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									Adelina’s Whales (Genre – Photo Essay)

Laguna San Ignacio was located on the coast of ____________.

Mother whales come to Laguna San Ignacio to do what?

Adelina has a good understanding of nature because she can tell
by the way the light reflected on the _______________.

The story begins with grandfather having his first visit with a
friendly ____________________.

Many types of the people visit Laguna San Ignacio to see the

There is much to learn about the whales and this is why so many
people have so many questions about the whales.

The author most likely wrote this selection to describe a special
place that gray whales visit in the ______________. (what

Children face many choices in their lifetime and future.

The whale’s wide, flat tail is called a _________________.
biologist        scientist who studies living things
bluff            a high, steep slope or cliff
lagoon           a pond or small lake; shallow water
massive          big and heavy; enormous
rumbling         making a deep, heavy continuous sound
tropical         region where the sun can shine directly
                 overhead; warm

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