TicTacToeReadingChoiceBoard IrisandWalter by 9Q1057zw


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                            Title: Iris and Walter
                       Tic-Tac-Toe Reading Choice Board
  Directions:        After reading Iris and Walter, complete three activities to
                                       complete a TIC-TAC-TOE.

 Mark your choices with X’s or O’s and staple your completed work together.

       VOCABULARY                             VOCABULARY                                VOCABULARY

   Write each of this week’s           Write a synonym for each of this         Create a picture dictionary using this
vocabulary words in a complete            week’s vocabulary words.             week’s words. Draw a picture for each
          sentence.                                                             word and write the word underneath
                                                                                            the picture.

          GRAMMAR                                GRAMMAR                                   GRAMMAR
Write 5 questions about the story.   Write 5 statements about the story.        Write a letter to Iris or Walter. Tell
                                                                                 them about your first week of
                                                                                  school. Be sure to include 3
                                                                                  statements and 3 questions.

    COMPREHENSION                          COMPREHENSION                             COMPREHENSION
Use the RETELLING CARDS to retell     What is the problem at the beginning     What is the main idea of the story?
the story. Write one sentence to         of the story? How is the problem      Write three details that support the
   explain each retelling card.      solved by the end of the story? Be sure               main idea.
                                         to write in complete sentences.

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