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  List at least six (6) basic rules of ethics
Ethics is the study of right
  and wrong, based on
         moral law.
                     CODE OF ETHICS

   Ethics are a set of principles dealing with what is morally right or wrong

   Provide a standard of conduct or code of behavior

   Allow a health care provider to analyze information and make decisions
    based on what people believe is right and good conduct
                         CODE OF ETHICS

   Modern health care advances have created many ethical

       Is euthanasia (assisted death) justified in certain patients?

       Should a patient be told that the health care provider has AIDS?

       Should aborted fetuses be used for research?

       When should life support be discontinued?
                     CODE OF ETHICS

   Do parents have a religious right to refuse a potential life-saving blood
    transfusion for their child?

   Can a health care facility refuse expensive treatment, such as a bone
    marrow transplant, if a patient cannot pay for the treatment?

   Who decides if a 75-year old patient or 56-year old patient gets a single
    kidney available for transplant?

   Should people be allowed to sell organs for transplants?
                    CODE OF ETHICS

   If a person can benefit from marijuana, should a physician be allowed to
    prescribe it as treatment?

   Should animals be used in medical research?

   Should genetic researchers be allowed to transplant specific genes to
    create the “perfect” human being?

   Should human beings be cloned?
                    CODE OF ETHICS

   Some guidelines on how to deal with dilemmas provided by an ethical

   National organizations in most of the different health care occupations
    have established an ethical code
                         CODE OF ETHICS

         Basic rules of ethics
1.        Put saving of life and promotion of health above all else
2.        Make every effort to keep the patient as comfortable as possible and
          to preserve life when possible
3.        Respect the patient’s choice to die peacefully and with dignity when
          all options have been discussed with the patient and family and/or
          predetermined by advance directives
4.        Treat all patients equally
     a.       Regardless of race, religion, social or economic status, sex and
     b.       Avoid bias, prejudice and discrimination
                        CODE OF ETHICS

         Basic rules of ethics
5.        Provide care for all persons to best of your ability
6.        Maintain competent level of skill consistent with occupation
     a.       Stay informed and up to date
     b.       Pursue continuing education as necessary
7.        Maintain confidentiality
     a.       Information about the patient must remain private and can be shared
              only with other members of the patient’s health care team
     b.       Information obtained from patients should not be repeated or used for
              personal gain
     c.       Gossiping about patient’s is morally wrong
                          CODE OF ETHICS

          Basic rules of ethics
8.         Refrain from immoral, unethical, and illegal practices
      a.       Report illegal actions of others to proper authority
      b.       Avoid actions that are immoral or illegal
9.         Show loyalty to patients, co-workers, and employer
      a.       Avoid negative or derogatory statements
      b.       Always express a positive attitude
10.        Be sincere, honest, and caring
      a.       Treat others as you want to be treated
      b.       Show respect and concern for the feeling, dignity and rights of others
                   CODE OF ETHICS
   Summary

   Study the code of ethics for the occupation you enter

   Abide by the code

   Become a competent and ethical health care worker.

   Earns you the respect and confidence of patients, co-workers,
    and employers

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