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									                                   Guidance for FY 2011-12
What is the purpose of the Continuous Improvement Initiative?
Launched in February 2007, the Continuous Improvement Initiative was conceived as a way to build
the capacity of agencies under contract with Children’s Services Council (CSC) and United Way. The
Initiative is in its fifth year of funding and as of September 2011, $710K has been made available to 46
different agencies.

Who is eligible for funding?
   Agencies under contract with United Way.
           o United Way Partner agencies receiving transition funding are not eligible for grants
                under the Continuous Improvement Initiative unless they also receive funding from CSC.
   CSC-funded nonprofit organizations, including those agencies that are subcontracted to deliver
    services for the Healthy Beginnings system, inclusive of the Bridges.
   Afterschool providers who were previously funded by CSC during FY 2007-08, currently holding an
    Afterschool Scholarships service agreement with Family Central, Inc., and actively participating in
    Primetime’s Quality Improvement System (QIS).

What can an agency receive funding for?
There are 4 categories of support available:
   1) Organization Development Supports
   2) Improving IT Infrastructure
   3) Obtaining Agency Certification
   4) Accreditation for Afterschool Programs

How can the funding be used in each category?
Organization Development Supports- funding is available to support work in the areas of: strategic
planning; board governance; change management; financial management; and human resource
management. As funding is limited, we are requesting that CSC funded agencies access the GoBuild
supports available through Nonprofits First (NPF) prior to submitting an application for this category.
Please note that funding is not available to support staff incentives or appreciation events.

Funding in this category is available to support the cost of tuition for the Fund Development
Academy/Sustainability & Social Enterprise Institute offered by NPF.

Agencies applying for funding in this category should submit an Action Plan, outlining the scope of
services they are requesting support for and identifying who they anticipate using to deliver any
needed consulting services, and the associated costs. Applications simply requesting $10,000 for
organization development supports will not be considered.

Improving IT infrastructure - funding is available to support the costs of hardware including
installation, and software including training support. Funds cannot be used for development of
websites. Requests to replace computers that have been purchased with CSC funds for the use of
front-line program staff at the agencies listed on Appendix A (attached) will be supported through a
different process. Funding for ongoing maintenance support from NPF or any other vendor is not an
allowable expense under this Initiative and should be built into the agency’s operating budget. Costs
related to consumables (USB flash drives, printer cartridges, etc) will not be covered by the Initiative.

Agencies applying for funding in this category must submit a copy of their Technology Plan with each
request for IT infrastructure. At a minimum, the Technology Plan should detail the infrastructure
currently in place and what is being proposed. If a Technology Plan is not currently in place, agencies
can work with NPF to establish a plan.

Though agencies are not required to work with NPF in the submission of the application, the Advisory
Committee reserves the right to consult with NPF to ensure that the proposed pricing is appropriate
and that requested items are not otherwise available free of charge through sources such as

Obtaining Agency Certification, including upgrading from Basic to Excellence –
Two categories of award:
   1) Support to obtain Agency Certification: funding under this category can be used for outside
       consultants to address areas of development as identified in the self-assessment;
       administrative support in preparing for the certification process; or for advanced technical
       assistance for agencies going through recertification. Agencies requesting support to obtain
       Agency Certification must have first completed a self-assessment for the Agency Certification
   2) Cost of Agency Certification: funding under this category can be used to support the fee for
       Agency Certification. Note: United Way Partner agencies are not eligible for grants to upgrade
       from Basic Agency Certification to Excellence unless they also receive funding from CSC.
       **Providers requesting funding to upgrade from Basic Agency Certification to Excellence are
       strongly encouraged to apply in the first funding cycle (applications due by November 7,
       2011) to ensure adequate time for review and approval prior to being billed by NPF.

Accreditation for Afterschool Programs - funding is available to support the costs associated with the
accreditation and site visit fees from the Council on Accreditation (COA). Agencies must have
completed the application form and self-assessment and submitted the $250 application fee PRIOR to
submitting a request to CII. Copies of the COA application form, Proof of Readiness, and application
check should be submitted with the CII application. Agencies may request support for up to two
programs. Only agencies previously funded by CSC and participating in Primetime’s Quality
Improvement System are eligible to apply for funding supports in this category.

How much funding can an agency receive?
Funding limits vary by category. Agencies may submit applications for multiple categories during a
twelve-month period; this is a rolling 12-month period which begins when an agency initially receives
funding from the Initiative. During a twelve-month period, each category can only be applied for
once, even if the maximum funding amount is not received.

Accreditation for Afterschool Programs - requests are limited to $5,000 per program seeking
accreditation with a maximum of two programs per agency.

Certification; Organization Development Supports - requests are limited to $10,000.
IT Infrastructure - requests are limited to $15,000. Agencies with infrastructure requests greater than
$15,000 will need to secure matching funds within 3 months of the application’s approval.

What documentation must be submitted after services have been rendered and the
project is complete?
Following the delivery of services, the agency will be required to submit a Project Completion Report
to United Way. The Project Completion Report will provide a brief overview of services/resources
requested/received, implementation of said resources, and resulting impacts, which should
correspond with the plan outlined in the initial application.

How can an agency submit an application?
Applications are available via CSC and UW’s website:

Applications and any associated attachments must be submitted by the established deadlines to be
considered during that funding period. Applications and associated attachments may be submitted
in one of two ways:
    1) Hard copy: ONE (1) Original and EIGHT (8) Copies of the applications and any associated
       attachments to:        United Way of Palm Beach County, Inc.
                              Attn: Kasha Owers
                              2600 Quantum Blvd.
                              Boynton Beach, FL 33426
    2) Electronic: electronic submission of applications is acceptable, provided that all signatures are
       present and attachments included. Send electronic submission of applications to: Kasha
       Owers, United Way at, with the following subject line:
       Continuous Improvement Initiative Application – [Name of Organization].

An Application Advisory Panel will review the applications and recommend funding. The panel will
consist of representatives from CSC and United Way. Applications will be reviewed multiple times
during the year; the following deadlines have been established, contingent upon availability of
            November 7, 2011**  February 6, 2012  April 16, 2012  July 16, 2012

** Providers requesting funding to upgrade from Basic Agency Certification to Excellence are
strongly encouraged to submit applications by November 7, 2011 to ensure adequate time for
review and approval prior to being billed by NPF.

Who can an agency contact with questions?
The following individuals can be resources:
         Kasha Owers, United Way, 561-375-6617- General Questions re: Application Submission
         Ann Reinert, Nonprofits First, 561-214-7435- Agency Certification
         William Doomy, Nonprofits First, 561-910-6682- IT Infrastructure
         Rhonda Rogers, Primetime, 561-732-8066- Accreditation for Afterschool Programs
                                            APPENDIX A

                         Agencies Not Funded for Computer Replacement
                           through Continuous Improvement Initiative
                              (supported through different process)

The ARC of Palm Beach County
Area Agency on Aging, Palm Beach Treasure Coast, Inc.
Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County, Inc.
Families First of Palm Beach County, Inc.
Family Central, Inc.
Father Flanagan’s Boys Town Florida
Ferd & Gladys Alpert Jewish Family and Children’s Services of Palm Beach County, Inc.
Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc.
Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition of Palm Beach County, Inc.
Home Safe, Inc.
Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County
Milagro [Center] Foundation, Inc.

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