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					                             ILOCOS NORTE TRAVEL GUIDE


        Long before the coming of the Spaniards, there already existed an extensive region
(consisting the present provinces of Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Abra and La Union) which was
renowed for its gold mines. Merchants from Japan and China would often visit the area to trade
gold with beads, ceramics and silk. The inhabitants of the region, believed to be of Malay origin,
called their place “ samtoy”, and from “sao mi toy”, which literally meant “our language”.

        In 1571, when the Spanish conquistadors had established the Spanish City of Manila,
they began looking for new centers of administration to conquer. Legaspi’s grandson, Juan De
Salcedo, volunteered to lead one of these expeditions. Togother with 8 armed boats and 45 men,
the 22 year old voyager headed towards the north.

        On June 13, 1572, Salcedo And His men landed in Vigan and then proceeded towards
Laoag, Currimao and Badoc. As they sailednalong the coast, they were surprised to see
numerous sheltered coves (“looc”) where the locals lived in harmony. Consequently, they named
the region “Ylocos’ and its people “Ylocanos”.

       As the Christianization of the region grew, so did the landscape of the area. Vast tracks of
land were utilized for churches and bell towers in line with Spanish mission of “bajo las
campanas”. In the town plaza, it was not uncommon to see garrisons under the church bells. The
colonization process was slowly being carried out.

        The Spanish colonization of the region, however, was never completely successful.
Owing to the abusive practices of many Ilocanos revolted against their colnizers. Noteworthy of
these were the Dingras uprising (1589) and Pedro Almasan revolt ( San Nicolas,1660).In 1762,
Diego Silang led a series of battles aimed at freeing the Ilocanos from the Spanish yoke. When
he died from an assassin’s bullet his widow Gabriela continued the cause. Unfortunately , she too
was captured and hanged. In 1807, the sugarcane (“ basi”) brewers of Piddig rose up in arms to
protest the government’s monopoly of the wine industry. I 1898, the church excommunicated
Gregorio Aglipay for refusing to cut off ties with the revolutionary forces of Gen. Emilio
Aguinaldo. Unperturbed, he established the “Iglesia Filipina Independence”. Aglipay’s
movement and the nationalist sentiment it espoused helped restore the self-respect of many

       In an effort to gain more political control as a result of the increasing population of the
region, A Royal Decree was signed on February 2, 1818 splitting Ilocos into two provinces
Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur. Soon thereafter, the provinces of La Union and Abra likewise
became independent.


DAY 1 (center: approximately 4 hours)
      Laoag         Aurora Park, Sinking Bell Tower, Museo Ilocos Norte, INTTIC Center,
                    Dapa-yan Ti Ilocos, Tobacco Monopoly Monument, St. William’s
      San Nicolas   pottery, 17th Century Church
      Sarrat        Aglipayan church, Sta. Monica church and convent
      Solsona       Dua-Dua falls, Karingking river

DAY 2 (north: approximately 4 hours)
     Bacarra       Acrobatic Bell Tower and Ruins
     Pasuquin      biscocho, salt making
     Burgos        Cape Bojedor Lighthouse, Caangrian Falls, Capurpuraoan Rock
     Bangui        Bangui Valley
     Pagudpud      Mabogabog Falls, Patapat Aquaduct
                   Pasaleng Bay, white sand beaches

DAY 3 (SOUTH: approximately 4 hours)
      Badoc      Juan Luna house
      Currimao   Coral rock formations
      Batac      Gregorio Aglipay Church, Marcos Museum,
                 Mariano Marcos State University, Ricarte Park
      Paoay      Corniks factory, Malacanang of the North,
                 Paoay Church, Paoay Lake


GEOGRAPHY        Ilocos Norte has a land of 3,662,bordered by Ilocos Sur
         (south), Abra (southeast), Cagayan (east) and the South China
                 Sea (west).

CITIES              1(Laoag City)

TOWNS               22(Adams, Bacarra,Badoc,Bangui,Banna,Batac,Burgos,Carasi,
                    Currimao, Dingras,Dumalneg,Marcos,Nueva Era, Pagudpud,
                    Paoay,Pasuquin,Piddig,Pinili,San Nicolas,Sarrat,Solsona & Vintar)

PROXIMITY           By air: 45 minutes from Manila 55 minutes from Kaoshiung, 80
                    Minutes from Guangzhou, Hongkong & Taipe; 2.15 hours from
                    By land: 8 hours from Manila,4 hours from Baguio.

FLIGHTS*            Domestic: Basco (3x/week); Manila (5x/week) Int’l.:Guangzhou
                    (3x/week); Hongkong (3x/week);Kaoshiung (3x/week); Shanghai (daily)
                    & * (kindly contact airlines & tour operators for fees & flight schedule)

SEASONS             Dry (November to April ) and wet (May to October)
CLIMATE               Average temperature is 26.8˚ C (end 2000).

POPULATION            Total 514,241 (end 2000). Average annual growth is 0.84% per annum.

LANGUAGE              Iloko (Ilocano) is the common language, although English and Filipino are
                      widely used.

RELIGION              Roman Catholic 63%, Aglipay 20%, others 17% (end 2000)

LARGEST AREA          Vintar          624.85 pop.29,031 (end 2000)
                      Nueva Era       515.02        6,095
                      Marcos          226.38        15,134

CLOTHING              Thin cotton is recommended, although a jacket may be necessary in the
                      evenings during the coller months (November – February).

ELECTRICITY           220 volts, 60 cycles.

WATER                 Drink only bottled or boiled water.

The following means of transportation are available for your use:
      PRIVATE CARS & VANS                May be booked through any or through your hotel.
                                          Average price is P2,000 for the whole day, inclusive
                                          of a private chauffeur.
      BUS                                Prices vary, although bus owners usually collect a
                                          minimum fee pf P50 per hour, per passenger, for an
                                          air-conditioned bus.
      JEEPNEY                            Colorful utility vehicles that ply the common routes.
                                          Average fee is P4.00 per kilometer.
      TRICYCLE                           The easiest way to get around town, especially if
                                          short distances are involved. A P5 payment is charged
                                          for the first 2 kilometers, after which it is negotiable.
                                          Higher rates are charged for outer limits. To avoid
                                          any misunderstanding, we recommend that you and
                                          the driver agree on fare before embarking on the fare
                                          before embarking on the journey.
      CALESA                             If you have time to spare, we recommend a calesa
                                          ride around the city. Minimum charge is P5.00 for the
                                          first 2 kilometers.
      PUMP BOATS                         Popular “bancas” that make island exploring a
                                          delightful adventure. Average price is P150 per hour,
                                          although you can negotiate a lower rate on a slow

AREA CODE                                           077

     Far Eastern Transport                          773-2059; 793-6990
     Hong Cheung Travel                             772-1166 loc.2075
                                                    (02) 833-9606
       Laoag International Airlines                 773-2588
                                                    (02) 551-9729

     Autobus Transport System, Inc.                 770-3756
     Farinas Bus Company                            772-0126
     Florida                                        771-6466
     Bus Company                                    771-4029; 792-3221
     Maria de Leon Bus Company                      772-0212
     Partas Bus Company                             771-4898
     Philippine Rabbit Company                      771-7250
     RCJ Bus Company                                72-1269

Executive Cars, Inc., Ablan Ave., Laoag             770-3756

    AMANET         M.H. del Pilar St. Laoag         770-3388; 771-6663
    BAYANTEL       Bonifacio St., Laoag             772-0664
    CYBERSPACE     Gen. Segundo, Laoag              773-1881
    DIGITEL        Billoca St., Laoag               792-3305
    MOBILINE       Bonifacio St., Laoag             773-1913
    PLDT           Mabini St., Laoag                772-0100; 772-1151
    TXT Internet   F.R. Castro, Laoag               771-4791

     EXL                     Juan Luna St., Laoag   771-6250
     LBC                     Fonacier St., Laoag    772-1594
     JRS                     Rizal St., Laoag       772-0807
     KABAYAN                 Bonifacio St., Laoag   772-0664

FIRE                         Batac                  792-3416
                             Laoag                  772-1885; 772-0111
     Ablan Memorial Hospital, Laoag                          772-0303
     Gaoat General Hospital, Batac                           792-3040
     MMSU Hospital, Batac                                    792-3002; 792-3133
     MMSU Emergency Room, Batac                              792-3144; 792-3133
     Ranada Hospital                                         772-1108
     San Jose General Hospital, Batac                        792-4208

     Allied Bank           Bonifacio St., Laoag              772-0139
     Asian Bank            J.P. Rizal Street                 772-0039
     Banco Filipino        J.P. Rizal Street                 772-0269; 773-1928
     BPI                   Rizal Ave., Laoag                 772-0113; 772-0118
     China Bank            Abadilla Street                   772-1024; 772-1027
     Equitable Bank        Gen. Segundo Avenue               770-3702; 770-3703
     Far East Bank         Bonofacio St., Laoag              772-0321
     LBC Bank              J.P. Rizal Street                 772-0668
     Land Bank             Bonifacio St., Laoag              772-0484
     Metrobank             Nolasco St., Laoag                772-0221
     PNB                   J.P. Rizal Street                 772-0144; 772-0145
     PCI Bank              J.P. Rizal Street                 772-1123; 772-0315
     Pilipinas Bank        J.P. Rizal Street                 772-0343; 772-1710
     Phil.Banking          F.R.Castro Avenue                 770-3336
     Phil. Veterans        Gen. Segundo Avenue               770-3187; 770-3188
     Prudential Bank       J.P. Rizal Street                 772-0434
     Rang-ay Bank          Villanueva Street                 770-3808
     Security Bank         J.P. Rizal Street                 772-1678
     Solid Bank            Abadilla Street                   772-1024; 772-1027

POLICE                     Batac                             166; 792-4353
                           Laoag                             166; 772-0564

     PT&T          Bonifacio St.,Laoag                       772-0313;772-0335
     RCPI          Bonifacio St., Laoag                      772-0664

     Hong Cheung           Fort Ilocandia Hotel               772-1166 loc. 2075
     R&G Travel            Washington St., Batac              792-3350
     Travel Ilocandia      Nolasco St., Laoag                 770-5610
     PINAKBET group                                           772-0538
     (Provinces of Ilocos Norte Adventures, 
     Kampers, Bikers, Eco-Tourism Group)

      Department of Agriculture                         770-4237; 770-3378
      Department of Education, Culture & Sports         771-5116
      Department of Labor and Employment                772-0727
      Department of Local Government                    772-0986
      Department of Trade & Industry                    770-0379; 770-3243
      Department of Tourism                             772-0467
      Emergency (ambulance)                             911
      Provincial Capitol                                772-1211 to 19


  Fast Food:    Mister Donut      Bacarra Supermarket   776-0650

  Fast Food:    Mister Donut      Badoc Public Market

  Fast Food:
     Cindy’s                      Barangay Ricarte      792-4357
     Emapanada, barbeque atbp.    Barangay Lacub
     Batac Food House             Batac Plaza           792-4152
     Fiesta Food Court            Barangay Caunayan     792-3797
     Goldilocks                   Barangay Ricarte
     Isla de Javines              Barangay Ricarte      792-3626
     Jade Karla Garden            Barangay Valdez       792-3900
     Mister Donut                 Barangay Valdez       792-3790
     Mt. Breeze Rest.             Barangay Caunayan
     Plaza Fastfood               Barangay Valdez       792-3738
     Plaza Maestro                Barangay Lacub        792-2808
     STY Fast Food                Barangay Ablan        792-3188
     Rhodora’s                    Barangay Nalupta      792-3227
     Scratch Pen Disco Club       Barangay Tabug        792-3455
     SnapShots                    Barangay Caunayan     792-2324
     Victors Bar & Resto          Barangay Caunayan

     Idol’s Fast Food             Barangay 1
     Sound Track & Bar Café       Barangay 2

  Fast Food:
      Pasuquin Bakery             Barangay 3                775-0005
      Shore Shop                  Barangay 9
      Orchard Karaoke Bar         Barangay 9                775-0242

   Fast Food:       WID Fastfood Pinili Guest House         0912-3885173

  Fast Food:
     Dawang’s                     Barangay 1                781-3102
     Green Meadows Rest.          San Guillermo             773-2026
     Pepperoni Steak & Pizza      Barangay 2
     Villa Lydia Inn Restaurant   San Lorenzo               772-0540
     St.Nick’s Music Lounge       Nat’l. Hi-way, Brgy. 22   781-3337

     Chowking                     F.R. Castro Avenue        771-4655
     Cindy’s                      Gen. Segundo Avenue       770-4590
     C& E Pizza Pasta             29 P. Gomez Street        772-1531
     Dohan Food House             96 J.P. Rizal Street      773-2860
     Empanada, barbeque atbp      Rizal Street
     Granny’s FastFood House      Gen.Segundo Avenue        0918-9208803
     Grillos                      Gen.Segundo Avenue
     Hotstuff                     Gen Segundo Avenue        772-0556
     Jollibee                     F.R. Castro Avenue        773-2250/53
     Kookee House                 Gen. Segundo Avenue       772-0871
     Magic Bunny                  J.P. Rizal Street         772-0972
     Max’s Fried Chicken          Bacarra Road              607-0232
     Mc Donald’s                  Tres Martires Street      771-7676
     Mi Choice                    P. Gomez Street
     Mikee’s Goldilocks           F.R.Castro Avenue         772-1076
     Mister Donut                 Gen. Segundo Avenue       772-1280
     New La Moda                  J.P Rizal Street          772-0430
     Tita Sarah Foodhouse         Don E. Ruiz Street        772-1104
     Burnay room                  Palazzo de Laoag Hotel    773-1842
     Café Teresa                  Palazzo de Laoag Hotel    773-1842
     Shen’s Café                  Northview Hotel           773-1689
     Cloud 9                      Texicano Hotel            772-0290
     Full Moon Chinese Res.       Fort Ilocandia Resort     772-1166
     Golden Cow Restaurant        Guerrero Street           773-1162
     Ian Krispee Chicken          P.Gomez Street            771-4306
     Ivan Dominic Rest.           P.Gomez Street            771-6442
     La Priciosa                  J.P Rizal Street          770-1162
      Macy’s Diner               Gen. Segundo Avenue         770-3551
      Palazzo Restaurant         Paterno Street              773-1842
      Pamulinawen Coffee Shop    Fort Ilocandia              772-1166
      Planet Ilocos              Balintawak Street           773-2460
      Sizzles                    Gen. Segundo Avenue         0912-857-0972
      Tepanyaki                  Fort Ilocandia              772-1166
      Turo-turo Seafoods         Northview Hotel             773-1689
      Calesa Bar                 Palazzo de Laoag            773-1842
      Cockhouse Videoke          F.R. Castro Avenue          771-6811
      Colonial Cocktail Lounge   F.R Castro Avenue           772-0250
      Club 819 Disco             Palazzo de Laoag            773-1842
      Coco Lobster               Fort Ilocandia Resort       772-1166
      Kosmik Bar & Video         J.P Rizal Street
      Monte Carlo Disco          Fort Ilocandia              772-1166
      Mudslide                   Giron Street                770-5716
      New Life                   10 P. Lazaro Avenue
      Skyway Music Lounge        Gen. Luna Street
      Voiz Club                  J.P Rizal Street
      Chicharon                  Giron Street, Barangay 7B



Historical         Crispina Valdez Museum, General Ricarte Park, Marcos Museum
Man-Made           Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU)
                   MMSU Norteniana Library and Museum
Religious          Agliayan Church and Shrine
                   Immaculate Concepcion Church and Convent


Historical         Bacarra Ruins, 17-string wooden harps
Man-Made           Bacarra Town Hall, Natba Watch Tower
Religious          Bacarra Church, Bell Tower of Bacarra


Historical         Juan Luna House, Juan Luna Shrine
Man-Made           Lingsay Watch Tower
Natural            Badoc Island, Scuba-diving sites
Religious          San Juan Bautista Church and Convent
                   Virgen dela Milagrosa de Badoc

Man-Made                Bangui Viewdeck, Baruyen zigzag road
Natural                 Abang Falls, Bangui Bay, Sentinela Hill, Suacan mineral spring


Man-Made                Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
Natural                 Saoit coral formations, Caangrian Falls,
                        Capurpuraoan Rock, Tanap Ripids


Historical              Lighthouse. Tabacalera
Man-Made                Currimao Watch Towers
Natural                 Coral formation, Gaang Bay, Pangil bay, Scuba-diving sites


Historical              Josefa Llanes Escoda Shrine
Man-Made                Dingras ruins, Dingras cemetery
Religious               Dingras Church

Historical              Tobacco Monopoly Monument
Man-Made                Aurora Park, Balatong Ecological Park, Laoag Cemetery Chapel,
                        Lataag View Deck, Museo Ilocos Norte, INTTIC Center, Dip-ayan
                        Ti Ilocos Marcos Hall of Justiice, Pammalian Grotto, Rizal Park
Natural                 La Paz sand dunes (Bantay Bimmaboy)
Religious               Carmelite Chapel, St. William’s Cathedral, Sinking Bell Tower


Historical             USS Stingray Memorial Marker, Caunayan landing site.
Man-Made               Patapat Viaduct
Natural                Aqua Grande, Bantay Abot caves, Bulu river (kayaking sites), Dos
                       Hermanos Island, Mabogabog falls, Mara Ira, Paraiso ni Anton in
                Matarungtong, Saud white sand beaches, scuba diving sites,
          Timangtang rock


Historical              Valentin Diaz marker
Man-Made                Corniks center, loom weaving, Malacanang of the North, Paoay
                        Golf Course, Paoay Sports Complex
Natural                 Paoay Lake National Park
Religious              Paoay Church and Bell Tower (U.N. Heritage Site), Church
                 convent ruins


Man-Made                 Church ruins, Puyopuyan Watch Tower


Historical               Basi Revolt marker
Man-Made                 Basi making industry
Religious                Sta. Ana Church and Convent


Man-Made                 Binakol loom weaving
Religious                Aglipay Shrine ( Sitio Kullabeng)


Man-Made                 Blacksmith, leather crafts, Plaza Complex and old houses,
                         Pottery making
Natural                  Semilla Hill
Religious                Aglipay Church, Iglesia ni Kristo Chapel, Protestant Church,
                         San Nicolas Church


Historical             Pres. Marcos birthplace
Religious              Aglipayan Church, Rit-Ritemon Kayong monument, Sta. Monica
                 Church & Convent


Natural                  Dua-dua falls, Karingking river, mountain climbing sites.


Man-Made                 Vintar dam
Religious                Vintar Church and Convent


          The Ilocano culture is alive and well in Ilocos Norte.
         Because local artisans still practice their art, visitors are provided the rare chance of
witnessing the authentic works of our craftsmen. Among the best buys are basketry (Pinili,
Badoc), bricks (Paoay), mushrooms (Pinili), pottery & metal works (San Nicolas), rattan
(Adams, Marcos, Nueva Era & Pagudpud), tin smithing (Badoc) and weaving material (Laoag,
Paoay & Sarrat). Ilocos Norte is proud of its garlic (Bacarra, Badoc, Bangui, Burgos & Paoay),
sukang iloko (native vinegar) and tobacco (Badoc, Batac, Bingras, Marcos & Paoay). Among its
native delicacies are bagnet (chicharon), biscocho (crackers), corniks (corn kernels), empanada
(filled pastry), linga (sesame seed), longaniza (sausage) and tupig (sticky rice).

       The best bargains can be found from the market vendors, especially during their market
days. Come early, though, because the vendors usually go home before lunch time.


Bacarra               Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
Badoc                 Monday & Thursday
Bangui                Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
Banna                 Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
Batac                 Thursday & Sunday
Burgos                Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Currimao              Sunday
Dingras               Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Laoag                 Wednesday & Sunday
Marcos                Tuesday & Saturday
Nueva Era             Wednesday
Pagudpud              Monday, Wednesday & Saturday
Paoay                 Tuesday & Saturday
Pasuquin              Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
Piddig                Wednesday & Sunday
Pinili                Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
San Nicolas           Daily
Sarrat                Thursday & Sunday
Solsona               Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
Vintar                Monday & Thursday


    Sadiay Baybay Resort      Cottage fee: P200-500
    Gabut Norte
    Telephone #: 792-3403

    Midtown Lodge             Room rates: P250 – P650
    Arellano Street           # of rooms: 5
    Telephone #: 792-3170

      MMSU Mansions           Room rates: P400-P800
      MMSU                    # of rooms: 5
      Telephone #: 792-3191

      Memorial Hospital       Room rates: P400-P800       Conference Hall
      Training Center         # of rooms: 12
      Brgy. Callaguip
      Telephone #: 792-3144

      Phil Rice Center        Room rates: P100- P350      Auditorium,
      Brgy.Tabug              # of rooms: 51              training halls

      Sunrise Lodge           Room rates: P185-P600
      35 Billoca              # of rooms: 7
      Telephone #: 792-3977


      D’ Coral Beach Resort   Room rates: P600- P3,000    Bancas for hire, billiard hall,
                                                          Conference rooms,picnic sheds,
                                                          Restaurant videoke

      Nipa Beach Resort       Room rates: P2,700-P3,600 Beach huts,gift shop ,outdoor sports,

      Subli Subli Beach       Cottage fee: P800-P2,500    Picnic sheds,
      Brgy.Salugan            # of rooms: 12`             function hall
      Telephone #: 792-4244

Bueno’s Penthouse          Room rates: P800
J.P Rizal Street           # of rooms: 2
Telephone #: 772-0342

Casa Llanes Pension        Room rates:P450 – 800
P. Lazaro cor Balintawak   # of rooms: 26
Telephone #: 772-1125

Fort Ilocandia Hotel       Room rates: P4,080 – P6,120 Beach huts, casino driving range,
Brgy.37,Calaya             # of rooms: 271             Function rooms, gym, karaoke bar,
Telephone #:772-1166       Credit cards accepted:all   mini-zoo, outdoor sports,restaurants(3)
                                                       swimming pool (3)

Hotel del Norte            Room rates: P450-800
26 Fonacier Street         # of rooms: 24
Telephone #: 772-1697

Hotel Tiffany              Room rates: P400-P1,000       Restaurant
Gen.Segundo Ave.           # of rooms: 25

La Elliana                 Room rates: P600-P1,600       Restaurant, conference room
Ablan Avenue               # of rooms: 72
Telephone #:771-4876

Northview Hotel            Room rates: P450-P2,600       Billiards, function room, restaurant
Brgy. 46, Nalbo            # of rooms: 31
Telephone #: 773-1689      Credit cards: Diners, Bankard

Palazzo de Laoag           Room rates: P1,080- P1,980 Business center, Calesa bar & disco,
Brgy. 27,Paterno St.       # of rooms:26              Conference rooms, fitness gym,
Telephone #: 773-1842      Credit cards: Bankard      Restaurant, swimming pool

Paradise Lodge             Room rates: P360
Brgy. Barit                # of rooms: 24
Telephone #: 772-0407

Pichay Lodge House         Room rates: P360              Restaurant
P.Lazaro corner            # of rooms: 25
Hernando Street
Telephone #: 772-1267
    Starlight Lodge House      Room rates:P270- P550
    Ablan Avenue               # of rooms:19
    Telephone #: 772-0921

    Texicano Hotel             Room rates: P170-P1,500     Conference room, restaurant
    Rizal Avenue               # of rooms: 50
    Telephone #: 772-0290


    Arinaya White Resort     Room rates: P1,000-P3,000
    Telephone #: 764-1079    # of rooms: 11

    Saud Beach Resort          Room rates: P2,300- P3800 Banca for hire ,conference
    Saud                       # of rooms: 18            Room, karaoke bar, outdoor
    Telephone #: 764-1050                                Sports, restaurant
               (02) 921-2856 (Manila)

    TerreRIKA                    Room rates: P800-P4,000   Billiard hall, picnic sheds,
    Telephone #: 764-100         # of rooms: 25            Restaurants, videoke

    Pannzian Beach             Room rates: P1,600-P2,500 Eco-adventure tours, picnic
    & Mountain Resort          # of rooms: 10            sheds, restaurant, videoke
    Telephone #: (02) 682-7844(Manila)

    Villa del Mar              Room rates: P1,400-P4,500 Outdoor sports, picnic tables
    Saud Resort                # of rooms: 16            swimming pool
    Telephone #: (02) 928-8296


    Villa Helen Beach Resort   Room rates: P350-P750       Restaurant, tents, videoke
    Telephone #: 770-3880      # of rooms: 14
             (02) 931-8272

    INWD Training Center       Room rates: P200            Conference room
    Telephone #: 771-4814      # of rooms: 15
      Pinili Guest House        Room rates: P350            Balikbayan sheds, WID
      Mobile #: 0912-388-5173                               canteen and parlor


      Bodega Inn                Room rates: P250-700
      San Francisco             # of rooms: 7
      Telephone #: 773-2572

      Villa Lydia Inn           Room rates: P600-P750       Function rooms, restaurants
      San Lorenzo               # of rooms: 19              swimming pool
      Telephone #: 772-0540     Credit cards: Diners, FEBTC


      January                   Solsona                     Jan 19-21

      February                  Laoag City                  Feb 3-12

      March                     Marcos                      March 10-12
                                Dingras                     March 14-20
                                Carasi                      March 22
                                Burgos                      March 24-30

      April                     Banna                       April 4-6
                                Nueva Era                   April 9-10
                                Badoc                       April 15-20
                                Pinili                      April 22-25
                                Pagudpud                    April 23-25
                                Bangui                      April 24-30
                                Currimao                    April 29-30

      May                       Paoay                       May 1-5
                                Sarat                       May 3-5
                                Dumalneg                    May 11-12

      November                  Bacarra                     November 27-30

      December                  Batac                       December 8-31
                                Piddig                      December 13-14
                                San Nicolas                 December 26-30
                                Pasuquin                    December 28-30

Naimbag nga bigat yo, Apo   Good Morning
Naimbag nga malem yo, Apo   Good Afternoon
Naimbag nga rabii yo, Apo   Good Evening
Kumusta kayo, Apo?          How are you?

Pangaasim man               Please
Dios ti agngina             Thank you
Awan anyaman na             You are welcome
Umay kayto manen            Come again
Wen/ Saan                   Yes/ No
Apo                         Sir/Ma’am

Kasano ti mapan diay…?      How to get to…
Adayo?                      How far

Kayat ko ti gumatang ti…    I want to buy a …
Nagnginan!                  Expensive!
Awan tawar nan?             No discount?

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