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									                                               The TEEP Cycle

Department: Science
Year: 8     Module: Biology - Plants               Lesson :       12

                            50 Mins
 Prepare for Learning       Plant cell anagrams: Past Roloch (Chloroplast), Cenusul (Nucleus), Alevuco
                            (Vacuole), Lellacl (Cell wall), Remem Nell C (Cell membrane).

    Agree Learning                   Compare and contrast plant cells found in the root      Bloom's
      Outcomes                        and the leaf                                            Taxonomy

                                                                                               6 Evaluation
                                                                                               5 Synthesis
                                                                                               4 Analysis
                                                                                               3 Application
                                                                                               2 Comprehension
                                                                                               1 Knowledge
      Present New           Using PPT students need to identify the similarities and differences between a
Information Through All     palisade cell and a root hair cell. They need to be able to explain the reasons for
       the Senses           the differences.

        Construct           Specialised plant cells worksheet.
Activity – The Search for
         Meaning            Looking for starch in a leaf experiment. Worksheets found in drawers.

 Apply to Demonstrate       Split the class into groups. Students are to design a poster explaining how the
      Your New              structure of a root hair cell or a palisade cell is adapted to its function, using
    Understanding           agreed success criteria. This can then be written on poster paper, and stuck up
                            near the board somewhere, reminding the students of what they have said their
                            poster most include.

        Review              Ask the students to say when photosynthesis takes place and why

Step Back and Reflect on    Review pyramid
     Your Learning

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