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AA       Alcoholics Anonymous
AAA      Asian Athletics Association
AAFI     The Amateur Athletics Federation of India
AAIFR    Appellate Authority of Industrial and Financial
ABC      Atomic Biological and Chemical (Warfare)
         Audit Bureau of Circulation
ABLE     Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises
ABM      Anti Ballistic Missile
ABSU     All Bodo Students Union
ABVP     Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad
AC       Alternating Current
         Ashoka Chakra
         Ante Christum (Before Christ)
         Air Conditioner
ACAS     Airborne Collision Avoidance System
ACR      Annual Confidential Report
AD       Anno Domini(in the year of our Lord Christ)
ADAM     Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine
ADB      Asian Development Bank (HQ: Manila)
ADBS     Advanced Data Broadcast System
ADC      Aide-De-Camp (help or assistant)
         Access Deficit Charge
ADF      Asian Development Fund
AFI      Athletics Federation of India
AFMC     Armed Forces Medical College
AFP      Agence France-Presse
AG       Accountant General
         Adjutant General
AGP      Accelerated Graphics Port
         Asom Gana Parishad
AH       Anno Hegirae (Mohammed’s flight from Mecca to Medina, 622 AD)
AI       Air India
         Artificial Intelligence
AICTE    All India Council for Technical Education
AIDS     Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIFF     All India Football Federation
AIG      American International Group
AIIMS    All India Institute of Medical Science
AIMMM    All India Muslim Majlis e-Mushawarat
AIMWPL   All India Muslim Woman’s Personal Law Board
AINEC    All India Newspaper Editors’ Conference
AIR      All India Radio
AISSF    All India Sikh Students Federation
AITUC    All India Trade Union Congress
ALGOL    Algebraic Oriented Language
AM       Ante Meridian (Before Noon)
AMC      Army Medical Corporation
         Asset Management Campaign
AME      Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
AMIE     Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers
ANA      All Nippon Airways
ANC      African National Congress
ANERT    Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology
ANSAM    All Naga Students Association of Manipur
ANZUS    Australia, New Zealand US (Pacific Pact Nations)
AOC      Air Officer Commanding
APC      Agricultural Prices Commission
APCTT    Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology
APD      Automated Peritoneal Dialysis
APEC     Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APM      Administered Price Mechanism
APPLE    Arian Passengers Pay Load Experiment
APPU     Asian Pacific Postal Union
AQA      Assessment and Qualification Alliance (UK)
ARPANET  Advanced Research Project Agency Network
ART      Assisted Reproductive Technologies
ASAP     As soon as possible
ASC      Army Service Corporation
ASCI     Advertising Standards Council of India
         Advanced Strategic Computing Institute
ASCII    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAN    Association of South East Asian Nations.
ASEM     Asia - Europe Meeting
ASLV     Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicles
ASP      Application Service Provider
         Association of Shareware Professionals
         Active Server Pages
ASPAC    Asian & Pacific Council
ASSOCHAM Association of Chambers of Commerce Industry
AT&T     American Telegraphic and Telephone Co. Ltd.
ATC      Air Traffic Control
ATCI     Air Time Committee of India
ATM      Automated Teller Machine
         Adobe Type Manager
ATN      Asia Television Network
ATP      Adenosine Tri-Phosphate
ATR      Action Taken report
ATS      Anti-Tetanus Serum
AU       Astronomical Unit
         African Union
AVARD    Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development
AVATAR   Aerobic Vehicle for Hypersonic Aerospace Transportation
          Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator
AVC       Army Veterinary Corporations
AVM       Additional Volatility Margin
AVRC      Audio Visual Research Centre
AVSM      Ati Vishisht Seva Medal
AWACS     Airborne Warning & Control System
B2B       Business to Business
B2C       Business to Consumer
BARC      Bhabha Atomic Reactor Centre
BBC       British Broadcasting Corporation
BBS       Bulletin Board Service
BC        Before Christ
BCG       Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (anti-TB vaccine)
BENELUX   Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
BGA       Blue Green Algae
BHEL      Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.
BHN       Bombay High North
BIFR      Bureau of Industrial & Financial Reconstruction
BIMARU    Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh
BIMSTEC   Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi Sectoral Economic & Co-
          Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic
BIOS      Basic Input Output System
BIS       Bank of International Settlement
          Bureaus of Indian Standards
BIT       Binary Digit
BITSAT    Birla Institute of Technology and Science Admission Test
BOLT      Bombay Stock Exchange Online Trading
          Build Operate Lease Transfer
BOT       Build, Operate and Transfer
BP        Blood Pressure
BPL       Below Poverty Level
BPO       Business Process Outsourcing
BPR       Business Process Re-engineering
BRO       Border Roads Organisation
BSE       Bombay Stock Exchange
BSF       Border Security Force
BSNL      Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
C2C       Consumer to Consumer
C-in-C    Commander-in-Chief
CA        Chartered Accountant
CABE      Central Advisory Board of Education
CAD       Command Area Development
          Computer Aided Design
CADA      Command Area Development Authority
CAFOD     Catholic Fund for Overseas Development
CAFTA     Central American Free Trade Agreement
CAG      Comptroller and Auditor General of India
CAMPCO   Central Arecanut Marketing and Processing Cooperative
CAN      Calcium Ammonium Nitrate
CAPA     Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation
CAPART   Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural
CAPES    Computer Aided Paper-less Examination System
CAS      Conditional Access System
CAT      Career Aptitude Test
         Common Admission Test
         Computerised Axial Tomography (also called CT)
         Computer Adaptive Test
CBA      Colliding Beam Accelerator
CBDT     Central Board of Direct Taxes
CBFC     Central Board of Film Certification
CBI      Central Bureau of Investigation
CBM      Confidence Building Measures
CBSE     Central Board of Secondary Education
CBU      Completely Built-Up
CCI      Consumer Confidence Index
CCPD     Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
CD       Compact Disk
         Certificate of Deposit
CDAC     Centre for the Development of Advanced Computing
CDM      Cold dark matter
CDMA     Code Division Multiple Access
CECA     Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements
CECPA    Comprehensive Economic Cooperation & Permanent Act
CELTA    Certificate for English Language Teaching to Speakers of other
CEO      Chief Executive Officer
CERN     Consiel European pour la Researche Nucleare
         (European Laboratory for Nuclear Research)
CFC      Chloro Fluoro Carbon
         Common Fund for Commodities
CFL      Compact Fluorescent Lamps
CFO      Chief Financial Officer
CFSL     Central Forensic Science Laboratory
CGFNS    Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
CGI      Common Gateway Interface
CGPA     Cumulative Grade Point Average
CGS      Chief of General Staff
         Centimetre, Gram, Second
CIA      Central Intelligence Agency
CIBIL    Credit Information Bureau India Ltd.
CID      Criminal Investigation Department
CIGAR    Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CII      Confederation of Indian Industry
CIS      Commonwealth of Independent States
CISC     Complex instruction-set computing
CISCE    Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations
CITU     Centre of Indian Trade Unions
CKD      Completely Knocked Down
CMIE     Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy
CMP      Common Minimum Programme
CNC      Computerised Numerical Control
CNN      Cable News Network
CO       Commanding Officer
COD      Cash on delivery
COFEPOSA Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling
COMPS    Coastal Ocean Monitoring and Prediction System
COMSAT   Communications Satellite Corporation
CONCORD  Council of North Indian States for Cooperation and Regional
COPRA    Consumer Protection Act
CORBA    Common Object Request Broker Architecture
COSMEP   Consortium of Schools of Mathematics Experience Programme
COSTFORD Centre of Science and Technology for Rural Development
CPIM     Communist Party of India Marxist
CPR      Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
CPWD     Central Public Works Department
CRIDA    Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture
CRIS     Centre for Railway Information System
CRISIL   Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd.
CRM      Customer Relations Management
CRR      Cash Reserve Ratio
CRY      Child Relief and You
CSC      Customer Service Centre
CSIR     Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSO      Central Statistical Organisation
CT       Computerised Tomography
CTBT     Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
CVC      Chief Vigilance Commission
CVR      Cockpit Voice Recorder
CWC      Chemical Weapons Convention
         Congress Working Committee
CMYK     Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Kinda
DASA     Directly Admission Students Abroad
DC       Direct Current
         District of Columbia
DDT      Dichloro-Diphenyl Trichloro-ethane
DET      Directory Entry Table
DG       Dei Gratia (by the grace of God)
DHSD     Duplex High Speed Data Service
DIG      Deputy Inspector General
DMA      Direct Memory Access
DMK      Dravida Munetra Kazhagam
DMZ      De-militarised zone
DNA      Deoxyribonucleic acid
DNB      Diplomate of National Board
DOARS    Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting System
DOART    Deep Ocean Assessment & Reporting Technology
DOTS     Direct Observed Treatment, Short-course
DPBS     Developmental Press Bulletin Service
DPEP     District Primary Education Programme
DPT      Diphtheria, Pertusis and Tetanus (vaccine)
DSB      Digital Satellite Broadcasting
DSL      Digital Subscriber Line
DSP      Digital Signal Processing
DTH      Direct to Home
DTP      Desktop Publishing
DTS      Digital Theatre System
DVC      Damodar Valley Corporation
DVD      Digital Versatile Disc
DVI      Digital Video Interactive
DVS      Desktop Video-conferencing Software
E-MAIL   Electronic Mailing
EAM      Emergency action message
ECA      Essential Commodities Act
ECG      Electro Cardio-Gram
ECGC     Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
ECOSOC   Economic and Social Council (UN)
ECOWAS   The Economic of Community for West Africa States
ECR      Electron Cyclotron Resonance
EDI      Electronic Data Interchange
EDMS     Electronic Document Management System
EDT      Eastern Daylight Time
EEG      Electro Encephalo-Gram
EEZ      Exclusive Economic Zone
EFTA     European Free Trade Association
EGP      Exterior Gateway Protocol
EIS      Executive Information System
EL       Electro-luminescent
ELINT    Electronic Intelligence
ELISA    Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbent Assay
ELT      English Learning and Teaching
EMI      Equated Monthly Installments
EMRC     Educational Media Research Centre
ENIAC    Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
ENT      Ear, Nose and Throat
EOF      end of file
EOS      Electronic Online System International
EOU        Export Oriented Unit
EPABX      Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
EPCI       Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative
EPG        Eminent Persons Group
EPI        Expanded Programme of Immunisation
EPIC       Electoral Photo Identity Card
EPIRB      Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beam
EPNS       Electroplated Nickel Silver
EPROM      Erasable, Programmable Read Only Memory
EPS        Encapsulated Postscript
EPZ        Export Processing Zone
EQ         Emotional Quotient
ER&DC      Electronic Research and Development Center
ERM        European Exchange Rate Mechanism
ERNET      Educational and Research Network
ERNIE      Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment
ESA        European Space Agency
ESCAP      Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
ESMA       Essential Services Maintenance Act
ESP        Extra Sensory Perception
ESR        Electron Spin Resonance
ESSD       Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development
ETT        Embryo Transfer Technology
EURATOM    European Atomic Community
EURECA     European Research Coordination Agency
EUTELSAT   European Telecommunications Satellite
EVA        Economic Value Added
EVE        economic valuation of the environment
EVR        Electro-video Recording
FAO        Food and Agriculture Organisation
FAQ        Fair Average Quality
           Frequently Asked Question
FBI        Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBT        Fringe Benefit Tax
FBTR       Fast Breeder Test Reactor
FBW        Fly-By-Wire
FCI        Food Corporation of India
           Fertilizer Corporation of India
FCNRA      Foreign Currency Non-Resident Accounts
FCRA       Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
FDI        Foreign Direct Investment
FEMA       Foreign Exchange Management Act
FICCI      Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
FIDE       Federation Internationale d’Echecs
FIFA       Federation of International Football Association
FII        Foreign Institutional Investors
FIPB       Foreign Investment Promotion Board
FIR        First Information Report
FIRE       Fully Integrated Robotised Engine
FLAG       Fibre optic Link Around the Globe
FLC        Foreign Legal Consultant
FM         Frequency Modulation
FMC        Forward Markets Commission
FMCT       Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty
FOSDIC     Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers
FPD        Flat Panel Display
FPO        Fruit Products Order
FRCP       Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
FRCS       Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
FRGS       Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
FRS        Fellow of Royal Society
FTII       Film Television Institute of India
FYI        for your information
3G         Third Generation
GAAP       Generally Accepted Accounting Practices
GAIN       Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
GANGOTRI   Government in Action with NGO’s for Transformation and Rural
GATE       Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GATS       General Agreement on Trade and Services
GAVI       Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation
GBP        Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
GCC        Gulf Co-operation Council
GCR        Grey Component Replacement
GDP        Gross Domestic Product
GDR        Global Depository Receipt
GEDIS      Gateway Electronic Data Interchange Services
GEF        Global Environment Fund
GEMS       Gateway Electronic Mail Service
GIS        Geographical Information Service
GJEPC      Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council
GMAT       Graduate Management Admission Test
GMDSS      Global Maritime Distress and Safety System
GMRT       Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope
GMT        Greenwich Mean Time
GPEI       Global Polio Eradication Institution
GRAM       Geo Referenced Area Management
GSLV       Geo-stationery Satellite Launch Vehicle
GSP        Generalized System of Preference
GST        Goods & Services Tax

HTML       Hyper text Margin Language

HUGO       Human Genome Organization
IAEA      International Atomic Energy Agency
ICBM      Inter Continental Ballistic Missile
IIFA      International Indian Film Academy
IMDT      Illegal Migrants Determination through Tribunal Act
IPSA      International Peace Society Advancement
IPSA      Indian Peace Society Association
ISBN      International Standard Book Number
ISSA      International Social Security Advancement
ISTD      International Standard & Training Development

IUCN      International Union for Conservation of Nature
JSY       Janani Suraksha Yojana

LAN       Local Area Network
LASER     Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MASER     Microwave Amplification by Stimulation Emission of Radiation

MRTS      Mass Rapid Transit System
MTA       Mid Term Appraisal

NALSA     National   Legal Services Association
NARI      National   AIDS Research Institute
NASA      National   Aeronautics and Space Administration
NABARD    National   Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development
NDMA      National   Disaster Management Authority
NFS       National   Financial Switch
NGRI      National   Geophysical Research Institute
NIMHANS   National   Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences

NLLM      National Legal Literacy Mission.
NREGA     National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
NREGB     National Rural Employment Guarantee Bill

NRHM      National Rural Health Mission
NRHS      National Rural Health Services
NURM      National Urban Renewal Mission

ONGCL     Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
PAC       Provincial Armed Corporation
PFRDA     Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority
PIPFPD    Pakistan India People’s Forum Peace & Democracy
POSCO     Pohang Steel Company
POTA      Prevention Of Terrorism Act

PSLV      Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
PTI       Press Trust of India
PTO       Please Turn Over
PVC       Param Vir Chakra
PVSM      Param Vishisht Seva Medal
QMG       Quarter Master General
RADAR     Radio Detection & Ranging
RDX       Research Developed Explosive
RGICS     Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Contemporary Studies

RITES     Rail of Indian Technical & Economic Services
RPM       Revolution Per Minuets

SAFIR     South Asia Forum

SAIL      Steel Authority of India Limited
SAARC     South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation
SAP       South Asian Parliament
SEBI      Securities & Exchange Board of India
SEEUY     Self-employment Educated Unemployment Youth
SEZ       Special Economic Zone

SIM       Subscriber Information Module
SIMBEX    Singapore-India Management Bilateral Exercise
SGPC      Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee
SLV       Satellite Launching Vehicle
STAR-TV   Satellite Television Asian Region-TV

SQUID     Super Conducting Quantum Inference Device
TADA      Terrorist & Disruptive (Prevention) Act
TAPP      Tarapur Atomic Power Project
TB        Tuberculosis
TDMA      Time Division Multiple Access
TERC      Trade Economic
TERLS     Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Stations
TNT       Tri Nitro Toluene (highly explosive)
TRIPS     Trade Related Intellectual of Property Rights
TRYSEM        Training of Rural Youth for Self Employment

UAPA          Unlawful Activities of Prevention Amendment Bill Act
UGC           University Grant Commission
UNDP          United Nations Developed Programme
UNCTAD        United Nations Conference Trade &
UFO           Unidentified Flying Object

VC            Victoria Cross
VHRR          Very High Resolution & Radiometer

VPP           Value Payable Parcel
VSAT          Very Small Aperture Terminal
WADA          World Anti Doping Agency
WAIS          World Area Information Services
WAN           Wide Area Network
WGIG          Working Group Internet Governance
WIMAX         Worldwide Interoperability Microwave Access
WHO           World Health Organization

WPSI          Wildlife Protection Society of India

YMCA          Young Men’s Christian Association
ZS            Zoological Society

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