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      New Life
       for old hearing aids!

Amigo gives a true boost to your hearing and
can give new life to old hearing aids, too!                                                                                                    Experience Superior Speech
The Amigo R2 receiver is compatible with
most behind-the-ear hearing aids from major                                                                                                   Understanding in Noise
manufacturers, via a specific FM adapter
“boot” or “shoe”. In addition, T10 connects                                                                                                          with Amigo FM!
directly to an external audio source such as a TV, PC
or MP3 player

                                                                 We believe that it takes more
                                                                 than technology and audiology
                                                                 to create the best hearing
                                                                 instruments. That’s why we put
                                                                 the individual needs and wishes
                                                                 of people with hearing loss first
                                                                 in our development of new
                                                                 hearing care solutions.

   Amigo brings TV
sounds right to your ear,
      Experience Superior Speech Understanding in Noise                                                       with Amigo                            FM!
Beyond Hearing Aids                                 How is that possible?                                     Superior Directionality for Superior
Imagine being in a busy restaurant with lots        Amigo FM is a personal communication system               Understanding
of people talking. Even with highly advanced        that works in conjunction with your hearing aids,         Amigo cuts through irrelevant noise with the aid
and effective hearing aids, you may still find      without wires or awkward connections. Amigo               of four advanced directional microphones - the
it difficult to follow the conversation of your     consists of two components – the T10 micro-               equivalent of eight microphone ports. With such
friends and family with all that background noise   phone/transmitter and the small R2 receiver. The          a powerful microphone array the T10 homes in
– music, dishes, and ‘other people taking’. With    Amigo microphone transmits the speech signal              on the primary signal more effectively than any
Amigo FM working with your hearing aids, you        directly to the R2 FM receiver attached to your           other directional device on the market. The T10
will experience a dramatic improvement in your      behind-the-ear hearing aid.                               is also very selective: in Focus mode it captures
ability to hear and understand, without the noise                                                             only the voices appearing directly in its ‘listen-
and distraction of background sounds.               In a restaurant, simply place the microphone on           ing zone’, like a conversation with two or three
                                                    the table and point directly towards your com-            friends. And in SuperFocus mode it cuts even
                                                    panion’s face. Amigo’s four internal directional          more peripheral noise out of the sound picture to
                                                    microphones use digital processing to reject sur-         let you zero in on one person! With an impressive
                                                    rounding noise and focus directly on the speaker,         8.5 dB AI-DI, Amigo provides a very high Signal-
                                                    instantly transmitting the speech signal to your          to-Noise ratio - a benefit you’ll really notice.
                                                    hearing aids. By adding this powerful, ‘extra’ FM
                                                    microphone – which looks like a sleek cell phone
                                                    – you can effortlessly overcome the obstacles of
                                                    noise, distance, and poor room acoustics which
                                                    can greatly interfere with speech understanding.
                                                                                                                                Amigo has three listening modes:
                                                                                                                                • SUPeRFocUS
                                                                                            Amigo Trio FM                          - listening in high noise
                                                                                            Microphone/                            - listening to one person
                                                                                                                                • FocUS
                                                                                                                                   - listening in noise
  Take Amigo to dinner and                                                                                                         - conversations with 2-3 persons

  enjoy your evening                                                            Amigo Universal Receiver,
                                                                                attaches to the hearing aid
                                                                                                                                • oMNI
                                                                                                                                   - group conversations
      without the bother of
  surrounding conversations.
                                                                      Open here
      Amigo FM improves speech
        understanding wherever you go
   Amigo can be used in a number of ways, depending on the listening situation. The microphone can be placed on the table at dinner or in a small meeting,
   held inconspicuously in your hand when talking to friends in a noisy gathering or party, or simply worn around the neck of a friend or lecturer. It’s also excellent
   in the car or RV, dance or exercise classes, in church or synagogue, and in auditorium presentations – places were you often can’t control the noise level and the
   person speaking is at a distance from you. Even if the speaker is 25, 50, even up to 100 feet away, Amigo delivers their voice as if you were only 1-2 feet apart.
   Amigo’s highly directional microphones act like your third ear, and can go where your ears can’t.

Amigo helps you                                               Sit anywhere and catch                                         With Amigo on the table,
   zero in on who you                                             every word at worship                                       hear all of your
want to hear.                                                                services.                                              colleagues.

                                                                                                                                     ONE Button,
                                                                                                                               Three Operating MODES
                                                                                                                             The Amigo T10 transmitter has three directionality
                                                                                                                             modes: Omni, Focus and Super Focus.
                                                              Amigo is so versatile that                                     These three modes are controlled by only ONE
                                                                                                                             button. This makes T10 very easy to operate, and is
                                                               you can use it just about                                     comfortably held in either the right or left hand.

                                                                                                                                                         On/Off mode switch
                                                            WhEthEr yOu:
                                                                                                                                Omni mode
                                                            > □hold it in your hand during casual conversation,
                                                                                                                                Focus mode
     traffic noise                                          > □place it on a table for a meeting or at the restaurant,     SuperFocus mode
 is out of mind as Amigo                                    > □have a speaker or lecturer wear it around the neck,

  sends conversation right                                  > □plug it into your TV,

           to your ears.                                    the effect is as if the speaker were talking
                                                            to you virtually inches from your ear rather
                                                            than several feet away from you drowned in a
                                                            sea of noise. With Amigo, YOU decide when,
                                                            where, and who you want to hear better!

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