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					 Dream Foundation Newsletter                                                          Volume 13, Spring 2008

                                                                                                       So Honored
                                                                                                       Dream Foundation
                                                                                                       recently received the
                                                                                                       Independent Charities
                                                                                                       of America (ICA) Seal of
                                                                                                        Excellence. The award
                                                                                                        goes to members of ICA
                                                                                                        and Local Independent
                                                                                                         Charities of America
                                                                                      that have, upon rigorous independent
                                                                                      review, been able to certify, document,
                                                                                      and demonstrate on an annual basis that
                                                                                      they meet the highest standards of public
                                                                                      accountability, program effectiveness,
                                                                                      and cost effectiveness. These standards
                                                                                      include those required by the U.S.
                                                                                      government for inclusion in the Combined
                                                                                      Federal Campaign, probably the most
                                                                                      exclusive fund drive in the world. Of the
                                                                                      1,000,000 charities operating in the U.S.
                                                                                      today, estimates conclude that fewer than
                                                                                      50,000 or five percent, meet or exceed

California Dreamin’                                                                   these standards. Of those, fewer than
                                                                                      2,000 have been awarded this seal.

Kalena, 39, lives in Austin, TX, with her husband Rick and her two-year-old           Our mission is to enhance the quality of
daughter. Last summer, the diagnosis of breast cancer came with news that             life of individuals and families battling
it had metastasized to her bones, lung, liver, and spine. Kalena views the            life-limiting illness.
diagnosis as a wake-up call to reach for joy each and every day, and her
attitude inspires all who know her.                                                   In this Issue
                                                                                      From the Founder                            2
In August, Kalena wrote to us. “She writes on a piece of paper what she
                                                                                      Dreams Come True                            3
wants, and her wish is granted,” says her husband Rick. “That’s the
kind of magic we’re focusing on.” They’re also looking to the magic of                Fundraising                                 10
Disneyland to bring a respite from illness and a smile to their little girl’s face.   Volunteering                                13
Since Kalena and Rick once lived in Los Angeles, the trip would also give             Above & Beyond                              14
them a chance to visit old friends and the beach where they were married.             Organization News                           16
Kalena and her family made the trip to California in October. Thanks to Lina          List of Donors                              18
Zapata of Odyssey HealthCare of Austin, Marshall Weinstein at Ramada
Maingate for the discounted accommodations and Aja Stone at Disneyland                  Don’t miss Upcoming Events on page 10
Compassion Program for three donated park passes to help us share the magic.

                                    Because adults have wishes too…
From the Heart . . .
                                            A Message From Our Founder
My friend Marie passed away today.                                  Mothers that I meet often tell me the same thing: That
She was the mother of my close friend                               the dreams we fulfill for moms, especially those with young
Sue, and mother-in-law of our Finance                               children, touch them most profoundly. They seem to speak
Manager of ten years, Cindy Hellriegel.                             in a single voice on the subject. Mothers, it seems, have a
Marie was soft-spoken, mindful, and                                 universal fear of leaving their children to face the world
loved to read. The only time she ever                               without them.
complained was if you tried to do too
                                                                    As you’re honoring the special women in your life this
much for her. When she’d had enough,
                                                                    Mother’s Day, please take a moment to consider the plight
she let you know. She gave much and
                                            of the moms who come to us for help. Somewhere amid the steady regimen of
asked for, well, nothing.
                                            doctors, medicines, treatment schedules, and financial worries, those with young
Marie spent many years volunteering         children must also prepare their kids to carry on without them. They must pack
for Dream Foundation before “retiring”      a lifetime of love and wisdom into whatever time they have left.
at the age of 80. No reason in particu-
                                            My own mother was hospitalized with advanced MS within my first year of life, and
lar. She just decided at 80 she should
                                            passed away when I was only 11. Yet my mother has remained a strong force in my
retire. Guess she’d had enough.
                                            life. The memory of her unconditional love guides me still. My mother taught me by
                        I visited Marie     example about giving — a legacy kept alive by photographs and my father’s stories.
                        just three days
                                            Last year, nearly half of the 1,187 dreams we fulfilled were for mothers. Some had
                        before she
                                            children who were grown. Some had toddlers at home. We’re proud to play even a
                        passed away.
                                            small role in supporting these women and the families who love them.
                        She was at Sue’s
                        house, looking      Of course without you, we could not fulfill the dreams of mothers — or fathers,
                        out the window      grandparents, brothers, sisters, or friends, for that matter. In this, our first newsletter
                        at the beautiful    of 2008, I’m happy to report that in 2007, Dream Foundation just made its budget,
spring garden on a sunny day. That          meaning that no qualified family was denied a final wish. Raising the money needed
was my last visual memory of Marie—         to fund dreams is never easy. Since we do not rely on federal money, we have
content and comfortable in a beloved        to depend on the generosity of individuals. Each year we worry about meeting the
daughter’s care. And that is how she        needs of our families, and each year our donors step up to provide for those we serve.
passed.                                     As the country braces itself for a challenging future, we know all too well that
Marie had a “good death.” Her family        raising funds for our important work takes on challenging new dimensions. Yet this
could afford to be at her side. Her         is precisely when dream recipients need us most. Devastated by medical bills and
wishes could be met. She did not worry      unable to work, the individuals we serve are hit hardest by economic downturns.
about anything. Sadly, for many others,     At times, even the humblest of dreams — a happy family outing, a comfortable bed,
this is not the case. Last week I visited   an airline ticket home — are simply out of reach.
Rosa, who worried she’d be at work          This Mother’s Day, as you pay tribute to someone you love, you can also bring comfort
when her husband passed away,               and hope to fragile lives. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Dream
because she had to pay the rent.            Foundation in honor or memory of a special person in your life. By doing so, you will
This story is all too familiar to us.       help make many more dreams come true.
We cannot help everyone, but with           From the Heart,
your generosity, we can make a
difference in the quality of those
last days. –T.R.
                                            Thomas W. Rollerson
                                                                    Dreams Come True . . .
                                                                                          We Get Letters

                                                                                          “We can’t overstate the value of
                                                                                           the experience as an emotional
                                                                                           one and as a source of pride for
                                                                                           Kelly’s family and friends. With-
                                                                                           out the efforts of so many caring
                                                                                           people at Dream Foundation,
                                                                                           Kelly would never have had
                                                                                           such satisfaction.”
                                                                                              Paul and Connie, family of Dream
                                                                                              Recipient, Kelly, of Ojai, CA, who
                                                                                              wanted an exhibit of her artwork

Play Date
At 26, Shannon, of Palmer, MA, is a mom with four children, all under the age of          A Family Affair
5. She’s also losing her battle with brain cancer. She wished for a day filled with fun
                                                                                          For eight years, Ann, 49, of Roscoe, IL,
for her kids—a day that would create a lasting memory. She asked for our help
                                                                                          had battled ovarian cancer. She dreamed
putting together a carnival—one that included a Disneylike character—for the
                                                                                          of taking a family trip to the Wisconsin
whole family. Her aunt’s home became the carnival grounds, complete with pony
                                                                                                                      Dells, where
rides, a bouncy house, face painting, magician, and a singing Snow White. The 25
                                                                                                                      she had
guests enjoyed hot dogs, cotton candy and carnival-themed cupcakes. Special
                                                                                                                      vacationed in
thanks to Odyssey HealthCare of Boston chaplain and Dream Host Donna
                                                                                                                      better times
Tetreault, Lisa Watts of Cold Spring Events, KEC Party Rentals, Michael Linton
                                                                                                                      with her three
of Michael’s Party Rentals, Tani Dugger of Insight Photography, Magician
                                                                                                                      children: Alli-
Jonas Toutant, Bobbie McAvoy of Amazing Balloon Decor, Tracy Peloquin
                                                                                                                      son, 16, Ian,
of Tracy’s Creative Cakes, and Armand Hart of Urban Circus Events.
                                                                                                                      14, and Colin,
                                                                                                                      12. But
                                                                                          medical bills made a trip impossible.
Cue the Music                                                                             Dream Foundation provided funds for
Anna, 94, from Lehigh Acres, FL,                                                          an eight-person cabin. Ann watched as
was diagnosed with heart disease                                                          her children enjoyed the resort’s water
and dementia. Anna is most happy                                                          park, spent time strengthening ties, and
and alert during her sessions with the                                                    built memories to last a lifetime. The
music therapist. Her wish was to get                                                      folks back home at Boylan Catholic
a Q Chord instrument herself, so she                                                      High School, where two of Ann’s children
could make music between visits.                                                          attend, were so moved, that they threw
She wanted to also brighten the days                                                      a fundraiser for Dream Foundation.
of her daughter and son-in-law, her                                                       Fifty-nine additional donors from her
primary caregivers, with music. We                                                        community made generous contribu-
delivered a lap blanket, lovingly made by Anne Steele, along with the instrument.         tions in Ann’s memory as well, to help
Now Anna takes delight in playing her Q Chord anytime she wants.                          us grant ever-more dreams like Ann’s.

                                                                                                                             PAGE 3
Dreams Come True . . .
Still Connecting
Rodolfo, 80, lives                         Diamond Day
in Kansas City, MO.
Despite his lung                           At 21, Daniel was in hospice care in
cancer, Rodolfo has                        Payson, AZ, facing end-stage renal and
worked hard to                             liver failure and uncontrolled diabetes.
research his family                        Along with his own painful disease
history, one that he                       process, he was grieving his mother’s
has traced back to Martin Pinzon, who      terminal illness, and his father’s recent
captained the Nina, part of Christopher    passing. His dream? To see an Arizona
Columbus’ fleet. But as his illness        Diamondback baseball game and meet
progressed, he could no longer make        Randy Johnson. Dream Hosts Tom
trips to the library to conduct his        O’Grady and Heidi McClaflin gave
research. He asked Dream Foundation        Daniel an ice chest filled with binoculars, shirts, hats, and camera to prepare for
for a laptop computer and printer so       the game. At batting practice, Daniel met Randy, who gave Daniel an autographed
that he could complete his project. We     pair of his custom Nikes. Daniel later wrote to us, saying, “Thank you doesn’t
granted his request. Now Rodolfo can       seem like enough. I was thrilled to be chosen to go to the ball game,
hand down a treasured genealogy            but I sure didn’t expect the five-star treatment. And meeting Randy
to his family.                             Johnson was the best thing that ever happened in my life.” Special
                                           thanks to Dream Captains Catherine and Adam Kolodin, Tara Trazinski for the
                                           tickets, and Randy Johnson.

Drumming up
Los Angeles resident, 88-year-old
Jesus, has an aortic aneurysm. Years                                                         Broadway Bound
ago Jesus played piano and saxophone                                                        “One year ago, Jackie lost the
in a combo group with his wife Beatrice,                                                    strength to hold a coffee cup in her
who played drums. With their seventieth                                                     hand, but she still holds her head
wedding anniversary approaching,                                                            high,” begins an article in the Marietta
Jesus longed to see his wife play drums                                                     Daily Journal about 61-year-old
once again. L.A. Percussion Rentals                                                         Jacqueline. The Atlanta resident,
generously discounted the rental,                                                           a cancer survivor, now faced her
                   delivery, and setup                                                      greatest challenge: ALS. Once a
                   of a drum set to a      pianist and aspiring opera singer, Jacqueline longed to visit New York City to see
                   party being hosted      a Broadway play, especially The Color Purple. Jackie’s in-home nurse, Cynthia
                   by church friends       Walcott, and daughters Andrea and Kim joined Jackie for her trip to the Big Apple,
                   in their honor. The     where she saw the show, met the cast, and made brilliant memories of the bright
                   entire family arrived   lights, big city, and Broadway. Special thanks to Robyn Stecher for donating four
                   from Arizona to         tickets to the show, Holiday Inn for four nights’ lodgings, and Dream Captain
                   surprise the happy      Joey Wauters.
couple. Everyone gathered around to
reminisce, watch Beatrice drum some        “Just having the time away made her heart sing, and made my
familiar rhythms, and celebrate 70         sister and me feel like we’d done something extraordinary, like
years of marriage.                         our mommy deserves.”

                                                                   Dreams Come True . . .

                                                                                        A Storybook Day
                                                                                        Mary, age 37, from Decatur, IL, was
                                                                                        diagnosed with small cell lung cancer.
                                                                                        Mary dreamed of a vacation at Walt
                                                                                        Disney World for a long time. With
                                                                                        the help of Compassion Partners and
Sea of Love                                                                             Memories of Love, we sent Mary,
                                                                                        her husband, and three daughters
Nanci, 65, of Nashville, TN, was battling brain cancer when her longtime friend,        to Orlando, where they loved every
Dan, wrote to us about her lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins. He was             minute at Disney World, Universal
so committed to getting her to Florida that he donated 50,000 air miles to help         Studios and SeaWorld. After the trip,
facilitate the dream. We sent Nanci and her friend, Kim, a breast cancer survivor,      Mary wrote to us, saying:
to Orlando for this once-in-a lifetime dream. The Residence Inn generously
donated rooms for their stay. They visited SeaWorld on the first day and Discovery      “Thank you so much for our
Cove on day two, where they fulfilled her dream of swimming with dolphins.              dream vacation. The airplane
We provided Kim with a dolphin swim as well so they could enjoy the experience          trip was so awesome—it was the
together. They had the time of their lives and continually refer to it as “magic.”      first time for all of us. We made
Upon Nanci’s return home, she and her dear friend, Dan, were married.                   many good memories.”

                                                                                             Your Help is
                                                                                          Urgently Needed!
The Music Man                                                                           At press time Dream Foundation has
Eighteen-year-old Luis, from El Paso, TX, was                                           120 dreams in progress and a zero
losing his battle with Duchenne’s disease. As                                           balance in our airline miles accounts!
Luis’ strength waned, his world narrowed to                                             In 2007 we used nearly 8.5-million
just his room, where he took refuge in music.                                           donated airline miles to help people
His mother wrote to us, saying:                                                         return home one last time, create
                                                                                        happy memories for children on a
“To fill that room with music is a dream that Luis could not even                       family trip, or reunite loved ones to
have imagined before we learned about your organization.”                               say goodbye. We need your miles!
Upon receiving his request, we contacted Dream Foundation supporters in the             Please consider donating your airline
music industry for help. They responded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. For             miles to help us make dreams come
weeks, Luis received daily packages brimming with CDs, some signed by the artists       true. Contact Cindy Hellreigel at
themselves. But the generosity went on to include autographed posters, iPods,           (805) 564-2131, ext 105 or donate
iTunes gift cards, guitars, a keyboard, and an external hard drive for his music from   online through the airlines’ websites
Thad’s Episcopal Mission Station in Culver City. A special thanks to the more           or www.dreamfoundation.org.
than 58 generous donors for filling Luis’ days with song.                               Please help give flight to a dream.

                                                                                                                        PAGE 5
Dreams Come True . . .

                                         A Date with
                                         Ken, a 53-year-old husband,
                                         father, and kidney-cancer pa-
                                         tient lives in Boise, ID. He had
                                         long dreamed of taking his
Spin Doctors                             nine children and three grand-
                                         children to Disneyland in Cali-
Danny, a 57-year-old from San Diego,
                                         fornia. He told us he wanted to
CA, was waging a battle with lung
                                         see the smiles on the faces of
disease when his social worker wrote
                                         the little girls when they met their first “princess.” Once we made all the provisions,
to us. She said that his family needed
                                         the family decorated a van with slogans, and away they went. At Disneyland, the three
to laugh. So, she explained, Danny
                                         granddaughters got princess gowns and the whole family ate lunch with Belle, Snow
thought going to a Harlem Globetrot-
                                         White, and Cinderella. Ken loved being surrounded by a bounty of royal beauty and
ters game would be the perfect outing.
                                         brilliant smiles! A special thank you to Disney’s Compassion Program for the park
The Globetrotters graciously answered
                                         passes, and the Ramada Maingate Hotel, whose consistent generosity in donating
our request with five donated tickets
                                         partial lodging costs allows us to make these dreams a reality.
for Danny, his wife, Ruth, and their
three daughters, Natasha, Tiffany, and
Felicia. We provided funds for a nice    Game Day
pregame lunch as well. Afterward, Ruth
                                         Rob, a 31-year-old with brain cancer living in Providence, RI, dreamed of meeting
wrote to us, saying, “This really
                                         Boston Red Sox pitcher Hideki Okajima and seeing a game at Fenway Park. A
brought a smile to Danny’s face.”
                                         support network of doctors, nurses, and caregivers joined us to do everything they
                                                                                           could to make it happen. His oc-
                                                                                           cupational therapist, Lauren Fre-
     Join the                                                                              itas, secured a donated van with
                                                                                           an EMT as a driver. Lauren and
  Dream Network                                                                            her mother Marian, an RN, ac-
                                                                                           companied Rob, his mother Ann,
As you can see from Rob, Danny, and
                                                                                           and brother Joe, to the game to
Daniel’s dreams in this newsletter,
                                                                                           monitor him and give care. We
Dream Foundation gets many
                                                                                           arranged for Rob to meet Hideki
requests for sports-related dreams
                                                                                           Okajima, who gave him personal
every year. We make every effort to
                                                                                           gifts, held his hand, and through
make these dreams come true, but we
                                                                                           his Japanese interpreter, told him
need your help! If you, your company,
                                         he would pray for him. Then Manny Ramirez and other players stopped by to
or someone you know, has sports
                                         meet Rob. Afterward, Rob watched batting practice and the game. He ate hot dogs
contacts, please consider becoming
                                         and even had permission from his doctor to have a beer! Lauren later wrote to us,
a member of our Dream Network to
                                         saying, “Thank you for your effort and compassion. He has since
help make dreams come true. Contact
our Resource & In-Kind Manager,
                                         passed, but his family expressed so much joy at being part of Rob’s
Jackie Waddill, at (805) 564-2131
                                         day at Fenway.”
to find out how!                         Special thanks to Louis Parente, Gary Reis, and Vanessa Leyvas for making it a
                                         grand-slam day.
                                                                 Dreams Come True . . .
The King and I                                                                       We Get Letters
David, 47, was living with lung cancer in Ashland, OR, when we learned of his
dearest wish: to visit Graceland. David had been an Elvis Presley fan since he was   “For one day, she was able to
a toddler. David and Debbie Gerszewski generously adopted his dream, one that         focus on something other than
would involve a road trip with his wife, his niece Kimberley, and her husband         her struggle with breast cancer.
Brent. Dream Captain Barbara Klindenest or-                                           She was amazed at the kindness
chestrated the dream, which began with                                                of others toward her.”
a surprise phone call from Priscilla Presley.
                                                                                        Sister of Dream Recipient, Edna,
He enjoyed the call and told us that Priscilla
                                                                                        of Russellville, AR, who had a
quizzed him on his knowledge of Elvis’ music.
                                                                                        Mother’s Day brunch with her
(He passed with flying colors!) In Memphis,
                                                                                        children and grandchild on the
they stayed at The Heartbeak Hotel and re-
                                                                                        Arkansas Queen riverboat
ceived a VIP tour of Graceland and other Elvis-
related attractions. David’s wife, Kim,
later told us “To be where his idol once lived
was a dream come true.” Special thanks to Café 51 and Café Marie for generously
                                                                                     “By granting my dad’s wish, you
donating dinners for four, and to Priscilla Presley and Peggy Savage for adding
                                                                                      made us all aware of the good
a special highlight to David’s dream.
                                                                                      and kindness that exists in
                                                                                      humans. There are not enough
                                                                                      words to say thank you for all
                                                                                      that you have done. You made
                                                                                      it possible for him to say “I love
                                                                                      you” in person one last time.”
                                                                                        Daughter of Dream Recipient,
                                       Rocky Mountain High                              Frank, Warwick, NY, who dreamed
                                                                                        of seeing his granddaughter to
                                     Vickie, from East Prairie, MO, was 51 and          say goodbye
                                     battling pancreatic cancer. Vicki wanted
                                     to see “God’s country,” the Colorado
                                     mountains. She felt that seeing them again
                                     would give her a preview of heaven. So          “There are no words to express
                                     we sent Vickie and her sister LeeAnn to          our appreciation for making our
                                     Steamboat, CO, where they took in the            sister’s dream come true. We
                                     scenery and enjoyed time together during         were thrilled to be reunited. We
                                     numerous activities, including hot-air           had a wonderful time and even
                                     ballooning. They told us that they laughed       sang together the way we used
                                     and cried, and then laugh and cried some         to. There was hilarious laughter
                                     more. Special thanks to our donors: Leslie       as we reminisced. Doris’ spirits
                                     Knutson of Steamboat for the lodgings,           were uplifted tremendously. We
                                     Bobby O’Toole of Alpine Taxi for shuttle         shall never forget the way you
                                     service, Ian and Shelley Cox of Wild             make wishes come true.”
                                     West Balloon Adventures for the balloon            Lillie and Beverly, sisters of Dream
ride, Susanne Bostrom of Alpine Floral for cheerful flower bouquets, Sherry             Recipient, Doris, of Brea, CA, who
Gibson of Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. for a gondola ride and Sunday brunch,            longed to see her sisters

Dream Captain Nancy Taylor, and Dream Hosts Matthew McLaughlin and
Chris Lohman.
                                                                                                                       PAGE 7
Dreams Come True . . .
In Memory of . . .
This list represents the members of
                                                                                                The Royal
our Dream Family who, we have been                                                              Treatment
notified, have passed since our last
newsletter. We are honored to have                                                               Clyde, an 83-year-old from
been entrusted with their final dreams.                                                          Hartwell, GA, takes great pride
                                                                                                 in looking pretty, from styled
      Rosella Allen • Anna E. Allen •                                                            hair to manicured nails. Before
  Rosemarie Alston • Debra Anderson
   • Janna R. Aucoin • William Balduc                                                            her heart disease progressed,
   • Danita Ballew • Richard Bartolo •                                                           she wanted to share a spa day
  Adam G. Beebe • Mary Lou Benson                                                                with her daughter, Joan, and
   • Ernst Best • Kevin Blakey-Cooper                                                            fellow hospice patient and
  • Joyce Bledsoe • Edna Bocksnick •
                                           roommate, Anna. In preparation for their trip to the Evergreen Day Spa in Anderson,
      Vickie L. Bohannon • Jennifer
   Bowker • Ronald Butz • Letha Mae        South Carolina, Brian Carrington and Kerry Russell of Odyssey HealthCare of
      Byrom • Donald Callies • Troy        Athens brought flowers and a camera to lock in the memories. Spa owner Myrna
     Campbell • Robert Carnevale •         Ryter graciously donated one full spa day and rolled out the red carpet, treating
  Calvin Carroll • John Carter • Sarah
                                           them all like queens-for-a-day. Joan summed up the experience, saying, “It
  Carter • Antonio C. Castro • Dwight
    Chamberlain • Jessica Cisneros •       was very cold in Anderson that (November) day, but the reception
    Gloria Clark • Elizabeth Colleran •    couldn’t have been warmer.”
    Traci Lynn Cooke • Janice Curry •
  Dianna Dang • Francis Davis • Lloyd      Thank you Myrna Ryter, and Secret Garden Flowers & Gifts for donating
  Davis • David Dicaire • Carol Dollar     bouquets of flowers.
    • Valorie “Gwen” Eades • Jackie
    Erwin • Yolanda Escudero • Dawn
  Field • Michael Fizer • Sarah E. Flint
   • Melinda “Mindy” Foltz • Kather-
   ine Fulkerson • Colleen Gallaspy •
                                           Friends in High Places
     Dolores A. Gans • Rosa Garcia •       Sandra, 58, of Portland, OR, was battling
  Heather Gardner • Douglas Garey •
    Richard Geissinger • Eva Gerry •       lung cancer when she contacted Dream
  Barbara Giddens • Mary R. Gillespie      Foundation. She told us she dreamed of
  • William Glover • Karen Gosselin •      looking down on the “patchwork quilt
   Teresa Gray • Leslie “Gene” Green       of earth” from the sky. Enter Bob Johnson,
      • Michael A. Griffin • Deborah
                                           a private pilot with a huge heart. Bob
    Grunden • Glenda Gunn • Daniel
      Gurd • Marylin Haag • James          offered to take Sandra in his Cessna for
   Hague • Zeffie Hall • Ernest Hamm        a sightseeing tour above Portland and
       Sr. • William Harris • Bethany      the Pacific Coast before landing in Salem,
   Hartung • James Hause • Marjorie
                                           where she’d receive a red-carpet arrival
    Haynes • Ricky Dean Herigstad •
    Socorro Herrera • Stephen Hird •       and brunch. Bob and his wife Joan
  Diane Hoefle • Lashaundra Howze •         arranged for special touches like flowers
       Gemma I. Huber • Shawn E.           and a keepsake vase. After lunch, Sandra, Bob, Joan, and Sandra’s daughter,
      Huggins • Lee Irvine • Leilani       Deanne, flew back, before Bob drove them home. Thank you to the Johnsons for
     Jackson • Dennis James • Julie
  Johnson • Marshall Johnson • David
                                           their incredible generosity and to Johnny Meek of JMI Limo Service for delivering
    Bruce Jorgensen • Shirley Kelly •      Sandra to her high-flying adventure in style. The Johnsons were so moved by this,
     Ann Kenny • Kenneth L. King •         their first, dream experience, they later told us, “If you ever need anything
   James E. King • Polly King • James      for another dream…we want to do this again!”
     T. Koon Sr. • John Labossiere •
  Colleen A. Laprad • Cheryl Larranga      Special thanks to Nancy Taylor of Odyssey HealthCare of Denver who helped
                                           make all of this happen as Sandra’s Dream Captain.
                                                                    Dreams Come True . . .
                                                                                     In Memory of (cont.). . .
                                                                                       • Eric L. Larson • Edward A. Lema •
                                                                                          Charles “Cracker” Long • Irma
                                                                                       Lopez • Christine “Tina” Lovelady •
                                                                                         Armand Lucardie • Rick Luchini •
                                                                                          Amalia Macias-Sanchez • Pepe
                                                                                       Maiava • Cristina M. Manieri • Alma
                                                                                          Martinez • Alma Martinez • Ana
                                                                                        Maria Martinez • Frank Martone •
                                                                                         Sherri Mayer • Naomi McBride •
                                                                                        Linda McCabe • Patrick McGraw •
                                                                                       Ellen McLaughlin • Rufino Mejia-Ve-
                                                                                        lasquez • Virginia Mincieli • Diane
                                                                                       Mitchell • James Mitchell • Michael
                                                                                       Moore • Monica Navarrette Estrada
                                                                                            • Michael Odermatt • Mark
                                                                                            Okesson • Patricia Palcich •
                                                                                          Kenneth Parker • Joel Parker •
                                                                                       Andrew Parms • Frank Perez • Marc
A Special Tribute…                                                                       Perry • Paul Perry • Carl Pinsky •
                                                                                           Elizabeth “Betti” Power • Rick
It’s in the nature of our work at Dream Foundation to prepare ourselves for the          Ragon • Robert Randall • Victoria
passing of those we serve. Simply put, it goes with the territory. We accept the          Rathsman • Roy Reeves • Anita
loss of individuals we’ve grown to love and admire because we must. If we                   Reinig • Barbara Reinstein •
                                                                                         Kenneth Rich • Juan Rodriguez •
didn’t, we couldn’t be of service to the next dream recipient. And the next.            Kathy Roen • Kenyon Rosenberg •
But every once in a while, news comes that touches us most profoundly.                 Joe Rubio • Wendy Ruperd • Chad
                                                                                          Sanders • Terri Jo Schlagheck •
February 15, 2008, was just such a day.
                                                                                          Brad Schmidt • Steven Schnur •
Danielle, 38, of Carson City, Nevada was battling colon cancer when we learned         Carolyne B. Schreier • Lisa Schultz •
                                                                                         Roger Schwartz • Daniel Shade •
of her dream to take her mom, Norma, and her two children, Kyra, 11, and
                                                                                          Carol Sheetz • Steve Sheperd •
Mitch, 17, to Disneyland for a family outing. Granting the dream, Norma said,            David Siebrecht • Christopher W.
“Created quite a buzz of excitement and a daily chain of events that lead to joy        Slavin • Shelley M. Smith • Tina M.
and anticipation. Joy has been missing in this home for quite some time.”                  Smith • Verna Smith • Peggy
                                                                                       JoAnne Smitherman • Rita Solinas •
After the trip, Norma told us that Danielle and her children “made                        Alice L. Sorrell • Mary Sparks •
memories that will, for Mitch and Kyra, be with them for a                               Michael V. Talak • Alfred Taylor •
                                                                                        James Vannoy • Andrew Varney •
lifetime. I will be forever grateful for having the pleasure of not
                                                                                       Sariandry Velez Perez • Paola Veras-
only watching, but being a part of, the wonderful time they had                           Mena • Mark S. Wadkins • Lynn
together—playing, being carefree, joyful and happy.”                                   Walgate • Linda K. Walker • Richard
                                                                                         Warren • Carol Watson • Laverne
Two weeks later came unexpected news. Danielle’s 11-year-old daughter, Kyra, had          Weal • Siena Weissleder • Peter
contracted influenza, complicated by pneumonia, and had passed away suddenly.              Weller • Karson Lee Wessels •
                                                                                           Charles Westly Adkins • Susan
By all accounts, Kyra was bright, loving, and courageous in the face of her             White • Phyllis Williams • Nanci W.
mother’s illness. Passionate about acting, Kyra brought joy to audiences,                 Williams • Dorothy M. Wilmot •
classmates, and her family—both on stage and off.                                       Patricia Wingert • Charles Wirth •
                                                                                           Doris Woolweaver • Nikki Ann
We hope that the joy they shared as a family at Disneyland will bring some                     Wooten • Holly Young •
measure of comfort to Kyra’s family as they deal with their loss. Even at the                   Thomas Zimmerman
height of their grief, Norma called us to say thank you. Please join us in wishing
Danielle, Norma, Mitch, and all of her family, friends, and classmates love and         June 1, 2007 – March 31, 2008
comfort in the days ahead.
                                                                                                                       PAGE 9
Fundraising. . .
Upcoming Events                         Dream Foundation Day
                                        at San Francisco Giants
May 17, 2008, 7:00pm
Angel Ball                              September 22, 2007 – Dream Foundation’s San
                                        Francisco/Marin Advisory Board hosted the in-
Join us in New Jersey for this
                                        augural “Dream Foundation Day at the San              Dream Recipient Lynn Walgate with
annual event hosted by Richard,                                                               Jennifer Finnigan before the game.
                                        Francisco Giants” on a beautiful fall evening at
Susan, and Chandler Lutz at their
                                        AT&T Park. The event featured a private, pregame reception at the park with an
stunning private estate. For tickets    exciting raffle, delicious food, and great cheer! Celebrity spokesperson, actress
and information, visit angelball.org    Jennifer Finnigan, along with actress Maeve Quinlan, joined Thomas Rollerson,
                                        event chairperson Mary Ann Casler, and dream recipient Lynn Walgate for
                                        a special home-plate ceremony before the game. We’re grateful for the in-kind
June 26, 2008, 6:00-9:00pm
                                        and financial support of our sponsors: Genentech, New World Library, Pyramid
Los Angeles Dream Makers
                                        Breweries, On Spot Welding, Marin County Roofing, Cork Pops, and Global
Cocktail reception honoring our         Interprint. Their support helped to make it a winning event.
Dream Makers Circle members at
                                        Mark your calendars for Dream Foundation Day at the SF Giants Game: Saturday July 26, 2008!
the home of Diane Warren.
Hors d’oeuvres and entertainment.
                                           If you would like to receive event alerts by email, please
                                             send an email with the subject line “please add me to
July 26, 2008, 6:00pm
Dream Foundation Day at                         your email list” to: sonia@dreamfoundation.org
San Francisco Giants Game
                                             And be sure to visit our website for event details and
Join the Dream Team at AT&T Park
                                                 other ways to support Dream Foundation –
in San Francisco for baseball! Giants
vs. Diamondbacks. A fun event for
the entire family.

                                        Dream Makers Circle Reception,
September 5, 2008,                      Santa Barbara
Kalyra Dream Cup
Golf Tournament                         September 27, 2007 – It was a privilege to honor our Dream
                                        Makers Circle Members at our annual reception, held at
A fabulous day of golf at the Alisal    the Santa Barbara Yacht Club. Many in attendance have been
River Course in Santa Ynez, followed    involved with the organization since its inception, so it was
by a gourmet dinner in the beautiful    particularly poignant to honor those who have consistently
wine country at Kalyra Winery.          supported our mission and believed in the power of dreams.
                                        We are so thankful to Clay Dickens and Julie Main, Santa
                                        Barbara Advisory Committee Chairpersons, and to the Santa
Sept. 25, 2008, 6:00-9:00pm
                                        Barbara Advisory Committee for hosting this event. Special
Santa Barbara Dream Makers              thanks to the event sponsors as well: Community West Bank,
Cocktail reception honoring our         Event of the Season, Michael Erickson, KSL Resorts,
Dream Makers Circle members at          Investec, Bryant & Sons, West Coast Athletic, and
the home of Debbie & Dan Kass.          YESDESIGNGROUP.
Hors d’oeuvres and entertainment.       Top: Members of the planning committee – Julie Main, Debbie Kass, Dan Kass,
                                        Holly Murphy. Middle: Ray and Sunni Thomas, Carole and Seb Sterpa. Right:
                                        Martha Bull and Michael Erickson.
                                                                                                       Fundraising . . .
                                                                                                        A Tribute to Earl
                                                                                                                           Famed producer
                                                                                                                           and philanthropist
Diane von Furstenberg and Priscilla Presley; event committee chairs Debra Borden, Jana Young, Martha
Bull, and Holly Murphy speak during the luncheon; the fabulous fashions of DVF .                                           Earl Greenburg
                                                                                                                           was a generous
6th Annual First Ladies of Dream                                                                                           supporter of the
                                                                                                                           work of Dream
Foundation Luncheon & Fashion Show                                                                      Foundation through the Greenburg
November 1, 2007 – Our popular signature event took place at the beautiful Bacara                       Family Foundation. Sadly, Mr.
Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara, California. Scott Corridan and his team transformed                      Greenburg passed away in Palm
Bacara’s ballroom into a pink and black Paris runway show to feature fashions by                        Springs in February of 2008. The
legendary designer, Diane von Furstenberg, and jewelry by Diane von Furstenberg                         world has lost a kind heart, but his
for H. Stern. Philanthropist Layla Khashoggi and actor John Corbett inspired the                        spirit lives on. He always found an
audience to give generously in support of holiday dreams. Chris Edgecomb hosted                         opportunity to do more and give
our first-ever Mens Table, which stood together to adopt 25 holiday dreams.                             more, and was always there to
                                                                                                        share his wisdom and optimism.
Performances by singer Nikka Costa, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, and
                                                                                                        Thank you, Earl, we will always
Grammy Award winner Taylor Dayne rocked the crowd. Other special highlights
                                                                                                        remember and be grateful.
included recognition of volunteers Mary Ann Casler and Joyce and Kelsey
Fernandez for their outstanding service, and the families of our dream recipients,
who captured everyone’s hearts.
                                                                                                            Why send flowers?
Many thanks to our Event Sponsors, including Scott Corridan of Corridan & Co.
                                                                                                        To honor or memorialize those we
Design Studio, Frederic Fekkai, NARS Cosmetics, Mark Levinson, Dan and
                                                                                                        love, tradition often has us send
Debbie Kass, Layla Khashoggi, Roxanna Solakian, Tom Livermore and Scott
                                                                                                        flowers. While beautiful, their short
Shadrick, Jayme Lee Misfeldt, Montgomery Family Foundation, Chris and
                                                                                                        lives don’t offer a lasting tribute.
Maryann Edgecomb, and Colleen Barnett-Taylor, to name a few.
                                                                                                        So, we asked candle
A week before the event, Diane von Furstenberg hosted a “kick-off” event in her LA                      maker Timothy Sullivan
Boutique with proceeds going back to Dream Foundation, where supporters shopped                         to create our exclusive
for their attire for the big day. Ms. von Furstenberg was so moved by the day, she                      Tribute Candle, a
made a personal contribution from her Foundation. Dream Foundation Ambassador,                          delicately scented
Priscilla Presley also attended the event to greet guests and, of course, shop!                         handmade creation.
Thank you to all who attended to make the event a huge success!                                         While the candle’s flame pays time-
                                                                                                        less tribute to someone you love,
Watch our website, www.dreamfoundation.org, for details about the 7th Annual First                      your tax-deductible donation helps
Ladies of Dream Foundation Luncheon & Fashion Show.                                                     make dreams come true for other
                                                                                                        fragile lives. Just $30. Specify on
                                                                                                                      your donation form, or
                                                                                                                          call to order: (805)

The Mens Table: Michael Erickson, Jon Bull, Stephen Redding, Chris Edgecomb, Jimmy Messina, Kenny
Slaught; American Idol winner Jordin Sparks performs; John Corbett, Layla Khashoggi and Bo Derek
were on hand to keep things exciting.
                                                                                                                                      PAGE 11
Fundraising . . .

                                                     Paradise Village Sports
                                                     Invitational, Puerto Vallarta
                                                     October 31–November 4, 2007 – Dream Foundation,
                                                     once again, was proud to be the beneficiary of another
                                                     Celebrity Sports Invitational, produced by Marjoe           Thomas Rollerson, Debbie
Monica Spears, of Girls Inc; Sabrina Kelly, store
manager of Tiffany; Santa Barbara Mayor Marty
                                                     Gortner. This year’s event took place at the beautiful      Colpean, and Robert Davi.
Blum; Valerie Rice representing Storytellers; and    Paradise Village Resort in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.
Thomas Rollerson in front of the new Tiffany & Co.   Guests enjoyed all the recreation the resort had to offer, including the beach. The
                                                     gala dinner featured a concert by the legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist
Breakfast at Tiffany’s                                                          Dave Mason, as well as auctions, both live and silent,
November 20, 2007 – Dream Founda-                                               whose proceeds benefited Dream Foundation. This was
tion, along with Girls, Inc. and Story-                                         our most successful Sports Invitational to date and we are
teller Children’s Center were selected to                                       extremely grateful to Marjoe, Stella Keane, and the rest
benefit from a special ceremony cele-                                           of the event production team for consistently making
brating the opening of the newest                                               these events extraordinary—and for their unwavering
Tiffany & Co. store in Santa Barbara’s                                          support of Dream Foundation’s mission. Special thanks to
La Cumbre Plaza. We are honored to be                                           Marcia Gay Hardin, Mimi Rogers, Ed Brown of Patron
part of this distinguished group of com-                                        Spirits, Bill and Amber Sweedler, Arunas and Pam
                                                     Bill Shaffer of Conquest   Chesonis, Richard and Carol Lieberman, Mike and
munity partners and so grateful to                   Entertainment and Dream
everyone at Tiffany & Co. for their gen-             Foundation staff member
                                                                                Lisa Synder, and to all those whose attendance made the
erosity and support. Special thanks to               Jackie Waddill.            event a terrific success.
Sabrina Kelly and the Tiffany team for
hosting the event.

Representatives of Tiffany & Co. were                Orchid Show, Gala Preview Party
so moved by the mission of Dream                     February 28, 2008 – Dream Foundation held its first benefit fundraiser for our Flower
Foundation that they agreed to host                  Empower program on February 28 as the 63rd Annual Santa Barbara International
another reception on December 5 to                   Orchid Show kicked off its four-day run at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. It was a
honor the volunteers who helped make                 wonderful opportunity to showcase the incredible work of our Flower Empower
our First Ladies of Dream Foundation                 program and its extraordinarily committed volunteers. Special thanks to our event
Luncheon and Fashion Show a huge                     committee Sheila Caldwell, Lynette Hall, Holly Murphy and the entire Flower
success.                                             Empower crew for making this event a fun evening! A very special thank you to artist
                                                     Mara Abboud for her extraordinary generosity in providing personalized, signed prints
                                                     for the guests, and Kalyra Winery and Foley Vineyard & Winery for donating wine
                                                     for the event.
“I cannot put into words what I
 felt inside when I first looked
 into the face of my great grand-
 son. Thank you from the bottom
 of my heart.”
    Dream Recipient, Geraldine, of Trinity,
    AL, who wanted to meet her first
    great grandchild
                                                     Left: Longtime Flower Empower volunteers, Kathy Henry, Linda Zimmerman, Yvonne Zellmer. Middle:
                                                     Jackie Waddill, Anikai Backelin, Tricia Backelin, and Kate Kelly. Right: Holly Murphy, Lynette Hall,
                                                     Laurie Kasch, and Bill Kasch, a member of the Dream Foundation Board of Directors.
                                                                                                           Volunteering . . .
                                                                                                            Spotlighting Our
                                                                                                            Coachella Valley
                                                                                                            Thanks to the generosity of Kathy Dale-
                                                                                                            cio, and her daughter Julia Dalecio, the
                                                                                                            holidays were brighter for Irma of Indio,
                                                                                                            CA. Kathy donated, wrapped, and
                                                                                                            delivered gifts for Irma and her three
                                                                                                            children, with a little help from Kay
                                                                                                            Perry of Odyssey HealthCare in Palm
                                                                                                            Desert, and Dream Foundation Volunteer
                                                                                                            and Outreach Manager Ruth Amanuel.

                                                                                                            Other generous Coachella Valley volun-
                                                                                                            teers include Leanne Kamekona, head
                                                                                                            Chef of Rancho Las Palmas, and her
                                                                                                            team of chefs, who prepared a special
Dream Recipient Lynn Walgate surrounded by volunteers at our Dream Foundation Day at San Francisco          holiday meal for 50 residents at
Giants game, clockwise from top left: Maggi Morgenlaender, Nikki Gelardi, Chris Miller, Susan Federighi,    Odyssey House in Rancho Mirage on
Dorothy Mansen, Maria Sebastiano, and Mary Ann Casler.
                                                                                                            Christmas Day. Families, volunteers,
                                                                                                            and the Odyssey staff were treated to a
The Heart of a Volunteer                                                                                    gourmet meal while they shared holiday
                                                                                                            cheer and warm family memories.
Longtime supporter, volunteer, and San Francisco Advisory Board Member, Mary
Ann Casler, recently shared with us an essay her daughter wrote for a scholarship
application. Mary Ann said, “I cannot express the joy I felt as a mother at hearing
the impact volunteering has had on her life. I thank you for allowing me to work
with you, which has allowed me to share my passion with my daughter.”

Thank YOU, Mary Ann! Below are excerpts from Sydney’s essay:

                          Dreams Really Can Come True
                                        by Sydney Casler                                                    Ruth Amanuel, Kathy Dalecio, and Kay Perry
                                                                                                            deliver holiday cheer.
I became involved with Dream Foundation through my mom, who’s been involved for
11 years. Initially, I assisted with fundraisers in the San Francisco area. In January
2007, my mom started the San Francisco/Marin Advisory Committee for Dream
Foundation to increase awareness in the Bay Area. I am honored to sit on the board
as a Junior Visionary supporter to help raise funds. I’ve been involved for 6 years
and I love doing everything I can to help. This year, in conjunction with the San
Francisco Giants, we had our first annual event, which raised over $25,000.

Helping make a dream come true fills my heart with joy. Dream recipient Lynn’s final                         Executive Chef Leanne Kamekona (right) and
                                                                                                             Rancho Las Palmas chefs and servers.
wish was to spend a long weekend with her family in San Francisco. I was lucky to
meet Lynn who was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago and is now in her
                                                                                                            Thanks to our wonderful Board of
final weeks. One of the many things I learned from this experience is to live life to                       Directors and hundreds of other
the fullest and not take anything for granted.                                                              volunteers who are always willing to
                                                                                                            lend a helping hand to host dreams or
I plan on working with this organization to help make many more dreams come true.                           events. We consider ourselves lucky to
Putting a smile on someone’s face and joy in their heart is so moving, and I couldn’t                       have so many wonderful volunteers.
ask for more. I love Dream Foundation and I believe that I have grown because of it.
                                                                                                                                                 PAGE 13
Above & Beyond . . .
How you can help make dreams                   Dream Foundation simply could not accomplish its work without the help of hundreds of
come true . . .                                people nationwide that contribute in many generous ways. We refer to them as our Dream
                                               Network. They are angels who help make dreams come true. In each newsletter we try to
                                               list as many as space allows – but we acknowledge them all with love and gratitude.
Dream Makers Circle
Contributors of $1,000 or more each
year become members of the Dream               Mark Tamis, General Manager of Delano Hotel in Miami
Makers Circle and receive a photo and          Beach, Florida, has been an ardent supporter for many
other information about the dream              years. Mark, who was formerly with Four Seasons Hotels,
they’ve adopted. Dream Makers are
honored at an annual reception.                has donated weekend hotel and spa packages for numerous
                                               Dream Foundation auctions, which have raised significant
Cash Contributions                             funds for our dream families. In addition, Mark and his
The bulk of our annual budget comes            wife and three children have volunteered, and have been
from cash contributions. If you itemize,       great supporters of our Toy and Dream Programs. Thank
gifts of cash or checks are fully de-
ductible – up to a maximum of 50% of           you, Mark and family, for your tremendous support over the years!
your adjusted gross income.
                                                                          Nadeen Ayala, Director, Corporate Public Relations at
In-Kind Donations                                                         Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Inc., has donated travel packages
For every dollar contributed, we raise
                                                                          to the most exotic locations for our auctions for ten years.
$2-$3 in in-kind donations. If you or
someone you know has a resource that                                      These packages have raised thousands of dollars, which
might help us, we would like to hear                                      have translated to hundreds of dreams fulfilled. She is always
from you. Some ideas include: hotel                                       ready to assist with our program needs by providing in-kind
rooms, rental car vouchers, restaurant
vouchers, etc.
                                                                          donations for our New York City dreams and activities. We
                                                                          thank Nadeen, a true Dream Foundation treasure! Best
Donate Airline Mileage                                                    wishes to her and her new husband…what a lucky guy!
Frequent flyer miles are the lifeblood of
Dream Foundation. Without them we              Lynette Hall’s, devotion to Dream Foundation includes her
cannot make dreams that require travel
come true. United and Northwest Air-           work as a volunteer, donor, and Dream Captain. She has
lines bank miles for us. And now, we are       been active on the First Ladies Luncheon and Fashion Show
delighted to announce Continental Air-         Committee for the past two years and this year also served
lines has joined our roster of Airline Part-
                                               on the event committee for the Orchid Fever Gala Preview
ners and also accepts donated miles.
We used over 1,000,000 miles in 2007           Party. She and her daughter Jordan also joined Dream
and, we will need even more in 2008. If        Foundation’s Holiday Toy Wrap for our Toy Program, a
you have miles you’d like to donate,           nationwide program for children whose parents face serious
please contact Cindy Hellreigel at 805-
564-2131, Extension 105. Our
                                               illness. Thank you, Lynette, for your hard work, dedication, time, and resources.
“dreamers” will be grateful beyond
words.                                                                   Tim Hanlon, President of Wells Fargo Foundation, defines
                                                                         the phrase “above and beyond” for us. Over the years,Tim
Gifts of Stock
                                                                         has adopted numerous dreams and sponsored fundraising
If you own appreciated stock, it is often
tax wise to donate it to a charity instead                               events. He serves on our Board of Governors, and recently
of paying the capital gains. For informa-                                accepted a position on our new Desert Dreams Advisory
tion on donating stock, please contact                                   Board in the Coachella Valley. Tim’s commitment to our
Cindy Hellriegel at 564-2131 ext. 105.
                                                                         mission inspires our entire staff. Thank you, Tim!
Join The Dream Team
                                                          To nominate someone to be recognized in this space in our next newsletter,
Donors of $25.00 and above become
part of the Dream Team and receive our                               please contact Thomas Rollerson at (805) 564-2131.
newsletter.                                         And thanks to all our donors and supporters. For a complete list of donors see page 18.
                                                          To find out how you can help make dreams come true, visit our website at
                                                                                   Above & Beyond . . .
                                                                                           Dollar Donation to the
Lights, Camera, Action!                                                                    Dream Foundation Program
Dream Foundation recently won an opportunity to have a                                     Do you have a dollar? With our Dollar
national public service announcement (PSA) created by                                      Donation Program you can donate just
                                                                                           $1 per paycheck to Dream Foundation.
the prestigious Los Angeles-based entertainment industry
                                                                                           Of course you may choose to donate
group, Women in Film. A team of established Hollywood                                      more, but if everyone in your company
directors, producers, designers, and crew volunteered their                                donates just $1 per paycheck it can
time and effort to film a 30-second video that highlights                                  quickly add up to a generous contribu-
the work of Dream Foundation and encourages the public                                     tion toward making dreams come true.
to help make dreams come true through donations                                            Have your HR department call Cindy
                                                                                           Hellreigel at (805) 564-2131 to learn how
of funds, miles, and services. Film production is very
                                                                                           your company can participate.
expensive, and this project, costing over $125,000, would Frames from the video.
not have been possible without receiving the fully-funded                                  Memorial & Honorary Gifts
grant. Our grateful thanks to Tobie Loomis who directed the video and co-wrote             Why send flowers? A memorial gift
it with Roxanne Lane, and to Elizabeth McKenzie who produced it for us. Look               provides a lasting tribute to a friend or
for Dream Foundation’s PSA on your local television stations or on our website,            relative. An honorary gift recognizes a
                                                                                           special person in your life. Dream Foun-
www.dreamfoundation.org. If you or your company can help us distribute our video,
                                                                                           dation sends an acknowledgement to
please contact Cindy Clark at (805) 564-2131 or clark@dreamfoundation.org.                 the families of those memorialized or to
                                                                                           the person who receives an honorary
                                                                                           gift. In each instance, we do not specify
Toy Stories                                                                                the amount … we know it’s the thought
                                                                                           that counts!
A worldwide leader in children’s entertainment products, Hasbro, Inc. brands include
                                                                                           Getting Married?
Milton Bradley, Parker Brothers, and Hasbro. Before Christmas, Hasbro made a
                                                                                           Now you can support Dream Foundation
donation of brand-new toys to Dream Foundation’s Toy Program. This generous                by registering with the I Do Foundation.
gift helped us send holiday toys to the children of dream recipients.                      The I Do Foundation allows couples
                                                                                           and their guests to make wedding-
                                   Another generous donation came from 14-year-old
                                                                                           related purchases that generate
                                   Frank Pacheco who brought us a bumper crop              donations for charity. The I Do
                                   of Beanie Babies and Beanie Buddies that he and         Foundation’s Donation Registry service
                                   his mom, Norma, had bought to cheer up his              also makes it easy for guests to make
                                   grandmother, Dorothy Myers. When she became             donations as a gift. All of these services
                                                                                           are available free of cost at www.IDo-
                                   bedridden, they gave her something precious to
                                                                                           Foundation.org. Check it out today, and
                                   look at. “Children meant everything to her.” Frank
                                                                                           be sure to suggest Dream Foundation
                                   says, “She would be so happy to know that her           as the beneficiary of your wedding.
                                   collection will brighten the lives of the children
                                   of terminally-ill adults.”                              Or
                                                                                           Help Dream Foundation by giving a
                                   Dream Foundation’s Toy Program runs year-round,         party to raise funds or collect toys. Run
                                   sending toys, as well as CDs, books, diaries, and       a bake or garage sale, a book sale or
personal care products to the teenage children of dream recipients. Thank you to Hasbro    a car wash. Donate a vehicle and get
and Frank for helping us put smiles on the faces of so many youngsters. Special            a tax write-off at Cars4Causes,
                                                                                           1-800-766-2273 or www.cars4causes.net
thanks to Kim and Simona Farrise, Layla Khashoggi, Colleen Taylor, and Angie
and Steve Redding for making significant contributions in underwriting the Toy             Dream Foundation is a
Program in 2008.                                                                           501 (c)3 charitable organization.
                                                                                           Federal I.D.# 77-0405779.
If you’d like to bring joy into the lives of children, send a cash donation or deliver a
new unwrapped gift in person or by mail to Dream Foundation, 1528 Chapala St.,
Suite 304, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.
                                                                                                                               PAGE 15
Organization News . . .
                                                            Dream Foundation is the first and largest national wish-granting
Welcome Aboard!                                             organization for adults over the age of 18 with life-limiting illness
                                                            who have a life expectancy of one year or less. Founded in 1994,
Dream Foundation proudly welcomes            Dream Foundation has granted thousands of dreams to adults who are emotionally,
                                             financially, and physically devastated by life-limiting illness.
these new members to our Board of
Directors for 2008:                          Dreams are frequently about quality of life: an air-conditioner, a lift chair, or mobility
                                             scooter. A dream can be as simple as seeing a dear friend one last time, keeping
                                             a promise to young children for a special family trip, or returning to a place of
                                             meaningful childhood memories. We cannot provide a cure, but we can dramatically
                      Jon Bull, our new
                                             impact the quality of their fragile lives with the joy experienced from a dream
                      Chairperson, has       come true.
                      served on our board
                      since 2007. Jon
                                             FOUNDERS                         Cindy Clark                          Jackie Waddill
                      heads the Southern     Timothy Scott Palmer               Communications Manager               Resource and In-Kind Manager
                                             Thomas W. Rollerson              Lisbet Frey                          Los Angeles
                      California region of                                      Senior Dream Coordinator
                                                                                                                   Ruth Amanuel
First Republic Investment Management         STAFF                            Cindy Hellriegel,                      Outreach & Volunteer Manager
                                             Thomas W. Rollerson                Finance Manager, part-time
as Senior Managing Director. His previ-                                       Megan Higgins
                                                                                                                   Trish Cantillon
                                               Founder/President                                                     Events Manager, part-time
ous experience includes positions as                                            Dream Coordinator, part-time
                                             Santa Barbara                                                         Amanda Moselle
                                                                              Jacqueline Kronberg                    Donor Relations Manager
President and Chief Investment Officer       Carol Brown                        Grants Manager, part-time
                                               Chief Operating Officer                                              Special Projects
of Starbuck, Tisdale & Associates, and                                        Jennifer Muir
                                             Ruth Amanuel                       Receptionist                       Stefani Canin Mullen
as President and CEO of Santa Barbara          Outreach & Volunteer Manager
                                                                              Sonia Salazar                          Events Consultant, part-time
                                             Sue Anderson                       Data Entry Specialist, part-time   Eve Litoff
Capital Management. Educated at the            Dream Department Manager
                                                                              Barbara Schoch                         Outreach Manager, part-time
University of California, Irvine, he is      Eileen Austen                      Disney Dream Coordinator,
                                               Vice President Development       part-time
a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a
Chartered Investment Counselor. His          BOARD OF DIRECTORS               HONORARY BOARD                       *DESERT DREAM
stock market analyses have been              Jon Bull, Chairperson            OF GOVERNORS                         ADVISORY BOARD
                                             David Glickman,                  Killick Datta                        (COACHELLA VALLEY)
quoted in the financial press for years.
                                               Vice Chairperson               Chris Edgecomb                       Julia Akers
                                             Ronald R. Macleod, Secretary     Joely Fisher                         Tim Hanlon
                                             Richard Burnham                  Tim Hanlon                           Susan Mills
                                             Mel Farber                       Kathy Ireland                        Dick Taylor
                      John F. Kelly, is
                                             David Johnson                    Howard Phanstiel                     Victor Woo
                      President & CEO        Bill Kasch                       Graham Phillips
                                             John F Kelly
                                                    .                         Priscilla Presley                    *LOS ANGELES
                      of John F. Kelly &
                                             Holly Murphy                     Andrew Puzder                        ADVISORY BOARD
                      Associates, L.L.C.,    Merrily Newton                   Angie Redding                        in development
                      a management,          A.J. Rice                        Stephen Redding
                                             Thomas Rollerson                                                      *NEW JERSEY ADVISORY
                                                                              Eileen Sweeney
                      marketing, and         Kenny Slaught                                                         BOARD
                                                                              Clay Timon
brand perception consulting company.                                                                               Richard & Susan Lutz
                                                                              Diane Warren
                                             *SANTA BARBARA                                                          Founding Chairpersons
Prior to starting his own company, he
                                             ADVISORY BOARD                   MEDICAL ADVISORY
spent 27 years with Alaska Air Group,                                                                              *CELEBRITY
                                             Clay Dickens, Co-Chairperson     Stephen Hosea, MD
ending his tenure as chairman and            Julie Main, Co-Chairperson       Myles Spar, MD
                                                                                                                   Priscilla Presley,
                                                                              Sam Ho, MD
CEO. He’s served on numerous execu-                                                                                  Dream Foundation Ambassador
                                                                                                                   Kathy Ireland,
tive boards over the years, including as
                                                                                                                     Founding Ambassador
board member for Avista Corporation
and Executive Advisory Group member
                                             Congratulations to two members of our Dream Foundation family!
for Sigue Corporation. John lives in
Coral Gables, FL, with his wife, Maggi.                       Data Entry Specialist Sonia Salazar gave birth to Sarina Salazar on
                                                              November 7, 2007. She weighed in a petite and healthy 6 lb, 11 oz.
                                                              And Outreach Coordinator Eve Lechner
                   continued on page 18                       wed Gideon Litoff on February 29, 2008.
                                                              Mazal tov!
                                                                                    Organization News . . .
                                                                                                            Flower Empower is a volunteer
                                                                                                            program of Dream Foundation that
                                                                                                            delivers donated flower bouquets to
                                                                                                            people battling catastrophic illness in
                                                                                                            the Santa Barbara area. Our goal is to
                                                                                                            bring beauty and hope to people, letting
                                                                                                            them know that they are not forgotten
                                                                                                            and that their community cares!

                                                                                                            Volunteers meet every Saturday at
                                                                                                            the Santa Barbara Farmers Market to
                                                                                                            collect flowers donated by growers.
                                                                                                            The volunteers make bouquets and
                                                                                                            then deliver them along with greeting
                                                                                                            cards handmade by local school children
                                                                                                            and homemade cookies made by a
                                                                                                            local family.

                                                                                                            Thanks to the following generous
                                                                                                            supporters and donors who help make
                                                                                                            Flower Empower possible:

                                                                                                            B&H Flowers
                                                                                                            Domingo Farms
The staff of Colony Capital, back row, left to right: Andrew Whitt, Mark Flora, Katrina Clarkson, Lillian   EverBloom
Galestan, Dream Foundation staff member Ruth Amanuel. Front row: Dream Foundation intern                    The Himovitz Family
Amanda Cassel, Joyce Choi, Sang Lee, Shannon Loughead.
                                                                                                            Jayme Lee Misfeldt
                                                                                                            Gary & Anna Nett
Flower Empower goes to Colony Capital                                                                       Myriad Flowers
                                                                                                            The Rotary Club of Santa Barbara
Last December, Colony Capital employees joined our Los Angeles office staff                                 Westland Floral
to participate in the Flower Empower Program for a day.                                                     Westerlay Orchids
Edmunds Wholesale Flowers in the L.A. flower district and Andres Floral Design                              Valley Flowers, Inc.
and Events in Hollywood donated more than 20 buckets of sunflowers and roses.                               The Van Wingerden Family
The following morning, Dream Foundation’s Ruth Amanuel and intern Amanda                                    Special thanks to
Cassel hauled a truck full of flowers to Colony Capital’s corporate office in Century                       The Santa Barbara Farmer’s
City and worked with thirteen of their volunteers. The day began with a short                               Market Association
video and presentation about Dream Foundation. Afterward, everyone rolled up
their sleeves and set to work arranging beautiful bouquets.

Once the bouquets were arranged, the group walked over to the Century City
Doctor’s Hospital and delivered flowers to three floors of grateful patients. With
the help of Colony Capital’s volunteers, and Century City Doctor’s Hospital,
Dream Foundation was able to brighten the day for more than 40 deserving
people. Flower Empower was a huge success and benefit to everyone who
participated. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a great day!

To volunteer, donate, or find out other ways you can help support Flower
Empower contact Flower Empower Coordinator Shawna at (805) 564-2131
or shawna@dreamfoundation.org.
                                                                                                                                              PAGE 17
Our Donors . . .
                                               Dream Foundation is proud to recognize our generous donors for their contributions to
Welcome Aboard (cont.)…                        help make dreams come true. This list acknowledges those who have donated since Octo-
                                               ber 2007. Our 2007 Annual Report will recognize all of our donors for that year.

Merrily Newton                                 Heroes                                  Erica & George Downing
                                                                                       Angela Marie & George Duko
                                                                                                                            Debra Kempton
                                                                                                                            Evelyn Kert

holds a position                               $5 – $99                                Jennifer Dumpert                     Barbara Klinedinst
                                                                                       Nora Duncan                          Keith & Jill Knoespel
                                               Karen & James Aberant                   Wendy Eassterday                     Barbara Kosnik
as CFO of the En-                              Shawn & Dolores Adamek                  Michelle Ebbin                       William & Katherine Kozlik
                                               W.H. & Kristi Adams                     Barbara Ego                          Mike Kravitz
tertainment Industry                           Karen Adnoff                            Jason & Jennifer Eubanks             Udeen Krieger
                                               Carrie & Joe Agnew
Foundation (EIF),                              Jesus & Vickie Alba
                                                                                       Joyce Evans                          C.W. & Sally Kroener
                                                                                       Jerry Evans                          Gary J. Labat, Jr.
the entertainment                              John & Jenny Alexander                  Sherin Ezzeldine Ali & Hesham Ali    Ryan Lamppa
                                               Tura Anderson-Doak                      George & Lisa Federighi              Donna Lang
industry’s leading charitable organization.    Ryan Antross                            Peter Felber                         Amale Laouar
                                               Jane Apel                               Terry & Joyce Fernandez              Deborah Lapinski
EIF has distributed hundreds of millions       Dennis Axlerod                          Terry Ferrara                        Lorraine LaShelle
                                               Eric Baker & Ann Borcky                 Gail Findley                         Rod Lathim
of dollars to support charitable initiatives   John E. & Mary E. Baker                 Lisa & Stephen Flanagan              Martin & Eleanor LeBlanc
                                               Valerie Banks
that address society’s critical issues.        Yolanda Baptiste
                                                                                       Rosie Fluker                         Arlene & Leonard Leduc
                                                                                       Elizabeth & Lawrence Forte           Terri Lee
Merrily’s work with the Los Angeles–           Bruce Barker                            Karen Fryklund                       Kelly & Jeff Lemp
                                               Louise Barrow                           Debbie Furdak & Robert Banks         Judith Lenart
based organization spans more than             Charles & Mary Bassler                  Saloma & David Furlong               Deb Leopold, First Class, Inc.
                                               Jeffrey & Sheri Baudouine               Greater Twin Cities United Way       Julie & Geoff Less
a decade as a key player in the                Susie & David Baum                      Dennis & Courtney Gac                Bruce & Sharon Levine
                                               Don Beasley & Kim Benthien Beasley      Anna M. Gardner                      Mitzi Loftus
development and management of                  Steve Beerli                            Candan & Dan Gardner                 Kent & Amy Long
                                               Lisa Bemis Podesta
its charitable campaigns. In its 66 years,     Steve & Kathleen Bernards
                                                                                       Janice Garrett                       William & Diane Loughery
                                                                                       Joe Garson                           Susan Lounsbury
EIF has developed significant corporate,       Patrick & Jeanette Bernards             Louis W. Geibel, Jr.                 David & Jill Love
                                               Victoria Bessinger                      Anthony & Joy Geraldi                Lucille Lukaszewski
celebrity, and cause marketing cam-            Chuck & Loraine Biederman               John & Marjorie Gerrond              Leslie Lund
                                               Terrance & Judith Bien                  Naida Gift                           Lynne & Arthur Lung
paigns. Since 1998, it has donated             Dolphia Blocker                         Perry & Janet Gigot                  Donna Lyons
                                               Chip & Diane Boatright                  Margaret Goeden                      Frank Macchi
over $250,000 in celebrity and cause-          Roger & Lynda Bohn                      Luis & Annette Goena                 Kate Macdonald
                                               Michael S. Brady                        Deborah Golas                        Michael & Geri Mainland
related marketing campaigns to Dream           Philip Brandes, Philip Brandes Commu-   Gayle Golden                         Jill & Ross Manganaro
Foundation.                                         nications                          Elaine Goldman                       Susan & Robert Manning
                                               Harold Brentano                         Jill Goldner                         Pat McCarthy
                                               Richard & Ann Brimmer                   Marjorie Gonzalez                    Catherine & Kevin Mcdermott
                                               Barbara & Frank Brocker                 Good Search                          Anna McKeel
                                               Jeanine Brooks                          Kathleen & Dwight Graham             Stewart & Kenette McWilliams
                                               Kathryn Park Brown
                      Mel Farber               Judith Brown
                                                                                       John & Myriam Grant                  Bob & Delores Meader
                                                                                       Eleanor Gravante                     Jose & Luz Medina
                      began his career         Joanna Brown                            Lucille Greenfield                   Randee Meehan
                                               Genevieve Buford                        Cheryl Griffin                       Geraldine Merrick
                      at the age of 18,        Carol Burks                             Leonie Guerin                        Charles & Denice Mette
                                               Chelsea Burrows Family                  Debbie Gutierrez                     John & Lu Ann Meyer
                      founding the Film        Richard & Janet Carlson                 Michelle K. Gysan                    Kathy & Allen Miller
                                               Stephen Cary                            Umphan Hagerty                       Mark Miller
                      Corporation of           Kennis & Judy Lee Catt                  Susan & Stewart Halstead             Alan & Anna Marie Miller
                                               Certified Hand Center of Rockford       William Hander                       Agatha Mingolello
                      America. Within          Ethel & Brett Chafin                    Bob F. Harris                        Carl & Norma Mir
a few short years, the company grew            Carolyne Cherry                         Peter Keith & Janet Hauge            Fred Missbach
                                               Marie Chickey                           Patrick Hazen & Cindy Murphy-Hazen   Jane West Montgomery
to become the largest mail order film          Jan C. & Joan Childs                    Thomas & Catherine Heisner           Pamela Moore-Utterback
                                               Einer & Nancy Christensen               Katharine Hennessey                  Dr. Arthur Morel
processing company in the world.               Duane & Laurie Churma                   M. Susan Solfrank Herrington         Daniela & Hector Moreno
                                               City View Funeral Home                  David & Ellen Hinde                  Angelica Moreno
At 28, he led Film Corp. through a             Ronald & Shirley Cole                   Susan Hoag                           Amanda Moselle
                                               Philip Coleman                          Ellen M. Hogan                       Nancy & Richard Moselle
successful IPO and retired at the age          Helen Collins                           Paul & Mary Hollup                   Nancy Moxness-Scheel
of 39. He came out of retirement to            David & Nancy Cordrey                   Rebecca Houpt                        Dorothy Myers
                                               Cara Corridan                           Monica Hueso                         Joel & Louise Myers
launch Creative Design Hawaii with his         Donna Cotton                            Kathy & Jeffery Hummingbird          Cathy Navarra
                                               Helen Coucleis                          Mark & Sandra Hyder                  The Newman Family
wife, Angie. Today it is the leading silk      Lisa Joan Craig                         Anna Issadore                        Miriam Nifong
                                               Kenneth & Mary Cunningham               Thomas & Elizabeth Jackson           Robert & Barbara Norris
screening and promotional products             Barbara Dal Santo                       Dr. Thad Jacobs & Dr. Trevor Cates   Debra & Scott Norris
                                               Mary Dashiell                           Lisa & Gregory Jacobson              Sheri Norwood
company in Honolulu, HI. The Farber            Jose & Karin De Avila                   Jeanne & Ira Jacoves                 Luis Nunez, Jr. & Ana Nunez
                                               Gilda Mejia de Noriega
family has generously served Dream                                                     Norma Janecky                        Gaylee & Michael Nuttman
                                               Anthony DeSalvo                         Pam Johnson                          Orthopedic Rehab PC
Foundation since 1999. We welcomed             Melissa Dietrich                        Bob & Susan Julian                   S. Overton, PH.D.
                                               Kristine Dockum                         Stephen Juliano                      Ray Pais
Mel to our Board of Directors in 2007.         Luisa Donis                             Sonia Junghardt                      Diana Palmer, Wellness for a Lifetime
                                               Rebecca Donovan                         Susan Kadner                         Richard & Toby Parisse
                                               Lynn & James Dorsey                     Yasaman Kahrobaei                    Clara Paveza
                                               William & Margaret Downing              Paige Kasun                          James & Paula Perez

                                                                                                                       Our Donors . . .
Gene & John Perotti
Lanette Perry
Douglas H. Phelps
                                        Brian & Barbi Zimmerman
                                        Dianne Zito Hensley
                                        David & Bridgette Zuba
                                                                              Danny Domingo
                                                                              Betty & Robert Dominquez
                                                                              Michelle Donahue
                                                                                                                        The Peninsula
Robert & Julie Ann Piato
Wendy & Gus Plakotaris
                                        Marc & Karen Zussman                  Noella & Wil Doucet
                                                                              Dave Doyle & Kaco Embery
                                                                                                                        Beverly Hills Adopts
Michael & Diane Potts
Keith & Fran Puccinelli
Melanie Purviance
                                        $100 – $499
                                                                              Teresa, Joseph & Maverick Duffy
                                                                              Bobbie Ehrlich
                                                                              Ellie’s Ice Cream Employees
                                                                                                                        Local Dreams
Stephen R. Seim                                                               Robert & Louise Elliott
Garrett & Michele Randall               Anita & Bob Adams                     Celeste Encell & Priscilla Slagle
Robert Reckendorf                       Janet W. Adderley                     Monica Epstein
Mary Linn Reid                          Julia Akers                           Ed Erickson
Randy Rennolds & Diane Ryder-Rennolds   Jules Allen                           Steven & Julie Erickson
Richard Replogle                        Brent & Sue Anderson                  Peter Euteneuer
Linda & Rand Reynolds                   Wendy Anderson                        Jennifer & Lauren Everett
Judith Roberts                          Pamela Andrews                        Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Inc.
Stephen Robinson                        Terrie Ashby-Scott                    Barry & Gail Fanaro
Rodney Robison                          Atria Lincoln Place                   Erin & Todd Farber
Barbara Ronca                           David & Jean Avrick                   Tom Feingold
John & Mary Rudzinski                   Layli & Celso Azevedo                 David F. Feingold
Connie Ruggles                          Jim Bain & J.R. McGinnis              Ronnie Felix
Shadean Runyen                          Brian & Karin Baird                   Carolyn Folks
Beatrice Saldana                        Holly Bander                          Mindy Foltz
Steve Savas                             Burr Barker                           Bill & Judy Foreman
Joan Schindler                          Donna Barranco Fisher-Yates           Adrianna Foss & Tom Schmidt
Gretchen Schumacher                     Robert & Dee Dee Barrett              Tiffany Foster
J. Todd & Jaimie Schurman               Linda Barrett                         Stephen Fountain
Harry & Deborah Segal                   Robert & Judy Bartlein                Charles & Laura Fricke
Susan Seitz                             Bruce & Pam Bayer                     Soni & Bruce Friedman
                                                                                                                        The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel staff and
Thomas Seitz                            Erin Benson                           Monica Fulton                             General Manager, Offer Nissenbaum, conduct
Stephanie & Haskell Seymour             Dana Bentley & Tom Murphy             Dabra Ann Galin                           a raffle for dreams.
Stephanie Shuchart                      Michelle Berman                       Christie Gallagher
Stephen & Jane Silbernagel              Joyce Bernstein                       Paddy Gallagher
Barb Simkus-West Surburban Limo         Soledad Berumen                       Christine Gallagher
                                                                                                                        Touched by the mission of Dream
Melissa Sims                            Rebecca & James Blackburn             Deb Gamble
Cynder Sinclair                         Celia & Peter Blanchua                Global Brand Marketing, Inc.
                                                                                                                        Foundation, the prestigious Peninsula
                                        Norman & Rita Blau
Donald & Jane Slack
                                        Mandy Bowerman-Elmore
                                                                              Cheryl Giefer                             Beverly Hills Hotel and its generous
Kara Smith                                                                    Michael & Diana Gleason
Judy Smrt                               Alison Brainard-Sydney                Randy & Jessica Glick                     staff turned two dreams into reality this
Tim Snyder                              Lori & James Brakka                   Luis Gonzalez
Kathy & Charles Spiteri                 Keith & Shannon Bright                Gilbert & Hortencia Gonzalez              past Christmas. The $1,500 dollars
Leshia Stavang                          Ella & Scott Brittingham              Corinna Gordon
Bernard & Barbara Stecher               Annmarie & Bradford Brittingham       Ronald & Amanda Grabowski
                                                                                                                        raised for a Peninsula holiday raffle was
Patricia Stephens                       Anna Betty Broady                     M’Lissa Gravelle
Mona Stone                              Claude and Carolyn Brock              Greater Palm Springs Wedding Assn.
                                                                                                                        enough to support a dream for Rosa,
                                        Carol Brown
Scott & Lori Jean Stykel
                                        Don & Mary Brunner
                                                                              Jennifer Guess                            20, from Arleta, CA. Diagnosed with a
Grant & Paige Swanson                                                         Bill & Linda Gufstafson
Swedish American Health System          Don Burkey                            Paul & Lynette Hall                       malignant nerve sheath tumor, Rosa
Joann Tall                              Ronald & Gale Busch                   Carol & Steve Harris
Traci & George Tempesta                 Chad and Malinda Bustos               Jeanette S. Hawes                         spent most of her time in bed. She
Margaret & John Templeton               Alma & Albert Byrnes                  Ron & Shirley Heck
Valerie Thelen                          Robert Calvo                          Candy Hedrick                             wished only for some nice bedding and
Mary Ellen Tiffany                      Jerry & Marsha Campbell               Beverly & Kent Hellman
Kathy & Skip Trotter                    Isabelle Campbell                     Melissa Henny
                                                                                                                        a rug for her bedroom to lift her spirits.
The Troyer Family                       Joseph Chickey                        Sheila Herman
United Way of Santa Barbara County      Allen Christiansen                    Kisa Heyer                                Peninsula’s generosity not only granted
Dan & Virginia Upton                    Cindy Clark & Carol Mosely            Cathy Highiet
Adela Valecillo                         Dolores & Robert Clarke               Mary Jo Hilton                            Rosa’s dream, it went on to fulfill a wish
Shelley Van Proosdy                     Susan Clasen                          Roger & Robin Himovitz & Rachael, Eli,
Kathy Vargo                             Clipper International Equipment Co.         Jake & Benjamin                     for 57-year-old Kathleen, another
Sandra Veit                             Community West Bank                   Patricia Hirsch
Harold Votey, Jr.                       Susan & Charles Cone                  Shannon & Corey Hoagland
                                                                                                                        neighbor, from Fontana, CA. Paraplegic
                                        Kendall Conrad
                                        Erika Contrell
                                                                              Richard Hochberg & David Cruz             and battling breast cancer, Kathleen
Roger Waha                                                                    Steven & Pamela Hoefflin
Janet Walburn                           Mary Anne & Kevin Contreras           Sheila & Bill Holzer                      longed to go to Catalina island with
Carol & Frederick Wall                  Larry Cope                            Roberta Holzwarth
Jean Wall                               Maureen Crowe                         Kristy Horton                             her daughter. When Kathleen heard
Susanna & William Washington            Kim Curtis                            Hospice of Spokane, WA
Bruce Wasser                            Tom Dain                              Yngvar Hvisttendahl, M.D.                 the good news about her trip, she
Mary & Tom Watts                        Joe & Bonnie Jo Danely                Melissa Iannelli
R. Weyrauch ll                          Moe Darbandi                          Monica Intaglietta
                                                                                                                        called us within minutes, sobbing and
                                        David & Karen Davidson
Sally Wheeler
                                        Debby Davison Phelps
                                                                              George & Kimber Jagodnik                  thanking everyone who helped to make
Will Whitaker                                                                 Sandra Jameson
Ronald & Charlotte Williams             Julia Dawson                          Susan Jamgochian                          this happen.
Gary & Sandi Willis                     Suzanne Deardorff                     Richard G. Jenevein
Randall & Jane Willis                   Lia DeGroot                           Alvin Jensen
Shirley & Bernard Wilmes                Barbara & Charles De L’arbe           Lisa Jeter-Cullen                         Special thanks from our Los Angeles
Diana Wilson                            Suzanne Deardorff                     Rose Johnson
Winton Family                           Debbie Dears                          Mary Jones
                                                                                                                        Dream Foundation staff to our good
                                        Eric Degrave
Kathleen Wolf
                                        Christopher & Roberta DeLellis
                                                                              Tracy Kahn                                neighbor, The Peninsula Beverly
Kathryn Woodson                                                               Bill Kasch, IPC Media /
Mike & Pennie Woolf                     Barry DeVorzon & Jelinda DeVorzon           Partner Concepts, LLC               Hills Hotel.
Stephen Worthinbgton                    Laura Dewey                           Roland J. Kase
Michael & Joan Zawlocki                 Clay & Sally Dickens                  Herbert Katz
Wallace & Delores Zielinski             John Dixon, Tri-County Produce        Shannon & Shaun Keating

                                                                                                                                                             PAGE 19
Our Donors . . .
                                        Julie Kelly                               Jennifer & Larry Powell                  Michelle Whiteside
                                        Robert Kendall,                           Sally L. Powers                          Charlotte Wieczorek-Bley
   Choose a wish, find a dream,               Rob Kendall Presents..., Inc.       Elsa & Jim Powers                        Denise & Mark Williams
       pick a wishing star.             Connie Kennelly
                                        Mark W. Kepler
                                                                                  Ora Pressey
                                                                                  Michael Pulizzano
                                                                                                                           Katie Williamson
                                                                                                                           Dr. Richard & Joyce Wishner
                                        Eleanor & Harry Kessel                    Alix Rabinowitz                          Joanne Wood
  Let your hopes and wishes soar        Kerrie Kilpatrick-Weinberg                Pam Raisin                               Jerry & Ginger Woolf
       high and free and far.           Richard & Chiharu Kitagawa                Leisa Ramirez                            Debra Wyatt
                                        June & Jorgan Kjaempe                     Gene & Tricia Raphaelian                 Jana & Jeff Young
    Reach for the unreachable,          Bernard Klatt                             Dale Ravazzini                           Sara Young
                                        Gifford Knoell                            Arsha & Jason Reitz                      Paul & Raquel Zickert
     stretch to touch the sky.          Neil Koenigsberg                          Tammy Renick Clark & Steven Clark        Chad Zimmerman
                                        Nancy Kogevinas                           Kristen Robinson
       Believe the impossible,          Dr. William Koonce                        Tracy Rochestie
                                        Dave Koz, Rendezvous Entertainment, LLC   Toby & Bill Rogers
     then work and try and do.          Luke Tat-Lui & Julia Kwong                Alfred & Marion Rogers                   $500 – $999
                                        Peggy Lamb                                James Rollerson & Jenny Jeferds
For only those who dare to dream,       Arlene & Milt Larsen                      Michael, Ben & Josh Rorman               Alfredo Aparicio & Jason Gonzalez
                                        David Larson                              Enrique Rosas                            Bernadette Bagley
  can make a dream come true.           Bob & Deborah Lazzarini                   Barbara Ross                             Jason Bailey, Star Foundation Network
                                        Karen Lehrer                              Evie & Sherman Rourman                   Betty & James Barber
                                        Steve & Colette Leider                    Rand Rusher                              Jason Barrett
—author unknown, sent by Laura, wife    Live Oak Concerts                         Buddy & Angelina Salvato                 Alice Berberian
                                        Judith Leopold                            Kelly Samuels                            Arthur & Kathy Berg
of Dream Recipient Michael              Robert Lettieri                           Cathy Sargent                            Geoff & Polly Bloomingdale
                                        Barry & Linda Levy                        Ann Scarborough                          The A Team Promotional Marketers, Inc.
                                        Werner & Yolanda Lewin                    Heidi Schaeffer                          Jan & John Cook
                                        Margaret & Mark Lloyd                     Jessica Schaeman                         Crush Cosmetics
                                        Kevin Marc Lodie                          Barbara Schiller                         Irina Dashevsky-Kerdman
                                        Lynn Lunn                                 Madeline Schwartz                        Wendy & Ron Daugherty

We Get Letters                          Anne Luther & Julian Nott
                                        Amy Maloney
                                                                                  Monica & Carl Sciackitano
                                                                                  John & Meredith Scott
                                                                                                                           Kathleen Demourkas
                                                                                                                           Kathleen Diskant
                                        Andrew Mandell                            Ellen Scott                              Shelly Dorwart
                                        Pamela & Richard Mann                     Marcella Scott                           Karen Earp
“Thank you Dream Foundation             Pam & Ray Marin                           Maria Sebastiano                         ExxonMobil Foundation
                                                                                                                           Lynda and Rusty Fairly
 for putting a smile on my              Brian Marshman                            Amanda Seward
                                                                                                                           John Fenwick
                                        Melissa Marsted                           Dr. Edward Julie & Beth Sheffler Julie
 mother’s face again.”                  Donald Maselli, Jr.                       Laura & Craig Shelburne                  Char & Walter Groth
                                        Kenneth & Carol Masuda                    Sylvia Short                             Renee Grub, Villiage Properties
                                        Alixe & Mark Mattingly                    Robert Silter                            Paul & Lynette Hall
   Carolyn, daughter of Dream Recipi-                                                                                      Michael & Nancy Hamilton
                                        James & Mari McAlister                    Wendy Varnals Silverman
   ent, Sandra, of Easton, MD, whose    William McBride                           Marvin & Diana Smith                     Lindsey Hartsough
                                        Kathy McCormack                           Ronald & Julie Smith                     Patricia C. Hinds
   dream was to get a lift chair        Robert & Karen McFadden                   Ann Smithcors                            Craig & Jennifer Hummer
                                        Emilie McMinn, Coldwell Banker            Tana Sommer-Belin                        Theresa & Joe Inserra
                                        William McPherson                         Cynthia Spivey                           Jay Johnson
                                        Mac McSwain                               Carolyn Stacey                           Catherine Johnson-Richter
                                        Bill & Cici Menchen                       Sandy Stahl                              Debbie & Dan Kass
“We, at Odyssey, are so fortunate       Mari & Dan Mender                         Patrick Stambaugh                        Arnie Kassoy
                                        Thomas & Judith Mich                      David & Gene Standiford                  Sabrina Kelly
 to work together with you              Gayle Michele                             Anne & Bob Steele                        Albert & Lucille Lafountain
                                                                                                                           Charlie Lapson
 to continually bring greater           Lori & Lee Mikles                         Daryl & John Stegall
                                                                                                                           Gunilla McDonough
                                        Chris Miller & Joe Piazza                 Rachael & David Stein Foundation
 happiness to our patients and          Mark Miller & Gary Kavtz                  Joi K. Stephens                          Richard Michaelsen
                                        Richard & Christine Miller                Victoria Stewart                         Thomas & Sheila Miller, TMC Enterprises
 families…You always show up            Susan Milne                               Katherine Stewart                        Farideh Moghate
                                        Mary Monaghan                             June Stoner                              Robin & Kim Olson
 like grace under pressure to           Lisa Morris                               Mary Stover                              Tami Orloff-Kay
                                        David & Cynthia Moxness                   Cheri & Mark Swank                       Nancy Peck
 make miracles happen again             Angelo & Phyllis Mozilo                   Roger C. Swanson                         Jana & John Price
                                                                                                                           Margot Roseman
 and again.”                            Rita Murdoch                              Audrey Swanson
                                                                                                                           Terrence Ryken
                                        Lynda Nahra                               Kendall Swanson
                                        Michele Neely & Andre Saltoun             Donald & Paulina Symons                  Richard & Celeste Scheinberg
   Lesleigh Tolin, MS,VC, Odyssey       Bruce & Sherri Nelson                     Nina Terzian                             The Schnier Family Charitable Fund
   HealthCare, West Covina, CA          Carol Newman                              Katrina Thomas                           Adam Schroeder
                                        Todd Nguyen                               Valerie Toler                            Sandford Sigal
                                        Barbara Nicholson                         David & Susan Tollman                    Jonathan Silverman
                                        Jill Nida                                 Angela Torin                             Jerry & Eleanor Smith

  Honor those you love                  Sharon M. Nixon
                                        Wendy & Gary Norbom
                                                                                  Odyssey Health Care/OC
                                                                                  Lila Trachtenberg
                                                                                                                           Roberta & Verlan Smith
                                                                                                                           Jack & Kaye Theimer
                                        Dennis & Therese Norton                   Kelly Trainor                            Melissa Vandever
Make a donation of $25 or more in       Joel Novack                               Tori Trevillian                          Will & Kathy Waddill
                                        Michael & Madeline Nutik                  Nancy Lee Trotter                        Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Ward
memory or honor of someone you          Edward & Cheryl Lee O’Donnell             Bill Tumelty                             Susan Whiston & Mike Wyrick
                                        Amy O’Dowd                                Randolph & Patricia Scott Foundation
love and we will send a card alerting   Diana O’Keeffe
                                        Katie O’Reilly-Rogers
                                                                                  Edith Vaughan
                                                                                  Sandy Velasco
                                                                                                                           Dream Makers
them of your gift. Please provide the   Oregon Vineyard Supply Co.                Gary Venet                               $1,000 – $9,999
name and address of the person we       Luzanne Otte                              Carey Villasenor
                                                                                                                           Apogee Electronics
                                        Vinny Perricone                           Kate & Kristi Wallace
                                                                                                                           Sally Arnold
should inform about your generous       Dennis & Sylvia Perrier                   Kymberlee Weil
                                                                                                                           Tom Arnold
                                        Carl & Karen Peus                         Scott Wellman
donation. A great Mother’s Day gift!                                                                                       Wendy & Larry Barels,
                                        Doris & David Piatak                      Melinda Werner
                                                                                                                                Barels Family Trust
                                        Marlene & James Pinto                     West Coast Asset Management, Inc.
                                                                                                                           Michael Barna
                                        Susan Pitcher-Dressed                     Michael & Madeline Weyrick

                                                                                                                                 Our Donors . . .
Sue Bennett, Brophy Bros. Restaurant
Margo Bisutti, Juice the Two of Us, Inc.
Adele Bloom
                                           Marla McNally-Phillips
                                           Alberto & Elaine Morello,
                                                 Olio e Limone Ristorante
                                                                                      Gary & Katharine Lauer
                                                                                      Claire Levine
                                                                                      Richard & Carol Lieberman
                                                                                                                                  In the Media
Tracy & Michael Bollag                     Lynn Marie Mostaert                        Linden Family Foundation
Boylan Catholic High School’s S.A.R.O.     Gary & Anna Nett, Nett & Champion          Thomas Livermore & Scott Shadrick           Dream Foundation receives extensive
Laurie & Steve Bozeman                           Insurance Services                   Sara Lytle & Fred Davis
Jeff & Susan Bridges                       Henry & Nanette Nevins                     Nora McNeely, Hurley & Michael Hurley       coverage in the media nationwide,
Donna Buchanan                             Robert & Margaret Niehaus                  Richard Merrill
Martha & Jon Bull                          Peter & Mireille Noone                     Elizabeth & David Mindel Charitable Fund
                                                                                                                                  which assists us in gaining significant
Diana Bull                                 Colleen O’Brien                            Jayme Lee Misfeldt                          exposure. We gratefully acknowledge
Steven Burrow                              Oni-Con LLC                                Montecito Bank & Trust
Luann & Darren Caesar                      Kelly & Eric Onnen                         Arlene & Gene Montesano                     the media who have given voice to the
Louise & Tim Casey                         Paul & Natalie Orfalea                     Jeff & Shawn Montgomery
Maureen Casey                              Jill Padilla                               Holly & Bob Murphy                          stories of those we are so privileged
Charity Folks                              Hutton Foundation                          The Genentech Foundation
Tia & Jack Clarke                          The Peninsula Hotel                        Odyssey HealthCare Foundation               to serve…
Victoria Clarke, New World Library         Justin Persons                             Mr. & Mrs. Vince Otte
Roy E. Crummer Foundation                  Barry & Kandace Peterson                   Camille Palatella
William Cordero, Cordero Painting          Kim Phillips                               Robert L. Persons                           Austin American-Statesman
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Kathleen M. Iwanyshyn                                                                 Bishop Paul Morton Ministries
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Brad Jendersee
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                                           Dream Partners                             Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced Cosmetics
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Linda Johnston                             $5,000 & up
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Bill & T.J. Locker
Cindy & Steve Lyons                        Rob Hancock & Bob Swartz                   Captain’s Quarter’s Riverside Grill
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                                       Domingo Farms                             McGowan Guntermann                        Travelodge DFW Airport West
Theodosia, of Elberton, GA, is 58      Dream Hotel NY                            John McManus, Magellan’s                  Universal Pictures
                                       Chris & Maryann Edgecomb                  Michael & Kelly Magne,                    Universal Studios
years old and has terminal lung        Emeril’s Homebase                               Jensen Audio Visual                 The Upham Hotel
cancer. Her illness leaves her short   Euro Spa & Inn                            Monica Mahoney & Dr. Paul Adler           Vancouver Motel, Myrtle Beach
                                       Irwin Eve, Occhiali                       Mark’s Garden                             Harry Van Wingerden
of breath after even the slightest     Event Of The Season                       Memories of Love Foundation               Walter Van Wingerden,
                                       Everbloom                                 Mercy McAuley Center                           Valley Flowers, Inc.
exertion. But the poor condition of    Evergreen Spa                             Microtel Suites at Music Road             William & Leny Van Wingerden
                                       Fairview Car Wash                         Richard & Christine Miller                Ventura Printing
her teeth means that she must tear     Tina L. Fanucchi                          Mira Bella Salon & Spa                    Vere Chocolates
                                       Mel & Angie Farber,                       Maggi & Rolf Morgenlaender                Virgin Limited Edition
her food into tiny pieces in order           Creative Designs Hawaii             Mo’s Restaurant                           W Hotels of New York
to eat. That simple act, however,      Susan Federighi, Cork Pops, Inc.          Lisa Montz                                Jackie & Jack Waddill
                                       Cliff Fenske, Jr., California Mini Cars   Alberto & Elaine Morello,                 Waterworks
leaves her too exhausted for           Terry, Joyce & Chelsea Fernandez                Olio e Limone Ristorante            Westerlay Orchids, Inc.
                                       Fleming Luxurious Limousine Service       Morton’s Steakhouse                       Stacey Whitney
the meal.                              Stephanie Forrester, Davi Baskets         Mulligan’s on the Blue                    Woody’s BBQ
                                       Four Seasons Biltmore                     NARS Cosmetics, Inc.                      World Wrestling Federation
The Dream:                             Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea
                                       Four Seasons Resorts Bali
                                                                                 Neiman Marcus
                                                                                 Northwest Airlines
                                                                                                                           Yamaha Motor Corp.
                                       Dan Fox                                   O’Dysius Hotel
Kelley Johnson, wrote to tell us of    Steve Frey, Avatar Computing              Oak Ridge Health Systems
                                       Joely Fisher & Chris Duddy                Morgan Oakley
her dream of receiving dentures so     The Friedman Group                        Marie Ofria, Sunburst Printing            Diane Warren Foundation
                                       Emily Gaal                                Mr & Mrs. Vince Otte                      Diller-Von Furstenberg Foundation
that Theodosia can nourish herself     Gallup & Stribling Orchids, Inc.          Owen, Wickersham & Erickson, P.C.         Exxon Mobil Foundation
                                       Gazebo Plants & Flowers                   Pacific View Mall, La Cumbre Plaza        Frey Foundation
at this fragile time.                  Gilmore Entertainment Group               Frank Pacheco                             Genentech Foundation
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Rober Gilson, Hotel Cheval     Paradise Plaza Local L-1                  Hammond Family Fund
“This simple request would             Give Kids the World                       Paradise Village Beach Resort & Spa       Hasbro Toys (in-kind)
                                       David & Paige Glickman                    Petco, Spokane                            Hutton Foundation
make what remains of her               Global Interprint, Ken Coburn             Pevonia International                     James S. Bower Foundation
                                       Golden Limousine International, Inc.      Philadelphia Eagles                       Linden Family Foundation
life more enjoyable.”                  Good Nite Inn                             Powell’s Sweet Shop                       Montecito Bank & Trust
                                       Great Wolf Lodge                          Millie Prater, Millie’s Flower Shop       Odyssey HealthCare Foundation
                                                                                                                           Orfalea Family Foundation
The Need:                              Jennifer Guess
                                       Stephanie Hahn
                                                                                 Pyramid Breweries, Patrick Coll
                                                                                 Radio Shack, Santa Barbara                Roy E. Crummer Foundation
                                                                                                                           Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
$1,000 to adopt Theodosia’s dream      Lynn Hammond                              Ramada Inn Maingate
                                                                                                                                (Pacific Capital Bank)
                                       Hasbro Children’s Foundation              Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa
                                       Haunted History Tours                     Rancho Leonero Resort                     Towbes Foundation Fund
To adopt this dream in whole,          Bruce Helander                            Red Lobster Restaurants                   Wood-Claeyssens Foundation
or in part, visit our website at       Hilton Checkers Los Angeles               Angie & Steve Redding                     Women In Film (in-kind)
                                       Holiday Inn St. Louis County Center       Renaissance Hollywood Hotel
www.dreamfoundation.org or call        The Homestead                             Residence Inn Sea World
                                                                                                                           Gifts in Honor of:
Cindy Hellreigel at (805) 564-2131     Alan Hoskin                               The Resort at Squaw Creek
                                                                                                                           HARVEY GAMBLE – Deb Gamble
                                       Hospice of Humboldt                       A.J. & Valerie Rice
                                       Hotel Kabuki                              Riley Marketing, Inc.                     JAVIER VANDE STEEG –
Visit our web site for more dreams     House of Blues Gospel Brunch              Joel Roman                                   Michael S. Brady
                                                                                                                           RON TEMPESTA’S 40th BIRTHDAY –
to adopt.                              Hutton Foundation                         Rosie O’Grady’s
                                                                                                                              Ronald & Amanda Grabowski
                                       Hyatt Hotel                               Howard & Rebecca Ross
                                       Imagine                                   Saks Fifth Avenue                            Edward & Cheryl Lee O’Donnell
                                       Ingo Markmann Photography                 Stevie Salas, 119 Entertainment              Annmarie & Bradford Brittingham
                                       InterContinental French Polynesia         Salvatore Ferragamo                          Lisa & Stephen Flanagan
                                       Island View                               Sandpiper Golf Course                        Richard Replogle
The work of Dream Foundation           J7 Surfboard Designs                      Santa Barbara Travel Bureau                  Eric Baker & Ann Borcky
is made possible in part by a          The James Beard Foundation                Ralph Scurfield, Sunshine Village Corp.      Stephen Juliano
grant from Odyssey HealthCare          Jennifer L. Collins Memorial Foundation   Les Schwab                                   David & Nancy Cordrey
                                       Jimmie Johnson Foundation                 Lisa & Joe Schwartz                          Susanna & William Washington
                                       Joan Allen Photo                          The SCOOTER Store                            Thomas & Catherine Heisner
                                                                                                                              Paul & Mary Hollup
                                                                                                                    Our Donors . . .
   Shawn & Dolores Adamek
   Angela Marie & George Duko
   Stephen Robinson
                                        Kathleen Wolf
                                        John & Marjorie Gerrond
                                        R. Weyrauch ll
                                                                               Bruce Wasser
                                                                               Jane Apel
                                                                               William Hander
                                                                                                                     We Get Letters
   Louis W. Geibel, Jr.                 Roberta Holzwarth                      Barbara Dal Santo
   William & Diane Loughery             Alvin Jensen                           Chuck & Loraine Biederman
   Deborah Golas                        Catherine Johnson-Richter              Katrina Thomas                        “Dream Foundation was the fate
   Traci & George Tempesta              Certified Hand Center of Rockford      James & Paula Perez
                                        Orthopedic Rehab Specialists PC        Kenneth & Mary Cunningham             that stepped in and saw our fam-
Gifts in Memory of:                     Perry & Janet Gigot
                                        David & Gene Standiford
                                                                               Stephen & Jane Silbernagel
                                                                               Gary & Sandi Willis                   ily through our dream. We were
ANN KENNY –                             Sally L. Powers                        Patrick & Jeanette Bernards
  Sandra Veit                           Steve Savas                            Philip Coleman
                                                                                                                     put on a pedestal and felt like
  David & Ellen Hinde
  Garrett & Michele Randall
                                        Charlotte Wieczorek-Bley               Steven & Julie Erickson               dignitaries. We know in our family
                                        Alfred & Marion Rogers                 Fall Creek Farm and Nursery, Inc.
  Swedish American Health System        David & Bridgette Zuba                 Wallace & Delores Zielinski           circle that we are priceless to one
  Terrance & Judith Bien                John E. & Mary E. Baker                Mark & Sandra Hyder
  Debra & Scott Norris                  Barbara Nicholson                      Joel & Louise Myers                   another but this “Dream” made
  Melanie Purviance                     Norma Janecky                          Harold Brentano
  Boylan Catholic High Schools-SARO     Chelsea Burrows Family                 Oregon Vineyard Supply Co.            us feel priceless to the world.
  Rebecca Donovan                                                              Kennis & Judy Lee Catt
  Susan Seitz
  Keith & Jill Knoespel
                                      JOAN MCGAUGHY, BOBBY ROME,               The Troyer Family                     We pray that Dream Foundation
                                      BILL “HOWDY DOODY” TIEDEMANN,            George & Kimber Jagodnik
  Lisa & Gregory Jacobson             LOLLY – Anne & Bob Steele                                                      will move forward at an incredible
  William & Margaret Downing          BURKE SMITH – Ronald & Julie Smith    LYNN MARIE WALGATE –
  Roger & Lynda Bohn                  CHRIS GRAHAM –                           Barbara Kosnik                        pace and that Dreams will fall like
  Judith Lenart                          Kathleen & Dwight Graham              Alan & Anna Marie Miller
  Patrick Hazen &                     GENE CARTER – Greater Palm               Mike Kravitz                          shooting stars and be granted to
  Cindy Murphy-Hazen                     Springs Wedding Assn.                 Andrew Mandell
  Don Beasley &                       ERIC & DANA – Lia DeGroot                Robert & Julie Ann Piato
                                                                                                                     all who are in need of the sweet
  Kim Benthien Beasley
  Jesus & Vickie Alba
                                      GARY ALLEN – Duane &                     M. Susan Solfrank Herrington          fulfillment of their secret longing.
                                         Laurie Churma                         Mike & Pennie Woolf
  Michael & Joan Zawlocki             GARY ALLEN – Tami, Tiffany &
  David & Jill Love                      Kourtland Reichert                 MARGARET FARR – Joel Scott Landson       We thank you as many times as
  Thomas Seitz                        HAROLD STROUD – Debbie Gutierrez      FRANK CAPRA, JR.– Joel Scott Landson
  Kathy & Skip Trotter                JEFFREY BERNSTEIN –                   MARGARET ERICKSON – Ed Erickson          there are stars in the sky.”
  Michael & Geri Mainland                Joyce Bernstein                    RITA WISAUSKY & ROLAND GUERIN–
  Michael & Diane Potts               KARSON WESSELS –                          Noella & Wil Doucet                     Family of Dream Recipient, Shar-
  Chip & Diane Boatright                 Leshia Stavang                     ROLAND GUERIN – Leonie Guerin
  Frank Macchi                           City View Funeral Home             SHELLEY SMITH–Roberta & Verlan Smith
                                                                                                                        ilee, whose dream was
  John & Mary Rudzinski                  Steve & Kathleen Bernards          STEPHEN HIRD – Anna McKeel                  to attend a Broadway play
  Jill & Ross Manganaro                  Lynne & Arthur Lung                STEVE DOAK – Tura Anderson-Doak
  Einer & Nancy Christensen              Cathy Navarra                      TUI – Susan Kadner
  Shelley Van Proosdy                    Dan & Virginia Upton               MARY SIMS – Melissa Sims
  Jason & Jennifer Eubanks               John & Lu Ann Meyer                MICHAEL SMITH – Jerry & Eleanor Smith
  Catherine & Kevin Mcdermott            Donald & Jane Slack                PATTY KNOELL – Gifford Knoell

                                                                                                                     “Thank you for your generous
 Dream Makers                                                                                                         support and ongoing dedication
 We are proud to feature some of our Corporate Partners in Dreams as well as other companies                          to our patients and their fami-
 that have graciously donated or served as event sponsors. This is a partial listing. ALL of our
                                                                                                                      lies. Please know what a privi-
 partners and donors are listed in our Annual Report.
                                                                                                                      lege it has been working with
Corporate Partners                               Events                          Dream Partners                       you on these very delicate situa-
      $100K and above                         $5K and above                                                           tions. You have made a tremen-
                                                                                                                      dous difference in the lives of
                                                                                                                      those we serve.”
       $50K and above                                                                                                   Connie Welbern, MSW, and the
                                                                                                                        staff of Boone Hospital Home Care,
                                                                                                                        Columbia, MO

       $25K and above
                                                                                                                     “I wish all of you could have been
                                                                                                                      there to see the joy on Dayle’s
                                                                                          Airlines                    face. It’s a memory I will always
    Flower Donors
                                                                                                                        Dina, wife of Dream Recipient,
                                                                                                                        Dayle, Booneville, NC, who went
                                                                                                                        to Zion National Park

                                                                                                                                                   PAGE 23
                                                           Join the Dream Team!
                                                           You can help make dreams come true for adults with life-limiting illness by joining
                                                           the Dream Team today. Its simple. Here’s three ways how:

                                                           1. Refer someone to have a dream fulfilled. Visit our website to download
                                                             an application to request a dream at www.dreamfoundation.org

                                                           2. Make a donation to Dream Foundation to help make someone’s
                                                             dream come true. Use the remit envelope enclosed or donate online at

                                                           3. Donate in honor or in memory of someone you love. If a friend or
                                                             family member has been touched by the dream experience, please consider
                                                             honoring their memory with a donation so that others may have the joy of a
                                                             final wish fulfilled. With a gift of $10 or more we will send a card to the honoree
                                                             that acknowledges your generosity on their behalf. Please include name and
                                                             address information for those cards.

                                                           Other ways to help:
dreamfoundation                                            Donate airline miles! We are in urgent need of airline miles. Visit our website
   Because adults have wishes too…                         at www.dreamfoundation.org for instructions on how to donate airline miles.
National Headquarters - Santa Barbara:
1528 Chapala Street, Suite 304                             Adopt a Dream! Visit our website at www.dreamfoundation.org and follow the
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Phone: (805) 564-2131 • Fax: (805) 564-7002
                                                           links to the Adopt a Dream page. You will find a list of dreams where you can see
                                                           photos and read the stories of our current dream requests.
Los Angeles Office:
11500 Olympic Blvd., Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90064                                      Volunteer! We rely on volunteers all across the United States to help make
Phone: (310) 444-3070 • Fax: (310) 444-3071
                                                           dreams come true. There are many ways to help. See our website for more
      Dream Foundation is a member of NHPCO
(National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization) and    information.
  AWGO (Association of Wish Granting Organizations)

Dream Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
                                                           Join the Dream Network! If you have resources that you can share with our
               Tax ID # 77-0405779                         dreamers please contact Jackie Waddill at (805) 564-2131
        w w w. d re amf o un datio n.o rg

                                                                                                                      Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                                                        U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                                        Santa Barbara, CA
                                                                                                                       Permit Number 692
  1528 Chapala Street, Suite 304
     Santa Barbara, CA 93101

                      Order a Tribute Candle to
                      honor someone you love.
                      See page 11 for details.

                                          making dreams come true for adults battling life-limiting illness

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