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					                                 Cathedral High School Vision
                           Cathedral High School, a Catholic institution,
                               will be the model for all high schools
                            as she profoundly shapes the way students
                                        think, serve and lead.

                                Cathedral High School Mission
                     Cathedral, a Catholic college preparatory high school,
                       provides to a diverse group of students opportunities
                            for spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional
                  and physical growth through service and academic excellence.

January 30, 2008

Dear Cathedral Parents,

You have probably noticed that our Vision and Mission Statement are at the beginning of each
parent email sent recently. This is because we are called to fulfill both our Vision and Mission
Statements as we carry out our tasks each day. They help us focus on what is important and on
our call as members of the Cathedral faculty, staff, and administration. They are our guiding

This year, both of these have been restated to simplify and to clarify their direction to each of us.
As your family goals given direction to your planning and decision-making, so our Vision and
Mission Statement help us remain true to our goals.

Dates to Remember:
Thurs, Jan 31 Rookie Show at 4:30 and 7:00 p.m.
                  Choir Contest Recital in cafeteria at 6:00 p.m.
Fri, Feb 1        Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel all day (information inside)
Sat, Feb 2        ISSMA District Vocal and Piano Contest
Mon, Feb 4        No School – Celebration of the Lady Irish Soccer Team’s 4A State Championship
Tues, Feb 5       Sophomore Day of Recollection (for ¼ of class)
Wed, Feb 6        Ash Wednesday Liturgy (Mass schedule at 9:30 a.m.)
Thurs, Feb 7 Sophomore Day of Recollection (for ¼ of class)
                  Parents check ParentConnect
                  Dad's Day in Cafeteria from 6:00 - 7:15 a.m.
Fri, Feb 8        National Catholic Schools Week Breakfast for faculty and staff (moved from February 1st to
                      February 8th because of predicted bad weather on Friday, Feb 1st)
Fri, 2/8 – Sun, 2/10 Butler University All-Star High School Honor Band
Mon, Feb 11 Cathedral Connection Junior/Senior Parent Meeting
                  Board of Directors Executive Committee meeting at 4:00 p.m. in Baker Bd. Rm.
Tues, Feb 12 American Math Competition (AMC) for approximately 50 students
Tues, 2/12 – Fri, 2/15 Senior Retreat #5
Wed, Feb 13 Math League
Fri, Feb 15      Mothers’ Club Exec. Board Meeting – Baker Board Room at 9:00 a.m.
                 Mothers’ Club meeting in Baker Board Room at 9:30 a.m.
Sat, Feb 16      Speech team at Fishers H. S.
                 ISSMA State Vocal & Piano Contest
Sun, Feb 17      CYO Honors Music Recital in Auditorium at 3:30 p.m.
Tues, Feb 19 Professional Learning Communities – 7:15 a.m. – school begins at 8:06 a.m.
Wed, 2/20 – Thurs, 2/21 Junior Women’s Overnight Retreat
Thurs, Feb 21 Parents check ParentConnect
Fri, Feb 22      Shamrauction Prep Day – no school
Sat, Feb 23      Shamrauction
                 ISSMA Instrumental State Solo and Ensemble at North Central High School
                 Speech Team at Carmel High School

Mass Information:
From the Desk of the Chaplain ~ Daily Mass is offered in the Chapel at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Fr. Munshower encourages members of the Cathedral
Family to contact him to have a mass said in memory of a loved one. The $10 mass stipend
would go to a fund to help financially marginalized students here at Cathedral High School –
helping those within our midst who need our help! If you are not able to pay the $10, you may
still submit an intention for our daily Mass. Please contact Fr. Munshower at 968-7362 for
details and arrangements.

Religious Ceremonies for January 31st – February 8th:
Thurs, 1/31  Weekday Mass                RIP Constance Faulkner from CHS family
Fri, 2/1     Weekday Mass                RIP Don Barton from Munshower family

Mon, 2/4       Communion Service              private petitions
Tues, 2/5      Weekday Mass                   RIP Sr. Elizabeth Rose Weisenbach from the CHS Family
Wed, 2/6       All School Mass at 9:30 a.m.   For the Cathedral High School Community
Thurs, 2/7     Weekday Mass                   Father's eventual surgery
Fri, 2/8       Weekday Mass                   RIP Gizela Kizm from Lou St.John

Celebrate Catholic Schools’ Week continues - January 30th through February 1st!
                            Theme: United in Love: We Light the Way
 Thursday- We Light the Way with our Students as they receive ice cream at lunch along
    with their theme bracelet which reads: F.A.M.I.L.Y. (Notice this stands for Forget about Me I
    love You.)
 Friday- We light the Way with our Teachers and Staff as breakfast will be served to the
    faculty and staff. (Note: The weather prediction for Friday predicts snow, so the date for
    this breakfast for the faculty and staff has been moved to Friday, February 8th.)
We know that a holistic education, including religious and moral education, helps to create a
better prepared individual for the future. It is indeed an honor to be able to attend, work, and
learn in this Catholic environment.
Adoration of the Eucharist will take place all day in the Cathedral Chapel on Friday, February
1st. This program was begun in December by some of our freshman Theology students. It is
student run, but is open to all students during their resource periods. You are also invited in to
the Chapel to join your prayers with those of our students, faculty, and staff. Please do sign in at
the front desk and join us.

General Announcements:

Course booklets and registration sheets for freshmen, sophomore, and junior students will
be distributed on Tuesday February 5th. None will be distributed before this day. This will begin
the process for registering for classes for next year. Teachers will make recommendations in
their subject area, and then students will bring the course selection sheet home to discuss with
you. Once you and your child have selected tentative courses for next year, please sign the sheet
so your child can return it to his/her counselor. It is not until these signed sheets are returned to
the counselor or college advisor that they actually sit down and discuss the schedule with your
student. If there are changes, the counselor and your child will make you aware of them for your
final approval.

The Sophomore Class cordially invites all to the Valentine’s Day Dance on Friday, February
8th. The dance will be held in the cafeteria and will be from 8:00 – 11:00 p.m. Tickets are being
sold - $5 in advance; $7 at the door. See Mrs. Wheeler or Mr. Ernst for tickets.

Congratulations to Ryan Sterling (’07), who made the Dean’s List at Loyola of Chicago for his
first freshman semester. Keep up the good work, Ryan!

For parents of freshmen - Freshmen Developmental Asset Meeting:
On Tuesday, February 12th, all freshmen parents and other interested parents are invited to the
Commons at 7:00 PM for an evening to learn more about how your child is developing as he/she
moves from freshman year into sophomore year. If you missed the first semester presentation on
developing assets, that is fine. We will catch you up to speed.
 The focus of this meeting is to learn the signs and some prevention tips to help your child
   cope with issues of alcohol and drugs as well as issues with family and friends. These can
   become very large issues for some youth. We know that 50 percent of teens at age 15 begin
   to experiment with more issues than at any other time. We know that the earlier the onset of
   experimentation the greater the chance of life long problems.
 Several speakers will develop a perspective for you, the parent. Help your child by spending
   a few minutes on February 12th. They may be the best few minutes you can spend.

The 2008 Power of Children Awards applications are now available - The Power of Children
Awards: Making a Difference is an annual event intended to honor and further empower middle
and high school students (grades 6–11) who have made a significant impact on the lives of
others, demonstrated selflessness and exhibited a commitment to service and the betterment of
society. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is seeking to nurture and recognize youth as
role models who exemplify an extraordinary commitment to public service and social
responsibility; youth who have planted the seeds of hope and promise in others.
   The Children’s Museum has long recognized that children in Indiana make significant
    contributions and create important projects to benefit their fellow citizens, neighbors and
    communities. The Power of Children Awards (POCA), created in 2005, are clearly aligned
    with the mission of The Children’s Museum: to create extraordinary learning experiences
    that have the power to transform the lives of children and families. The awards were inspired
    by the museum’s dynamic permanent exhibit, The Power of Children: Making a Difference,
    which features three extraordinary children who touched the world in unique ways: Anne
    Frank, Ruby Bridges and Ryan White.
   Awards Presentation and Recognition
    The Deborah Joy Simon Charitable Trust has generously provided a major gift to support the
    establishment of The Power of Children Awards. Additional support has been provided by
    Crowe Chizek and Company LLC, WISH-TV 8 and the Indiana Department of Education.
    The awards will be presented during a special event at The Children’s Museum of
    Indianapolis in November 2008. Each award recipient will receive the following:
    o A grant of $2,000, to be used to further the recipient’s extraordinary work
    o A 4 year post-secondary educational scholarship to a participating Indiana-based
        institution of higher learning
    o Recognition in the museum’s The Power of Children exhibit for at least one year
    o Participation in a Youth/Adult Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana summer youth

Prayers for the sick: Starting this Sunday, February 3rd, a special prayer effort focusing on the
sick--especially Archbishop Daniel--will be promoted throughout the Archdiocese. The basic
details below will be available in The Criterion later this weekend.
 This Novena for the Sick will commence on February 3--culminating on February 11th,
    which is World Day of the Sick and the 150th anniversary of Our Lady's apparitions in
    Lourdes, France. A special prayer for this novena will be in this week's Criterion.
 Again--more information will be provided soon. This early notice gives you an opportunity
    to look for the prayer in time to use it this weekend and encourage its use each day until the
    novena ends.
 Additional activities focusing on the ill, our Blessed Mother, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes etc.
    are especially suitable at this time. Thank you.

Starfish Initiative: The world is an ever changing place where education is increasingly
important. However, not everyone with college dreams is able to steer they way to a college.
But there is something you can do to ensure more worthy high school students get the education
they desire. Starfish Initiative is dedicated to helping promising, underprivileged high school
students go to college. Through individual mentors, Starfish provides the necessary practical and
moral support it takes to graduate from high school, apply to college, and navigate the world of
financial aid. Celebrate National Mentoring Month and make a difference. Please visit our
website at for more information on how you can help guide a
promising high school student to college, or see Mike Feeney ( or

Heart-Health Day is celebrated on February 1st. In order to allow recognition of the need for
taking care of our hearts, we will wear Activity shirts this day or uniform shirts and/or a red
appropriate shirt or sweatshirt. Uniform pants will be worn. This is the same process used two
weeks ago for the Colt wear.

We need your tailgate recipes! Who has the Cheesy Potato Casserole Recipe?
The coals have been fired-up and the "Cathedral Tailgate Recipe Book" is ready for barbecuing!
We need your help. Please submit your favorite recipe. It can be a family favorite or even, go
ahead, include your best friend's recipe! We appreciate all our Fan support. Proceeds will help
the Irish Football Program.
 The deadline to submit your recipe is Friday, February 8th.
 Don't forget to include the name(s) and graduation dates of your child(ren).
 Submit recipes to:
        Liz Koehne
        Ann Collins
        Pat Pimentel


Need something warm and fuzzy for that special friend, teacher, coach, grandparent?
Finally, the order blank is here for the Singing Valentines.

                          “SINGING VALENTINE” ORDER FORM

Easy as A – B – C
A. Check song to be delivered:
_____1. Love Me Tender

_____2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

_____3. You Are My Sunshine

_____4. That’s What Friends Are For

_____5. You’ve Got A Friend In Me

B. Name the recipient and check time of delivery preferred.      (Thursday, Feb. 14th)

   IN PERSON $3 (Sing and present a sucker from you)

   ______________________________________ Check delivery time requested below:
      (Name of person to receive telegram)

      ____5A Lunch _____5B Lunch _____5C/6C Lunch _____6D Lunch
       _____ 6E Lunch _____Please sing during their lunch but don’t know when it is
        _____Sing to individual during resource time______location____________________
        _____3:10 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. - Location of person at this time _____________________


      __________________________________Phone number_____________________
           (Name of person to receive telegram)
      Best time of day to call___________________

C. Place order by Tuesday, February 12th with any choir student or Mrs. Holloway or mail to Cathedral.

D. Make checks payable to Cathedral High School & drop off at the front office.
                     We love you for supporting the CHS Choir Program! THANKS!

   This Valentine is from ____________________________________
   Sold by _________________________________
   To Be Sung by (if possible) ___________________________
Singers are from Advanced, Freshman, Pop Swing Choirs

It’s time for VALENTINE GRAMS…
 Send a sweet greeting of fun and friendship on February 14!
 Cost: $1.00 per box of candy or $1.00 for two Valentine necklaces (Mardi-Gras style).
[Sophomore class fundraising pays for the Class of 2010 prom deposits for the junior year].

Please complete the tear slip below and return to Mrs. Wheeler or Mr. Ernst no later than
February 12th (Tuesday), along with your payment.
 Valentine Grams will be delivered to the student’s classroom. To assure prompt delivery,
    include first and last name of each individual and graduation year. We’ll figure out the
    classroom. Please circle necklace or candy. If not marked, we will deliver candy. NO

To:                                          To:

Grad year:                                   Grad year:

From:                                        From:

Necklace        Candy                        Necklace        Candy
To:                                          To:

Grad year:                                   Grad year:

From:                                        From:

Necklace        Candy                        Necklace        Candy
                           Thank you from the Class of 2010


Theatre News:

1. Rookie Show: THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER, will be performed this Thursday,
   January 31st, at 4:30 and 7:00 p.m. Admission is $5.00

2. ComedySportz Blue Team vs. Pike, Fri., 7:00 in O’Malia Performing Arts….Admission is

3. Thoroughly Modern Millie
Millie Dillmount  Hillary Smith                  George Gershwin    Collin LaMothe
Jimmy Smith       Tyler Webb                     Dexter             Peter Elliott
Ms. Dorothy Brown Elisabeth Giffin               Kenneth            Mike Downs
Trevor Graydon    Thomas Graham                  Policeman          Pat MacDonell
Ching Ho          Lewis Welebob                  Dorothy Parker     Marta Kizym
Bun Foo           Michael Countryman             New Modern         Kelly Hartman
Mrs. Meers        Liz Chaten                     Tap Captains       Emily Mansfield &
Muzzy Van Hossmere Jade Powers                                      Abby Hammond
Miss Flannery     Allison Vollmer                Dance Captain      Simone Boos

                                 Boarding House Girls
Ethel         Laurel Osgood                          Lucille        Katie O’Brien
Cora          Michelle Erotas                        Rita           Bita Eisenhut
Dora          Emily Erotas                           Anne           Kelley Leyden
Ruth          Emily Mansfield                        Daphne         Andrea Aikman
Alice         Elizabeth Bonne                        Gloria         Morgan Lewis

Erté Girls                                             Erté Boys
Frances Steger                                         Collin Lamothe
Anna Pollom                                            Pat MacDonell
Madeline Wright                                        Peter Elliott
Sarah Michaelis                                        Josh Vander Missen
Ellen Lee                                              Chase Haskin
Kerry Barmann                                          Mike Downs

Girls                                        Alissa Hagans
Simone Boos                                  Karlie Gaver
Paige Neely                                  Audra Sloan
Julie McLaughlin                                 Boys
Holly St. John                                   Chris Horn
                                                 Ryan Lintnew
Ashton Symons                                    Nate O’Connor
Anjulia Urasky
Erin Selsemeyer                                  Alex MacDonell
                                                 Cory Constantine
                                                 Kyle Barker

Emily Mansfield                         Jenna Queally                Emily Collins
Meghan Baker                            Abby Hammond                 Erin Wissler
Kara Neal                               Grace Hannoy                 Morgan Lewis
Brittany Ignas                          Kristin Collignon            Danielle Kelly

                               Nutty Cracker Suite Dancers
Dance Solo Simone Boos
Featuring Hillary Smith, Elisabeth Giffin, Tyler Webb
Girls                                             Boys
Emily Mansfield                                   Ryan Lintnew
Abby Hammond                                      Nate O’Connor
Paige Neely                                       Alec MacDonell
Meghan Baker                                      Cory Constantine
Kara Neal                                         Kyle Barker
Brittany Ignas                                    Chris Horn
Jenna Queally
Grace Hannoy
Kristin Collignon
Morgan Lewis
Danielle Kelly
Alissa Hagans

                                      Muzzy’s Boys
Group 1                                        Group 2
Piano - Kyle Barker                            Peter Elliott
Pete Elliott                                   Ryan Lintner
Cory Constantine                               Nate O’Connor
Oliver Hopkins                                 Kyle Barker
Chase Haskin                                   Chris Horn
Alec MacDonell                                 Alec MacDonell

                                       Party Guests
Guest 1 Kerry Barmann
Guest 2 Anna Preuschl
Guest 3 Josh Vander Missen
Girls                                            Angie Gordon
Natasha Olsson                                    Boys
Bridget O’Connor                                  Collin LaMothe
Caitlin Weber                                     Mike Downs
Sarah TeKolste                                    Chris Horn
Ellen Turner
Ellen Lee

                                   High Society Guests
Olivia Scheidler                 Angie Gordon                      Kelsey Massa
Frances Steger                   Ellen Turner                      Shannon Golden
Anna Pollom                      Ellen Lee                         Kerry Barmann
Madeline Wright                  Sarah TeKolste                    Anna Preuschl
Sarah Michaelis                  Britney Nay
Farah Doxey                      Maggie Brennan

Mike Downs                       Josh Vander Missen                Ryan Lintner
Collin LaMothe                   Chris Horn                        Oliver Hopkins
Pat MacDonell                    Chase Haskins                     Cory Constantine
Peter Elliott                    Nate O’Connor                     Kyle Barker

Sarah Smith                      Natasha Olsson                    Liz Douglas
Olivia Scheidler                 Rachel Bell                       Maggie Brennan
Claire Dilts                     Bridget O’Connor                  Laura Braswell
Kerry Barmann                    Katelyn Kempf                     Kelsey Massa
Stefanie Allen                   Farah Doxey                       Kelly Hartman
Angie Gordon                     Ryann Bentley                     Anna Preuschl
Stephanie Brown                  Ellen Turner                      Caroline Scheidler
Caitlin Weber                    Autumn Miller                     Sarah Tekolste
Katie Barker                     Britany Nay                       Kelsey Fink

4. ComedySportz - Matches:
     1. Fri., 2/1, 7:00…Blue Team vs. Pike (Home)
     2. Fri., 2/8, 7:00…Red at Roncalli
     3. Fri., 2/15, 7:00...Blue Team vs. International School (Home)
     4. Sat., 2/16, 7:30…Red at Carmel
     5. Fri., 2/29, 7:00…Blue Team vs. LC (Home)
     6. Tues., 3/4, 7:00…Blue at Chatard
     7. Fri., 3/7, 7:00…Red Team vs. Guerin (Home)
     8. Tues., 3/11, 7:00…Red at Chatard
     9. Fri., 3/14, 7:00…IN HOUSE (Red vs. Blue)
     10. Sat., May 10, 1:00…CSz All Star
                 ADMISSION FOR HOME MATCHES IS $5.00

Write an essay for a possible scholarship. Mrs. Scheetz is encouraging any student who was not
yet 16 by Dec. 31, 2007 to write a speech for this contest. She will be happy to help them either
before or after school or during my resource.
 The contest is February 26th for the boys and February 19th for the girls.
 Students can win up to a $1500.00 scholarship. Cathedral has been represented so well in
    this city and then in the state-wide contest. We have won both divisions, both 1st and 2nd
    places for the last few years. Mrs. Scheetz is quoted as saying, “Our kids do a fantastic job.
    I would just need to let them know how many students from here to expect so please send
    your kids my way as soon as possible, please. I love to work with these young people. I am
    always inspired by their vision, their wisdom and their idealism is contagious. Please advise
    if you know any student you could encourage to participate in this.”
The title for their 4-5 minute speech is to be: “Why Me? Why Not?”
Interested? See Mrs. Scheetz for an application, for any questions and to set up times to discuss
ideas about your speech.

Advancement - Upcoming events for Cathedral High School (all proceeds benefit tuition
assistance at Cathedral High School):
1. SHAMRAUCTION – DON’T MISS OUT! Over 20 tables have been already been sold for
    Cathedral’s single largest fundraiser, the Shamrauction! The Shamrauction is scheduled for
    Saturday, February 23, 2008. Click here to download a reservation form to make sure you
    will be a part of an event you won’t want to miss! Questions? Contact Nicole Beasley at
    (317) 968-7311.

2. Volunteers Needed – We still need several parents to fill volunteer positions the night of
   Shamrauction (February, 23, 2008). If your interested in volunteering – please contact
   Nicole Beasley at (317) 968-7311 by February 5, 2008.

3. Online Auction – Mark your calendars! Open for bidding Monday, February 4, 2008 at 8:00
   a.m. and will be closed at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 14, 2008. You will have the
   opportunity to purchase these online items – for all items meeting a minimum bid will be
   SOLD at the close of the online auction! Some examples of our fabulous items include a
   classic grandfather clock, exclusive access to one of the nation’s top golf courses, and a
   Peyton Manning Autographed football!

4. Big Apple Raffle – Click here to download your ticket. $25,000 grand prize!

Nicole (Farrell) Beasley '98, Assistant Director of Events,
Phone: 317-968-7311, Cell: 317-258-4614, Fax: 317-542-1484

Dear Cathedral Family,
  This brick campaign is a Mother’s Club fundraiser that we use to fund our overall goal
   of purchasing items that directly benefit the students at Cathedral.
 We have been running our brick campaign every THREE (3) years, so the next
   opportunity to purchase an engraved brick probably won’t come until 2011.
 The bricks will be placed in the courtyard outside of the Student Life Center next to the
   bricks from previous campaigns.
 The engraving will take place over spring break (just in time for graduation!).
                   DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL FEBRUARY 15, 2008
 $50 for the first line, $25 for additional lines up to three (3) lines.
 17 characters maximum per line – NO EXCEPTIONS.
 A shamrock can be added to one of the three lines for an additional $10 taking up 4 spaces.

     Name: ________________________________________ Phone: _______________
     Email address: _______________________________________________________
17 characters per line (including spaces). If you add a SHAMROCK, only 13 spaces on that line,
                                       NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Line 1                                                                 = $50.00 ____________

    Line 2                                                                 = $25.00 ____________

    Line 3                                                                 = $25.00 ____________

    SHAMROCK _____ () if yes, WHICH LINE?     1, 2, or 3 (circle one)    =   $10.00 ____________
                                 RIGHT, CENTER or LEFT (circle one)

                                                                         GRAND TOTAL ____________

                   Make check payable to: Cathedral Mothers’ Club
                C/O   ERIN BAKER, 7480 N ILLINOIS STREET, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46260
                              Orders due by February 15th
         Questions? Call Erin Baker @ 251-3515 or Cheryl McMains @ 826-3977


I have added a new link to our website to reach my parent emails directly. To do so, open
the website to and save this to your
“favorites.” I hope this helps facilitate our process for each of you who might want to use this
link. You will, however, still be receiving the parent emails in your email inboxes, also.
 Although I send it out on Wednesday evening, it will not be posted until the following

Attention Parents of Junior Boys: The date for future Junior Men’s overnight is March 13-14,
2008. Interested? Please contact Mrs. Charlene Witka, Campus Minister.
Week, January 28 – February 1. Be sure to stop in this week and enter the
“Winter Wear” Raffle for a chance to win warm Irish spirit wear! Student, parent and faculty
and staff winners will be notified Friday afternoon.
Don’t miss out great winter values and special discounts on selected merchandise: mock necks
and turtlenecks for gals and guys, long sleeve thermal shirts,
and selected hoodies to keep you warm this winter!        GOOD LUCK! GO IRISH!
*Just a reminder ~ the Bookstore will be closed Monday, February 4th.


Wheeler Mission Study Buddies
A new opportunity to tutor elementary students who are behind in their academic level is being
offered entitled “Buddy Up to Study”. If you might have an interest to help tutor these 7-10 year
students who are behind their academic level and need remedial assistance, come sponsor one of
them on Saturday night, Feb 2, at the Cathedral vs. Heritage Christian JV and Varsity Boys
Basketball game. This would be a Spring tutoring opportunity on Mondays from 3:45 to 6 PM.
You could have a partner do this with you so that you would be obligated to attend 2x per month.
Contact Mrs. Halstead for more information and to indicate your interest by Friday noon, Feb 1.
For more details, click here.

The class service projects all involve some illuminating extensions into our community needs.
From helping at the Christmas store for the freshmen students, to assisting sophomores to drive
to and help Lucious Newsom serve families in Indianapolis either at a monthly Wednesday
spaghetti dinner or on Saturdays passing out foods, to Juniors being involved in helping once a
month on Tuesday or Thursday at the Wheeler Mission Community Center’s Boys and Girls
Clubs or serving meals to residents of the Care Center, Men’s Mission, and Lighthouse Mission
or to helping the seniors teach computer literacy (Office software products) on Saturday or
Sunday from 12-2 PM to homeless individuals at Horizon House to help them gain employment,
your assistance is appreciated. Simply check on the Web under On Campus/Campus
Ministry/Service Enrichment and consult the individual class service projects listed on the right
for dates and times that you may be interested in helping. Simply email chalstead@cathedral- with your interest. Often times the simple involvement of an additional adult help
ensure the well being of our students as they truly serve the disadvantaged.

2008 Service Opportunities
We commend you for your service on January 30th and for your service heart extended
towards your community. Please continue to turn to the most compelling areas of need to
perform your service stewardship. Thank you for supporting your class service projects with
enthusiasm and compassion. Should you desire to pursue an interest not listed, you may also
consult the list of service agencies available by clicking here. Seniors, please submit your
service documentation to complete your graduation requirement of 80 service hours. For all
other students, continue working hard on your service hours. If I can assist you in your service
objectives, please do not hesitate to call or email Mrs. Halstead at
1. If you would like to donate pajamas, hats and gloves to help the homeless, join Brian
   Lauer and Michael French in a collection drive on Jan 28-30. This timely coincides with
   the onset of cold weather and will conclude on Friday, Feb 1. Click here for more details
2. On Feb 2, we will host about 15 young students, aged 7-10, from Wheeler Mission
   Community Center programs at the Heritage Christian vs Cathedral JV and
   Varsity Basketball Game. A new Study Buddy opportunity is being formed by our Big
   Brothers Big Sisters chapter to help elementary students in the Wheeler Mission program
   catch up to their grade level. Come host a student at the game to further evaluate your
   interest in joining the Study Buddy group to help a young child catch up on Mondays at
   Wheeler Mission from 3:30-to 6. You may do this with a partner student so that each of
   you may cover 2 Mondays each month. For more details, click here. (2)
3. If you would like to help at the Cathedral Soup Kitchen on Sundays, click here (3a) for
   more information. And for the help click here (3a)
4. Daffodil days are coming in March as a testimony of support for cancer recovery
   research. If you have had a close family member or friend suffer from cancer, and would
   like to assist with the Daffodil campaign at Cathedral, join Patrick Frazier in a call out
   meeting on Monday, February 11th at 3:15. Click here for more details (4).
5. To tutor at Providence Cristo Rey after school once a week, join senior classmates Maria
   Dickman on Wednesdays or Sam Becker on Thursdays each week. Click here (5) for
   more details.
6. To help instruct the homeless at Horizon House in computers to aid their job employment
   on Saturday at 12:00-2:00 or Sunday, at 12:00 - 2:00 (Senior Class Project), February 2,
   3, 9, 10, 16 and 17 are the upcoming dates for this valuable program. An adult to
   accompany this group on Saturday or Sunday is also needed; helping just once a month is
   really appreciated. Because it is cold, more individuals are physically using the day
   center and are demonstrating strong interest in these classes. Cathedral seniors are doing
   an excellent job of instruction. Just last week while serving dinner at the Wheeler
   Mission Men's Mission with some of the juniors, three of the clients came up and told me
   how much the computer training has helped them. One individual tested 85% competent
   in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Click here (6) for more details and to join in spreading
   hope and computer skills to the homeless.
7. To pack nutritious food packets for impoverished third world areas on Saturday, February
   16th, 1-3 PM, Click here (7). Meet at Cathedral outside Kelly Hall at 12:30 to take the
   activity bus. Please confirm to Mrs. Halstead via email that you are attending. This
   event is sponsored by SLC (Student Life Council) and ACTS (A Chance to Serve.). We
   will return by 3:30 PM. In January 19, the group of 13 students assembled over 7,000
   meals which will be shipped to Haiti. See Brandon Chambers if you have questions.
8. The Freshmen have magnificently assisted the disadvantaged families at the Christmas
   Store in November and December at the Xavier Center. On February 13, Feb 27, March
   12, March 19 and April 9, freshmen will help prepare for next year's store. Click here
   (8) for more details and email Mrs. Halstead of your interest.
9. The Sophomore Class has been cooking and serving a monthly Wednesday spaghetti
   dinner to 100 families of Lucious Newsom's ministry at Anna's House once a month.
   The next dinner is Wednesday, Feb 13th. This group has successfully earned a grant for
   these monthly dinners. Click here (9a) for more details on the Spaghetti dinners.
        Sophomores can also help distribute food on Saturdays at Anna's House from 9-11. Click
        here (9B) for more details regarding Saturday food distribution. Email Mrs. Halstead
        about your interest on these projects. Lucious really appreciated the toys drive led by the
        Sophomores in December; thanks to all.
    10. JUNIORS have the opportunity to serve a meal at the Care Center, a facility for women
        and children, on Wednesday, February 20th from 4:00-6:15 (A group of 5 is needed.)
        Please email your interest to Mrs. Halstead. I am looking for a junior to captain this
        venture. John Streiff led the last group of 6 juniors who served at the Men's Mission last
        Sunday. Click here (10) for more details.
    11. Juniors will also be assisting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wheeler Mission on Boys) on
        Feb 12th and 14th for the Boy's and Girl's Clubs. Click here (11) for more details.
    12. To assist with warm socks, men's pants, men's coats, peanut butter and a few other items
        for neighbors(homeless individuals) at Horizon House, join the Hughes family (Kofi
        Hughes,2010) to provide a collection for Horizon House. Click here (12) for more
    13. To read for WFYI and provide services for sight and disability impaired individuals, you
        would be providing in invaluable source of information and connectivity. All it requires
        is your melodic voice. Click here (13) for more details.
    14. If you attended Cherry Tree Elementary or live in the Carmel area, and would enjoy
        assisting with the Cherry Blossom Festival on March 8 leading games and carnival
        booths, this is the service activity for you. Click here (14) for more details.
    15. To help out at St. Vincent De Paul food pantry which is close by at 30th and Keystone, or
        the warehouse downtown on Saturdays, click here (St. Vincent de Paul).
        16. To help Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis, click here (Habitat for
For your convenience, this is also posted to the web under Campus Ministry/Service Enrichment/
as Current Service Opportunities.

College Information:

Information about a new program at IUPUI which could benefit some of our students:
Recently, our College Advisors met with Dr. Ronda Henry, a professor at IUPUI, who is the
director of a new program beginning this fall. The following is a brief overview.
Name:           African American and African Diaspora Studies (AAADS)
                Undergraduate Research Scholars Program
Target:         This program is looking for 4-8 seniors or college freshmen, interested in this
                topic of study, with 3.0 GPA (or 2.5 with special circumstances).
Requirement: Student must be accepted by IUPUI and fill out an application including a
                FAFSA form, although financial need is not a requirement in any way.)
Funding:        All tuition for all classes is paid for by this special grant from the university
                PLUS a $2000 Stipend. Housing is not paid, but other scholarships are available
                that may cover housing. Funding is available all four years.
Hours:          Students take approximately 6 credit hours a semester in this minor field of
                study. Components: Student designs a research project with a faculty mentor,
                who also assists in helping student to prepare to present this project at a research
              seminar. Student works with a community partner in a community internship
Degree:       Any degree can be pursued while obtaining this minor.
Dates:        Dr. Henry has set February1st as a target deadline, but will be looking for
              qualified candidates for several weeks after that date.
Serendipity: Dr. Henry was College Advisor Ms. Lynn Miller’s freshman English teacher at

West Point Visit: A representative from West Point will be here on Friday, February 1 at 11:00
a.m., to meet with sophomores and juniors. If you would like to attend the visit, please sign up
with Mrs. Kelly in the Guidance Office by Jan. 30.

Think it is too early to search for scholarships? Think money grows on trees? Think that
there is no way you will qualify for a local or national scholarship?
                                         Think Again!
The Class of 2008 is already earning money via academic scholarships, performance
scholarships, athletic scholarships and general scholarships…
    Colleen Kelley was just named a Coca-Cola Scholars Semifinalist…one of 2000 who are
        competing for approximately 3 million dollars. Check out MyFootpath for other
        opportunities like this one!
    Many students are earning merit awards at their respective schools.
    Students are writing essays and earning money for their creativity and ability to put
        words to paper.
    Several students in Marion, Hamilton and Hendricks counties are competing for Lilly
    Several athletes have signed Letters of Intent to play their respective sports next fall.
    Peter Jensen was just awarded one of the first IB scholarships ever offered at
    Etc…Etc…Etc….

Don’t miss the opportunities…scholarships are being added each week to the MyFootpath
    Go to MyFootpath to learn more!
    Also Try…
          o (United Negro College Fund)
    and…
    Fill out the FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)…by March 10th
Questions? See your College Advisor. Best of Luck, Mrs. Pivonka

Boys Basketball-

The Varsity Boys' Basketball team improved its record to 14-1 with back-to-back road victories
over Arlington and Evansville Reitz this past weekend. The Golden Knights hung tough with
our Fighting Irish throughout the first three quarters of play, but the Fighting Irish closed out the
game with a 19-9 4th quarter run to propel the Irish to a 60-47 victory. Sean Esposito and
Errick Peck combined for 13 of our team's 19 points in the decisive 4th quarter. Errick Peck
led all scorers with 17 points in the contest, while fellow teammates Sean Esposito and Dave
McMahon chipped in 13 and 12 points respectively. On Saturday, the team travelled south to
face Evansville Reitz. The Fighting Irish jumped out to an early 24-12 first quarter lead, and
shot a sizzling 60% from the field on 25-42 FG shooting. Dave McMahon played a great all-
around game as he scored 23 points, dished out 5 assists, and recorded 4 steals. Errick Peck
tallied 16 points and pulled down a team-high 8 rebounds as the Irish came away with a 71-59

Our 9-5 JV team earned a split this weekend as they defeated Arlington 49-45 in overtime, but
was defeated by Evansville Reitz 41-35. Trailing by 4 points against Arlington with 45 seconds
to play in overtime, Kofi Hughes hit a 3-pointer to close the gap to one. On the ensuing
possession, Trace Cureton came up with a big steal and passed the ball inside to Hughes who
scored the go-ahead layup as the Irish pulled off the win against the Golden Knights in dramatic
fashion. Against Evansville Reitz, the Irish led most of the way before squandering the lead late
in the game. Kevin Owens led the Irish in scoring with 10 points.

The JV and Varsity team were back in action this week as they hosted arch-rival Bishop Chatard
High School on Tuesday and the Irish JV were victorious and the Varsity lost in a close game.
These teams play Heritage Christian on Saturday. The JV will tip off at 6:00 pm with the
Varsity following at 7:30 pm. Best of luck Irish!


The Fighting Irish Wrestling program successfully defended its sectional crown by claiming the
2008 Sectional Title at Lawrence Central High School this past Saturday afternoon. The Irish
scored 313 points to defeat 10 other teams, including 2nd place finisher Lawrence North, which
tallied 277.5 points. The Irish led the field with six individual champions. Congratulations to
the following sectional winners in their respective weight classes: Brandon Wright (112 lbs.),
Dominic Corsaro (130 lbs.), Calvin Sullivan (135 lbs.), Tony McGinley (140 lbs.), Gavin
McGinley (145 lbs.), and Connor Hofmeister (160 lbs.).             The Fighting Irish wrestling team
advance to the Team Regional held at North Central High School on Wednesday, Jan. 30th. The
Irish will face Pendleton Heights at 6:00pm while Lawrence North and Hamilton Heights will
square off on an adjacent mat. The winners of these 2 matches will then face each other for the
Regional title. Best of luck to the wrestlers in the upcoming regional!

Girls' Basketball-

The Varsity Lady Irish picked up its 11th win of the season by posting a 55-45 victory over
Greenwood last Friday night. Prior to tipoff, the Lady Irish basketball program honored their 4
seniors - Abby MacGill, Kristen Linenberg, Tammy Trexler, and Michelle Roberson, and
their parents. These young ladies have represented Cathedral High School quite well over the
past 4 years.     Their work ethic, leadership, commitment, and dedication have been
commendable. The Lady Irish broke open a close game by outscoring the Woodmen 21-14 in
the 2nd quarter. Michelle Roberson and Adrienne Sahm combined for 16 of the team's 21
points in the 2nd quarter. Late in the game the Woodmen made another run to close the gap to 5
points, but Sahm and Roberson hit crucial free throws down the stretch to seal the victory.
Overall the Lady Irish knocked down 19-27 free throws in the contest to preserve the win. The
JV and Varsity teams will travel to Arsenal Tech this Saturday, Feb. 2nd to face the Titans. The
 JV will tipoff at noon with the Varsity following at 1:30 pm. Good luck Lady Irish!

 Freshman Basketball-

The girls' freshman basketball team participated in the 2008 Girls' Basketball Freshman City Invitational
Tournament this past Saturday, Jan. 26th @ Bishop Chatard High School. In the first-round of play, the
Irish defeated Northwest 31-17. Megan Tsangaris jump started the Irish with her timely outside shooting
early in the contest. The Lady Irish were then defeated by Heritage Christian in a hard-fought contest.
With the game tied at 25-all with 2 minutes to play, the Lady Irish were unable to capitalize offensively,
and the Eagles sank key free throws in the closing minute to defeat the Irish 31-25. Emily Preston
scored 12 points and pulled down 8 rebounds in the game. Our 10-7 Freshman Lady Irish will close out
its season next Monday, Feb. 4th against Bishop Chatard.

The boys' freshman basketball team improved its record to 10-2 with victories over Warren Central and
Northwest last week. In the Warren Central game, the Irish pulled off an exciting win down the stretch.
With the game tied 36-all and the clock winding down, Nick Perry found wide open Brooks Butler who
hit a 6 foot jumper in the lane with 3 seconds to play to defeat the Warriors 38-36. Henry Will also
provided a key basket and block in the final minute of play. The Irish displayed great offensive balance in
the contest behind Brooks Butler's nine points while Will, Perry, and Andrew Deering also contributed 8
points each. Against the Northwest, the Fighting Irish trailed by 10 points at the end of 3 quarters, but
outscored the Space Pioneers 20-7 in the final quarter to earn a well-deserved 40-37 victory. Henry Will
and Brooks Butler combined for 14 of the team's 20 4th quarter points. Henry Will led all scorers with
22 points in the contest. The freshman boys' will host Cardinal Ritter on Monday, Jan. 28th @ 4:30 pm in
the Auxiliary gym. Best of luck!

Co-Ed Varsity Swimming-

Our co-ed Varsity swimming and diving teams participated in a dual meet with Danville on
Thursday evening, Jan. 24th. The girls' team soundly defeated the Warriors 119-64, while the
boys' team suffered a close defeat 96-83. The boys' team will wind down its season with its last
regular season meet next Wednesday, Jan. 30th at Kokomo High School @ 5:30 pm. The girls'
team will travel to Franklin Central High School next Thursday, Jan. 31st to participate in the
2008 Sectionals beginning @ 5:30 pm. Best of luck swimmers!

Do we have many Cathedral students participating in athletics? These figures
were recently tabulated by Terry L. Fox to be submitted to the Office of Catholic
Education, but I want to share them with you, also, as an FYI. Remember, these are
just athletic figures. Those of all of our other clubs and programs are in excess of this.

        Baseball – 49                                            Bowling (boys) – 17
        Basketball (girls) – 34                                  Bowling (girls) – 8
        Basketball (boys) – 39                                   Cheerleading – 38
       Cross Country (boys) – 31                           Softball – 31.
       Cross Country (girls) – 77                          Swimming & Diving (boys) – 20
       Football – 187                                      Swimming & Diving (girls) – 34
       Golf (boys) – 21                                    Tennis (boys) – 31
       Golf (girls) – 17                                   Tennis (girls) – 43
       Hockey – 18                                         Track (boys) – 62
       Lacrosse (boys) – 91                                Track (girls) – 48
       Lacrosse (girls) – 51                               Volleyball (boys) – 33
       Rugby – 34,                                         Volleyball (girls) – 41
       Soccer (boys) – 51                                  Wrestling – 32
       Soccer (girls) – 41
Total = 1179 athletes (some participate in more than one sport per year)

Cheerleading dates (for your information):
    Cheerleading at National Competition: February 7th – 11th
    Clinic for try-outs – Monday, April 21; Tuesday, April 22; Thursday, April 24
    Try-outs – Sunday, April 27th.

Lady Irish Lacrosse Tryouts:
    Sunday, February 10th at 2:30 at Cathedral
    Tuesday., February 12th in the Cathedral Auxiliary gym 6-8 pm
    Wednesday, February 13th in the Cathedral Auxiliary gym 6-8 pm
   All are welcome. Please make sure that you have your physical and HIPA form on file
   before tryouts. Please dress for the weather on Sunday, you will be outside, gym shoes and
   cleats. Bring gym shoes to Tuesday and Wednesday, along with a lacrosse stick, goggles and
   a mouth guard.
    If you have any questions please call, Angelina Nicholson 826-2550 or e-mail

Here are the scores for the Cathedral Chatard Hockey Club in its games this past weekend:
    Friday, January 25 - Talawanda (OH) High School 4 CCHC 0
    Sunday, January 27 - CCHC 5 Perry South Stars 5
Here are the games for this coming weekend:
    Friday, February 1, 9:30pm CCHC vs. Park Tudor at Fishers Ice Rink
    Saturday, February 2, 9:15pm CCHC vs. Carmel Gold at Carmel Ice Rink
Hockey Club's plans for its Senior Night. On Friday, February 22, CCHC will honor its
graduating seniors (from Cathedral, Bobby Arthur, Scott Burgess, Stanley Swithers, and
Matt Weghorst, and from Bishop Chatard, Peter Shockley).
 Senior Night ceremonies begin at 7:30pm at Fishers Ice Rink, followed at 8:00pm by the
   Blues' game against Brebeuf Jesuit.
 After the game, all students of Cathedral High School and Bishop Chatard High School
   will be welcome to skate FREE (not including skate rental) from 9:30 to 11:00pm on the
   Fishers ice. We hope all students from both schools will join us to celebrate our seniors, see
   some exciting hockey, and enjoy the fun of ice skating.
Come and support your Cathedral-Chatard Hockey team!

Smart Quote: Will Rogers said "Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you
                  just sit there."

Prayers are requested:
 Prayers are needed for Michael Treinen, 19 years old, who has a reoccurrence of his leukemia.
    Please pray for Michael and his family (friends of Kevin Bowen and family) as he continues to fight this
   disease; (1/29)
 For healing for Joey Chamness (11 years old from St. Thomas Aquinas School), who had surgery this
   morning and is the brother of Charles Chamness (9th); 1/28)
 For Jane Redmond for healing. She is a good friend of Fred Evans (’61); (1/28)
 For Allison Yarbrough (’06), recovering from eye surgery and awaiting more surgeries ~ may her eyes
   heal and her sight be fine; (1/28)
 For a return to good health for Archbishop Buechlein; (1/24)
 For the repose of the soul of Guy Reardon, great-grandmother of Erin Reardon (’98) of the Enrollment
   Office ~ may she rest in peace; (1/23)
 For healing for two good friends of Judy and Harry Rail who have just been diagnosed with cancer;
 For recovery from surgery for Joy Lynn George, summer school teacher, mother of Kevin (’01) and
   Karen (’05) George; (1/22)
 For repose of the soul of Bernard French, grandfather of Stephen (9th) and Michael (11th) French ~
   may he rest in peace; (1/22)
 For healing for Will Dombrovske, grandfather of Michael (’00) and Matt (’06) Hughes, as he continues
   to recover from a stroke and heart attack, and for the boys’ grandmother, Rita, who is his caregiver;
 For repose of the soul of Irma Mick, great aunt of Emily Mick (10) ~ may she rest in peace; (1/17)
 For patience and healing for Rick Fay, father of Lex Fay (‘06), who is recovering from a stroke and
   learning to speak again; (1/15)
 For the repose of the soul of Kim Bellamy, sister of Coach Sherm Williams ~ may she rest in peace;
 For the repose of the soul of Don Barton, husband of Marilyn (long-time teacher at St. Michael’s in
   Indianapolis, ~ may he rest in peace; (1/14)
 For healing for William Whittemore, father-in-law of maintenance man Larry Ison, who is back in the
   hospital for health concerns; (1/7)
 In thanksgiving for the life of Owen Adam Greer, son of Adam Greer (’96) and his wife, Michelle, and
   grandson of Tom and Maureen Greer; (1-3)
 The Brothers of Holy Cross have asked for our prayers - Please pray for peace for the people of
   Kenya, and for the safety of our Holy Cross brothers who live and minister there; (1/2)
 Pray for healing for Mrs. Ella Suggs, mother of Randall Suggs (12th) as she continues her fight with
   cancer; (1/2)
 For healing for Chase Redding (10 years old), younger brother of J.R. Redding (9th), who has primary
   immune deficiency and a deep-seated infection and dysphasia; (1/2)
 For those who serve our country:
    For Doug Ausenbaugh ’07, who has completed his basic training and can now focus on school at
        the US Military Academy at West Point;
    For David Vogelgesang ('00) who is a Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy and is a Navy
        helicopter pilot and is shipping out on the USS Princeton next week;

      For Alexis Vogalgesang, wife of David (above), 1st Lieutenant in the Marine Corps, who left with
       her unit for Iraq and who will be stationed near Fallujah;
      For Ben Low, nephew of teacher/coach Rhonda Low, who is serving his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq;
      For Curtis Worthy (’97), shipping out to Iraq;
      Fred Evans (’61) asks for prayers for his nephew, Christopher Fullen, who is now serving in
       Balad, north of Baghdad;
      For Dan Hess ’07, who has graduated from basic training and is beginning his classroom
       education at the US Air Force Academy;
      for USAF’s Staff Sgt. Michael Grable, who has returned from Iraq and is the nephew of Sister
       Mary Ann Stewart – he continues to serve in Colorado;
      for Craig Thedwall (’99), who is studying for the JAG Corps in Washington, DC;
      for Scott Thompson, brother of teacher Brad, who is currently serving at the Army’s Fort Bliss in
       El Paso, TX.;
      For Lt. Ron Kubacki, US Army, recently stationed in Iraq, who is a cousin of teacher Kevin
      For Alek Cholewa ' 03, with the Marines in Iraq;
      for Ens. Jamie Lupo, ’02, ended her first deployment and is in the States for a while, before she
       rejoins the USS Roosevelts again;
      in thanksgiving for the safe return of US Army’s Michael O'Connor ('01), who returned from Iraq;
      for Jennifer Guimont, sister to Michael Guimont (’06), USAF serving in Japan;
      For Mike Baker (’00), Private First Class, United States Army Reserves, still serving within the
      For Justin Mason (’05), a student at the Air Force Academy (Class of ’09) who is doing well;
      Please continue to pray for all of our soldiers, deployed or at home;
      and for all who protect us – soldiers, sailors, firefighters, police forces, and parents.

Today, Wednesday, January 30th our faculty, staff, and administration when in many directions.
While a few of our staff remained on campus taking care of freshmen (and a few sophomores) as
they took the PLAN test, the large majority went to six different sites, providing assistance for
the needy. The largest number of us volunteered at the 3rd Annual Indy Homeless Connect in the
Convention Center providing services for the homeless in Indianapolis. Services that will be
provided are cleanliness services (hair wash and cut, bathing options, legal assistance, aid in
finding permanent housing, medical assistance, job interview assistance and skill-building.

As Christians, we are called to reach out to the needy. There is a song I love which was done by
John Michael Talbot, entitled the “Prayer of St. Theresa,” which has words which are so
meaningful for me and which share our call to service.
      Christ has no body now but yours
      No hands, no feet on earth but yours
      Yours are the eyes through which He looks
      Compassion on this world
      Yours are the feet with which He walks to do good
      Yours are the hands with which He blesses all the world.

       Yours are the hands
       Yours are the feet

       Yours are the eyes
       You are His body
       Christ has no body now on earth but yours.

We had asked our students to use this day as a service day, too, so I am sure many of them also
“walked Jesus’ path” with us today.

God bless you!

David L. Worland
Cathedral High School


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