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                     VOL 86, No 2. June 2011
Quarterly publication of the Mt Egmont Alpine Club (Inc.) PO Box 62 Hawera

Please contact the trip leader by Tuesday (or by the date specified) if you are
interested in doing a trip the following weekend so leaders can organise transport
and adapt the route as necessary according to who is coming.

***** Please note - club evening time is now 7.30 p.m.*******

Please contact the trip leader by Tuesday of the weekend of the trip (or the date
specified) if you are interested in going, so leaders can organise transport and
adapt the route accordingly to experience and fitness

Saturday 4th June – Pig Hunt. Leader, Kevin Lockley, 027237916

Saturday 18th June – Sunday 19th June. Mid Winter Xmas at Kapuni Lodge.
Often the Man in Rd makes it up to this annual event, our best chance at a White
Xmas. Contact Jan Fleming, 2784460

Saturday 25th June – Sunday 26th June. Night in the fridge. Here is the
opportunity to spend a night in the fridge at the right time of the year. The plan is
to make our way up Saturday with a stop off at Kapuni Lodge maybe. Will get
into Syme hut for dinner and a good nights sleep before a nice early alarm to see
the perfect sunrise. For those that are keen a South Summit will be the plan for
Sunday morning weather permitting. Club members with suitable experience
contact Bruce 0272 441204.

Saturday 2nd July. Based at Kapuni Lodge. T.A.C.R will be holding a training
day / weekend on the South side of the mountain. All T.A.C.R members are
encouraged to attend. Contact Bruce Mouat,0272441204.

Wednesday 6th July. Club Night. We are hopeful Mr Mark Taylor, Eltham’s
policeman will be available as our guest speaker but at this stage he can’t make
a definite commitment. Mark was with the N.Z.Army, and he recently did a tour
of duty in Afghanistan.     If Mark is unable to join us tonight we will bring
something else out of the hat at the last minute. Watch the website for more

Saturday 9th July. Day Tramp - Kaitake Range. Join leader Richard Milne for
an interesting trip on the Kaitake range, and visit the three peaks, this is a
wonderful area to visit and quite often gets over looked, so if you have not
explored this range before then contact Richard Milne, Ph 062734109.

Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th July. Ladies Mid Winter At Kapuni Lodge.
This is going to be combined with members from T.A.C. and NP Tramping Club.
Sorry lads you’re not invited on this one. Contact Jan Fleming, 2784460

Saturday 30th July - A winter Summit Climb. Leader Bruce Mouat. Hopefully
we will have plenty of snow around for a good winter summit climb.
We will probably head up the south, but conditions closer to the time will
determine the route. Club members only with suitable experience.
Contact Bruce Mouat,0272441204.

Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th July - Central Plateau Trip. Leader Jeremy
Johnston. Will leave Friday (5th) after work and head over to National Park.
Accommodation yet to be confirmed as it is dependent on numbers. Skiing and
snowboarding one day and climbing Ngauruhoe and Tongariro the other day. If
weather not so good will do rock climbing, tramping or other activities in the area.
Contact Jeremy Johnston, 0274366848 soon so he can book accommodation.

Wednesday 3rd August - Club Night. February saw some club members
involved with the Christchurch Earthquake rescue and recovery.
They were part of a Fonterra National Emergency Response Team (ERT).Come
along tonight to hear of their experiences during their time in Christchurch
following the earthquake.

Sunday 14th August – Day Tramp Waitiri Track. Join Leader Daniel Gavin for
this adventure. An interesting day tramp from the Omoana Saddle towards
Puniwhakau. If you have not been on this track or in this area before, then
contact Daniel,Ph 2784949 or 0273181072.

Saturday 27th August - Snowcraft. This day is intended to give club members
a chance to get out on the slopes and spend a day going over some techniques
that you need to know to keep safe. We will cover all the basics but may extend
that depending on the experience and enthusiasm of those attending.
Contact Bruce Mouat,0272441204.

Sunday 4th September – Day Tramp - Take A Kid Tramping. Lois Sundy will
be leading this trip round the Opunake Walkway. A 3 hour easy walk with some
interesting and historic points to stop at. Also the option of a stop at the Sugar
Juice café to finish the day in style. Contact Lois, 2785363

Wednesday 7th September - Club Night- Photo Competition. Alan Kerrisk
and David Sattler are organizing this event. Start clicking now and get behind
this event. See web-site for details.

Saturday 10th September - Annual At Home Dinner. Join us for a great social
time and meal. Venue and details to follow.

Sunday 18th September - Hunting At The Back Of Eltham. Join Daniel Gavin
at the usual place. Contact Daniel,2784949 or 0273181072.

Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th September - Pouakai Circuit. Leader Maria
Cunningham. This is a great two day tramp, so get that pack and sleeping bag
out. Contact Maria,2788799.

Saturday 10th December - Christmas B.B.Q, Yes it is a little way off but it will
come around very quick enough, details to follow.

President’s Report
Hello Everyone
Well another club calendar year has rolled by and the 2011 A.G.M held on the
20th April is now behind us. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our past
president Bruce Mouat for his fine leadership and dedication he has shown to the
club during the two terms he has served – thank you Bruce.
Thank you also to Helen Copper who has stepped in and taken over the busy roll
of club secretary from Jenny Kerrisk, who did a fantastic job as secretary for
eight years, thank you.
Thank you also to Donna Cram for continuing as our treasurer and Alan Kerrisk
who continues to run our very popular web site, which I might add is the envy of
many other clubs around the country Thanks Alan, and to everyone in the club
who help out from the committee and other club members.
The clubroom’s spouting is now installed and looks really good! Thank you to
those club members who gave up their Saturday to get this job done. The sign
which on the front of the clubrooms will be getting a fresh new look shortly so
watch that space.
Kapuni Lodge continues to be well patronised with a busy Easter weekend, and
Active Earth confirming the use of the lodge for its next season and various other
groups also booking in for the months ahead. The main working bee at the lodge
was cancelled due to the bad weather so another time will have to be set for this,
Thanks to those who are currently doing the smaller patch up jobs etc in the
It is good to see the variety of club trips happening with most being well
supported, keep the pictures and stories from these adventures coming into Alan
Kerrisk for the web site even if they are short. Club nights could still do with a bit
of a boost especially now they held once a month and sometimes with a guest
speaker, so please support these as much as possible.
Until next time enjoy the outdoors and be safe.
David Sattler,
President Mt EAC.

Club Trips
Skeet Shooting – 7 March
The rain which began early on Saturday morning, looked like it was going to do
its best to spoil the planned clay target afternoon shoot organised by Alan
Kerrisk. To this end Alan rang Bob Burdoff at 9am to tell him it was off. However,
when Richard Milne rolled up in his truck from Alton at 1pm keen to get his hands
on a 12gauge for the first time, it was all on again. After all, it hadn't rained for
over an hour and things were looking just a little brighter. Bob got rung back and
he arrived 15 minutes later. Just as they were about to move off to the back
paddocks, another shower came down. Eventually this passed and they set up
the tripod mounted clay target launcher followed by a safety briefing and gun
handling instruction.
As both Richard and Bob were new to this activity, they were given the
opportunity to shoot from a fixed position more in line with the moving target until
they scored more hits. Once this was mastered (to a degree), they were tested
with trying to break pairs( two discs launched simultaneously). To their credit as
first timers, both Rit and Bob in turn each managed to break these target pairs
before they hit the ground. If there was to be a winner, it was clearly Alan's son
Robert - with a hit rate double that of everyone else! Even so none of this lot
could call themselves experts when they all missed more than they hit. In spite of
this, and the several waves of showers that sent them all scurrying for shelter
between rounds, it proved to be a fun and enjoyable afternoon.

'To Arete Peak (1505m) - the long way' – 9th – 10th April
Early on Saturday 9 April, Richard Milne, Alan Kerrisk and John and Helen
Cooper drove down to Poads Road for a good old Tararua Tramp. On arrival at
the road end there was a helicopter ferrying hunters into the ranges, this we later
found out was the annual Horowhenua Deerstalkers fly-in hunt. It had always
been anticipated that hunters would be active in the ranges at this time of the

year as it was in the middle of the 'roar'. Judging by the number of people
around, we decided it would be prudent to take our bed rolls. The chances were
that we would arrive a bit late at the hut and miss out on a bunk. Leaving from
the end of Poads Road (145m) which is east of Levin, we had a steady climb up
through the bush to the Waiopehu Hut situated in the sub alpine leather jacket.
Note this shrub in the Tararua's has a serrated leaf capable of scratching a bit
more than the local species. After lunch we climbed to the top of Waiopehu
(1094m) and then across Blackwater Saddle to Richards Knob (985). Then a
long descent down to Butcher Saddle and a sharp climb up to the Yeates 500
Track junction at 810m. This was followed by a steady climb with tired legs up to
Te Matawai Hut (900m) arriving about 5.00pm. There was some relief to find
spare bunks in this 18 bunk hut. There were 5 hunters with two dogs and 9
trampers including us. It had taken us 8 1/2 hours from the road-end.
Preparations were made for an early start with day packs for the following
morning climb up to the main Tararua Range and Arete.
Sunday saw an early breakfast and off with the assistance of head lights for the
first 20 minutes or so. Some of us took excess clothing off only to end up putting
more back on as the ridge got more exposed. It was on with parkas, warm hats
and gloves just before the top of Pukematawai (about 20minutes from Arete) as it
had become quite windy and cloudy. It was good to get to Arete, the highest
peak of the northern Tararua's. Unfortunately the cloud prevented us getting any
good views. It was then back to Te Matawai Hut to pack up and move off down
the Yeates 500 track to Sth Ohau Hut for lunch. This track has a fairly steep
descent of 500 feet just before you get to the hut. After lunch it was into the river
for about 2 1/4 hours to the old Ohau Hut site where we then tramped on to the
track around the top of the Ohau Gorge, and finished the loop on the edge of the
bush with 1.7kms across farmland to Alan's Toyota Prado and dry clothes. We
had been on the go for 10 1/2 hours. It had been a full on trip and we had all
reached the objective, Arete, the long way.

Waiopehu Hut                                 On Arete Trig

Summit Climb – 22 April
The Good Friday summit climb organised by leader Bruce Mouat also included
keen climbers Jeremy Johnstone, Helen Cooper, Ian McAlpine (Mac), Richard
Milne and Bob Burdoff. Due to varying levels of experience within this group,
coupled with wind and icy conditions higher up, they turned back close to the top
on the south face main peak, but otherwise had a good day out with some
invaluable instruction for the newer members.

Preparing to descend through frozen rocks

Moeawatea Valley Walk
On Saturday, the 2nd of April, nine of us (Richard Milne, Jim Finer, Lois Sundy,
Kathryn Jones, Maria Cunningham, Bernard and Daniel Gavin plus Basil and
Tracey Hooper from the Wanganui Tramping Club) set out from the clubrooms
for the two hour drive to Moeroa, the end of the Rawhitiroa road and the start of
our trip. On the way, we linked up with two vehicles carrying day walkers Audrey
Thompson, Paul and Christine Hilford and two other teachers from Hawera High
School. So it was quite a big party that set out down Paddock stream towards
Buckman’s clearing. There is a paper road through most of this area, which
passes through Wildlife Properties Hunting Park. The track to Buckman’s is wide
and well-maintained. After an hour, we passed the turn off to the Koane Track
which signposts 5 hours to Trains Hut. Koane hasn’t had much in the way of

maintenance and is probably a bit of a ‘tiger-country’ track now. Perhaps one for
the wish list if you’re a good navigator.

We stopped at Wildlife Properties lodge in Buckman’s clearing for lunch – a
beautiful spot and a beautiful lodge – available at $250 a night. Here, the day
walkers returned to their cars while the rest of us travelled on to tackle some
sidling and scrambling around two gorges. The second gorge involved quite a
descent down two ropes that weren’t exactly in weight bearing condition. We
were all glad that the weather was so dry and marvelled that Jim had tackled this
track by mountain bike not so long ago. Soon after wandering through some
quite large remnant trees, we arrived at the first of the clearings. While we
stopped for a snack and a chance to cool down, we spotted a couple of pigs out
grazing. They weren’t perturbed at all by Basil’s quite life-like barking!

Passing another well-kept whare, we stayed well clear of a mob of wild cattle.
They stampeded when they saw us and headed for the high ground, where the
dominant bull glared down on us. He was quite magnificent – black and glossy,
with large horns and angry eyes. We later found out that a similar herd had been
trucked out the day before. There was quite a stand of mature Kahikatea and
Miro trees near Ernie Matthews’ wee cottage, and Jim proved to us just how
edible delicious Kahikatea berries are. High cattle yards sit next to Ernie’s place
and strongly-built gates guard his cottage, although we did still wonder at how
hard it would have been to corral those wild cattle. Ernie Matthews only came off
his farm last year, at the grand age of 83, so he’s a bit of a local legend.
Just a little further on, past Ernie’s wool shed, we came to Annabel’s Whare, now
known as Opaku Lodge. Although it looked dubious from the outside, it was
certainly well-kept, clean and comfortable inside. After tea, we all took the
opportunity to explore the surroundings, with some going up to Graham
Annabel’s airstrip while Daniel and Jim walked over a very thin and risky-looking
limestone archway. We stayed up exchanging stories as the day cooled off
considerably. All but one of us had a bed for the night and I got to sleep in the
bedroom with the Noddy wallpaper and insulating egg carton wall.

The next day started slowly as we split into two groups – one heading up to
Kapara trip and bush-bashing most of the way to Moana trig, and the other one
heading down the Moeawatea road. I was with the latter party. We sauntered off,
stopping to view anything that took our interest.
We stopped at an old whare where Jim had once spent the night…with a
decomposing sheep. We climbed down from the road and walked through a
spectacular hand-hewn culvert. Lunch was at Rewi Alley’s old cottage, where he
farmed in the 1920’s before walking off the land and leaving for China to become
New Zealand’s favourite communist. The cottage has been restored and now
belongs to the Alley family. A possum hunter lives in the cottage behind. Tony,
our 4WD transporter, arrived and offered to carry us and our packs up the

notorious hill. We had no trouble accepting and I’m pleased we did, as it’s quite a
climb. We stopped briefly at the swing-bridge at the confluence of the
Moeawatea stream and the Whenuakura River, where Daniel attempted to bring
down an hundred-year-old chimney by climbing up it. I’m pleased to report that
both the chimney and Daniel survived.
Once up at the intersection with the Mataimoana road, we drove further east to
the Moana trig. From here, we walked for a half-hour or so to meet up with the
Kapara party. They had had a great day and enjoyed their spot of bush-bashing.
An excellent trip was had by all, with a great mix of tramping and tall-tale telling.
I’m really looking forward to my next trip into the Waitotara back-country –
toTrains hut in a few weeks time.

Maria Cunningham

Ernie’s Gates

                                                         The Ohau River - A
                                                         Tararua Trip
                                                         Richard Milne and Alan
                                                         Kerrisk decided it was
                                                         time to take a look into
                                                         the Tararuas Ranges
                                                         again. Armed with the
                                                         knowledge that a friend
                                                         had despatched one of 6
                                                         red deer seen on a ridge
                                                         only    a     few     days
                                                         previously, they figured it
                                                         would be worthwhile
                                                         taking in guns also.
                                                         Leaving from the end of
                                                         Poads Road, east of
                                                         Levin at 9:30am on
                                                         Thursday 3rd March,
they shouldered overnight packs and began making their way in sunshine
towards South Ohau Hut, by the unmarked river route. After 65 minutes they
arrived at the old Ohau Hut site and had a spell here before moving into the river.
Travel from here up involves numerous low level river crossings (rarely above
knee height), unless in flood. (Image left - Richard in the Ohau River) At one
point in a narrow gorgy area, Richard fell from a slippery rock, his bottom half
including his rifle and camera (which was on his waistbelt) went underwater. He
got himself sorted quickly, but it was frustrating that his camera was no longer
operational from then on!
They arrived at South Ohau Hut 3 hours later. This is a relativley new DoC hut
built in 2008 with bunk space for 10 or more and with double glazed windows.
They relaxed with a brew or two here and unpacked before setting off up the
creek beyond the hut for an afternoon hunt. It was not long before they came
across a decaying deer
carcase on the edge of
the       creek.    They
detoured into another
side creek and decided
to head up a steep,
loose and shaded slip
face to the cover of
some bush at the top.
This they figured would
give         them      a

commanding view of the sunlit grassy slopes opposite - and any deer if they
were lucky! As time went by and as the shadows crept up the opposite hillside
slopes, they agreed to retreat back down, but this time through the bush rather
than the crumbling slip face. Alan took a detour up a side creek for an hour (and
was encouraged by the fresh deer sign he found) while Richard waited below.
Another large rotting carcase was spotted in the main creek before they had both
returned to the hut.
Dawn next morning marked a change in the weather and within twenty minutes
of leaving South Ohau hut, it began to rain.(Image right - South Ohau Hut)
There were no more dramas heading down and they made it to the confluence
with the North Ohau River, still feeling perky. Here they stashed their packs and
rifles and with a minimum of gear, decided to go and check out the North Ohau
Hut. There was a particularly deep pool to negotiate (almost waist deep) at one
spot, but beyond that travel was ok. They arrived at North Ohau hut after 1hour
20 minutes. This small but tidy and comfortable looking 4 bunk hut was built in
2006. It is the result of a joint venture project with DoC, the Horowhenua Hunting
Club, local building firms and sponsors and from entries seen in the hut book,
does get a lot of use. After some refreshments here it was time to return.
The rain had stopped when they returned to their packs. Setting off down river in
brighter conditions, they noted a rise in water level while criss-crossing the river.
Before long they were climbing out of the river and making steady progress for
the last few kms. They got back to Richard's Car at 3:30pm - a little tired but not
at all disappointed. They were encouraged by what they saw - and now they
think they know where the deer are, they will return!

ALPINE CLUB, held at the Clubrooms, Hicks Park on April 20th 2011

Present: Bruce Mouat President.
Attending: J. Kerrisk, M. Finer, K. Curtin, A. Kerrisk, R. Corrigan, L. Sundy, K.
Jones, D. Sattler, R. Milne, J. Finer, H. Cooper, M. Cunningham, K. Ogle, B.
Burdoff, J. Johnston, K & G. Thompson, D. Gavin, G. Muschamp.
Walter (Patron) & Norma Fowlie, P. & D. Cram, J. Fleming, K. Dwyer, D. McNair,
J. Cooper.                     Apologies accepted: R. Corrigan, D. /Gavin
      Minutes of the 82nd t AGM (circulated) confirmed: J. Kerrisk/ D. Sattler
President B. Mouat read the report to the meeting, highlights included:
     Club nights reduced to once a month. Club trips continue to be varied.

    Open climb cancelled due to bad weather, the first cancellation for a few
      years. Thank you to club members for their support.
    SAR has been quiet in the last year for club members except for two
      rescues from Fantham’s Peak.
    Clubrooms have been painted over summer with a grant from TSB.
    Kapuni Lodge has been well patronised. Scheduled working bee was
      cancelled due to bad weather.
    Thank you to Alan Kerrisk for continuing to do an excellent job on the
    Membership remains steady with some turnover, however younger
      members are needed if the club is to survive in the future.
    Congratulations to Ross Corrigan for receiving a Citizen’s Award from the
      Mayor for services to the community through various clubs over many
    Thank you to Kevin Dwyer standing down from committee; also to Jenny
      Kerrisk standing down as Secretary; also to Kathleen Curtin for job done as
      club captain; also to Jan Fleming as bulletin editor; finally to all committee
M. Finer presented financial statements on behalf of Treasurer D. Cram, for the
financial year ended 28th February 2011 with comments as follows:
    Financial loss for the year of $340, not a bad result allowing for the Open
      Climb being cancelled.
    Kapuni Lodge has had good use and generated good income.
    Postage for bulletins has been coded differently to last year, so expenditure
      on stamps and stationary has increased while expenditure on bulletins has
      gone down.
    Overall club finances are healthy.
    R. Corrigan thanked J. Kerrisk for her work as Secretary, mentioning that
      her correspondence has been excellent.
    Vote of thanks for K. Dwyer for the work he has put into the club over the
    R. Corrigan thanked Bruce Mouat for being leader of team during his time
      as president.
PATRON                        W. Fowlie
PRESIDENT                     D. Sattler
SNR VICE PRESIDENT            J. Finer
JNR VICE PRESIDENT            vacant
SECRETARY                     H. Cooper
TREASURER                     D. Cram
CLUB CAPTAIN                   K. Curtin
VICE CLUB CAPTAIN             J. Johnson

BULLETIN EDITOR                J. Fleming
PUBLICITY OFFICER              A. Kerrisk
AUDITOR                        D. Baunton
GENERAL COMMITTEE: P. Cram, M. Finer, J. Cooper, K. Jones, J. Kerrisk, B.
Kissick, D. McNair, M. Cunningham, K. Ogle, D. Gavin, R. Milne, G. Thompson
Moved that Senior/Family subscription remains $60. Associate remains $35,
Junior remains $30.
Moved that honoraria remain the same at $150 for Secretary, Treasurer, and
Bulletin Editor:
Moved that Publicity Officer receives $150.
    R.Corrigan: Noted the recent passing of Shirley Bourke. She had
      exceptional knowledge of flora and fauna on the mountain and made a
      huge contribution to Egmont National Park in her time. Wife of the late
      Frank Bourke, former club patron.
    B. Mouat: Noted that the meter board in clubrooms has had new circuit
      breakers put in and wired so mains can be turned off while meter can be
      read remotely. Grieves Electrical will also be putting in two security lights
      and a hot point, position to be determined by committee this month.
    Committee meeting due tomorrow night. Discussion on whether this suits
      people: Decided Committee meeting will be on April 28th. Apology from M.
      Cunningham and R. Corrigan.
    M. Cunningham: Had a meeting with Kay Davies of DoC regarding Dawson
      Falls visitor centre proposed changes and possible funding sources for the
      club to make video footage the history of climbing on the south side of the
      mountain. Those present agreed the project is worthwhile, incoming
      committee to follow up.


Shirley Bourke – a huge friend of the Park

Shirley Bourke, environmentalist and committed Egmont National Park supporter
died recently aged 88. Shirley belonged to the Egmont National Park Board
south committee which ensured a Visitor Centre was established at Dawson
Falls. She later became a member of the Egmont National Park Board and her
skills as a journalist saw her research and write material for displays in the Visitor
Centres and Park publications. The “round the mountain” hut network also began
during her time on the Board.
Shirley was a keen botanist and during the 1970s led nature walks in the
Dawson Falls area of the park, passing on her knowledge and love of plants to
hundreds of others. Thanks Shirley. Those that enjoy the Park today benefit from
your foresight and passion. Shirley was also a well-known journalist, beginning
her careers in the 1960s on the Hawera Star, and later reporting for the Taranaki
Herald, later becoming The Daily News from which she retired in the early 1980s,
almost 20 years of covering the stories of South Taranaki. Shirley was also a
keen spinner, weaver, embroiderer, bobbin lace-maker, photographer and
musician, leaving a legacy for those privileged to enjoy her tutelage.
Shirley’s husband Frank joined MEAC around 1930, and Shirley, Frank and
family, Peter, Roger and Mary participated with club activities as a family and
supported Frank’s varied roles with the club, including president and Patron. The
members of MEAC pass on their condolences to Shirley’s sons, Peter and
Roger, and daughter, Mary and their children and grandchildren as they mourn
the loss of a remarkable mother and grandmother.

Who would like e-mail bulletins instead of hard copy in future?
Help the club save costs (and trees). Email the club at mteac@xtra.co.nz

if you prefer this option. One advantage of e-mail bulletin vs hard copy is
you will have the pictures in colour!!

Members are reminded to keep an eye on the club website, and South
Taranaki Star Column for club news and events. Thanks to Marilyn for the
fine effort in reminding members about club nights and other significant

                 Mt Egmont Alpine Club Equipment
The Mt Egmont Alpine Club has climbing gear available to club members ONLY
for use on club trips and instruction courses etc, at very reasonable rates.
Contact the Gear Custodian, Kathleen Curtin, 0273349031
Please send us trip reports and information of relevance to the club to keep our
website lively and entertaining both for members and non-members who find us
on line. Don't forget the Gallery page, the photos are changed from time to time,
and if you have images you would like to share of a recent trip please e-mail
them to the website editors Alan Kerrisk at mteac@xtra.co.nz

 The club has Beanies for Sale, embroidered with the club logo.        Black and
  navy, $17. Contact Marilyn Finer, 06 2728138.

CLUB EVENINGS: Held at Mt. Egmont Alpine Club’s rooms at Hicks Park,
Hawera at 7.30 pm every second Wednesday.
CLUB TRIPS: The Committee has decided trips in the future will depart from the
clubrooms. The clubrooms are easily accessible from the main road, and safe
parking. However, it is important to contact the trip leader beforehand, especially
if you require transport or are able to provide transport.
The Clubroom’s walls are always available to anyone who has photos to share of
club activities.

BULLETIN: Leaders of club trips (and private ones) are requested to supply a
trip report to The Editor before the deadline in the programme. Remember that
the sooner you write the story the easier it is! Also, leaders have power to
delegate!! Editor Jan Fleming, 136 Manawapou Road, Hawera. Phone/fax 06
2784460. E-Mail – janfleming@xtra.co.nz

Senior/Family subscription         $60
Junior subscription (under 18) $30
Associate                          $35
To join, fill out a Nomination form (available at the Clubrooms or e-mail the Club),
sign as Nominee and get two club member to sign, one as proposer, one as
Seconder. Forward the form with payment to Treasurer.
Kapuni Lodge Fees
Non Members $20 Members $7 (Children 12yrs and under 1/2 price)
Taranaki Alpine Cliff Rescue organisation now has a website.
You can link to the URL at http://www.tacr.org.nz
Patron            Walter Fowlie            Ph 06 2734155
President         David Sattler            Ph 067648996           dnasattler@xtra.co.nz
Publicity Officer Alan Kerrisk             Ph 062722893           aj.kerrisk@xtra.co.nz

Secretary            Helen Cooper             Ph 2787667          j-cooper@xtra.co.nz
Club Captain         Kathleen Curtin          Ph 062786430        tramper101@xtra.co.nz
Bulletin Editor      Jan Fleming              Ph 062784460        janfleming@xtra.co.nz
Equipment Hire       Kathleen Curtin          Ph 0273343091       tramper101@xtra.co.nz

Kapuni Lodge         Marilyn Finer            Ph 062728138        finer@ihug.co.nz
Treasurer            Donna Cram        Ph 062745778               p.d.cram@xtra.co.nz
WEBSITE              www.mtegmontalpineclub.org.nz
E-MAIL               mteac@xtra.co.nz
POST                 Box 62 Hawera

                   SPONSORS / SUPPORTERS
Mt. Egmont Alpine Club would like to acknowledge the generous support
from the following local businesses:
                             Taranaki Farmers
                           TSB Community Trust
                             Andy Harris Trust
                           Radioworks Taranaki
        Abel’s Plastering and Contracting (plasterboard specialists)
                    Wayne Jones – Fairview Aluminium


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