LED RED SPECTRUM RECOMMENDATION                        When utilized as an ancillary component with a
   I would remind list members that if one is inves-   pre-treatment nebulizer-applied solution of CS
tigating the use of LED bulbs/arrays for circulation   (90% by voloume) X DMSO (10% by volume), the
improvement and/or topical pathogen control....we      results for control of viral-based insults increased
have found that the red spectrum elements in the       dramatically.
660 to 680 nanometer range are MUCH superior             Interestingly, staph-driven insults presenting
those in other ranges. They do not cost any more       along the upper throat regions responded "dra-
than other colored...or clear bulbs.....but are im-    matically" without the inclusion of ANY other pro-
mensely more effective at circulation improve-         tocol than just the LED assembly exposure.
ment. At least that has been our experience.             I believe experimenters would be very well
Sincerely, Brooks Bradley                              served to consider including this simple tool in
                                                       their kit for addressing these NEW VARIANTS OF
  LED                                                  UNKOWN ORIGIN.
  Several questions/references have ap-                  The LED protocol would seem to be recom-
peared....recently, addressing frequency as an         mended....if only for its ability to greatly improve
effective adjunct to LED light exposure, for im-       the local circulation of areas surrounding concen-
proving results. We have, in the past, conducted       trated insults.
a number of evaluations involving the applica-           There are a number of useable approaches dis-
tion/control of various pulsing frequencies as the     cussing/describing the construction of useable,
driver control for differing LED assemblies. After     low-power, LED systems for application in topi-
extensive investigations, we have been unable to       cally-oriented circumstnces....discussed in the
establish that ANY frequency modulation tech-          Silver-List Archives.
nique (from 1 cps to 2000 cps [hertz]) effectively       Sincerely, Brooks Bradley
increases, in any manner, the efficacy of the pro-
tocol. Others may have experienced different re-      Dear Jim,
sults. However, we were able to achieve in-           Actually, our best responses manifested from the
creased effectivity in a number of applications     high-power (3500 mcd ) LED assemblies, rather
through the simple expedient of "raising-the-       than the Low Level laser pointers.
power" input to the LED assemblies. Our simple        If you will search the archives, I believe I have
conclusion was that light intensity increases       several descriptive entries describing in usable
(hence penetrating power) appeared to improve       terms how we constructed several of them. We
local circulatory functions in a manner superior    gained our very best responses from adding sev-
the ANY frequency manipulations. We are now         eral adjunctive protocols. These included 400 mg
encouraged to believe that higher power (within     of Vitamin B-6 for 4 days, then reducing to 200
reasonable limits) offers the greater promise in    mg thereafter (continued for 30 days) and then a
LED photo-therapy experimental researches than      final reduction to 100 mg as a continuing prophy-
do other forms of manipulating this phenomena.      lactic for several months.
Additionally, the improvements enjoyed seem to        Re-occurrences were quite rare, even among
transcend the element of "depth-of-penetration";    high-traffic computer terminal operators. For
as the increased beneficial effects seem to radi-   those volunteers in pronounced chronic pain
ate laterally at much shallower depths than the     presentations, we utilized a "rub-in" of aspirin-like
penetration limit.                                  substances (usually something like Mobysil), fol-
  These are just my cursory comments on the sub-    lowed by a generous "dabbed-on" (using cotton
ject and do not carry any formal recommendation     ball) 50%-70% strength DMSO. This was per-
or proof of concept.                                formed twice daily for 5 days....or less if total
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                        resolution occurred sooner.
                                                      Because of marked improvement, but not total
  LED USE ON INFECTIOUS AGENTS                      resolution....some volunteers insisted on a con-
  The recent spate of "unusual" viral agent deriva- tinuance of the protocol and a majority of them
tives (SARS, Western Equine E., etc) prompts me resulted in total recovery within 14 days.....in ap-
to remind the list membership of our results in     proximately 95% of these cases. Occasionally, a
evaluating LED-based topical effects. One of the volunteer would reach a plateau of about 75%
most promising aspects of this type protocol is the recovery and would require intermittent repetitions
excellent response in control of infectious agents of the entire protocol for maintaining a high de-
lying "beneath" a mucous shield. Our experi-        gree of comfort.
ments utilizing 3500 mcd, clear red, bulbs (asem-     Our success ratio was quite high (over 80%), us-
blies using from 5 to 20 bulbs), produced very      ing no other protocols whatever. We even en-
powerful control effects, most especially on        joyed successes with some persons who had
  the bacterial forms.                              been unable to evoke a successful remedy from
                                                    surgical procedures.
  Carpal tunnel is a very uncomfortable affliction,    pathogens. At least, that has been our experience
but was quite treatable, among our volunteer           over the immediately past 12 years.
population.                                              Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
  It has been several years since we conducted           P.S. CS has been just as effective against, es-
our last evaluations.....there are, probably, a        sentially, the entire catalog of alimentary system
number of more recent approaches which could           pathogenic insults, viral as well as the more nu-
have rendered our researches obsolete; however,        merous bacterial threats commonly experienced
I am not presently aware of them.                      in the daily life of our citizenry. Sometimes, when
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                           NOTHING else exhibited any genuine influence
                                                       against fulminating cases of the more dangerous
 Please note the change in line 7. the initial dos-    pathogens.
age should have read 400 mg.....not 200 mg. My
apologies. Brooks Bradley.                               DIABETES, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN E:
                                                         While Vitamin A excess is a genuine considera-
  Acmeair wrote:                                       tion, I relate an >incident which occurred at John
  Mr Bradley - I found this post in the archives. I    Sealy Hospital circa 1962. An M.D. named Al-
have two people suffering from carpal syndrome, berto Serrano and >associates were treating a
and have just bought two laser pointers from Ar-       group of Type I diabetic children using very large
nold Beland from the silver list.                      doses of vitamin A as part of their protocol. The
   Do you have any more info, on the protocol you >procedure involved administering 75,000 to
described in the "p.s" on this post? I sure enjoy      100,000 units daily for 7 days and then suspend-
and appreciate your presence on the silver list.       ing Vitamin A use for 14 days (for reducing Vita-
thanks, jim                                            min A toxic effects}. Quite serendipitously, one
                                                       child was presenting with a disorder requiring ele-
  I would remind list members that if one is inves- vated vitamin E supplementation and was, acci-
tigating the use of LED bulbs/arrays for circulation dentally, continued on the high vitamin A regime
improvement and/or topical pathogen control, we for a continuous 14 day period without any unto-
have found that the red spectrum elements in the ward side effects. Since the only protocol differ-
660 to 680 nanometer range are MUCH superior ence between this single child and the general
those in other ranges. They do not cost any more group was the vitamin E supplementation, logic
than other colored or clear bulbs, but are im-         dictated a connection. The attending physicians
mensely more effective at circulation improve-         inaugurated an Experimental protocol evaluating
ment. At least that has been our experience.           the effects of vitamin E on reducing the toxic ef-
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                           fects of high-dose vitamin A, using adult humans.
                                                       The results were quite encouraging, and demon-
  CS IN FOOD PRESERVATION                              strated that vitamin E did, indeed, exhibit such an
  Dear John,                                           effect. Sometimes, at levels of only 200 I.U. daily,
  I just read your post and have the following         vitamin E increased the vitamin A tolerance level
comment: We have tested EIS type Colloidal Sil- by almost 100% (e.g. from 50,000 to 100,00 I.U.),
ver in many scenarios involving foodstuffs and         for up to 21 days in adult subjects.
have never failed to subdue the entire lexicon of        As these events transpired many years ago, my
the insulting pathogens inflicted on the test media memory is not trustworthy enough to establish
(all of the foodstuffs involved in all of the investi- exact, reliable, figures, but the relationship of vi-
gations). We even applied CS as weak as 10 ppm tamin E for mitigating the effects of excess vita-
as a direct insert to "highly active" botulinum cul-   min A remain quite clear. Persons undergoing
tures, and never failed to get total resolution        protocols requiring high dosage vitamin A might
within minutes, usually within 10 minutes.             be well served to investigate the ameliorating ef-
  However, we have never used CS as a direct           fects of concomitant vitamin E supplementation.
adjunct to canning foods ourselves; although we          These comments are not to be construed as any
have received anecdotal reports from reliable re- form of medical advice, but just as the residue
searchers informing that various meat products         from knowledge of experimental researches exe-
(containing small amounts of CS) have been             cuted some years past.
stored in unrefrigerated condition, for upwards of       Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
2 years without untoward incident of any type.
  Personally, I would feel perfectly confident in        TOOTH CARE PROTOCOL - SOAP
canning butter with about 2 teaspoons of 10 to 20        I do not wish to generate an adversarial circum-
ppm Colloidal Silver used as a companion in each stance, but feel compelled to make a>general
1 pound container. Colloidal Silver has demon-         comment on soap products used for tooth care
strated to be simply SPLENDID AS BOTH PRE-             (brushing). Circa 1999-2000 we conducted rather
VENTIVE AND TREATMENT for botulinum                    extensive research into various >soap products
for cleaning teeth. Our initial investigations were  ens) and one rooster. The chickens were devas-
prompted by the work of Dr. Gerard Judd (non         tating his garden. Upon the advice of another
deceased) relating to dental hygiene in general.     friend of his ( I think he was an old, retired small
We found that Dr. Gerard's recommendation for        acreage farmer), he installed a single strand of
using any of the commercially available bar soaps    electric fence about 7 inches above the ground.
which DID NOT contain any glycerin yielded quite     The very next day he called me and said to come
acceptable results. In fact, we were unable to find  over.....and I did. What I beheld was, simply,
any product superior to plain Ivory bar soap. List   amazing, there were all of the chickens through-
members might be interested to know that the         out the expanse of a large 1/2 acre lawn......but
MOST important element of Dr. Gerard's protocol      NONE in the vicinity of the garden. I could hardly
was the use of mono-sodium phosphate immedi-         believe it and said so. He related that about 30
ately after brushing with the bar soap. This step    minutes after sunrise that morning that the rooster
proved crucial to re-enamelling of the teeth. FYI,   had marched across the lawn leading his troop
the reason glycerin-containing bar soaps were        directly to the garden. As soon as he approached
frowned upon by Dr. Judd, was based solely upon      the single wire stand he advanced up to the
the fact that glycerin is very difficult to remove   wire...on foot....never attempting to fly over, and
from the tooth surface without EXTENSIVE rins-       he tentatively reached out with his beak and
ing, not upon any physiological compromise. Sin-     touched the wire - it knocked him over backwards
cerely, Brooks Bradley.                              about a foot and after about 15 seconds he stag-
                                                     gered to his feet and retreated as fast as he was
  TOOTH CLEANING PROTOCOL                            able. My friend related the secret to me. When
  Hello Bernadette,                                  there is a rooster with a flock of hens HE is in
  One can use H2o2 at any juncture of the oral       charge and the hens always follow HIS lead so
hygiene procedure involving brushing; but as the although none of the hens got shocked, neither
last step would be my preference if using it only    did they, or the rooster, ever go near that little
once. (I use a procedure wherein H2o2 is used        electrically-fenced garden .. At the end of that
twice, once as an adjunct with Sodium Bicarbon- summer when I again went over....not one
ate (following the bar soap), and again as a undi- chicken had ventured back into the garden. A few
luted, clear-rinse standalone after all earlier      years later, my father-in-law (who happened to
brushing procedures. This may be considered          have three peafowl...one cock and two hens) was
over-kill by some, but it works very well for me.    encountering a similar problem as had my other
Do recall, H2o2 acts as a splendid residual on all friend. I suggested to my father-in-law he might
open lesions, cuts, fungus, anaerobes of most all try the same protocol on his peafowl.....as had my
types, etc.; it gives one a head-start in the con-   other friend. We agreed that due to the much
stant conflict with bacterial insult every day. I am greater size of the peafowl, than my friend's
not recommending persons use undiluted (3.5%) rooster, that two strands about 20 " tall at the top
H2o2 as a rinse just because I do. However, to do might guarantee a better chance of success. This
so is perfectly safe, but some individuals are "put my father-in-law did and achieved the same suc-
off" by the sometimes pervasive foaming action       cess as did my earlier friend. I was raised on a
(which is simply demonstrating the presence of       farm, kept chickens for 30 years, but never had
pronounced anaerobes).                               any idea that such a scheme could possibly
  My Very Best to You, Brooks.                       work......because the chickens would simply fly
                                                     over the single strand. Such DID NOT prove to be
  Dear Ode,                                          the case. Mitch (my friend) inquired from his
  I would not recommend the use of tri-sodium        farmer friend as to why the rooster did not just fly
phosphate for any internal protocol. Although I am over the fence...the farmer elated that roosters
not personally conversant with the physiological     are very inquisitive animals and are always cau-
effects of ingesting tri-sodium phosphate, I do      tious when encountering NEW physical circum-
know it is a powerful detergent and has many         stances....and Mitch's Game rooster was no ex-
uses in commercial chemistry. I would recom-         ception.
mend you contact Marshall for detailed informa-        I do not guarantee success, but this little scheme
tion of tri-sodium phosphate effects on human        has worked for both of the fellows mentioned and,
body chemistry. Best Regards, Brooks.                I might include, for me, since that time.
                                                       In any event Patrice's dilemma has given me the
  CHICKENS AND ELECTRIC FENCES                       opportunity to relate this story for the first time in
  Dear Smitty,                                       30 years.
  Some years ago I had a friend who planted a          Sincerely, Brooks Bradley
beautiful, small, flower and vegetable garden di-
rectly in the middle of a very large, well manicured CS ENTRAINMENT DMSO MSM
lawn. He possessed about 15 adult hens (chick-         Dear Gail,
  I desire to make a comment I feel might be con-      One convenient method for making a super-
structive. In your recent email to Patrice you sug-    saturated lysine solution is by placing about one
gested the employment of MSM as the preferred          ounce of water in a small glass container and
adjunct to Colloidal Silver. While MSM is an ex-       adding powdered lysine until no more will go into
cellent stand-alone protocol, it WILL NOT EN-          solution....then add 20% (by volume) full strength
TRAIN Colloidal Silver. Therefore it is unable to      DMSO. It is quite easy to use cotton Q-tips to ap-
carry the CS through the mucous barriers which         ply the solution to the blisters. One suggestion; try
may be isolating the insult field. On the other        to avoid licking your lips for about 2 minutes after
hand, DMSO is perfectly suited for entraining          applying the solution, but be sure not to lick them
AND transporting all entrained substances (in-         for at least one minute-----to insure an acceptable
cluding CS) through the mucous coverings of any        tissue penetration of the solution. One ounce of
of the epithelial tissues.....both alimentary and      this solution will be sufficient to treat many "cold
pulmonary.                                             sores". This, particular, solution has a very long
  Additionally, except in cases presenting with se-    shelf life.
vere insults, 5% (by volume) of full strength            If any of the lesions are infected at the time of
DMSO has demonstrated to be quite effective in         treatment, just add 10% (by volume) CS at 10
delivering very acceptable results. This is espe-      ppm strength....to the parent solution.
cially important when realizing that a consequen-        If you are a "physical coward" (as am I), the ap-
tial percentage of the general populace has a          plication of any quality aloe vera gel product....a
rather low gag reflex threshold.....for DMSO           few minutes prior to applying the DMSO X Lysine
(much less so for MSM).                                protocol-----will yield welcome pain reduction.
  I hope these comments are of value to you.             Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
                                                         MUSCLE CRAMPS & MAGNESIUM
  CS INHALATION                                          Dear Faith,
  Hello Marshall,                                        You have, already, received a number of useful
  All of our research tends to confirm your com-       comments. I will take a moment to expand on one
ments on this matter. Brooks.                          area of address. We have discovered over the
  I don't believe silver will build up in the lungs.   immediately past 15 years, that a majority of sud-
The lungs clear particles by oxidizing them with       den-onset cramping (especially in the extremities)
H2O2. H2O2 is very effective in converting silver      demonstrates for a magnesium deficiency com-
particles to silver oxide, which is then absorbed      ponent......even in those cases presenting dehy-
into the blood stream. I believe this is supported     dration and/or calcium deficiency. Our experimen-
by the fact that inhalation of silver particles can    tal researches with high-impact athletes has con-
cause argyria, the only possible mechanism is if       firmed, that proper magnesium in the lean muscle
the particles are converted to a soluble compound      tissue beds.....results in the vast majority of leg
of silver, and absorbed into the blood stream.         cramps (even professional athletes are subject to
Marshall                                               this quite frequently) being mitigated against.
                                                       Such presentations of cramping are, quite often,
  COLD SORES                                           direct companions of any form of exercise result-
  Cold sores are caused by Herpes Simplex I            ing in pronounced loss of fluid electrolytes. FYI,
(HVS-1), a virus which is present in a large por-      calcium is, as a general matter GREATLY over-
tion of the human population. While quite vexing       emphasized as being too low. We have found that
in some cases, it, alone, is not life threaten-        it is MAGNESIUM which is the "BELL-
ing....nor a major health challenge in its principal   WEATHER" sheep. As a general rule, ingesting
presentations. The herpes family of viruses may        adequate quantities of balanc! ed fluid electro-
be driven quiescent, temporarily, but are lifetime     lytes....such as Gatorade, before and/or during
companions of the afflicted. This is typical of vi-    any activity pronounced enough to generate
ruses in general. There are many treatments for        sweating----aids in preventing a majority of such
acute outbreaks....most palliative in nature. One      painful presentations.
protocol we have found to be particularly effective    Interestingly, a majority (80%) of our experimental
is the employment of lysine (many use the oint-        volunteers who are on adequate Marine Kelp
ment applied topically) taken at approximately         supplementation....do not manifest cramping of
300 mg daily, together with the topical use of a       this type.....even in the face of limited magnesium
lysine/DMSO solution. The favored (by us) solu-        supplementation.
tion strength is 20% DMSO (by volume) mixed              One supplementation protocol displaying excel-
with a super-saturated solution of ly-                 lent results (especially among adults 50+ years, is
sine......applied to the blisters once each hour the   1000 mg daily for males and 750 mg for fe-
first day and once each 2 hours thereafter---until     males.....body mass considerations notwithstand-
the eruptions are controlled (usually by day 3).       ing. At least that has been our experience. Mag-
nesium is a very forgiving substance....and woe-         would like to hear any success stories on br, or
fully undervalued in the allopath-dominated health       any data one is willing to share. Thanks Diane
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                             AIR FILTRATION EVALUATION USING CS
  p.s. I would be remiss if I did not take this oppor-   Recently, we concluded some evaluations on the
tunity to remind the list members that our experi-     effectivity of an anti-pathogenic air filtration de-
ence confirms that.... magnesium is the SINGLE         vice. It is, essentially, nothing more than a stock,
MOST important protocol element yet discovered,        paper type, dust-mask....impregnated with 15
for the control/prevention of kidney stones.           ppm to 20 ppm strength electrically isolated col-
  Does CS help muscle cramps? I am having se-          loidal silver.
vere muscle cramping of the legs and feet at             Higher particulate count CS (25% to 30%...by
night. These cramps are more like seizures and         volume) demonstrated to have been more effec-
they wrench me out of a sound sleep 2 or 3 times       tive in both speed of response....and pathogen
a night. This is really cutting down on my sleep.      count reduction-----over our normal 85% to 90%
My hands are also cramping badly during the day,       ionic content CS solutions. However, both solu-
though not as often as my legs and feet. My feet       tions effected very positive control responses as
and hands can sometimes feel heavy and numb.           evidenced by the pronounced difference between
   My doctor does not know what is wrong and he        the control samples and the treated samples
has scheduled me to see a neurologist on Octo-         tested downstream of both filtering systems. The
ber 1. Will CS help this problem? Thank you.           control (unmodified) face masks reduced the bac-
Faith                                                  terial populations (root-mean-square average) by
  CATS AND HAIRBALL                                    approximately 15% to 20%.....principally through
  Many times, when cats are frequently regurgitat-     physical impingement. No bacterial casualties
ing their food.... the principal cause is a hairball.  were evident downstream of the untreated filter
We have encountered this many times over the           masks. The viable bacterial count immediately
past 20 years----with dozens of cats. If such is, in   downstream of the CS-treated mask was re-
truth, the case....just obtain any good hairball       duced, on average, by 60% to 70%. Interestingly,
gelatin (Walmart, or almost any large Box store        the bacterial population mortality among the
carries such products). Just smear about 1/2 tea-      treated samples, continued to rise by an addi-
spoon on the top of each of their front feet.....they  tional 5% to 10%-----within .5 to 1.0 hours after
will lick it off quite readily. Results are, usually,  ceasing exposure to the CS-impregnated filter
observable within 24 hours....via a hair mass.         medium. We were unable to clearly establish the
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                           exact nature of the expression mechanism for this
                                                       phenomenon. This characteristic presented al-
  VERTIGO                                              most universally, irrespective of the class of bac-
  We did, some years past, evaluate the effective- terial agent sample.
ness of colloidal silver on an entire spectrum of        Our methodololgy included, essentially, the sim-
ear disorders. Vertigo was one of the candidate        ple saturation of the filter-paper face mask with 15
presentations. We were unable to evince any            ppm to 20 ppm strength Colloidal Silver.
beneficial effect whatsoever. CS was quite effec-        Tests were conducted with both dry; masks and
tive against all of the pathogen-based challenges, wet (damp) masks. The wet mask medium did
against which we evaluated it.                         remove more airborne particulate matter, but ex-
  Vertigo can have quite varied causes, or at least hibited shortened, effective, flow-through efficien-
such appears the case to us. We found a majority cies.....primarily because of increased passage
of vertigo presentations to have base causes in        restriction......resulting from more rapid residue
mechanical insults, swellings, including physical      build-up.
trauma incidents, blood pressure challenges, dia-        This effect was highly pronounced when gel-
betic derivative, visual insults, etc. Pressure im-    based samples were employed.
balances within the Eustachian area areas seem           Viable viral components were difficult to meas-
to be a frequent cause of vertigo.                     ure effectively, principally because of their very
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley, Harborne Research         small size. Because of the type of "large passage"
Foundation.                                            filter media being used, quite limited quantities of
  Has anyone used CS in ears for Vertigo? Have         actual viral mass were, physically removed.
used orally and in ears for earache with excellent       This fact required us to conduct replication
results. I am using a br remedy and it is working      evaluations in order to establish the actual effect
very slowly, but want to take care of any ear dys- of the CS (if any) on the viral populations physi-
function as I believe I may have some ear dys-         cally present downstream of the filter element.
function due to airplane trip I took. I take CS orally The effective reduction in viral fecundity (replica-
daily, and have started putting in both ears, but      tion potential) among the viral populations actually
present downstream, was approximately 50% re-          that a 5% (by volume) DMSO fraction added to a
gardless of the exact viral agent being tested.        95% (10 ppm or higher ... to 20 ppm strength CS)
 When viral agents were exposed to high-quality,       by volume ...... yields a most effective and safe
full-face, chemical-type respirators (altered by       address to a wide variety of eye insults. One fac-
saturating the fiber/cloth or suspended-particle       tor to consider is that EIS Colloidal Silver does
section with CS), the degree of control rose quite     require frequent use as an irrigation protocol for
dramatically, sometimes to 85% even in those           topical applications to yield its most desirable re-
cases where the physical filter medium was sig-        sults. Once every hour for, at least 5 hours con-
nificantly more coarse (e.g. 5 microns)! than the      tinuously presented us with the strongest positive
virus size. This condition indicated that even         responses.
passing contact with CS affects some element of          We have NEVER over the immediately-past 12
control over the microscopic viruses.                  years found ANY antibiotic to yield us positive re-
 Considering that our evaluations involved, prin-      sults equivalent to that enjoyed from the PROPER
cipally, high-density pathogen populations, very       application of Colloidal Silver-based protocols.
useful effects appear probable for persons using         The DMSO fraction has proven to be critical to
cheap, CS-impregnated, paper-type dust masks           the success of CS in all cases requiring high-
for threat reduction from airborne pathogenic          speed transport of substances aimed at targets
agents. Pathogen control, especially for viruses,      behind any lining-type surface tissue anywhere in
rose considerably (approximately 15% gain) by          the body. At least that has been our experience in
adding a second mask directly over the first one.      these endeavors.
This did, however, measurably restrict the volume        Good luck in your experimental medical research
of airflow available, but not enough compromise        efforts.
the breathing of a normally healthy person.              Sincerely, Brooks Bradley
 The possible benefits from this simple unit ap-
pear to magnify when considering that airborne          CANINE NUTRITION: CHICKEN
pathogens, generally, dissipate exponentially with      Having undertaken a nutritional program based
distance in free air. Compelling evidence for value   upon the Raw Food and Bones general concept
followed the low-population-density tests ( Those     for our Orphaned Dog Program population, about
using infectious agents distributed from 4 to 5 feet  five years ago, we have attempted to maximize
distant from the closest sensor) which we con-        nutrition while holding the direct food expendi-
ducted. Therefore, our results indicate very          tures to the lowest acceptable level. I believe we
worthwhile potential for reducing susceptibility to   have achieved an acceptable (for us) circum-
both weaponized biological agents, and/or epizo-      stance.
otics presenting under more common conditions           In the beginning of our formal program (circa
(e.g. A/C recirculation systems in buildings, air-    year 2000), we had 12 adult dogs in the group.
planes, trains, etc).                                 We were feeding them a "high-quality" dry food
 Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                           ration with vitamin supplements. Additionally, we
                                                      supplied them with steamed green and yellow
  EYES: CS/DMSO IN DOGS                               vegetables three times weekly. While they were
  Dear Pat,                                           healthy, in the general sense, I was not pleased
  I would offer the following commentary on your      that some shed hair late and did not present shiny
inquiry: First, standalone CS solutions do not ex- coats of hair.
hibit real low surface tension characteristics and      After some experimentation we decided to add
therefore present rather low penetration, and         unprocessed (raw) milk and raw meat to their
slow-speed absorption by epithelial tissue....and     diet....while, simultaneously, reducing the carbo-
especially the general eye environment. The           hydrate components and increasing the frequency
"washout" effect is rather pronounced in the eye      of raw bones (from twice weekly, to daily). The
area, based upon the rapid, naturally-occurring       results were, spectacular, and the entire group
tear dilution....resulting from any external stimula- responded with vibrant health displays. Within a
tion. This effect increases the importance of rapid short time our population began to climb, as more
cross-tissue transfer for any introduced agents       "Loving Owners" abandoned their pets along the
achieving the desired results. Secondly, it is of     road adjoining our farm and the population in-
some moment that one know the approximate             creased to 16 along with the attendant support
strength of the CS they are using....especially in    costs. Our population increased to its present 19
eye-related protocols. This said, I do believe your individuals and our food costs (as have those for
most evident problem is presented by the need         the general public) rose quite rapidly to over
for a solubility/surface tension assist for the col-  $600.00 per month. While certainly not catastro-
loidal silver. Our researches have confirmed the      phic, it appeared we might profitably review our
very powerful, positive, effect of DMSO as an en- nutritional benefit/cost curve. I found that the
trainment/transporter for CS. We have determined ground meat item was the least cost-effective
from among the high-density nutrient compo-             fast-growing tumor (tennis ball size, located di-
nents. We were purchasing the 70% lean X 30%            rectly adjacent to the anus) and was presenting
fat,! 5 lb. rolls from Walmart for around $7.00         what the vets diagnosed as an inoperable condi-
each and when factored with the 6 oz. minimum,          tion, given her age, disorder prospects and con-
daily, (for medium, 35 to 40 lb dogs) and 8 oz+ for     sidering the enormous costs involved. The deci-
the larger (70 lbs +) dogs we were spending .70         sion made to just make her as comfortable as
each, daily, for this component. I had been con-        possible for what appeared a very short time
templating utilizing the 10 lb. bags of fresh           span, things were to be left for natural resolution.
chicken quarters (from Walmart), for some time. I       Since Libby had lost nearly all appetite I sug-
introduced the chicken parts (one-third of a quar-      gested they try her on raw chicken meat. This
ter to each dog (about 8 ozs weight). As these          they did, and for the first two days she did nothing
bags were averaging less than $3.75 each (37.5          but examine it, but on the third day she ate a
cents per lb) and the results greatly exceeded my       small portion; on the fourth day she ate a sizeable
expectations. Especially so since we were able to       amount and on the fifth day she consumed a full
eliminate the raw bones altogether with an overall      portion. Immediately thereafter she developed a
net increase in digestible protein and a cost re-       ravenous desire for the raw chicken and this has
duction for this nutritional element of around          continued up to this posting, some eight months
$13.00 per day.                                         later. The only other modification in her diet was
  Additionally, the dogs, without exception, prefer     the addition of one teaspoon of marine kelp.
the raw chicken (we do not know why maybe the           Within 10 days after starting this simple protocol,
growth-stimulating feedstuff additives in the cow-      her energy level started to rise quickly and im-
feed make a difference to the dogs).                    provement presented exponentially. The very
  Our present, daily diet, regimen includes: 1.25       large tumor mass began to recede and was com-
cups of a 38% meat product dry food, 1.5 cups of        pletely reduced by May of this year. I do not pro-
70/30 raw milk/homogenized mix, 1/2 cup cooked          pose that the kelp and raw chicken were the mi-
oatmeal, 7-to-8 oz raw chicken quarter, 1/4 cup         raculous resolution of this condition, but it did
whole fish (canned product), one large dry dog          cross my mind. Today, Libby is behaving like a
biscuit, one tablespoon marine kelp, one table-         teenager, trim, jumping up from a flat-footed start
spoon 5 ppm CS, 1 teaspoon brewers yeast, one           into a high-back overstuffed lounge chair, darting
One-a-Day type vitamin pill (crushed). All of the       up two full stair-flights and "ruling the roost" once
dogs are in peak health and look like slick seals.      again. I confess, it does seem a miracle. Sin-
Our vet bills have diminished from around               cerely, Brooks Bradley
$3000.00 per year circa 2000 A.D......to essen-
tially, nothing in 2007-----primarily (we believe)        Hello Barbara,
because of their diet.                                    Your observations about carbohydrate require-
  The principal reason for this diatribe is to try to   ments are quite well taken. However, without be-
influence dog owners on the list to consider sub-       ing confrontational, one point might be of value to
stituting the raw chicken quarters from Walmart         list members - while canines are carnivores,
(or some economical competitor) for a major por-        unlike felines they are not obligate carnivores.
tion of the carbohydrates being fed their dogs. At      That is, many do exhibit the ability to partially di-
a true cost of around 19 cents per day, per dog         gest various forms of carbohydrates, including
the nutrient density gain (over "high quality) is       forms of unprocessed vegetative matter. I state
very pronounced and it is LIVE FOOD.                    this not to be argumentative, but to NOT encour-
  Cutting the quarters up is quite easy, especially     age persons feeding their dogs certain vegetable
if one uses a pair of limb nippers. Just sever the      forms’ to cease just because dogs can do well
drumstick first, then rotate the thigh/back section     without them. The reason being that this ability to
90% and cut it into two equal sections - that's it -    extract useful portions of beneficial juice-borne
neat, and works fine. Originally, we used a             compounds from certain classes of vegetative
butcher's cleaver and cutting block, but the small      matter has demonstrated to be vital in some
limb-cutters are immensely more convenient.             health cases. This condition stands as useful
  When one considers the true cost of the cooked,       quite beyond nutritional considerations, especially
canned pet foods, it appears (to me) almost             considering possible pathogenic, parasitic and
criminal to not feed a pet dog some REAL dog            toxic insults. Lacking this ability, it would be fruit-
food. They develop such a desire for it they are        less to give them substances similar to kelp meal.
worse than drug addicts, ALWAYS fishing out the           Thank you for your commentary. Brooks.
raw chicken before anything else, followed by the
milk fraction.                                           I have four Chihuahuas and I feed 100% raw diet
  I must take a moment to relate a true story about     since 1998.
my oldest son's 17 year old female Chihuahua             Your adding the real food to your dogs diet is
("Libby"). December last, she had developed a           great but I will say that adding cooked oatmeal is
not necessary because they already have the            big bottles and it goes bad quickly so it never gets
carbs in kibble. Dogs being carnivores have no         finished before it gets sour
need for carbohydrates at all.
  Libby's story is a great example what good diet      VAGINAL INFECTION: BACTERIAL/FUNGAL?
can do to get rid of cancer. You didn't say if Libby   Are you SURE she is presenting with a bacterial
gets her chicken in addition to her kibble or is she insult only?
eating it as her only food. Either way it is a great   It has been our research experience that the
triumph and a testimony for the REAL foods.          most pernicious vaginal challenges have included
  Barbara                                            a fungal component. If such is true in this in-
                                                     stance, most of the elements outlined in your pro-
  SOURING OF RAW MILK                                tocol are, probably, going to be of small ef-
  Dear Zeb,                                          fect.....at least for a fungal element.
  Your comment stating that your raw milk soured       Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
(fermented) rapidly, prompts me to call your atten- A situation has arisen. Wife has a vaginal infec-
tion to the fact that the temperature of the refrig- tion. Feels to her to be identical to last one a few
eration containment has a pronounced effect on       years ago that was identified as E. Coli. She says
the rapidity of the fermentation process. The near- it's not yeast, not Urinary Tract, and not kidney.
ideal temperature for storing raw milk is around     What we've done: I mixed Colloidal Silver, made it
34 -35 degrees F. Interestingly, that is the same    into Goldenseal tea, added MSM, DMSO and io-
temperature deemed ideal for storing apples.         dine, (this is the same basic solution that finally
There are a number of parameters affecting the       nixed my very aggravating hot-weather-only eye
speed of fermentation of unprocessed milk,           infection) and she used it as a douche, four times
among which are: how quickly the milk was            a day for 2-3 days now.
placed into the cooling cycle; if the milk was al-     She has drank a lot of 50/50 CS and Gatorade
lowed to warm above 37 degrees F. for any            and a lot of pure cranberry juice. The infection
length of time; whether or not the milk underwent has neither worsened nor got better.
warming (above 35 degrees) and re-cooling cy-          We can't let an e.coli infection go for long. If
cles during transport/storage. There are other ad- something doesn't work fast, it will have to be
ditional ancillary factors which are possible con-   back to the doctor for antibiotics, which will of
tributors to what you deem premature fermenta-       course destroy her gut culture that we have
tion, but temperature cycling seems to be the        worked on.
principal one. Wayne must have an excellent re-        Good news- this has finally gotten her to agree
frigerator with very responsive temperature regu- to take cayenne and learn to drink kefir. Resis-
lation, although 3 weeks is not an unreasonable      tance is Futile!
expectation. We use large quantities of raw milk,      She took her first 1/8 teaspoon of cayenne in
as we feed our Orphaned Dog enrollees that           water this morning, and didn't have a bad reaction
foodstuff among their daily rations. Some of our     to it. I'm making fresh kefir now.
milk begins to ferment around 18 days under            DB
normal conditions (we, routinely, open this par-
ticular refrigerator about 12 times daily).            PINK EYE, EYE INFECTIONS:
  If you wish to lengthen the time before ferment-     CS is a very powerful protocol for pink eye, or
ing sets in I suggest you check the temperature      any form of conjunctivitis. Just mix up a 95% CS
"of the STORAGE LEVEL" at which you keep             (by volume) with 5% DMSO (BY VOLUME) and
your milk in the refrigerator and insure a constant use a conventional eye dropper. About 4 or 5
around 35 degrees F. I believe that will help        drops for the affected eye, for a good initial flood-
lengthen the time span before fermenting initiates. ing. About every two hours place 2 or 3 drops in
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                         the afflicted eye----for EXPERIMENTAL MEDI-
  Wayne, you advocate the use of eggs and milk. I CAL Research observations. Our research con-
wonder if you think that milk and eggs that are not firms the exceptional value of CS for this type in-
organic are still beneficial? Of course I am sure    sult. CS works equally well on dogs, cats, birds,
that you prefer the raw organic over not but if a    etc., including other mammals.....in general.
person is unable to eat raw or organic, do you still Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
think that milk and eggs are good? I have heard        p.s. If the inflammation is unusually disturbing,
that people who are lactose can tolerate raw milk the addition of about 8 drops of 2% strength Lido-
but if it is not raw, they have best eggs I have     caine (or Procaine) for 1 ounce of parent solution
seen, have come from farmers markets where the yields excellent, rapid relief. Do understand that
yolk is a deep color. The grocery store eggs that    either of these topical anesthetics have the ability
are in the organic section seem to look or taste     partially dilate the eye...thus affecting (blurring)
any better. I still buy them over the conventional   the vision. However, at such low concentration,
eggs. Raw milk is hard because it comes in such such is not very likely, but one should be aware of
this and show appropriate judgment, especially if          In my answer to the lady's earlier inquiry about
contemplating driving an automobile. (Horse and          glaucoma protocols, I stated that we did not have
buggy, is ok) I remind list members, this protocol       any history of direct address to glaucoma re-
was used as an Experimental Medical Investiga-           search.
tion and my posting is not meant to convey ANY             While a true statement, I had forgotten that we
KIND of medical advice or treatment.....only as an       DID have knowledge of some research which
outline for your possible Experimental Medical           showed promise.
evaluations.                                               Another research group had achieved measur-
                                                         able benefit from the use of a well-known nutri-
  EYE INFECTIONS                                         tional substance, quite common in present use.
  We have used DMSO X Colloidal Silver as an             This group announced this fact in their findings,
experimental eye support protocol for addressing         and I quote: "Lipoic acid alleviates glaucoma (af-
various infections, with universally effective re-       ter one month of treatment with 150 mg of alpha
sults, over the immediately-past 15 years. Prop-         lipoic acid per day 47% of persons with glaucoma
erly made Colloidal Silver is very benign and does       exhibited improvement in visual acuity, visual field
not present any form of toxicity when used inde-         color acuity, visual field color discrimination, and
pendently of protein compounds. Our best results         increased lacrimal tear flow." )
were effected from using 2% to 5% DMSO (by                 Co-incidentally, this group established that Alpha
volume) mixed with 95% (by volume) of 5 ppm to           Lipoic Acid ( at 400 to 600 mg daily) reduced the
10 ppm strength Electrically Isolated Colloidal Sil-     incidence of cataracts in diabetics.
ver. The volume used is at the pleasure of the in-         Upon reflection I believe that improved response
dividual Experimental medical volunteer. Five            to glaucoma would result from much higher levels
drops has proven to be a very acceptable median          of Alpha Lipoic (on the order of 1000 mg daily),
dosage (for the affected eye).                           than was achieved by our colleagues using a
  We have not evaluated or experimented with             lower quantity. Since alpha lipoic is, in actuality, a
glaucoma sufferers using CS as a direct address          nutrient, toxicity is not a consequential considera-
for that specific presentation. There appears to be      tion; therefore, its use should not present a con-
little evidence that Colloidal Silver would have any     flict to the older woman's existing health para-
direct effect upon the pressure imbalances pre-          digms, possibly allowing for an effective sugges-
senting in glaucoma challenges.                          tion by her family, or close associates, for using it.
  However, CS offers (in our opinion) an excellent       Our ongoing researches/evaluations of alpha li-
means for addressing any pathogenic challenge            poic are presenting us with an ever-increasing
occurring in the general environment of the eye          appreciation for its widespread benefits in human
proper. Our experience has been that Colloidal           health.
Silver is, for all practical purposes, non-reactive to     Sincerely, Brooks Bradley. Harborne Research
the entire family of commercially available antibi-      Foundation. --
otics, and their derivatives.
  However, it seems to be common practice                  WEIGHING SODIUM CHLORIDE
among the allopathic community to cast asper-              The recent activity relating to Jim Humble's work
sions upon the usefulness of CS, generated pri-          with Sodium Chlorite having sparked much inter-
marily by the personal ignorance of the individual       est, prompts me to make a suggestion. Persons
physician. In light of this consideration, it is most    following Jim's stated protocols find it very useful
likely that the 83 year old lady will not deviate        to possess an accurate weighing system....for de-
from a belief system acquired through a life-time        termining the correct portions of the various com-
of re-enforced conditioning by a somewhat preda-         ponents.....especially for making the chlorite solu-
tory profession.                                         tion. Unfortunately, economical, accurate, scale
  One comment in passing: We have heard, indi-           systems are rather rare. We have, for a number of
rectly, that one "leading edge" research group           years, used a number of small (half the size of a
HAS produced quite measurable pressure reduc-            cigar box) solid brass gram weight
tion effects employing a protocol incorporating          scales.....obtained at very low price, from Harbor
DMSO as an adjunctive element for relieving ele-         Freight. The little system is stored in a very attrac-
vated fluid pressures. Please do not contact me          tive carrying case and includes the scale and post
for information identifying this group I do not have     assembly, together with weights as small as .25
the liberty to identify them.                            grams. I believe we paid about $12.00 each for
  Maybe a search using Google and/or Dogpile             these systems. The SKU item number was
could assist one in locating information along this      36715. These units were made in India, I believe.
research line.                                           I hope this information is of value for some of the
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley. Harborne Research           list members. Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
  I believe this is the site that TJ and Hanneke
were referring to in their postings. Sincerely,         ALA
Brooks Bradley.                                         Dear Dee, Alpha Lipoic Acid is not a vitamin, it
  http://www.everybodygoto.com/2007/10/12/what- is produced within the body.
people-eat-around-the-world/                            ALA is a disulphide compound which acts as a
                                                      cofactor in critical energy-producing reactions in
  ELEVATED LIVER ENZYME                               the body.. No excess ALA seems to be manufac-
  We have, during a research effort circa 2000        tured by the body, therefore supplementation is
through 2004, experienced very effective ancillary required if one is to obtain a condition where ALA
support for MANY toxin and liver enzyme insults, is circulating in a free state.
including those originating from chemical as well       Most clinicians utilize ALA as a powerful antioxi-
as biological challenges, through the simple ex-      dant principally administered as a dietary supple-
pedient of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA).                   ment. ALA is a very benign substance when used
  Among our canine presentations we found that        within any reasonable bounds. While 20 to 100
100 mg per 10 lbs bodyweight up to a maximum          mg daily is a very common level, many use 500 to
of 1000 mg for animals 100 lbs plus, yielded quite 800 (especially diabetics).
acceptable, sometimes SPECTACULAR, results.             Some liver and diabetic challenges are ad-
  ALA has demonstrated to be one of the most          dressed with 1500 to 2000 mg (usually adminis-
outstanding support protocols we have ever used tered IV by health professionals) daily.
for both toxic liver insults and non-specific chal-     Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
lenges of unknown origin of any substance, or
group of substances we have ever evaluated.             MALARIA
Quite acceptable results were achieved through          Clifton Mining/Malaria News
oral administration for the animal population.           It appears astonishing to me that this company
  I strongly encourage you to investigate experi-     is making such claims as to the effectivity of Silver
menting with this protocol in your EXPERIMEN-         Colloid against malaria. If true, it is the first suc-
TAL CANINE MEDICAL RESEARCHES.                        cessful protocol involving CS, of which I am
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                          aware.
  P.S. Alpha Lipoic Acid (administered I.V. (around The type, size and scope of their actual studies,
the 1500 mg per treatment level for 150 lb adult      plus the dynamics of the actual protocol applica-
human) has demonstrated to be the ONLY reli-          tion would be most enlightening, providing they do
able protocol for saving persons having con-          in fact exist. This should be international headline
sumed lethal quantities (VERY SMALL) of the           stuff if genuine.
poisonous members of the Amanita mushroom               All of our research on malarial plasmodiums in-
family. ALA, literally, saves the liver tissue from   volving direct address by CS, IN VIVO, has
high-speed disintegration.                            proven futile. This is not to say that others have
  Persons interested in researching the person        not found success in their attempts, but the very
who discovered this protocol might do a Google        nature of the malarial agent seems to present a
search under Dr. Bert Berkson, M.D. or look up        VERY profound challenge for nominal levels of
his Book on Amazon. I believe it is entitled the      CS. References to peer reviews or copies of ac-
"Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough". I believe you       tual research results achieved by this company
will find it both informative and fascinating.        (exclusive of any proprietary product manufactur-
  We are still evaluating ALA for its many benefi-    ing procedures) would be greatly appreciated
cial qualities for human health support. It has       from anyone on this list, cognizant of such. Sin-
demonstrated a more distinctive improvement           cerely, Brooks Bradley.
among our Type II Diabetic experimental volun-
teers than any other single protocol and has re-        CS DMSO MAGNESIUM
sulted in the most effective, non-toxic, reduction in Hello Marshall,
insulin support requirement quantities from             The amounts of Magnesium involved in this pro-
among a very large group of candidate sub-            tocol are many times lower than required to cre-
stances.                                              ate consequential upsets within the physiology of
  It may be purchased across the counter at most any but the MOST SYSTEMICALLY CHAL-
health supplement stores. Walmart carries it. It is LENGED INDIVIDUALS..
astonishingly economical for what it has demon-         Much disruptive and inaccurate information relat-
strated as a health support - at least that has       ing to the Calcium/Magnesium relationship has
been our experience.                                  been bandied about by many persons who do not
  The foregoing is NOT to be construed as medi-       have correct information, and even less research
cal advice. We are an Experimental Research           in the matter.
Group and DO NOT practice ANY form of Medi-             For example, with some notable exceptions,
cine.                                                 most of the general population ingests an EX-
CESS of calcium, much of it from un-noticed            are recommending taking large dosages of Mag-
sources in the general food supply. Magnesium          nesium. It was my understanding that magnesium
is, in most cases, in short supply for insuring good   and calcium should be taken together, that taking
health in the average adult.                           one without the other can lead to some imbal-
  We do not contend that the proportional relation-    ances. Do you have any information on this?
ship between magnesium and calcium is of no            Should calcium not be taken as well to maintain a
consequence, as there is a proven interaction          balance, or would calcium reduce the effective-
which is important in human health. However, we        ness of the protocol? Thanks, Marshall
do contend that the ACTUAL necessary propor-             Brooks Bradley wrote:
tions of SUPPLEMENTAL ADDITIONS (MOST                    Dear Nancy,
ESPECIALLY OF CALCIUM FRACTIONS) are                     We have, over the immediately past 15 years,
considerably different from a majority of the popu-    conducted numerous evaluations of various alter-
lar media claims, and overblown in their specific      native protocols designed to address Benign Hy-
importance relative to stated exactitudes of per-      pertrophic Prostatitis (BHP), with varying degrees
centages.                                              of success.
  The problem of TOO MUCH CALCIUM is, we                 Our most effective results came from a combina-
seem to find, much more prevalent than too little.     tion of protocols, including granulated kelp (2 ta-
The central problem revolves around calcium            blespoons per day), powdered beta-sitosterol (1
UTILIZATION, not gross intake. The long-lived          teaspoon daily, divided into two doses), high-
bromide about calcium shortages had its incep-         intensity LED light array (using 3500 MCD
tion, primarily, as a result of studies (many quite    BULBS in a 10 to 15 bulb assembly) placed in
flawed) relating to osteoporosis conditions mani-      direct contact with skin surface, immediately adja-
festing in post-menopausal women.                      cent to the prostate (twice daily for 30 minute in-
  My short answer to your observation is, simply,      tervals) plus 2000 mg of MAGNESIUM daily (di-
that 1000 mg daily of supplemental magnesium           vided into 2 doses).
for adults consuming anything but a nutritionally-       Almost any form of magnesium proved useful,
starved diet will pose very, very, small corrective    but Magnesium Chloride demonstrated to be
demands on the systemic functions - at least, this     somewhat superior to other forms. However,
has been our experience; others may have ef-           Magnesium oxide, the gluconate form and others,
fected different results.                              all, were of significant value.
  We have found that magnesium is woefully un-           One of the profound effects of Magnesium (in
researched and denied its recognition warranted        BHP cases) is its ability to relax the smooth mus-
for MANY undeclared benefits in human health.          cle tissue thus greatly reducing the discomfort of
Adult males, especially, are as a group chronically    urine evacuation together with a concomitant re-
deficient in sufficient magnesium levels required      duction of urgency. In fact, magnesium proved to
for best health.                                       be the MOST effective of all protocols in reducing
  Additional calcium (unless of a high magnitude       Urgency.
[over 2000 mg] would probably not impose any             Our results in employing DMSO as a topical ad-
reduction of the magnesium's benefits. However,        dress for BHP have demonstrated to be some-
for the previously-mentioned reasons....I do not       what less than satisfactory. Although spectacu-
feel such to be a required component to this pro-      larly effective in addressing bladder insults of all
tocol.                                                 types (especially of a chronic infectious nature)
  If one has personal reservations relative to in-     DMSO has not proven very effective against em-
gesting 1000 mg of magnesium without an addi-          bedded insults of the prostate proper.
tional calcium supplement, then 500 mg of some           One of the reasons the prostate is so difficult to
form of EASILY assimilated calcium can be in-          treat for chronic infections is the nature of the tis-
gested......if only to satiate their personal health   sue itself. The prostate tissue is similar to a
paradigm.                                              sponge in character and the challenge is similar
  Be Well Marshall, Brooks.                            to attempting to remove sand from a sponge by
  p.s. As a personal anecdote I relate that I have     wringing/squeezing it out physically - a difficult
ingested 1500 mg of magnesium chloride daily           chore at best. Any protocol, including hot sitz-
(without any form of buffering or companion sub-       baths, which improves the circulation to the pros-
stance) for the past 3 years.....without experienc-    tate area, has been found to be beneficial and
ing any form of compromise. However, I do take         comforting to the sufferer, from among our volun-
two tablespoons daily, of Thorvin kelp....which        teer population.
would tend to ameliorate mineral-induced excur-          The LED protocol has the additional advantage
sions-----from a wide variety among the body's         over sitz-bath through being much less demand-
roster of minerals.                                    ing in application, and can be executed either sit-
  Marshall said: Thank you very much for this very     ting-up or laying in bed, plus effecting a very high
informative posting. I do have one question. You
concentration of increased circulation in a much         No cleaning or mechanical disturbance/ aggra-
more confined target area.                             vation/ abrading of the insulted area is required. If
  While Saw Palmetto (either extract or tea from       one chooses to use an "in-place" gauze bandage,
berries) does, indeed, aid BHP, it is simply not as    it is not necessary to remove it before re-applying
powerful or as rapid in effect as is beta-sitosterol.  new solution agent. (Actually, we have one ex-
In fact, it was the serendipitous discovery that       perimental case on record where the subject did
beta-sitosterol was the most effective ingredient in   not remove his original bandage for 9 days, at
saw palmetto, which prompted the search for            which time he removed it to observe a remarkably
other, more concentrated sources of that sub-          healthy toenail/flesh interface, the original insult
stance.                                                having been completely resolved.
   I hope these comments prove to be of value to         One of the most beneficial effects manifests from
list members. Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.               the inclusion of the DMSO fraction, that being the
  Do you think the DMSO would help CS to get to        high-speed softening of the callosities that fre-
prostatitus, which is an infection of the prostate?    quently form along the sides of the toenail. These
CS alone does not do it. Nancy...                      hardened tissue formations are the PRINCIPAL
  I have read that DMSO is effective (as a trans-      cause of the attendant pain generation when ver-
port for getting CS deeper into tissues) at as low     tical loads are transmitted to the toenail during
as 2%. My experience seems to confirm it. > sol        walking. We have, on occasion, had experimental
                                                       subjects enjoy sufficient softening - during a sin-
  INGROWN TOENAIL AND DMSO                             gle night - -as to be almost totally pain-free the
  Dear Ken,                                            next morning.
   Reading your commentary elicited a memory of          This information may be of small concern to a
an effective protocol one of our technicians em-       majority of the list membership, but I assure you -
ployed for addressing both the immediate effects if you have ever suffered from a severe episode
and the arising complications sometimes associ-        of an in-grown Great toe, one finds it is far from a
ated with "ingrown" toenails, especially the great     minor matter. Additionally, a majority of this type
toe. The "treatment" and the "prophylactic" proto- presentation occurs more frequently in the adult
cols were identical. Although simple to the point of population beyond 55 years of age, becoming
"mastering-the-obvious", it has demonstrated to        steadily more pronounced as we age.
be eminently effective.                                   This simple procedure has proven successful in
  The procedure involves the application (via eye- some long-standing cases abandoned as nearly
dropper or heavily-saturated cotton ball) of a 60% hopeless by some Podiatrists.
volume of 10 to 20% strength CS mixed with a             Total, effective, resolution may not occur within
40% volume of Full Strength DMSO.                      the first ten days, but we have never encountered
  Apply the solution liberally, directly into the      a case (not complicated by venous stasis or dia-
creases formed by the joining of the sides of the      betic anomalies).which failed to evince a favor-
toenail and the flesh bed on either side of the nail able outcome within 30 days.
proper. Wait about 3 or 4 minutes (until the solu-       My apologies for such a lengthy post, but I be-
tion is absorbed) and repeat the application.          lieve it may be of value to some afflicted soul who
  Allow enough time for the free solution to be ab- has been unable to achieve relief, through other
sorbed (usually about 5 minutes) before putting or means, from this particularly aggravating experi-
stockings or socks.                                    ence.
  Execute this protocol twice daily (preferably          Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
morning and evening) until desired resolution is
effected.                                                PYRAMIDS AND HEALTH
  If the insult is so aggravated it is causing contin-   Dear Marshall,
ual, high-intensity, pain, substitution of about 2%      I was hesitant to make this reply, but some may
(by volume) of 2% strength Lidocaine (or Pro-          find it of interest. In any event, confession is good
caine, Benzocaine,etc), will furnish almost imme- for the soul.
diate relief and will in no way interfere with the       Several years ago one of our technicians (in
efficacy of the protocol.                              conjunction with my oldest son, an inveterate
  Several benefits accrue from this protocol:          tinkerer) executed some loosely controlled anec-
  First, any expressing bacterial infection field will dotal investigations involving pyramid structures
be subdued (as will most all viral components,         possibly affecting the efficacy of some common
plus some fungal agents).                              pathogen control substances.
  Edema and infection debris will be reduced             My primary interest being in CS, I suggested
and/or isolated, furnishing a relieving pressure       they include it in their investigation.
reduction in the most sensitive zones, usually           Essentially, the methodology addressed utilizing
within 36 hours.                                       substances exposed (at a position about 1/3 of
                                                       the way up the inside height of the pyramid) to
"whatever" energies might be present inside the         levels, whereas the control grouphad no real
enclosure for time periods varying between 2 and        change.
12 hours.                                                 Interesting. I remember the pyramid power craze
  The exposed colloidal silver was then used to         back in the 60's and 70's, turns out maybe there
treat 1/2 of a flock of chickens (young pullets) suf-   was something to it after all.
fering from a known bacterial or viral insult. The        Marshall
first test involved Pullorum as the challenging
agent. The remaining 1/2 flock was treated with           MRSA CS TESTS
part of the same parent CS batch, but unmodified          Brooks Bradley
in any way. Interestingly, both solutions effected        Wednesday, 23 June 2004
efficient control, except the material exposed to         CS/ MRSA cure? Comment
the pyramid enclosure exhibited pathogenic con-           About three years ago we conducted rather ex-
trol in approximately 1/2 the time required by the      tensive evaluations for effectivity of colloidal silver
by the unmodified CS.                                   on MRSA (presenting both topically and as
  Additionally, tests involving potassium perman-       epithelial tissue challenge in the throat).
ganate as a bactericide/bacteriostatic revealed           We investigated a consequential number of pro-
that 1 normal solution strengths (after exposure        tocol variations. ALL those including colloidal sil-
inside the pyramid) displayed pathogenic control        ver proved acceptably effective.
(when diluted to recommended strengths in drink-          However, the most effective single protocol, util-
ing water) 2 to 3 times more rapidly than did the       izing a minimum number of total ingredients, re-
unexposed solution.                                     vealed to be one including nothing more than
  There were other chemical agents evaluated, but       75% 10 to 20 ppm colloidal silver (by volume),
I do not recall their exact identity at this moment.    10% full-strength DMSO (by volume) and 15%
  Although not all exhibited such dramatic results,     Glycerin (by volume).
all were, somehow, measurably enhanced in their           Our results displayed to be (in comparison to the
effectiveness when exposed to residence inside          general anecdotal information in the posted arti-
the little pyramid structure.                           cle) equal or superior in time response to those
  I must confess I was intrigued, but not overly so,    claimed by the authors of the information appear-
at the time.                                            ing in web posting at Mr. Rense's site.
  Both our technician and my son are contempo-            My comments are not designed in any way to
raries of Dr. Patrick Flanagan and of the 1960s         denigrate the very useful/effective results
philosophic genre, a circumstance which may             achieved by the gentleman at the center of this
have caused me to treat their efforts more              disclosure.
abruptly than justified.                                  It is quite pleasing to observe the demonstrated
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                            success of the "untaught medical savage" in ad-
   Harborne Research Foundation                         dressing the very real, and threatening, challenge
                                                        of MRSA in contrast to the ineptitude and poorly
  This is from the Art Bell show last week, the per-    designed/executed research machinations of the
son speaking is David Wilcock:                          U.K's reigning Phamaceutical Convention. :>)
  DW: But then, when they (the soviet union) col-         Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
lapsed, you have these scientists who are literally       Harborne Research Foundation
living on 30 dollars a month, who have the time           -----http://www.rense.com/general54/manasi.htm
and the incentive to do this pyramid research. So           I wonder if it contains CS? TJ
anyways, Klimenko and Nosik from this
Ivanovskii R&D Institute [studied] a drug called         Brooks Bradley
venoglobulin --which is a naturally occurring com-       Sunday, 13 June 2004
pound in a human beings blood that fights vi-            CS/ Gold CS: clarification
ruses. When they diluted this drug down to 50 mi-        I would like to take this opportunity to clarify
crograms per milliliter, and stored it in the pyramid   what, to me, appears a misunderstanding of some
for a short time, it became three hundred percent       type.
more effective at killing viruses.                       I believe that James was referring to 10% Colloi-
   Another one which I find really fascinating came     dal Silver strength when he alluded to some of my
from the R&D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics,       earlier posts on effectivity, not DMSO. As pertains
and Gynecology, headed by A.G. Antonov. They            to topical use of DMSO, we have evaluated its
took a solution of 40% glucose in distilled water       use in MANY different applications for many dif-
and put it in the pyramid, and all they gave was        ferent challenges and have found that 50% con-
one milliliter of this glucose to 20 different prema-   centration (by volume) to be about as close to a
ture babies with compromised immune systems.            safe, universal strength as one will find for generic
The babies that were given this formula had their-      application.
health increased to rapidly practical and normal
  In any case, we have not encountered any un-         sockets - presenting a very challenging circum-
toward insults or challenges presenting from insti-    stance for achieving an economical successful
tuted protocols using this strength.                   modification.
  However, for rapid onset trauma (e.g. severe           Additionally, you would not be gaining sufficient
ankle sprains in horses and human volunteers)          advantage (in my opinion) to justify such action.
we have found 70% DMSO (by volume) to yield              Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
the most favored, rapid response in most cases           Harborne Research Foundation
not involving attendant complications from other          Harbor Freight has a 13 LED flashlight for $20.
insults.                                               Would this work well for LED therapy? Can I re-
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                           place the some of the white LEDs with red and
  Harborne Research Foundation                         infrared LEDs ? Thanks Steve
                                                         the link:
 Brooks' group says there is not point in using        http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.
more than 10%. How can you possibly know?              taf?itemnumber=3652
                                                        BLADDER INFECTIONS
  Garnet June 11, 2004Re: CS>Gold CS                    Brooks Bradley
  I would advise him to start with a low DMSO           Tuesday, 29 June 2004
concentration, say 10% and work up so that he           Regarding bladder infections & more: comment
does not cause irritation. Yeoowwwch!
>http://groups.yahoo.com/group/DimethySulfoxid           Dear Richard,
e-DMSO>Garnet                                            I believe list members reading this thread might
  Brickeyk@aol.com wrote: I made up 2 pints of         be well-served to understand that no protocol in-
dark gold CS that tested around 35 PPM and             vestigated by us, for UTI, ever came CLOSE to
used them for sinus flushes with my Grossan wa-        the useful effects of CS X DMSO used as an ir-
ter pick. Dark black stuff came out after a flush. I   rigant applied directly into the bladder.
tried regular 10 PPM CS and did not notice the           Do remember, that DMSO's only existing ap-
black stuff. Paul may have found that the burnt        proval by the FDA is for this form of protocol, ex-
CS does something for sinus problems.                  cluding the CS component of course. Our ex-
                                                       perimental results through use of this protocol
  A friend has cysts on his testicles. I told him that were, simply, outstanding.
DMSO works for internal cysts and a CS/DMSO              Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
spray could maybe reach the cysts. Any ideas?            Hi Bill, I'm curious about your - and your wife's -
Brickey                                                experiences with CS for UTI's. I've had inconsis-
                                                       tent results using it as a topical bladder irrigant.
  Brooks Bradley                                       I've considered using DMSO mixed with the CS,
  Saturday, 12 June 2004                               but have held off since my skin seems to be much
  CS: LED therapy Comment                              more sensitive to DMSO than most people's.
                                                         I think the progress of ionic silver through the
    Dear Steve,                                        stomach, etc., is a more complex subject than the
  I do not know if others have, already, addressed usual analogy of silver chloride can account for,
your inquiry, but if not, I offer this:                and arguments to "particular" superiority I've seen
   The unit you mention can be, successfully, util- here ignore the effects of HCl and other stomach
ized, but will require using color filters over the    contents on metallic silver particles.
lens. This is not all bad, especially as you can         How could particulate silver make it through the
employ it in a rather wide color spectrum use by       kidney anyway, though?
just placing Roscolene [or other true filter colors]     Aren't there studies of blood concentrations of
material over the lens.                                dissolved - ionic? covalent?? - silver, post-
  The Red filter should be close enough to 660-        ingestion, or post-injection? What about excre-
680 nm for good results. One proviso however -         tion, isn't that about 85% through the urine, what
because of the increase in distance from the ac-       form is it in then, or does this all differ between
tual bulbs, there will be some reduction in tissue     mostly particulate vs. mostly ionic CS?
penetration depth. However, because of the ex-           You said: " ...elemental silver which produces
cellent strength of the unit you mention, quite        ions at the site of infection.", but why does it? Dr.
adequate penetration should result (about 1/2" I       Becker measured DC nano-currents at the site of
suspect).                                              limb amputations, then later discovered that the
  I would discourage you from attempting to            current direction, which seemed to govern appro-
change out any of the LED bulbs presently extant priate re-generation of limbs for salamanders,
in the flashlight, as most units of this type are      was largely (surprisingly) immaterial in the regen-
imbedded in a resin bed - rather than replaceable eration of bone and tissue when healing recalci-
trant fractures in humans. The presence of silver         precursor to HCL) to the diet. This supporting
ions was both necessary and sufficient, though.           protocol would appear as being synonymous to
So what, in a wound or insult, provokes the silver        "throwing-gasoline-on-a-fire". In actuality, deter-
to ionize??                                               minations were made that these original inci-
  I guess we're lucky that corpora-gova-mega-             dences (in a majority of cases) of GERD were
mint! -funded research hasn't appropriated CS             the result of putrefied foodstuffs......NOT over-
and all its mysterious puzzles right out of our           acidity.
grasp for the 'Public' good . . . yet, anyway. By all       For short-term, acid-fraction, relief we have
means, please dig!                                        found simple bicarbonate of soda (common bak-
  Take care, Malcolm                                      ing soda) to be as efficacious as any - and better
  At 06:56 AM 6/15/04 -0500, you wrote:                   than most - of the readily available over-the-
  Some types of cs don't get to the urethras, uret-       counter nostrums being sold.
ers and to the "faucets" Ole Coyote so deftly re-           I hope these comments are of some value to in-
fers to . . . HCl in the stomach turns the ionic por-     terested list members.
tion of it to silver chloride which is not as effective     This information is common knowledge among
as elemental silver which produces ions at the            many of the membership.
site of infection. When I have time, I will dig up the      Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
science a tsp or 2 daily of our 20 ppm, small par-          TorrieYoung40@aol.com wrote:
ticle (under 2 nm), low ionic CS                            Hi, I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux and my
  Bill mailto:bill@utopiatexas.com                        doctor put me on Nexium which has to many side
                                                          effects. I also have Sinus problems, always. I was
                                                          wondering if CS would help me with any of these
  GERD                                                    problems. I really just heard about this when I
  Brooks Bradley                                          looked up Acid Reflux on the Internet. Thank you
  Wednesday, 26 February 2003                               Vickie Young
  Dear Vickie,
  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), has              TMJ Facial Neuralgia Vit B 6 bone meal
in many cases, been used as a "catch-all" diag-
nosis by physicians unable to truly discern a               We have experienced excellent results through
proper cause for a specific gastric affliction. Con-      introducing an experimental protocol generally
siderable sums of money have been generated by            utilized by us for addressing attendant pain ac-
opportunistic drug manufacturers/entrepreneurs            companying facial neuralgia. The protocol is,
through capitalizing upon the unknowing and ill-          simply, the use of 500 to 1000 mg of bone meal
informed general public. These predators enjoy            together with 200 mg of vitamin B-6 daily.
a similar "privileged position" as do Dermatolo-            We have successfully addressed several other-
gists whose patients...."Almost never die, rarely         wise unresponsive cases (experimental) of facial
completely recover-----but ALWAYS return for              neuralgia through application of this procedure.
continued treatment.                                      Favorable resolution, usually, has occurred within
  We have enjoyed some measurable successes               3 days.
in our limited investigations of conditions identi-         Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
fied as Acid Reflux insults. Among the more ef-             Roussie wrote:
fective protocols investigated (experimental volun-          Hello list friends,
teer research) we found colloidal silver to be quite         I am trying to help a real time friend whose wife
useful, especially in cases complicated by helico-        is essentially incapacitated with TMJ and the pain
bacter pylori; plus a simple protocol outlined by         associated with her condition. She also has mus-
Dr. Walt Stoll based upon utilizing the juice of          cular dystrophy, though that does not seem to be
fresh ginger root juice (about 2 lbs. obtained from       as much of a problem with daily living as the TMJ
the grocery/market and run through a juice-               pain.
extractor). The juice is stored in the refrigerator         I am making her some CS, and have passed on
and is taken at 1 teaspoon volume (daily), pref-          some other things that should support her health
erably on an empty stomach. If the immediate              in general (due to the jaw problems, which re-
effect manifested as overly severe the volunteers         stricts her ability to eat properly, her diet is very
were able to ameliorate the circumstance by               poor), and am trying to gather some information
drinking a small quantity of water.                       that may be useful to them.
  In a majority of cases presenting with Acid Re-           She sees a doctor for chronic pain, with limited
flux syndrome, quite acceptable resolution oc-            results in easing her symptoms, but nothing is be-
curred within 7 to 14 days.                               ing done to treat any of her medical conditions.
  Additionally, among those cases experiencing              They are looking into seeing a TMJ specialist
recurrences, most were successfully resolved              (again...), but funds are limited, and there is no
through the addition of Betaine Hydrochloride (a          insurance.
 >                                                   ing this splendid capability of Amaranth. At least,
 Subject: Re: SO>Heavy menstrual bleeding...         this has been our experience.
 Date: Tuesday, 2 September 2003 2:05 PM               Interestingly, just recently, I sent Vincent Gam-
                                                     mill (one of our early list members, now involved
  Dear Mike,                                         as the CEO of a combination (conventional and
  Several years ago we performed a research ex- alternative) protocols, NGO non-profit dedicated
ercise designed to evaluate a majority of the        to cancer research and treatment - asked me for
known (or claimed) useful protocols for address-     some amaranth seed for a very challenging, non-
ing pronounced menstrual flooding (especially the responsive, flooding case. The results were just
uncontrollable expressions). Over 20, different,     as effective and impressive as were ours.
protocols were examined, the overwhelming ma-          I hope this information may be of some value to
jority resulting in poor or no measurable control.   you, and or your suffering friend.
However, ONE - almost regarded as an "old              I do have a very small amount of wild amaranth
wives tale", by the allopathic community - proved left (about enough for one case....two courses). If
to be singularly EFFECTIVE and without any de- you wish, and she desires, I will send it to you.
tectable side effects.                               Just let me know off-line.
  This protocol was based upon the utilization of      Sincerely, Brooks.
wild Amaranth (the common roadside plant found
growing in ditches throughout temperate North          FLU IMMUNIZATION, VACCINES, HEP C
America. The procedure was quite simple and            Dear Mr. Sanders,
very straight-forward, involving the utilization of    Our research, during the mid-1990's, yielded
the ripened seeds.                                   some useful data....relating to Hep C and other
  The basic protocol employed making a simple        similar pernicious viral insults.
tea from about two full teaspoons of the seeds;        Our experimental protocols (the ones producing
pouring one cup of boiling water over them and       the most marked beneficial effect) involved a
allowing to steep for 8 to 12 minutes. Honey or      composite methodology including 10 to 20 ppm
other sweeteners may be used without complica- strength colloidal silver, alpha lipoic acid and
tion.                                                high-dosage vitamin C (buffered with common
  This protocol was repeated every 3 to 4 hours      sodium bicarbonate).
for a continuous period of twelve to fourteen          We determined, early on, that dosages of 500
hours, at which time the protocol was suspended mg to 1000 mg of alpha lipoic acid and 10 to 20
for approximately 8 hours.                           Grams of vitamin C DAILY, were required for
  If the flooding had not been satisfactorily con-   meaningful favorable response.
trolled by that time, a second course was insti-       The actual dosage of Vitamin C was determined
tuted, but discontinued as soon as acceptable        by the "bowel-tolerance" exhibited by the various
control manifested.                                  volunteers. This characteristic varies quite meas-
  Interestingly, from a population of 22 volunteers urably----especially among the adult population.
(all in the "highly challenged" category) only one   VERY rarely did we encounter anyone with a
failed to gain complete con trol within 36 hours---- "bowel-tolerance" less than 10 grams daily.
or less. The single case not yielding to complete      A few of our volunteers required alpha lipoic
control nevertheless did enjoy a 50% to 60%          dosages as high as 1800 to 2000 mg daily for up
diminution in bleeding. Additionally, this volunteer to 15 days, initially, before promising liver-health
was found to be presenting complications not di-     parameters began to present.
rectly emanating from her menstrual cycle.             It might be of value to relate that in two in-
  My wife was one of the volunteers. She had suf- stances, utilizing protocols based upon those pio-
fered, for years, from dangerous flooding at men- neered by Dr. Frederick Klenner and associates,
strual time, Twice hemorrhaging so severely/ con- IV Vitamin C dosages of a very high order (1000
tinuously as to have required "life-saving" proto-   mg per kilogram of body weight) were required for
cols (including transfusions). Her response to the stabilization of very high viral loads. However,
Amaranth seed protocol was, simply, miraculous-- this protocol resulted in spectacular results in
--controlling her flooding within a time envelope    these, formerly, non-responding experimental
of, never more than, 6 hours.                        volunteers.
  We regarded these results as the single most          Colloidal silver dosages as high as 50 fluid
compelling group of results ever accumulated for ounces daily, at strengths as high as 20 ppm
this type of anecdotal evaluation.                   were utilized in these experimental researches
  Strangely, other than passing text references al- without any untoward responses.
luding to the use for hemorraghic control, by          I would strongly encourage you to prosecute
some early American Indians, existing literature     some personal research embracing the Klenner/
makes little or no reference to studies emphasiz- Cathcart high-dosage Vitamin C protocol histo-
                                                     ries. After familiarizing yourself with their many
successes, I believe you would be well-served to         evaluating CMO (circa 1980s). If it was MY dog, I
canvas the Professional Medical practitioner field       would start him, immediately, on 3 to 5 grams of
until you locate one that is receptive/amenable to       CMO....daily.....for at least 20 days. Additionally, I
this type of VERY powerful address to Hep C as           would give him 4000 mg of Gluscosamine Sul-
well as many other of the more serious viral in-         phate and 2400 mg of Chondroitin Sulphate. Ad-
sults currently expressing within our society.           ditionally, I would give him an initial dose of 300
  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.                             mg vitamin B-6 and follow with 100 mg daily....for
  Subject: CS>Flu Immunization, vaccines in gen-         an extended period (30 days plus). There are
eral, and Hep C Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005                   other, less critical, things you could do (especially
  Do most of you folk NOT take the flu vaccine           Kelp, at 1 tbsp daily---mixed thoroughly in his
due to your healthy distrust of poison in the nee-       food), but these I consider critical. The reasoning
dles, or the more positive take that Silver and          is quite simple....Wobbles appears to be a disor-
other methods will protect? I am interested in the       der of continuing osseous wasting, together with
> various points of view.                                the associated complications attending such.
  I myself have always distrusted vaccines, but          Logic seems to dictate that stopping this circum-
evaluate continually i.e. I have Hep C. It is            stance (CMO has displayed to have the capabil-
strongly recommended to get the antibodies to            ity to "turn off" the Renegade T-4 cells which ap-
Hep A and B because a case of either could sink          pear to destroy "live tissue" in the articulating
the liver. So I tried the Hep A and B series and         joints of the bodies of higher mammals) is para-
my body did not make the antibodies. So now I            mount. Until and unless this is accomplished, the
am retaking the shots, but by a "travel dr" or im-       prognosis for halting the progression appears
munologist, who uses a subdermal (as opposed             quite dim. Dobermans and German Shepherds
to intermuscular) technique that may help stimu-         seem to be most prone to this insult. If MY DOG
late the antibodies. I generally would rather not,       was displaying evidence of pain, I would put him
but the risk scenario seemed OK...but then               on 2 heaping teaspoons, daily, of granulated al-
again, I do not know that much about this situa-         falfa. We have enjoyed wonderful success with
tion.                                                    this protocol (for both pain and mobility), when
  Does anyone know what a neg response to the            utilized to address hip dysplasia......in our ex-
Hep A and B vaccines means? The Dr's just                perimental researches. The effect upon unstable,
shrug, but state that the response rate > normally       pain-ridden sufferers has been.....in many
is in the 99% range (have heard different).              cases.....simply miraculous.
  I still make my silver and loyally take it as one of
the tools to keep me healthy. (I am sure my qual-         Sincerely, Brooks Bradley. I
ity and potency could be better) But my viral             Hank wrote: I received this "For example: my
loads have remained steady, much to my dismay.           Doberman has gotten an ailment called > CVI
I would love, obviously, a total clearance. Any          (Cervical Vertebral Instability--or Wobblers), and
new info on Hep C approaches? I haven't asked            he needs surgery > that is going to cost around
here in a while. The good news is that my liver is       $1200." from a friend. The question is will > CS
pretty healthy (never abused to a great degree           help in this case? Thank anyone that can tell me.
and protect w Milk Thistle), and recent tests show       > Sincerely Yours, > Hank
normal liver enzymes for the first time in a dec-
ade. So I have this sense that I am holding
strong, but the virus remains in an immune sys-            Dear List Members,
tem sensitive state. As such, I feel vulnerable to         I feel compelled to make a post-script to my ear-
a twist of fate that would lead to a viral explosion.    lier message. It relates to the general diets of our
  Thanks for any and all considered responses.           canine pets.I am not alone in my conviction that
  Maz                                                    diet is a crucial consideration in the general health
                                                         of dog companions. Some researchers, from
                                                         among those I consider most knowledgeable, are
  DOGS: WOBBLES: HIP DYSPLASIA                           convinced that a majority of degenerative
  Dear Hank, In all probability colloidal silver will    changes occurring among our general canine
not be of direct assistance in overcoming the par-       population----finds a principal cause in NUTRI-
ticular insult you are addressing. However, I be-        TIONAL deficiencies.....not just in premature ag-
lieve a course of Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) may           ing or traumatic disruption.One factor appears
offer some genuine value. Organized medicine             evident.....degeneration of the cervical structure
has, to my knowledge, failure to isolate a single        appears to be self-perpetuating----once it be-
cause for this type of osseous deterioration .           comes manifest. Altering the diet of canines to-
However, I believe that Diehl, et al, were suc-          ward a more natural, unprocessed, intake seems
cessful in addressing hip dysplasia in experimen-        to encourage a general improvement in all as-
tal dog researches.....back in the early days of         pects of general health/vitality and toward idealiz-
ing body mass. Thanks to the suggestions posted         the user to select the pulse-speed ( .5 and 3 sec-
on the web site of a fine gentleman by the name         onds between pulses)....and automatically re-
of Langsley T. Russell (a one-time member of the        peats on a continual basis until turned off. It
silver list...maybe even still is), we instituted a     emits pulses that penetrate approximately 4" of
version of his recommended BARF diet.....with           lean muscle/bone tissue.
SPECTACULAR results. Our family dogs (most                  Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
especially the older, less active, ones) have bene-
fitted wonderfully---from our adopting a Bones          Brickeyk@aol.com wrote:
and Raw Food based diet. Additionally, it has           > Sota also sells used magnetic pulsers. I bought
proved to be less expensive (in real terms)----         one for about $120 from > them. It crapped out
most especially when one considers the reduc-           but Sota repaired it free. My pulser is manual, a
tion in sickness and its attendant vet costs. Origi-    button has to be pressed for each pulse. This
nally, we instituted this type of diet to address the   gets to be a pain after a > while. The automatic
obesity of some of our older adult dogs. We             version is like $300, so I guess you get what you
were overjoyed at the "unexpected" side-effects         pay for. They will not take the used units in for
of beautiful hair coats and youthful vitality which     trade in on a new unit. Brickey
returned. Langsley is a pronounced fan of colloi-
dal silver, and pays handsome tribute to its effec-          PARVOVIRUS
tiveness----and makes very complimentary refer-              Parvo protocol Brooks Bradley
ence to some of our list membership, especially              Dear Dog-Loving List Members.
some of our CS Generator makers. Langsley's                  A very recent incident involving a long-time
website contains some most useful information              friend of mine, has re-kindled my interest in post-
on such things as "his opinion on the Heart Worm           ing a protocol which has proved to be quite effica-
situation", parasites in general and Colloidal Sil-        cious (as an ancillary protocol)in treating young
ver. For those interested in referring to his web-         puppies exposed to Parvo.
site, I include the url....it is                             The original protocol was discovered quite ser-
Http://www.bullovedbulldogs.com Although I do              endipitously, by my wife, some 18 years ago.
not know him personally, I have corresponded, at             It utilizes the simple expedient of introducing
some length via email. with him. I found him to            balanced fluid electrolytes (Lactated Ringer's or
be erudite and most ingratiatingly pleasant. His           Gatorade) into the system of puppies undergoing
comments on heartworms I found quite fascinat-             the severe dehydration normally associated with
ing. Please forgive this lengthy post. Sincerely,          this disorder. Since puppies, almost universally,
Brooks Bradley.>                                           refuse to drink when this condition manifests, the
                                                           alternative my wife chose was to administer Ga-
                                                           torade, via a rectal-entry (enema). She used Ga-
  Brooks Bradley                                           torade, undiluted, warmed to body temperature
  Thursday 10 October 2002                                 and directly out of the container.
  Dear Brickey,                                              The first subject was a male German Sheppard
  One of the most cost effective means of securing puppy, 6 weeks of age. She administered ap-
a genuinely effective Magnetic Pulser is to con-           proximately 4 ounces per treatment, every 6
struct it yourself....or have a friend with minimum        hours----day and night----for four days. The pup
technical/electronic wiring capability, to do it for       lived, to become one of our dearest family mem-
you. If you will refer to the following url, located at bers and enlivened our lives immensely for the
Dr. Richard Lloyd's website, you will find clear,          next 15 years. His two litter-mates died after re-
concise, simple instructions for how to modify a           ceiving conventional hospitalization, antibiotics,
portable Party Strobe, available at Radio Shack            sulfa, etc.
.... that will result in a unit (we feel) that is superior Since we had, already, spent about $800. on
to the Sota unit selling for $300.00. It will work         their unsuccessful treatment and this pup was
with a variety of magnetic coils----including many closer to morbidity than the other two she theo-
ready-made and surplus types.                              rized the situation to be, essentially, hopeless and
   Http://www.royalrife.com/superthumpy.html               opted for this unconventional (at that time) treat-
This will result in a VERY economical unit (cost           ment.
less that $40.. for the strobe/control unit) that will       During the ensuing years, we have passed this
cost a total of less than 75.00 including the mag-         protocol on to dozens of our friends and associ-
net section and the substitute capacitor.                  ates with essentially universally positive results.
      We have constructed over 30 of these units           This protocol buys enough time and delays renal
and given them to needy individuals......they will         shut-down long enough for ancillary treatments to
(normally) give over 10,000 pulses before en-              be effective. In the case of our pup, NO OTHER
countering problems. This little unit is powerful          protocol was involved.
(will throw a .5" washer 24" in the air") and allows
  This brings me to the case at-hand. My friend           However...a nitroglycerin patch can penetrate
had a young puppy who was not responding to             through the skin, into the interstitial fluid and into
any of the conventional treatments; after being         the capillaries, rapidly dilating the vessels. This is
treated by a large-animal veterinarian who had          evidenced by the quick onset of a nitroglycerin
made a 60 mile drive to his remote ranch in             headache as circulation into the occluded area is
northern Nevada. Later, after a lengthy telephone       re-established from the edges inward. The patho-
conversation, with the vet stating that the pup         logic process ceases and healing begins. When a
would probably expire before he could return, my        nitro patch is administered early, as in the first 48
friend's wife called me, for solace more than           hours, no lesion ever develops! Delay treatment
treatment advice. During our telephone conver-          three to four weeks and a 5 cm ulcer will develop,
sation I suggested Ringer's Lactate (which they         requiring three months of treatment with the nitro-
keep on hand for normal cattle treatments) 75%          glycerin patches. Even with delayed treatment,
by volume, mixed with Colloidal Silver, 25% by          however, the degenerative process is reversed.
volume; administered as an enema - essentially          The body heals itself. There is no need for sur-
following my wife's 18 year old protocol. The           gery with its debilitating effects, potential compli-
puppy was able to stand, weakly, within 12 hours        cations and severe scarring.
and could move about with some stability within           The patch is cut to cover only the effected area,
24 hours and was fully functional within 72 hours       right up to and extending just over the edge of
following the initial treatment.                        involvement. In the case of a young child, the
  I believe knowledge of this proven, successful,       patch should be cut down to cover the smallest
protocol may be of value to anyone confronted           area possible, with more frequent removal and
with a parvo circumstance, in puppies most espe-        reapplication necessary. Pictures of the recluse
cially.                                                 bites treated with these patches provide examples
  Some parvo strains are exceptionally virulent         of some responses.
and very rapid-acting, thus greatly limiting the re-      With few exceptions, regardless of the site of the
sponse-time window for effective treatment.             bite or the age and health of the patient, the patch
  I hope this information may be of value to some       has stopped the progress of the tissue loss, thus
of you.                                                 allowing the area to begin recovery, usually with-
  Sincerely. Brooks Bradley.                            out scarring and with only slightly darker pigmen-
  BROWN RECLUSE SPIDER BITE                               *3 wks. old untreated lesion near wrist *After 7
  This is pretty long, but very interesting. I believe weeks treatment on Nitro 0.2 patch - completely
the PS at the end is by Brooks Bradley concern-         healed - no scar
ing the addition of CS to the protocol.                   Exceptions include a patient with a very old ulcer
  BY DR. KENNETH BURTON                                 (10 months), one whose bite was at the posterior
  The devastation caused by the bite of the Brown knee joint and who was not diligent in keeping the
Recluse spider can be stopped in its tracks and         patch on in this difficult location, and a patient
reversed, even at advanced stages of its degen- whose auto immunity was compromised by HIV.
erative effects.                                          I have found the Deponit Nitroglycerin patch to
   The Recluse bite can cause a prolonged and           be the most effective patch of the several types
expensive trail of suffering and disability to its vic- tried because the nitroglycerin is dispersed
tims. The frequency of bites to humans has in-          throughout the matrix, the dosage is easily con-
creased at an alarming rate, as the spider moves trolled, and the patch is very flexible (important for
indoors and into our garments, shoes and bed-           joint areas).
ding. Treatment cost now run into the millions of         Nitroglycerin spray was also used, and found to
dollars per year and are rising rapidly as inci-        be very effective when applied to a bite of no
dences increase. While some spiders inject little       more than several days age.
venom, others may be expected to create serious           Under no circumstances will oral nitroglycerin be
management problems with resultant extensive            appropriate.
tissue loss, pain. disability and chronic deteriora-      With blood flow re-established to the bite site,
tion.                                                   systemic antibiotics are effective and patients are
  The etiology is the powerful, vasoconstricting        prescribed Ciproflaxin for the first five to seven
properties of the venom, as the mechanism of ne- days to counteract bacteria - possibly delivered by
crotic arachnidism, which causes the small arter- the spider’s fangs - and to prevent potential bone
ies to spasm with resultant loss of blood supply to involvement.
the bite area. This sets up a cycle of ulceration         Patients should be instructed that in the event of
and tissue loss through ischemia and gangrene.          a headache the patch should be removed for up
Systemic medication alone is unable to penetrate to one hour and then replaced.
the lesion because of the barrier zone produced           I have been using this procedure in my private
by the spastic occlusion of the arteries.               practice since 1989 with amazing and conclusive
results. In instances where I see the bite so early        When coupled with simultaneous protocols in-
on as to be unable to positively identify as a            corporating several different Glucosamine and
Brown Recluse bite (most times the victim does            Chondroitin mixtures measurable joint tissue re-
not see the spider, or if they do the response is to      covery occurred in a majority of all monitored
pulverize it, thus allowing no method of identifica-      cases.
tion other than an examination of the affected             Approximately 75% of all volunteer subjects did
area), I will initiate treatment with the nitroglycerin   not require a repeat of the CMO protocol during
patches as a precaution.                                  the entire period of evaluation (18 months).
  There is no danger from its use on other bites,          I hope this is of value.
but to delay treatment from uncertainty only al-           Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
lows further degradation and necessitates a pro-
longed treatment period. The patch will also help           CROHN’S DISEASE
scorpion and other bites anyway. Exception: Do              We have had very acceptable results using 10
not use on snake bite                                     ppm Colloidal Silver as a central protocol for
   Dear Ivan, Our researcher reports he has em-           Crohn’s Disorder. Colloidal Silver (electrically iso-
ployed CS as an adjunct to the nitroglycerin pro-         lated, not chemically produced) has yielded us
tocol simply by applying 10 to 15 ppm strength            outstanding results in 90% of the cases involving
CS (diluted 5% by volume with DMSO) with an               volunteers in our experimental medical evalua-
eye-dropper, directly on the nitroglycerin patch.         tions many times when NOTHING else evinced
  Although only anecdotal in nature, his observa-         useful effects.
tion is that both the speed of healing and sup-             Beneficial effects presented in both children and
pression of opportunistic pathogens is measura-           mature adults.
bly increased.                                              Our results demonstrate powerful evidence to
  Best Regards, Brooks.                                   the effect that there is an undefined "pathogenic"
                                                          agent involved in Crohn’s.
  CMO PROTOCOL                                              It is STRONGLY recommended that you inves-
  Dear David,                                             tigate the evidence available (a substantial
  Abstracts of the general protocol should be             amount on the Internet) for the possible Experi-
found in the archives. However, I will attempt,           mental Medical benefits of Electrically Isolated
from memory, to summarize the basic protocol. It          Colloidal Silver as a principal contributor to con-
may be used in conjunction with Glucosamine (2            trolling the challenging effects of this insidious
to 4 grams daily)X Chondritin (1 to 2 grams daily),       disorder.
or as a stand-alone protocol for both osteo and             Please remember we do not practice medicine
Rheumatoid arthritic insults of the articulating          or render medical advice IN ANY FORM. We are
joints in experimental research projects.                 a basic Experimental Medical Research function
  Obtain Cetyl Myristloeate (CMO) from a reliable         ONLY and simply REPORT ON THE EFFICACY
source (in bulk or in pre-made 250 mg capsules            of our more promising research activities.
(no need to be exact) or nearly so.                         Our very best responses among adult volunteers
  The dosage employed was 6 capsules daily, di-           manifested from 3 to 4 tablespoons three times
vided into three separate doses (taken during the         daily. In some advanced circumstances, as much
waking hours). The only proviso being that, since         as 32 ounces daily were utilized with absolutely
CMO is a tallow-based waxy fat derivative, it is          no toxic presentations of any measurable order.
subject to compromise (reduction of efficacy)             Properly made Colloidal Silver has demonstrated
when ingested within one to two hours of consum-          to be a most forgiving substance.
ing high fat substances (e.g. butter, fat containing         I wish you every success in your personal Ex-
meats, etc.). Be sure to ingest 10 ounces of plain        perimental Medical Research investigations.
water, with each dosage taken. Actually, it would            Sincerely, Brooks Bradley.
be advisable to greatly restrict animal fat intake          On 9/27/07, wlpate <wlpate@wildblue.net>
during the entire 10 day protocol.                        wrote:
  The ten day protocol (requires 60 capsules) has           Any body have any experience with Crohn’s dis-
demonstrated to be quite successful in about 90%          ease? I just found out that I have a 15 yr old
of our volunteer cases, yielding a 75% reduction          nephew that has it. Supposedly one of the worst
in presenting symptoms as a minimum. A major-             cases his doctor has seen.. From throat to rec-
ity of all cases achieved, essentially, total remis-      tum. They say it's incurable & hereditary. They
sion as the subjects reported a complete absence          have him on low level chemo and say he will have
of pain upon joint articulation within 10 days of         to have treatments for the rest of his life! Any in-
protocol conclusion.                                      put appreciated. Wes
  One of the most encouraging results of this pro-
tocol resulted from the arresting of further joint

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