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					                                                                                                   Fall 2011
                                                                                               Vol. 6, No. 2

                         A Publication for Friends of the ABHOW Foundation

                                         Members of the Las Ventanas Foundation Committee gather around
                                                  committee chair Irene Geller, center, at a recent meeting.
Las Ventanas
                                 “I said to them, ‘You know what?       several times this summer to
Forms Foundation                 This is a worthwhile thing to do,’”    develop a set of bylaws. Now that
Committee                        recalls Geller. “I had Foundation
                                 President Joe Anderson come out
                                                                        those bylaws have been deemed
                                                                        compliant with the ABHOW
It only takes a spark to light   and talk to them about how to          Foundation, the newly formed Las
a fire, and at Las Ventanas      form the committee, and the kind       Ventanas Foundation Committee
last spring, Irene Geller was    of investments we could do. And        is officially ready to get to work.
that spark. Disappointed         they agreed, it was a good thing       “We haven’t worked through a
                                 to do.”                                lot of the specifics yet, but there’s
that her seven-year-old Las
Vegas retirement community       The resident-led group grew to         a lot of interest and enthusiasm,
hadn’t yet formed a founda-      include Rose Rager, the communi-       so I feel like we’re going to see a
tion committee, Geller rallied   ty’s interim executive director, and   lot of collaboration in the months
the troops – 10 of them, to      Las Ventanas Board Member Ruby         ahead,” says Rager.
be exact.                        Warthan-Vance. The group met                             (continued inside)
A Word from the President
                     The economic news of the past few                                   it’s on the
                     weeks has not been good. While the
                     market has become more volatile,
                     new cuts to Medicare and Medicaid
                     were announced in Washington, D.C.
                     The states are expected to follow suit              Year-end tax planning
                     with potential cuts to Medicaid or                  assistance:
                     MediCal reimbursement. None of this
                                                                         Nov. 28th.
                     is good news for older people, including
                                                                         Judson Park
                     ABHOW residents. Those in need of
nursing assistance are particularly vulnerable to increases              Dec 12th
in the cost of care.
                                                                         Dec 13th
At times like these, ABHOW residents can be assured that the             Valle Verde
Foundation endowments provide regular financial support for
                                                                         Dec 14th
benevolent care. So we continue to urge today‘s residents to consider
                                                                         Plymouth Village
contributions that help present and future residents enjoy our promise
of lifetime care.                                                        Dec 15th
                                                                         The Terraces of Phoenix
                                                                         Dec 16th
                                                                         Las Ventanas
                                                                         Dec 28th
                                                                         The Terraces of Los Gatos &
                                                                         The Terraces of Los Altos
                                                                         Dec 29th
                                                                         Piedmont Gardens & Grand
                                                                         Lake Gardens
“You'll never be asked to leave should you run short of funds through
no fault of your own,” is a promise we treasure and aim to keep. Our
community endowments make that promise possible. We urge you in
these times of financial turmoil to consider helping us continue to
make a difference.                                                       LEGACY DEFINED
Your direct contribution, charitable gift annuity or bequest will
improve the lives of seniors today, tomorrow and into the future.
And that is something we can all feel good about.

                                                                         “   Ecologists tell us that a
                                                                             young tree grows better
                                                                             when it's planted in an
                                                                             area with older trees.
Joe Anderson                                                                 That's legacy: an intercon-
President                                                                    nection across time, with
                                                                             a need for those who
                                                                             have come before us and
                                                                             a responsibility to those
                                                                             who come after us.
                                                                             – Susan Bosak, chair,
                                                                             The Legacy Project
Payroll Deduction Offers                                 Just two weeks into the program, nine team mem-
                                                         bers had already signed on, Anderson says. And
New Way to Serve                                         given the number of calls Foundation staffers are
                                                         fielding, that number is likely just the beginning of
ABHOW team members put their care, com-                  something much greater.
mitment and compassion for seniors on full
                                                         ABHOW team members can enroll for payroll deduction
display every day. Now they can give behind              via an automated form on the company’s intranet
the scenes, too, thanks to a new payroll                 site. For questions, email Lynette Giannotti at the
deduction program offered through the                    ABHOW Foundation,
ABHOW Foundation.
The program is a simple, powerful tool through
which team members make regular, tax-exempt
contributions directly from their paycheck. Team
members elect how much and how often to donate.
They can start – and stop – a payroll deduction at any
time, and even dictate which community endowment,
memorial fund and special project will benefit from
their donation.
                                                                        Join us
                                                             Oct. 10 at Round Hill Country
                                                             Club in Alamo, Calif., for the
                                                                 15th Annual ABHOW
                                                               Foundation Golf Classic.
                                                            Once again, we’ll gather in the shadow of
                                                            beautiful Mt. Diablo State Park for a fun-filled
                                                            day of scramble format golf, fine cuisine, put-
                                                            ting contests, a live and silent auction.
                                                            Proceeds benefit seniors living in ABHOW’s
                                                            27 affordable housing communities. Previous
The ABHOW Foundation developed the program this             Golf Classics have netted more than $1 million.
summer at the urging of team members concerned              Register or donate online today at
about the impact of a prolonged economic downturn  Together, we can help give
on residents and the company. It officially launched        seniors in need the quality of life they deserve.
in mid-August, weeks before an unprecedented 11.1
percent Medicare reimbursement cut was slated
to take effect. Donations will help the Foundation
sustain benevolent care for CCRC residents and
ensure quality-of-life amenities for residents in
affordable housing.
That the idea for the program came from team members
is something ABHOW Foundation President Joe Anderson
calls “proof of what makes ABHOW exceptional.”
“It’s so inspiring to see our team members work as
hard as they do, and at the end of the day, say, ‘I
want to do more,’” says Anderson. “All it takes is
a modest amount – any amount, really – to make a
substantial impact in the lives of ABHOW residents.”
Foundation Scores
Big Gains on Survey                                            “We are certainly pleased by the
ABHOW residents are more committed than                           increase in awareness, participation
ever to strengthening their communities                           and giving indicated in the survey. The
through planned giving and other charitable                       Foundation has made a concerted effort to
activities, according to a recent survey initi-
                                                                  be more visible at the local level through
ated by the ABHOW Foundation.
                                                                  the institution of local foundation com-
Nearly 500 residents at ABHOW’s 11 continuing care
                                                                  mittees, specific fundraising projects
retirement communities took part in the survey last
spring, helping gauge awareness on everything from                and more education opportunities.
benevolence to endowment funds to Legacy, the
Foundation’s newsletter.
                                                                  The results of the survey are gratifying.           ”
                                                                                       – Joe Anderson, president
Their answers will help guide the Foundation’s work
in the coming months and years, and at the commu-
nity level, they will help local foundation committees
target fundraising to maximize participation and impact.
The survey is the first comprehensive assessment            Las Ventanas            (continued from cover)
undertaken by the Foundation since 2002. The results        Like many other senior living communities today, Las
show a decade of gains for the Foundation, including        Ventanas is struggling with occupancy. Rager says that
double-digit increases on several key indicators. Perhaps   made the need for a local foundation committee all
most striking is the jump in donations and other forms      the more evident.
of giving to the Foundation during that period, from
34 percent in 2002 to 64 percent in 2011.                   “When you think about what the local foundation
                                                            committees do for a CCRC – everything from promoting
The survey found that nearly all CCRC residents surveyed    planned giving to providing [benevolent] care, planning
are aware of the Foundation and the community               and raising funds for capital projects – it’s going to do
endowments, an overwhelming majority know about             a lot of good for residents and the community for
Foundation-sponsored benevolence, and half have             years to come.”
participated in a Foundation event on campus.
                                                            Rager says as a first order of business, the committee
                                                            is currently weighing how to replace a baby grand
                                                            piano that was on loan from a resident who recently
    Key findings show a decade of
                                                            passed away.
    big gains, including:
                                                            “Now that the piano has gone to the resident’s
                                    99%       81%           estate, it’s left a void in the common area where it
    Foundation awareness            today     2002          used to sit,” Rager says. “We used it a lot for special
                                                            functions and social events, so there’s a good chance
                                    94%       66%           that will be on the committee’s agenda to start.”
    Endowment awareness             today     2002          Other ideas, such as a community flower and veg-
                                                            etable garden, are starting to take shape. But there’s
                                    88%       63%           also a general consensus that a careful start might just
    Benevolence awareness           today     2002          be best. The committee has conferred with Foundation
                                                            President Joe Anderson about an ongoing program of
    Read Foundation                                         outreach to help educate residents on investment
                                    79%       47%
    newsletter                      today                   options and the importance of establishing a robust
                                                            community endowment.

    Participation in                49%                     “This is not just about living well today, but planning
    Foundation events               today     2002          well for the future,” says Warthan-Vance. “I do wish we
                                                            had been able to form this committee and establish an
                                                            endowment nd a long time ago, but now is the time.
                                                            We’re ready. Our community is just going to flourish.”
Vehicle Donation Program
Paying Off
Two years after its launch, the ABHOW
Foundation Vehicle Donation Program
                                                            What Is Your
has raised more than $22,000 from the
sale of 29 vehicles. That represents about
a 70 percent return-on-sale benefitting
ABHOW communities.
                                  The way it works is
                                  simple: team mem-
                                  bers and residents
                                  who have a car
                                  they no longer
                                  want – most often
                                  because they no
                                  longer use it or it
                                  needs costly repairs
                                  – call the National
                                  Vehicle Donation        Almus “Spike” Larsen and his wife Carol are
                                  Program’s (NVDP)        the kind of people you want living next door
                                  toll-free number,       – generous, unfailingly kind, tried-and-true.
                                  schedule a time to      To the Larsens, being a good neighbor means
                                  have it picked up,      being part of their Judson Park community at
and then dictate which ABHOW community will               all levels, from fellowship to fundraising. The
receive proceeds from the sale of that vehicle.           couple has done plenty of both, serving on
The NVDP, which handles donations to the                  resident governance boards and volunteer
Foundation, will even pick the car up at the repair       committees, donating to the Judson Park
shop. Once the car has been sold at auction, proceeds     endowment fund, and spending time with
are directed back to the Foundation and invested at       their Des Moines, Wash., friends and neigh-
the community level.                                      bors in times of need.
The program has given a nice boost to Judson Park’s       Spike: “We wanted to live in an ABHOW
endowment fund, and even helped pay for a new             community because they are good places to
community bus. In fact, about half of the vehicles        be – and I know that because I was a CEO in
donated through the program to date have been             the [senior living] industry for about 27 years.
on behalf of the Des Moines, Wash., community.            I never worked for ABHOW, but I knew the
                                                          founder, Harold Bottemiller, and I went to
Donors can claim a charitable tax deduction based
                                                          seminary with former ABHOW President Dick
on the vehicle’s final sale price. If it sells for less
                                                          Ice. I served on the Valle Verde board of
than $500, donors can claim the fair market value
                                                          directors when we lived in Santa Barbara
up to $499.
                                                          and thought we’d live there someday, but
The program is not limited to automobiles, and will       our daughter is here in Washington, and
accept trucks, sports utilities, motor homes, boats,      we’ve been very pleased with Judson Park.”
airplanes, and farm and construction equipment.
                                                          Carol: “This is exactly what we wanted for
Arrange to donate your vehicle by calling the             our retirement. Judson Park is such a beauti-
Foundation at 1-800-222-2469 ext. 7152 or by              ful place, and there’s a real feeling that you
going to and clicking            aren’t alone. This is a community. It’s a good
on the “Donate Your Vehicle” link.                        life, and has far exceeded my expectations.”
Judson Park Raises Funds                                                    Call Our Team
for New Bus                                                                 Joe Anderson
In the months since Judson Park purchased a new
                                                                            800-222-2469 ext. 7120
community bus, the bus has been largely absent. Its
front-row parking space sits reserved and empty most
days, proof that residents of this Des Moines, Wash.,
continuing care retirement community like to go,                            Leonard Kelly
go, go.                                                                     Vice President

“The park, the local pool, restaurants, the grocery store,                  800-222-2469 ext. 7166
the zoo – the bus goes a lot of places, every day,” says Trudy    
Thompson, who as chair of the Judson Park Foundation
Committee helped raise about $60,000 to purchase the                        Lynette Giannotti
23-seater vehicle.                                                          Secretary
“It was a good buy, and we were lucky in that it only took                  800-222-2469 ext. 7152
about six months to raise the funds,” she says.                   
About two-thirds of the purchase price was bequeathed by
a resident who recently passed away, according to Thompson.
Now that they’ve secured a new bus, she says, foundation
committee members have turned their fundraising efforts
toward the purchase of flat-screen televisions for the
community’s health center.

tax advisors, attorneys or accountants for definitive advice with respect to the matters included in this newsletter.
Please note this memorandum does NOT constitute legal or tax advice. ABHOW urges all residents to consult their own

                                                                                800-222-2469 ext. 7152
                                                                                Pleasanton, CA 94588
                                                                                6120 Stoneridge Mall Road, Suite 300

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