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					Achieve the Extraordinary

               What is Polar Challenge?

               Challenge Publicity

               - What you can gain from sponsoring
                 our team

               Previous Sponsors

What is Polar Challenge?

  A 320nm race to the Magnetic North
  Pole pulling 100lb sledges in
  temperatures as low as -50˚C

  Competitors race in teams of 3,
  stopping en route at 3 checkpoints
  to resupply

  A    hostile,     unfamiliar           and

  Polar Challenge 2009 will be the
  6th consecutive annual race

   “The Toughest Challenge on Earth”
                       - Dr. Mike Stroud, MBE
                       Race Route

Race takes place between mid-
April to
mid-May each year

From Polaris Mine through 3
checkpoints to Issachen Mine near
1996 position of Magnetic North

Fully   supported   by   experts
full training, equipment, safety
cover and advice

              Comprehensive training from some of
              the world’s leading Arctic experts

              Covering     glacier   skiing,      GPS
              navigation, cold weather injury training
              and how to ward off inquisitive Polar
Snowdome UK                                              Royal Marines Assault Course

              Extensive safety support during the

  Wales                                                         High Arctic

                   Challenge Publicity

Polar Challenge receives extensive media coverage locally, nationally and

 Teams become heroes and attract a huge amount of media attention in:

        - Newspapers - Magazines - Websites - Radio - Television

             Your brand could receive this media exposure
                       Challenge Publicity
                      Overview of Media Coverage 2005 -
BBC1 Breakfast                 Sky Sports 1                   BBC News West
BBC2                           Sky Sports 2                   BBC Points West
Channel 4                      Sky Sports 3                   BBC South West
Scotland Today                 Sky Sports Extra               BBC Look East
ITV Central                    CBC (North America)            ITV South West

The Daily Telegraph            The Daily Mirror
The Times                      Evening Standard
The Sun                        Le Monde
The Daily Express

Outdoor Adventure Guide        Geographical
Adventure Travel               Global Custodian
MBR                            Wanderlust
What Mountain Bike             Adventure Sports Magazine (United States)
Soldier                        Club Life Magazine
Globe and Laurel               Adventure Magazine (New Zealand)
                                 Challenge Publicity

                                             The Challenge is filmed for TransWorld

                                             - Broadcast on Sky 1,2 & 3 and
        QuickTime™ an d a
                                             Channel 4
  are need ed to see this p icture .

                                             - 168 million homes in 107 countries

                                             - Broadcast on 28 Global Airlines

“I thought it was a terrific programme. Well done for helping to make this such a great event for
                   Fujitsu." Group Marketing Director, Fujitsu Services Europe
                     Challenge Publicity
         A Selection of Local UK Newspaper Coverage 2004 -

Numerous local newspaper features on Polar Challenge Team’s training and
advertising in the run-up to the race and during the race

Manchester Evening News         Edinburgh Evening News       Wiltshire Guardian
Derby Evening Telegraph         Huddersfield Examiner        Swindon Advertiser
Northern Canadian Local Radio   Yorkshire Post               London Eve Standard
Nottingham Evening Telegraph    Leeds Today Evening Post     Islington Gazette
Response Source London          Western Daily Press          Community Newswire
Austrian Local Radio            Coventry Observer            IC Wales
North Hants Herald and Post     Southampton Echo             Gloucestershire Echo
Wilts and Glos Standard         Daily Record Scotland        Scotsman
           Challenge Publicity
Extensive Online Coverage from countless sites
BMW website                Active Europe
Sony Website               Adventure Race Reports
BBC World News             Event Rate
Cotswold Outdoor           Adventure Sports (US)
European Space Agency      News Journal Online (US)
BBC Online                 Planet Fear
BBC News England           Endurance Life
BBC News Wales             Altitude Centre
BBC Glos                   What Mountain Bike
This is local London       Bicycling (US mag)
The Poles                  Virtual Bike
Natives                    Snowboard Club
Explorers Web              Kitesurferen (Danish)
Extreme World Challenges   Rapid Ascent (Australia)
Across The Divide          Adventure Racing Costa Rica
Challenge Publicity
  Polar        Challenge

                All teams have their own page on
                Challenge website featuring
                Sponsor information and Team
                Pre-race news updates and photo
                galleries cover team training

                During race website watched by
                thousands of people all over the

                - Race Position
                - Daily Diaries
                - Image Galleries
                - Live Video Clips

   What You Can Gain
From Sponsoring Our Team

                      Brand Exposure

Based on 2005-2008 media success as outlined, we will actively market our team
and expect to achieve newspaper, radio, TV, website and magazine media coverage

Exciting human interest stories following training at home, Wales, Norway, High
Arctic, what you eat, Polar Bear encounters and many more ...

Coverage on Challenge website, Team website and Charity website

Branding of clothes, pulks and equipment

Presentations/Event hosting - worth £2000 per speech, e.g. speeches to
motivate staff on Achieving the Extraordinary

      Company Image Endorsement
Company Motivator

- A team to support and watch during the race and training
- “The story of “Total Teamwork” and developing a winning mindset has been
for our managers” Fujitsu Group HR Director
Charity X

- A cause for employees and clients to be inspired by and support, plus added
For companies where applicable: Product Showcase

- Testing in a very unusual and extreme environment (e.g. eat Cadbury’s
chocolate bars on the way)
- “We proved that out technology works in the most extreme environment on
Earth,” Technology Director, Fujitsu Systems

        Company Image:
  Corporate Social Responsibility

Support of our charity X: fundraising target: £X

Reasons we are raising money for this charity _ _ _

Environmentally friendly checkpoints: solar & wind powered

Cutting edge technology through the Iridium Network
- news straight from the ice

                   Arctic Hospitality

Approx. 8-Day Arctic Hospitality Package includes:

    Arctic Survival Training, Polar Bear Training
    Private Flight to Polar Challenge 96 Magnetic North Pole with
     Champagne Celebration
    Visit to Polar Challenge Checkpoint
    Skidoo Ride - go and see the teams in action during training
    Cross country ski training - a taster of what it is like to ski the Polar
    See Igloo building and stay in an igloo
    Stay in Polar Challenge Tented Ice Camp

                    Sponsor Us

GOLD     Title team sponsor - Team [insert company name]
£100,000 Full branding – pulks, tents, race clothing, casual
         clothing (ensuring maximum exposure in all
         media and TWS)
         6 Guest Speeches or hosted events pre or post
         Fully branded Team [company name] Website inc
         company info
         Full branding on Challenge Website

SILVER    50% of branding on clothing and equipment
£50,000   4 Guest Speeches pre or post event
          50% branding on Team Website
BRONZE 25% of branding on clothing and equipment
£20,000 2 Guest Speeches pre or post event
        25% branding on Team Website

 Achieve the Extraordinary

 For more information, please

[your name and contact details]


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