberger       Danielle Wagner
                                                                                                            Jeanette Mateos          Jeannette Weisskopf
    Calm             Auxiliary
                                                          eVer since calM’s Founder,      Claire Miles, began her vital work to prevent
                                                          child abuse in Santa Barbara back in 1969, the Calm Auxiliary has played
                                                          an instrumental role in helping sustain the great legacy of CALM.

                                                          The Auxiliary raises additional financial support     Berg The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted, Sandra
                                                          and community awareness through projects and          Brown Rainwater, Kate Jacobs Knit the Season,
                                                          events, allowing the organization to grow and         and Larry Carol Leifer When You Lie About Your
                                                          continue to serve the children and families that      Age, the Terrorists Win. Jack Canfield, author of
                                                          need it the most.                                     the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, has been
                                  Shirley Waxman                                                                Master of Ceremonies for the last thirteen years.
                                   Auxiliary President    Today 50 hardworking women make up the
                                                          CALM Auxiliary, including several of its founding     2010 CL AiRE MiLES AWARD :
                                                          members. The Auxiliary hosts the CALM Antique         MARGO ChAPMAN
                                                          Shows and the Annual Celebrity Authors’
                                                                                                                The Calm Auxiliary established the Claire
                                                          Luncheon, events that raise much needed
                                                                                                                Miles Award in tribute and memory of Claire Miles
                          CALM has touched                support to continue the important work Claire
8                                                         Miles began 40 years ago.
                                                                                                                and her dedication and commitment to keeping
                         thousands of lives in                                                                  children safe in our community. This annual award
                              a positive way.             CA L M C EL EB R i T Y                                is an opportunity to remember her work and
                                                          Au T h O R S ’ Lu N C h EO N                          honor an individual or individuals who embody
                                                                                                                her spirit and dedication. This year the Auxiliary
                                                          On March 27, 2010, the Calm Auxiliary
                                                                                                                honored Margo Chapman for her outstanding
                                                          produced the 23rd Annual Celebrity Authors’
                                                                                                                support of CALM. The award was presented with
                                                          Luncheon. Sharon Bifano and Stephanie Ortale
                                                                                                                our most sincere gratitude for her tremendous
                                                          have been co-chairs of this event since 1987.
                                                                                                                commitment and dedication to CALM.
                                                          Interviewed authors this year included Elizabeth

    auxiliary oFFicers                                   MeMBers                                                                                  Honorary MeMBers
    2009.2010                                            Jeri Beck            Barbara Flanigan       Carol Newman          Caroline Sweet         Anna Kokotovic
                                                         Sharon Bifano        Carolyn Fryer          Stephanie Ortale      Sissy Taran            Marguerite Berti
    Shirley Waxman            Pam Van Blaricum           Bev Brier                                                                                Joanie Chackel
                                                                              Carolyn Gillio         Terri Penman          Betty Tegart
    President                 Recording Secretary
                                                         Jeanette Carpenter   Ann Hammond            Marlene Perrizo       April Thede            Julie Freedman
    Martha Rogers             Dale McCaskey              Margo Chapman        Charlene Heinz         Blanca Presser        Sunny Thomas           Edith Fulco
    1st Vice President        Corresponding              Becky Cohn           Nancy Johnson          Judy Rattray          Lynn Wells             Suzanne Fairly-Green
    Laura Barella             Secretary                  Darlene Cox          Marianne Kugler        Adele Rosen           Pegeen White           Terri Gough
    2nd Vice President        Joanne Nelson              Phyllis Cox          Nancy Lieberman        Jane Runyen           Marcia Wolfe           Rosemarie Marasco
                              Parliamentarian            Eleanor Cunningham   Louise Liscombe        Zoë Schultz                                  Natalie McFadden
    Toni Kipp
                                                         Diane Dukes          Maria McCall           Meredith Scott                               Bev Raber
                                                         Terri Fawcett        Doris Stitz Medved     Marty Silverman                              Norma Jean Shaw
                                                                                                                                    Calm             Gala
                                                                         A Night at the Casbah
                                                                         Calm celebrated 2010 with a successful             DIAMonD
                                                                         fundraising event, A Night at the Casbah to        Alice Gillaroo and Susan Jorgensen
                                                                         Benefit CALM. The exotic evening, filled with       Summer for Kids
                                                                         exquisite Moroccan cuisine and entertainment
                                                                         at the 2004 CALM Design Showcase House,            PlAtInuM
                                                                         featured special guest Master of Ceremonies,       Toast*
                                                                         Andrew Firestone.                                  Susanne and Gary Tobey
                                                                         It was an unforgettable night celebrating the      GolD
                                                                         vital work CALM does in the Santa Barbara          Classic Party Rentals*
Event Co-Chair Dan Bifano, Executive Director Cecilia Rodriguez, Event   community. A special thanks to the Shuman
Co-Chair Donna B. Fisher-Yates, Adriana, Summer & Mark Shuman            Family for opening their beautiful home            sIlVer
                                                                         to CALM and for their continued generous           Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf, LLP
                                                                         support.                                           Dan Bifano and Allan Brostrom
                                                                                                                            Bourke Wealth Management
                                                                                                                            Bryant & Sons                        9
                                                                                                                            Christy Martin of Studio Encanto
                                                                                                                            Elements Catering*
                                                                         At left: Board President Rich Schuette             Riviera Insurance Services, LLC
                                                                         and his wife Trudi with Cecilia                    Mary Ellen Trainor Zemeckis
                                                                                                                            Sheila and Jim Zimmerman
                                                                         Lower left: (L-R) Board Members Mary
                                                                         Hanson, D’Arcy Cornwall, Patricia Durham,          * in-kind gift
                                                                         and Rebecca Anderson

                                                                         Below: Board Member Rick Erickson
                                                                         and his sister, Kristina Erickson

                                                                                                                            Thank you to our
                                                                                                                            generous supporters
                                                                                                                            who helped make our
                                                                                                                            Night a huge success!

                                                                                                                         Calm Annual Report 2009.2010
     Calm              Family of Support
       AMBAssADors CIrCle                 Richard and Maryan Schall          Dr. and Mrs. R. Bruce McFadden   Chris and Mindy Denson           Susan Arango                    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donovan
                                          Transformation Trust Inc.          Montecito Bank and Trust         Chad and Ginni Dreier            Muffy Barnard                   Sue Douglas
       $10,000 and above
                                          Trinity Church Justice Fund        Carolina Montgomery              Dennis and Rikki Emory           Stephen and Edie Barrett        Clelland Downs
       Anonymous (2)                      Venoco, Inc.                       Rebecca Riskin-Grand and         First Congregational Church      Nancy Elaine Barto              Joyce and John Dudley
       CALM Auxiliary                                                        Ken Grand                        of Santa Barbara                 Frederick Bastian               Roger Durling
       Chip and Lori Conk
       Cottage Hospital
                                          PrInCIPle sPonsors                 Riviera Insurance Services       First United Methodist Church    Molly Beals Millman             Tonya Edwards

       Larry and Patricia Durham          $2,000 - $4,999                    Cecilia Rodriguez and            Monte and Patty Fligsten         Arlene Becker                   Jan Escalera
                                                                               Robert Stanley                 Frank and Tiffany Foster         Barbara Benon                   Jennifer and Lauren Everett
       Alice Gillaroo and Susan           Anonymous                          Rotary Club of Goleta            Debra Geiger and Eliot Crowley   Marla Black                     Dr. and Mrs. Robert Failing
         Jorgensen                        Allen and Roberta Gersho           Trudi and Rich Schuette          Gary David Goldberg and          Jackie Blackwell                Michael Sean and Rachel Fauver
       Hutton Foundation                  Hager & Dowling Charitable         Dale and Judy Seborg                 Diana Meehan                 Alan Bleiman                    Anita Fernandez-Low
       James S. Bower Foundation            Foundation
                                                                             Barry and Martha Siegel          Ruth Hochman                     Tammy Bogetti                   Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Feuer
       Steve and Cindy Lyons              Peter and Gerd Jordano
                                                                             Carol Lee Skinner                J.J, O’Malley’s                  Ian Borchert                    Andrew and Ivana Firestone
       Edward J McKinley and              Patty and John MacFarlane
                                                                             The Arthur N. Rupe Foundation    Patricia Jackson                 Jenny Bouma                     Barbara Flanigan
       Kathleen Lavidge                   Nordstrom
                                                                             The Jack and Gretchen Norqual    Tamara Jensen                    Maggie and Gary Bradley         John and Marie Foley
       Mithun Family Foundation           Northern Trust                       Foundation of the Minnesota    Gary Johnson                     Alison Brainard-Sydney          Jessica Fox
       Outhwaite Foundation               Santa Barbara Bank & Trust           Community Foundation           Lisa and Charles Markham         Jeffrey and Susan Bridges       Lylie Francis
       Santa Barbara Foundation           The Allergan Foundation            The M & M Foundation             Dr. Neal Mazer and               Dr. and Mrs. Buck Brillhart     Deloris Frasher
       Ms. Jean A. Schuler                The Herbert and Gertrude           The Nurture Foundation               Dr. Zev Nathan
                                            Latkin Charitable Foundation                                                                       Melissa and Ronald Brooks       Eric and Julie Friedman
       The Norman F. and Elise I.                                            The Territory Ahead              Mission Wealth Management
                                          Ray and Sunny Thomas                                                                                 Marcy Burton                    Rachel Friedman
         Swanton Family Foundation Inc.                                      Mary Ellen Trainor Zemeckis      Kay Morter
                                          Sheila and Jim Zimmerman                                                                             Gale Bush                       Jose and Edith Fulco
       The Susanne and Gary Tobey                                            Adrienne and Ian Underhill       Georgia Noble
10       Family Foundation                                                   United Way of Santa Barbara      Old Kings Road
                                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Butcher
                                                                                                                                               William and Kathryn Calise
                                                                                                                                                                               Laurie Galen
                                                                                                                                                                               Debra Galin
       The Towbes Foundation              GuArDIAns                          Shirley and Kenneth Waxman       Dr. Dennis B. Phelps MD and      Carpinteria Lions Club          Kathy Gallagher
       The William Ledbetter Trust        $1,000 - $1,999                    Jason and Robin Yardi                Mrs. Debbie Davison
         Fund                                                                                                                                  Maria Caudillo                  Margaret Gallant
                                          Anonymous                          Stephen and Anne Yungling        Randolph and Patricia Scott      William D. and Mona M. Chapin   Linda Gallegos
       Volentine Family Foundation                                                                                Foundation
                                          Thomas and Denise Allyn            Mrs. Fred A. Zannon                                               Mark and Kathleen Chapman       Barbara Gelleri
       Wallis Foundation                                                                                      Gilbert and April Reyes
       Weingart Foundation                Bank of America                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Stillman Chase     Michael and Carol Gill
       Williams-Corbett Foundation        Bartlett, Pringle & Wolf, LLP      BeneFACtors                      SBYCW
                                                                                                              Ronald and Deborah Schwartz
                                                                                                                                               Dennis and Susan Chiavelli      Dennis and Carolyn Gillio
       Wood-Claeyssens Foundation         Richard and Marguerite Berti       $500 - $999                                                       Earl and Pati Clark             Wayne and Ariella Ginoza
                                                                                                              Michael and Elisabeth Smith
       Yardi Systems                      Daniel Bifano and Allan Brostrom   Jim Acos                                                          Charles and Margo Chapman       Joyce Ginsberg
                                                                                                              Mrs. Marilynn Sullivan
                                          Stephen M. Blain and Paul Guido    Janet Ames                                                        Nicole Charuvastra              Hallie A. Goodall
                                                                                                              Caroline and Barry Sweet
                                          Kevin Bourke                                                                                         Susan Christensen               Helen Goode
       PresIDents CluB                    John and Shelby Bowen
                                                                             Anda Ashkar                      April Thede
                                                                                                                                               Kathleen Coady                  Gourmet Blends Corp.
       $5,000 - $9,999                    Bryant and Sons, Ltd.
                                                                             Donna B. Fisher-Yates and        The Waterman Foundation
                                                                                                                                               Joseph and Margaret Connell     Mr. and Mrs. David Gowing
                                                                                Stephen Yates
       Anonymous                                                                                              Warsh-Mott Funds
                                          Mark and Lorena Carlson            Dan and Carolyn Baham                                             Barbara Cooke Ahlman            Lori Granatelli
       Ann Jackson Family Foundation                                                                          Karl Weis and Kristen
                                          Fred and Linda Clough              David and Laura Barella                                           Mark and D’Arcy Cornwall        Ruth and David Green
       B & B Foundation                                                                                           Klingbeil-Weis
                                          Geoff and Kim Crane                Dr. Charish Barry and                                             Michael and Sharon Crandall     Jennifer Guess
       Tom and Nancy Bollay                                                                                   Peggy and Kevin White
                                          Bruce P. Crary                     Dr. Anthony Romero                                                Christopher Coulter and         Carla Hall
       Kevyn De Regt                                                                                          James and Marcia Wolfe
                                          Edgar and Janet Davis              Leasha Barry and Andrew                                           Rebecca Fagan-Coulter           Richard and Ann Hammond
       Barbara Delaune Warren             Charles and Barbara de L’Arbre        Winchester                                                     Carmody Cutter                  Robert and Dolores Hanrahan
       Rowland and Mary Hanson            James De Loreto                    Dr. and Mrs. George Bifano       PAtrons                          Walter and Delores David        Dianne Harrell
       IN-N-OUT Burger Foundation         Edith & James Ross Foundation      Charlie and Carrie Bissell       $100 - $499                      Michael and Kathryn Dean        Harrison Design Associates
       Petar and Anna Kokotovic           Bridget and Mark Foreman           Igna and Jack Canfield           Stephen and Barbara Abbott       Barry and Jelinda DeVorzon      Lawrence and Nancy Harter
       La Centra-Sumerlin Foundation      Neil Korpinen and Rick Erickson    Cars 4 Causes                    Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Aldersert      Josephine Di Loreto             Peter Lee and Elizabeth Hasler
       Richard and Peggy Lamb             Robert and Jacqueline Laskoff      Marybeth Carty                   Mark Allen Malott                Iris Di Santo                   Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hatch
       Ron and Susan Morrow               Sandra Lynne                       Sue Ellen Castellanos            Mr. and Mrs. Parker Anderson     Mike E. Dianda                  Healthy Families Program
       Henry and Nanette Nevins           Evelyn Lyons                       Becky Cohn                       Maris and Patricia Anderson      Kathryn Dinkin                  Bridget Hearon
       Roney Family Foundation            Christy Martin                     Dr. Stephen and Susan Hosea      Rebecca and Ian Anderson         Donna Dishman                   Heritage Capital Strategies, Inc.
     Calm Annual Report 2009.2010
                                                                                                      Calm                 Family of Support
Stephen and Patsy Hicks         Michael Newman and               John Sonquist                    Carla Amussen                        Leonisia Caporal                  Mark and Patti Duell, Sr.
James Hill                         Terri Penman                  Nancy Spiller                    David and Christine Anderson         Congresswoman Lois Capps          Mike and Michele Duffy
Lynn Hoefflinger                Elizabeth Newman-Smith and       St. Barbara Parish               Karen Anderson                       Jeanette and Cliff Carpenter      Walter and Diane Dukes
Carol Holmes                       Eric R.A.N. Smith             Tim and Jano Stack               Mary Andrews-Dalbey                  Dennis and Denise Carriero        Cheryl Dunshee
Kristy Horton                   Jason and Michelle Niemela       Gene and Marilyn Stein           Dianne and John Arguelles            Leigh Cashman                     Susan Edelmann
James Hurley, Jr. and           Joseph Nolan and Laura           Judy Stewart                     Linda Armstrong                      Frances Lea Cassidy               Gordon Elconin
  Shirley Ann Hurley               Silberstein                   Victoria Stoehr                  Debra and Jim Arnesen                Gloria Cavallero and              Thomas and Patricia Ence
Monica Intaglietta and          Mary B. Nuanes                   Dan and Jen Stowe                William Ashby                           Bruce Belfiore                 Carl and Norma Engel
  Marty Ensign                  Brenda O’Leary                   Art and Terry Sturz              Sandra and Chris Austin              Shirley A. Chabolla               Jessica Erdmann
George and Margaret Ittner      Mr. and Mrs. David Ortiz         Jennifer Taylor                  Rhonda Averbach                      Mr. and Mrs. Stillman Chase       Michael Erickson
Madeline and Peter Jacobson     Mary Otterlei                    Betty Tegart                     Ana Avila                            Jermaine Chastain                 Alice Esbenshade
Jacqueline B., Inc.             Dr. and Mrs. Kandarp Oza         Robert and Leah Temkin           Diane Bailey                         Caroline Chieffo                  Glen Farr
Judy Jennings                   Craig Park and Deborah Holmes    Duane and Linda Terrill          Alicia and John Bair                 John Clay                         Mary Jo Farrington
Nancy Johnson                   Perry and Eileen Parker          Benny and Beverly Torres         Hicham Balamane                      Ian and Suzan Cluderay            Mrs. Suzanne Faulkner
Todd Johnson                    Carl and Karen Payatt            Town & Country Woman’s Club      Stephen and Silvia Balfour-Ritchie   Elizabeth Coates                  Terri Fawcett
Phyllis Judis                   Nathan W. Pearson                   of SB                         Larry and Wendy Barels               Ray and Olga Cockel               Christine and Peter Feldman
June’s Fan Mail                 Steven R. Penn                   Toyon Research Coporation        Poppy Barnes Miller                  Carol Cockrum                     Hyla Fetler
Souheila Kakhoury El Kurjie     Steven and Marnie Pinsker        Jacque Trembly                   Gregory and Jane Bartholomew         Jane Cody                         Gary and Georgene Fettis
Stephen and Lauren Katz         Harriet Pitman                   Chip and Betsy Turner            Allana Bartilet                      Barbara Coleman                   Mark and Mary Fewell
Dawn and Joel Kaufman           Leon and Blanca Presser          Sam and Sandra Tyler             Pascale Beale Groom                  Helen Collins                     Susan Fitzpatrick
Elaine Keenan                   Pam Price                        Linda Uribe                      Mara Bear                            David Conroy                      Nicole Flint
Toni and Bob Kipp               Professional Photographers       Glenn and Claire Van Blaricum    James Bechtel                        Alfred and Alvina Contarino       Float Luxury Spa, LLP
Lynn Kirst                         of SB County                  Vit Family Trust                                                      Loretta Conti Acklin
                                                                                                  Kathleen Beh                                                           Herman Fogata
                                Rogers Family Foundation
Denise Klassen
Kathleen Knowles                Ginny Rohan
                                                                 Diane Wallace
                                                                 Sally Warner-Arnett
                                                                                                  Rosanna Berendt                      Colleen Conway
                                                                                                                                       John and Peggy Cooley
                                                                                                                                                                         Alicia Foronda                 11
                                                                                                  Susan Berk                                                             Ray and Murill Forrester
Anne Kratz                      Ben and Geordie Romo             Harold and Louise Joann Wayne                                         Ann Cooluris
                                                                                                  Anne Bernstein                                                         Madelyn Foster
Austin and Kai Lampson          The Rord Foundation              Beth Weinberg                                                         Andrew and Mary Jane Cooper
                                                                                                  Anandomy and Gwat                                                      Kati Frawley
Traci Larson                    Adele Rosen                      Ira and Lotte Weinstein            Bhattacharjie                      Mishelle Cooper                   Thomas and Christine Frisina
Kyle and Susan Lemon            Kathleen Roxby                   Cheryll and Murray Welkowsky     Jose and Nicole Bimbela              Violeta Cortez                    Don and Susan Fuhrer
Sarah Jane Lind                 Sagrario Ruiz                    Mr. and Mrs. Derek Westen        Kristin Blair Kitchen                Mary Coslett                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fulmer
Linda Sloan Locker              Elizabeth Rumelt                 Lottie White                     Edward and Anne Blaschke             Gilda Coussa                      Jane L. Galbraith
Ginny Malaco                    Richard and Rosemary Sanders     Jacquelyn Whitman                Richard and Julie Boller             Darlene Cox                       Fred and Michele Gallagher
Lorna and Bob Maraine           Santa Barbara Garden Club        Carol Ann Wilburn                Dolores Borchard                     Thomas and Diane Cresante         Linda Gallegos
Lynda Marino                    Douglas J. and Diane Scalapino   Travis Wilson                    Maria Constanza Bordagorry           Judy Cresap                       Adolfo Garcia
Maria Marquez                   Elizabeth Schierer               Irwin and Joy Winer              Susan Bower                          Robert and Joanne Croisdale       ULT Gardres
Gerald Marr                     Deborah Schiller                 Julie Yamamoto                   Philip E. Bowles                     George R. and Nancy Curry         Hania Geremia
Robin McCarthy                  John and Meredith Scott          Mr. and Mrs. Jim Zaleski         Steve and Caryl Bowman               Eleanor Cuthbertson               Robert and Shirley Gerity
Dale and Dean McCaskey          Susan J. Scott                   Trevor Zellet                    Mary Lou Brace                       B.J. Daddino                      Larry and Susan Gerstein
Jeanne McCrea                   Peter and Nini Seaman            Heidi Zetzer and Gregory Ashby   Bright Start Preschool               Susan Lea Daku                    Lois Gigstead
Lowell and Shirley McLellan     Penny Sharret                                                     Rose Marie Bristol                   Tracee Davis                      Carol Gillis
                                Linda Short
William and Gail McMullen
Doris Stitz and Arnold Medved   Sharol and Wayne Siemens
                                                                 FrIenDs                          Ann Bryant                           Margaret Jo Dawes                 Anthony and Kathan Glassman
                                                                 up to $100                       Margret Buelow                       Amatino and Rosaria De Freitas    Linda Goddard
Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp   Lori Silva                                                        Sara Bukacek                         LeeAnne Del Rio                   Goleta Engineering
Anthony and Kelly Mendesh       Halina Silverman                 CM Designs
                                                                                                  Cathy Bush                           Joanne DePree                     Raymond and Deanna Gonzales
Shannon Miles                   Joel and Marty Silverman         Delores Abrams
                                                                                                  Andrey and Bob Byers                 Shirley Dettmann                  Shannon and Donald Gordon
Alfred Kummer Moir              Jacqueline Simons                Marshall and Marion Abrams
                                                                                                  Eleanor Byrne                        Jack A. Dimock                    Joseph Green
Lynn Montgomery and             Susan Skenderian                 Lorraine Abston
                                                                                                  Carla Cabanatuan                     Allison and Timothy Dittmann      Don and Toni Greenside
  Richard Kriegler              Pamela Slagle Cox                Anna Agnoli
                                                                                                  CAD4U                                Dawn Dixon-Diaz and               Debbie Gross
Glen Mowrer and Bernice James   Ward Small, III                  Susan Alff                                                               Mario Diaz
                                                                                                  Alma Calzada                                                           Kelly Gross
Mrs. Raymond Kind Myerson       Jane Smith and                   Sandy and John Allen                                                  Bridget Dorsey and Jose Jacinto
                                                                                                  Juan Carlos Calzada                                                    Gary and Susan Gulbransen
Ruth Nejad                      Marcia Smith Bourain             Alex and Brenda Altavilla                                             Russell and Carol Drago
                                                                                                  Gail and John Campanella                                               Richard and Mimi Gunner
Steve and Carol Newman          Robyn Smith                      Rachel Altman                                                         Shari Dubois
                                                                                                  Estela Campos                                                          Jane Gunnin
     Calm              Family of Support
       James Gutmann                      Marilyn Jorgensen and          Walter and Thelma Mead          Enid Pike                        Edward and Lisa Schatz         Marie Vierra
       Marie-Paule Hajdu                     Errol Jahnke                Estelle Meadoff                 Ellen Pillsbury                  John and Thelma Schmidhauser   Katherine Vogeley
       Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Hamilton   Patricia and Kenneth Just      Lilla Megyei                    Jeff Pittman and Moira Stokes-   Arthur Schmidt                 Susana Voight
       George and Rita Hansford           Lois and Gilbert Kaplan        Claire Melton                      Pittman                       Thomas and Toni Schultheis     Hubert and Susie Vos
       Barbara Harlow                     John and Caroline Kavanagh     Renee Mendell                   Susan Plummer                    Jeanne Schwartje               C.A. and Margaret Waldon
       Laurie Harris                      Randy Keani                    Lori Kraft Meschler             Robert and Diane Polley          Stephen Schweitzer and         Candace Waldron
       Mary Anne Harrison                 Dorothea Kelley                Dana Miller                     Robert Potter                    Judy Bennett                   Deborah Waldron
       Joann Hart                         Barry Kemp                     Peter and Patricia Miller       Jane Poythress                   Michael and Erlaine Seeger     Barbara Walker
       Jerry Hatchett                     Christine Kendall-Jent         William and Luann Miller        Peter and Johanna Preiswerk      Stephen R. Seim                Jane Walker Wood
       Julia Hazard                       David and Kathy Kiefer         Alicia Mitchell                 Diana Price                      Linda Selby                    Gerold and Ann Walsh
       Robert and Elaine Heavner          Thomas and Colby Kline         William and Cynthia Mobraaten   Ira and Catharene Purdy          Eve Senn                       Mary Walsh
       Gloria Hendley                     Sabrina Anne Koceman           Jose and Olivia Moctezuma       William and Evelyn Raber         Heidi Seward                   Louis Daniel Wasson
       Kathryn Henry                      Nancy Kozak                    Patricia and John Moffett       William and Arlene Radasky       Henry and Harriet Sharp        Joseph and Margaret Waters
       Mireya Hernandez                   Doug Kraus                     Mary Moore                      Maryann and Tom Rademacher       Marylou Shields                Darlene Weaver
       Brenda Herron                      Janice Kreider                 Patricia S. Moore               Ward Rafferty, Jr.               Mark and Lynette Sikand        Wells Fargo Bank
       Harrison Heyl, III                 Marianne and Lawrence Kugler   Julia Mora                      Amy Ramos and Tom Mates          Muriel Slevin                  Ted and Carleen Wells
       Martha Hines                       Sue La Cabe                    Oswald and Olive Moreno         George and Kim Rasher            Janel and Rene Smit            Glenn White
       Anthony Hirsch                     Philip and Donna Landry        Keltie Morris                   Debra and Talmage Reed           Jacqueline Smith               Margaret Whitney
       Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie P. Hocker      Linda LaPaglia                 Ryan Moscoe                     Doug and Carla Reeves            Barbara Smith                  Wick’D Bean Candles
       Susie Hogan                        Jacqueline Lapotosky           Mosher Foundation               Robert and Patti Reid            Ryan Smith                     Reg and Nancy Wilkinson
       Tim Hogan and Patricia             Nancy Larman and Tom           Richard and Sandra Moss         Lily Reiss                       Louis Sorce Hill               Frank and Parmele Williams
12        Sadeghian
       Joy and Carol Holubek              Robert and Ellen Lawson
                                                                         Shirley Nathan
                                                                         Robert and Joanne Nelson
                                                                                                         Cristina and Chad Relis
                                                                                                         Brianna Renfrow
                                                                                                                                          Susan Spies
                                                                                                                                          Miles and Marsha A. Standish
                                                                                                                                                                         June and Knox Williams
                                                                                                                                                                         Ronald and Charlotte Williams
       Terence C. and Jane Honikman       Michaela Laza                  Lee and Karen Neuenschwander    Margie Rhinestein                Terry Stanford-Jacobson        Anna Wilmas
       Philip Hons                        Karen Lee                      Julie Newendorp                 Donna Beth Richards              Jean R. Stanley                Stephanie Wilson
       Arthur Hotchkiss                   Linda Lee Principe             Jean Nickel                     Mr. and Mrs. John Ridland        Diana Stearn                   Joan Wimberly
       Tiffany Howard                     Alison Leopold                 Jill Nida                       Juan Riker and Jessica Adams     William Stephens               Stuart Winthrop
       Kathryn and Russell Howell         S. Dean and Suzanne Lesiak     Martha Nolasco                  Maria Riley                      Bruce and Tracy Stevens        Gloria and Brian Wise
       Marylee Hrabovsky                  Sharon Light                   Daniel and Irene O’Connor       Mary Beth Riordan                Judy Sturgeon                  Peter and Linda Wisner
       Sharon Hughes                      Paula Lilly                    Helen Olson                     Carol and Ward Ritter            Alice Sykes                    Edward and Melinda Wittwer
       Vernon and Jacqueline Huth         Janet and Rick Longpre         Jennifer Padilla-Burger         Richard and Barbara Robbins      Sissy Taran                    Dolores Woodsen
       Jane Jacobi                        Sharon and Ernie Lopez         Phillip Pallastrino             Chip W. Robertson                Robert and Leah Temkin         David and Nancy Wyatt
       Elaine Jacobs                      Don and Rose Louie             Craig and Marjorie Palonen      Marsha Robertson                 The Kitchen Co.                Mary Ellen Wylie
       Cindy Jaeger                       Patricia Mac Kinnon            Gerald and Claire Parent        N. Thorn and Linda Robertson     The Light Family Trust         Theresa Yandell
       Ann James                          Robert and Susan Manning       Neil and Louise Paton           Sherry Robin                     Melanie Thomas                 Ronald Yoshida
       Gerlinde Jantz                     Eugene and Judy Manriquez      Justin and Michelle Pawl        Kathleen Ann Robinson            Jo Anne Thompson               Kathryn Zupsic
       Mr. and Mrs. F. Allen Jennings     Sam and Theresa Maphis         Anne Pazier                     Mr. Dorcas Robson                Mary and Hugh Thorson          Dale Zurawski and Geoffrey Slaff
       John and Tanda Jennings            Christian Martinez             Geri and Sherm Pearl            Gilbert and Sharla Rodriguez     Caroline Timlin
       Beverly Johnson                    Jeannie Mason                  Donna Peddicord                 Marianne Roy                     Mr. and Mrs. David Tisdale
       David and Jane Johnson             Karen McElwain                 Jone Pence                      Martha Ruiz                      George and Dara Towers
       Jeremy Johnson                     Susanne McEwan                 Robert and Cindy Perlis         Jane Runyen                      Nevin and Robert Trampenau     This list represents gifts made
       Lynette Johnson                    Patricia L. McGillen           John and Marlene Perrizo        Mr. and Mrs. David Russ          Tiffany Trojmer                to Calm from July 1, 2009
       Joseph Johnston and                Olivia Marie McGrew            Patricia Perry                  Christine L. Ryerson             Josette and Lee Troxler        through June 30, 2010. Every
       Lisa Pedersen Johnston             Celina McHale                  Mrs. Rosemary Peters            Jeffrey Safer                    Carolyn and Charles Tulloh     effort is made to be accurate.
       Kate Jose                          Ken McKenna                    Joseph and Karen Peus           Sally Saless                     Meredith and Andrew Tynes
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Dick McLaren
                                                                                                                                                                         Please bring any errors or
       Pierre Joudy                                                      Colette Phillip                 Brian Saline                     John and Yoze Van Wingerden
                                          Sona MacMillan
                                                                                                                                                                         omissions to the attention of
       Helen Jones                                                       Terry Phillips                  Cynthia Salisbury Sandford       Susan Venable
                                          Robert and Anna McMillin                                                                                                       our Development Office at
       Jerry and Elvita Jones                                            Robert and Frances Piacente     Sal Sandoval                     Edwin and Betty Venable        (805) 965-2376, ext. 149.
                                                                         Meegan Pierson                  Santa Barbara County Podiatry    Don and Sara Vickers
                                                                                                            Group                                                        Thank you.
     Calm Annual Report 2009.2010
                                                                      help Secure CALM’S Future.
                                                                   Join the Children’s Legacy Society!
                                                                   Members of the Children’s Legacy Society have expressed their
                                                                   commitment to Calm through a very special and important
                                                                   form of financial support.
                                                                   These donors have named CALM as the ultimate beneficiary
                                                                   of a planned gift. Such gifts might include a bequest and/
                                                                   or charitable income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities,
                                                                   charitable remainder trusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts,
                                                                   or gifts of life insurance.

                                                                                             For more information on how you
    We express sincere gratitude to the members                                              can make a planned gift to CALM,
         of our Children’s Legacy Society.                                                     please call our Development
                                                                                                Director, Monica Intaglietta
                                                                                                 (805) 965-2376, ext. 149
    Anonymous          Anna and Petar Kokotovic         Adele Rosen
Tom and Nancy Bollay      William Ledbetter       Richard and Maryan Schall                       Thank you for helping
                                                                                                 our children, our families
 Ada-Marie Bowers           Allegra Lewis         Robert and Leah Temkin
                                                                                                   and our community.
                                                                                         Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                              US Postage
                                                                                           Santa Barbara, CA
                                                                                              Permit #26
                      1236 Chapala Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101

    Join us in 2011         Antique Shows
                            January 28-30
                            May 13-15
                                                                    April 30
                                                                    Presented by
   at these events          October 14-16
                            25th Annual Celebrity
                                                                    Storyteller Children’s Center
                                                                    and CALM
                            Authors’ Luncheon
                            March 19

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