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					JS 111 Forensic Biometrics Instructor Biographies 08/24/11

                                                     JAMES L. WAYMAN

   Ph.D.                 University of California, Santa Barbara, Engineering        1980

2001-Present         Research Administrator, Office of Graduate Studies and Research, SJSU
1995-2000            Director, U.S. National Biometric Test Center, SJSU
1984-1995            Automated Human Recognition Research, Department of Defense

Relevant publications:
Wayman, JL: Biometrics in Identity Management Systems. IEEE Security & Privacy 6(2): 30-37 (2008)
Wang, P, Qiang Ji, James L. Wayman: Modeling and Predicting Face Recognition System Performance Based on Analysis of
                  Similarity Scores. IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell. 29(4): 665-670 (2007)
Cappelli, R, Dario Maio, Davide Maltoni, James L. Wayman, Anil K. Jain: Performance Evaluation of Fingerprint Verification
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Wayman, J, A. Jain, D. Maltoni and D.Maio (eds) Biometric Systems (Springer, London, 2005)
Maio, D, Davide Maltoni, Raffaele Cappelli, James L. Wayman, Anil K. Jain: FVC2004: Third Fingerprint Verification Competition.
                  ICBA 2004: 1-7
Wayman, JL. Digital signal processing in biometric identification: a review. ICIP (1) 2002: 37-40
Maio, D, Davide Maltoni, Raffaele Cappelli, James L. Wayman, Anil K. Jain: FVC2002: Second Fingerprint Verification
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Maio, D, Davide Maltoni, Raffaele Cappelli, James L. Wayman, Anil K. Jain: FVC2000: Fingerprint Verification Competition. IEEE
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Wayman, JL. Fundamentals of Biometric Authentication Technologies. Int. J. Image Graphics 1(1): 93-113 (2001)
Wayman, JL. Federal Biometric Technology Legislation. IEEE Computer 33(2): 76-80 (2000)

Synergistic Activities:
Fellow of the British Institution of Engineering and Technology,
Former Director of the U.S. National Biometric Test Center at San Jose State
UK “Head of Delegation Working Group 1 (vocabulary)” on the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC37 standards committee on biometrics,
Core member of the UK Biometrics Working Group and advisor on biometrics to the Home Office.
Editor of ISO/IEC 19794-13 standard on voice data format
Former editor of ISO/IEC 19794-3 finger pattern spectral data format.
Member of the U.S. National Academies of Science/National Research Council (NRC) Committee "Whither Biometrics?",
Chair of the Information Access Division sub-panel of the NRC Panel on Information Technology, and previously
Former Committee member on the NRC "Authentication Technologies and their Implications for Privacy" committee.

 Holder of 4 patents in speech processing and has served as a paid biometrics advisor to 8 national governments
                                                           STEVEN B. LEE
    Post-Doc               University of Georgia, Athens, Molecular Evolution,Botany 1991
    Ph.D.                  University of California, Berkeley,Mol. and Phys. Plant Biol 1990
    M.S.                   New York University, Molecular Biology and Population Genetics                 1984
    B.S. State University of NY, Binghamton, Biology, Minor Chem                      1981
9-07-Present          Professor Justice Studies, Director Forensic Science, San Jose State University
9-03-9-07             Associate Professor, Justice Studies, Director Forensic Science, SJSU
9-01-present          Adjunct Professor, Chemistry, Florida International University
1/00-11/03            Director R&D, MiraiBio Inc. Alameda, California
9/95-present          Adjunct Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University
1/94-12/99            Assistant Director R&D, California Department of Justice DNA Laboratory
9-92-1/94             Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Northern Colorado
Relevant publications:
Lee, SB, KC. Clabaugh, B Silva, KO. Odigie, MD. Coble, OLoreille, M Scheible, RM. Fourney, J. Stevens, GR. Carmody, TJ.
   Parsons, A Pozder, A J. Eisenberg, B Budowle, T Ahmad, RW. Miller, and CA. Crouse. Assessing a novel room temperature DNA
   storage medium for forensic biological samples. Forensic Science International. Submitted 12/09 (2010)
Lee SB and KA Roberts. 2008. Saving your Samples. Emerging Technologies in For Sci. 01/08 p 8-10.
Lee, SB. 2006. Forensic DNA testing. In McGraw-Hill 2006 Yearbook of Science and Technology . ISBN 0071462058.
Lee, SB 2005. Teaching Strategies in Undergraduate Forensic Science and DNA: New Approaches to Content, Assessment
   and Practice. Can. Journal of Police and Security Services. 3(1):27-35.
Lee, SB. 2002. Biodefense: Science Steps Up to Protect the Public from Bioterror. Drug Discovery and Development. Dec.
   2002. p 12. Invited Editorial.
Budowle, B, *W. Hudlow, S Lee, and L Klevan. 2001. Using a CCD Camera Imaging System as a recording device to
   Quantify Human DNA by Slot Blot Hybridization. Biotechniques. 30:680-685.
Worley, J. W., S.B. Lee, *M. Ma, A. Eisenberg, and E.S. Mansfield. 1997. Fluorescent Imaging in Human Identity Testing.
   Biotechniques. 23:148-153.
Synergistic Activities:
2006                                         Promoted to Fellow of Criminalistics, American Academy of Forensic Sciences
2005-present American Board of Criminalistics Molecular Biology Specialty Exam Panel Member
2005-present Consultant to Trace Genetics (http://tracegenetics.com/) and MiraiBio (www.miraibio.com)
2005-present Advisory board member of the AJ Department at West Valley College
2005-present Advisory board member of the AJ Bureau at San Jose State University
2003-present Associate Professor, Director Forensic Science, Justice Studies, SJSU
2001-present Adjunct Assistant Professor, Chemistry:Florida International University
1996-present Visiting Scholar, Department of Plant and Microbial Biology, UC Berkeley
1996-present Adjunct Assistant Professor, Biology, San Francisco State University
1995-present Member DoD DNA Quality Assurance Committee, Armed Forces DNA ID Laboratory
1995-1999        Member Technical Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (TWGDAM), FBI
1994-2000         Assistant Laboratory Director R&D, CA Department of Justice DNA Laboratory, Berkeley, CA
1992 -1996        Assistant Professor Biology (92-94), Affiliate Assistant Professor Biology(94-96), UNColorado
Scientific Memberships and Certifications: Full member California Association of Criminalists, AAAS, and NSTA, Fellow of
Criminalistics, American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Lee holds certification as an inspector from the American Society of Crime
Laboratory Director’s Laboratory Accreditation Board.
Graduate Advisor: John Taylor, University of California, Berkeley. Postdoctoral advisor: Melvin Fuller, University of Georgia,
Current Support: PI on a CSUPERB Programmatic Grant Fluorescence Applications in Molecular Biology and Forensic Science
Course Development. Funded for $15,000.00 (2009-2010)
CAC A Reed and V. McGlaughlin scholarships for forensic science students Funded for $5,000.00 (2009-2010), and Research
Mentor on an HHMI grant funded for $1.3 million.
                                                        MARY E. JUNO

   M.S.                 University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Forensic Science   2004
   B.A.                 San Francisco State University, magna cum laude, Anthropology              2000
   A.S. Grossmont College, with honors, Forensic Technology                    1998

2006-present         Lecturer, San Jose State University, Justice Studies, SJSU San Jose, CA
2008-present         Adjunct Faculty, Cabrillo College, Criminal Justice Department
2000-08              Crime Scene Investigator, Oakland Police Department Oakland, CA
2005-06              Instructor, Criminal Justice Department, Kaplan On-line Univ.
2004                 Research Intern, New York Police Department Crime Laboratory New York, NY
2000                 Intern, Fremont Police Department Crime Laboratory, Fremont,

Other Relevant Training:
2008                Online Facilitator Training, Socrates Distance Learning (3 wks)
2007                Advanced Latent Print ID & Comparison (24hrs)
2001                Crime Scene Investigation (80hrs)
1997                Fingerprint ID, Advanced Latent Print Techniques (80hrs)
1997                FP History, Recording, Classification & Comparison (68hrs)

Honors & Awards:
2003-04              Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship
2003-04              British Schools & Universities Foundation, May & Ward Scholarship
2000                 Academic Excellence Award (3.84 GPA), San Francisco State Univ.
1997                 Associated Students of Grossmont College Scholarship
1996-00              Dean’s List, Grossmont College & SFSU

Conferences and Seminars:
2009               IAI California Division, San Jose, CA
2008               CA Science Teacher’s Association, San Jose, CA
2005               American Academy of Forensic Sciences, New Orleans, LA
2002               IAI California Division, Monterey, CA
2001               IAI California Division, Concord, CA
2001               American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Seattle, WA
2000               American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Reno, NV
1997               American College of Forensic Examiners, San Diego, CA
1995-97            San Diego Museum of Man/UCSD Seminar in the Forensic Sciences, San Diego,

Scientific Memberships: Member International Association for Identification, Member IAI California Division, Member American
   Academy of Forensic Sciences, Member, California Faculty Association, Member, California Science Teacher’s Association
                                          LORNA KATHRYN COLLINS PIERCE
                                       Ph.D.      Anthropology, University of Tennessee, 1987
                                       M.A.       Social Science/Anthropology, San Jose State University 1982
                                       BA         Liberal Arts with great distinction in Anthropology, San Jose State University,
                                           B.A.      Liberal Arts, Hendrix College, Conway, Arkansas, 1959
      Consultant on human osteological remains from local archaeological sources,       1981-present.
      Consultant on identification of human remains for local law enforcement agencies. 1986-present.
      Technical Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Santa Clara County, CA.                                  1992-1996.
      CSST/Search and Rescue. Sheriff’s Department, Santa Clara County, CA.                      1992-present
      Member of Social Science MA Curriculum Committee, San Jose State University. 1992-1993.
      Consultant in Forensic Anthropology for the Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner’s Office.
      Guest lecturer on Forensic Research Methods in Research Methods in Physical Anthropology. San Jose State University,
                                                                                                  Spring 1994.
      Lecturer. Intro to Forensic Anthropology. Santa Clara Univ. Santa Clara, CA.      1997 - present
      Co-Chair. Symposium on Costanoan Osteology III. San Jose State University.        October 1997.
      Research Associate. Department of Anthropology. SCU Santa Clara, CA.              1998 - 2000.
      Lecturer. Introduction to Forensic Anthropology, San Jose State University.       2000 - present
Relevant Publications:
RK Skowronek and LC Pierce (eds.) (2006) Revealing Santa Clara University’s Prehistoric Past: CA-SCl-755-Evidence from
  the Arts and Sciences Building Project. Research Manuscript Series on the Cultural and natural History of Santa Clara, No.
  15, Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.
RK Skowronek, Eva Cecil, Shirley Hammond, Warren Kirsch, Patricia Lamson, Adela Morris, Bev Peabody and Lorna
  Pierce (2006) Going to the Dogs: Human Remains Detection Dogs in Archaeology. Indian Journal of Physical
  Anthropology and Human Genetics. Vol. 25(2).(2006)
Skowronek, Russell K., Eva Cecil, Shirley Hammond, Warren Kirsch, Patricia Lamson, Adela Morris, Bev Peabody, and
  Lorna C Pierce. Going to the Dogs: Human Remains Detection Dogs in Archaeology. Indian Journal of Physical
  Anthropology. 25(2):151-166 (2006)
Pierce, Lorna C. and Russell K. Skowronek. 2006 Evaluating the Accuracy of Human Remains Detection Dogs. Paper
  presented as part of a symposium titled Going to the Dogs: Human Remains Detection Dogs in Historical Archaeology.@
  Society for Historical Archaeology Annual Meeting, January 11-15, Sacramento, CA. (2006)
LC Pierce (2004) The Analysis of the Human Osteological Remains from CA-SCl-755. In Discovering Santa Clara
  University’s Prehistoric Past: CA-SCL-755. Research Manuscript Series, No.12. RK Skowronek and MA Graham, (eds.).
  Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA.
Synergistic Activities:
      Excavation of forensic cases for Santa Clara County, 2008
      Chair, Going to the Dogs: A New Form of Remote Sensing at the Southwestern Anthropological Association annual meeting
         April 15-17, 2004, San Jose, CA.
      Excavations and skeletal analysis at Santa Clara University 1997-1999.
      Organized and directed the exhumation of historical burials from Pioneer Park, Mountain View, CA 1995-1996.
      Examined and analyzed several hundred prehistoric skeletons during 1981-1984 and prepared the osteological reports for
         Archaeological Resource Management, San Jose, CA.
Professional Memberships
American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Member, American Anthropological Association, Fellow, American Association of
Physical Anthropologists, American Society of Forensic Odontology, California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA), California
State Coroner’s Association, Canine Specialized SupportTeam (CSST), Advisory Board,Human Biology Association, Fellow
International Association for Identification, subcommittee member for Anthropology, 2006-present. Institute for Canine
Forensics, Advisory Board, Paleopathology Association,Santa Clara County Archaeological Society, Society for CA
Archaeology, Society for Historical Archaeology Southwest Anthropological Association

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