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					          1060 Randolph Street, Canton, MA 02021 (781) 828-2275                               Affiliated with the
               Mailing address: Box 479, Canton, MA 02021                                 Union for Reform Judaism
   –                 and the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts

Allison Berry, Rabbi                          Howard Worona, Cantorial Soloist                       Audrey Alberts, President

December 2010                                          Vol. 15 No. 15                                      Kislev/Tevet 5771

Dear Temple Beth David Community,
    Several months ago a dear friend of mine suffered a miscarriage. The mother-to-be was five months pregnant. The
terrible loss was followed by a not-so-helpful response by the rabbi in her community (this took place in a state far to the
south of Massachusetts). Ironically, just as this was happening, I had the opportunity to participate in an intensive day of
training by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) at Planned Parenthood in Providence, Rhode Island.
The focus of the seminar was to teach pastoral care and counseling skills to clergy surrounding the issue of reproductive
loss. These workshops are designed to ensure no one in our religious communities will suffer due to insufficient clergy
training or awareness of these sensitive issues.
    Reproductive loss is a broad topic. Men and women struggling with the decision to have an abortion, those suffering
from infertility, women who have miscarriages or who choose to terminate a pregnancy for a variety of health reasons and
others dealing with a wide array of reproductive concerns all suffer loss. In fact, a growing segment of this population are
seniors who decide now is the time to process events from their past. All of these are examples of reproductive loss. Many
of the people mentioned above may turn to a rabbi or member of their religious community for support. And we must be
ready to support them.
    Jewish law on the subject of reproductive loss is complicated; we read in the Jewish law code Shulkhan Arukh: "The
infant, for 30 days, even including the full 30th day (if it dies), we do not mourn for it" (Shulhan Arukh Yoreh De'ah 374:8).
Thus the custom was to never speak of a lost child. However, throughout the ages our tradition has acknowledged that this
was not always the best way to help families heal from crisis. Today clergy counsel families on a broad range of options.
Personally I encourage the women I encounter to visit the mikvah for a special ritual or to create meaningful ways to mark
their loss privately or with community.
    I am extremely grateful to the RCRC for the opportunity to attend their educational training session. They did not ask for
payment in exchange for this meaningful experience but only suggested that each of us spread the word about the great
work of the organization. For more information on the RCRC please visit the website at:
    Finally, a focus of the seminar was the controversial issue of abortion. We met with a director from Planned Parenthood
of Southern New England and discussed the current political complexities surrounding abortion and how it relates to
Planned Parenthood. We also spent time discussing the Jewish implications of this issue. What I took away from our
discussion: Most mitzvot (good deeds or commandments) are to be fulfilled as the occasion arises. There are only two in-
stances where we are actively enjoined to seek out opportunities to fulfill a particular commandment. They are "Seek peace
and pursue it," and "Justice, justice, you shall pursue." When we as Jews advocate for reproductive freedom, we are
pursuing justice for women and seeking peace among the diverse religious communities of this country. Finally, because we
are talking about much more than abortion, because we are talking about both the social and economic injustices in our
society that make abortion necessary and so often make it inaccessible to those who need it, for this reason I believe we are
commanded by God, the prophets, and our own moral consciences to stand up and speak out to ensure justice and freedom
of choice for all. And this is truly holy work.
    My study door is always open to anyone who would like to talk about reproductive loss and how it has affected or is
affecting their life. My friend did not find the rabbi in her community helpful. I want to be sure this is not your experience! I
look forward to hearing your story.

B’Shalom – In peace,
Rabbi Berry

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                                         Who’s Who at TBD
Rabbi: Allison Berry (
Cantorial Soloist: Howard Worona (       FAMILY TABLE
Office Secretary: Jenette Calhoun (      Family Table – As part of our commitment to Family Table
President: Audrey Alberts (           (the metropolitan Boston Jewish food pantry), we have been
                                                                    asked to collect 25 cans or boxes of Kosher soup (with a
Religious Practices Cluster                                         hechsher symbol) and 25 cans of vegetables every month,
Vice President: Ken Leoni
                                                                    for their grocery distributions. A Family Table bin for these
Ritual: Co-Chairs: Ellen Basile and Joan Nelson
                                                                    items only is in the lobby. Please make a contribution if you
Social Action: Sheryl Steinberg
Music: Barbara Foth Lezbrg                                          can. Every donation counts, especially with needs increasing
                                                                    so significantly at these times of financial instability. Thank
Life Long Learning Cluster                                          you!
Vice President: Dana Casher
School: Sara Zwicker
Adult Education: Susie Rossenwasser
Youth Adviser: Virginia Cushman
Library: Jeanette Winthrop

Ways & Means Cluster
Vice President: Bill McCarthy
Treasurer: Eileen Harvey
Assistant Treasurer: Paul Alperen
Secretary: Margo Gray
Building & Grounds: Mike Corman
Budget & Finance: Debby Stein Sharpe                                                        HaKinnor
Fundraising: Bruce Fader                                                 Published Monthly (except summer months)
House: Sharon Parisi (                           Editor and Layout: Jenette Calhoun
Donations: Pam Goldstein                                                  Proofreaders: Sara Zwicker and Esta Rapp
Gillette: Paul Alperen
                                                                             Assembly: Suzanne & Steve Gamer,
Opportunities for Giving: Esta Rapp
                                                                            Temple Beth David of the South Shore
Landscaping: Joni Block & Cliff Shatz
                                                                           1060 Randolph Street, Canton, MA 02021
Outreach and Synagogue Community Cluster                              Mailing Address: P.O. Box 479, Canton, MA 02021
Vice President: Claire Marshall                                         
Membership: Alan Greene/Gail Yarosh                              Submissions may be sent to:
Sisterhood: Carol Mason
Brotherhood: Steve Gamer
HaKinnor: Jenette Calhoun (
Webmaster: John Parisi (
Advertising: Sharon Parisi (
Oneg: Pam Goldstein
Kiddush: Sue Gamer
Communications Coordinator: Esta Rapp

Board of Trustees
Joni Block                            Leah Crosta
Samantha Einhorn                      Marisa Greene
Richard Murstein                      Joan Nelson
Mona Rosen                            Gail Yarosh
Sara Zwicker

Past Presidents
Ellen Basile                          Marcia Dreyfus
Bruce Fader                           David Horowitz
June Horowitz                         Sharon Parisi
Barry Porter                          Esta Rapp
Jason Ribak                           Sandy Slavet

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                                           “A” Words

Remember the good ole days when the phone had a cord that was plugged into the wall? You focused on the person that
you were speaking with. You were in your own house in a space that was conducive for conversing. It was a privilege to
have such a tool in your home. I remember being in my bedroom under the covers speaking to my cousin uninterrupted for
hours and hours. Well, not really true. You see back then you only had one telephone number and often my mom would
pick up the extension and tell me I’ve been on long enough and it was time to hang up. Being a teenager and having your
own Princess ―pink‖ phone in your room was very special. I didn’t have my own telephone number nor did my cousin so
we had to coordinate the times that these long conversations happened. When the phone rang, I would always race my
brother to pick it up and get caught up in the cord as it twisted around me.
    Now when the phone rings it’s a completely different story. We have caller ID so if we don’t want to talk to that person,
we let it go to voice mail. Never mind that you may have a ―land line‖ in your home; everyone in your family probably has
his or her own cell phone and separate telephone number. I recently purchased the iphone and can take pictures, videos, see
my emails instantly, talk to my daughter Tori and see each other, and so so much more or should I say too much. There are
no long cords to get tangled in. We are so connected that if we don’t get an instant reply, we think that something is wrong.
    At TBD we are also so connected in so many ways. We can easily see what’s happening at the temple simply by click-
ing on the temple website; checking the members only calendar; receiving e-blasts; group emails about meetings; our
monthly dues statement is sent electronically; we know instantly when the Hakinnor has been published and so on and so
on. The people at TBD that make all this happen and keep us all so well informed really deserve a big thank you from all of
us. Claire Marshall has been instrumental as VP in making sure that all this happens with the help of following: Sharon
Parisi maintains the calendar; John Parisi maintains the website; and Essy Rapp sends out the weekly (Thursday) e-blast;
and Jenette Calhoun puts together the Hakinnor. Recently, we have been able to share in Gail Yarosh’s granddaughter’s
pictures by viewing them on Facebook. Gail even told me that she is skyeping with her daughter and family who live in
New York! Wow, Nana Gail can see the baby’s every move and not miss out on a thing. Tori has been skyeping with
Tracy MacNamara who is living in Israel for 9 months. Gone are the days of waiting for the letter with pictures to come in
the mail.
    Other times when a phone rings it’s another story….especially during the Rabbi’s sermon. For the life of me I can’t
imagine someone coming to Shabbat services with their cell turned on. Come on now, it’s just simple common courtesy.
Take that darn thing out of your pocket or off your hip AND TURN IT OFF. For those who need that kind of reminder I
feel it necessary to provide some other cell phone rules to live by:
    You should not subject defenseless bystanders to cell phone conversations. When people cannot escape your conversa-
tion—on a plane, train, bus, cab, or at a restaurant—spare them. Never, never set the ringer to play "La Cucaracha" every
time the phone rings. Or the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," or any other annoying melody like the theme to Mr. Ed. You must
turn your cell phone off (or at least the ringer) at the temple, in theaters, during speeches and meetings, family dinners, at
weddings and funerals and on first dates. Please do not wear more than two wireless devices on your belt. You might be
mistaken for Ken Leoni.
    G-d forbid, do not dial while driving. Put the phone down and just drive. There are enough people in the world who have
problems mastering driving a car by itself. Do not wear an earpiece in public. That is just rude. Don’t speak louder on the
cell phone than you would on any other phone. Phones have sensitive microphones, and it's gotten to the point where you
can tell if someone is calling from a mobile phone simply by their volume of speaking. If your signal cuts out, speaking
louder won't help, just like when you speak to a foreigner, being louder just doesn’t do it.
    We all want to be connected but let us try to take time out on Shabbat and enjoy conversation with friends and family
face to face. ―Slow down you move to fast - you’ve got to make the morning last…‖ Sorry about that. I just regressed into
my Princess phone days.

Stay Connected,
Audrey Alberts
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Ellen Basile and Joan Nelson
Chanukah, Oh Chanukah: Come light the menorah… The songs of Chanukah have been ringing in my ears my
entire life. No other Jewish holiday is so easily identified by the tunes we sing and the symbols we embrace.
The Chanukiah (menorah) and the dreidl are instantly recognizable, invoking thoughts of the holiday in
everyone who sees them. It is almost impossible to even say the word dreidl without hearing the tune in your
head! Latkes (potato pancakes) are even available at the International House of Pancakes.

Chanukah (dedication) refers to the joyous 8-day celebration during which Jews commemorate the victory of the
Macabees over the armies of Syria in 165 B.C.E. and the subsequent liberation and rededication of the Temple in
Jerusalem. It begins on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev and lasts for 8 days. This year, the first
candle on the Chanukiah is lit at sunset on Wednesday, December 1.

Chanukah also symbolizes the Jewish victory over assimilation, although it is the most assimilated festival of the
year. As my children were growing up, I was asked to visit their elementary schools to talk about Chanukah, but
never about Rosh Hashanah or even Passover. Because so much emphasis is placed on Christmas, teachers
would try very hard to be as even-handed as possible. I always began by saying, ―Chanukah is not the Jewish
Christmas.‖ My message may not have gotten through to the students, but I know they loved the dreidls, music,
and chocolate gelt that accompanied the lesson.

TBD celebrates Chanukah by beginning Shabbat evening services with the lighting of many beautiful menorahs.
Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite Chanukiah from home (with candles) so that we can light them all
together. The effect in our sanctuary is mesmerizing. The glow of all of the candles in the many varied
menorahs is very spiritual, and it is heartwarming to know that each menorah reflects a Chanukah memory in
someone’s life. I treasure this custom and look forward to it every year. Cantorial Soloist Howard Worona
leads us in singing all our favorite old Chanukah melodies along with some new ones. We even get to read
some prayers that are unique to Chanukah!

Please bring your family, your Chanukiah (with candles), and your voice to services on Friday evening,
December 3. We will light the candles as a community (after the Chanukah supper) and delight in the sounds,
sights, and spirit of this joyous festival.

The Ritual Committee has been evaluating this year’s High Holiday services. If you have any thoughts you
would like to share with the committee about the holidays in general and the new Yom Kippur afternoon service
in particular, please contact Ellen Basile or Joan Nelso

                                                  MAKE YOUR MOVE
                                       CAREER MOVES AT JEWISH VOCATIONAL SERVICE

                            Offers affordable career coaching, testing, workshops,
                            job referral and access to our professional network for
                                  Offices in Boston, Newton and Stoughton
                           617. 451 . 8147

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                     Adult Education/Temple Info
Adult Education, Susie Rosenwasser
Mona Rosen wrote this month’s article, while Susie Rosenwasser recovers from back surgery.

The Adult Ed committee has been very busy planning a wonderful array of interesting programs for our TBD
family. On November 21, Harvey Cohen spoke about The Temple Mount Sifting Project in Jerusalem.
Our thanks go to Risa Greene, for all of her effort in making this happen.

Upcoming programs are:

   A Healing Service on Tuesday evening, December 7, 7:30-8:30, focusing on Inner Light, in
   celebration of Chanukah.

   Rabbi Berry will teach about Who Wrote the Bible: The Development and Canonization of the
   Hebrew Bible on Wednesday evenings, December 22 and January 26 at 7:30.

   On January 31: The Kenyan Chronicles, a video presentation by Joni Block & Cliff Shatz.

These are just a few of this year’s programs. Stay tuned for more.

                                  Pictures – Articles – Memorabilia

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration, we will be putting together a number of presentations in the form
of slideshows, books, and handouts which will display the many people and events which have defined
Temple Bath David over the last 50 years and made it the wonderful community it is today.

We would like to ask anyone in the temple community if they would be willing to share any pictures and/or
TBD memorabilia they may have from years back. These items could be photos from any Bar/Bat Mitzvahs,
Confirmation, weddings, baby-namings, Youth Group, School, Sisterhood or Brotherhood activity from years
past, newspaper articles, items saved from construction/dedication events, special events, temple activities, a
written memory or description, previously used prayer books, challah covers- --basically ANY item which
shares information or memories about how TBD was in previous years. If anyone has pictures of buildings/
homes where we have had school and services in the past – that would be great!

All items will be returned, and all photos will be scanned then returned. If you have anything you would be
willing to share, please contact either Jonathan Forman or Joni Block or feel free to drop items off in the
office --- be sure to include your name and any descriptive info you have about the item(s). Thank you all in

Jonathan Forman

                                                   PAGE 5
CAROL MASON– Sisterhood

The rummage sale was a great success. Sheila Goldman wants to thank Mike Corman for setting up the social
hall, and Paul, Stephanie, and Noa Zides for making a poster for the sandwich board and schlepping it outside,
as well as all those temple members who donated their clothing, household items, and time. The sale cleared
$265 (of other people’s money), and we are very happy about it. The leftover books were put in the donation
box and other items were donated to the Big Brother-Big Sister organization.

Sisterhood is changing the date for the Potluck Supper at Debby Stein Sharpe’s home to Tuesday, January 25,
with Thursday January 27 for a snow date. Our next Board meeting is Sunday evening, December 19, at 7:00
at Irene Grolnic’s home.

                               FANTASY AUCTION
On Saturday, April 9, 2011, the fundraising committee is hosting a fantasy auction of services to be donated by
                                             members and friends.

                         This is the committee’s major fundraiser for this fiscal year.

   Included in this month’s HaKinnor is a flyer with all the details about how you can donate to the auction.

                          If you have any questions please contact Harvey Dreyfus, .

                     If you want to help before or during the auction, please let me know.


                                               Harvey Dreyfus
                                                 Laura Zide

                                                 PAGE 6
                                        Social Action
Ken Leoni

Hello all, you’ll notice that this article may look eerily familiar; this is not a déjà vue moment. Social action
is tasked with dealing with the persistent needs of the community at large. Given the state of the world and
the economy, hunger and the helping of the needy are at the center of attention. So helping with MainSpring
House and helping Family Table are very important

The Social action committee would also like to help ―heal the world‖ for those situations that are
unforeseen. Our next planned initiative is ShelterBox - a national aid organization that provides shelter and
life-saving equipment. They respond to earthquake, volcano, flood, hurricane, cyclone, tsunami or conflict
and have helped over 100 disasters in more than 60 countries. See for
additional detail

I am making a special plea for additional resources (aka people) in order to make the Shelter Box program
happen. Without additional people we’ll be unable to establish or sustain this program. This is a great way
for TBD to make an impact outside of our local community. Those interested in helping to spearhead or
work on this initiative please contact Ken Leoni. Also if you know of people outside the community that
have experience driving this kind of a program please reach out to me (Ken) so that I can perhaps get some
additional guidance and ideas.

In partnership with JF&CS Family Table. The Temple Beth David community is helping to combat hunger,
through a collection every month of specific items requested and providing drivers for three distribution
days. TBD has again been asked to collect 30 cans or boxes of kosher soup and 30 cans of vegetables each
month, which will be used during that month’s Distribution Day. There is a special Family Table bin in the
foyer where only those items are to be dropped off.

Also, please remember we are providing a hot meal at MainSpring House in Brockton on the third
Wednesday of each month. Please watch for food donation sheets in the foyer and sign-up if you are able.
Just a reminder: It is important that these food sheets are as filled as possible each month by donations from
the congregation. Otherwise the chief cook for that month’s meal usually ends up running around shopping
that week to try and fill the gaps in time for the food preparations, which is an unfair and preventable
burden, as the congregation has agreed this is to be an ongoing temple-wide sponsored event. Please feel
free to sign-up and join the crew for food preparation and/or serving. Additional help is always welcome!

                                                                   Fundraising Committee
                                                              Fundraising is now selling "Boston
                                                           Masspass 2011"; a great discount book for
                                                              restaurants and services. Available
                                                              Sunday mornings when school is in
                                                              session for purchase at 10:00 am or
                                                           contact Marcia Dreyfus at 781-986-4428
                                                              or for
                                                             ordering or purchase. Cost= $20 per
                                                             book: check made payable to Temple
                                                           Beth David. A perfect gift for the holiday!
                                                           Book may be used to December 15, 2011.

                                                  PAGE 7
                                        Oneg Sponsors
                        ONEG PROVIDERS
                           For December 2010                A warm and loving thank you to the
                                                            Temple Family for all of your good
                   As Oneg Chairs, we have taken             wishes, congratulations and cards
                   the initiative to assign families as      regarding the birth of our GREAT
                   either captains or team members          GRANDSON Gavi Matan Hopkins.
                   to provide onegs every Friday                 Bubbie and Zadie couldn't
                   night throughout the year. With                   be more thrilled.
                   everyone’s participation, we can
                   look forward to a successful year.                Artie and Claire
                                          Pam & Joyce

If you would like to sponsor an oneg, please call Joyce
Lew at least two weeks in advance.
                                                                   Jenette Calhoun’s
December 3, 2010
                                                                     Office Hours
Captain: Molly & Rick Notkin
       Bailey Hewit-Morey & John Morey                            Sundays 8:30-12:30
       Melanie & Stuart Gregerman                                Wednesdays 2:15-6:15
       Margo & John Gray                                            Fridays 11 - 3

December 10, 2010
Captain: Mona & Phil Rosen
       Esta & Peter Rapp
       Debra & Michael Corman
       Roberta & Bob Goldschneider

December 17, 2010
Captain: Leah & John Crosta
       Barbara & David Ehrmann
       Samantha Einhorn
       Susan & Barry Rosenwasser

December 24, 2010
Captain: Risa & Alan Greene
       Barbara Foth Lezberg
       Alan & Sheryl Gladstone
       Jonathan Forman

December 31, 2010
Captain: Sheila Goldman
        Steve Goldman
        Sue & Steve Gamer
        Sheryl & Alan Steinberg

                                                   PAGE 8
           Opportunities for Giving/Special Event
OPPORTUNITIES FOR GIVING                        Esta Rapp, Chair
As we approach the end of the calendar year and think about tax consequences, I want to remind you that
there are many ―Opportunities for Giving‖ to Temple Beth David which are tax deductible. They are many
and varied, as you will notice on the enclosed flyers, and range from $180 to $8000. There are also donation
cards for $8 each or $30 for 5, and prayer books for $36 and $72. Many of you may not even be aware that
you can purchase a Memorial Plaque which will hang in our sanctuary as a permanent memorial to a loved
one. It is a beautiful way to honor and remember a parent, grandparent, sibling or other beloved person who
has passed away, as well as fulfilling the mitzvah of tzedakah in support of Temple Beth David. Donation
forms for these plaques are in the temple office.

Also, you can share your simchas with the TBD family by purchasing a plaque on our Simcha Wall in the so-
cial hall. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate and commemorate a special occasion - a bar- or bat mitzvah,
wedding. special birthday, anniversary, or the birth of a child or grandchild! Your donation will benefit our
Capital Improvement Fund.

Although these are difficult times for many of us, if you are able, please consider a tax-deductible donation at
this time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Please join us in welcoming Gavi Matan Hopkins, son of Rachel and Adam Hopkins and
 great-grandson of Claire Marshall and Artie Fleishman and Cayla Penina Olitzky, daughter of Rabbi Jesse
  and Andrea Olitzky and granddaughter of Gail Yarosh into the Temple Beth David family. A celebratory
brunch will be held in their honor Sunday, December 26th at 11:00am in the social hall. No gifts please, your
                   presence will be the best present! We look forward to seeing everyone!
                                     Please R.S.V.P. to Gail at or Claire

                                             Claire, Artie, and Gail

                                                  PAGE 9
                                 Holiday Recipe
Fried food is traditionally eaten on Hanukkah in commemoration of the oil that miraculously
burned for eight days when the Maccabees purified and rededicated the holy Temple in Jerusalem.
Fried Potato Pancakes (called Latkes in Yiddish and Levivot in Hebrew) are the hands-down,
mouth-open holiday favorite.

5 potatoes
2 onions
3 eggs
1 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
between 1/4 to 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
oil for frying (canola is recommended)


1. Peel potatoes. Place in a bowl of cold water so they won’t turn brown.
2. When ready to prepare the latkas, drain the potatoes. Place potatoes and onions in a food processor fitted
with a knife blade. Pulse until smooth. Drain mixture well.
3. Pour potato mixture into a large bowl. Add beaten eggs. Add salt and pepper. Add enough flour so that the
mixture holds together.
4. Pour 1 inch of oil into a large, deep frying pan. Heat the oil over medium-high heat.
5. Carefully drop 1/4 cup of the potato mixture into the hot oil.
6. Flatten the pancake slightly so the center will cook.
7. Fry for several minutes on each side until golden brown and cooked through.
8. Drain on paper towels.

Serving Suggestion: Serve the latkes with applesauce.
Yields: approximately 20 pancakes

                                              PAGE 10
Donations                                            Roger James Cabitt Music Fund
Please contact Pam Goldstein to make a
                                                        Abraham Cohen - Aileen Cabitt
                                                        Isador Holtz - Clara Friedman
General Fund

Best wishes for:
   TBD - with appreciation for sharing the Temple
   family with us during the high holidays - Jan &
   Jeff Schlossberg
   Birth of Gavi Matan, great-grandson of Claire
   Marshall & Arthur Fleishman – the TBD Family,
   Audrey & Jeff Alberts
   Birth of Cayla Penina, granddaughter of Gail
   Yarosh - the TBD Family, Audrey & Jeff Alberts
   Bruce Fader, with appreciation for conducting
   services at Orchard Cove - Marilyn Benjamin
   Fannie Cardon - Harvey Dreyfus
   Irving Cohen - Marcia Dreyfus
   Charles Millman - Henry Millman                                WHO WROTE THE BIBLE?
   Joseph Winthrop - Walter Winthrop
                                                             Please join Rabbi Berry at 7:30 PM on
Capital Improvement Fund                                     December 22nd and January 26th for a
                                                        two-session class. Together we will explore this
Best wishes for:
                                                          all-important question! According to Jewish
   Birth of Gavi Matan, great-grandson of Claire
                                                         tradition, Moses received the Torah at Mount
   Marshall & Arthur Fleishman - Joyce & Larry
   Lew                                                  Sinai. According to modern critical scholarship,
   Birth of Cayla Penina, granddaughter of Gail          the Torah is composed of distinct documents,
   Yarosh - Joyce & Larry Lew                             each with its own message. Come and learn
                                                         what the evidence is for both approaches. We
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
                                                           will also consider why this is an important
Yahrzeits:                                                  question to answer for our own religious
   Evelyn Cushing - Alfred Cushing                      development. Please plan to attend both classes.
   Kate Galer - Michael Galer                             There will be reading assigned following the
   Henry Mostow - Michael Galer                                            first class.

                                             PAGE 11
                          December Yahrzeits
December 3-4                    December 17-18                    December 31-January 1
Joseph Donahue                  Rae Siegal                        Frances Shapiro
   Erika Donahue's                 Judy Churchill's grandmother      Joyce Lew's grandmother
   father-in-law                Morris Tracht                     Sonia Corman
Dorothy Wish                       Eva Rachin's father               Michael Corman's
   Irving Wish's mother         Michael Duquette                     grandmother
Murray Brass                       Sandra Mondykowski's son       Belle Dreyfus
   Annette Grossman's uncle     Israel Hochman                       Harvey Dreyfus' mother
                                   Joyce Lew's father             Sumner Lipson
December 10-11                  Sarah Packer                         Robin Goodliss' father
Irwin Cohen                        Dorothy Binder's mother        Cynthia Zide
   Marilyn Whipple's father                                          Paul Zide's mother
Louis Gray                      December 24-25
   Beverly Hartman's father     Jack Lubarsky
Rose Poretsky*                     Karen Lubarsky Whitman's       *denotes plaque
   Jean Albert's mother            father
Shirly Yorra                    Esther Goodliss
   Lisa Yorra's mother             Robin Goodliss'
Abraham Orden                      mother-in-law
   Hannah Orden's grandfather   Lottie Rosenbloom
Fannie Alpert                      Janet Silbert's aunt
   Larry Lew's grandmother      William Rapp*
Abraham Yorra                      Peter Rapp's father
   Lisa Yorra's grandfather     Edward Saltzberg
Ida Yorra                          Elayne Daniels' uncle
   Lisa Yorra's grandmother     Hope Block
                                   Elaine Pellegrini's
                                Miriam Mason
                                   Howard Mason's daughter
                                Jacob Ross
                                   Barry Porter's uncle

                                         PAGE 12
                          December Calendar
1 Chanukah begins                            12 9am-12pm Coffee Connections
3 6pm-7pm Chanukah Supper                         10:30am-12pm Adult Ed Book Group
  7:30pm-9pm Family Shabbat Service          17 7:30pm-9pm Shabbat Evening Service
4 9:30am-10:30am Torah Study                 18 9:30am-10:30am Torah Study
  10:30am-12:30pm Shabbat Morning Service         10:30am-12:30pm Shabbat Morning Ser-
5 9am-10:30am Preschool                               vice
  9am-10:30am 6th Grade Family Ed-           19 9am-10am K-1 Family Education
      Immigration                                 9am-12pm Coffee Connections
  9am-12pm Coffee Connections/Breakfast           7pm-11pm Patriot Game in Lobby
6 7pm-11pm Patriot Game in Lobby             22 7:30pm-9pm Who Wrote the Bible
7 7:30pm-8:30pm Healing Service on Inner     24 7:30pm-9pm Shabbat Evening Service
       Light                                 25 9:30am-10:30am Torah Study
10 7:30pm-9pm Shabbat Evening Service             10:30am-12:30pm Shabbat Morning Ser-
11 9:30am-10:30am Torah Study                        vice
  10:30am-12:30pm Shabbat Morning Family 26 No School- Winter Vacation
      Service                            29 No School- Winter Vacation
                                             31 7:30pm-9pm Shabbat Evening Service

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                                  Special Information
                                    Happy 50th TBD: Our Jubilee Year
Temple Beth David was begun in 1961. A group of families in the area came together to begin our congregation
Now it is 50 years later and time to celebrate and reflect on where we have been and where we are going.
During this year’s High Holidays, Rabbi Berry spoke of the history of TBD and our Jubilee Year. An excerpt of
her words follows:

…”In only one other celebration are we commanded to hear the sound of the Shofar, this time accompanied by
           the sound of the trumpet---in the Jubilee year, Yovel, as it is known in Hebrew, the 50th year.
It is written in the Torah, “You shall sanctify the 50th year and proclaim freedom throughout the land for all its
inhabitants; it shall be the Jubilee year for you, you shall return each person to his ancestral heritage and you
shall return each to his family. It shall be a Jubilee Year for you – the 50th” (Leviticus 25:10-13). Whether you
    are a founder, a new member or somewhere in between, the Temple Beth David community IS family…”

Yes – The TBD community is a family. It provides us with a place to worship, a place to sing, a place to learn,
a place to celebrate, a place to mourn, a place to meet friends, and a place to reflect. Let this Jubilee year be a
time for us to acknowledge all that TBD is.
Many congregants have contributed ideas and suggestions to mark this special year. These events are intended
to include current and past members, young and old, college students, and friends of TBD.

Each month, we will have a variety of Jubilee activities and services including a special event on May 14 and
culminating in a Gala Week-end June 3, 4, and 5. Among the many events will be:
       Anniversary services with special song and books
       A Cookbook devoted to favorite recipes thru the decades
       A Purim Ball
       A Jubilee CD with music
       A Cookie-Bake-Off
       More – more – more!!!!!

Beginning in January, a monthly service will be designated as an Anniversary service. Rabbi Berry is
organizing these services focusing on one of the prayer books we have used. Howard and the choir are already
deep into planning music to accompany each of the different prayer books. The dates for those Anniversary
services are: January 28, Feb11, Mar 11, and April 8.

Our first ―Anniversary service‖ on January 28 will be led by Rabbi Howard Berman, chairperson of the Society
for Classical Reform Judaism. We will be using the Union Prayer Book I for the January service. Some of us
remember holding those books during services in some of our other TBD venues!
Jonathan Forman has agreed to help put together some visual displays of TBD’s history. Jonathan has written a
piece which appears in this HaKinnor requesting your input.
We will be contacting past Rabbis, Presidents, and members. PLEASE let Joni know of anyone who you think
would like to be notified. Keep posted via the E: mail blasts, HaKinnor, notices, and other announcements.

               Please contact Joni Block if you have contact information for prior members.

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        On Sunday, November 6, 2010, the first grade class at Temple Beth David interviewed Rabbi Berry.
The four 6-7 year olds came up with their own questions:
Lily asked, ―What kind of work do you do, (what is) your job?‖
Rabbi Berry answered, ―I’m a Rabbi at a synagogue. There are other places rabbis can work, like hospitals and

Lily asked, ―What does a Rabbi do?‖
Rabbi Berry replied, ― I lead services, work in my office, teach the 7th graders and help them prepare for their
b’nai mitzvah. I also teach adults and do counseling.‖ (The Rabbi also explained what counseling is.)

Talia asked, ―What does it feel like to be a Rabbi?‖
Rabbi Berry said, ―Good, sometimes it is hard to talk with someone who is ill or feeling sad but I love being
able to help people!‖

Talia asked, ―When did you become a Rabbi?‖
The Rabbi answered, ―4 years ago. I went to college for 4 years then I did some other work. After that I went
to rabbinical school for 5 years to become a Rabbi. It’s a lot of studying!‖

Shea inquired, ―What is it like to be in front of all the people?‖
Rabbi Berry answered, ―Sometimes I get a little nervous. It helps to practice.‖

Yona asked, ―Do you sometimes feel a little scared on the bimah?‖
Rabbi answered, ―Not usually, I am used to it now.‖

Yona asked, ―Is it hard to speak Hebrew?‖
Rabbi Berry replied, ―Yes, I didn’t learn to speak Hebrew as a child so it was hard to learn. I still make mis-

Shea wondered, ―What do you do when we are in Sunday school?‖
The Rabbi said, ―I run around a lot. I try to stop in all the classrooms to say hello. I also work in my office.‖

Shea asked, ―Were you in Sunday school when you were younger?‖
Rabbi Berry answered, ―Yes, my family belonged to a big reform temple in Framingham, Temple Beth Am.
There were 30 children in my Hebrew class.‖

        Last week the first graders went on a scavenger hunt in the sanctuary. There was one item on the list
that they could not find, so Yona asked, ―Where do you keep the temple’s menorah?‖
Rabbi answered, ―I think there is a story about this! We should ask an older member of the congregation. They
can tell us more!‖

                                    Thank you to all of the first grade students and their teacher, Bonnie
                                                       Abbott for the great questions!

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Temple Beth David
of the South Shore
P. O. Box 479
Canton, MA 02021


                               Resting Tree Massage
                                Molly P. Notkin, OTR/LMT/RMT
                                Enhancing relaxation, health & well-being
                           through occupational therapy•therapeutic massage
                             reiki•reflexology•customized stress management

                                 Hours by Appointment 781-910-6548

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             TEMPLE BETH DAVID
               FUND RAISING

 Now is the time for you to go through your old, broken,

   and unwanted gold jewelery. TBD is sponsoring a

                  GOLD BUYING.
   On December 5th and December 12th, Lou Bello,

from Concierge Jewelers, will evaluate, weigh and price

 any item(s) that you desire to sell. You will be given a

fair price for your items, and if you so choose, you will be

given a check on the spot. There is no obligation to sell

          if you are not satisfied with the offer.

  This is a great way to rid yourself of unwanted items

and turn them into cash just in time for Chanukkah or any

   other holiday that is coming up. The Temple raises

money by splitting the profits with Mr. Bello. Tell all your

    friends and relatives as this is open to everyone.

        For more information, or a reserved time,

         call the Temple office at 781-828-2275

          or email


              The Fund Raising Committee

               TUESDAY JANUARY 25, 2011 6:30 P.M.

                (Snow date Thursday January 27, 2011)

                      9 HISTORICALWAY

           Please bring a VEGETARIAN/DAIRY DISH
                     Your FAVORITE GAME

                  RSVP by JANUARY 20, 2011

              To Sheila Goldman or Suzanne Gamer


Name _____________________                     Telephone #__________

I will bring:
Appetizer___________________                   Salad ______________
Main Course________________                    Dessert _____________

Return to:
Sheila Goldman                           Suzanne Gamer
62 Laurelwood Drive                      8 McDonnell Drive
Stoughton, MA 02072                      Randolph, MA 02368
On Saturday, April 9, 2011, the fundraising committee is hosting a fantasy
auction of services to be donated by members and friends.

Our guest auctioneer is the inimitable Peter Rapp, assisted by Alan Gladstone.

Wine and cheese will precede the auction and a selection of gourmet desserts,
tea and coffee will conclude this fantastic evening.

Butchers, bakers and candlestick makers wanted.

For example:
        Donate a brunch or dinner at your home
        Bake your world famous challah or other specialties
        Take a group sightseeing on your plane
        Offer professional services – legal, accounting, etc
        Baby sitting
        Pet Sitting

I am happy to donate the following service(s) for the fantasy auction:

NAME: ___________________________

PHONE: __________________________

EMAIL: ___________________________


             Please respond by January 14, 2011
                             TEMPLE BETH DAVID
                         OPPORTUNITIES FOR GIVING
       HVAC replacement (4 units)                          $8000 each
       Rabbi’s Lectern                                     $3000
       Cantor’s Lectern                                    $3000
       Cantor’s Bench                                      $1500
       Lobby Renovation (phase 2)
           72” rectangular storage benches (4)             $1000 each
           42” round ottoman (2)                           $ 600 each
           30” round ottoman (2)                           $500 each
           22” round ottoman                               $400
       E-Screen and accessories
           TV screen                                       $600
           PC                                              $600
       Candle Table                                        $750
       Simcha Wall Plaques
           Large                                           $500
           Medium                                          $360
           Small                                           $180
        Memorial Plaques                                   $300


Make checks payable to    Name:_______________________________________________________
Temple Beth David
                         In honor/memory of_____________________________________________
Please mail to:
                         Donor’s name_________________________________________________
Temple Beth David
Attn: Esta Rapp          Address______________________________________________________
P.O. Box 479
Canton, MA 02021         City____________________________ State/zip______________________

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